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Monday November 30, 2015

Evil Hypnosis Sessions!

People keep asking me if I'm doing sessions. Indeed I am. In fact I still have a hard time keeping up with all the emails from fans and clients. If you don't hear back, don't despair! I'm trying to answer everyone. If you haven't heard back after two weeks, it's okay to send a reminder and ask if I've received your request.

Now, here's a new guideline for session requests. People sometimes ask for specific days, as in "My girlfriend will be out on this date, and I would really love to do a session then."

Chances are, I will NOT read to the end of a long email or form and see that critical time limit when I look it over, and I probably have thirty emails to answer before yours. So if you are a new client with a limited time frame of availability, or a current client asking for a session, please:

Put your availability in the SUBJECT line of the email. For example: "Session: Nov 15".

Then I'll see it right away and can answer you about that date, rather than miss your deadline, which is what usually happens. :)


Payment Site Security Warnings Fixed

There was an issue with the SSL certificate on the Girls-R-Us payment site, the place where you pay for sessions and CDs. This made web browsers give a warning when going to secured webpages (https://) for payment, saying that the certificate had expired or couldn't be verified.

I suspect a few people backed out of making purchases with this. I mean, when your browser says "This is a BADDD site, run away!" many of us run away.

That is now FIXED! You can do any holiday shopping for your girly needs with the blessing of the Internet Gods, safe in knowing your data is secure. :)


Site Was Down

The site went down for a weekend a few weeks ago, on October 22. I noticed on the 23rd and it didn't fully go back up until October 26. Sorry about that. Apparently someone attacked it and completely wiped the server. It had to be rebuilt, and I uploaded the whole site once again.

Or maybe the hosting site's computer had a fit, who knows? :P

So if you were wondering where the site went, that's what happened. I went on in the chatroom that weekend to let the girls know about it.


Until next time... stay sexy, girly, and horny!


Sunday April 15, 2015

Full Steam Ahead!

People have been asking if I was still doing sessions, due to the lack of updates. Indeed, I am doing sessions!

I'm fairly caught up on emails, and can answer requests within a week of receiving them at this point. There are still many more from 2014 I have not had time to answer, but I'm working through the backlog as time allows. Or when people send a new email to ask. :)

Trance Request Reminder: The request forms don't work, you must use the text version and send it by email. The contact page has my email. Do remember to cut out the questions and just leave the title for each section. That saves Me time in reading them.

Chatroom: Earlier this year, I updated the software of the Chatroom, since it was badly out of date and becoming difficult to use. I have in fact given you a choice of two different ones to use directly on that page. So if you gave up on the old one, you can give this new version a spin to chat with My girls and some amateur hypnotists there.

Special Projects: It's true I was doing fewer sessions, as I focused most of 2014 on developing a computer game. Call it a half-sabbatical, I needed a change of pace, and my degree is actually in Computer Science. I made a few demos, learned much and returned to the drawing board a few times. Right now the design is percolating while I work out a few more things on paper. It's a game to learn medicinal plants, sort of a cross between Zelda and Pokemon. With a female protagonist of course.

Book Project: The lack of erotic story updates is also due to my work on a book. I am basically writing new Norse mythology from the point of view of twelve goddesses. There's only one or two sentences written in the lore about each of them, as opposed to the many stories about male gods. Well, female supremacy (or at least equality) is based on having good stories of women with their own hero's journeys and voyages of transformation. Thus I am writing them, because I can.

Because I can help women, inspire them to be strong, and reach people with those stories that I cannot reach from my work here.

I'm using my talents to make the world a little better and a little more feminine, as I always have. This world isn't going to conquer itself, ya know... ;)


Wednesday June 18, 2014

Account Confirmation Email Fixed

You can retrieve lost passwords automatically!

The problem is fixed! New clients will now get the confirmation email to set up their account, and everyone else will get the two emails as before. There was also an issue with retrieving lost passwords, since it couldn't send a confirmation email for that either.

Mistress Alice is very sorry, she poured one of Dr. Natural's potions into the server to make it more girly... and the server didn't like it. But Jazz fixed all that!

Our apologies for the delay in resolving that. You can now make an account, retrieve lost passwords, order CDs and sessions as before. Three cheers for Jazz and Dr. Natural who spent a day on resolving the issue!


Saturday May 3, 2014


Creating New Accounts

If you tried to set up a new client account to buy CDs on Girls-R-Us, you probably wondered where the confirmation email went. There's an issue with that due to an upgrade on the server. For the weekend, we'll be approving them manually, and our Tech girl Jazz promises to get on it Monday to fix it. She's a little tied up this weekend... ;)


Thursday April 17, 2014


Payment Server is back up!

All is well once more. Mistress Alice says: "Buy early, buy often!" :)


Wednesday April 16, 2014


Payment Server is Down

The payment server's host is having technical issues this afternoon, so you won't be able to connect with the payment buttons. We'll let you know when it's back online, it shouldn't take very long.


Thursday February 14, 2014


Happy Valentine's!

I couldn't let the day go by without a word to My girls. :)

If you're wondering where I've disappeared to: I've been learning game design and working on a project, as part of a mentoring program to help ten women make their first video game.

Essentially, I've been working on it night and day since early December to make the deadline for next week's Games Faire and the following showcase of my group. I love you all, and I'm sorry I haven't had much time to answer you, but that should improve in two weeks.

The project itself isn't relevant to hypnosis... but the skills and game making software are. I'll finally be able to make fully interactive hypnosis adventures that adjust to your choices and needs. Video, audio, story and choices. I'm very excited about it. :)

Cheers My lovelies!

Mind Mistress

Friday December 6, 2013


Email Glitches

Apologies for the delay in answering your emails, my mailer (Thunderbird) is having issues sending out mail, apparently since the new McAffee update, and I'm still trying to resolve it.


Saturday November 30, 2013


CD35-Room169 is out!

The brutally evil and sadististic CD34-Host now has its counterpart in the oh so sweet CD35 girlfriend experience. I like balance and variety!

No need for harsh brainwashing methods when your sweet girlfriend decides it's time to dress you up as a girl, is there? She lives in Room 169, and you'll discover you're both invited to a costume party tonight. Time to be her dressup doll!

"But dear, I have no costume!" you say.

"No problem," she answers, "I have one for you. You'll be dressing as a woman. Look, I've laid out your dress and heels and... oh dear, we must do something about that body hair..."

"but but but... I don't want to be dressed as a woman... I don't want people to see me this way..."

She'll make it all better, encouraging and coaxing you into becoming her sweet feminized girlfriend for a night. Have a look at CD35-Room169, and then let your girlfriend read all the good encouraging advice I've so kindly written up for her. Heh heh heh...

Let's play dressup!

mp3 clip

New Free Hypnosis Clips Added!

You can now find free hypnosis clips from CD34-Host and CD35-Room169 on their respective pages and on the main CD page. The button above is for CD35's clip. Enjoy!


While you're on Girls-R-Us

Could you please check out the dildos and butt plugs? I've been trying to train Miss Alice for sucking but I've run into a snag. I think she's inadvertantly combined some dog training with the oral fixation conditioning and is chewing through our dildo collection. They're full of teeth marks and we obviously can't sell those, so please buy them up before she can chew on them. I've tried to hide them in various parts of the Castle, but she keeps sniffing them out. Damn bloodhound.

Alice: *Chomp* *Chomp* *Chomp*

Mind Mistress: "No Alice! Bad girl! No biting the dildos! Cocks are not for biting!"

Alice: *Whine*

Mind Mistress: "You're supposed to suck them, lick them, or fuck yourself with them. No teeth!"

Alice: *CHOMP!*

Mind Mistress: "Sigh. There goes another dildo to the dog pile."

Alice: *Wags her ass."

Please buy them up so we can get them out of her reach. I can't do anything with so many dildos around to tempt her.


Monday November 11, 2013


Hypnotic Wishes Logo

The little girl swirls and swishes
inside your head...

Mind Mistress on Facebook

Hello My lovely girls!

Do you like Facebook? So do I, and I've had a few people find Me there under My mundane guise. While I'm flattered, I do want to keep a modicum of privacy. Like Supergirl, I need to keep a secret identity while carrying out My dastardly deeds in the shadows. ;-)

So for those who love Facebook and want to show they Like Me, I've created a Mind Mistress Page. I'll post about all the fun gender bending and mind topics I run across, which fans can chat about with Me: https://www.facebook.com/TheMindMistress

Keep in mind that Facebook does not allow adult content, so it has to stay relatively tame. No naked pics or genitals please. That still leaves room for quite a bit of erotic content without nudity through links, and general girly interests. It helps that Erotic Mind Control isn't directly about sex.

You'll also find a fan-made Page for Adult Hypnotic Wishes on Facebook, which was the inspiration for My creation of a Mind Mistress Page. You'll be able to chat about your training with My CDs, which ones you like best, and your experiences there. Thank you Margeaux!

Why is it "THE Mind Mistress? Simply because Mind Mistress was already taken. It's a webcomic. I'm sure the author gets all sorts of weird hits from folks looking for Me... heh heh...


Thursday October 31st, 2013


Happy Halloween to all My girls!

Here's the promised picture of Myself as Harley Quinn, cuddling up to a female Joker!

Aside from the shoes and collar, I sewed the entire outfit out of lambskin leather, using torn jeans and a stained blouse as a pattern.

Harley Quinn and female Joker cosplay


Wednesday September 11,2013

Harley Quinn, Arkham City

Harley Quinn, therapist

Back from a fun vacation, filled with wicked thoughts of hypnotic transformations!

I am now preparing to go to Montreal Comic-Con, finishing up my first cosplay costume as Harley Quinn. To the side you can see my inspiration for it, the Arham City version of Harley.

For those who don't know her, she is one of Batman's enemies and girlfriend of The Joker. Dr. Arlene Quinzel was a psychiatrist at the Arkham Asylym for the Criminally Insane who specifically asked to be his therapist, so she could save him from madness and better understand her own con artist father. Instead of curing him, she went batshit insane, fell in love with him, and broke him out after stealing a harlequin outfit at a costume shop. Joker was pretty clever in breaking down her mental defenses.

It's your typical story, good girl meets bad boy, tries to change him, ends up going crazy and being becoming a super-villainess! She's a pretty new character, first appeaing in 1992 in  Batman: The Animated Series, best of friends with Poison Ivy and Catwoman with whom she forms the Gotham Sirens.

Powers: Poison Ivy created a potion for her after a near mortal injury which gave her minor powers: enhanced strength, speed, and agility, an immunity to toxins, and a small healing factor. She's a witty villainess who acts like a dumb blonde bimbo, and fights in a slapstick comedy cartoon style with ridiculous weapons and much acrobatics.

In the live action series Birds of Prey, she steals a meta-human's mind control powers, allowing her to completely take control of people's minds when they look into her eyes, abusing these powers during therapy sessions. This is where I first saw Harley and found her quite interesting!

I'll be sure to post a picture of the completed outfit for your enjoyment. :)

Saturday August 10, 2013


Every year, I must climb the Mountain of Evil, that I might meditate and renew myself in the dark waters of its caves, later to spread it upon an unsuspecting world. Sadly, the Mountain of Evil is without internet access, so I won't be answering emails for a week starting Monday. Afterward, my Dark Powers will be fully restored, and I shall guide you into girly delights for another year. :)

Also, I'll deal with the recurring problem of my hosting's lack of proper tech support in a more definitive way at the end of the month. My Evil batteries are too low at the moment to thank them properly for their assistance and expertise in not solving the issue mentioned below.


Thursday May 16, 2013


Trance Request Form Failure

Well, this is embarassing. The trance request forms don't seem to be working anymore. The last one I received was on April 2, so if you sent one since then, I did not get it.

I've had a few new clients, in addition to the regulars, but it's been a long standing issue that the form doesn't work for some people. I've never figured out why, and assumed it was just that, thus had them use the text version of the form (linked at the top right of the Trance Request Form).

But it's happened again today so I went to test it. No joy. I will work to fix the situation and keep you posted. In the meantime, you can contact Me for sessions, or email Me the text version (removing everything except the topics and your answers) of the form.

The site upgrade's downtime has not yet happened, so maybe we can fix that at the same time.


Thursday May 9, 2013


Site Upgrade - Downtime Warning

The site is going to be offline for about four hours, likely this weekend, while it is migrated to a new server for upgrades. This will allow Me to install a blog sub-site. Or at least attempt to do so!

This will not affect the Girls R Us site for payments, should you wish to get a CD or pay for a session during that time, but you'll have to go there directly instead of using the local payment page.


Sunday April 4, 2013


Where's Mind Mistress?

Well, this is a bit embarassing. I tried to force Myself to get the CD finished by setting a reasonable deadline. As it turns out, shame isn't an effective motivator for Me. Procrastination and February blues won out on that. Then when mood improved, My girlfriend broke her ankle rather badly.

Between hospital, surgery, and necessary aftercare (shared with the rest of her friends and family), I've been rather busy and distracted. Add tax season, which is always a major stress, and little has been done beyond sessions, answering email and working on taxes. I'm sorry for neglecting all of you lovely girls. I did, however, get much better at regularly approving posts on My HypnoticWishes yahoo group.

Outside of HypnoticWishes, two articles I've written were published in a Pagan ritual book, I'm preparing two more for another upcoming book, and my book project on Norse Goddesses is progressing well. I've also dusted off the recording equipment to submit a dozen or so songs I've written for a soon to be published Pagan songbook and been improving My mandolin skills. There's also a mythical system of therapy and personal growth I'm working on to present at a conference in August, and I've been asked to present again at two more Pagan conferences in the Fall.

Lest you think this is completely irrelevant, My focus is on powerful Goddesses who stand on their own without men or husbands. It's just a more spiritual avenue for "Grrrl Power!" I've also been doing more spiritual coaching, which adds more variety to My work. I'm an artist, I need new things to inspire My creativity. :)

Musical Enslavement

An example of that is experimenting with using the mandolin during sessions to add another dimension to the experience, sort of a "soundtrack to enslavement." Each type of sound acquires a meaning, represents a desire or part of the psyche, and once done, can be used as effectively as words to make suggestions, build an orgasm to its crescendo, or harmonize two warring parts of the mind. It's not just playing tunes, an instrument can do a variety of sounds and combinations of sounds, and it's not just background music like most hypnotists use. Each sound and word means something. I didn't even plan it, I did it on whim and let My muse guide Me in how to do it.

My latest guinea pig slave girl reported she was "blown away" by the experience and had "never gone deeper" after the second such session. Not to mention she now gets horny and needs to be more girly whenevery I play a C major chord... and seems to have the "joy of slavery" tune playing in the back of her mind more and more...


Thursday February 14, 2013

flaming heart

Happy Valentine's Day!

You can't love another more than you love yourself, so give yourself some love ! Decide which side of you needs some sweet loving the most, be it the boy or girl side, and do something nice for them over the next few days.


CD35 Rolling Out This Weekend

I'm down to amplifying the tracks, and then it's all ready. Let your dream girlfriend dress you up for the party that'll knock your socks off... and replace them with silky hose!

I'll make one of the tracks available for free, as My valentine gift to you sweet girls...


Tuesday January 22, 2013


Mistress Alice Has Been Crying

And you don't want to make her cry, do you?

She's been so excited by the overwhelming interest in Mystery Gift Boxes. Were you able to peek into the Castle, you'd have seen pantyhose, dildos and wrapping paper flying everywhere *hey watch where you're throwing those! Sheesh!* as she dashed here and there collecting fun toys and gifts for you girls. It's like watching some sort of perverted sexy Santa. She loves assembling each set of gifts, with the occasional cackle of glee *Purple! This one is getting a purple butt plug and negligee!*.

But there is one thing that's made her sad. Some girls are being real bimbos and forgetting to tell her what their size is. It delays her sending out her gifts. Sometimes, she just gives up with a pout and removes the sexy clothing from the box. I'm not sure what she puts there instead. It might be paper tissues soaked with her tears and her... *eewwwww! don't put that in there, that's gross! *.

At any rate, please remember to include your size when you ask for a Mystery Gift Box. The wailing is getting to be a bit much. Here's that sizing chart again. Thank you. That is all.


In other news, I've just finished editing track 10 of CD35-Room 169. Only a few more left to go. :)


Sunday January 6, 2013


Time to Reply

While I work on the next CD, a sweet one where your girlfriend dresses you up as a girl for a party, here's something I thought you might enjoy. It's a song about being a fan and waiting for that reply with baited breath. That's how I feel with the rare people I'm a fangirl of, and I imagine how a number of you feel about Me, with my often slow replies to emails.

Just so you know, I'm aware of how that feels.


(I really like his Doctor Who themed songs, the band is called Chameleon Circuit)

Two tracks done on CD35...


Wednesday January 2, 2013


Here it is! The promotion is on!

Mystery gift promotion

Here's how it works, minus the blazing colors chosen by my elves for the promotion.

  1. First, click on the gift image above. You'll get the Mystery Gift Box product page with Mistress Alice's description of it. I suggest you wear sunglasses.
  2. Choose from the drop down at the bottom of that page.
  3. Add the Mystery Gift Box to your shopping cart.
  4. If you chose Yes from the drop down, add 2 or 4 CDs to your shopping cart.
  5. In the Description box of the order form, you MUST say: "I want a girly gift and my size is X." Check the sizing chart for that, don't be a bimbo and just put X, we need your size in case there's lingerie in your Mystery Gift Box! You may also choose to tell Me whether you've been a Good Girl or a Bad Girl. ;-)


What do the drop down options mean?

--- No (+ $20.00) : You pay $20 and get a $50 value in girly gifts!

--- No (+ $50.00) : You pay $50 and get a $150 value in girly gifts!

---Yes : This also adds "Mystery Gift Box" to your shopping cart but charges you nothing (except 5$ or so for shipping).

If you buy 2 of My CDs, you get $50 of fun girly gifts. If you buy 4 CDs, you get $150 of fun girly gifts. The first two options are for those who just want a nice surprise. Everyone likes suprises, do they not?

What are you waiting for? Go get your sexy gifts!


Friday December 28, 2012


Blame the egg nogg

It seems the website elves have fallen into the egg nogg and are drunk out of their wits. The promotion will be up as soon as they sober up enough to see straight. In the meantime, all the buttons and links are up for you to buy CD34-Host if you so wish. I shall let you know when the promotion is active. In the meantime, here's the sizing chart for the girly clothing you can get.

In other news, the end of the world was canceled due to budgetary cutbacks. Can't say I'm really surprised.


Friday December 21, 2012


End Of the World Promotion

Mistress Alice went crazy with the whole Mayan end of the world, and it GIVING away girls-r-us merchandise! It's insane, but you can take advantage of it. By ordering two Mind Mistress CDs or downloads, you'll get 50$ of free merchandise. What kind? It's a surprise! CDs (not mine), DVDs, lingerie, toys, etc. What a nice surprise for the holidays!

How to do it: Buy two MM recordings, enter the coupon code, plus your clothing size in the comments.

What happens: You'll pay the standard 2 x $50 price, plus about $5 shipping, and receive all those free girly things sent to the address of your choosing, to get yourself well on the road to a more girly life. Just specify your size in the comments to make sure she sends the right size.

The coupon code will be up later tonight, along with a sizing chart.

Interview on Liveparanormal.com

I was interviewed last week on internet radio about my method of overcoming social fears. Click here for the recording. Wed, December 19, 2012 08:00 pm EST.

So if you want to get over some fears before all those holiday parties, give it a listen. And if you'd like an actual session for this, head over to the therapy site.

I'll be on that show again the Wednesday before Valentine's Day to speak about love spells...


Monday December 17, 2012



Aliens are among us, aiming to enlave the human race one man at a time, rob them of their manhood and send them to convert yet more hosts for these terrible parasites.

That's right, it's science-fiction horror meets forced feminization. Check out CD34-Host's description page!

It will be available for purchase or download before Christmas!


Sunday September 30, 2012


Final episode!

Added: Do Druids Dance At Midnight? Part 24, A TG fiction hypnosis log, to the Not So Evil section

No, not dead yet, just very busy after some vacation, and then somewhat incapacitated by a nasty cold. But I'm better now, and I'll get that next CD out before. Halloween. The horror theme fits nicely...


Wednesday July 4rth, 2012


A new update on a special day for My American girls!

Added: The Thing That's Behind You to the Not So Evil section

A chilling short story I recently wrote. I think you'll like it, I also made a small Flash animation for it.


Monday March 26, 2012


Here's another episode...

Added: Do Druids Dance At Midnight? Part 23, A TG fiction hypnosis log, to the Not So Evil section



Wednesday March 6, 2012

Updated link
Friday March 9

Downloadable mp3 hypnosis CD

Real Girl Challenges

Winner of February's Challenge: Tina wins a free session or CD! Congratulations! I will be posting her entry shortly. I've been delayed by internet access issues. See her embroidery here.

March girl challenge: Mending !

For March, I ask that you use sewing skills to mend something.

Put a knee patch on those jeans you've been meaning to have fixed or throw out. Or darn some socks. Or fix a hole in your favorite bag. Or turn a ruined sock into a sock puppet. If you have nothing that needs repair, you can patch it anyway to make it look nicer. :)

I will rate you on:

  • Difficulty : An iron on patch is easy. Sewing it on is harder. A patch with an embroidered or otherwise decorated patch (hot glued sequins for instance) is even harder.
  • Sturdy: It should fix the problem adequately and be sturdy enough to stand up to regular use.
  • Pretty: If the patching makes it prettier, that's even better.
  • Originality: Cleverness and imagination gets extra points.

Again, I ask for a before, during and after pic. I want to see your painted nails on each one.

May the best darn girl win! :-D


Saturday March 3, 2012


Added: a whole bunch of CD reviews ! I had a backlog with many going back to 2009. There are new reviews and some sexy user pictures for

At the bottom of the main CD page, you'll also find a teaser for the upcoming CD34-Host !


Friday March 2, 2012


Come on stragglers! Send in your final embroidery pictures! It being a short month and the first contest, I'm being lenient on the timing, but the contest winner will be announced very shortly.

Added: Oh, and we have a brand new review of CD19-Oral for your enjoyment, about how nicely it combines with CD16-Acceptance in becoming addicted to shemale cock... or, you know, any cock you can find when you need it sooo badly now...

Don't you, darling?


Sunday February 5, 2012


Added: The Real Girl Challenges page in the Not So Evil section

Your chance to win a free session or CD and expand your girlhood!


Tuesday January 31, 2012


The Real Girl Challenges

A chance to win a free session or CD every month!

Hello girls!

You've probably noticed My site updates have become rather infrequent. The truth is, I'm an artist, and though I enjoy the personal touch of doing original things with feminization sessions, I'm a bit bored of repeating the same kinds of creations for My artwork and writing on the site. But I've come upon inspiration with something new to amuse Myself and have fun with guiding the lot of you on the path of femininity.

Thus I am pleased to announce a monthly contest of feminine arts, The Real Girl Challenges. Each month, I will give you a challenge for learning and displaying a traditionally womanly skill. The top three contestants will have pictures of their efforts displayed on a new section of the site, and the winner will have the choice of a free session or CD as their prize!

In the past, a lady was expected to know how to sew and make at least small items, to repair clothing, to embroider, to have some skill with fiber arts such as knitting, crochet or spinning yarn, to draw or paint. I will ask you to display these skills for your training as well as My entertainment.

February's Challenge: Show Me you can embroider! Or learn to do it within a month! This being the month for Valentine's Day, I would like a lovey dovey cutesy Valentine theme for your embroidery design.
Your entry must include three pictures:

- One of you holding your embroidery hoop as you're starting,
- One about halfway through,
- And one of the finished design.
You have till February 28 to submit these pictures.

But there's a catch. I want to see your hand in each picture, and there must be some sort of nail polish on your nails. A minimum would be to use liquid paper eraser to create French tips on your nails, something schoolgirls have done for decades. If you don't know what those are, just google "french tips" and look at images. I don't need to see your face, just your hand.

What will I judge you on?
- Beauty : It should be pleasing to look at.
- Care : Your stitches should be evenly spaced.
- Originality: I appreciate cleverness in choosing or creating a design.
Bonus points for having your nails well manucured and the polish being well applied.

What do you need to do this?
An embroidery hoop, embroidery needles, a few colors of embroidery floss (thread, usually 3 to 6 threads are inserted into the needle to make a thicker stitcch), and enough plain fabric (typically white) to practice on and do your your project. All of this can be obtained at any fabric store. Just ask a salesperson for everything you'd need for someone to learn embroidery. You can also buy patterns. I don't require you to trace out your own pattern, but you can if you want to. You'll also need something to take a picture with that can be sent over email. I don't need high resolution for the web.

What do I need to learn?
There are many stitches that are useful, but you only really need ONE basic stitch to make something: the back stitch.

To contact Me about this, please put "February Challenge" in your email's title or mention this in your Yahoo IM message.

May the best girl win!

Note: This is an experiment. If I get less than three contestants for February, there will be no monthly contests after this. Encourage other girls to compete! I will be making the page for this with more information over the next few days.


Saturday December 25, 2011


Merry Christmas!

Here's another episode...

Added: Do Druids Dance At Midnight? Part 22, A TG fiction hypnosis log, to the Not So Evil section

This one's for you Bill...

(oops, forgot to put this update up)

Sunday Novermber 20, 2011


TDOR: Transgender Day of Rememberance

Take a moment to think upon those who lost their lives for being themselves. Maybe say a prayer for them. Maybe say a prayer for those who live, so they will be safe enough to be themselves.



Thursday November 3, 2011


Added: Jessica Piggy to the story gallery, contributed by Jessica.

That's right, it's not going to the Not So Evil section... because it IS pretty evil! Jessica made fun of fat women, and her mistress decided to teach her a lesson... by making her just like them!

I don't know if turning someone into a 300 pound chick to teach her respect is good or bad... but I do know it's pretty hot!


Monday October 31, 2011


Happy Halloween!

Hello My darlings! I was planning a Halloween update, but between Pagan celebrations, trying to finish sewing my leather costume, and doing intensive in person maid training for one of My gurls, I just haven't found the time.

She's a bit of a slow learner you see, and I suspect she's been doing the bimbo CD too much on the side. But, she does look rather cute in her maid outfit, failing to figure out how to make the vacuum cleaner work. I kid you not. And I showed her how it worked when she visited in the Spring. Ah well. My house is still much cleaner now, and her efforts are appreciated.

I've been having fun training her to crave traditional housewife duties, mainly dish washing, sewing and embroidery. After she failed to remember how to do it properly, I had to make her write down a full page of my dish washing rules. Then I taught her the basics of embroidery (the poor thing, she struggles so with it), and chose a pattern for her to sew an apron dress for herself when she goes home (Butterick B4087 1950's Apron dress, pattern E, if you're curious). I would love to have one of those on hand for subjects who visit and need to look nice for Me.

I will endeavour to make a nice update this week. :)


Thursday October 13, 2011


CD sound clips added

See the CD page, now you can easily listen to clips from many of My CDs!


Tuesday October 4, 2011


Sex Toys Are Up!

Time to update your Toy Bags!  Because Girls-R-Us.tv Has just updated their Sex Toy inventory!  Whether you are just looking to spice up your relationship or totally get your Freak on with some hardcore BDSM, They've got what you’re looking for!  Single?  Well they also have PLENTY of accessories for self love too!  Come on over and check them out for yourself!  (And as always, shipments are sent in absolutely discrete packaging.)

  • This message approved of by Mind Mistress and the L.I.C..

If your days are grey, find some color at Girls-R-Us !


Girls R Us Halloween Costume Specials

Monday September 26, 2011


Need a Great Costume for Halloween?

Just in time for Halloween, Girls-R-Us.tv is having a costume clearance sale!  50% Off everything in the sales directory and that's not all.  You get FREE SHIPPING!!  (while supplies last)

Check out http://girls-r-us.tv/gru/specials.php


Friday September 23, 2011


The Books, DVD & VHS section is up on Girls-R-Us!

What is Girls-R-Us? It's the sister website of HypnoticWishes. I do the hypnosis, Mistress Alice handles the CD sales, session payments, and sells many girly things for discrete home delivery.

The Beauty Salon has:

  • Body Jewelry: Nipple Rings that clip-on, for navel and genitals too.
  • Make Me Up! Mineral Makeup & kits
  • My Personality Perfumes & Mind Gums
  • Personality Wigs
  • Breast Forms, Flat Crotch Girdles & Waist Cinchers, in the Transform Me! section
  • Smooth & Hairless Skin products
  • Breast Growth protocol products

We've just done a big software upgrade on Girls-R-Us in August, allowing My CDs to be sold as mp3 downloads. Mistress Alice gave My CDs and sessions top priority.

But now our webmistress Jazz is re-adding and updating all the content. Today, we've re-added the Library.

What's in the Books, DVD & VHS Library?

  • Straight Erotica
  • Gay / Lesbian Erotica
  • Trans Erotica
  • Japanese Anime Erotica
  • Fetish and Kink Erotica.

Books include:

How To sex guides, Sex Education, self-help and perversions, women's books, and erotica / porn on all the DVD topics.

You'll also find some second hand porn movies for very low prices.

As it is Girls-R-Us, you can bet there's an excellent selection of Shemale porn. :)


Friday September 9. 2011


Added: Do Druids Dance At Midnight? Part 21, A TG fiction hypnosis log, to the Not So Evil section

What's making Mistress laugh these days? I'm reading www.hardboiledshaman.com :)


Friday August 26, 2011


Another Download Update

Here's the process to download CDs:

1) Create an account on Girls R Us (if you don't have one). You'll need it to get your files.

2) Order the CD, through my payment page, or directly on Girls R Us, and pay by credit card (Visa or Master Card). You will get a charge to SXM Enterprises inc. on your credit card statement (Not to Natural 1).

3) Wait for the two order confirmation email receipts. One of them will have a link to your order information page. If you don't get email confirmation, it's because the transaction failed. Try again. You can log into your account to check your order history to make sure.

4) Use the link you receive by email to go to the order information page on Girls-R-Us. You'll arrive at a login page. Put in your email address and password (of the account you created in step 1), and click the red "Sign In" button.

5) Get your Download: Look on the left side of the screen for a section called File Downloads. Under that is a link to Mind Mistress CDs. Click on that link. You'll see a list of My CDs. All the files you have purchased in the last 2 weeks will have a green link to download them. Click on the download link for your first CD. Click Ok on the Popup. The file will be saved to your default download or Received Files folder. Repeat for each CD you bought.


I've had a few people who skipped making an account, and thus couldn't log in to get their files. Please make an account first, so our tech wizard Jazz doesn't have to fix things. :)

Also, you don't have to wait for manual approval of orders. Just click on the link you get by email, log in, go to the Mind Mistress CDs under File Downloads, and get the goodies!


Saturday August 20, 2011


Download Update

Dowloads are incredibly popular, we've seen a veritable floodgate of orders opening up! Thank you for supporting the work of your favorite Evil Mistress ! ;)

It seems we have to appprove each download purchase manually before the buyer gets the download link email. Thus, you may have to wait at most a day to get your mp3 files. We're looking at ways to speed up this process.

Note that we cannot take American Express at this time.


Friday August 19, 2011

Downloadable mp3 hypnosis CD

All CDs are now Dowloadable!

ALL Audio CDs now Downloadable as mp3!

That's right! Now you can order your CDs to dowload as mp3 files directly on the regular payment site! And they're ALL THERE!

Note: We will not be accepting American Express at this time.

See the New Payment Page!

  • By default, CD purchases will be for download.
  • If you want a physical CD, you have to change it to that in the dropdown menu of that CD's order page.

Not only that, but since we can track your orders on Girls-R-Us, you'll be able to buy replacement CDs if you ever delete them... accidentally. :)

  • You have two weeks to download your purchases, and it allows you to download them 3 times during that period.

I'm very happy to be able to offer you girls and fans this convenient option!

As for the samples, I'll be re-adding those as soon as I can, but I'll be on vacation for a week first. :)

You can contact Me if any links are wonky...


Lulu Shoppers

If you'd rather still buy from Lulu, all the links for that are below the fast shipping options. Lulu will be phasing out audio downloads in Octobler


Digitally Remastered CDs

  • CD2-sub-Consciousness,
  • CD3-Elegance and
  • CD12-Massage

have all been Digitally Remastered in the download version with a higher volume as well as noise reduction, for a more enjoyable listening experience. The physical CDs will be upgraded in the near future as well.


Tuesday August 9, 2011


Real Radio Show LIVE!

I'll be on the Real Radio Show next Monday!

Tune in live 5:30-7:30 PM on Monday August 15th to see Me on the Real Radio Show! I'm told there's a volunteer for a sexy trance, watch it live on radio and webstream!

I'll be unavailable online until then, as I'll be visiting the lovely Mistress Alice and getting pampered.

The Girls-R-Us site will be revamped during our vacation, starting after the show, so the merchandise sections may go a little weird, but the CD section will be working.

And then, ALL the CDs will be downloadable!


Monday July 25, 2011


Added: Hypnotized and feminized on acid by his girlfriend's suggestions in the Not So Evil Section.

Expect a big update next week. :)


Tuesday July 12, 2011


Added: The first Hypnosis Training Log, as a resource to all of you who want to learn about hypnotic technique and what I do. It's in the Not So Evil Section.

(oops! Link is fixed now)


Saturday July 9, 2011


Added: Italian Version of CockSuck to the Animations page. Thanks to slut boy for the translation!


Friday July 8, 2011


Added: Do Druids Dance At Midnight? Part 19 , and Part 20! A TG fiction hypnosis log, to the Not So Evil section

It's been a while since I've added to it, so I put up two chapters. :)

I'm also editing the hypnosis training logs from the chatroom to put up soon...


Tuesday July 4, 2011


Fixed: The issue with Internet Explorer 9. I simply expanded the menu so it works on all browsers.

Thanks to angel_b for working on this with Me, and proposing that solution.


Friday July 1, 2011


Internet Explorer 9 issues

Microsoft has done its usual thing, which is to do whatever it likes without following anyone else's standards. As a result, a whole bunch of websites can't be viewed with IE9.

This affects .5% of internet users, who have IE9. IE is down to 26.6% of users, while Firefox has 42.2% of users. As you can imagine, I optimize this site for Firefox, but it works fine on IE8 and earlier versions.

Nevertheless, I'm trying to figure out how to fix the menus for IE9, along with all the other web developpers. Just be aware of this issue if you intend to upgrade...

CD Downloads

There's been a break in adding new CDs because... Lulu is phasing out downloads, and I can't add any more CDs there. I've been intensively testing other options. Sorry for the delay.

Mind you, Lulu will keep selling downloads until sometime in September, which gives Me time to work on alternatives. I'll start by adding the remaining CDs to the new download site, since you can still get the other ones on Lulu.


Thursday June 9, 2011


It's My Birthday! YEAH!!

You can check out My Amazon Wish List, if you want to get Me something. The more unusual elements on it are for My Zombie Survival kit. If you're ready for zombies, you're pretty much ready for anything! Ha ha. My party is tomorrow, a gamer geek themed games night and bar-b-q, preceded by a romantic afternoon walk in the botanical gardens with my girlfriend. Tonight, I go train with ninjas...

News: I've just recorded the new CD34 last night, which I'm quite pleased with. It's a Sci-Fi horror, with a parasite that attaches to your crotch and takes control of your body, as it turns you into a girl and breeder for more of these parasites. Beware pale blue panties that pulsate on their own!

I've already started the soundwork, and plan on releasing it this month directly for download. Also expect to see CD19-Oral, CD20-UnCursed, CD21-Beach Body and CD22-Memories (version 2 with higher quality sound) to be up very shortly.


Wednesday June 8, 2011


The Sissy Experiment

Playing on CNN tonight (10pm EST/ 7pm PST) is a show about a government experiment for curing sissy behavior in children, homosexuality, and the tragic results.

You can watch a clip from The Sissy Experiment.

Let's hope parents watching this learn to accept their children a little more, as they are, and queer adults learn to accept themselves too.


Monday May 30, 2011



to the mp3 download options. See the Payment Page.


Thursday May 26, 2011


Added: a CD16 review.

Added: the sample sound clips to CD27 and CD29, and CD28-S-Exhibition is back up for sale, better than ever! See the Payment Page.


Friday May 20, 2011



to the available mp3 downloads.

CD28-S-Exhibition was briefly available, but I want to make a little tweak to it before I put it back on. It'll be back by Monday night.

CD12's mp3 is an updated version, with better sound quality (the additional soundwork was the delay in adding more CDs).

I'll also be improving the sound quality of CD2 and 3 before I post them, so they'll take a little while.

News: I've been quite busy preparing to speak as a panelist at a Pagan convention this weekend, but I still had time to add a few CDs. :)

I've also added more mp3s to the chants page of the Pagan section on the therapy site.


Sunday May 15, 2011


CDs available as MP3's for Download now !

That's right! No more waiting! You've clamored for downloadable CDs, and here they are!

Now you can have...

  • Instant Satisfaction: order and download CDs as mp3 files anytime, anywhere!
  • Pay by Paypal : Pay by Paypal or credit card. You can fund your Paypal account directly from your bank account if you have no credit card.
  • Anonymity: Each order is entirely anonymous. I will have no information whatsoever about those who order mp3 downloads.
  • Total Privacy: No need to worry about your roomate or partner finding your CDs in the mailbox, they'll go straight to your computer. Your bank or credit card statements will only show payments made to Paypal if you fund your Paypal account before your purchase.
  • Eternal Downloads: You can re-download any file you've paid for at any time! Need to clean up your computer ? No problem, wipe it clean, and re-download all your mp3s afterward. Just make sure to keep whatever email address you used for your Lulu account.
  • Bonus Content : You'll get a Thank You message email after you order (if you have that option checked in My Lulu - My Account - Edit Account Information - Email Notifications), which gives you the private link to all the extra files and trigger words on this site (just like when ordering physical CDs).
  • CD Previews : Preview the content of each CD before you choose which one to buy. Each CD has a short mp3 sample clip (almost 2 minutes). the Preview link is below the image.

It's taken Me about two years to make it happen, with many setbacks and countless hours of work, but I'm happy to finally offer My fans this option.

There's only a few CDs now, but I'm adding more as we speak. I'm excited to see the first order come in for this, and would LOVE to hear about your purchase experience through Lulu. As stated above, I I'll get no information about the people who order, so it will be up to you to contact Me about it.

Go check out the Payment Page. The first button is to buy CDs from Girls-R-Us. The second to go to the Lulu page for that CD. And the third, which I'm still adding in, directly adds the CD to your Lulu shopping cart.

Lulu is a reliable print on demand business which I've been purchasing books from for many years, along with a few downloads. It's only recently that I learned that they allow erotic content. :)

News: to those waiting for sessions, I'm over that nasty cold and ready to schedule you!


Friday April 22, 2011


Happy Easter!

While I have no updates, seeing as I've put updates on hold to finish off doing taxes, I do have an amusing seasonal link. Have you heard of the...

Terrifying Transgender Tax Collectors!

They'll come to your house or business, and tell you to pay your taxes. If you don't, they'll come back the next day... with a dozen more of them, and DANCE! Right at your workplace! Terrifying, isn't it?

Look at the Pakistan Transgender Tax Collectors video and article on CNN.

Basically, they shame the people into paying up. Since only 1% of the population actually pays their taxes, and there just isn't enough law enforcement to jail the rest of them... this is what they've come up with. And it seems to work there, as it has in India!

Considering the other options in Muslim countries being A) death or B) being forced into prostitution because no one will hire you, this seems like an improvement in job options! Prejudice is bad, but at least it's being used productively here.

If you want to know about the corruption there, you can see this video. But the first video is more fun, and all about the ladies.

Now, if you want people to know you are part of the terrifying transgender army, ready to overturn the status quo, you should check out My friend Raven's page, as he is the Evil Overlord of the Transsexual Empire , and apply for a HenchBeing position!

Fun updates to come as soon as My paperwork is done, including more Druid chapters, logs of My hypnosis training, and the Big Shiny New Thing I've hinted at. :)


Sunday April 10, 2011


Hypnotist Training

is confirmed for today 3pm EST in the chatroom. See below for details.

I also have a very welcome surprise coming this week :)


Friday April 1st, 2011


Next Hypnotist Training Seminar

Thank you to everyone who came to the online hypnosis seminar, it was fun! The next seminar will be Sunday April 10. Probably at the same time, but check here to confirm, I might start a bit earlier.

The next topics will include hypnotic language patterns, matching predicates and the proper progression of modal operators in an induction.

Don't cha just love it when I speak hypno jargon ? ;)

Hopefully I'll get to post last week's log before then, but the new topics stand on their own, regardless.


Thursday March 24, 2011


Hypnotist Training Seminar in the Chatroom :
Sunday 3pm EST

The amateur hypnotists of My chatroom have been requesting some sort of training program for a while now, so I am starting a series of seminars on how to be a great Ericksonian Erotic Hypnotist!

Click here for the Chatroom. We will likely create a separate training room. I will post its name on Sunday.

The first topics will be Rapport, Pacing and Leading. I'll be presenting material, taking questions, demonstrating, and giving people a chance to try it while I give feedback. It will be conducted much like NLP training is done in a classroom. We'll start with the very basics and work our way up on a solid foundation.

Why? I am collecting material with the intent of eventually publishing a book on My unique approach to erotic hypnosis. Please be advised that anything you say during the seminar may be published in any format I choose at a later date. Plus, teaching is fun. I miss being a teacher. :)

In other words, you get this valuable training for free, and you agree to give up all rights to your intellectual content, allowing Me to use the logs any way I want. :)

There will be no erotic content during this first training, it's only useful if you want to learn hypnosis.


Thursday March 17, 2011


Happy St-Patricks Day!
Happy Snakes Day!

Added: Appropriately, a new chapter of Do Druids Dance At Midnight? Part 18 , a TG fiction hypnosis log, to the Not So Evil section

So if you didn't know, St-Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland. That's the story. Actually, there were never any snakes native to Ireland. So what did he drive out? The Druids and their faith. It's symbolic.

Now, being Pagan, I'm really rooting for the snakes here... however...

Being a lesbian...

I'm also a fan of driving the trouser snakes out of the pants... so if you want to lose that snake in your panties, go out and shake your booty for this fine Irish holiday... and shake so hard you shake that snake clean off!

If you succeed, let Me know! :)


Tuesday March 13, 2011


What can I say? February sluggishness and an increased demand in sessions ate up My time.

Spring has sprung and I believe I'll be making more regular additions, as the light increases and energy goes up. :)

I've made some new additions on the Pagan section though.


Tuesday February 15, 2011


Added: Client Reviews and case summaries page to the therapy site.


Monday February 14, 2011


Happy Valentine's Day!

Added: Some new chants, songs, poetry and mp3's to the Songbook in the Pagan section.

What? You don't write sappy love poems on Valentine's day? Shame on you! ;)

You don't need a lover to write sappy songs and poetry...


Thursday February 2, 2011

Booty Shorts Hypnosis


Added: New Booty Shorts Hypnosis Animation in the captions and animations page.

Contributed by Brittany Banks. Thanks Brittany!


Friday January 28, 2011


My plans for updates this week were unfortunately delayed by a mild case of the Black Plague taking Me out of commission. But I'm feeling MUCH better now. :)

The new updates are in progress, just not quite ready.


Sunday January 23, 2011


Added: Do Druids Dance At Midnight? Part 17 , a TG fiction hypnosis log, to the Not So Evil section


Friday January 21, 2011


Added: a new CD8-Smoking Freedom review.


Thursday January 20, 2011


Added: A wife's review of using CD25-Soft to make her husband impotent by hypnosis, as a cure for his repulsive internet porn addiction... Verrry sexy! It's the third entry down.


Wednesday January 19, 2011


Added: A new flash brainwashing animation, Ultimate Panties! To the Captions and Animations page, contributed by LisaAnn (Thank you!). A better way to become addicted to wearing panties! I've also added an easy link to the Gemini Pulse just below the animations, and cleaned up the clip so it doesn't glitch when it loops. This way you can play the sound while watching the animations... and slip even deeper into trance... My NEXT update will be a very long and very descriptive review of CD25-Soft, the impotence CD, by the wife who used it on him... Let Me tell you... this is HOT!


Tuesday January 18, 2011


Added: Do Druids Dance At Midnight? Part 16 , a TG fiction hypnosis log, to the Not So Evil section


Thursday January 13, 2011


Update: and yes... fixed more broken links. These things are sneaky! Among others, from the forms to the quizzes. Thanks to Janice for the heads up. According to my link checker, I've pretty much fixed everything now. Added:Do Druids Dance At Midnight? Part 15 , a TG fiction hypnosis log, to the Not So Evil section

Friday January 7, 2011


Update: hunted, killed, eliminated, spit on, chewed up and spat out a whole bunch of broken links since Wednesday. Thank you to NightOwl for pointing out one of them, which led me to seek and destroy a ton more little ones.


Monday January 3, 2011


Happy New Year!

I wish you all the best ! May you find where your heart truly lies, and be be able to place it back in your chest (with swift healing from the messy heart surgery if possible!)

Fixed: There was a glitch in the request forms on the therapy site. If you tried and failed to fill out a form, I apologize. It's been fixed now!

See Therapy Site First Session Page.


Thursday December 30, 2010

Added: By popular request, I have made a non-smoking Bimbo Sigil version in the Captions Animations Gallery. It's just below the other versions.

We wouldn't want something like asthma to prevent our girls from being turned into mindless bimbos, now would We ? ;)


Wednesday December 29

Fixed: the link to the chatroom in the New Stuff sidebar menu. Fortunately, there was a working link in the Free Erotica section of the menu.

Added:Do Druids Dance At Midnight? Part 14 , a TG fiction hypnosis log, to the Not So Evil section

Monday December 27, 2010

Added:Do Druids Dance At Midnight? Part 13 , a TG fiction hypnosis log, to the Not So Evil section

Oh, and if you're not into the therapeutic stuff, I still think you'll enjoy how I took someone from believing every word of the bible is literally true... to a much more liberal interpretation. It may be healthy, but it's still a mind-fuck. Good therapy always is. ;)

See the Dec 24 Update for that. :)

Saturday December 25, 2010

Feminization Slut Machine Slot Machine

Merry Christmas !

Try out the Feminization Slut Machine Slot Machine!

In the Feminized Gallery (You'll need the Flash Player or Plugin to play it).


Friday December 24, 2010

Overcoming the Shame of Crossdressing (with Deuteronomy 22:5 from the bible) on the Therapy site.

This is the log of a therapy session I just did, a Christian variation on my Ugly Duckling session.

If you still feel shame about wanting to be girly, then this is My Christmas gift to you. Please share the link with others you think might benefit from it. :)

Merry Christmas!


Thursday December 23, 2010

Added:Do Druids Dance At Midnight? Part 12 , a TG fiction hypnosis log, to the Not So Evil section

Something sweet for tomorrow, and a sexy flash game for Christmas morning!


Wednesday December 22, 2010

Added:Do Druids Dance At Midnight? Part 11 , a TG fiction hypnosis log, to the Not So Evil section


Tuesday December 21, 2010

Happy Winter Solstice!

Added: A new chapter to Do Druids Dance At Midnight? Part 10 , a TG fiction hypnosis log, to the Not So Evil section

I'll try to put a new update each day during the holidays!


Saturday December 18,2010


The pages will be replaced by their .php equivalent starting at noon EST. This should take less than an hour to complete.

And now it's done! It will be easier to do site additions now that I don't have to do each one in each of the two versions. :)

I'll be adding some holiday goodies soon!

Added: How to choose a Strapon Harness. Mistress reviews on a few options for enjoying strapon sex in the Not So Evil section.

If you notice something not working right in the new pages, please let Me know.


Thursday Novermber 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving To My American Fans

Let see... what do I have to be thankful for... oh yes, boobies. I am very thankful for boobies. My own boobies of course, they bring Me much joy. And L's boobies, big and soft and yummy... and T's boobies, small but oh so sensitive...

Yes, I have two girlfriends. I'm polyamorous. Life is good. :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

(I don't actually celebrate this holiday, but I have a feast in honor of the Norse goddess Syn on Friday, so... close enough!)


Wednesday November 24, 2010

Site Upgrade in Progress

The Therapy Site has been upgraded and recoded in PHP (meaning all the files that were .shtml are now .php). Hopefully it will work well with everyone's browsers. Please check and let Me know if it doesn't!

I've tested on the latest Windows Explorer, Google Chrome under Linux, and of course Firefox, which is what I use and optimize for.

It's not a huge change, but I think it looks nicer and I'm pretty proud about getting that snazzier menu to work properly. :)

I'll be switching the adult site to PHP as well over the next few days.


Sunday October 31, 2010

Vampire Mistress Hypnosis Photostory

Happy Halloween to all My girls and fans!

Added: Vampire Hypnosis Photostory Part 3 in the Mistress Hypnosis Pictures Gallery. Will our hapless peasant girl lose her very SOUL to the wicked vampire Mistress of the castle? Mouahahaha!

I am waiting on some technical issues to bring the updated site online... but that's no reason not to give My girls a little Halloween treat!

Or is it a trick? Ha ha ha...

Happy Halloween everyone!


Tuesday October 26, 2010

On the Real Radio Show last night, I did my usual guest spot, and shared a show with youtube sensation Jimmy McMillan, Live from Time Square, just before he appeared on the Sean Hannity show on Fox News.

Jimmy McMillan Sings On The Real Radio Show!

Endorsed by heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, and the American Mustache Society.

A politician running as candidate for Governor of New York State Governor on the Rent is Too Damn High Party, Jimmy McMillan has taken the nation by storm and become everyone's favorite politician with his no nonsense agenda of taking care of the little people. What a unique character! Right now, he's the hottest thing on the internet.

And he'll be back on the Real Radio Show next week if you want to see him webcast. I may call in to wish him luck, three days before the electoral vote. After all, no other politician has ever received My endorsement.

Jimmy McMillan, you have the endorsement of the Great Mind Mistress, which should not be taken lightly!

So if you want to see Jimmy McMillan sing his Rent Is Too Damn high rap on Youtube during the Real Radio Show, click on the link, Live from Time Square.

In the unlikely event that he should fail, we'll start him on his 2012 Presidential tour on November 2. Jimmy McMillan for President in 2012!

Why? Cause he's funnier than Sarah Palin. And that's hard to beat. Plus he has a cool mustache.


Thursday October 21, 2010

Update: I do hope you like the new updated look of the site, and the new menu.

I have checked, fixed, updated and standardized every single page of the site, including the older pages. I had neglected it far too long, mostly because of the required amount of work, but it needed to be done. And if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.

You may need to update your bookmarks. Old pages were .shtml, and the new server needed them to be .php. This required more recoding than just changing the extension, and I chose a site upgrade over a kludge, thus making future upgrades much easier.

This is a programmer's version of laziness... spend a lot of effort now to make your life easier in the future.



Thursday September 30, 2010

I'm working on something big for the site... hope to have it working soon.

In the meantime, here is the Ultimate Brief Therapy, from Youtube. Words to live by! ;)

Added: And a new chapter to Do Druids Dance At Midnight? Part 9 , a TG fiction hypnosis log, to the Not So Evil section

Tuesday September 21, 2010

Added: Vampire Hypnosis Photostory in the Mistress Hypnosis Pictures Gallery. Finally inspired to write this captioned story! Many more pictures to come in this story. Also, there are 6 more images to the Bluewall Gallery, which I'd forgotten to post.

I'll be on the Real Radio Show Monday September 27, talking about My hypnosis services , around 7:15, Tune in on the web!


Wednesday September 15, 2010

Rainbow Triskele

Added: New Pagan Spirituality Section to the therapy site! Of particular interest is a page on the daughters of a brothel keeper among the Giants of Norse mythology. It features very nice art on those 7 mythical prostitutes, thanks to our very talented K@t.

Evil Mistresses can be pious too! My rosary is just filled with Viking Goddesses.

So far, there's a page for the the Mermaid of Blood, of Fear, of Sorrow... yes, I'm very pious indeed!

(broken link was fixed)


Friday September 8, 2010

News: The site is being moved to a new server to accomodate some new functionalities, which you WILL like! But I have to change all the file names to .php for it to keep working, so you may have to adjust your links.

For instance, this page will become :


Since I have to update every single file, I'm jazzing up the look of the site as well! I'm knee deep in CSS coding right now.

The new code is supposed to work on all browsers. If it doesn't, please let Me know which browser and version number you're using. I'll make an announcement before the transition is done.

Update: Fixed links and added to the gender tests in the Gallery

Also updated most of the gallery pages to have the side menu.


Thursday September 2, 2010
CD6-Bimbo Hypnosis

Added: Do Druids Dance At Midnight? Part 8 , a TG fiction hypnosis log, to the Not So Evil section

Added: New original CD06-Happiness cover art by K@t. Thanks K@t! Check it out full sized!

Added: New entry to the Hypnosis Session Review page, results of the first two sessions, which are basic training. It was supposed to be just fantasy, not conditioning. Most people who want fantasy don't have that strong an after effect! More responses may get added over the next few days.



Wednesday September 1, 2010

Added: New Picture for CD32 ! Our dear Al, who has so thorougly trained with CD32-Sauna, is now looking VERY gay! He sent a picture to share, which is now on the CD32 page. Way to go Al! Sway those gay hips of yours!

This is after 5 months of training with CD32-Sauna.


Monday August 30, 2010


I'll be on the radio tonight, talking about polyamory, around 7:30, Tune in on the web!

Added: And check out the graph of types of open relationships and other forms of non-monogamy, on a new page of the therapy site. That's what I'll be talking about. That, and Unicorns... ha ha ha... have a look at the page!

From 7pm-7:30, Bobby Steele of the Undead, originally of The Misfits, will do a full live show with his band. He'll continue at the after-party, live on the webcam, probably around 8:15.

News: Not much updates recently, I know, but I've been working hard on a whole new spirituality section for the therapy site. I can tell you this much: There will be mermaids, and there will be mythological prostitutes.

What ? Did you think my spirituality involved fluffy bunnies? I don't think so...


Sunday August 15, 2010

CD33-Choices Payment button is up

You can now order CD33 on the payment page!

Of course, you don't have to. You can just read the page. And listen to the mp3. And you could visit the page on the Girls-R-Us merchandise site. Maybe add to cart. Just to try out how that feels, having it in your shoppin cart. Maybe you could even log in, or create a user account. You know, for later.

And then whether you buy it now, or later, is completely up to you... :)


Sunday August 15, 2010

CD33-Choices Hypnosis

NEW CD33-Choices! And RADIO SHOW!

I'll be on the radio again tomorrow, Monday August 15, as co-host for the sexy tough roller derby girls of the Long Island Roller Rebels, as well as a the lovely ladies of Rhinestone Follies (burlesque performers). Tune in on the web!

Added: CD33-Choices is now available! No matter what it is you want, whether it's to eat your own cum, or have the balls to go to a bar dressed up, this CD will do it. Go check it out, and listen to free hypnosis clip from the CD, I've made an entire hypnosis track available for free so you can get an idea what it's like.

The buy button should be up by tomorrow night at the latest, but feel free to drool over the CD and its sexy artwork in the meantime.


Sunday July 25, 2010

Added: an addition to the review of CD22-Memories, 2010 Reviews of CD26-Sensitive (Allergy to male clothing), and CD32-Sauna (turn into a gay man), CD3-Elegance. The last two are pretty hot... verrrry nice changes

The CD3 one is a man who bought the Deep Trance Starter Kit for his wife last year, but they split up before she ever tried the CDs. Then he started trying CD16-Acceptance when he found the CDs again in a box. It worked well. Then he tried CD3-Elegance out of curiosity... and with all his Acceptance training, instantly got totally hooked on it!

He doesn't want to be a girl, but now he can't stop listening to Elegance, and wanting perfume more and more... Mmmmmm.... lovely!

News: The new CD33-Choices is almost ready. What does it do? EVERYTHING! LOL!


Thursday July 15, 2010

Added: Do Druids Dance At Midnight? Part 7 , a TG fiction hypnosis log, to the Not So Evil section


Thursday July 8, 2010

Updated: The star background image, using Stellarium (a freeware planetarium) to show the sky on the night I was born, looking South.

That really bright star is Vega, of the Lyra constellation, and the second brightest is Altair, of the Eagle, down and to the left of it. Between them is the Milky Way. Just in case you were wondering...


Saturday 3 July 2010

Added: Do Druids Dance At Midnight? Part 6, a TG fiction hypnosis log, to the Not So Evil section

Notes from the trip: So how was Chubby Checker when I met him on the Real Radio Show? Absolutely delightful! He didn't want to show Me how to dance The Twist, but he showed me

How to dance "The Fly":

Right foot forward, elbows up and out like wings, palms facing in, and then you do little shooing motions with the hands, but with the right hand higher than the left (it's more sexy if the hands roam on different levels as they move, but guys keep their two hands on the same level). You transfer weight between the two legs slowly, but rock your hips forward and back more quickly with the beat. You can lean in reaaaaal close to your dance partner, kissing distance, and if you step closer, your legs almost interlock. Sexy! Then your shooing hands can move up and down on either side, sometimes going behind your head to run fingers through your hair. See an older version of Dancing the Fly, and a newer version of The Fly. He's doing the male part of The Fly, what I'm describing is the female part, which he taught Me.

In the female version, the shooing hands are more like what you'd see in exotic dance, that is, hands roaming over your body independantly to bring attention to your lovely parts. When one hand is near the head, the other is near the hips, and then they slowly move down and up from there, trading places. You don't touch yourself, mind you. You're not THAT kind of girl. ;)


Saturday 26 June 2010

Real Radio Show This Monday 6:30 Eastern

I'll be on the radio again this Monday June 28.

Also, he two shows I did in person for the Real Radio Show are now in the audio archives! Have a listen!


Sadly, we were too short on time, and there was far too much noise at Jamba Juice to do hypnosis with the wrestlers. So Andy "the Enforcer" Anderson ended up hamming it up, and I went along.

Still, they were fun to do the show with, and I got to sing a duet of "I Made A Monster" with Bobby Steele of the Undead, originally of the Misfits, a well known punk band I'm told. I'm mostly into pop and folk, but I really like that song! Bobby Steele had supper with me at Sammy's in New York City, and gave Me the chords to that song, so I can play it on mandolin. Cool.


Monday 21 June, 2010


2008 review of CD1-Trance Training
2010 review of CD1-Trance Training,
2010 review of CD7-Youth (breast growth/past lives)
2007 review of CD10-Vixen,
2008 review of CD25-Soft (impotence)
two 2008 reviews of CD17-SpyBaby,

Still in Progress...

Thank you to everyone who submitted reviews!


Friday June 11, 2010

Birthday Thanks

Boy was that a week and a half ! I have much to tell, and I will. But first, I must thank S.M. for the lovely birthday gifts of a DVD (NightWatch, a favorite movie), and book (on trance possession by spirits) from My Amazon Wish List.

Stephy gets My thanks for a lovely bottle of Anges et Demons perfume (Angels and Demons) which smells wonderful, an ephemeris for a side project I have, and more little gifts over the year than I can count! Mistress Alice has spoiled Me rotten during the trip, and I cannot express My thanks enough. My thanks as well as to our ever helpful Mailing Elf. She mails, she cooks, she cleans... she'd make a wonderful wife (or slave) for anyone lucky enough to have her.

Thank you to My best friend for holding the bowl with Me.

You didn't know June 9 was My birthday? Don't worry. You can still send belated birthday wishes, and there are still some good giift ideas on My Amazon Wish List if you are so inclined. :)

ADDED: a new review of CD22-Memories, the first one! Thank you Bethany.


Sunday May 30, 2010

Added: Do Druids Dance At Midnight? Part 5 , a TG fiction hypnosis log, to the Not So Evil section

News: I will have email access, and probably do sessions as well, during the New York trip on the Real Radio Show. See Me tomorrow on the show's webcam dancing with Chubby Checker!


Friday May 28, 2010

Mind Mistress Takes Manhattan!

Well ladies, it’s that time of the year again when The Red King and Red Queen go on their bi-annual vacation tryst.

And this year, unlike in years gone by, it will not be a secret tryst to parts unknown. No, this year it will be in NYC. That’s right… right in Times Square!
Not only that, they will be dragging along Dr. Natural for their *Pleasure*.
And while they are there...

Monday, May 31, 2010
The Great Mind Mistress will be a Guest Host on The Real Radio Show. Broadcast LIVE and with video with Chubby Checker

From Jamba Juice located at
 712 7th Ave (between 47th St & 48th St)
New York, NY 10036, (212) 582-1915
6:30 PM-8PM EST

See her LIVE with the Rock & Roll Legend Chubby Checker!

Maybe The Queen will Challenge “The Legend” to a Limbo Contest… Who knows???

As if that wasn't enough, The following week, She will be in Times Square again :

Monday June 7th on the Real Radio Show

With WWF legend Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake,  as well as ECC Heavyweight Champ, Andrew Anderson From The Movie “The Wrestler”

Rumor is, She will perform a live trance on these 2 brutes. Now for those of you who question… Is The Great Mind Mistress Real? Are those photos of Her on the site really Her? Can She really do what She says She does? This is your chance to put all doubts to rest.

Tune in This Monday night 6:30 PM EST


On The Real Radio Show and see Her live on Stickcam, Or stop in at Times Square and witness it live!


Sunday May 16, 2010

Added: CD25-Soft, impotence hypnosis CD review.

Thank you trixi!


Friday May 7, 2010

News: I had a bizarre malfunction about 2 weeks ago that deleted all unanswered emails in My inbox. I'm all caught up on answering emails today, so if I haven't answered you, it's because your email was deleted. Please resend.

Added: Do Druids Dance At Midnight? Part 4 , a TG fiction hypnosis log, to the Not So Evil section


Tuesday May 4, 2010

Added: Do Druids Dance At Midnight? Part 3, a TG fiction hypnosis log, to the Not So Evil section


Wednesday April 28

News: The audio portion of My live radio trance session and transformation of Denise (See CD31-Mind Mistress, the Video) will be broadcast on the web tonight at 11 pm Eastern (EDT) on http://www.artistfirst.com/

If you haven't heard it, here's your chance to listen in for free! Minus the video of course. It's not listed yet, just click to listen at 11pm.

Also expect more story logs posted later today. :)


Monday April 19

Added: Do Druids Dance At Midnight?, a TG fiction hypnosis log, to the Not So Evil section.

Summary: A Saxon merchant runs into sex changing Druid magic, some time after the Roman conquest of Britain.

And because there wasn't quite enough going on in part 1 one, I also posted part 2 ! This one is a LONG story arc I had a lot of fun with.

Real Radio Show: Monday April 26

7pm EST, Go to the NEW www.therealradioshow.com to listen live on the net, and to get the call in number.


Sunday April 18, 2010

Added: Feminized Cheerleader Part 2 , a hypnosis log, to the Not So Evil section. Steph gets feminized into a Cheerleader.

New story log almost ready for posting, maybe even tonight.

Monday April 12, 2010

E! Online Save One Show: Chuck Wins!

A big thank you to all the girls that voted to Save Chuck from cancellation! 52% of almost a million votes went to Chuck, My favorite show. I reckon at least 200 of those votes are from HypnoticWishes fans. Well done girls!

We had 150 votes registered so far, though a few haven't yet joined the yahoo group. 30 of those got at least one more person to vote. GOOD GIRL!!!

Please put an age on your PUBLIC yahoo profile before applying, otherwise I'll have to deny your request, and you'll have to apply again. Yahoo deletes adult groups with possibly underage members, so I really can't let people in without that.

Those of you who voted can count yourself as My super fans, and part of My Lesbian Conspiracy. Long Live The LIC!

As promised, here's an update:

Added: Feminized Cheerleader Part 1, a hypnosis log, to the Not So Evil section. Steph gets feminized by a Fempire...

I'm counting this as 200 votes, so there will be a second reward update. And I'm counting all the parts of that story as one update. I am pleased with you all. :)


Saturday April 10, 2010

Mistress Wants Your Help NOW

Many have asked Me how they can serve the Lesbian Inclusion Conspiracy. Consider this a test. How many t-girls can I mobilize by asking? How strong is our army of feminized slaves and fans? I have a task for you My darlings, just a simple test of dedication and obedience.

My favorite TV show, CHUCK, is risking being canceled. E! Online has an annual Save One Show poll, and the show which gets the most votes gets a whole campaign to save it. I voted, and wondered how to get more votes... until I remembered I have over 4700 fans. What's the use of having an Evil Empire full of expendable minions at your beck and call if you don't use them? So, My darling minions, if you enjoyed My work, it's time to show your appreciation by doing something for Me:


1) Go to this page: E! Online - Watch With Kristin - Save One Show 2010
2) Select Chuck
3) Type in the word to prove you're not a spambot.
4) Click on the button to send your vote.

Then go to the poll section on the Yahoo group, and vote to say you have voted for Chuck for Mistress. (if you're not in the group yet, don't worry, I'll still count you if you vote in the group later... just vote for Chuck now!)

  • "Yes Mistress, I have obeyed and voted to Save Chuck! I am a Good girl!"
  • "Yes Mistress, I have obeyed, and even gotten other people to vote to Save Chuck! I am a VERY Good girl!"
  • "Not yet Mistress, but I will vote before Sunday, I promise!"
  • "I am a bad slave girl, I didn't vote. :("
  • "I am a terrible slave girl, I voted for another show. :("

This will let Me count how much of an impact My girly army can have. Then comes the candy:

FOR EVERY 100 CHUCK VOTES, I WILL ADD A NEW PAGE ON HYPNOTICWISHES. Yes, I know there haven't been too many updates, but I'm finally done with the annual grudge of taxes, so I can focus on putting up new content. If everyone on the group votes, this will mean 4700 votes for Chuck, and 47 new pages on HypnoticWishes! I have many unposted hypnosis logs, articles, and pictures of Myself. Voting will take a minute of your time, and posting all this will take many hours of Mine. Show Me your love, and I'll show you Mine. :)

Note: Since I started this in the Yahoo Group on Thursday, we have now reached 100 votes, so I am preparing to post a new log. But where are the other 4600 of you girls? Where is My feminized ARMY, ready to take over the world!!?


Monday March 15, 2010

Added to the Not So Evil Section:

Emasculated Husband Counseling Part 2 of 2

Next Real Radio Show: Monday March 29, 7pm EDT.

Monday February 22, 2010

Free Mind Mistress Hypnosis VIDEO Offer Extended!

By popular demand (really, it was more like begging), you can get a free hypnosis video CD of My transforming a lady into a sexy witch in the Real Radio show studio, in person!

See CD31-Mind Mistress The Video. Valid with any order of 100$ or more in CDs, you have to ASK for it. Put "I NEED MORE MIND MISTRESS" in the note section of your order, and you'll get your free CD.

This Offer Valid till St-Patrick's, March 17, 2010.

Oh, and if you see a cute Irish Lass, especially a redhead, give her a kiss for me. Mmmmmm... Maybe you'll get lucky! I love the Irish and Scottish accents, so sexy...


Wednesday February 16, 2010

Updated: The Payment page layout, and accelerated shipping options since shipping is done from the US.

Updated: The Frequently Asked Questions with quick links to each question, and updated the entire text where needed.


Monday February 15, 2010

Real Radio Show: Monday Feb 15

7pm EST, and the topic is Sex. :)

We're freeing up the phone lines for callers, so if you want to talk about SEX with Me, come on and call! Or something related to the holiday. :)

Go to the NEW www.therealradioshow.com to listen live on the net, and to get the call in number.


Sunday February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day darlings!

I've posted a chat log tonight as a Valentine's gift for you all... of Me helping a husband who feels emasculated by his wife and her successful career...

Of course, I helped him...

Check it out now!

Added to the Not So Evil Section:

Emasculated Husband Counseling Part 1 of 2


Wednesday February 10, 2010

Real Radio Show: Monday Feb 15

7pm EST, and the topic is Sex. :)

Go to the NEW www.therealradioshow.com to listen live on the net!


Saturday January 30, 2010

Updated: The Entrance Page (and included the updated disclaimer on it) and Frequently Asked Questions (improving the answers and adding links to all the questions at the top)

Added CSS menus to: this update page (and the old updates have been moved to their own page), the sorceress transformation entrance, the Erotic Mind Control Search Engine, the Links page.


Friday January 29, 2010

Stoned Hypnosis

This is a very special page. It hypnotizes stoned people. If you are stoned, stare at this page, and you will be amazed. I showed it to someone, and this is what he said:

"it's like, it's like i stare at it and it moves, this is some weird shit.

it's got this hyper angular quantum geometry, i mean it's freaky in a good way like.....

and heavy on the earth tones

the cracks go right down to the cosmic soul, this shit is deep" -Garu Smith

Indeed, hundreds of cosmic masters acting in concert through the astral phone line were required to produce this design....

Here it is... Stoned Hypnosis. You won't believe I put up this kind of stuff, I guarantee. It's a great link to share at parties! Absolutely hypnotizes stoned people or your money back.


Monday January 25, 2010


Tonight's show cancelled due to act of God!

I kid you not! The radio station was struck by lightning!

Man, maybe God thought it was going to be TOO HOT, and decided to smite the station? One thing's for sure, this show is SMOKIN' HOT! Literally...

Also fixed the radio station link below, which was mistyped. Next month, I'll be on the Valentine show Feb 15, and the topic is SEX. How surprising...


Monday January 25, 2010

Gay Hypnosis CDs


Erotic Hypnosis CDs Mistress

Radio Show Tonight & New Hypnosis CD Art

I'm on tonight's radio show once more, 7pm EST, and the topic is Cyber Sex. :)

Just go to the NEW www.therealradioshow.com !

If you miss it, this Monday's show will be re-aired on a Philadelphia station on Friday 5pm EST. But then you won't be able to call in! To listen to either one, click the On Air button.

ADDED: Lots and lots of pictures for My hypnosis CDs! That's right, now every CD has some artwork, as you may have noticed if you browsed through CDs. Mistress Alice and I have been busy the last few weeks formatting them for all the nooks and crannies of this site and the shopping site Girls-R-Us. You'll notice when you look at them on Girls-R-Us (which you get to with the Buy Now button of the Payment Page) that there's also a "Customers who bought this also bought" section to help you choose CDs.

There's just a few more of the full sized ones to add to each CD's page, but all the thumbnails are there.


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