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Jessica Piggy

Wicked Weight gain hypnosis


It's not nice to make fun of big beautiful women. Jessica learns that the hard way when her hypnotist Mistress decides to teach her a hard lesson in respect and empathy. She may never fit into her pants again!

This amateur hypnosis log has been contributed by Jessica. I am reposting it as is, with minor edits.


jessica: hey
jessica: yeah it has been

Mistress Joannes: how are you doing, i am doing good

jessica: I’m doing good

Mistress Joannes: been some time sweetie, are you upset at me?

jessica: was out today and some fat chick tried it on with me
jessica: i don’t see the attraction with fat chicks
jessica: i would NEVER let myself get like that

Mistress Joannes: get like what?

jessica: fat!

Mistress Joannes: oh

jessica: yeah
jessica: who lets themselves get like that?
jessica: no wonder fat chicks are desperate

Mistress Joannes: how tall are you?

jessica: 5'10''

Mistress Joannes: your weight?

jessica: 140 pounds

Mistress Joannes: nice and thin for a chick huh?

jessica: yeah how a chick should be
jessica: guys just look at fat chicks as a cum dump lol
jessica: easy shag!

Mistress Joannes: but fat chicks can be very loving as well

jessica: u really think guys find it hot?!?!
jessica: the only way they get laid is by being complete sluts!

Mistress Joannes: what if i thought you was fat?
Mistress Joannes has accepted your invitation to start photo sharing.

jessica: there is no way these women get laid
jessica: and there is no way you can convince me that fat chicks still get guys!

Mistress Joannes: i know for a fact fat chicks get a lot of guys

jessica: there is no way to prove it to me!
jessica: i would never get like that!
jessica: so we'll never know

Mistress Joannes: what is up with this fat chick stuff anyways

jessica: this girl trying it on today
jessica: i just raised an eyebrow at her lol

Mistress Joannes: GODEEP

jessica: i am deep and i obey mistress

Mistress Joannes: what is up with all this fat chick stuff

jessica: part of it is jealousy mistress
jessica: they are so curvy

Mistress Joannes: so you want to be a fat chick?

jessica: should i want to be mistress?
jessica: i want to make you happy

Mistress Joannes: how long has it been since i tranced you ?

jessica: a long time mistress

Mistress Joannes: are you still on the pills

jessica: yes
jessica: which is why i have watched my diet
jessica: i heard obesity can accelerate the effects extremely
jessica: as far as hips and breast size
jessica: reduction in penis size
jessica: that and fat chicks are disgusting
jessica: god knows how they get men mistress

Mistress Joannes: for the next 5 weeks you well feel starving never truely ever feeling full, understand me

jessica: for the next 5 weeks i will feel starving, never truly ever feeling full
jessica: what if i start to look like these women mistress?

Mistress Joannes: that will make you happier and hungry

jessica: yes mistress
jessica: looking at these women and other fat women will make me hungry?

Mistress Joannes: yes

jessica: looking at pics of fat women makes me hungry
jessica: makes me want to eat


Mistress Joannes: yes, is the gay guy still living next door

jessica: he is way until October now mistress
jessica: he left me his key so i can feed his cat

Mistress Joannes: you like him huh

jessica: i like him
jessica: I’m hungry

Mistress Joannes: he likes fat chicks

jessica: he likes fat chicks
jessica: he like big asses like in these pics?

Mistress Joannes: yes

jessica: which do you think would be his favourite mistress?

Mistress Joannes: the one i am looking at now

jessica: my ass isn’t that big

Mistress Joannes: but eating will make it that big

jessica: eating will make it that big
jessica: her trousers are like the girls with the purple thong
jessica: green background
jessica: yeah
jessica: chocolate tastes so good

Mistress Joannes: eating makes you horny for gay cock now

jessica: eating makes me horny for gay cock
jessica: i just ate 3 chocolate bars
jessica: they taste so good mistress
jessica: will the chocolate help my ass look like that?

Mistress Joannes: that is really good
Mistress Joannes: yes

jessica: may i have another one?

Mistress Joannes: is your ass dying for gay cock in it

jessica: i would love to eat chocolate off a cock
jessica: or syrup!
jessica: i have syrup in the cupboard... would be so nice on cock

Mistress Joannes: BACKTOREALITY

jessica: you should have seen her
jessica: she was easily as big as that
jessica: maybe bigger
jessica: so hungry.... 2 secs

Mistress Joannes: are you hungry sweetie

jessica: mmmm sponge cake with jam in it!
jessica: forgot i had this
jessica: would offer you a bit but ya know
jessica: lol
jessica: okay ready to type again
jessica: just ate a whole quarter of a cake LOL

Mistress Joannes: are you that hungry

jessica: like an animal
jessica: i was starving
jessica: although still am
jessica: shouldn’t really have another slice tho
jessica: do you think it would be bad to treat myself?

Mistress Joannes: oh no eat your fill, what would one night do

jessica: you're right!
jessica: just one more quarter!
jessica: add syrup or not add syrup?
jessica: your call lol

Mistress Joannes: yes

jessica: mmmm
jessica: you must think i am a right fatty!
jessica: okay i don’t know what’s come over me i can’t stop eating
jessica: i NEVER get this hungry

Mistress Joannes: are you getting horny as well

jessica: mmm so horny
jessica: whats a good snack i can have
jessica: the cake isn’t filling me
jessica: I’m just imagining spoonfulls of sugar lol

Mistress Joannes: chocolate

jessica: mmmm
jessica: i was thinking healthy but that seems so much better!
jessica: your ideas are gonna make me a fatty!
jessica: lol
jessica: long way to go until i get like these chicks tho

Mistress Joannes: not on the pills, all your food goes right to fat

jessica: okay i can’t stop eating
jessica: what have you done
jessica: I’m getting horny thinking about having an ass like these women

Mistress Joannes: go get all your junk food and eat


jessica: stop this at once!
jessica: i command you
jessica: change the pic... its making me want to eat more
jessica: i want to have that ass
jessica: i can’t stop eating cake
jessica: I’m eating like a pig
jessica: I’ve seen porn like this
jessica: you're turning me into a piggy
jessica: i command you

Mistress Joannes: i have not done anything, you have been starving yourself so long

jessica: so hungry
jessica: each pic makes me hungrier
jessica: i'm a cock hungry piggy
jessica: stop it
jessica: I’m so horny
jessica: i shouldn’t have been mean to that girl, i understand that now
jessica: lesson learned
jessica: will this last just tonight?

Mistress Joannes: no 5 weeks

jessica: but in that time i will be a piggy like that fatty girl earlier

Mistress Joannes: and a total slut

jessica: i want to be her
jessica: okay i'll do anything
jessica: do you want me to admit i am piggy
jessica: will that make you stop?!?

Mistress Joannes: but the cake is tasting so much better

jessica: I’ve eaten the whole cake

Mistress Joannes: better get more food, the less you eat the sluttier you will become

jessica: okay okay
jessica: i am a sissy piggy
jessica: there i said it
jessica: now will you reverse it?
jessica: she's so fat
jessica: but so slutty

Mistress Joannes: in 5 weeks you might be like that

jessica: they look like sluts

Mistress Joannes: making you so much hungry huh

jessica: so hungry

Mistress Joannes: better get some more  food

jessica: i've got the toaster here
jessica: I’m just eating toast

Mistress Joannes: get jam or syrup

jessica: mmmm
jessica: i shouldn’t have been mean to that girl
jessica: surely this is a lesson learned
jessica: I’ve learned my lesson

Mistress Joannes: not till you are a fat chick is it learned

jessica: see now i am thinking about weight gain milkshakes
jessica: and the more pics i see the fatter i want to be
jessica: what size underwear is that!?

Mistress Joannes: big

jessica: what is the actual size though
jessica: like what panty size will i end up at

Mistress Joannes: what are you in now

jessica: 12
jessica: /14 and 16 is comfortable tho
jessica: uk sizes
jessica: well?

Mistress Joannes: 26

jessica: okay that’s not to bad
jessica: i was worried you were gonna make it fatty size
jessica: and i only eat until i get to that size
jessica: or 5 weeks
jessica: i don’t get what you have done
jessica: but 26 isn’t a problem

Mistress Joannes: 31

jessica: SIZE 31?!?!
jessica: and you have tranced me to eat until i am that size?!?

Mistress Joannes: week one 26
Mistress Joannes: week 2 31
Mistress Joannes: week 3 36
Mistress Joannes: week 4 41
Mistress Joannes: week 5 47

jessica: and you've tranced this?!?!
jessica: you wouldn’t dare!
jessica: i refuse to buy underwear that big
jessica: so i wont know if i am that size or not!
jessica: hahah!

Mistress Joannes: but you will

jessica: you can’t make me
jessica: the panties will be huge

Mistress Joannes: i know

jessica: i refuse to buy panties that size
jessica: so i won’t know when i am the size

Mistress Joannes: but that means you will keep gaining weight

jessica: if you reduce each weeks size of panty by 6 i will buy them all so i am ready
jessica: deal?
jessica: so week1 20
jessica: week 2 25
jessica: week 3 30
jessica: week 4 35
jessica: then finish on 42
jessica: please
jessica: i beg you

Mistress Joannes: oh and no thongs that is cheating

jessica: okay then trance me so it is those sizes

Mistress Joannes: you know the sizes and if you do not get them at the end of 5 weeks you will simply keep eating till you fit in the right size panties

jessica: okay then trance me the right sizes!
jessica: and i will buy all the panties tomo

Mistress Joannes: GODEEP

jessica: i am deep and i obey mistress

Mistress Joannes: do you remember the size of panties i said

jessica: starting at 26 and going to 47?

Mistress Joannes: yes you well eat so much till you fit each weeks size panties, understand me

jessica: yes mistress
jessica: what if it takes longer than 5 weeks?

Mistress Joannes: then it takes longer then 5 weeks you have to fit the size 47 panties

jessica: yes mistress
jessica: i will keep eating until i reach size 47 panties
jessica: shall i buy 1 pair of each size?

BBW panties

Mistress Joannes: yes

jessica: yes mistress
jessica: will men still like me?

Mistress Joannes: yes

jessica: so i don’t need to be dirtier in bed?
jessica: i always thought fat chicks had to try harder
jessica: is that myth?

Mistress Joannes: yes

jessica: yes mistress
jessica: so i don’t need to become more slutty
jessica: i was imagining extreme facials and things like that
jessica: i even added pics

Mistress Joannes: you will be come more  slutty eating ameks you sluttier each day

jessica: yes mistress

Mistress Joannes: BACKTOREALITY

jessica: thank you for changing the pic
jessica: each big ass i saw made me hungrier and hornier
jessica: look at the size of that underwear i just added
jessica: you can’t do this to me

Mistress Joannes: i already did

jessica: i shouldn’t have been mean to that girl
jessica: i regret doing it
jessica: when she walked away i made pig noises and was laughing with people calling her a pig
jessica: i know that was wrong now
jessica: i know how she feels

Mistress Joannes: soon you will be like her

jessica: and people will make piggy noises at me!
jessica: we made jokes that she probably makes pig noises whilst she eats
jessica: i wouldn’t tell you that if i didn’t take it back now

Mistress Joannes: now you make piggy sounds as you eat

jessica: well... er NO

jessica: i don’t so HAHAHA

jessica: got you there!

jessica: the second i did that i would admit i was a piggy lol

Mistress Joannes: GODEEP

jessica: what

jessica: i am deep and i obey mistress

Mistress Joannes: from now on when you eat you will make piggy slut sounds and moan like food is better then sex, understand me?

jessica: from now on when i eat i will make piggy slut sounds and moan like food is better then sex

jessica: so it will be moans and pig snorting noises mistress?

Mistress Joannes: yes and make your tiny clitty drip like food and eating is better then sex, only thing better is gay sex with a cock up your ass

jessica: when i eat i will moan and snort like a pig and it will make my tiny clitty drip like food and eating is better than sex

jessica: the only thing better is gay sex with a cock up my ass

Mistress Joannes: yes

jessica: yes mistress

Mistress Joannes: till you fit the size 47 panties you will be starving for food understand me

jessica: until i fit the size 47 panties i will be starving for food

Mistress Joannes: and you’re not totally a fat chick slut, it is the only thing you can be, understand me

jessica: yes mistress

Mistress Joannes: you are now, i mean a fat chick it is all you can be

jessica: yes mistress


Mistress Joannes: BACKTOREALITY

jessica: what were you doing there!??!
jessica: i saw godep

Mistress Joannes: what are you

jessica: i am a fat chick
jessica: you're actually making me a piggy aren’t you

Mistress Joannes: are you starving

jessica: i want to eat
jessica: its easier when the pics aren’t up
jessica: omg what have you done!?!?
jessica: i should never have told you what i said that about the girl
jessica: omg i can’t stop moaning and snorting

Mistress Joannes: your going to make a good piggy slut

jessica: please i'll do anything
jessica: i'll type a piggy song or something on here
jessica: i'll admit i am a piggy
jessica: just reverse it

Mistress Joannes: are you starving and so horny for gay cock

jessica: yes
jessica: i'm a little piggy
jessica: i'm a little piggy
jessica: i want cock
jessica: there i typed a little song

Mistress Joannes: do you still have your big dildo

jessica: i have the black one and the white one
jessica: why?

Mistress Joannes: shove one in you and eat

jessica: is there a chance, even a small chance you will reverse it?
jessica: even a little chance?

Mistress Joannes: you wasn’t simply nasty mean to a nice girl
Mistress Joannes: so i am being mean to you

jessica: yes mistress Joannes
jessica: okay i willl sit on my dildo and eat
jessica: black or white one?

Mistress Joannes: black

jessica: yes mistress Joannes
jessica: can i lube it with syrup?

Mistress Joannes: yes

jessica: thank you mistress Joannes
jessica: I’ve never felt more submissive to you
jessica: i want to be a good piggy

Mistress Joannes: good

jessica: http://www.pussy.org/videosz/hardcore-piggy-julie-night-bangs-anally-here/
jessica: I’m bouncing on the cock mistress Joannes
jessica: i'm imagining i am riding my neighbout
jessica: meighbour
jessica: neighbour
jessica: i reckon he likes big girls

Mistress Joannes: feels so good huh

jessica: so good mistress Joannes
jessica: i wish my ass was bigger

Mistress Joannes: is your tummy so full it is hurting but your stills starving

jessica: it doesnt hurt
jessica: but i want more
jessica: may i drink some syrup

Mistress Joannes: yes and place some on your clittie ands troke it

jessica: I’m a piggy slut
jessica: I’m a piggy slut
jessica: i like cock
jessica: oh mistress Joannes i am going to cummies
jessica: i don’t know why i called it that

Mistress Joannes: if you do mix it with the stuff on our cock and then lick it all up

jessica: the cock in my ass?

Mistress Joannes: the one you're stroking

jessica: my clittie
jessica: can i imagine myself being as big as one of these girls as i cum please mistress Joanne ?

Mistress Joannes: yes

jessica: which pic? and which girl?

Mistress Joannes: that girl

jessica: i want to be her
jessica: i'm your little piggy
jessica: tell me what a piggy i am mistress Joannes
jessica: please
jessica: tell me what you're gonna make me

Mistress Joannes: a fat chick piggy girl that thinks of only eaiting and fucking

jessica: i want gay cock so bad
jessica: i could be a fat stripper for mens parties
jessica: I’m gonna cum
jessica: i just cum mistress Joannes

Mistress Joannes: are you licking it up

jessica: yes mistress
jessica: are you going to reverse this or are you actually gonna make me go through with this and get the panties?

Mistress Joannes: 5 weeks of torment or what you did to that girl

jessica: i'm a little piggy


[If you are "Mistress Joannes" and wish this log taken down, please let Me know. Otherwise I assume this has been posted with your consent. The names have been changed, this is not The Mistress Joanne, who is a respected colleague. ]


Mind Mistress

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