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CD 31- Mind Mistress, The Video

Live sexy hypnosis video of a woman hypnotized and transformed!

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Finally, you get a chance to see Mind Mistress in action, caught live on video, hypnotizing a lady volunteer in studio during the live broadcast of the Real Radio Show!

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Denise, our hypnotic volunteer ...

Frankie Dee, host of the Real Radio Show, provided Me with a lady to hypnotize. In exchange for submitting herself to entrancement, Denise got to plug her business, which she talks briefly about before going into trance. She wasn't prepared, and didn't really know what to expect. In fact, two of her girl friends were in studio watching to see what happened.

Since she wasn't one of My fans, and had no specific fantasy to fulfill, I thought it best to have a "little chat" with her before our segment. I saw that she had cigarettes in her purse, so I asked her if she'd like to come have a smoke outside and chat about what we'd be doing. Being a bit nervous about being hypnotized for the first time, she was quite eager to go smoke. A good hypnotist knows that creating rapport is what makes the magic possible. So we went outside and chit chatted, giving her a chance to see Me as just another woman, rather than a scary hypnotist. She relaxed and opened up.

Happy Hypnotic Halloween!

Now, since hypnosis only works with consent, and I wanted something a bit wild and sexy, I had to find out what SHE wanted. Well, something she wanted that worked into what *I* wanted. So how was I to draw out the kinky side from an apparently very vanilla and inhibited woman, in only ten minutes? While explaining that hypnosis is not all that different from dreaming, quite safe, and that I couldn't make her do anything she didn't want, I had a flash of inspiration. I asked her: "What have you dressed as for Halloween?"

I can almost see the lightbulb going on above your heads. As I’m sure many of you already know, Halloween allows people to become what they secretly wish they could be, in their darkest heart’s desire, and yet not be judged for it. “It’s just a Halloween costume” after all. No one will think ill of you if you dress up as the opposite sex, as a harem girl, a prostitute, super hero, cheerleader, catholic schoolgirl or naughty nurse. It’s the one day a year when you can indulge in being someone else, and if it’s really outrageous, you can just say you lost a bet.

So our little lady immediately said: “I dressed as a witch!” She didn’t give Me a list of costumes, mind you. She just gave Me one. This told Me it was actually a fantasy of hers, and that she actually WOULD like to be a witch, at least for a little while. So I asked her, “Well, that’s great! I can turn you into a witch with magical powers. Wouldn’t that be fun?” Nod. “But how about we make it a SEXY witch, one who has the power to put spells on men and make them do whatever she wants?” Now THAT got a strong reaction from her! It seems she was single, and very much not wanting to be so. Having men fawn over her and fall at her feet seemed like a dream come true! I talked about how maybe she could make potions to make men into her love slaves, slip a little in their drinks… and I knew I had her fully on board and excited about this. I had what I needed for a terrific live hypnotic transformation.

The Trance

Now, I won’t tell you what happened during the trance, you can see that for yourself. Other than perhaps mentioning that while Cousin V was sort of annoying, he did make himself useful as a target for her newly acquired magical powers. Then again, Cousin V is no longer on the show. Funny, that.

While Frankie Dee was there, busy being quite impressed with Me transforming this normal woman into a magical seductress, her girlfriends were also watching closely. Denise herself relayed their comments after the show. She said: “They were watching, thinking I was faking being hypnotized. Then when you transformed me, they thought ‘wow, she’s a really good actress’. But then, they went ‘hey… she looks different… I don’t think she’s acting!!!” They were astounded at the transformation, especially when Denise told them her experience of the trance.

I ended the trance with suggestions that having experienced the Power of the Witch, she would from now on be much more confident, and find seduction so much easier… because she had the power within her to make men do what she wanted, whenever she wanted. After all, the world could use one more confident, sexually powerful and dominant woman. Don’t you think?

Yes, I know… I’m a big softie, always trying to help people with positive, empowering suggestions…


Mind Mistress

Video CD Details

This is not a CD for going into trance. It is a video CD that shows Mind Mistress hypnotizing a lovely lady for your viewing enjoyment.

The video CD can be played on your computer (with an ordinary CD drive) or TV (with most DVD players). It includes the audio/video MP4 file shot by our cameraman, and a separate audio file which is the studio recording of the radio show itself, playable on computers and most mp3 capable car and home sound systems.

Frankie Dee says: "Show me something REAL !"


CD31- Mind Mistress,
The Video

is available only on Video CD.
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It contains a 35 minutes movie and an audio recording of the radio show itself.



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