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CD 17 - Spy Baby

Reviews: - 2005 - 2008

CD17 Description

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Comments about the Spy Baby CD

I've been listening to the cd now for about 2 months. I'm wetting in my diaper almost without thinking, to the point where I almost have to wear diapers full time just to keep from wetting myself in public.

I listen to it over and over and look forward each time I have some peace and quiot and can put the headphones on and just relax, drifting back and realizing how much of a baby girl I am becoming each and everyday.

I highly recommend this CD to anyone who is the slightest bit curious about exploring thier femine side as well as thier baby side.

Thanks Mind Mistress so much for this CD. I can't wait for Spy Baby II to come out. I check your website everyday just to see if today will be the day.

Baby Amy <anonymous@hw.com>
Riverside, CA USA - Friday, June 17, 2005 at 20:11:47 (EDT)

Hi I been having the spy baby cd for a while and finially have a chance to use it soon. I was wondering if using it only a few times on the weekends say 3 or 4 times per weekend would be safe for just temporary lost of control? I have tryed those free warpmymind files in the past and they never worked but i did feel like i tranced for them.

What I am looking for is when I am home and diapered that I have no bladder control just like a baby, because when im diapered I am in baby mode. But when I not diapered then I have all my control like a normal adult. I am a closet AB so I really want to keep my diaper wearing and being a baby to myself.

So I am looking for guidance for using spybaby so that it is as affective as possible but will not be permement.

Hello Sam,

Effects are cumulative, so if you feel the effects getting too strong, cut back on your listening and the effects should slowly fade.
Also, suggestions only work if you accept them. You can accept them for the times when you are diapered, and not for other times.

Mind Mistress
Thanks for the help. I think I am getting some progress with the file. When I am listening it always feels like I am wetting and when I do finish the file I am slightly wet. I used to think it was sweat from the inside of the diaper being so hot but one time I actually had one full wetting in my diaper, so I knew that wasnt sweat. I changed the way I was going to listen from just on weekends to almost daily. I plan to listen daily until I start getting consistant results and then back off alittle.

Saturday, July 12, 2008, 4:05 AM

This is too good, I just got the cd thismorning and have waited all day to listern. I am an easy subject, but still that was amasing I haven't lost complete control but I can't stop drinking. 4ltr of cola and I'm happy sitting soaked. Everything was so vivid, the first time I've been really able to step inside a character. Really want the next chapter even if I've got to do it over the phone.
22 November 2008

Dear Mistress,
I write this in regard to CD 7 Youth. Firstly this was the first of several CDs where I actually went into a trance and could recall my past lives. It would appear that at one time in the 1860's I was a baby born to a slum girl who was either raped, or sold her body for money. I only lived for 4 days in this life but I was able to recall it.
 Anyway you're probably more interested in the girls I was in past lives. The first one was in the 18th centuary where my name was Jane, and I was about 14 at the time of recollection, my mother was teaching me how to crotchet but I had other things on my mind at the time ;). In my second second incarnation around about 1876 I was called Rebecca, I can't seem to remember much about been her though.
 The Third life as a teenage girl was the one immediately before the life I live now, in this life my name was Samantha, and I was an advert feminist. On that note: I understand now why I've always had such an innate aversion to speeding. As I said, when I lived as Samantha I was a feminist, but rather than protesting I would show off showing how girls could be just like guys. At age 16 I made the mistake of speeding around in a car showing how girls could race around just like guys. That all ended in a terrible crash in which my life as Samantha ended, only to be born later in my current life.
 Oh yes about breast growth, well been 3 buxom lasses in previous incarnations makes way for.....
     Thanks again Mistress, I wonder which CD to use next.
                     regards, Anna.

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