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Yes, I do love it!

I received Mind Mistress's Trance Training CD yesterday and listened to it. It is really good. There's too much on it to describe. I highly recommend it.

sissy vicky <sissyvicky@yahoo.com>
CA USA - Monday, October 01, 2001 at 19:27:01 (C

I'm writing to offer my thoughts on a couple of cd's sent to me by MM.

"Trance Training," for those who haven't heard it, is a solid, well-produced recording. No surprises inside for anyone who's already had a phone session, just a typical but skillful induction. She uses much guided visualization, and her patter has a slightly imperious quality I liked. Supposedly one can achieve a fairly deep state of trance with a recording alone--a lot of popular hypno-domme websites are essentially just cd outlets--and some here may want to use this as an alternative to the more costly personal work. I'd say, split the difference: get this cd and listen to it often enough before buying a session, to save her some of the initial effort of helping you reach a good level of trance. Then, any sessions you do have can begin addressing your other goals more quickly.

The second cd may or may not be made available here, depending on demand. Originally produced for a femme sub client, it consists of a brief induction followed by eleven tracks of "mantras": short statements, one or two per track, repeated again and again for a minute or so each. The subject matter is obedience, slut training, smoking fetish, etc. Again, it's well-done and erotic, for female or feminized subjects. It might best be used as daily subliminal sleep training for those who want to try it.

I understand more cd's may be on the way, with routines for reinforcing the transformations done by phone or online--which are still the main point of this website. As an adjunct to actual session work, these two are a very good start.

rick - Friday, December 28, 2001 at 16:21:56 (CST)

What a great Website. I love the Fingernail picture & the stories. I listened to MM's sample tape & I know from the sound of her powerful voice how good she is at this.

NY, NY USA - Sunday, December 30, 2001 at 23:43:27 (CST)

I don't know where to start... please bear with me since I am feeling SO compelled to write this and don't know why. I am a 38 y/o, 5'3" petite male (I'd probably look pretty cute as a female...lol). I have always been a heterosexual male with a very intense sexual attraction to the female body.

I ran across MM's site sometime last May while I was looking for some trance music mp3's. I was very intrigued by it as I surfed through. I found it highly erotic and noticed myself being hooked into and compelled to soak up everything on it while I was trying to figure out what it was about. Then, I read Jessica's and Adam's stories. I thought the warnings were a cute trick/joke/hook to keep the reader interested, after all I had stumbled across this site with no intentions of turning TG or anything, but I did find Adam's story to be quite erotic and highly entertaining. I played along with it and read it a couple of times following the instructions given at the end of part 7 and all along thinking it to be a joke and funny. I took the gender test and each time it graded me greater than 86% woman. I even made the mistake of checking out the cock-slut training page. At first I was repulsed by it, but soon started noticing that I liked it.

Well, after about a month, it hit me and I realized I had been trapped into something much more powerful than me. Not being able to figure out what was going on, I found myself feminizing more and more. I began having an insatiable compulsion to shemales, TG story caption pics, having at least CC or DD breasts, and wearing panties, pantyhose, woman's sleepwear and lingerie. Before I knew it, I was shaving my legs, growing my hair, wearing press on nails and taking a regimine of herbal estrogens and using progesterone creams. This was all happening with NO SESSIONS and just through the hypnotic conditioning of MM's site. I began hanging out in the chat room and trying to sort through my confusion. The hypnotic fantasy of a Fempire/and my Inner Woman being released to take total and absolute control of my male persona despite his resistance was overbearing. I contacted MM and although I had no sessions, she told me to begin calling myself sharlene.

All along my male persona has been resisting and telling me that there's no way this could ever be real although it's a nice fantasy. Trapped into becoming female??... yeah, right... I had a few sessions with another HypnoMistress I met online and she released my Inner Woman. All along I wanted to prepare for sessions with MM. I seem to be a pretty difficult hypnosis subject. It didn't feel like anything really was really changing in me, but I began noticing my Inner Woman talking to me and starting to take full control. And then my attraction to Fempires and shemales skyrocketed. Around October I got scared after a session in which I was led to have sex as a woman with a man. I dropped everything and attempted to go on about my male life.

In November I began slowly coming around again and decided to "see" if I could really be hypnotised. I ordered the Trance Training Cd's. I told myself that they were relaxing and didn't really put me in trance or condition my subconcsious. I am beginning to feel that I am, indeed trapped now and it is back full force, more powerfully than ever. I only feel comfortable in woman's undergarments and I have even began eating my own cum. What is happening?? I am still extremely attracted to woman's bodies sexually, but now I want my body to be a woman's body. I try to tell myself this is not happening and I even have a girlfriend that looks like it may develop into a meaningful committed relationship. What then?? Maybe I can bring her to MM, tell her MM is one of my online friends and not tell her about what is actually happening. Then MM could maybe take control of her subconscious without her even knowing it and turn her into my lesbian Mistress or something like that??... I dunno... I'm so confused...

BEWARE of this site. Be forewarned... I want to stop, I can't stop, I can't be trapped so intensely, what is happening?? I need to have some sessions with MM to help me figure this out.

Please HELP! Any input or advise you can give me will be greatly appreciated. Please email me at:


sharlene <sharlene_fem@yahoo.com>
- Saturday, January 11, 2003 at 17:12:53 (CST)

Thought i'd post a progress report

i received the Trance Training CD earlier this week, and have listened to it at least once daily, about 5-6 times total. it's hard to find the private time to do it, but i've already noticed some real changes

  1. even after the first time i used it, i notice increased energy. i used to have trememdous trouble getting out of bed in the morning, now i awake very refreshed and ready to go. i've been more productive at work as well.
  2. the part of the CD where my arm is light and rises up in the air was initially a rough spot. i raised my arm up, but it did not FEEL particularly different, i was just doing it as part of the program. but last night, when i made a small movement to raise my arm, really nothing more than a twitch, it just floated up all the way, almost over my head, nice and slow, like it was attached to a helium balloon. i was AMAZED !!
  3. i had a real climax during one of the times, it was just amazing, not a fast release like a male ejaculation, but a long, slow, building thing that must be what a female orgasm feels like -- an in a related topic, i notice after each time i listen, i'm a little wet after, some pre-cum. even after the first time i listened.
  4. i really enjoy the feelings during and after i listen. i feel like on the verge of something really exciting.

Thank You, MM, for helping me feel so wonderful...

sandy <sandy_winters@hotmail.com>
New Haven, CT - Monday, January 20, 2003 at 12:10:18 (CST)

This Review also refers to CD 2

Thank you Mistress

The first CD open my mind to new levels. I am more at peace with myself and I have more energy. I have never experience suchgreat deams when I sleep. I am now into day three of the second CD. I all I want to do is please you my mistress. Please guide me and mold me into the person you see in me.

- Tuesday, March 04, 2003 at 19:11:27 (CST)

This Review also refers to CD 2

OH! Most Powerfull & Amazing Mistress Your cd's are WONDERFULL. They deliver exactly what they are advertised to deliver. I recieved the first, Trance Training, on February 24 and listened to it twice that day, once right after work and once before bed. It's effects were instantanious. I woke up at 5:00 am and was compelled to play it again. I am now addicted to trance! I listen to it at least once a day and have listened to it as many as 3 times a day. On February 26, Subconsciouness was delivered. I tryed to wait until the weekend before listening to it, but, after listening to trance training that night, I had to hear it. That night I could hear your lovely voice in my mind repeating and repeating "you obey". Since then I have been alternating Trance Train and Subcon. On thursday I had a tooth pulled (a root canal gone bad) and had taken Friday off. So on Friday i listened to both 3 times each. A bit overboard but I couldn't stop. That night I was beside myself, your voice running through my head and images of myself as a slave girl. i thought i'd never get to sleep. I cooled off listening on Sat & Sun i thought I'll never get to work in this condition. Monday morning I listened to Sb con before going to work and the first half day was fairly uneventfull (your voice & the images are constant in my mind) but at about 2:30 PM (of course i don't know what triggered it) I couldn't stop looking, almost to the point of staring at the women who work around me. NOt looking at them as i used to but comparing hair styles, jewlery, clothing things like that. The more I looked the more excited i got. Finally i went to the computers to try and focus on something else. You guessed it two women took the work stations on either side of me. I can't even tell you what they were talking about but i continued to get more excited to the point of shaking. i finally found refuge in the mensroom i didn't choke my chicken, maybe i should have. Instead i was playing with my breast and nipples? I expect your ellegance cd shortly and i know it will put me over the edge but i can't stop it because i am your obedient slave girl cynthia

cynthia <Pongomutt@NOSPAMcs.com>
greensburg , pennsylvania u s a - Thursday, March 06, 2003 at 00:36:21 (CST)

This Review also refers to CD 2

Ohhhhhhhhhhh dear here i am again. i had listened to the first two cds of Mistress's and had only three sessions. The sessions were wonderful and completely did away with the troubles i kept giving myself. i felt fine and free and thanked Her with all my heart. Time passed and suddenly without warning the desires to submit to Mistress became nearly overwhelming. We had a casual chat but nothing i could see very deep. Could i have been wrong? After all i am a woman with a husband it can't be me panting like a bitch in heat for just a word from Mistress. But it is! All the desires and needs that were from Her words are filling me. And i am begging for Her attention. She has taken away all my control and not allowed me to cum until She says..... And ohhhhhhhhh i have tried.... over and over and i can feel Her pulling me back from the edge and laughing. Oh it is true be careful what you wish for because She will fufill all your deepest wishes.

And now what i wish with all my heart is that Mistress will play with Her dolly again


Ontario Canada - Saturday, June 28, 2003 at 20:53:22 (CDT)

I have purchased your trance cd and I dont feel I am being hypnotized. is there some kind of trick that will relax me more so I do? I read your stories and would really love to experience something my self. I am holding off right now on buying a second CD until I know this one is working. How do I know.

By the way i like the milking cow story. I can realy relate to how ash, i mean ashley feels. I have always felt the need to be a girl just havent had the nerve to explore it. I am even nervous to explore in my own house and i live alone. i always afraid someone is going to see me or find out and then no one will want to be with me. Well i guess i am saying I was hoping the Trance CD would start something in the right direction.

Any suggestion?

Randy (Randy can be a girl name to cant it?)

Randy <callisr@aol.com>
Evansville, IN US - Monday, November 24, 2003 at 23:52:26 (EST)

I recently recieved the Trance Training CD and was very dissapointed. First I tried to play it in my computer, with headphones attached. Winamp refused to load the CD. Windows Media Player loaded, but froze after 3 minutes. Real Player had the same problem. As much as I tried, none of the programs on the computer could read the CD.

I then moved on to audio CD players. The main house player would not even load the CD, similar to Winamp. It would spin-up the CD and then let it wind down, then spin it up again. I thought "OK, this CD player has given me trouble before, and perhaps my computer is just being stupid. However, after trying EVERY CD player in the house, and several from friends houses, I had to give up. The furthest the CD got was 11 minutes into the track before freezing up.

Having no clue as to whom to email about this problem, I decided to post it here in the guest book, especially since Mind Mistress looks through the entries before they make it into the book, and she would hopefully know what to do. Best case scenario is that Mind Mistress sends me a new copy of the CD. I will post again with the results of this post.


P.S. Mistress: I am very optimistic about the CD, and hope that we can work things out.

Thanda <lordthanda@aol.com>
Saline, MI USA - Monday, April 05, 2004 at 21:28:22 (EDT)

Within one day of my earlier post, I recieved an email from both Mind Mistress and Mistress Kathleen. They were both kind and helpful with my problem, unlike other places that have demanded payment for a second CD. My new copy is in the mail, and I can not wait to listen to it.


Thanda <Lordthanda@aol.com>
saline, MI USA - Tuesday, April 06, 2004 at 17:05:15 (EDT)

Trance Training was the second CD I listened to , but really I should have got it first. The effects were so immediate and the feelings it gave from being in trance were so relaxing and so wonderful. The rising and falling tones with the double echoes of Mistress s Voice distracted me and compelled me to focus on Her words. . Soon I was doing as She wanted, with each level taking me deeper and deeper. Then the hypnotic cloud came to cover me and I was just gone. Completely gone., The final climax filled me with deep sensual pleasure and an lovely tingling feeling on my skin. Truly wonderful

Now I find the CD compelling and play it again and again, Sometimes I feel aware all the way through ,but now and again I just awaken at the end feeling light headed and so happy.. I think this is when it most powerful. It's certainly a turn on to know you have been made to be completely unaware...If I have time, I play it before listening to Mistress's other CD's and skip the second induction. For me this makes the second CD much more powerful

Sarah 9/25/2004 4:22 PM


I just purchased/recieved your CD entitled "Trance Training." I got it the first of this week and finally had an opportunity to listen to it yesterday and I am impressed! I didn't think I could be hypnotized, but your CD proved me wrong! I had tried some files from "Warp My Mind" but those didn't have an affect on me. I am going to train with this CD for a while and plan to get more!! You truly are a "Mind Mistress" in my mind! Thanks so much!


Josh <Dallas_JR_85@NOSPAMhotmail.com>
- Tuesday, October 05, 2004 at 11:16:31 (EDT)

This review also refers to CD 5

Dear Mind Mistress,

Just a note to thank you for your two wonderful CD's Trance Training and Gemini. I admit to being very nervous at the first and so initialy purchased Trance Training.

I found it to be very relaxing, gentle, and interesting. After listening steadily for a few weeks I contacted you by e-mail as to what was appropriate next. In your response you suggested to choose from Elegance, Gemini, or Youth. My choice was Gemini for a beginner like me. Again it has been a very pleasant experience and Gemini also has allowed me to understand a hidden part of my personality. Very revealing! After several more weeks of listening to both CD's the next order was placed for sub-consciousness and Elegance. They just arrived and the next phase of listening will begin. I am quite sure that a new experience lies ahead shortly. In closing, I have had a lot of self guilt about even the minimal crossdressing I have done in the past. After Gemini, the guilt is gone and acceptance of myself as I am is now comfortable. Thank You for what you have done for me. It is true, this site has therapy value as well as the erotic. Each will receive what they wish for from Mind Mistress.


Marney / Richard <anonymous@hw.com>
- Thursday, October 14, 2004 at 22:17:58 (EDT)

This review also refers to CD 3 and CD 4

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about myself, my husband, and our experiences with Ms. Linda's hypnosis CD's. Jack and I have been married for a little over five years now and we dated for three years before that (meeting in college). One of the things that I really attracted me to him was that he was deliciously submissive. (I'm a switch, but I'm dominant more than 80% of the time.)

I enjoy most aspects of female domination though, alas, I have never been much into forced crossdressing or forced feminization - interests that have become increasingly important to Jack. I've tried to accommodate him since I want to keep him happy AND interested in the things I like - domestic discipline, strapon training and complete pampering of moi. But, I could never get into forcing someone to something they secretly (or not so secretly) wanted to do anyway. I was so very pleased when I found this site. Finally, a method of giving him what he wanted with a minimum of effort on my part.

I ordered Trance Training, Elegance, and Male Charm and received them the first of September. After consulting Ms. Linda, I copied Trance Training onto a nondescript CD and gave it to Hubby. (I did tell him it was a hypnosis CD and hinted that it could lead to more interesting experiences.) Jack listened to it everyday for more than three weeks. The first few times he didn't trance so nothing on it was a surprise once he did. Once Jack tranced he began to do so more and more quickly.

After three weeks (and in consultation with Ms. Linda again), I copied Elegance onto a nondescript CD and switched it with Trance Training since Jack had been well conditioned with the trance trigger. Jack must be a fairly good subject, because he hasn't realized that he's listening to a different (conditioning CD). It took about a week before there was any noticeable evidence of the training. I started using the trigger word in all our greetings and he began getting really funny looks on his face.

Then a couple of weeks ago he had had an issue at the perfume counter in a store where we were shopping. Last weekend I took him back and spritzed some perfume on his wrists (under the auspices that I was already wearing perfume and I needed to know how it smelled on someone before buying). I thought he was going to cream on the spot! I bought two bottles - one for me and one for him. He couldn't stop sniffing his wrists the rest of the evening. Since then he's already started using a little blush and some neutral lipstick.

BTW, Jack isn't interested in the aspects of Male Charm and I'm not sure I'll ever use it. I got it primarily as a tool to coerce him into doing things I like. The thought of my made-up, panty-clad husband on his knees begging for an (unwanted) session with the paddle or the strapon to avoid me using Male Charm on him is very exciting to me.

I'll keep you posted on our antics and, later, have him err her update you once s/he's a little further along.



Amanda <amandahufnagel@yahoo.com>
- Sunday, October 17, 2004 at 16:07:33 (EDT)

I have 2 questions and several comments. I apsolutely love your site. I have been interested in hypnotism for years and have tried a hypnotist(a psychiatrist that advertised hypnosis) for smoking cessation which was a waste of money. I have tried other cd's and mp3 downloads and your Trance Training CD is the best by far. I am not sure I have tranced yet, but I am hopeful, (just received your CD recently). My question is when I concentrate on a voice (yours in this case) after a short while I feel a pain in my forehead, is this normal? I seem totally relaxed otherwise and nothing I do seems to help. My other question is at times I feel like I'm right on the verge of something then back to normal (feels like I falling away from a dizzying height) Is this feeling good? BTW I just read your FAQ page and I cant wait to try the imaging practice you mentioned. I also hope to do a phone session with you in the future.

Thank You,

Have a Tolerable Day,


Crystal <lgcrystal@yahoo.com>
Iowa USA - Thursday, December 09, 2004 at 04:34:30 (EST)

This review also refers to CD 2

My male side has been trying to resist lately because I'm scared about how close I'm getting to becoming an absolute cockslut, but even with out cuming to the site I haven't been able to get cocks out of my head. I hardly ever used to mastrubate, but since trance training my imagaintion has become so much more vivid and my willpower so much weaker, that no matter how hard I try to resist I end up playing with my sissy little clit every night, and no matter how hard I try to imagine something else, it always ends up with me totally giving in to a fantasy of having cocks stuffed in my ass and mouth, with me sucking like a total whore and everyone laughing and taunting me for what a slutty sissy I'm becoming.

I'm especailly taunted by my inner shemale self, who says it will be so much fun watching me become her. She knows I'll resist if she tries to push me to fast, so she's been slowly using my desire to change me step by step. She's been making me listen to the Slave Girl training CD lately, and I'm really starting to feel it's effects as I desire more and more to become Mistresses malleable slave girl and obey her. I only realised just how far it was going when I went and order the Cockslut training CD today. Now I'm really scared, because I can only imagine how much further that CD will corrupt me.

If somethings not done I'm afraid I'll be unable to stop thinking about cocks and how much I crave them. Please Mistress, I'm begging you to reverse the process! I'm sure if you order me to stop lusting after cock before the CD arrives I'll be able to break free. The only reason I ordered it is because part of me thinks that you want me to become a cocksucking sex toy, and so I should like a good little slave girl. But if you tell me I don't need to do that, then I'll be able to let go of these perverted desires. Please, just give the order Mistress.

kayleen <kayleen_shimeru@yahoo.com>
- Friday, April 29, 2005 at 22:28:00 (EDT)

This review also refers to CD 2, CD 3, and CD 5

Hello Hello,

Other then knowing that I am addicted to this site, what mistress has done for me is she has brought me to a place of peace inside.

I have 4 cds Trance training, Subconscious, Elegance, Gemini I listen to them as the urge provides. There are times I may go a week, there are times I need to listen to one every day. They provide relaxation and yes escape to the other world.

I used to be fearful of the effects, but life has not zoomed out of control. They are just part of life now, much as frequenting this site is. Maybe someday I will get the nerve to do a session maybe it will never happen.

What was inside has been brought to my consciousness, the best part is that I can now accept my own self and not give a hoot what anyone else thinks. That in and of itself, noone before mistress has been able to bring me to.

So Thank You Linda for what you have done for me.


Marney <anonymous@hw.com>
NY - Monday, September 19, 2005 at 20:43:36 (EDT)

This review also refers to CD 3

Hello, Mistress Alice ,

I just wanted to let you know that I received my first order (CD1 & CD3) yesterday. I listened to CD1 twice before supper and then listened to both CDs together afterwards. I enjoyed them but they didn’t seem to be doing much (although CD3 did give me some ideas but not compulsions). I know you are thinking, I have to give them some more time and repetitions. Well, this is NOT a complaint.

I listened to CD1 again this morning when I got up and, again, it didn’t seem to do much except that my mind started wandering. But later, I listened to it again (lieing down instead of sitting this time) and WOW… It was much better. I got light-headed and a tingly feeling all over my body. Waves of pleasure as the CD said I would feel. I think this is finally starting to work as it’s supposed to. You can be sure that I will be listening again tonight and at least twice tomorrow. I think I may add a listen to tracks 1, 2, & 4 of CD3 as well. Once those seem to be having the proper effect, I’ll listen to the whole thing again. Eventually, I’ll drop track 2, as suggested in the description on the site (with occasional listenings to refresh the training).

On another note, I’ve been taking 2 tsp of the Girl Juice twice a day for the last couple of days (since Wednesday evening) and I’m not sure if it’s having an affect or not. I do notice that my thoughts are changing a little: now when I see a picture of a nude woman, my first thought is “I wish I had a body like that” instead of “I’d love to f**k that body”. That may be an effect of the hormones or it may be a psychological effect of my resolve to do all this. We’ll see. I know it’s too early to see much if any physical effects.

Thank you so much for these wonderful CDs. I can see that they could (and probably will) change my life for the better.

Saturday, October 25, 2008, 8:14 PM

Dear Mind Mistress,
I have recently purchased CD01 - Trance Training in preparation for using some of the later CDs.
I had never undergone hypnosis before, and I wasn't sure what to expect.  The first time I listened to the CD, I seemed to go into trance fairly quickly - I'd say within the first 5 or 10 minutes (it was a little tough to judge the passage of time accurately during trance).
I remained fully conscious and aware for the entire CD, and I did not experience the amnesia afterward that you say many people have - I remember everything that you said on the CD.
I did notice something interesting maybe 20 minutes into the CD - I started experiencing Rapid Eye Movement (REM), like a person has while dreaming.  The movement of my eyes was definitely involuntary and beyond my control.  I could feel it happening, though.
Has anyone else reported experiencing REM under trance with you?  If people often have amnesia, I suppose they might have REM and not remember...
I just started using the CD.  I am looking forward to using it regularly for several weeks or perhaps a couple of months - long enough that I feel your trance triggers are well planted in my mind so that I can move onto using the later CDs I have purchased.
I have Elegance (CD03) and Vixen (CD10) - I have always had a fantasy to experince being a woman, so I hope Vixen is effective for me with repeated use.  I don't know how much my female self will take over, but that is a risk I am willing to take!
Thank you.

17 June 2010

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