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CD 6 - Happiness

aka Sexy Bimbo (triggered) Airhead Bimbo Slut on Command
(for men, women and transgenders)

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Happy Bimbo Airhead Hypnosis

Some people think and worry too much, instead of just enjoying their life. This is the perfect cure. Learn to think and act like a sexy bimbo, focus on looking good, getting pleasure, and living in the moment. Has shown very positive effects when tested by someone diagnosed with depression. Think less, have more fun, and feel happy!

This CD can be used on men, women and transgenders. It uses the term "owner" to refer to the bimbo's dominant, so that can mean a Master or Mistress. Anyone can use the verbal command to turn the subject of Happiness into a bimbo, and back again.

It is best listened to at the end of the day, because you wake up from it with a trigger that makes you a bimbo until you go to sleep. When listened to in its entirety, it creates an increasing need to be a bimbo more and more often, and the effects of the transformation are of course amplified with each listening.

Track Listing:

  1. Induction – Going into trance and setting the trance trigger. This is the same induction as Gemini
  2. Deepening – Trance trigger and going deeper.
  3. Euphoria – Feel more and more happy, loving, and accepting of everything. Feeling *very* euphoric as a bimbo (better than a lot of drugs, and it's a legal high!)
  4. Cloud – Breathe in that pink bimbo essence, and become more a bimbo (Remember the cloud from Trance Training? Next time you listen to CD1, imagine the cloud is pink...).
  5. IQ – Dumb is sexy, and you're becoming more and more sexy with every breath you take.
  6. Voice – You have a sexy girly giggly voice.
  7. Perfume – Breathing it in makes you more a bimbo, you love perfume. (Remember that perfume addiction from Elegance... ?)
  8. Gum – Can't think and chew gum at the same time... and you chew gum all the time... so you can't think...
  9. Vanity – Want to wear skirts and dresses, love wearing high heels Love being a slutty bimbo airhead, barely able to think, sexy & slutty need to wear sexy makeup, earrings, bracelets, feminine jewelry, Have soft, smooth, silky skin, long feminine hair, long nails, love doing your makeup, love doing your hair, always check yourself in the mirror whenever you see a mirro. You're so vain!
  10. FuckToy – All you think about is sex, you need it all the time. You're just a fucktoy, and you love it.
  11. Busty Blonde – You need long blonde hair and bigger boobs. You need to be a busty blonde bimbo.
  12. Owned – You need an owner to control you, a Master or Mistress to decide for you. You need to please them sooo much!
  13. Nympho – All you want is sex, all the time. You're addicted to sex (doesn't specify your sexual preference)
  14. Silly Giggly – You're a silly giggly girl! You giggle whenever you don't understand things... like long words.
  15. Exhibitionist – You wanna show off your body, especially your boobs. Being stared at makes you horny... (non-gender specific)
  16. Smoke – Smoking is sexy, it turns you on.
  17. More – You need to listen to the CD every day, over and over again, and to be more and more a bimbo. It's the only way you can truly relax.
  18. Awaken – Receive you trigger words and awaken from trance as a bimbo (until sleep).

TRIGGERS: There are three trance triggers in this CD, usable by anyone who knows them, but only by voice command. One is to become a bimbo, one is to return to normal, and one is to become a bimbo for the rest of the day until you go to sleep. I would classify this as a "mild" bimbo CD. It suggests getting dumber, but doesn't specify how, and the effects are only when triggered. It mostly gets you to act like a sexy airhead. This is not meant to be amnesia inducing. You'll remember being a bimbo, and how much you enjoy it. It's for use by a consenting adult.

This CD awakens you as a bimbo for the rest of the day, until you go to sleep. As in Male Charm, the conditionning topics are separated into tracks, allowing you to customize the training to suit your needs, by playing only the tracks you want.

Special Feature

What makes this CD so special (and part of why it took so long to process), is that I found a woman to listen to it, and recorded her responses as she went into trance with this CD. Her voice was then added in to the CD. So you'll hear My voice doing the trance and conditionning, and hear her answering and repeating as she goes ever deeper into trance... and into mindless sexy bimbohood! This means the CD can be used in 3 ways:

  1. For women, since the CD always refers to the listener as a girl, to make them into bimbo sluts on command. The CD associates a sensation of euphoria with being dumb and sexy, thereby making her transformation into a bimbo more and more irrisistable. The more she listens, the happier she feels. The happier she feels, the harder it is to think, and the dumber she gets. The dumber she gets, the more the only things that matter to her are looking pretty and having sex...
  2. For males being feminized, it's ideal, because you hear a very sexy and sultry female voice answering, sounding deeply entranced. This makes it even easier to imagine yourself female, answering the way she does, pretending this is your own voice. After listening a few times, you'll even be able to mouth what she says... and they will become even more deeply your own thoughts.
  3. For Hypno-fetishists, this is a blast! You get to hear an intelligent woman being slowly turned into a gum chewing nymphomaniac, barely able to think, and unable to focus on anything other than sex and slutty fashions! Verrrry erotic!

Something entertaining in the meantime: : http://gbrit.com/~dougadams/bimbo_training.php

CD6 Happiness
is available on CD, and for mp3 download
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It contains 18 tracks, for a total play time of 75 minutes

The first part is the new 15 minute induction, and then it goes into the bimbo tracks. For best results, train with CD3-Elegance first.



Track name

T11-Busty Blonde
T14-Silly Giggly


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