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Mind Mistress's favorite quote from a chatter:

"I'm also finding I have an erection every time I see purple now." Mmmmm...

Make the Stories fresh again: Dialectize them!

You've read all the stories, maybe even a few times over. So what's new? You can read them now in a new way. After clicking on the link below, you can click on the horizontal bar to move it up out of the way. If you need to translate other sites, cuz yer mind is now all fixed up, ya know, so yu can unnerstand dem, here's the Dialectizer, and here's the Valley girl site. Train yerself ta think dis way an yu'll be feelin reel gud reel soon!

-Redneck: Perfect for southern trailer trash sluts
-Jive---: For that inner city hoochie mama feel
-Moron--: So you're a brainless bimbo and you can barely find the Any key...
-Cockney: for all you brit girls out there with no class at all...
-Valley Girl: Like, oh my gawd! This is like totally rad!


Enslavement CDs

Hypnotic CD Recordings: CDs & Tapes

Hypnotic CD Recordings: The gift that says "I obey, I just obey..."
Suitable for men, women and transgenders. And now with a Trance Troubleshooting guide.
CD reviews pages are in preparation.


Contributed Erotic Hypnosis Logs NEW!

Jessica Piggy : Learns not to make fun of big beautiful women, the hard way! (weight gain hypnosis)



Women's Section

naughty Women's fantasies: hypnotic fantasies for women

cute lesbian couple How to become a lesbian by hypnosis : it's easy and fun! "Become a lesbian" training program

- Enslaved and reprogrammed by hypnosis (real account)

slave girl kitten plots mischief Part 1 : Slave girl kitten

Slave Mistress Kitten smoking with a cigarette holder Part 2 : Slave Mistress Kitten

hypnotic eye Becoming a slut: how a college girl becomes a slut - autobiography / true story, by tatty_oldbitt

Elemental Magic and Subversion psychology techniques

joy of submission The joy of submission: How the hypnotic version of Master PC transformed me into a goth girl

joy of subversion The joy of subversion: How to recognize the 5 elemental types of people, and how to corrupt each of them

joy of sorcery The joy of sorcery: How I learned to see auras and cast spells to subvert innocent women

Lesbian Conspiracy documents

hypnotic eye The Lesbian Conspiracy 2.0: Now known as the Lesbian Inclusion Conspiracy (LIC)

hypnotic eye The male and female orgasms compared

Training Programs

(Public domain pictures with real examples of hypnotic training)

Forced feminization training program

Yes, single males can volunteer for this. But then it's not really a "forced" feminization fantasy...

brainwashed and feminized Brainwashing your man into skirts : a how to guide

made into a girlfriend Part-time girl : bringing out the girl on command

forced to be a shemale Sissy conditioning: Helplessly acting like a woman

sexy shemale Transsexualizing: straight men into transsexuals

beautiful woman inside Inner woman: becoming the woman inside

Rhonda Rhonda's story: Rhonda got a bit more than she bargained for

BDSM couples training program (2 for 1 price)

put the boobs on him Dear Abby Mistress 1 : How do I get my girlfriend to force feminize me?

receptionist Dear Abby Mistress 2 : I want a session but I've just lost my job...

hypnotic eyeDear Abby Mistress 3: I'm not comfortable with my boyfriend's fantasies. What can I do?

hypnotic eyeDear Abby Mistress 4: I want my wife to be turned on when I dress as a woman. Can you help?

hypnotic eyeMale dom to fem dom: brainwashed submissive wife enslaves and feminizes her master

rub your boy clitty girl! Induced Submissive Behavior and Gender Dysphoria in Biologically Normal Males: a how to guide

femblonde Femme your hubby #1: A guide for wives who want to feminize their husband

femblonde Femme your hubby #2: More methods for wives who want to feminize their husband


Adult Baby Hypnosis training program

diaper1 Adult Baby Hypnosis for Diaper Lovers - Becoming baby Leona: a happy, incontinent, bedwetting diaper girl forever

Mistress training program

mistress training center Hypnotic Mistress training
Botticelli Babe submits to Mind Mistress's hypnotic training to become an Evil hypno-domme by Mind Mistress & Botticelli Babe.


Real life erotic hypnosis logs

(Public domain pictures with real life accounts)

-Adam's forced feminization story

Part 1: small breasted male Setting the stage

Part 2: robot transformation Good robots are programmed to obey

Part 3: transsexual slut Becoming a transsexual

Part 4: cock-sucking slut Addicted to cock

Part 5: cum sucker Deeply enslaved

Part 6: adam6(7 shemale sex pics) How to become a shemale (forced to be a girl)

Part 7: shemale fucked Becoming a shemale forever

- Friendly online chats with Mistress

hypnotic eye Mind Mistress Log 1: Smoking fetish conversion

hypnotic eye Mind Mistress Log 2: Quelling the fear of hypnosis

hypnotic eye Mind Mistress Log 3: Becoming Jessica

soda girlMind Mistress Log 4: Ashley, milking-cow girl by hypnosis

hypnotic eye Mind Mistress Log 5: Vampire trance-script

hypnotic magic smoke Oriental magic: Asian slut by hypnosis magic mirror of self hypnosis

Rhonda Rhonda's story: Rhonda got a bit more than she bargained for

hypnotic eyeEnslaved Online
A man is enslaved online and given a new fetish by Mind Mistress


Real life accounts from the Guestbook
You can find more real life accounts from our hypnotic subjects in the Guestbook

DomSubFriends magazine of New York, the Voyeur Hypnosis, a bridge to the submissive soul
This is an article published by DomSubFriends (Feb 2001), the New York City bdsm association, in their online magazine, "The Voyeur". Co-authored by husband and wife (sub & Mistress), describing their experience with Mind Mistress's hypnotic slave training.



Hypnotic fantasy pictures & stories

(with Public domain pictures)

dream1 Sample hypnotic fantasy stories
To inspire your requests for hypnosis sessions

Sarah-Gill The smokey seduction of Sarah by Dor_01
Sarah's sister is an evil mind controlling whore with wicked plans for her... and a pack of More 120's.

Forced to love her cigarette holder Gina's Roomate
Danielle's going to start smoking, love smoking, and need to smoke with a cigarette holder for Gina. Lesbian version by Mind Mistress, Gay original by Chester

pantyhose and smoking Ericksonian Hypnosis Explained
(cigarette holder version here)
I explain ericksonian hypnosis to a friend, and she doesn't mind me smoking in her house afterwards... by Mind Mistress

cigarette holder lady Daddy slave
A man wants his wife turned into a slut against her will. Things don't always work the way we planned...
by Mind Mistress

hypnotic eye 99 Rules of Mind Control A short (well, not really), humourous explanation of the rules of Mind Control

hypnotic eyePots of Sex (by Rinky Dink)
The power of a Native American fertility god might be more than a group of dedicated lesbians can handle


UC Unintended consequences (by SSTORYMAN) The spirits can heal you and give you what you wish... with only minor side effects...

Lorilei awakening Heaven and Hell - Book 1 : Recruiter (by Maggie Finson) If you're too naughty, you might become a succubus!

Lorilei awakening Heaven and Hell - Book 2: The Ways of Power (by Maggie Finson) Our favorite Succubus gains some new friends...

Lorilei awakening Heaven and Hell - Book 3: Angelique (by Maggie Finson) A Hell Maid's work is never done

Lorilei awakening Heaven and Hell - Book 4: Angelique- Balancing Act (by Maggie Finson) All your favorite gals team up to defend their home from a Hellish revolt

evilenavillain Heroine Transformations:(by R.K.)Comic book super-heroines brainwashed into evil lesbian super-villainesses

mandy My New Life (by timmy): Two women who have become lesbian lovers decide to turn their husbands into a gay couple. With the help of Mind Mistress, one of them is turned into a sissy slut, addicted to cocks and to smoking, while the other is turned into 'her' domineering lover.



Quizzes and tests

Can I be hypnotized? and the

Forced Feminization onsite Tests & Quizzes

Girl or guy?

Take the amazing GENDER TEST by clicking here! (the site now requires registration with an email address)

Or the COGIATI (Combined Gender Identity And Transsexuality Inventory) you can find explanations and other language versions here http://transsexual.org/TEST0.html

Anne Lawrence created the Dysphoric Indicator And Native Assessment of Transsexuality Inventory (DIANATI) in response to the COGIATI. You can also read her review of gender tests on TSRoadmap.

Or if you like, get yourself hypnotized into being the other gender... and then do the tests!

sarah says: "i read through one of the feminization stories... then noticed a link at the bottom of the story page to a sex test... i took it, and it was 96% sure i was a woman! well the next day, when i had not been to your site in a while, i took it again... and it said i was a man, but i was in the white area, between the blue and pink... so apparently i was pretty close to either way... but it was neat to see how just reading the stories affected the way i thought and acted"

"How to" guides & more

Cock Sucking

cocktrainingFor internal use by authorized slaves. Do not click here unless you agree to become obsessed with cock
Best viewed with Internet Explorer.

how to suck cock But if you do look at it, you will then need to read the How to Suck Cock Guide

gloryhole And you'll also need the Glory Hole FAQ for how to get some cock


how to smokeIf you're into that, you can learn here how to start smoking


hypnotic eyeSample hypnotic fantasies to give you ideas for sessions.

Random Fun

To make you feel GREAT...... the automatic flatterer:


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The texts here are true, except where noted as fantasy. The pics are off the net. You don't want to see what they look like as guys, do you? You want to see what they're hallucinating, or what they'll look like after surgery, and that's what the pictures represent.


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