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NLP Master practitionner, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Hypnosis sessions in French and English
NLP certified since 1996


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To Contact Mind Mistress
by email:

Sorry, but a Javascript-enabled browser is required to email me.

I will reply to you, and when you reply back, please quote our earlier messages.

I can answer up to a hundred emails in a day, and I really can't remember all the details of each conversation. Nor do I want to have to search through old messages to figure out what you're talking about. Do make My job easier.

If you are writing a CD review for posting on the site, please make that clear in the subject line, ie: "Review of CD18-Princess"

I really do need CDs reviews, especially for those that do not have any reviews or very few! 
Even if you didn't like the CD, I will post your review, as long as you explain why. Not all CDs are appropriate for everyone, and your experience will help other girls decide which ones they need. If you loved it, then let everyone know so they can enjoy it too! Mistress will be grateful for your help... and you DO want to make Mistress happy, don't you? :)


HypnoticWishes Service Policies

General Policy Philosophy

Generally speaking, we want you to be a happy customer. We’ll deliver your purchases along a reasonable timescale, answer your questions, or refund you if you’re not happy – within reasonable limits. Those limits are explained below. For instance, it’s not reasonable to ask for a refund of a service or product you received a year ago. If you’re not completely satisfied, please contact us within thirty days of delivery via email or the Contact Page.

Privacy Policy

Any information submitted by site visitors and customers is private and will not be shared with any third party or person unless the customer specifically requests it (during couples counselling, for instance). This includes any data submitted via contact form, request form, email, text chat session, phone or Skype session. All your information is confidential and only accessible to your hypnotist or counsellor.

Customer Service Policy

For customer service, you may expect a reply within two business days from the time of your request. Please use the Contact Page or email and specify “Customer Service” in the subject line for a prompt answer. Other requests outside of Customer Service may have longer delays.

What is included in Customer Service?

What is NOT included in Customer Service?

Session Appointment Requests

Allow a week for processing of session request forms when you are available within the following two weeks.

If you request sessions for a future longer than two weeks away, there may be additional delays in responding.

If your availability is limited to very specific dates, please put the date in the subject line. For instance, if you’re only available on March 3rd, and won’t be available again for a while, please use the Contact Page or email to send an additional message and specify “Session Request March 3” in the subject line. We cannot guarantee approval of new clients for sessions less than a week away, though it’s possible.

In Person Session Policy

If you wish to have an in person session, you must:

  1. Provide a suitable location in Montreal, Quebec for this to happen. The home office is not designed for sessions.
  2. Have previously taken and used a phone/Skype or text chat session. This is for safety reasons, as well as due to the high rate of cancellation of those who ask for a first session in person.
  3. Ask at least a week in advance. Please plan ahead.

Session Return, Refund, and Cancellation policy

-Unused Sessions Refunds: Any payments made for unused sessions will be refunded upon request. Please allow a week to process. You may use the Contact Page to make the request with the subject being “Refund Request.”

-Used Session Refunds: If you are unsatisfied with your purchased session after receiving it, it is also refundable upon request. Please allow a week to process.

-Implied Service Cancellation: Requesting a session refund terminates all current and future service relations. This means that if you ask for a session refund, you cannot later ask for another session. If you believe the service was bad, why would you ask for more? If you change your mind and later decide the refund was not justified, that the session was good and you want more, then you will have to pay once again for the refunded session before more sessions can be scheduled.

-Failed Session Replacement: In some cases a session may go poorly due to unforeseen circumstances. For instance, Skype may fail to connect properly, or have so many interruptions as to make the session useless. This is no one’s fault, these things happen. Your counsellor may be too sick with a cold to do a proper job. You may be called away for a family or work emergency during the call. In these sorts of cases, the session will simply be rescheduled and done again at no extra charge.

-Three Chances on Sudden Cancellations: A three strikes rule applies to repeated session interruptions. If you need to cancel sessions for any personal reasons with less than 24 hour’s notice, it counts as a strike. Mishaps happen, that’s life, and you’ll be forgiven up to three times for that. But if your spouse or work keeps interrupting sessions and forcing a reschedule, then you need to figure some way to avoid that. The first three last minute or in-session reschedulings are free. After that, you will need to pay for wasting your counsellor’s time.

HypnoticWishes Product Policies


Digital Product Delivery: Delivery of digital products such as mp3 recordings is available immediately upon completion of the purchase via credit card. You will have three download attempts included in the purchase. In case of technical problems this can be extended.

Physical CD Delivery: Allow two weeks for the mailing of physical CDs, as these are no longer a commonly used option. Shipping times will vary by destination. Expect delivery 2 to 3 weeks after mailing in North America, and very rarely up to six weeks. After that delay, we will assume it has been lost in the mail and send another one upon request. Accelerated shipping requests will be handled on a case per case basis via email where additional fees are discussed. You will be notified once the mailing has been done.

Delivery Options and Fees

Recordings may be delivered via mp3 download or as physical Compact Disks via standard mail. There is no shipping cost on downloads. Regular shipping cost of physical CDs is included in the price. In the case of exotic locations, additional fees may be requested if the shipping cost exceeds 20% of the purchase price of these CDs.

Export Restrictions and Undeliverable Packages Refunds: Please be aware of your country’s export policy on such products. We will attempt to ship to any desired destination but cannot ensure it will pass your country’s customs. If the shipment is returned to us undelivered you will be notified and refunded within two weeks of that return.

Refunds Requests

Unclaimed Recordings Refund Policy: Customers may ask for a full refund on any purchase of mp3s not yet downloaded or CDs not yet shipped. Allow a week for the refund to be processed. You may use the Contact Page to make the request with the subject being “Refund Request.”

Received Recordings Refund Policy: Due to the ease of copying recordings, only the last order may be refunded for a total value not exceeding $500 US. This means that if you order $1000 of recordings and request a refund, only $500 of it will be refunded. This is to avoid unreasonable abuse of the refund policy for piracy.

Physical products may be returned to the company distribution office located at:

HypnoticWishes, 196A Montee Henrysburg, St-Bernard de Lacolle, Quebec, J0J1V0, Canada

Asking for recording recommendations that would best suit your needs.
Questions about specific recordings you are considering buying, their usage and effects.
Troubleshooting issues in using recordings you bought that do not produce expected results.
Asking questions about session types and what to expect from them.
Asking whether your goal is part of the services we offer or not.
Concerns about after-effects of sessions and what to do about them.

What is NOT included in Customer Service?


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