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CD 8 - Freedom

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CD8 Description

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I love the idea about a CD for turning straight guys into gay guys. I have been on this website for at least a year and love it. I now smoke almost a pack a week. I also have a tremendous urge to suck a cock which I never did before. I was hesitant to order the other CDs because I was nervous abut getting too feminine. Although I love to wear soft panties, pantyhose, and boots. To become gay would be perfect for me because I would lose the interest I have in women, and have a stronger uncontrollable urge for men, especially in leather pants (yum!)


Tim <timlovescountry @ hotmail.com>
London, Ontario Canada - Friday, July 02, 2004 at 22:54:58 (EDT)


Freedom is a tool, like a pulley or a wrench, that is to be used to fix something. Your mind. For years, smoking has been demonized, like something evil and rotten, when in reality, this is just people skewing the truth to keep people away from the sublime pleasure that is smoking. This CD is something everyone should hear, to ameliorate themselves from the lies and taboos around smoking. It is nearly impossible to listen to this CD, and not wake up feeling glorious, refreshed, and totally in debt to Mind Mistress.

She makes it glaringly obvious to the listener that smoking is something, that like everything else in the world, has both good and bad points to. Except, the bad part of smoking, unlike what the media would have you believe, is not being able to smoke when you want to. The thing about it is, that when you do - bliss. Smoking is a cheap way to make people happy, you can't be bored, or sad, or tired, and light up a cigarette without feeling little better. Smoking helps you relax. It gives you time to reflect and time to enjoy for yourself. With smoking you can feel as cool as Steve McQueen, or a sexy as Lauren Bacall. Freedom is the key to happiness through smoking. It is a tool for the mind. A doorway to the self-realization that people will be better off as smoker s.

Kathleen 7/6/2005 2:32 PM slave2smoke


Smoking Addiction - Mike Michelle

Not using CD8, but this review fits better here than anywhere else

On 14/12/2009 2:27 PM, Mike wrote:

Hello Mind Mistress,

I recently found your site and was curious about smoking and how you turned many people into smokers. I have always been curious about smoking and recently tried it. I did not get why it was so good - an addictive pleasure. I was going to follow your start smoking instructions but do not have a schedule that allows me to smoke in those intervals. I am willing to try it again but need your recommendations. What brand should I buy? What is the best way to smoke? The brand I tried were Camels and they did not do it for me. My GF smokes these and really seems to enjoy them. I do want to try it again but only if I start to like it will I continue. Any advice would be appreciated.

It's best to start with ultra light cigarettes. I like the looks of Virginia Slims Myself, though I smoke a Canadian brand. Some find menthol easier as well. The best way to smoke is to have fun with it. Some like to do it while drinking. :)

On 14/12/2009 4:53 PM, Mike wrote:

Great - I will try the Virginia Slims and try to have fun with them. Maybe I will have a drink or two first and then light one up. So I should ask for Virginia Slims Ultra Lights Menthol? Is this right? Thanks so much!!!

On 17/12/2009 12:36 AM, Mike wrote:

Mind Mistress,

I finished my first pack today. I took your suggestion and bought the Virgina Slims 120's Menthol. The girl where I bought them showed me about 4 different types and I ended up getting VS 120 Menthol deluxe lights. I really liked them compared to the Camels I treid before. I am not addicted but may buy another pack. I got drunk two nights ago and that is when I liked them the best. I avergaed about 4-5 per day. Not what your start smoking info sugggests but it worked out pretty close to what you wanted. When will I become addicted? I want to have that urge like my GF has and does anything to get a cigarette...even leave me in a movie by myself. Just the pleasure she gets when she goes a long time without one and then finally has it. I want to know what that is like.......or maybe I do not. Any advice is welcome.. thanks

It takes time. Just let the habit grow, slowly adding more cigarettes each day. Your body needs to get used to always having nicotine, so you'll want to find more times to have cigarette breaks. You might set your watch to beep every hour, and have one every second hour. :)

On 28/12/2009 12:40 PM, Mike wrote:

Mind Mistress,

I am on my third pack since we first talked. I will set my watch and try to smoke one every other hour. I should be able to do this since it is slow at work and I will be able to sneak out more. I do crave to be controlled by a dominant smoking hypno mistress. I read through all the stories on your site and they really get me excited. I hope that you will be writing more. Please feel free to take control of me and my smoking. I will listen and do my best to follow all your instructions. I actually feel like having a VS 120 now just writing this email.

Thanks so much.

On 08/02/2010 9:18 AM, Mike wrote:

Mind Mistress,

It has been about one month since I have written to you on my smoking. I have been very good and have smoked a cigarette every other time my watch alarm has beeped. It beeps every hour. I actually get confused and almost want to have a cigarette every time it beeps - not every other time. I had no idea that smoking would be so controlling. I actually thought I was in control and tried to stop smoking. It did not last long because the beep from my watch has me programmed to smoke. I went out with a friend of mine over the weekend. Her name is Pamela and she is a real femme domme who smokes. She is one of the sexiest females I have ever spent time with. She smokes Kool 100's and also Newport 100's. I actually tried one of her Kools and was amazed at the difference verse the VS 120's I have been smoking. I liked the Kools better and have since smoked my own pack. Actually I have about 7 left . I am planning to buy another pack later today. Since you first put me on this program I have averaged about 8-9 cigarettes a day. I started to crave them more then I ever thought would happen. Smoking is sooo good! I am glad I tried it and listened to your advice. I feel like I have no control and that is a bit of a concern for me - I have always been in control. I am ready to go to the next level. Any further advice would be appreciated. I was thinking it would be nice to have a picture of a sexy female smoker from you. I know when I log into the chat room the girls all post pics to view. They are some of the best I have ever seen. I would like to print one and have with me when I can get some alone time. I think it would be neat to smoke while looking at one of them. If you have a pic or two I would love to know that they came from you and that I am smoking for you. One other thing I noticed is how lipstick on the filter turns me on. I actually keep a cigarete butt of Pamela's and am planning to smoke the rest of her cigarette real soon. Thanks and I hope these emails to you are not a bother.
Take care sweetie.

On 15/02/2010 12:41 PM, Mike wrote:

Mind Mistress:

I listened to your advice and did make the decision that after every hour my watch beeps to see if I wanted a cigarette. If I did decide then go ahead and smoke. When we started I was having a cigarette every other hour. You told me this early last week but I had to wait until this weekend because I was not able to do the hour thing during the week. I have had two days of smoking every hour. I choose to smoke after every beep. I know when I heard the beep I did not want to have to wait ANOTHER hour. I absolutely am beginning to love smoking. I do not like losing control but I am starting to feel like it is happening anyways.

The problem is that today I am limited and just hearing my watch beep every hour is killing me! I hear that beep and I have a craving. Would it be okay if I tossed my watch? The not being able to have a cigarette when I WANT is difficult. Any other suggestions? I want to behave and belong to you Mind Mistress. Please help me.

Your becoming addicted one.

PS -
1) If you would be so kind please, please send me a pic of any lady smoking. I have seen many from sites but would be honored to have you send me one. I want to see what you think is sexiest.
2) What accessories would help me with my smoking? I want to be a sexy smoker!!!

Keep the watch to remind yourself at least once an hour to check your cravings. But now, you can smoke any time you want.

On 15/02/2010 6:57 PM, Mike wrote:

Okay I will. Any chance of you sending me a pic. What about lipstick? I think that would look great on the filter. Thanks.
Bye Bye MM

On 04/07/2010 11:21 PM, Mike wrote:

Hi Mind Mistress~

It has been a while since I have written. If you recall I asked you a few question regarding smoking after I read your article on your site - How to Start Smoking. I followed the program as best I could and really never thought I got hooked. I kept smoking and said are cigarettes really addictive?

I then decided to quite after two months of smoking. I was able to get up to about 20-25 (very max) a day before I quit by following your guide. It has been about two weeks and I thought about having one but did not....until tonight when my very sexy neighbor handed me a lit cigarette to use to lite fireworks. She told my a lighter story and the flame caught the wick in the wrong place and one of her friends has a scar from it because whatever they were lighting blew up.

Anyways back to the lit cigarette (with lipstick stain on it) I was holding and using to lit fireworks. I decided to take a drag. It just looked so inviting and I have a think for woman who smoke and lipstick stained butts. Wow what a rush! It was one of the best drags I ever have taken. Jane smokes Kool 100's. Not sure why but I wanted to keep smoking all night. I am a closet smoker so this was only one puff. I ever faked a little cough but I wanted another drag so bad. I do think I am possibly hooked and am avoiding it. I want to go buy a pack tomorrow but have decided to sleep on it. Maybe I will get my neighbor Jane's butts - ha ha. Anyways what should I do from here. Happy 4th. Thanks.


On 06/07/2010 2:51 PM, Mike wrote:

Hello Mind Mistress~

I was not sure if you got my last email on my smoking journey. I actually took to your program but was not able to go to the high amount of intake. I was up to 20 per day and did 25 one day. I really enjoyed smoking - too much. With this on mind I decided to quit and was doing fine for a few weeks until this last weekend. My neighbor gave me a cigarette to use to lit fireworks. It was lipstick stained and looked so inviting. I am a closet smoker but did end up taking one drag from the Kool 100. It was maybe the best drag I ever had. I went out and bought a pack and did not smoke any for several hours. I wanted to but thought I better not go down that path. I asked for your thoughts but never heard back. Since then I have already smoked four of them. They are so good. I know why you use the reference addictive pleasure. I am going to smoke a few a day moving forward. I love smoking but do not want to be controlled by it. Hopefully only a few a day will be okay. Hope you are doing well. I look forward to checking your site for updates. Hopefully there will be a new smoking story. Lastly I wanted to share a link with you of the best smoking I have ever seen. I just love this clip and hope you do too.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPD7w36Gkeg ( I actually tried to smoke like her but can not seem to get the smoke to just stay in my mouth before inhaling. I look sloppy.)


PS I look forward to your reply and would love any more guidance you can provide me with smoking.


Smoking Addiction - Richard

Not using CD8, but this review fits better here than anywhere else


Subject: Two week total nicotine addiction program

My name is Richard, and I am a young, well built man. I live with my girlfriend, and she is turned on by guys that smoke. I had strong desire to become a smoker. I followed your 150mg nicotine addiction program for two weeks. During the second week, I began smoking Marlboro Red filter kings in the box packs. After the two week period, I had powerful nicotine cravings and had to smoke every 15 minutes. Six months have pasted, and I am now a two plus pack a day Marlboro Red man! I love the fact I have to smoke constantly as is my girlfriend. I even have to smoke during sex and love to stand and and chain smoke while my girlfriend gives me a blow job! I also began wearing 22mg nicotine patches at night to give my body constant nicotine while sleeping. I chain smoke upon waking each morning and remove my nicotine patches before showing in the morning. As a contractor, I am able to smoke constantly while working. If we are in a non-smoking establishment, I chew nicotine gum to help me remain comfortable until I can smoke.

Thank you for your total nicotine addiction program! Do you have any advice to increase my nicotine addiction? I want to be a three pack to four pack a day chain smoking man!

Thank you for your time and advice, and I look forward to hearing from you today.

Richard the Marlboro man.


Thank you for your response, and yes I did and still do listen to CD8 Freedom. I listen each evening to help me relax. I am completely confident and believe and know that I will never be able to stop smoking and that I can never ever even attempt to stop smoking as I can only be happy when my lungs are full of Marlboro Red Filter Kings smoke. My Marlboro cigarette are my best and most loyal friend and I have to always smoke to help my friendship stay strong. I must have a carton of Marlboro Reds in my truck and get worried if I have less than four cartons of Marlboro Reds in the freezer. I carry a pack in my shirt pocket and have to have two fresh packs in my pants pocket every day. My girlfriend keeps three packs on my nightstand as well as plenty of ashtrays in each room in our house and garage.

Thanks again, and any advice you offer me to help me achieve my goal of smoking four packs of Marlboro Reds daily is most appreciated! Two months ago I began using Marlboro Rich Snus daily to increase my nicotine addition which is really helping! I love the taste of the Marlboro Snus with my Marlboro Reds.

I look forward to hearing back from you as I appreciate your program and advice.

Richard the Marlboro Man.


Hello again!

I wonder what your thoughts are on this option. As you know I wear two 22mg nicotine patches every night after smoking during sex with my girlfriend every night. I am considering wearing the 22 mg patches all day and continuing to smoke my two plus packs of Marlboro Reds daily. After wearing my patches 24/7 for a month, stop wearing the two 22mg patches during the day to increase powerful desire to snake four packs of my best friend daily. Do you think chewing the 4mg Nicorette while smoking will also help?

Thanks again for your wonderful advice!

Richard the Marlboro Man.

Smoking Addiction - Serious Doubter

Not using CD8, but this review fits better here than anywhere else


DO NOT take this litely as I did. My signifiacnt other of 3 years is a smoker and I was an anti smoker to the point of rudeness. She dared me to try the Nicotine Gum training and I laughed it off. After day 7 we ordered the MP3 via download. If you combine that with following Mistress' 14 day Nicotine addiction program, you too will be a former non-smoker.

I smoke 1/2 a pack on weekdays & almost a full pack on Saturday & Sundays. This is serious. I must say 2 things here. Number 1 now that I am classified as a smoker by my significant other the last 3 weeks have been the best for both of us in all of our entire 3 years. Number 2, you will have a cigarette in your hand taking a long, slow puff and you will think to yourself "why did I knock this for years?" The taste is out of this world and the feeling is really something unique & special.

Thank you for the review :)
I'm putting up some reviews now... what name would you like on it?

Mind Mistress

I dont care Mistress Linda... how about "a  serious doubter"  it was a game to me and now I smoke about 3/4 a pack a day...I never thought I could get hooked on cigarettes by chewing gum.....DAMM....IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!
and its your fault!!!!!!!  :)

a  serious doubter

Fri, September 17, 2010


Smoking Addiction using Flashes

Not using CD8, but this review fits better here than anywhere else


On 17/12/2011 1:26 AM, john wrote:

Hello, my name is John, and I am quite a big fan of your site.
I have a girlfriend who is tremendously suggestible when she is under the influence of alcohol, and through the use of your own hypnosis animations, she's grown to be very....open to new ideas.
Since watching these (of her own will when sober) she has not only become much more appreciative of the female figure, but has also taken quite an interest in her newfound smoking habit. Something she despised before waking from dreams of erotic smoking after several minutes of your Glamour Smoke animation.
I was wondering if you would be so kind as to inform me on how to make my own?
I would of course, credit you as well as submit them to your site, but being the goof that I am, I'm unable to figure out such fancy space technology myself.

So how what does she think of all this, and her smoking ?
I use Flash 5 to make the animations. You have to learn to program a bit in that language to do it, and need the software as well. There is no easy way to do it.

On 20/12/2011 4:49 AM, john wrote:

At first, she was slightly disturbed at her constant dreams of smoking, but as we had sex, I found her playing with objects like pens and a game stylus. Every time I looked away, or rather, she thought I was looking away, she began to stick the object in her mouth and pretend to smoke it.
It wasn't long at all before my girlfriend, who hated smoking previously, was trying to convince me that one cigarette wasn't going to make her addicted. To test this, I bought her a pack, and she did only smoke one.
In my presence.
Instead, she took them home, and by the end of the week, had smoked them all and asked me to buy her more.
This has since escalated into constant, habitual smoking that she claims to love immensely, though she is still trying to keep it a secret.

Cool. Can I post this on the site? :)

On 21/12/2011 10:08 PM, john wrote:
Of course

Thanks! It's hot :)

On 22/12/2011 9:08 PM, john wrote:
And of course, I'll keep you updated on her progress if you so wish. She's picking up a slew of other habits too. Slowly, but surely. It's surprising me more and more as time goes on.

On 24/12/2011 7:20 PM, john wrote:
Well, it's been about a month and a half since all this has really gotten going, and she's turning into quite the different person. She's still the same in many ways, but her personality and demeanor is much more reckless.

I'm finding that every time she takes her meds and goes into her trance, she instantly wants to fuck. Not only that, but she rewrites her own history in different ways. Sometimes we met while she was working at a whore house, other times she was a stripper. Every time however, she claims to be a ditzy college dropout whose hobbies are drinking, smoking, and fucking, among other varying things.

She swears MUCH more often and her vocabulary in general has become much more vulgar and trashy. On the other hand however, her taste in clothing has gone from sickeningly conservative (turtleneck sweaters, baggy clothes, hippie skirts, etc.) to bubbly pencil skirts and crop tops. She seems much more outgoing and happy, but also has a hard time saying no to anything she even remotely wants to have. Not only has she spent all the money she got for her last paycheck on clothes, but she seems to be oblivious to the weight she's put on over the last few weeks. It's only about 4 pounds, but I can definitely tell, especially with how much she's been eating lately.
After meals now, she always goes off to take a shower, but insists she goes alone, which is unusual for her.

I know very well what she's doing though. She just goes into the bathroom and turns on the shower so it sounds like she's bathing, but when she comes out, she always smells like smoke. I'm noticing that she's either getting dumber, or not at all concerned with getting caught, since several times, she's walked out after "showering" with her hair completely dry and exactly the way it was before she went in. And that's not even mentioning the fact that her skin doesn't seem to have absorbed any moisture at all except her hands, but that's only because she washes them (audibly) in the sink before she gets out so that it seems like she was wet.
I know she enjoys very hot showers too, but for some reason, whenever I go in immediately afterwards, there isn't the slightest hint of steam anywhere. Likely because it would make it harder for her to smoke if there was a lot of water in the air.

Another big switch for her was just a few nights ago when we went shopping, and she insisted that we get a pack of beer for her. Just because "she wanted some."
Normally, she doesn't drink very much, and when she does, it isn't beer. But for whatever reason, she guzzled all of it within a day and a half, then bought more of a heavier, darker beer. I don't really know anything about beer, but I do know that if she keeps this up, she's not going to be able to hide it. Even now she's texting me about how much she's been drinking and all the food she's eaten at her Mom's house for Christmas Eve dinner. At this rate, she'll need to pick up her smoking just to keep the extra weight off. Or at least slow it down.

Of course, I'm always interested in your opinions and suggestions on things I can do while she's under the influence to make our love life a little spicier, so please share feedback if you have any


Wow, all this from just the Flashes? Sounds like you might want to use some CDs to get more specific effects that you want. :)

On 12/01/2012 11:34 AM, john wrote:
I think about it from time to time, but I just can't find a window of time to shell out the money without missing out on food.
Granted the changes are very noticeable, it's taken a few months of this to really take hold.
After mixing painkillers with alcohol she turns into a super slut anyways, but after watching those flashes for a while, all those thoughts stay with her. She'll convince herself that she's living some fantasy, and then when she wakes up, she'll tell me all about how she dreamed the very thing that night.

Her smoking's picked up slightly, but only in that she's not smoking lights anymore. She still hides and does it all in secret, but she doesn't do a very good job of hiding it.
What's REALLY caught my attention is how much that girl drinks. I myself hate the taste of alcohol, and have a strong tolerance to it, so I don't drink almost at all considering I won't get drunk and think it tastes awful anyways. SHE however, has no problem grabbing a bottle of vodka and drinking a third of the contents in one go.
After that, she'll grab a beer and open that one too, claiming that it's okay sine she won't get sick from it. What's odd though is that she can't hold whiskey to save her life.

She really looks forward to these kinds of nights now, to the point where she starts all of this with a bottle of gatorade and some snacks by the bed for when she wakes up. All of this is definitely showing too, as she's up another 3 pounds in two weeks or so.
In fact, we just went through all her clothes yesterday and got rid of everything that doesn't fit her anymore.

CDs would actually be lovely, but again, money is tight. While I've previewed them on the site, I don't have the time or the patience to sit and make my own. Especially not one that will sound like a girl and not a big burly guy. I sometimes have her repeat things or read lists of rules and a "slut's code" that I whip up on the spot before it all takes full effect and they are effective, but all in all, continuing takes too long, and by then I'm either too tired, or she just wants sex. Because of all this, I've noted that the longer and more elaborate flash animations are particularly effective.

She's really interested in the whole bimbo persona, but as it stands, there aren't really that many flashes I have to work with, and even then, they don't show her how to speak. Hence why I asked you how to make more in the first place ^_^;

Otherwise, progress is steady, and very effective.

I agree that food comes first. You should know that CD6-Happiness has a woman answering me while in trance, recorded with the CD, so she'd learn to speak like she does. I just played my CD for this woman, recorded her responses, and mixed them into the finished product. :)

On 19/01/2012 3:04 PM, john wrote:
Yeah, that was the one I was thinking about should I ever decide to buy one.

On 31/01/2012 10:27 PM, Missy wrote:

Dear Mind Mistress,

I can't believe how well the Smoking Freedom session works. Since downloading and listening to the session everyday my cravings for cigarettes are getting stronger and stronger. I love smoking more and more and can't even think about quitting. Thank you for letting me become the smoker I always wanted to be. Missy

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