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CD 25 - Soft

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Hello Mind Mistress,

Well, I listened to the cd about ten times and I haven't noticed any effect whatsoever. When I get turned on, I get hard. Same as before. While hypnosis might be able to produce a state of heightened suggestibility, it obviously can't re-wire the nervous system. Hypnosis might be better suited for changing things like opinions or sexual interests- it just doesn't seem up to the task in controlling this fundamental biological response.

So theres my review. I wish I could've written a more positve one, but that's my honest experience. Have you gotten any other feedback on this cd? I'd be interested in hearing the experiences from other users.


2 November 2008

If you're reading this, you might as well just go ahead and buy the cd.

On the other hand, if you're looking for advice then i'm going to say, don't buy, solely because i want to make sure there are as many hard cocks as possible still out there to fuck my ass!!

Up until using the 'soft' cd i felt myself ruled by my 'natural' desires. All the porn i'd read told me that i couldn't help myself. All those erections i'd get -you know, waking up in the morning, seeing some cleavage, taking off my clothes, hell even a cool breeze- needed to be dealt with. Life seemed to be filled with one hard-on after another - and all out of my control.

Things have changed. Now i don't feel the need to be wanking every day. Wearing panties is even more enjoyable and, horror of horrors, i now get a whole new range of enjoyable experiences from exploring my ass. I don't mind if you do too.

I'd had a lot of prior listening to other MM cds and am still a very regular visitor to the site, so I found initially that this cd worked instantaneously. It was very enjoyable to think back on previous orgasmic experiences (and the inevitable hard on) and then feel and watch as the erection pretty much evaporated. Straight away I felt more in control of my own body. However if I didn't listen to it regularly then old habits would re emerge and I'd 'need' a good wank every now and again. then i went through a stage of ejaculating without an erection - if you didn't know ,yes it's possible. I found a curiosity factor in myself ie ' i wonder if i still can get it up?' The answer is, of course you can, if you really want to, because hypnosis is just going along with suggestions. As time has gone by i've come to learn this and accept that what i really want is to be soft and girly, funnily enough that's what i am- it's great!

We all make decisions and, by their nature, any decision limits the alternatives,

I was in a similar position - was it really what i wanted? All my (non-chosen) conditioning said 'Don't do it' but here i was making the same decision you're about to make....enjoy

May 15, 2010

This review refers to Trance Training (CD-1),
Acceptance (CD-16)
, and Soft (CD-25)

Hello Everyone,

I'd like to thank the moderator for allowing me to join this group and everyone
who has been so nice and helpful in answering my questions and rendering advice.
For those who read through this rather ponderous post, I appreciate any and all
comments – good or bad – Thanks. Before getting to the substance of this post
I'd better introduce myself and my husband, Chris. We are both forty-something
professionals, married for a little more than 16 years. I am a physician's
assistant and Chris is a contract electrical engineer.

Early in our marriage our sex life was best described as adequate, nothing
spectacular, but not unsatisfying either. As time went on, however, the
frequency of our love making diminished and, for the past two years, became
non-existent. I was reduced to pleasuring myself with a vibrator periodically.
I knew that Chris masturbated since I'd dump the trash can in his office into
the larger can for removal. His garbage always had varying amounts of stiff
little tissues – the product of his nasty little activities.

A little over a year ago, March 2008 to be specific, I discovered at least some
of the materials that he'd been running through in his masturbatory fantasy
world. I only work a half-day on Fridays which gives me a chance to come home
and catch up on some chores. One of those is running computer scans for viruses
and checking for fragmented hard drives. I had just sat down in hubby's office
and started when I noticed his temporary cache of internet files was unusually
large. Obviously he'd forgotten to delete the evidence of his latest forays.

An examination of the mass of files revealed nearly a hundred pictures and vids.
As I opened a few my shock and outraged grew. This wasn't just pornography, but
the most horrid pornography I had seen. Picture after picture of women bound in
strict, painful or humiliating positions. Women degraded, abused, raped and

A few minutes of investigation also revealed a couple of `hidden' folders which
he was using for his favorites – a worst of the worst. Needless to say, I was
extremely shaken. I barely had time to gain some composure before he got home.

In the interim I examined my options. Confronting him would only lead to heated
argument, denial, and a major split. Divorce was an option I quickly discarded.
Financial and other considerations made that an extremely unpalatable option.
Doing nothing and living in fear he'd be discovered and fired, or worse,
imprisoned wasn't viable either. I couldn't see him agreeing to counseling
either separately or together. I was at a loss for what to do or how to handle
the situation. I decided to sit tight and do some research.

Over the next 2 months I avoided hubby as much as possible while looking for any
method physical or mental to change his behavior. Aside from marriage
counseling and therapy I discarded ideas involving salt peter and giving him
depo-provera shots (in the guise of B-12 injections; I even toyed with the idea
of chastity belts – highly impractical. I was watching television show one
evening where a stage hypnotist was causing all sorts of normal looking people
to do some pretty bizarre things and thought, `why not?'

A canvas of local professionals who perform hypnosis didn't indicate any likely
assistance so it was a trip the information highway and the worldwide web. A
series of chat rooms and searches finally led me to Ms. Linda's site. First
blush it looked pretty bizarre, but several things kept me coming back to
consider her. First she had a therapeutic site as well as an adult site.
Secondly, she's certified – important in my field of endeavor. In running her
adult and therapeutic sites she's probably seen it and heard it all. Also, she
came highly recommended by numerous people I had met in chat. Finally, she and
her group just `felt right' – like a match or someone you want to work with.

My theory was simple. Looking at these horrid pictures and vids aroused hubby
so he masturbated. Take away the reward and the desire/motivation goes away.
The problem is getting hubby onboard to his sexual demise. First things first,
one evening last May after half a bottle of wine I ordered three CD's – Trance
Training (CD-1),
Acceptance (CD-16), and Soft (CD-25). The $150 cost was less than two sessions
with a counselor and certainly less than attorney fees. Shipping and delivery
were prompt and efficient. I had he CD's by Friday, June 6th.

Starting Phase One was easier than expected. Saturday afternoon I downloaded
CD-1 onto his MP3 player and gave it to him telling him that there was a
relaxation file on it he might like to try. Surprisingly I managed to keep my
face composed and he seemed enthusiastic to try the file. His first try was a
little disappointing for me. He didn't seem to go into trance (I now suspect I
was incorrect and he was going into a light trance), but I encouraged him to
continue trying since all the literature indicates that trance is somewhat of a
`learned response'.

By his fourth or fifth session he was showing positive effects of trance. Total
relaxation and attention so focused inward, I could venture into the room
humming and not elicit any reaction to my presence. By his eighth session he
was going under after the first minute. I assumed that the trance trigger was
now firmly implanted. Following advice on the website and from this group, I
kept him on CD-1 for another 3 weeks. There were several positive benefits too.
Hubby seemed elated with his new-found toy. He was in a better mood, more
relaxed, more energy, and he required less sleep than before. Phase One was
definitely moving toward success.

During these weeks I previewed the body of the Acceptance CD (CD-16) without the induction. Even without the induction, Linda's voice was compelling as she
draws the subject along the path of parting with their memories. I found myself
wanting to comply almost needing to. A most diabolical recording. I toyed with
the idea of using GoldWave (no endorsement) or other editor to merge a few
minutes of CD-1 into the beginning of Acceptance, but later discarded the
notion. Easier to be honest.

I introduced hubby to the Acceptance CD July 4th weekend – well, Sunday the 6th
to be specific. I had replaced the copy of Trance Training on him MP3 player
and told him that this new file would help him to relax and forget his worries
even more than the first file. Hubby seemed as he stretched out in his recliner
to listen t the new file and due to his prior conditioning was soon deep in

After listening to the 62+ minute Acceptance file, hubby awakened and seemed a
little disoriented. When I quizzed him if he was okay, he looked kind of vacant
for a few seconds before replying that he was fine. I certainly didn't expect
this file to cause anything like this reaction with only one listening, but it
certainly exerted and interesting effect.

In keeping with my plan worked out on advice distilled from friends, I had hubby
listen to this recording for almost a month; the effects becoming more profound
and long lasting with each session. By the end of the fourth week, hubby was
disoriented and vacant for nearly thirty-minutes after each session. I'd also
done some extra review on this particular file and had begun sitting with him
during this time. Any suggestion I'd make seemed to be taken to heart. For
instance the Saturday morning suggestion of `lunch out and shopping' had hubby
happily grabbing a shower and getting ready for lunch out and shopping. What
impressed me more than his malleability was the fact that he seemed to have no
recollection that it was my suggestion at all. I was almost ready to declare
the experiment a success at this point until I scanned through my memories of
his stash of nasty pictures and vids…

By August 6th, phase two was complete. Hubby was quickly falling deep into
trance using the regular induction and had been reprogrammed to consciously
forget upon Linda's command. All that remained was to switch the Acceptance
files on his MP3 player with the Soft files. This proved to be fairly simple.
Hubby's player was an older model that used an SD memory card. It didn't take
much effort to replace one card with another. It also allowed me to retain a
card the Acceptance files so that, periodically, I could switch them back to
reinforce that conditioning.

Phase 3 of my scheme kicked off on Friday, August 8 when I pulled that switch
for the first time. Upon arriving home, hubby sat down in his recliner and
started up the player. I crossed my fingers hoping against hope that nothing
would go wrong and that he was well enough conditioned to accept all of the
suggestions on the file. Also that he wouldn't notice the difference in length
since the Soft files run just under 56 minutes compared to the 62+ of the
Acceptance set.

As it turns out my fears were unfounded. Hubby awakened as usual bright and
feeling great, but without the after effects of Acceptance. He seemed not to
remember a thing about the new programming he was receiving. One thing I noted
was that during his trance, he was mumbling many responses to the material
running through his player. He'd also done this with Acceptance, but more so
with Soft. I guess I paid more attention to this reaction than the other since
this was the crux of my plan.

Before relating news on the success of the training, I should mention that his
mumbling became more coherent with subsequent listening until by week 3 they
were clearly audible. They were several `yeses', two or three ` soft and
girly's' a `I want to be fucked', and at about the 51 minute mark a `by being
fucked in the ass' exclamation. Obviously Linda was programming him for a new
sex role - one that he might not fully enjoy…

During that same three-week period, hubby became increasingly withdrawn. He
seemed slightly troubled – not surprising considering that his programming was
robbing him of the ability to function as a man. His internet surfing dropped
by 80% by the end of week 2 and to zero by the end of week 3. After the first
week when he listened to Soft at least seven times, I put him on a program of
listening to Soft Sunday through Friday and Acceptance on Saturdays. (He
currently listens to Soft Monday through Friday and Acceptance on the weekends.)

At this point I had declared the program a success. Hubby wasn't surfing the
porn sites, and Saturdays usually found us doing things together thanks to
Acceptance. I was rather happy with the results at this point, though hubby
continued to be slightly withdrawn as he battled with his induced impotence.

Since he hadn't come forward to discuss what was troubling him and I wasn't
completely sure that the file had completely induced total impotence, I decided
to try a little test on Saturday, September 13th. I nabbed a sample pack of
Cialis the day before. (Part of the benefits of working in a physicians' office
is that there are lots of sample medications floating around.) Next morning
after hubby's session with Acceptance I gave him one of the Cialis pills to take
– easy enough and then suggested he might enjoy playing around with a little
bondage. (Yes, we had experimented with bondage early in our marriage to please
hubby, but frankly, I never got into the bound princess and randy knight
scenario. Now I shudder to think what might have happened back then knowing
hubby's perverted interests. Anyway, I still had the equipment squirreled away
in the closet – leather wrist and ankle cuffs, pad locks, 4 medium weigh chains
that attach to holes in the bed frame and a ball gag.)

Within a few minutes he was stripped, bound spread-eagle and gagged. I took my
time getting ready since I wanted the Cialis to take full effect and I wanted
him fully aware of what was happening to him. Dressing in the bathroom I took a
minute to check myself out in the mirror. Even though I'm forty-something I am
still trim with a slightly athletic build – small breasts, trim waist, and nice
legs – not drop-dead-gorgeous but not bad either.

Forty minutes later I entered the bedroom wearing one of his old dress shirts
and a pair of panties. Hubby was checking out his predicament, testing his
bonds and mouthing around his gag to release him. I had never been in quite
this position before. Looking down at my helpless hubby sent an almost
electrical thrill through my body straight to my vagina. (Might I actually be a
closet Domme?)

"My, my, my, what have you gotten yourself into there, Lover? Looks like
you're in a bit of a jam…" as I fingered the chain leading to his right wrist.
"Are you enjoying yourself?" Headshake and glare… "Well, I'm certainly going
to enjoy myself." With that I reached into my nightstand drawer and pulled out
my faithful vibe. I'd already put fresh batteries in so I knew it would be
ready this morning.

Flicking it on I ran it up each of his inner thighs almost touching his testicle
sack before finally taking it and applying it to his flaccid penis. The result
was quite dramatic – not. Even with the Cialis in his bloodstream he couldn't
achieve an erection. His penis would begin to engorge and each time his body
would go tense and he'd lose his fledgling erection. A couple of times I
pretended to slip and the vibe would slip near his sphincter. When that
happened he'd groan around his gag and squirm back and forth partly trying to
get away and partly trying to get closer – Hmmm.

Stealing a peek at his face it was scarlet and his eyes were squeezed shut.
"Why are you having trouble, Dear? Not enjoying this?" "So as not to be a
total loss," I climbed astride his chest and wiping the vibe off with an alcohol
wipe I applied it to myself making sure he got a birds eye view of my pleasure.
More than a half hour later I was rolling off his chest, dressing, unlocking his
left wrist, and pressing the key into his hand with instructions to tidy up and
put his playthings away. I knew he was horny, but he had no way of releasing
himself – at least no way he was willing to use… I had had a wonderful time
and he had zilch!

I was downstairs reading through a medical journal when he came and sat down
across from me and blurted out, "I've been having that trouble for almost three
weeks. What's wrong with me?" (He didn't even mention how he'd come to be
bound hand and foot. Did he remember it to be his idea?)

I put on my second best professional smile and assured him that many men went
through temporary bouts with erectile dysfunction. I also lied to him and said
it would probably clear up when whatever was troubling him had passed. I was
secretly elated that he was completely impotent and unlikely to recover. After
our session that morning I also had begun planning another phase that I hadn't
even realized was on the horizon.

The bondage session coupled with his discomfiture kept buzzing around in my
brain arousing and tempting me to take another session with the vibe. Instead
while hubby was taking a nap, I was on my laptop ordering a dildo harness and
three different sized dildoes. The next week found me wondering when they'd

The next Saturday I was on my period, but I put his Acceptance session to good
use. In his post wakeup state I suggested to him how humiliating it is to be
impotent and how he mustn't talk about it to anyone but me. He seemed to absorb
these statements like a sponge.

By the next Saturday (September 27th) I had recovered from my monthly visit and
my toys had arrived. I felt like a schoolgirl at Christmas as I tore open the
package and examine the contents. I had ordered a g-string style leather
harness that was completely adjustable fitting nice and tight around the waist
and through the crotch. This particular model had a vibrator that attached to
the crotch strap to provide the wearer with a more enjoyable experience. The
battery pack for this unit clipped to the waist and had a thumbwheel for turning
on/off and adjusting the intensity.

The dildoes were even more interesting than their descriptions and pictures
indicated. The smallest one was hot pink silicon rubber. The shaft was a
little over 5 inches long, just under an inch in diameter topped with a very
realistic looking head that was about 1 ¼ inches in diameter. It also had
realistic `veins' running along the length of the shaft for a more intense feel.
The next one was bright red. The shaft was 6 inches in length with a diameter
of 1 ¼ inches and a head over 1 ½ inches in diameter. The veins were equally
more prominent. The largest one was black. Six and one-half inches in length
with a shaft that was over 1 ½ inches in diameter and a whopping head that was a
full two inches in diameter. The veins for this monster were even more
prominent than the middle sized one.

I immediately dubbed the small one `Anna Johnson', the medium one `Betty
Johnson', and the large one `Hannah Johnson'. It gives me perverse pleasure to
affix female names and attributes to such obviously phallic devices. I almost
couldn't wait the 2 days until Saturday to try one out.

Ten o'clock Saturday morning found hubby just waking from his acceptance
session. By 10:15 AM he was bound to the bed spread prone this time. I had
pulled his flaccid penis straight down and placed in on a towel in case of an
`accident' later on. Then I readied myself with a couple of glasses of wine
while dressing for a session to remember. First came the harness with Anna
jutting obscenely out the front and my vibe mounted to the crotch strap. I was
already so aroused I didn't even need any lube for the vibe.

Next came a pair of panties. Anna was just flexible enough that she would bend
up and allow the panties to cover her. A bathrobe hid the arrangement. I
wanted what was about to transpire to remain a surprise as long as possible.
Eleven o'clock found me strutting into the bedroom sipping my glass of wine.

"Well, well, well…what have we here?" I began massaging his back and rubbing
his legs. Couple of swats landed on his backside focused his attention and
punctuated his state of helplessness. Damn I was aroused and I hadn't even
turned the vibe on yet.

Finally I leaned over hubby and whispered in his ear, "Sweetheart, there's
someone here I want you to meet." With that I opened my robe and shucked down
my panties – kicking them toward the corner. Anna, of course, responded by
flopping out and swaying with each movement. The look on hubby's face was
priceless – a look of fear, disgust, mixed with something else – desire,

He began tugging at his bonds in earnest and trying desperately to mouth
negatives around his gag. I stepped around behind him and climbed up on the bed
– his head whipping from side-to-side trying to see what was doing, but I wasn't
through teasing him yet. I reached behind and thumbed the vibe on to the lowest
setting. My knees almost buckled when it sprang to life buzzing directly
against my clit. I laid down on his back Anna pressing into his spine and
grabbed a handful of his hair pulled his head back and continued whispering
roughly into his ear, "You know, a real man would be trying to get his wife into
bed for a role in the hay, but that isn't going to happen is it? You know
what's about to happen don't you, Lover? I'm going to sodomize you. You see
Anna is sooo horny. She needs a nice tight boyhole to please her and,
unfortunately for you, you happen to be available.

Rolling off of him I opened my nightstand drawer and pulled out a tube personal
lube. Making sure hubby could see clearly I lubed Anna's head and only the
first inch of her shaft. In chit-chat fashion I told hubby that using more lube
would lessen the intimate friction and that Anna sooo loves intimate friction.
Then I applied a small dollop to his anus and poked it in which caused him quite
some confusion. It felt good, but he didn't want it, but it felt good, but he
didn't ant it… Conscious mind fighting subconscious programming and desires…

Once again climbing up on the bed, this time from behind, I knee walked up
between his spread thighs. "Just relax, dear, we don't want this to hurt
anymore than it already has too." Even in profile I could see the startled look
on his face as he realized that this might hurt more than just his manly ego.
After thumbing my vibe up a another notch I smiled as I prized his buns apart.
He definitely wasn't relaxing and was in for a rough time.

Until now he'd quit testing the cuffs and chains that held him, but resumed as I
began pressing Anna's head against his sphincter. Slowly and gently, so as not
to injure him, Anna's bulbous head began spreading the fleshy ring of muscle.
His hands clinched and unclenched and he began a series of nasal piggy-like
squeals that I found very apropos. These came to a crescendo as the thickest
part of her head slid into his rectum and finished with a grunt as his anus
tightened around the end of her shaft just behind the head.

Just as she entered, my own body spasmed in orgasm. My hips began their little
pleasure dance – bumping back and forth until before I knew it, Anna was buried
to the hilt in hubby's bottom and I was lying flat against him buffing my
nipples back and forth against his back. Almost before my first orgasm faded
the next one started building as I began pumping him in long slow strokes.
Pulling Anna nearly all the way out of him and then pressing her home. Judging
from his reactions hubby was finding this treatment humiliating and distressing.

Then my second orgasm hit and I started slamming her into him much to his
discomfort. I reached around and thumbed the vibe onto the highest setting.
Grabbing a handful of hair I roughly said to him, "You're such a princess, such
an anal princess!" Almost as if a light switch went on behind his eyes he began
trying to meet my thrusts and moaning around his gag. Continuing with my
teasing I taunted him, "That's it! Moan like a whore, you bitch!"

I was just before my third orgasm (the first triple play in many a year) when I
felt his body tense and his back arch. He was grunting gutturally and, I assume
his own orgasm was washing over him. Mine, became less intense as I focused on
his, but still pleasant just the same.

Finally, exhausted, I rolled off him and thumbed my vibe to off. It was then I
noticed a tablespoon size puddle of cum lying at the tip of his still flaccid
penis. Had he had an errectionless emission or had Anna buffed his prostate
sufficiently to milk it. (To this day he can't say which is the case.)

That was almost 2 years ago and hubby is still getting a visit from his
girlfriend. It was a shame that Anna had to move away after just a few months.
Of course before she left she did introduce hubby to her big sister, Betty…

Hugs All,

Sun Sep 26, 2010 9:55 am

Posted on the HypnoticWishes Yahoo Group

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