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CD 11 - The Corset Diet

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CD11 Description

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I'm a 49 year old male physician in the USA. I've been battling with obesity over 15 years. I've abused food to manage stress, whether it be eating to relax, eating out of boredom, or eating to stay awake. My pattern had been one of frequent "grazing" . . . just going over to the fridge or pantry, out of habit, at any time during the day or night. Outside of the home, vending machines and fast food have been ubiquitous.

At 5'8" and 245 pounds, I even became known on a first-name basis to the folks at the Taco Bell drive-through: "Can I take your order?" "The usual!" "Yes, Doctor!" How pathetic!

I discovered the Corset CD while doing a "google search" on hypnosis and diets. Why did I choose the Corset CD over the other diet CD's out there? I read Mistress' website thoroughly and was impressed with Mistress' sense of professionalism, her obvious high effectiveness, and her humor and playfulness. The other CD's seemed so "white bread" by comparison.

A novice to hypnosis, I found the initial induction to be immediately quite effective. I remember waking up after the first time and just staring apathetically at a plate of my favorite chocolate chip cookies. The induction became easier and more effective each time. I listened to it every day. By the 5th time, I really felt totally detached from my body. The concept of wearing a corset has really given me a needed sense of control, especially in a career where I am constantly trying to restore order in everyone elseżs life. By carving time out for myself and going into trance, I have made a statement to my "self-denying psyche" that "I am important" and worthy of paying attention to my body.

These have been the effects:

  1. No more grazing. I eat three meals daily and nothing in between. I donżt eat big portions. I am making healthy choices and drinking lots of water.
  2. I stopped visiting fast food restaurants or vending machines, except to buy bottled water.
  3. I look at my body in the mirror and am motivated to have a smaller waist.
  4. In 8 months, I have lost 65 pounds, with a goal to lose about 15 more.
  5. I'm exercising with increased frequency, which is also part of taking time out for myself.
  6. I'm complimented by family, friends, colleagues, and patients on a daily basis.
  7. My clothes fit better, Iżve stopped snoring, and I feel more rested and in control.
  8. I've found myself being "booked" for more public speaking.
  9. I feel sexy for the first time in years!
  10. I feel fully confident that the weight will stay off this time, because I have reduced stress and made permanent behavioral changes.

Side effects: I've had some strong cravings to wear an actual corset. It supports a deep urge to maintain control. I have submitted to these urges on about a dozen occasions, at least briefly. It has felt incredibly comfortable (not erotic) and reinforcing.

I've developed an unusually healthy appetite for "surfing the net" for corset-related websites.

In my introspective moments, I find that I am curiously somewhat envious of women with nice hourglass figures. I then smile, shrug, say to myself, "how about that" and then move on. It's a compulsion I can deal with and is well worth the vast benefits of the weight loss.

I am so pleased and indebted to Mistress Linda for this magnificent and highly effective CD.

Doctor - December 2004 liveneathyourspell@yahoo.com


Deares Mind Mistress Linda, i promised you a review of the Corset Diet CD, saying i would send it to you March 21, being three months from recieving it. i must send it to you now as i will be out of town the entire week of March 21. i recieved the CD December 21, 2004, and listened to it every night for three weeks. After that i listened to it every other day for the next month. Now i listen to it every seven to ten days. my reaction to it started the first night when i thought it would be sexy to wear a corest. i have two one is a full lace up back with front hooks. The second is a simple waist chincher. Boy did i feel sexy when i put the full one on. i felt i must put on my stockings with the attached garters.

Of course, i then had to wear my heels. i paraded around like that for a while. Then your other devious conditioning kicked in and i had to do my hair and make up and put on a dress. The next day for lunch, i had a very pleasant supprise. You must understand i've always been a meat potato and gravy (over all) kind of guy. instead of the usual meal like hot roast beef etc. i ordered a salad and immediatly felt a tightening in my stomach area and a real sexy feeling. It now seems like all i want are healthy foods any more. my shopping habits have changed i now buy fresh fruits and vegatable and every time i make a correct choice i get that tight sexy feeling. So how is my diet going? The following stat go back over three years. and were originally taken to check progress with your youth program. N.B. i have taken hormones.

Prior to hormones waist 40" under breast 42" across nipples 43" weight 205LB
Before Youth CD waist 42" under breast 42.75" across nipples 44.5" weight 218LB. (N.B. i started a diet in sept weight was then 230+LB)
10/15/04 waist 43.5" under breast 43.75 across nipples 45.875" weight 220Lb
12/09/04 waist 42 under breast 42.25" across nipples 45.25" weight 212
12/21/04 waist 42" under breast 42" across nipples 45.5" weight 215LB (Received Corset Diet CD on this date)
03/16/05 waist 41.5" under 41.75" across nipples 45" weight 205LB

Your obedient slave girl cynthia

cynthia 3/16/2005 5:47 PM Cynthia463840@NOSPAMcs.com



This review also refers to CD 7-Youth and CD 16-Acceptance

I just finished listening to CD16 Acceptance for the second time and I do not remember anything past track4. I have Corset diet and Youth on my MP3 player behind Acceptance. I don't know if I listen to both of them after listening to Acceptance or not. I do have the urges about drinking water, and eating correctly and I,m tingling ing my breast, stomack, and hips areas as I type. I just wanted to say thank you, these CD's really do work.

Thank You,
Vixen Dee

I just listen to CD16 Acceptance for the second time and all I can say is WOW. It really is very powerful. I have Acceptance followed by Corset Diet and Youth on my Mp3 player. I don't remember listening to them but I must have because I'm definitely feeling the effects of these two cd's now. My breast, stomach, and hips are tingling a lot and I keep asking Julie, Sarah, and Elizabeth for their help, since they are with me now. I'm also very conscious of eating correctly and going to the pantry looking in and walking away because I'm not really hungry. I did not buy cokes at the store but water, I do not want any more soft drinks, they are not good for me and fried foods(Yuck). Anyway I just wanted to say Thank You So Very Very Much. :)

You Devoted Girl,
VixenDee :)

- Sunday September 16, 2007

(She sent the first review by Yahoo IM and the second by email, so I kept both!)


On 24/02/2009 6:53 PM, bobbie jewel wrote:

i wold recomend this tape too help you get into the proper shape too pass as a girl, it may not seem so at first but the very best thing you can do too serve mistress is to learn to trim down and mold your body . this tape will acually help you to change into a more pleasing and feminine form.
Its what you really want! Too be more passible but fair warning it works. But come relax try a corset, it will only be pleasing you will be more helthy and beautiful.
i can only recomend it too help please MISTRESS. its what you will want and it will feel good and you will be hippy oh or more happy being more hippy come come pretty girl i want you wrapped up and helpless too escape MISTRESS so come and try a little too please MISTRESS. we will be happy and shaply because its what we really want.
all the little flies need a pretty corset
if you want hang around this web
cum here MY pretty


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