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Sunday December 30


Links: Some have noticed that the link from Mind Mistress's Trance Request Form to the spaceports picture archive is down. This happens every month when they exceed their download limit. It becomes active again at the beginning of the following month. This is a limitation imposed by their free hosting.


Tuesday December 25

Added: Becoming a shemale forever, part 7 of Adam's story, the much requested final chapter.

If this is new to you, go to the Story Gallery to read the story from the beginning


Monday December 24

Expect a long awaited Christmas gift to be added to the site during the night...


Monday October 29

Added: Halloween special hypnosis photo-story

What do you think will happen to poor Hilda in the Mistress' castle? What would you like to see happening to her? Tell Me in the Guestbook... but be quick... her neck is tempting and I hunger...

If you like magic and vampires, visit My Sorceress page


Wednesday October 24

Added: two new captioned pics in the slave gallery

Currently working on a hypnosis story with interactive flash animation. Look forward to seeing "Becoming Natasha" in the main story gallery.


Sunday September 23

Last Tuesday night chatroom trance

I set up the chatroom for two reasons 1) Giving a free demonstration to people considering taking a session. 2) Having fun with My previously trance trained subjects. It's not serving its main purpose, and it's complicating My schedule. I've been pondering this for a while, and finally decided to cancel it. The room will still be open in the following weeks, if people want to come chat with each other, and I may drop by.

If someone wants to schedule a time when they'll be there every week to chat with people, I'm willing to post it in the main menué

Updated: Hall of Fame - Botticelli Babe has retired from the site, due to health problems.

Added: Part 6 of Adam's Forced Feminization story - How to become a shemale (forced to be a girl)


Wednesday September 5

Added: 3 more males feminized into women captioned pics to the slave gallery


Tuesday September 4

Added: hypnotic voice mp3, hypnosis audio clip from Mind Mistress

Updated: Mind Mistress's page has been purple-ized, and and overview of the first three sessions added

Announcement: Mind Mistress will be out of town Friday September 7 to Sunday September 9. Email responses will resume on Monday.


Tuesday August 28

Added: Dear Abby Mistress, how can I get my girlfriend to feminize me? to the BDSM Couples training program in the Story & Training Gallery

private link added to the gallery page for authorized slaves.


Friday August 24

Added: BDSM couples training program, making your meek wife a fem dom who will enslave you


Thursday August 23

Updated: Mind Mistress's page, see Changing people: the mind control fetish. Examples of mind control changes and fantasy elements.


Tuesday August 21

Want to see the future of online hypnosis?

If you liked the movies Shrek and Final Fantasy, or you get hot and bothered at the idea of virtual reality, then check out 3d Avatar chats with Adobe Atmosphere

The avatars (characters) can be made with Curious Labs's Poser 4, and the scenery with Corel's Bryce 5. Objects, clothing and props can be made in Ray Dream Studio. If you're an aspiring 3d artist... and hypno-fetishist, this is your chance to earn My favors...

Mind Mistress


Monday August 13

Bouncing Mail problems ?

If you tried sending mail or trance requests forms to Mind Mistress on Thursday the 9th or Friday the 10th, chances are the mail bounced and She did not receive them. Her Internet service provider was performing maintenance at that time. If you don't get a response, try sending again.


Tuesday August 7

Updated: the Frequently asked questions
Two more questions added at the bottom of the page. Determining if you've been hypnotized or not.


Thursday August 2

Added: Real Media Player versions of the hypnosis video clips, which are much smaller, converted courtesy of a fan of the site. However, they don't seem to download properly. Suggestions welcome.

Updated: the updates page! The trance request form update link pointed to Sexy Samantha's form rather than Mind Mistress. That link is now correct.


Sunday July 29

Updated: Mind Mistress's Trance Request Form Yet again things to add. This time, wether a session should be prolonged if it ends at an unfortunate moment, and a reference for feminized self pictures of attractive women smoking, as sexy women should :)


Thursday July 19th


Updated: Mind Mistress's Trance Request Form

Updated: Mind Mistress's Pay Page


Tuesday July 17th

Added: Become a lesbian by hypnosis to the story and training programs gallery


Thursday July 12th

Added: Free hypnosis pictures gallery, erotic hypnotists & hypnosis video clips (Major update)
- Contains the New York city "bdsm Hypnosis & conditioning seminar" pictures and video clips of Mind Mistress
- Sexy Samantha's pictures moved to this gallery

Updated: Erotic mind control hall to match new sections


Wednesday July 11th

Added: The Sorceress Fetish Web Ring navigation bar to the Sorceress of Transformation entrance page


Wednesday July 4rth

Added: Feminized slave gallery

Updated the Hall of Fame Menu and Mind Mistress's description there


Sunday July 1st

Added Web-Accept Payment buttons for payments to Mind Mistress (they're now available for international members such as Her)

The NYC seminar pics and video clips are almost ready! Working on these is why Mind Mistress may not be answering you as fast as you hoped...


Sunday June 24

Added: New entrance page for sorceress fetish, therianthropy and learning sorcery & magic

NB: The NYC hypnosis seminar pictures are 1/3 done...

Saturday June 2

Added: Feminizing Adam part 5: deeply enslaved, realizes and discusses the full implications of his enslavement

Updated: Mind Mistress's chamber

Tuesday May 29

Added: Gifts for your Hypnotic Mistress page. Mind Mistress' birthday is June 9. And she likessss gifts...

Free hypnosis pictures and free hypnosis video clips from the NYC seminar and Montreal show coming soon


May 16-20 Wellspring
June 6-10 Wic-Can Fest

TRIPS: Mind Mistress will be out of town traveling and teaching workshops on ericksonian hypnosis for guided meditations at pagan festivals, as well as attending other seminars and workshops on spiritual trancework.


Friday May 11

CHATROOM: Our chatroom will now be on SorceryNet, channel #hypnoticwishes.

You can go directly to the new JAVA chatroom by clicking here

Or you can see the instructions for getting the IRC software here. (You don't need to have it... but it has nice added features if you do)

Tuesday May 8

Mind Mistress is back from the NYC seminar. It went very well. Free hypnosis photos, a summary and free hypnosis video segments to be posted soon.

The chatroom is changed to jIRC, a java chat interface to IRC chat networks. Today was for testing on BDSMnet, and we learned they don't like anything to do with commercial sites. So a new server must be found

Wednesday April 25

Added: Slave Mistress Kitten in the gallery


Monday April 17

Added: Mind control seminar in NYC with Mind Mistress announcement in the gallery


Monday April 9

Added: Feminizing Adam part 4: Addicted to cock, the new shemale cocksucker


Sunday March 25

Added: to the Gallery:How to brainwash your man into skirts, sissy conditionning, part time girl, transsexual-izing and inner woman training


Thursday March 15

Updated: the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) with some new Questions


Wednesday March 14

Added: titles for Forced feminization training program to the Gallery

Updated: the main hall, to have business hours for Mind Mistress


Tuesday March 13

Updated: the updates page so new entries are conveniently at the top!

Added: Adam's Feminization part 3 to the Gallery

Revised: Adam's Feminization part 2, bad link to picture fixed. (everyone raved about the story and nobody told me the picture didn't appear!)

Updated: the First Session page to warn of firewalls and use of bank accounts and credit cards


Thursday March 8

Added: Slave girl kitten to the gallery Gallery

Removed: the banner for Mistress training from the hall


Tuesday February 27

Added: Adam's forced feminization to the Gallery

Removed: the announcements page from the main menu. Nobody was using it

Revised: the First Session page to describe that it is used to set the trigger word.


Sunday February 25

Added: More pictures to the Gallery


Monday February 19

Added: a link to an article on Mind Mistress in the Gallery


Friday February 16

Added: Evil Domme training to the gallery

Added: Chatrooms with scheduled chats

Revised: the gallery's format

Revised: the Hall of Fame for Babe's training


Friday February 2

Added: link to a GENDER TEST in the gallery


Tuesday January 30

Added: buttons to buy pics on each of Sexy Samantha's picture pages


Monday January 22

Revised: Mind Mistress's page

Added: Picture gallery for Sexy Samantha


Thursday January 18

Added: a Trance Request Form for Sexy Samantha

Revised: the First Session Instructions page to include it


Friday January 12

Reorganized: the menu items in the hall of fame and changed their descriptions

On the therapy / spirituality site, Mind Mistress had a THERAPY button that was pointing to the same page as the SPIRITUALITY button. Thanks for noticing, it now points to her Therapy page which has been hidden all this time.

Revised: the First Session Instructions page. It now tells clients to get a chat program before contacting the hypnotist. This way the client can tell the hypnotist how to reach them by chat.

Thursday January 11

Erased the guestbook while removing the page counters. Oops! Guestbook is now restored from the entries saved in my mailbox.

Updated: the entrance page to be more seductive and less descriptive. Put the more explicit picture in an alternate entrance

New statistics software shows us at about 200 visitors per day.

Added: Links to the relevant page in the updates page.


Friday January 5

A new version of the entrance page, a bit more seductive than descriptive...

Added: a few fields to the Trance Request Form

Removed a dead link from the links page, re-ordered alphabetically, and added a link

Noticed errors with the page counters resetting themselves to zero. Removed them for now.


Sunday December 31,



Added: Picture and story gallery


Friday December 22, 2000

Added: This page for Updates

Added: Your First Session to the Hall of fame menu

Added How to get a payment account, along with a bimbo translation
Link to it in Your First Session

Added: the Trance Request Form, which asks many useful questions prior to beginning a session
Links to it in Your First Session.

Other trance request forms are expected to be added


Monday December 18, 2000

Realized that the midi music couldn't be turned off with Netscape, and removed it.


Thursday December 14, 2000

Hypnotic wishes is moved to the new server and officially opens!



By Mind Mistress

female hypnotic eye

Update archives for
2000-2001 updates
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2004 updates
2005 updates

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