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"You are not gay if someone is wearing a dress during sex, no matter how many penises are involved"

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Yes, the American Department of Homeland Security has now recognized the threat we represent with the Lesbian Conspiracy 2.0.
Spiking the water supply of cities with estrogen and putting subliminal messages in cartoons is just the beginning!
Soon we'll have them all in skirts and heels! Mouahahaha!

December 30, Saturday




Happy New Year to all My girls !

Added: a THIRD whole page with 20 pics of Myself to the picture gallery.

The time between Christmas and New year has very often been a time of major personal change for me. Sometimes, it's been finding a new girlfriend. Or some new way of seeing the world. This year, it's a deeper connection to my emotions, and I feel more alive than ever!

A bit of personal sharing... without the trappings of being a Mistress. As a kid, I was happy and loved at home, but things didn't go so well at school. I was very sensitive, and shut down much of my emotions to protect myself. I started high school totally isolated and painfully shy, but in the second year, I devised a plan, and methodically got rid of this shyness. Since then, I've been working on my emotions, to feel them more, rather than living in intellectual detachement. I've finally had a breakthrough on Thursday, and I can't tell you how HAPPY I am!! I feel sooo alive! And it feels really good to share those feelings :-)

This came about through a series of events and actions on my part. And the really GREAT news is, I think I can reproduce that effect for those who've similarly cut themselves off from their emotions. Obviously, I can't reproduce all the events of my life for others, but I think the ones crucial to the change can be created in sessions, and probably even distilled into a CD. I want all you girls to be able to feel this way... cause now that I have it, I'd rather lose both my legs than lose these new stronger emotions. That's how much they mean to me.

With the warmest love, I wish you all the best year of your life!



December 24, Saturday

Merry Christmas to all My girls !

Added: a SECOND whole page with 20 pics of Myself to the picture gallery.
And they're getting racier this time...
I hope you enjoy girls! I'll post another page like that for New Year's :)


December 19, Monday

Fixed: The guestbook. I had put new antispam detection on the 15th, but omitted to test it. I left an extra "or" in the list, and that made the whole script crash. It's fixed now. Thank you Sharlene for bringing it to My attention.

Gifts: The Bloodrayne II game and the pair of swords have already been offered! Yay, thank you! I do sword dancing, which I learned in belly dancing. I also learned ninjustsu, so I do more than spin them around ;)

BloodRayne comes out in movie form in January, so you'll be able to see how she handles her swords :)

I've added another item to the list though: the movie Sky High on DVD to My amazon.com wish list.

Here's what I had in the gifts page, and removed. I'm putting it here so you can read it if you havn't already:

I'd like the new BloodRayne 2 video game for PC. For some reason, there are very few places that sell it, and many of them don't ship to Canada. It's ok if I don't get it for Christmas exactly... I'll have something to play in January :)

I would also LOVE to have a pair of her swords. There are replicas of her upcoming movie's swords around on the net. I've played the first version of the game... a sexy redhead half-vampire... she slices, she dices... ;)


December 17, Saturday

Added: a whole page with 20 pics of Myself to the picture gallery. I'll be adding pages one at a time... there are about 100 pics total for that shoot, and the hotter ones come later... ;)

You'll also notice a new form of menu on the side. It's not frames, it's CSS Stylesheets, which will be slowly integrated into the site. Let Me know how you like it compared to the icons menu bars.

Added: some new ideas for gifts for Mistress. :)

Updated: the quick menu icons bars, so they point to the new recordings section. They're actually server side includes, so I can update them all in one place from now on. There's just one file for the root level, and one for the directories.

I've been under the weather since Friday, so I didn't catch up on email as I'd hoped. Also skipped a party this Saturday to rest up... which did allow Me to finish up the pics update to the site at least.


December 16, Friday

Corrected: the CD10 page in the new recordings section, so track 6 can be downloaded. Thaqnk you to the one who noticed it. And this makes a nice sample track.

Updated: the Guestbook securities after the French guestbook had been sabotaged. Every time someone messes with it, security tightens appropriately... so it's more and more difficult for them to do so.

News: I've been very busy this week running around for car repairs, and various business documents, so email responses have been slow. I've avoided scheduling sessions so I can answer all the email... I hope! I should be caught up by tomorrow very late at night. I've been working on email and preparing the mailing today. The next big site update is almost done... if I can get over all this email that's pending! I'll be scheduling sessions for next week.

The next CD mailing is tomorrow.


December 3, Saturday

Recordings: Hypnosis CDSAdded: a whole new section for CDs, with individual page descriptions for each CD, and individual pages for reviews. This way, you'll be able to easily find all the reviews people have put in the Guestbook and sent Me about each CD. A lot of work has gone into it, I hope you appreciate it :)

Some of the CDs have very few or even no reviews at all, especially the more recent ones, so I'd appreciate people sending Me reviews to add to those. Or just put them in the Guestbook, as that's where I collect most of them. Please make it clear which CD(s) you're reviewing though.

Tech: I've had some help on this, and my helper is really into CSS style sheets and Server Side Includes. These will make updating things across the site easier, and includes a new type of navigation menu. I don't like frames, so this kind of menu seems like a good compromise to get easy navigation. I'll be working on updating the site links to point to the new CD section this week. Do let Me know how you like the new layout and menu.

IRC Chatroom IRC News: The new link for the IRC Chatroom points to #adulthypnoticwishes on SorceryNet. Why the change? Well, there seems to have been some unpleasant uses of authority in channel, and contention about who the channel belongs to. So II left the old channel to those who believe it's theirs. They can now do whatever they want with it without interference from Me.

For the new channel, I got together as many as I could of the people who actually do hypnosis in channel, and make the channel fun. These are they people visitors come to see. We then democratically nominated and gave confidence votes for the different levels of responsability and Operator status necessary to run a channel. If you've had unpleasant chatroom experiences in the past, you may want to give the new chatroom a try. Right now, the mood there is positively giddy! :)

Just a note to new visitors: Don't expect to walk in, demand hypnosis, and get it. These people do this as a hobby, like I used to do. And like them, I only did hypnosis with people I got to know and like. So, be friendly, get to know the people there, and one of them may offer you a trance. Like Me, their time is limited, so they'll trance the people they like best.

I DO believe in Santa Claus, but I DON'T believe in a free lunch. ;-)
So if you're not paying Me for trance with money, then you have to pay with friendship and the time you invest in the relationships with that community.


November 25, Friday

Updated: the French payment page to include track information on the first French CD, and translated the fast delivery options into French.

Updated: the anti-spam filters on the Guestbooks. Apparently, they were putting their messages in the email field, the bastards!

And fixed a few bugs here and there...

Currently, working on getting some more pics of Myself onto the site :)
That seems to be a higher priority with folks than getting the next CD out, so I'll focus on that this weekend.


November 18, Friday

The new Happy Potter and the goblet of fire movie comes out today! Woohoo!

And here's a favorite quote from a dear magical friend I've lost touch with years ago:

"Those who do not hear the music may think the dancer mad"


November 15, Tuesday

Updated: The IRC Chatroom with new software. No more annoying unregistered software warnings! Thank you to Sharlene for suggesting this free Java IRC Chat software. See the Main Hall menu to go to the chatroom.

For new StormPay user: Get your StormPay membership first, by going to the StormPay site. If you try to create the membership at the same time as you make your first purchase, there's a good chance the membership application will fail.

A user who had been unable to get an account managed to get one by going directly to their site. Thank you for letting Me know this fix.



November 9, Wednesday

Update: The main hall menu now has links to the HypnoticWishes Yahoo Group, where girls can discuss common interests, share files, pics and animations,

and to My new Girls-R-Us.TV shopping site. Girls R Us is where you can discreetly go shopping for sexy clothing, shemale videos, sex toys and other sexy games, cuffs and collars... and get a guided tour with My voice! The shopping cart should be operational by the weekend.

Also updated the First Session page to include more information about phone sessions.

Added: to the story gallery

Dear Abby Mistress 3 and Dear Abby Mistress 4, answering your common couples questions, and a very special true story of how a prudish college girl became a slut... and whore. Very useful psychological insight if you want to know how to turn a woman into a slut.


November 3, Thursday

CD20-UnCursed is now available!

See the Recordings file for details, or go directly to CD20.

And here is the payment page (StormPay only for now...)

Updated: the First Session page, with more details on phone sessions, using headsets, and with ICQ instructions removed.

News: No news on the payment server. It could come back on tomorrow, or next month. It's not a software issue. Basically, one of their big clients screwed up badly, which got their bank upset with them. That client was flushed, and they're frantically working to resolve this. Fortunately, we know banks are sooo understanding of such things... ahem. We'll continue using StormPay and money orders until then, or until I find some other payment server that accept the sale of intangibles and adult products... with a Canadian business. I'm very open to suggestions. IBill and CCBill are easy options, but they take a 15% cut... so thery're not very appealing.


October 31, Monday

Happy Halloween girls!

While I take care of the mind, something was missing: the body.

This is why I have acquired the servitu... services of Alice, known as The Mad Scientist, to provide girls who so wish with natural means of shaping their bodies into sexy girls.

As well, a girl needs to shop. And so, the new site will have all kinds of things a girl needs, from makeup, to clothing, lingerie and toys... and discrete shipping done in a more timely manner than I could ever do.

Unfortunately, Dr Natural, her mentor, escaped his cage... I mean, his rooms, in the castle less than a day before the site opening. And what a mess he made while Alice slept!

He's put dildos and vibrators in nearly every room, instead of the things that should properly be there. He'll be eating nothing but carrots for a week for THAT little stunt of his...

So with that warning in mind, I invite you to visit My castle, on the new site. I think you'll like having My voice accompany and guide you in many of the pages, when you click to play the animations. There is also a little contest there for those who help fix the mess Dr. Natural made. And by the time the rooms are organized again, the shopping cart and payment system should be operational. But you'll enjoy looking around anyway I think...

(this is the portal page here that leads to the other site).

Enjoy, girls, and have a wonderful Halloween!

Mind Mistress Linda


October 29, Saturday

Soon, for Halloween on Monday, the opening of a new site... for finding the things you need to be pretty and girly and fulfilled....

I have a sexy cop outfit for the dance tonight ;)

Happy Halloween girls!


October 19, Wednesday

In Memoriam

Ormond McGill, known as the Dean of American Hypnotists, died early today in Santa Rosa, California. He had celebrated his ninety-second birthday this past June.

I have trained with him, and simply wish to honor his memory by sharing this with you. A funny and loveable man, he made an mark on all those who knew him.

I bought at the time of his training a butterfly from his collection, which he was selling some of. I don't have it here in the studio, but the name of it is "metamorphous" or something like that, and it has shimmery reflective wings, set in a black case with a mirror behind it. I thought it appropriate a symbol of what I do.

I also have his encyclopedia of hypnotic inductions, the most complete in existence I think.

Ormond, may blessings go with you on your journey.



October 13, Friday

ADDED: 3 more captioned pics, and Spanish versions of the most popular hypnotic animations. Thank you to the girls who donated them! See them in the Slave Gallery

I had them already thumbnailed, just needed to make the links and pages for them, which I did today. If you're having trouble finding them, look for the bright yellow "NEW".

Next I plan to work on a new pic of Myself from one of the photoshoots.


October 12, Thursday

ADDED: CockSucker Program 1, created by a fan.

As promised, at least one item of new content per week :)


October 11, Wednesday

Direct Payment: I called the processor people today, and the problem is a lot bigger, annoying and more complicated than a simple software problem. They're doing their best to get it resolved. My guess is that it will take a few weeks to resolve... and that's the optimistic scenario. I suggest that people use StormPay if at all possible. And I'll start looking for other credit card processors, just in case...


October 10, Tuesday

Direct Payment Still Offline: My direct payment processors still havn't gotten their act back together again. Or if they have, they didn't notify Me about it. They told Me it should be back on by last Tuesday, but obviously it wasn't.

I've received a number of emails of people pleading to have Direct Payment, because StormPay does not suit them or work for them. Really folks, there's very little I can do about it, other than call the payment processor people and annoy them, which I plan to do tomorrow. After Paypal outlawed adult payments and froze My account without even sending a notification of policy change, I relied on StormPay exclusively for a while (after frantically searching for an alternative and eventually finding them). Wary of having only one payment method, I've kept StormPay for exactly this kind of situation.

Finding a company willing to handle credit card processing, for adult non-tangibles, for a Canadian company, was quite challenging. I'd rather wait a little bit longer before finding an alternative. This is the first time the processors I'm using have had such a problem, so I'm inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt for now... and rely on StormPay in the meantime.

NEWS: I've just returned from a weekend trip to the Mad Scientist's Lair in Long Island NY. Aside from the long drive and almost constant drizzle of rain, it was quite fun, and I've brought back The Chair... motorized to take 6 different positions with a foot pedal! Yet another element of My lair acquired... Mouahaha! Though it will need some tinkering before I bring it to the studio to use on visiting slave girls. A few restraints... some mind control attachements... all fun stuff!

To those wondering, yes, I did make an appearance in the chatroom using The Mad Scientist's nickname on IRC this weekend. The_Mad_Scientist is now a moderator of the hypnoticwishes Yahoo group, and will be opening for Me a new site, with all kinds of toys and merchandise we think girls like you would like.

I'm a hypnotist. Warehouses and shipping are not My thing, so I'd rather let someone with experience in that (and inventory) handle it for Me. Really, with My only being able to fit in one mailing per week in My schedule, having some sla... dedicated associate handle it seems a much better option. More news on that here later, and in the group. And that's a Good Thing. ;-)

In other news, I'm almost completely back to health after that nasty cold, and will begin emailing all those asking for sessions tomorrow. Thank you to everyone for your patience. I'll also re-start emailing people to notify them that their CDs have been mailed. Answering their queries one by one just isn't efficient...

And finally, since the Celtic new year is almost upon us (Halloween), I've made my resolution: to make at least one content update per week, be it a log, or a new picture. I've been approaching the work on pictures from My photoshoots as an "all or nothing" deal, which hasn't worked. So I promise that at least once a week, I will ignore unanswered emails, and work on putting up a piece of text or log, or process a picture and make it available on the site. FNORD !


October 1, Saturday

Direct payment is currently offline!

The service that handles direct credit card payments is currently doing software upgrades. The service should be back online Monday or Tuesday (October 3 or 4). StormPay is unaffected by this.

BLOG: Well, Southern Comfort was fun, and the seminar I gave on Overcoming Fears Through Hypnosis got great reviews. The next planned convention I'll be attending is First Event in Massachussets in late January.

Unfortunately, I got sick shortly after returning, so I've been mostly resting, and not answering much email. I'll try to do some this weekend. I think it's some kind of bronchial infection. Not much coughing or sneezing, or much of the usual unpleasantness of flus, I'm just very low energy, and not much attention span for doing work. I only have 300 emails to answer... ahem.

CD Mailings: The last mailing was done Tuesday September 20. Any orders made before that date have been mailed. They normally take 2-3 weeks to arrive, but it can take up to 6 weeks by regular airmail. There was no mailing this past week. I plan to do the next mailing this coming Tuesday. Apologies for delays to everyone eagerly awaiting their CDs :)

HypnoticWishes Yahoo Group:

The group creator seems missing in action, so I'm doing the moderation and membership approval these days. Make sure that your Yahoo profile is complete and states your age. This is an adult group, and Yahoo shuts down groups with members who do not state they are over 18. If you do not have a Yahoo profile that says you are over 18, your request to join will be denied. You can certainly re-apply after fixing your profile.

Guestbook Spam

The guestbook spamming has once again gotten out of hand. I'd like to be able to kill entries that have "http" in them, but I know very little Perl. Can anyone help out with the cgi code for that? see contact to answer on this.


Setptember 11, Sunday

Graphic Artist Contest: CD label design DETAILS

I have been asked for a deadline for submissions, so artists have an idea of how much time they have. I will not choose a winner before October 1. But I may wait until October 31 to decide upon a winner. This assumes I get an entry that I want to use, which is not guaranteed. If I still don't find any I want to use by October 31, I'll give the designer of the best one a free CD, and keep looking for something suitable.

Please submit your drafts in JPG or GIF format, no bigger than about 200K, but specify the format and resolution of your original file. The final high resolution file might be 80 Megs, but I don't need that to see if I like it...

A note on resolution and format:

There are two kinds of image formats, vectorial and bitmap.

Photography always produces bitmaps, which means every dot on a grid is assigned a color. This is what you get with Photoshop, Paint, etc. Files with .bmp, .jpg, .gif and .tif are all bitmaps. bmp makes unnecessarily large files, and jpg loses details every time you resave it, so tif is preferred for pictures with lots of colors, such as photographs, and drawings with many color shades. Gif is for images with less than 256 colors, so it's fine for drawings, but lousy for photographs, which need millions of colors.

Vectorial is by far superior for drawings, because it is entirely made up of mathematical formulas (such as bezier curves), which means that you can resize it as big as your house, and it will still have perfectly smooth lines. Adobe Illustrator, and Macromedia Flash are examples of programs that create vectorial images.

The CD printing company I want to use *assumes* entries will be in vectorial format (i.e. Illustrator). However, I can use bitmap formats if they're high enough resolution. 300 pixels per inch is a strict minimum for resolution. 600 pixels per inch is low-end photo quality, and much better for what I want.

I have received the first entry, in 300 dpi. However, because of the way it was drawn, the curves are not smooth, and you can see the pixels on the edges of curves. This doesn't give a professional look. I shouldn't be able to see the pixels. (I want to thank the artist for her entry though, as the design is excellent, and because it allowed Me to specify what I want more clearly for others, so people don't waste time on drawings I can't use).

BTW, to the artist who asked how to contact Me... you're not crazy, the contact page link wasn't there when I first posted the update... I added it after you asked ;)


Setptember 9, Friday

Graphic Artist Contest: CD label design

I want a new graphic for CD labels. The current thunderstorm design would be ok, if it wasn't so low resolution. I'm sure something better can be made, high resolution bitmap, or even vectorial. I will pay the contest winner with a 150$ value, meaning a 1 hour phone session, 1.5 hour online session, or three CDs.

The graphic is a circle of about 11.5cm width, or a little over 4.5 inches (just measure the graphic of one of your CDs...). The a hole in the middle places some limits on the designs. One thing to consider is that I want to get them professionally duplicated (I have been burning them Myself so far, and I am trying to find ways to save time for important things other cannot do).

The cost of duplication varies depending on the number of colors. Black and white is the basic price. Then it costs more to add each color: Blue, Yellow, Red. Ideally, I'd like a design with just one color, to go with black and white. But if a multicolor illustration is really great, I'll be willing to pay the extra costs. You know I like pink and purple, and blue on black looks great. But these days, tribal tattoo designs in red and black really appeal to My increasingly gothic tastes.

And what should the design look like? That's for you to be creative about! I just need it to be your original art or your own high resolution photography, so it is free of copyrights and nasty lawsuits. Also remember that things don't look the same on the screen as they do printed, ie. colors don't glow. And that I'll have to put text on it for the CD name, author and website.

To contact Me, click here

NEWS: I finally fixed Yahoo by deleting the Yahoo Messenger directory, and reinstalling, after having backed up the message archive.

Only a week and a half before Southern Comfort Convention on September 21!



September 3, Saturday

NEWS: There were no updates for a while because I couldn't connect to the FTP site to modify the website. After reconfiguring My connection a few times, I finally discovered it wasn't on My side, but a change from the web host. Unfortunately, the current configuration doesn't work with Yahoo Messenger, so I'll have to change that. I also need to install a router on My high speed connection, so I'll do that first, since it will change the configuration again when I do so. In short, no Yahoo Messenger until I figure out the setup, probably over the weekend. Yahoo doesn't even work on dialup at the moment.

Scheduling has been difficult in August, especially for evening sessions, since I have been taking a class on soundwork. It will be ending by next weekend, so I will have more time then.

UPDATES: Until I get around to putting up the new content, I've found an amusing way to read the stories again in a new way, the Dialectizer! Read the stories in Bimbo speak, Jersey Girl, or Hoochie Mama dialects! See the Story Gallery

BLOG: The Lair is still progressing nicely. I have the flat screen LCD TV for conditionning, and now a black leather couch with each end acting as a Lazy Boy style recliner. Very comfortable, for when restraints are not necessary...

Oh, and this weekend is a Fetish Weekend in Montreal, with a number of events and workshops, and many visitors from Ontario and the US. I ran into Tara Emory, transsexual porn star, last night at Club Sin, Very yummy, dancing in her matador outfit! You can see her in that outfit on her previews page. If you're into sexy shemales that is... as you probably are if you've been reading My site for a while... ;)


August 17, Wednesday

Transgender Convention Announcement

I will be at the Southern Comfort Conference September 21 to 25, 2005

for a second year, presenting a workshop on Overcoming Fears, and promoting hypnosis CDs in the vendor area. This workshop will be in three half hour parts, explaining hypnosis, a group trance, and discussion period. The group trance will give a brief version of the process I've developped for overcoming fears of people's reactions when they find out about you, which I've used successfully many times in therapy. You can visit Southern Comfort's site here.

BLOG: Progress with the Lair.

I have red curtains tied in the middle, on top of black satin curtains, a pile of mostly black pillows on the floor for a harem look, with some purple, red and green , and now some hand carved antique chairs for the kitchen and antique bedside tables to go with the black metal, wrought iron look bed. Soon will be getting a flat wide screen LCD TV for the playing the brainwashing content to those strapped to The Chair. I'll be getting The Chair in October. I will be getting custom made mirror covered armoires for the living room and bedroom. This is so girls can see themselves well as they practice their new cheerleader or stripper moves, and sexy walks... :-)

Red Queen LIC Chess

As I sat at the computer, reading someone's offline message about serving by bringing more people to the site for the Lesbian Conspiracy 2.0 gave Me a thought... pawns of the conspiracy. I'm imagining a chess set where the pawns are red busty bimbos, on one side, and hypnotized males on the other. I'm the red Hypno Queen, with the enslaved Mad Scientist as My king (yes, you'll be hearing about the Mad Scientist I've caught around Halloween), while the white queen and king are a hetero Christian couple holding up a cross trying to protect their conservative morals. My knights are sitting Strapon Mistresses (for playing horsy), versus white pony girls. My bishops are Hypno Dommes with hypno disks on their chests, versus... hmmm... not sure. My Rooks are Brainwash Chairs with wrist restraints versus metal chastity underpants, or perhaps just Dungeon Towers.

BDSM Camping

On Friday, I'm going to a BDSM camping weekend in Vermont, where My U-Haul camper will come in handy as a Portable Hypnosis Chamber! I will be promoting My CDs in their vendor area on Saturday, and it will be interesting to see which of my selection of CDs are appealing to a BDSM audience, as I have to seriously tone down the domination aspect of My work when I go to TG conventions. This event is by invitation only.

Mailing News: Last week's mailing was done on Thursday, and will be again this week. Thank you for all your orders :)


July 27, Wednesday

BLOG: Yes, I'm still alive. The weekly mailing was done last Thursday, and will be done Thursday this week again. I'm settling in, and I may even have curtains soon! lol
I went to see the women comics night (which was very good) at the Montreal Just For Laughs Festival, and saw the Kinsey Sicks again. I'd seen them last year at the Queer Comics night. They're a dragapella beautyshop quartet, very amusing, and I like acapella.
Should anyone want to offer Me their CDs, I would be quite pleased. Let Me know :) http://www.kinseysicks.com/store.htm


July 18, Monday

NEWS: The Hypnotic Lair

I have rented a studio in Montreal for the purpose of being able to receive and hypnotize My girls (instead of using hotel rooms). The moving was this past weekend, so I am still getting organized, and as you can imagine, this means it delays answering emails and such, as it has over the previous week of packing. I will be mostly working and sleeping here, and I'm working on a gothic decor. Feel free to offer decoration ideas appropriate to Erotic Mind Control. I'm thinking the gothic, gypsy, medieval, and mystical themes are most appropriate. The basic color scheme is going to be blood red and black, for curtains and wall drapings, though the walls themselves will remain white :)

I'm also considering designs for a brainwashing chair, or bed/table with restraints to make sure those who have second thoughts get fully "processed"... mouahahaha....

I am giving priority to taking care of this week's CD orders to mail them Tuesday if I can. Then session requests for Wednesday at the earliest. Everything else will have to wait...

And now that I am in Montreal, it makes going out far easier. For instance, tonight I'm going to a special event at a gothic club. I'm also taking Exotic Dance lessons again twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm (this means no 5pm sessions those days). This is all part of My plan to make Exotic Dancing / Sexy Stripper and Cheerleader exercise videos for My girls to stay in shape. Obviously, I have to get very good at it before I can teach it, so this is a 2 year project.


July 4, Monday

CD F1-EnTranse is now available!
(the first French CD)

and will ship next week. See http://adultes.hypnoticwishes.com/transe/pay.php
Le premier CD de transe en francais est maintenant disponible: CD F1-EnTranse

Happy 4rth of July to My American girls!

June 20, Monday

Favorite quote this week: "Everything feels better with something up your ass"

BLOG: More thank you's ! To Steve for the Angel sound track, and Victoria for the Buffy musical sound track.

I've decided to add the BLOG title to personal entries, as some are becoming almost a live journal. Blog is the current term for "weblog"


Here is the description of the upcoming CD

CD20-UnCursed: You have felt odd about being male all your life. Now you learn that you really *have* always been a girl, but cursed since adolescence so that everyone, including you, sees, feels and remembers you only as a boy. A good witch intervenes to restore your memories, and partially lifts the curse, so that you can now see yourself as you truly are... female. But the curse affects everyone in the world to see you this way, and she can only restore true perception to one person at a time...

A first French CD
will be available, as soon as I can buy blank labels this week. It is about 50 minutes long, and is a long induction, similar to the 22 minute induction of CDs 2 and 3, except it includes tracks for dealing with the problems of people with an overactive internal dialog. It also features a hypnotic game where you wake up unable to move your legs. For once, a French client who took a phone session I could record! I plan on following up with a French version of Elegance, and one of Vixen.

A Spanish hypnosis CD ?
Yes, I might be making some hypnosis CDs in Spanish. Someone with some experience as a hypnotist has offered to translate the scripts, so I might be making CDs 3,10 and 16 in Spanish. With two semesters of Spanish, I can read out loud and pronounce pretty well (I'm good with accents), and even understand a good part of it, but I just don't have the vocabulary to do it Myself, or do sessions in Spanish. I've had a number of requests for hypnosis in Spanish over the years. This will take a while to do, however. Spanish CDs are not a top priority.

Reviews, Reviews!
I would love to get reviews of CD18-Princess and CD19-Oral, as I have not had any feedback on them yet. Every CD is unique. I don't know if they'll work for other people unless you tell Me. Each one is a new experiment. I *know* the previous ones work very well...


June18, Saturday


More thank you's! To Kathleen for the Weird Al CD, Vikki for the Lap Dance Lessons DVD, Julie Ann for the Official Cheerleader's handbook

Someone asked My Myer's-Brigg type, and provided a link to an online test for it.

It says I am a: Champion Idealist

moderately expressed extrovert (44), distinctively expressed intuitive personality (75), moderately expressed feeling personality (38), moderately expressed perceiving personality (33)

Here are two descriptions of My type ENFP: http://keirsey.com/personality/nfep.html , http://typelogic.com/enfp.html . I thought it was interesting :)

I plan to do more CD soundwork this weekend...


June 9, Thursday

It's My birthday and I'll fry (brains) if I want to! ;-)

Thank you to Victoria for the Buffy soundtrack, and Steve for the Cheerleader tapes, and makeup video, and heather for the vampire novel, and cynthia for the offering and The Mad Scientist for a bunch of stuff :)

I'm almost certainly forgetting to thank someone, so My apologies to them.


June 3, Friday

Fun Stuff:

Is Britney Spears using subliminals to make herself irrisitible?


News: In other news, I've become a hot redhead today! Yes, I know you'll want pictures. I'll work on that...

I tried it with a temporary one first a few weeks ago, and VERY much enjoyed the drooling that resulted of it, so I went with a permanent one now. A fiery copper, similar to Willow on Buffy. And I've tried making it straight. Change is fun :)

This is turning into a bit of a blog... ;)


June 2, Thursday

Medical Quote, Baldness medication:

"Propecia is for men only, and is not approved by the FDA as a hair loss treatment for women or children. A woman taking finasteride would have only a small decrease DHT levels because most of the effect of finasteride is on type-II 5-alpha-reductase that is primarily made in prostate glands.

Women who take finasteride and become pregnant may cause a male fetus to develop ambiguous genitals, and have female characteristics until puberty (at puberty, the child's genitals normalize)."

Now isn't THIS interesting... for the Lesbian Conspiracy 2.0...

"How *do* you manage to have only darling little girls Mrs. Robinson? My kids have all been boys, and I so wanted a girl..."

Mouahaha! A world of women and shemales is close at hand!

"The story of finasteride begins with scientists who were working with a family in the Dominican Republic who had a genetic trait that caused them to give birth to male children with ambiguous genitalia. Female babies were not affected. In many cases it was difficult to determine such an infant's gender by observation alone. At puberty, when hormone levels in these affected individuals increased, these young boys normalized. They eventually had children of their own, and perpetuated the genetic trait. It was also observed that the adult males in this group being studied did not suffer from enlarged prostate glands, never developed prostate cancer, nor did they lose their hair. No male pattern baldness! Genetic research showed that their gene for producing the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme was inactive. With no 5-alpha-reductase enzyme, testosterone in the blood was not readily converted to DHT. The low levels of DHT that resulted prevented their hair follicles from getting the message to have shorter growth cycles and miniaturization.

"Women inherit a tendency for pattern hair loss just as men do. But in women the DHT message is usually blocked by relatively high levels of estrogens circulating in the blood. Estrogen levels begin to decline as women begin perimenopause around age 40, and by age 55 to 58 most women are in menopause. While testosterone levels usually decline along with progesterone and estrogen, the DHT message may finally start to get through, and thinning hair can result."

Note: DHT creates baldness in the head (for those with genetic predisposition), but also creates hair growth on the rest of the body. Some transsexuals take finasteride to reduce hairyness of the body, even if they don't have head baldness, since finasteride prevents the body from converting testosterone into "evil body-hair producing" DHT, without affecting sexual function, such as erection.

"Aldactone (spironolactone): Aldactone is the brand name for spironolactone, a prescription medication used in pill form for treating women with three common problems seen by dermatologists: acne, hirsutism (too much hair, especially on the face), and androgenetic alopecia. Spironolactone is a potent anti-androgen, and binds to DHT receptor sites on hair follicles, thereby blocking DHT from getting its hair loss message to the follicles. This medication is used only for women with androgenetic alopecia (genetic pattern hair loss), because it can produce undesirable side effects in men." = treats head balness, and reduces hairyness in the rest of the body, and makes erections more and more difficult.

Don't you feel all ejumacated now? :)

Anyone taking any of these should be monitored by a doctor.


May 26, Thursday

CD19-Oral Obsession is now available!

CD19 will make anyone into a devoted cocksucker, unable to resist cocks. It also has optional tracks, one for needing to have bigger breasts, and one to be a busty shemale. This allows the CD to be usable on women for cockslut training, on men for gay sex or bisexual training, as well as for transgenders (transvestites, shemales, transsexuals). Moderate use creates moderate results. Intense long term use creates obsession.

The description on the recordings page and the payment button should be on the site by the end of the day.

News: My birthday is June 9, so I've updated My Amazon Wish List, which you can find on the Gifts for Mistress page. :)

In other news, I just found out about a high school for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender kids. Yay! The 2003 article is below, and more links can be found at the bottom. I have not been able to determine exactly the status of this school in 2005, and whether the suit is still pending, but it seems to still be open.

Thanks to Rinky Dink, who gave us Pots of Sex, for this news.


First public gay high school to open in NYC

Tuesday, July 29, 2003 Posted: 2:46 AM EDT (0646 GMT)

Harvey Milk High School will open in this newly renovated New York City building in the fall.
Mayor Micheal Bloomberg announces New York will open a high school where gays can feel safe.
CNN's Peter Viles . Hetrick-Martin Institute . New York City Department of Education NEW YORK (AP) --

NEW YORK (AP) -- New York City is creating the nation's first public high school for gays, bisexuals and transgender students

New York City is creating the nation's first public high school for gays, bisexuals and transgender students. The Harvey Milk High School will enroll about 100 students and open in a newly renovated building in the fall. It is named after San Francisco's first openly gay city supervisor, who was assassinated in 1978.

"I think everybody feels that it's a good idea because some of the kids who are gays and lesbians have been constantly harassed and beaten in other schools," Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Monday. "It lets them get an education without having to worry."

The school is an expansion of a two-classroom public school program that began in 1984. A gay-rights youth advocacy group, the Hetrick-Martin Institute, has managed and financed the program since its inception.

The new school's principal, William Salzman, said the school will be academically challenging and will follow mandatory English and math programs. It also will specialize in computer technology, arts and culinary arts.

State Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long criticized the creation of the school. "Is there a different way to teach homosexuals? Is there gay math? This is wrong," Long said. "There's no reason these children should be treated separately."

The Hetrick-Martin Institute's Web site says the school will give its students "an opportunity to obtain a secondary education in a safe and supportive environment. ... We believe that success requires the ability to respect and value the diverse human community."

Source: http://www.cnn.com/2003/EDUCATION/07/28/gay.school.ap/

Harvey Milk High Website: http://www.hmi.org/default.aspx

New York Magazine: http://newyorkmetro.com/nymetro/news/features/10970/ February 7, 2005 issue.


May 23, Monday

News: I'm back from Esprit, and boy was it fun! Not the least of which was enjoying My lovely assistant's charms as we played a few times. Esprit may be the smallest convention I go to, but it's the one I most enjoy. The After School party (where I was dressed as a cheerleader with My lovely assistant), talent show (I did very well on the song, and the others did great acts too), and pajama party were the best parts. The workshop I gave on Hypnotic Body Switching was very well attended and enjoyed. I highly recommend this convention, and will work on presenting a cheerleader workshop next year, to do a few cheers in the talent show.

I am *highly* amused and entertained by the whole thread that went on in the Guestbook during My absence! Both the usual desperate pleas of the addicted (it never gets old, I always get off on reading those), and the insightful responses of those who understand what I do here. The secret is, we're all bisexual to some degree or other, and the more repressed that part is, the more energy it has when given an outlet for release. Fighting it only fuels it.

At Esprit, I flipped through a book on transitioning, with a great quote:
"You are not gay if someone is wearing a dress during sex, no matter how many penises are involved".

As you may know, swinger men really like to see two women having sex, and occasionally get their girlfriends and wives to do it. But the men themselves are typically very homophobic, and unwilling to indulge the women with a guy on guy show. An interesting comment I was told from a swinger woman: "When women have sex together while the men watch, we don't worry about 'does this make me a lesbian?'. We just ask ourselves, 'am I having fun?'. So why do the men refuse and worry 'am I gay?'. Just because they like it, it doesn't mean they're gay, just like it doesn't make us lesbians if we like it with another woman. Guys can be so silly."

The next CD mailing will be Wednesday this week, unless I have time to catch up in time for Tuesday.


May 9, Monday

News: Thank you to dementia, for getting Me the song I needed on so short notice! The search is off. Now I practice for the show. It's not an easy one to do with those backup vocals doing a barber shop quartet type of affair.

As to My internet connection, I have a great PC, and a 56K modem. It's just that I'm in a rural area outside of Montreal, and the phone lines are not good enough to connect faster than at 26k. And there's no high speed available here yet.

Updated: My new life by Shirley, in the Story Gallery, I was waiting on her answer for how she wanted to be credited, and she took too much time. Her email is there, so you can contact her to let her know you liked it. She says she's working on part 2...


May 8, Sunday


I am preparing to participate in Esprit's talent show, and I am trying to get a copy of Weird Al's "Since you've been gone". I was looking for an instrumental version I could sing to, but it turns out there is a karaoke version on his Gump CD. That CD is out of print, however, and the Amazon linked people who sell it second-hand can't get it to Me with overnight shipping, as there is no such option for them to accept a payment like that. So I'm looking for an mp3 of it. I have dialup, so napster type programs are pretty hopeless for Me to use. Plus, what are slaves for?

I will be grateful to whoever finds it for Me, and we can arrange for a transfer method :)

The karaoke version should have Weird Al Yankovic himself singing the backup singer lines of "Since you've been gone" over and over, but pretty much nothing else.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Don't email it to Me immediately! I have a 10 meg limit on My email box, and if a lot of people send at once, it will overflow. Rather, tell Me you have it, and then I can tell you to email it if someone else hasn't already. I've already had one person email Me the wrong version so far (the full song, which I already have from his Bad Hair Day CD). Plus, with a 26K dialup connection, it takes a *long* time to download big files and clear My inbox (bad phone lines, and no high speed available in the area)


May 6, Friday

Added: A new story, My new life by Shirley, to the Story Gallery,

and chapter 6 of Heroine Transformations.

Yes, more content! Timmy has Me playing the Evil Hypnotist in that wife turned lesbian feminizer story, and I just found it so hot, I had to post it :)


May 4, Wednesday

I will be at the Esprit Gala transgender convention
from Tuesday May 17 to Sunday May 22.

There will be no sessions scheduled during that week, and I will have limited time for answering emails. The last CD mailing before the trip is May16. After that it will be May 24.

Esprit is going to be a lot of fun! I will be in the vendor mall at the HypnoticWishes table during the day, answering questions, promoting hypnosis, My CDs, and partying with the girls at night. This convention is the smallest one I go to, but it's the most fun one as far as evening events go! You can see My workshop on their site, looking very therapeutic. I'm wearing a nurse's uniform on that pic... to look therapeutic ;-)

My next public appearance and workshops will be at Southern Comfort, in Atlanta Georgia, September 20 to 25, 2005, and then First Event in January 2006 in Woburn, Massachusetts (the current link is for the last one, earlier this year).

AOL News: Well, other than being sometimes delayed, it seems emails are getting through to AOL users after all. The ways of AOL are impenetrable...

New Convention Assistant: I have been a bit absent last week, as I had My new hypnotic assistant as a guest for a few days. After some phone training and diligent use of CDs, she needed My full attention, for some intensive and personalized training, to make her open and receptive to My teaching, and to be sure she would be totally and utterly... ready... for her work at the Esprit convention in two weeks. Much work was necessary to perfect her oral skills... in presenting the benefits of hypnosis and My CDs... which I have seen her enjoy... immensely. ;-)

Added: A new version of the Bimbo Sigil Flash animation to the Feminized Slaves Gallery. Now more addictive and feminizing than ever, according to the testers who have tried it. Watch it for 15 minutes at least, allowing yourself to relax into it, as it takes you to deeper and deeper levels every time it cycles...


April 19, Tuesday

AOL users Mail Problems

Once again, emails sent from hypnoticwishes seem to be bouncing from AOL addresses. Last time, it was because My server didn't have reverse DNS. I'll try to figure out what's wrong this time. In the meantime, please provide an alternate way to contact you if you want an answer, and to get confirmation for your payments (since payment confirmations are also bouncing).

Updated: the Guestbook anti-spam measures.

I tried two methods separately to avoid spam, and both worked to remove some of the spam, but together, they seem to get pretty much all of it. You can't use html tags, put any urls with "http://", and you must change the spam field to something other than "1", otherwise the post will be rejected.


April 4, Monday

April Fools Addendum

Sooo... the last entry was partly true, and partly an April Fool's joke. I don't lie, but I can joke a bit... ;-)

I did do the show on Friday, and it went wonderfully. Except it was with the students of other dances styles, from all the classes My teacher teaches, and it was at a salsa club, not a strip joint. My group of 6 did a choreography to Madonna's Exotica, and I was dressed in a black leather mini, top and heels, with fishnets.

At the end of the routine, we went into the crowd... and I came back to show off to the other dancesr, pulling out the bills that were in My bra... "Hey, how come you got money," one said. "I'm just that good honey!" I responded. LOL!

But, I later explained to them that I had put the bills there before the show... for effect. Heh heh. I even fooled My parents. Of course they were there, to watch their daughter's show... My dad's very proud of how successful I am in the business of hypnotic domination :-)

And after that show, since I was already dressed in fetish gear, I went to spend the rest of the night at a Fetish Night. It was fun!

Other news:
Currently have a backlog of 166 emails to answer. I've handled ten of those so far tonight... will spend the evening on that...

And now that My dance classes are over for the moment, Tuesdays 9pm are available. CD mailings are still *generally* done on Tuesdays.


April 1, Friday

Happy 1st of April !

As an April's Fool joke, tell your friends and coworkers you're getting a sex change soon, and that this is the last day you're dressing as a man. Starting Monday, you'll come dressed as a woman, and you'd like them to call you by your girl name....

In other news, I told you about the Exotic Dance classes I've been taking (see Jan 26 update). Tonight is the end of class show, at at strip club called Candy's. The three best girls will be offered a job there as a stripper! Stripping is such a cool job! And I was a bit of a geek in high school, so this is the best revenge... making all the guys drool...

I'm sure I'll be one of the best. Shaking My ass and tits for men, and showing off the pussy they can never have, will be so much fun! I'll only take shifts on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, so this shouldn't interfere with sessions much... and fill My bras with lots of pretty greens!

Wish Me luck!


March 28, Monday

Errata: Blond moment... Bullets are another name for vibrating eggs, and they have a number of those...

Someone also suggested I make someone into a Lesbian Easter Bunny... hmmm... ;-)

March 27, Sunday

Happy Easter!

Isn't it time to consider a vibrating egg, in keeping with the seasonal festivities? Laying eggs isn't a privilege for just the Easter Bunny anymore!

(a perfect excuse to sneak in an affiliate link to a great adult toy store... though I havn't seen eggs there in My quick look at vibrators, they do have a lot of other nifty stuff, such as the seasonally appropriate "Rabbit Dancer" waterproof vibrator...) Errata: Blond moment... Bullets are another name for vibrating eggs, and they have a number of those...

Update: To the Lesbian Conspiracy 2.0 page. During the latest transgender convention trip at First Event, I discussed the Lesbian Conspiracy plans with some transsexuals. They expressed concerns that their beloved boyfriends might be snatched and feminized. Since their reaction is perfectly in keeping with the results of standard procedures that turn straight boys into straight, boy-crazy girls, it seemed that something needed to be done to preserve their rights to have boyfriends and cocks in abundance. Hence, I proposed the Boys Reservation Act (BRA), to allow them to keep their boyfriends safe... as long as they prove themselves valuable members of the Lesbian Inclusion Conspiracy, and thus merit such consideration and privileges.

There are mumblings among the general member ranks and personal slaves of Council members as to whether there is a significance to the Lesbian Conspiracy Council choosing to make this ruling on Easter day.

Bunnies... humping... eggs... chocolate... snugglebunnies... is this a plot within a plot?

My quotable wittiness of the week:

"God is my judge. Everyone else can take a number."


March 26, Saturday

Update: Enough is enough. Spammers went back to using the website field in the Guestbook to post about their porn sites. So I deleted that field. No more website addresses, at least none that are links. People can still post website addresses, but only as text. That means people will have to copy and paste them to their browser to go to the pages. Hardly anyone was using the Website field anyway. That should take care of spammers permanently.

NEWS: Still nothing new on the Chatroom situation. No answer from the maker on getting it working again as a full version after upgrade. People should really just download and install mIRC which is much better anyway.

As for My health... I'm not really sick anymore, but sleeping a lot and needing naps. Hopefully that will pass shortly, and I'll get a full checkup to make sure. Mood is great :)


March 22, Tuesday

News: It was a great trip, but unfortunately I caught a cold on the way back, and I've been rather ineffective since then. I'm still very low energy. So I manage sessions and take naps, but I have a hard time keeping up with email at the best of times. Apologies for delays in email responses.

This trip was to confirm and prepare my newest lovely assistant for the Esprit Convention, which we will both be attending May 15 to 22. :-)

I will be presenting my Transforming Through Hypnosis workshop there, with a group hypnosis demonstration and "hypnotic body-switching", as well as keeping a vendor table. I may even have time to do a little private hypnosis... ;-)


March 10, Thursday

News: I will be out of town until next week, and the next appointments will be Thursday the 17th. I may have email access, but little time to answer, other than for scheduling sessions.


March 6, Sunday

Slave task update: Kinsey data found. Thank you girls :)


March 4, Friday


I've been poring over the net trying to find something and then realized "Hey, what are slaves for?" Girls, I am trying to find the data from the Kinsey Report on sexuality. It's a 6 point scale where 0 means totally heterosexual, and 6 means totally homosexual. It's where the famous "10% of the population is gay" comes from. I'm trying to find the percentages of the population for each of the 7 catgories. Send Me a link to where you find the data, and it will be very much appreciated. I'd also like data on women if you come across it.

The following link is the closest I've come to finding the original data, after about 3 hours of searching. http://www.lgbtcampus.org/resources/training/kinsey_scale.html


March 2, Wednesday Added: to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) a section on trance depth by brainwave frequencies, and a section on how to use the hypnotic animations. I keep getting questions from people who don't know how to use them to go into trance, so I've collected My advice to them there.
February 27, Saturday

Added: CD18- (Anal) Princess, is now available, for those who need to learn to love being penetrated. Buy it on the Payment page.

Added: The full description to CD16-Acceptance, CD17-SpyBaby I, and CD18-Anal Princess to the Recordings page

Added: The Feminization Alert Level to the Updates page. Just thought you should know how concerned Mr. Dubbya Bush is with the work I and My associates have been doing across the world... turning more and more boys into girls and women into lipstick lesbians as the Lesbian Conspiracy 2.0 spreads...

Added: a new entry to the CD & Trance Troubleshooting page about CDs skipping.

Until further notice, My favorite TV series quote has got to be:
"Aliens aren't the reason I'm a lesbian!" --Alienated (Canadian sci-fi sitcom)


February 16, Wednesday

Updated: The Guestbook. It's kept getting messed up by spammer entries. It should theoretically work properly now.

Added: a link to the Trance and CD Troubleshooting page on the main hall menu.


February 14, Monday

Happy Valentine's Day !

Added: a new fantasy to the Sample Fantasies page. The Key Across Town. When I get a request that catches My fancy, I sometimes ask permission to add it to the sample fantasies.

I hope you girls had a nice Valentine's day, and those with partners got them something nice. All others, get some action! Get out next weekend and make someone happy!

As for Me, I'm *very* happy with a budding romance... gently reeling her into My world... :)


February 12, Saturday

News: I've upgraded the chatroom program so it would work with the new SorceryNet security protocols. Unfortunately, the new version doesn't recognize the updated registration codes, and gives annoying messages when used. No response so far from the program's maker for any kind of assistance.

If you want to use it as it stands, the link is: Chatroom

Updated: the slave girls for sale page with some new American girls. Let's get these girls hooked up with someone and properly brainwashed!

Also, most of them now have links to their Yahoo profile, so you can chat them up on Yahoo Messenger.

Happy Valentine's day to all My girls and visitors! :)
Have yourselves some girly fun...

CD10-VIXEN ERRATA: There was a mistake in at least some of the copies of Vixen, prior to February 12, 2005. Track 6-Naughty was described as being 5 minutes and 15 seconds. It *should* be only 1:46. If your version is 5:15, that means your track 6 includes tracks 6, 7, 8 and 9 (the awakening). Then it continues with the already heard tracks 7, 8 and 9, but the listener has already been awakened.

No content is actually missing, but this prevents people from adding or removing tracks 6,7,8, or 9 at will, the way it was intended to. To replace your track 6 with the shorter (non-redundant) version, as intended, you can download it from the site. The mp3 version downloads faster, and can be converted back to WAV format, for inclusion on an audio CD. If you don't know how to do that, and have a fast connection, you can get the original WAV format of the track.

V06-Naughty.mp3.x (1.667 Mb)

V06-Naughty.wav.x (9.237 Mb)

Right click on the file you want to get, and select "Save Target As" to save it to disk. Then, when looking at the file in your File Explorer, remove the ".x" extension. The only reason that extension is there, is because I want people to download the files, rather than play them off the site, and they won't play until you remove the .x extension.

If you don't have Vixen... then you can get this as a free sample from Vixen. Lucky you!


February 8, Tuesday

Added: New animations and an audio file to the Feminized slave girls page, to give you girls something to play with for Valentine's day!

It took quite a bit of work and experimenting to create GlamourSmoke, so it would work on men and women, as well as CockSuck works on males.

Updated: I've returned the Guestbook to its original state. Hopefully, the spammer's gone to fairer grounds now.


January 31, Monday

Added: CD17 Spy Baby I, the new incontinence training for adult babies and spy story adventure in Payment page, description forthcoming...


January 26, Wednesday

Convention News: I'm back from First Event 2005! It was a fun convention, and well attended with 17 people come to the workshop on Transforming Through Hypnosis. I'm very pleased with how it went, and the attendees seemed very pleased with it too. The workshop is in three parts: Explaining hypnosis, a group demonstration of "body-switching" in trance, and a discussion of people's experiences. I saw quite a bit of interest at My table in the vendor's area, though not quite as much as at Southern Comfort. All in all, a good event, and I had fun :)

Massachussetts had a big snow storm which kept everyone stuck at the hotel till Monday, and just driving there last Wednesday was challenging. Not so bad though, since I got to hang out and have fun on Sunday night with other prisonners of the "Hotel Massachussetts" (to the tune of the Hotel California...).

As for nightly dancing, Esprit was the best, Southern Comfort a close second best, and this one was pretty lousy. Though I'm told that it was much better in previous years.

News for this week: I drove back and arrived home in the early hours of Tuesday morning. My first priority today is to take care of the CD orders, and do the mailings today if possible, tomorrow otherwise. Then Thursday I'll work through the appointment request, and start on the rest of the emails. I havn't yet turned Yahoo Messenger back on since turning it off for the trip, and I'm not sure how many offline messages it will hold, but if I start chatting, I'm not going to get through the emails... so I'll probably be taking care of those on Friday.

I plan to put up the payment buttons for CD17-Spy Baby and CD18-Anal Princess this weekend, and do the first mailings next week.

Scheduling News: For the next two months or so I will be taking Exotic Dance lessons on Tuesday nights, and drawing lessons on Wednesday nights. This means no appointments Wednesdays any later than 3pm, and I'm making Tuesday the "Errands day" for buying supplies, doing mailings and such, with no appointments at all. On the other hand, Fridays will be available for sessions for that period. I'll decide what happens with the schedule after classes end.


January18, Tuesday

Added: Pots of Sex, a new story by Rinky Dink, added with permission to the Story Gallery. A disturbing story, especially for dedicated lesbians. I thought I should leave you girls a little something to chew on while I'm shmoozing at the convention for the rest of the week :)

Update: The Updates pages have been updated! The past years have been put into their own archive pages, linked to each other at the top and bottom of each page.

News: Some stupid spam program keeps messing up the Guestbook. I've worked on a low-tech solution, which will hopefully solve it at least until I return.

The last CD mailing was done Friday January 7th, and I missed the mailing on the 14th, being too feverish to drive. So any orders since the 7th will be mailed today, and take 1 to 6 weeks to reach you, though 2 weeks is most common.

I've unfortunately not been able to keep up with emailing people when their orders are shipped (I'm barely able to keep up with answering site mail), as Miss Kathleen had done. She's been having some health problems, and I've been doing the mailings for a the last few months now. We wish her comfort and complete healing. Please don't email her asking how she's doing though... she has very limited energy to give people updates. I'll let you folks know when she's doing better.

Please keep your emails down to a minimum during the trip, unless it's about an appointment. I won't have much time to answer, and I'm still backlogged on emails.

and on that note... I'm off, down the yellow brick road! :)


January 14, Friday

Update: Thank you for bring to My attention the glitch in the Guestbook. That has now been fixed, and the 2004 entries put in their own archive page.

I still need to do some installing and tests on the new version of the chatroom software. I'll put it "Under Construction" until it's fixed.


January 13, Thursday

Updates: The Java IRC Chatroom has been malfunctionning for about a week, and I thank those that reported it. I've found that a newer version of it is required to work with Sorcery.net's new security protocols. I'm working on installing the new version now. I will post again when it's working.

In other news, I'm feeling better today :)

January 8, Saturday 2005

Happy New Year to everyone!

Someone pointed out to Me that if one of your resolutions is to lose weight, you should consider CD11-The Corset Diet. Now why didn't I think of that? Probably because I just tend to focus on how to grant the wishes people tell Me about... or whatever seems the most fun at the moment ;-)

Unfortunately, I've started a cold or flu (I can never tell them apart) this week, so I'm unlikely to be doing phone sessions until late this coming week if at all. Online is fine, it's just the voice.

And the following week is the First Event Convention I'll be attending in the Boston area, and I'm slotted to present the Transforming through Hypnosis workshop on Friday 11am, and again Saturday 11am. Wow! There should be a lot of people in trance after that! I'll be at the vendor's area the rest of the time during the day. It starts Wednesday January 19, and ends with the Sunday Brunch on the 23rd.



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