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CD 19 - Oral

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CD19 Description

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Dear Mistress, i love Oral! The way it gets you to associate sucking cock with such a basic need/want makes it impossible to resist. i love the "yummy white liquid" reference - very sneaky! i know i'm not supposed to remember the contents of the session, but for some reason i've always been unable to totally forget it. Great job on the CD - thanks! Your cock slave, lisa

Lisa 6/25/2005 2:00 PM

Dear Mistress,

i absolutely LOVE Your Oral CD! The more i have listened to Your CDs and looked at Your site, i have gotten to crave cock, but this CD put me over the edge! i love the way you get me to associate sucking cock with such a basic want/need. The more i listen, the more impossible it is to resist sucking cock and swallowing that "yummy white liquid"! i'm trying to avoid going to a gay club, sitting in a bathroom stall, and sucking the cocks of every man that walks in, but i'm finding it very hard. i find myself thinking more and more about sucking cock - at work, while driving, at home, while sleeping... i think i'm going to have to stop using urinals before i just instinctively drop to my knees and suck off the guy next to me. :-) The more i listen, the more i want, crave, and NEED cock! Thank You so much for such a great CD!

Your cockslut,


lisa <>
Kansas City, Missouri USA - Monday, July 04, 2005 at 23:17:53 (EDT)


On 16/11/2009 1:43 PM, Barbara wrote:

I began listening to Oral shortly after I realized that Elegance and Vixen had changed me to the point that I actually wanted to be a girl. I realize today that I had become addicted to being feminine and the pleasure resulting from following through with that. Also I became a sex crazed female orgasm addict. Although I never really found men attractive I began relating cock to being female and female orgasms and since I wanted to be a girl and have female orgasms I started thinking about giving the Oral CD a try. More is better. Anyways, as with the other CD’s the more I listened the more I changed. The funny thing about this one however was although somewhere in my head I knew you were telling me to suck cock, the more I tried to remember what you had said the harder it was to remember anything about it. I stopped trying to remember the script but still listened to the CD couple of times a week.

I began fantasizing and even dreaming about being a girl and sucking/fucking a cock. Eventually I ordered a nice little 6” realistic dildo. I couldn’t believe how excited I was about doing that. I could hardly wait until it arrived. Today I realize that I was/am craving cock. When it arrived just about died from the excitement of anticipation. To make a long story short, sucking that dildo led to fucking a dildo. I can’t believe the intensity of female orgasms with a cock in my pussy and how feminine it make me feel. I have come to prefer that to normal male squirting. After a while 6” was just to small so I now use an 8” x 2” cock. I began taking female hormones in an attempt to be more female. Today my breasts are a small B. I love them and even though I go through moments of apprehension regarding what has been going on with this process I don’t seem to be able to stop myself from continuing. I hope that someday I’ll have big boobs although I’m not sure if any size will satisfy my need to have boobs.

Anyways, two and half years have passed since I first ran into your website Mistress. It has been an unplanned, unexpected, totally rewarding journey. I can no longer say that I would prefer going back to who I use to be before I became yours. At times I think about it. I’ve gone through phases of trying to do that. It never lasts. I always “have” to go back to it. I don’t know if I’m addicted or if this is simply who I am today. It’s a moot point really. Today I am content having gone from just a normal heterosexual guy to your feminized shemale. There is still some vestige of viewing this as just plain wrong and wanting to go back to normal. However, normal today includes the programming you my mistress have given me. I am no longer the man I was. I may never be a real woman but you have made me your shemale cock slut. I can’t imagine it being any other way! What started out as some fun has changed me forever. I never believed it would happen and thus I was snared before I could do anything about it. You are so clever. Thank you Mistress.

Devotedly yours,

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This review also refers to CD 16


On 27/02/2012 7:11 AM, Bill wrote:

For as far back as I can remember I've always had a fetish for mind control, total reprogramming, and general "mind fuckery". I've had many experiences with hypnosis in the past, so I can safely say that it's a skill that I've developed, and it takes almost no time for me to go under. However, like someone who pops pills, I tend to develop somewhat of a strong tolerance to hypnotic suggestions, regardless of how I feel about them. This has proved to be both personally beneficial, and yet a major annoyance to me. In a way, I always feared that since these ideas of change are a HUGE turn on for me, that they'd have a strong effect. But I think that it's that fear that's led me to develop my tolerances. That being said, much like a pill popper, I'd always undergo multiple hypnosis sessions or just increase my listening regimens to see if it would elicit an effect. Over time, my fetish coupled with the sweet, sweet relaxing bliss of trance had turned me into, well... a hypno-junky, if you will.

I've been visiting your site since about the time that this all started, and found the ideas and content of your site highly arousing. Luckily for me and my theory behind my resistances, I've always found the forced feminizing, cock sucking, no hope to go back, totally addicted aspect highly arousing. But I knew that for multiple reasons (career, family, friends, etc.) even if I wanted to become a woman, it would do way more harm than good. This made me feel safe.

Big mistake. To this day, I don't know if the direct content of the site is what kept drawing me in, or if it was my extreme arousal, but I soon found myself coming back, and coming back, and coming back, and coming back.... I didn't have anything to do? I'd visit the site. I was bored? I'd visit the site. I had some time to spare before I had to do something? I'd visit the site. As this pattern continued, I began to notice some changes in the way that I perceived things... sexually. I had zero attraction to men, and I was still attracted to women, but there was just something about shemales that was beginning to drive me absolutely crazy! Startled, I had to continuously FORCE myself to not visit the site.

I could be gone for a couple months... weeks... days... but it never worked. I ALWAYS came back. In fact, the content of the site ended up engraved into my mind farther than I ever could have imagined. Usually whenever I took an absence from the site (coming at least once a day), I could only do so for a couple days - 2 weeks tops. However, my desires became... -augmented- to the point where I could no longer masturbate to straight porn. Even "super-hetero" porn (such as lesbian porn) was hard to get off to. If I was lucky, it got me hard enough so that each stroke felt incredible, but wouldn't bring me close to cumming unless i switched material, or ignored it
completely and let my mind drift off to fantasies involving sexy, sexy shemales. I can still get hard for, and perform sexually for women, but I can no longer masturbate to any pics or vids that don't involve a shemale.

As the transformation progressed, I tried rationalizing that I was so incredibly attracted to shemales because of their sexy, feminine bodies. But as time went on, I realized that that was only part of it. It was really their cocks. I realized that while I was attracted to their bodies and looks, the fact that they had a cock meant that they are, or I should say, were male. That means that to get to this point, they had to have spent years slowly making irreversible changes to their bodies. So in a way, they appealed directly to my basic, most intense turn-ons: Reprogramming, and "mind fuckery". Not to imply that anything is wrong with their choices at all [in fact, I'm glad they made them ;) ] but just the fact that they were able to dedicate themselves so strongly to make permanent changes to their minds and bodies just arouses me sooo much.

But by the time that I realized this, it was faaaar before I realized that the only thing that made me hotter was their cocks. In fact, my desires had changed so much that without even being aware of it, my then biggest turn-on was a shemale sucking cock. It didn't matter who's cock it was. Another shemale's cock, a man's cock, it didn't matter. A cock was a cock. By the time that I had finally recognized how much my desires and sexuality had changed, I realized that I had spent all of this time feeling safe from, and building up my resistances against the site's forced femming suggestions. I left my shields down, and when I noticed, it was far too late to pick them up.

This reawakened some old desires in me, and in a combination of curiosity and blatant arousal I started listening to CD Oral for a few weeks. It didn't seem to have that much of an effect on me other than a marked increase in my arousal towards shemales. But then again... I was aware of the CDs effects and felt like I had mentally prepped myself against it [note: as I mentioned before, as much as I love shemales, I could never dedicate myself to make that sort of change without severe repercussions, and  have no desire to do so. So I left out tracks 6 and 7]. To this day I'm not sure what pushed me to do this, be it my fetish for a loss of control and mental reprogramming, natural curiosity, or a sort of personal challenge to see if I could continue resisting, but regardless... I began using CD Amnesia.

I figured that with my past experiences with trance, it wouldn't be hard for me to begin training with the CD right away and in full (not skipping tracks), so I did this for about a month. After reading the CD's description, I figured that if it didn't work, then I'd be able to feed the hypno-junky in me and get some nice, deep, relaxing trances out of the CD. But instead, I can't even remember what the description said. In fact, every time I now go to read the description page of the CD to see what it says, I'll begin to read, and then a mind numbing pleasure instantly hits me as hard as it does fast. I find myself lost in pure ecstasy, just floating and lost, relaxed and happy. Needless to say, I'm really not sure what all the CD does other than what it's titled to do, but after that month I began listening to Oral again.

The only way that I can describe listening to Oral by itself, to training with Amnesia and then continuing to listen to Amnesia while immediately following it with Oral, is this: Imagine learning to ride a bike for the first time with training wheels. The training wheels do their job, but it's not quite the experience that you want. So when you go to take them off, you instead replace them with rockets. I'm really not quite sure how much of an effect that the CD combination has had on me directly though, because of my apparent memory loss. But I've definitely noticed some changes in my behavior.

Due to the way that my sexual desires have shifted regarding shemales, I'm not sure if this was just the next "natural step" or the effect of the CDs, but I've been having unbearable cravings for cock. It actually sometimes makes me wonder just how much the CDs have impacted me, because I don't have any "echoes" of the trance remaining, like you'd sometimes get after a typical trance. But rather I know that these cravings have been so strong because I want to suck cock. In fact, I'm needing it more and more. But I will attribute some changes to the CDs. For instance, yesterday I sucked my second cock, and while I normally don't moan I couldn't stop the entire time. Even on the drive back home I caught myself unconsciously rubbing my gear shift and moaning.

If you're reading this and plan on using these CDs, I just have this to say. I'd recommend them to anyone. Even Amnesia alone is amazing, and makes you feel so relaxed after listening to it. And in combination, after proper training, it's hard to notice just how much of an effect that they're actually having, but you can tell that it feels like you've just hit a switch and jumped to warp speed.

27/02/2012 7:11 AM by Bill

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