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"You are not gay if someone is wearing a dress during sex, no matter how many penises are involved"

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Yes, the American Department of Homeland Security has now recognized the threat we represent with the Lesbian Conspiracy 2.0.
Spiking the water supply of cities with estrogen and putting subliminal messages in cartoons is just the beginning!
Soon we'll have them all in skirts and heels! Mouahahaha!

Sunday, 31 December


Happy New Year!

One more week before My vacation! I'll be leaving on January 8, and returning by the end of January, around January 30. And, no, I'm not telling where I'm going ;)

I will be doing sessions this coming week, and then perhaps in the last week of January if I'm back. We'll see. My assistant will take care of CD orders, but don't expect Me to answer emails for the first two weeks of My vacation.

Have fun if you're partying !


Memorial to Lady Donna

Lady Donna was a much loved operator of the site chatroom. She passed away recently, and is being honored by some of the people close to her.

Mistress Linda and Miss Alice asked me to write a little something about Lady Donna and found it very difficult to put everything that made her special into the written word. I feel very lucky to have known Lady Donna, not only in the room, but to have met her as well. She was the same kind, loving, bubbly and witty person outside the room as she was inside the room, the same caustic tongue that would make quick work of the deserving, the same tendency to giggle. In other words, she was a very real person, not some personna made up for her own or someone else's entertainment. She loved being in the room and working with the girls, and as much as she pretended to sigh about it, she had a great love for her family and friends and helped them all in their times of need. She was a very private person and did not keep very many people VERY close (though she was close with so many in the room), but if you were among the few that she considered closest to her, she shared her ambitions and fears, her life and most important, her love. She was one of the first ones to make me feel at home in the room, one of the reasons i love the room, and i will miss her terribly. She was full of the joy of life, and perhaps that is the highest compliment anyone can be paid. I do know that she can never truly die if all of us from time to time remember her fondly...and giggle just a little bit...for her.

I love you Lady Donna


I did not see her
yet she is as beautiful as a spring mourn
for her soul is honest, kind and playful
and shines bright with who she is

i did not hear her
yet her voice is as a song
for her words rang true, with love and care
that remains spoken, softly, sweetly in the ear

and while we may never have embraced
never kissed
never touched
she has carressed my heart, my soul
and she has moved me

and i may cry
i may weep
and mourn for her depature from us

in the end, i will smile
for i will think of her
and know she is here with me
smilling and whispering

and always
as beautiful as she was to me

Rest well Donna,


Sunday, 24 December

Merry Christmas!

Yeah, I know it's Hanukah too, but what do I care for holidays where you don't get presents? (kidding)

Girls, I wish you happy holidays, where you can be with people you love. And for those of you alone... well, if you don't have the balls to go out, at least go to the chatroom! There's no reason to deny yourself some good company, and as much cheer as can go through the wires attached to your computer.

Hugs for all My girls! Be girly, be happy! And most importantly, be yourself as much as you can manage.

Mind Mistress


Thursday, 14 December

hypnotic updates 2006 Cookies for the party

HypnoticWishes Christmas / Yule IRC party

We'll be celebrating the holidays in the IRC Chatroom on Monday December 18, starting at 11pm EST. We will be honoring the channel ops and thanking them for their tireless efforts to make the room a wonderful place to visit. And we will follow that with a Barbie doll trance... Who wants to BE a toy for Christmas? ;)

I have also updated My gifts for Mistress page, so you'll know what Mistress wants. Don't worry about getting it in time for the 24th... it's still a Christmas / Yule gift regardless :)

VACATION: Just as an early warning, I am planning to go on vacation for the last three weeks of January. And no, you don't get to know where I'm going... just that I've been planning it for a long time, and I expect it to be incredibly fulfilling ;)

Not to worry though, CD mailings are now being handled by My assistant K, so you'll be able to order even while I'm gone. We've worked out the bugs over the last two months, and this is someone I trust (which, as I said before, is the most crucial part of the job). And I'll make sure to have a new CD coming out before I leave. The next CD I plan to release is called Soft. It's designed to make erections impossible, so you're always "soft and girly" down there...


Thursday, 30 November

CD24-Schoolgirl pay buttons are up now

Go to the Payment page to order your Slutty Schoolgirl training CD...


Thursday, 23 November

Happy Thanksgiving to My American Girls!

CD24-Schoolgirl is now available!

The description for CD24 is now up. The payment buttons will be up soon, and I will announce when they are up.

This CD creates a triggered slutty schoolgirl personality, who likes to break the rules and rebel against teachers and authority... but gets very submissive when spanked or tickled. Great for solo schoolgirl play, and excellent for couples who want to spice things up in the bedroom!


Monday, 19 November


NEWS: I will be leading a memorial and spiritual themed trance tonight at 11pm EST in the IRC chatroom. See the novermber 18th entry for details.

Below is a poem to honor the trangender dead, for those who cannot attend the chatroom, or choose not to.

Speak it aloud, or whisper it if you prefer. It is silence that isolates and kills. Let the transgender voices be heard. It's okay to mourn them by voicing this memorial, even if you don't consider yourself transgender. This poem is from Raven Kaldera's book Hermaphrodeities. He is a transsexual shaman and spirit worker. The book is on transgender spirituality, and the ancient deities whose mythology is about sex changing and being between sexes. It also includes a simple memorial ritual that can be done with a group of people.

Transgender Memorial Invocation

This is a heart's song for our fallen
brothers and sisters
whose bones lie scorned
beneath markers
memorializing lives they had discarded
under names not their own
buried by relatives
who refused to know them
for who they were.

This is a heart's song four our
brothers and sisters
for whom the world proved too harsh
too painful for their sweet fragile spirits
who chose to open the door and go
with their own hands.

This is a heart's song for our
brothers and sisters
who fought, stubbornly
day after day
mile after mile
and who finally gave out
from exhaustion
from bad brain chemistry
and soul-eating stress after
the world's final blow
and lost what sanity
this cruel time had left them.

This is a heart's song for our
brothers and sisters
who were hunted like animals
down narrow city streets
whether out of fear or sport
or both
who became prey
kissing the rifle's slug
clubbed to death like seals
on a beach.

This is a heart's song for our
brothers and sisters
who only wanted a night's comfort
and trustingly invited in
the keepers of raging inner demons
who saw those demons in their ambivalent bodies
and tried to snuff them out
stabbed, shot, beaten
to make us cease to exist.

This is a heart's song for our
brothers and sisters
who survived the night of comfort
only to take home silent invaders
who ate them out
from the inside -
who sang them in with needles
trying to drown out their own pain.

This is a heart's song for our
brothers and sisters
who fell by the wayside
to pave our road with tears
to wash us with their blood
to wash us clean
their blood lives in us
we carry their memory
under the skin of our faces
under the skin of our hands
every time we look in a mirror
every time we reach out and touch each other
we will see them
and we will remember.

Chris Darcy * Tacy Ranta * Tyra Hunter * Robert Eades * Sabrina Von Betz * Marsha P. Johnson * Brandon Teena * Nicole Seely * Rita Hester * Fitzroy Green * Vianna Fay Williams * Elizabeth Short * Louis Graydon Sullivan * Chanelle Pickett * Debra Forte * Michelle Downs * Richard Goldman * Christian Paige * Jesse & Peggy Santiago * Carment Marie Montoya * Harold Draper * Cameron Tanner * Francisco Luna * Marcelle Cook-Daniels * and many more...

Saturday, 18 November

Monday, November 20 is the international


I will lead a rite of rememberance for the transgendered dead in the IRC chatroom on Monday at 11pm EST.

Honoring your transgender predecessors

I have an erotic side, a therapeutic side, and also a spiritual side. This is spiritual. Just like martial artists honor the practitionners who have gone before them on their path, and sometimes keep pictures of masters who have passed away on an altar of sorts, transgenders such as yourselves have spiritual ancestors and predecessors (and if you're a fan of this site, you are almost certainly transgendered, whether you admit it or not). These are the people who have paved the way with their own suffering and courage, so that being a crossdresser, transsexual, shemale, drag queen, or even a clothing fetishist today, receives some measure of acceptance. It's not a perfect world, but think about how much easier it is now, with support groups, chatrooms, and sites such as this one... compared to 50 years ago.

The TG Memorial Rite

This will not be an erotic trance. I will read a poem to invoke and mourn the trangender dead, and then lead a trance so each person can meet in spirit with one of them. You can talk to them, or simply feel their presence. You can mourn them, honor them, and if you want, you can ask them to be your "guardian angel" in transgender matters.

If you don't believe in spirits, that's ok. Just pretending there are spirits will still give you a meaningful experience.

If you cannot attend the rite

you can do one by yourself. I will post the poem here. You can read it out loud by yourself, and then mourn for them, while reading the stories of how some of them died. You can find a list of them here, on Remembering our Dead: http://gender.org/remember/

You can also read more about it on Day of rememberance,

Once your are done mourning, think of their courage, in living out who they were, and honor that. Let it be an inspiration for you to do what you need to do, if only to pave the way for the next generation. If you could use some spiritual guidance, you can then ask: "In the name of the Light, will one of the transgender dead come to me as a helpful ally?". If you feel a presence, you can talk with them in your mind. Don't worry if it feels like talking to yourself... that's how it normally feels. If you feel they are appropriate for you, you can ask for their help in dealing with transgender issues, and perhaps with protecting you if it becomes necessary. Then thank them, and close the page with the list of the dead, to put an end to the rite. If something feels wrong at any point during this, you can ask "may the Light send away any spirits who are not here for the highest good," while imagining the Source of Light and Love bathing you in its light. I wish you a good experience of meeting with the ancestors of your path.


Thursday November 16

NEWS: CD24-Schoolgirl, The next CD is almost ready for release!
It will be available for order next week.

With triggers to turn it on and off at will, you too can become a slutty perpetually horny schoolgirl, feeling the need to dress in an erotic version of a schoolgirl uniform... or train your partner to be one, while you become the teacher!

Optional tracks include:

- SPANKING: A need to rebel against rules, so you can get spanked by teachers... and love it! After getting spanked, you feel totally submissive and obedient.
- TICKLING: Become totally ticklish, and love being tickled, as it turns you on, makes you a giggling idiot, and makes you obey once it stops.
- SMOKING: Rebel against the smoking rules, and smoke long girly cigarette, which make you horny.
- SEDUCE TEACHERS: Wanting to get good grades by sucking off male teachers and licking female teachers... as well as any student who does your homework for you.
- TALKING DIRTY: You can't help it, you swear all the time... and it makes you horny!
- HORNY: You're so horny all the time, you have to excuse yourself from class to go masturbate in the bathrooms. And the idea of getting caught excites you!

Hear that bell? It's time to go back to class!


Wednesday November 15

Added: Enslaving Claire to the Story Gallery, a new story by Julia Winters, the first winner of our Subversive Art Contest! (see October 23 for details).

Remember, there is no limit to the number of winners. If I think your art is good enough to post on the site, you win a credit towards purchases of HypnoticWishes or Girls-R-Us products or sessions.

The first few entries, while I commend the effort, were not quite up to the standards I set for My site. This one, however, is very good. It has crossdressing, smoking, hypnosis, enslavement, and changing a woman's sexual preference...


Saturday October 26

CD23- Effectiveness (French Maid training) is available!

The only FUN hypnosis CD for getting rid of procrastination, become more effective in all the work you do, boost your confidence, and turn you into a French Maid who LOoooooves doing housework!

See the CD23 page for details.

Also, I have finished the CD22-Memories description page, for those wanting to have memories of growing up as a girl. And I have added the button to buy the first French transe training CD:CD F1-EnTranse. No description yet for it. It's a 50 minute version of the standard induction.

NEWS : I will do a Halloween Trance in the Chatroom. The link to the Chatroom is in the Main Hall Menu.

It will be Monday night, October 30, 11pm EST. (We turn back the clocks 1 hour tonight here, from Daylight Savings)


Monday, October 23

News: Well, the pleasant distractions of the summer have been much reduced, and I'm catching up on old emails now. And I'll be finally able to work on more CDs... can't promise dates, but hopefully soon. And the CD22 description is in the works. I'm finishing a flu, and feeling great :)

(I tried to post this last Wednesday... but the server wouldn't accept file transfers, and the tech was on vacation... )

Something entertaining someone sent Me: http://www.ebaumsworld.com/2006/10/almostperfect.html

And you can find some sound files added in the Feminized Gallery.

Subversive Art Contest:

Mistress Alice has launched for Me a contest straddling (mmmm) both Hypnoticwishes and Girls-R-Us.TV :

It appears we have built up quite the creative Queendom. And that is what We have strived for… Mind Mistress, Mistress Alice, and Mistress Genie, have appreciated and enjoyed your efforts. And We believe, that creativity should be rewarded… Since it is Our goal to make this Queendom a fun place to visit, Mind Mistress has decreed…. to start a new contest to display your creativity. So girls, lets get going…. We will be accepting submissions of *ORIGINAL* Flashes Animations, Stories, Photos, Cartoons Anime, Any Submissions Accepted … Will appear on the main site… (http://adult.hypnoticwishes.com/feminized)

Topics and themes to be considered:

Forced Feminization, Hypnotic Smoking And Subversion, Fetish Brainwashing, Breast and Cock Addiction, Transsexualizing, Forced She-Male Conversions, Sissy Conditioning, Sissy Maids, Lesbian Hypnosis, L.I.C. (Lesbian Inclusion Conspiracy), Elemental Magic and Subversion, Fempire, Super Heroine Transformations, Robot or Furry Transformations, Transgendered Anime, Age regression, Adult Baby Hypnosis.

That’s just a few ideas… I am *sure* you can think of others. It's a Win/Win Situation Any submissions that make it on to the site will be awarded a prize. And credits will be listed, if so desired… So besides our admiration, and the enjoyment of the community, here is a chance to get free Mind Mistress Merchandise. Prizes will be awarded in “Mind Mistress Bucks” good towards the purchase of any Mind Mistress CD or any item in the Girls-R-Us catalog. Prize structure for winning submissions :

$25.00 for Flashes (i.e. CockSuck or Slut Machine)
$15.00 for Animations (i.e. Bimbo Sigil)
$10.00 for Stories, Cartoons or Anime
$ 5.00 for Captioned Photos

Send your submissions to Mistress Alice:

The Fine Print: By submitting an entry, you vouch for the entry being entirely your original creation, and in exchange for the prize received, give AHW/GRU non-exclusive perpetual rights to post on their respective sites..

Have fun!


Tuesday August 29

News: Well, I had a lovely time on vacation with friends in Michigan, Mistress Alice among them. Unfortunately, I'm quite behind on work, and so email response will be slow for a while until I catch up. CD mailings will probably be a bit slower than usual as well, though I'll do My best to keep those a priority among the various site related tasks.

Also... My life has gotten very... interesting of late. This is also somewhat interfering with work, which makes it both stressful and exciting, as I don't like work piling up. I'll let you imagine what it might be that's taking up My attention... whatever you imagine is probably going to be wilder than reality... ;-)


Wednesday August 2

Vacation Announcement:

I will be away on vacation the week of Saturday August 5 till Monday August 14. The last CD mailing before the trip will be on Friday, so Thursday is the last day to make orders if you want them shipped before I leave.

Update: Many new transgender resource links added to the Therapy Site Links Page. These are all the best sites I know of for articles of help to transgenders. If you know other good ones, let Me know.

Added: some new intersex pictures to the Transgender Origins article on the therapy site.


Monday July 10

Vacation Announcement:

I will be on vacation for a week from Sunday July 16 to Monday July 24. I will also be away on vacation the week of Saturday August 5 till Monday August 14. Unless you count the conventions I've been to, I havn't taken any serious vacation time in the last two years. I think two weeks is MORE than reasonable. Even Evil Hypnotists need a break from all that brainwashing and plotting world domination now and then... ;-)

CD Orders

The new system is VERY popular! I think people are catching up on the orders they didn't do while the only option was money orders. Thank you for being patient ! The Deep Trance Starter Kit has also been very popular, with a 25$ saving on a purchase of 4 CDs, with a proper foundation for other CDs.

The last CD mailing before the vacation should be done Wednesday. So orders after Tuesday will have to wait until My return.


I have modified the first session page to show the credit card options and appropriate links to the credit card payment page. The Money Order page now also has a link to the Credit Card page, and the CD page "buy now" links also to the credit card payment page.

The Fast Shipping buttons have also been added. You still have to use your browser's back button to add another product, or fast shipping. We'll install something less clunky in the next few weeks.

This change has also been made on the therapy site, and I have updated the $ icon on the quicklink menu to point to the credit card payment page.

If you find any payment links that go to money orders instead of credit cards, please let Me know. Unless of course it *says* that it's for money orders, and also has the credit card link beside it. Both options should be there whenever there's a payment link, and if not, then it should go to credit cards if it's a single "Buy Now" link.


Friday June 30

Credit Card Processing now online!!

We will be using the Girls-R-Us.tv website for payment processing, which has been working smoothly for a number of months. The Add To Cart buttons will bring you to the item page on that site so you can add it to your cart.

Then you can either use your browser's back button to go back to the hypnoticwishes payment page to add something else, or go to checkout. (The continue shopping button only brings you back to the item page on girls-r-us)

You will find a charge to: Natural 1 Enterprises, Inc. on your credit card statement.

The Fast Shipping Options still need to be added as items. I can't use the default GRU shipping charges, because they're for shipping out of the USA.

There may still be some glitches, for instance, having the wrong code put with a payment buttom. So make sure your shopping cart really contains what you wanted, and let Me know if there is a glitch.

This is the Credit Card Payment Page.

The therapy site payment page is here, and linked to the therapy site's main menu.

It will take a bit more work to redirect all the adult site's links to point to the credit card page instead of the money order page. And we'll fix the need to use the Back button to add an item. But, it works!


Monday June 26 Ooops! Small mistake on the links, corrected now.
Sunday June 25

Finally, a real update! Real content!

Added: Transgender Origins, where I explain what makes someone transgendered! How people are born that way, and how even normal adults can become feminized by something as safe seeming as their drinking water!

Added: Transgender Therapy, which explains some of the most useful methods I've created for helping transgenders, gays, lesbians and bisexuals to accept themselves and come out of the closet.

Added: The Ugly Duckling. Yes, it's the original faerie tale. And if you think about it, it's really a very appropriate and inspirational story for transgenders and queers of all types. Go ahead... grab your favorite doll or teddy bear, and enjoy this classic faerie tale! Then consider how it applies to you...

All these updates were made to the therapy site, and you can find them in the the therapy site's main menu. Finally, the therapy site is getting a bit of content! Don't worry though... you'll still find humor and subversion, even in my version of therapy... ;)


Monday June 19

News: My birthday on June 9 was awesome! I had a few friends over for supper and weird card games, along the lines of Ninja Burger. I was in a wonderful mood all weekend. On the night before, we did a "pajama party" for My birthday in the site chatroom... very fun too. Thank you to those who have sent gifts. :)

We also did a fun birthday party for Ms Genie on June 2 in the chatroom.

SRS Continued: See the May 14 SRS entry for the first part of this.
I spent this past weekend with Michelle, at her place in a nearby city. It has been a month since her sex change surgery, and she's doing very well, though her day is a bit broken up by the fact that she has to dilate (stretch) her new vagina 4 times a day. We had a great time, going out for food, shopping and a movie over the weekend, and sitting around chatting about everything related to her surgery and her feelings about it. I have also taken photographs of all the supplies needed for daily care after surgery, and intend to make a post-srs page on the therapy site. You wouldn't believe all the stuff that is needed! It fills an entire table.

Credit Cards: I've had some very good help locating possible places that will allow me to accept credit cards. So that may move forward! But don't hold your breath... I've had some leads before that turned out to be duds, and most of the current leads have *proven* themselves to be duds, unwilling to handle my biz for various reasons. None of the leads I have left are perfect. One requires lots of money upfront without guaranteed acceptance, and the others may work... as long as the payment page is on the therapy site, and not too explicit. So stick to money orders for now, but hope is on the horizon!


Sundat May 28 Updates: To the Money Order Payment page, to the Session Page to reflect that payments are only by money orders at this point, to the CD page, to include information previously on the StormPay payment page about CD shipping, and to the icons of the quick menu, so the $ icon leads to the money order page. I had not realized these had not been updated, and so had to repeat Myself in every email... work smarter, not harder...
Monday May 22

Back from Esprit!

Fun! Mistress Alice (the Mad Scientist) and I worked the vending tables during the day, and had fun at night. Her concoction of Orgasmic Breast Cream sold out! It's wonderful for breasts, as well as aches and pains, as our satisfied shoppers confirmed.

Working backwards, there was a great slumber party Saturday where I somehow ended up leading the annual Truth or Dare... preceded by the Electric Princess Ball where I received many compliments, dressed as a gothic princess, bound in blue glow wire (the light binding the darkness of My soul...). And before all that, I was Alice's Big Sister for the 2006 Graduation Ceremony. First year girls get a special graduation butterfly pin, and it's a very emotional time for many.

Friday night dancing at the Crazy Fish was provided by the Nasty Habits, a great all TG cover band. And the locals really like dancing with T-girls! Before that was the talent show, though I didn't sing this year. The presentations varied between the cringe-worthy, and those that made us laugh and cry.

Thursday I learned that Kwan Yin, most belove goddess of the the Orient, actually started out as a male bodhisattva (the Buddhist equivalent of a godling) who could appear as a man or woman, came to be worshipped only as a goddess. Buddhism didn't have any divine females (the same type of deification happened with the Virgin Mary in the West, for the same reasons), and thus couldn't compete with the appeal of the earlier Pagan religions. Kwan Yin is the goddess of compassion and mercy, whose name means "she who hears the cries of suffering". She makes an excellent transgender goddess. Another interesting workshop was on using energy healing to help with SRS. I ended the evening quietly with Mistress Alice by hanging out and watching a favorite movie of Mine, the Princess Bride.

Wednesday night I did a little room party to play cards, and met the first of two new friends... whom I think will come to play interesting roles in the Lesbian Inclusion Conspiracy (LIC)... mouahaha! But I can't reveal all now...

And that afternoon, I presented My workshop: TG Hypnosis - Regressing to your Female past lives, to a group of 10 enthusiastic girls with very good results.


Monday May15


My Birthday is June 9. I've updated My amazon wish list with two new CDs. :)
You can find the link on My Gifts page.

Truth is, there isn't much that I want... in those things that can be bought... and I have what I need. But I'm open to suggestions!


Sunday May 14


I will be away all week at Esprit Gala, a transgender convention in Port Angeles, Washington. I'll be returning on Monday May 22, and will not be answering emails before then. Esprit is My favorite convention... this will be fun :)

Those of you attending will find Me with Alice in the Vendor's Mall during the day, and at events in the evening. At the request of the Esprit girls, I'm doing a seminar on hypnosis with a group demonstration of past life regression. Past lives as a girl, of course.

At this point, I am not planning on going to Southern Comfort, or returning to First Event next year. Mostly because they're not nearly as much fun as Esprit, though I can't comment on the workshops, since I'm busy being a vendor during the day. I'm looking forward to Esprit's Saturday night pajama party... ;)

SRS in Montreal / GRS in Montreal with Dr. Pierre Brassard

I've offered to do this before, but it's the first time someone actually took Me up on it, and I'm very pleased. Today I went to keep company to Michelle and Julia at their Bed and Breakfast, and then at the plastic surgery clinic until the end of visiting hours. Tomorrow, they are getting their new vaginas! Yay! I helped soothe their nerves a bit to make this the wonderful experience that it should be. They'll spend a few days at the clinic, then a week at another Bed and Breakfast. I'll go visit them there next week once I'm back from Esprit. I'm very happy for them :)

If you are having surgery with Dr. Brassard or Dr. Menard in Montreal, please let Me know, and I'll go visit and hold your hand too!


Tuesday May 2

TWO NEW CDs are out!

Yeah, I ROCK! Who's yer daddy? WHO's yer daddy???
Uhhh... don't answer that!

CD21-Beach Body is available!

CD21 is meant to help change your physical body to your ideal female shape. It can also be used, by removing a track, to alter only your mind and dreaming/trance body to be vividly female, in case CD10-Vixen wasn't sufficient. In that sense, it can be taken as a sequel to CD10-Vixen, as well as to CD7-Youth, which was meant specifically to grow breasts (on genetic males as well as females). Read the full Beach Body CD description here

CD22-Memories is available!

CD22 converts your male memories of growing up into female memories, from birth till age 12, so that you'll remember growing up as a girl! The reason it stops at age 12 is that afterwards... there is dating. Eventually, I want to record two 13-18 versions of memories... one as a lesbian, and one as a straight girl. But that probably won't be out for another two years, as I have other already recorded CDs to come out with first. You're better off doing those years in a session if you can. Still, this is an excellent start!

I will be putting up the CD22 description page shortly...

Until I get a new payment system, you can go here to order and pay by money order. Or go to the Session Page to see current options.

Updated: The 2005 updates have been moved to their own page. You can find the archive links at the bottom of this page. This will speed up load time for Updates.


Sunday April 16

Happy Easter!

No great news... just lots and lots of bunnies. Playboy bunnies? Hmmmmm....

My Mad Scientist, Alice, got her herbal feminizing program up on the Girls R Us site just in time for the April 15 deadline she's set. Well done Alice!

You can see the new products in the Laboratory section. There are still too many dildos on the site, but they're just place markers so that no section is empty, as we slowly fill it up with the real stuff. After that, the sex toys will be in their own category. And the product descriptions will be more... well, descriptive! There's still a lot of work to be done before it looks the way we want it to. This update adds to our first products, the Mind Perfumes.

The Mind Perfumes are meant to change the personality of the wearer. There's Estro-Mist, Sleazy Trashy, Cock Slut, School Girl, etc. I wish they could really change people in those ways on their own, but the truth is, they're meant to *assist* the change. They can be used as triggers for changes set up in trance, and for role play. Like anything else in hypnosis, they act as a suggestion. If you accept the suggestion, then you will start feeling the effects. And if you play the role that perfume suggests every time you wear it, the scent will become associated with the mood. Eventually, just wearing the Bimbo perfume will make you feel like a Bimbo whenever you put it on. You can role play by yourself, or with a partner, just like you'd use costumes to set your roles. For instance, you can do some role reversal if your wife uses Pussy Pleaser while you use Cock Slut! Better have a strapon ready for her to wear though...


Monday April 10


I appologize for falling somewhat behind in the mailings, emails & updates, but a nasty case of The Flu That Wouldn't Go Away & a hectic workload, ... trying to secure a new payment system , consulting on the new Girls R Us product line & preparing for the release of CD 21 was a little overwhelming ... but I am back now.

- A CD mailing was done on Friday, but a few envelopes fell behind something, so I'll be doing the second part of the mailing later this week.

- Good news! CD21 is finally ready to burn! My sound tech was adding ocean sound effects to Beach Body, and he's finally done with those. CD21 is for changing your body into a more female shape by hypnosis alone. I cannot guarantee how much of a physical change such a process will produce. We will have to see.

-I found a company to do the credit card payment processing. If all goes well, it will be up in about a month. Or so I'm told...

- I'm probably going to be disabling the Guestbook for a bit. The spamming is out of control, and simply deactivating it for a week or two generally gets rid of most of them. I can't think of any other security measures I could add at the moment.

- I have been preparing a Flash animation for the therapy site. It's going to be something of an automated therapist for troubled transgenders. It's not an animation in the typical sense that is common with Flash, but rather an interactive program for working on guilt. I've used this process on people a number of times with excellent results. I'm curious to see whether it will work when it's automated like this.

I've considered whether to make it free, or to charge for it. It does in 5 minutes what took 5 years of psychoanalysis to accomplish in a TG biography I've read. I simply compacted the process to its essential elements. And it works.

My final decision was to make it freely available, for two reasons. One, there are sooo many girls out there suffering and beating themselves up over their transgenderism, and if I can make relief easily accessible to those who cannot pay, or are too shy to ask for help, and it doesn't take away from the time I need to make a living, then I must.

Second, many girls spend years trying to gather up the courage to contact Me for what they need, either in therapy or feminization, before actually asking for it. If I help them get rid of their guilt for free, then 1) they can ask for what they need right away 2) they get immediate relief, and with additional help from Me, can get on with their lives, 3) I get more clientele, and 4) I make more happy girly girls!

As always, I follow the Win-Win strategy. I believe this is a case where generosity on My side is profitable to both sides. That's how good business should be, and it's the only strategty that works over the long term.

Mind Mistress


Monday March 20

NEWS: They're talking about us on the Wikipedia online encyclopedia! Look near the bottom at "Other Causes of Transsexualism". Specific references are made to the Lesbian Inclusion Conspiracy. Is induceded transsexualism real? Read the debate here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Transsexual/Archive_2004

Payment System: I've applied to one. Now I wait and see if it's approved.


Thursday March 16


Sorry folks, no more credit card payments for a little while, until I arrange an alternative.

The lovely folks at StormPay suspended My account after I added a bank account to My account. No notification either. Just suspended, payments bounce, and I can't log in. As far as I can see from their help section, their procedure for dealing with something that looks wrong to them is to suspend the account for 6 months with no appeals, and then shut it down. Hopefully, I am mistaken, and this will be resolved. But their tech support staff is small, so I don't expect a fast resolution.

For now, payments are by money order. See http://adult.hypnoticwishes.com/session/paymo.php

Fill that out and I'll answer with the mailing address for the money order.
For those with sessions appointments or appointment offers, we'll work something out.

I can't give any kind of time estimate on a replacement for credit card processing. Sorry for the inconvenience folks, but you can imagine it's even more upsetting to Me. Options are a very limited for sites that have adult content, and nude images. And those CC processors that allow that require an American Social Security Number... and I'm Canadian.

I'll work on taking down the StormPay pages so people don't waste their time trying to pay, and then work on the alternatives. I actually do have a few. But none are simple, else I would have abandoned StormPay long ago...

Also, I may have to shut down the ChatRoom interface page for a while. If that happens, you'll still be able to get into it by the mIRC software, and the page may still be there if you have it bookmarked, but all links to the chatroom will dissapear without any notice. That's because they consider sites with chatrooms to be "high risk" for some reason. If that happens, you'll know that a CC processor is reviewing the site, and that's a GOOD THING. :-)


Saturday March 4

Added: to the Therapy site - How to form goals to achieve your desires

(the above links have been fixed)

I've neglected adding actual content to the therapy site for long enough. I do have lots of self help topics I can write about that are actually useful to people. And I will slowly be writing about them. One of My long term projects is writing on My understanding of how emotions work, and I'll be writing on one emotion at a time. As always, there's only so much I can devote time to. Rest assured the next CD is a high priority, and should be out shortly.

This addition of how to create goals is possibly one of the most useful tools for getting where you want to go in life. I encourage you to use it... to plan out how to express your girl side ;)

Realistically, I only have 50 or so more years of being young and ravishingly beautiful. So I have to branch out into less sexual topics at some point, and now's as good a time as any to start... heh heh. But honestly, I'm as hot for therapy and spirituality as I am for good old fashioned brainwashing and feminization. Not the same kind of thrills of course, but it's equally fun and rewarding, if somewhat less profitable. And I AM very good at therapy and support, especially for transgenders and others who live outside the norm.

Okay, enough sweetness and light. Put the butt plug back IN, and resume sucking! NOW!


Saturday February 18

Yahoo Hacker Alert: I received a link to a geocities site on Yahoo Messenger. The page looked like a standard yahoo login, so I logged in, and that brought Me to My own (empty) yahoo picture gallery.

Since then, people on My contact list have received the same link from My Mind_Mistress account, and I KNOW that I didn't send any message to them recently. The only explanation is that a hacker is collecting Yahoo passwords. So I changed Mine. If you followed that link and typed in your password, I strongly suggest that you CHANGE YOUR YAHOO PASSWORD.

"When you have excluded the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." - Sherlock Holmes


February 14, Tuesday


ADDED: The Slut Machine Slot Machine (Demo Version) 61k
(Requires the Shockwave Flash Player)

Hello girls! I hope you have a hot date lined up!
For those who don't, I've been working on a game to put on the site, so you could have some fun too! I'm trying to get a decent version ready to post, but it's being difficult on Me. It still needs some work, but here's the demo version for you gals to have fun with !

I apologize to those waiting for email answers. I've been a bit overwhelmed by the amount of email, and so not doing much of it. It happens to Me every now and again. And usually, I end up spending My time on other projects, such as this game. I've also nearly finished CD21! In fact, it's finished, but I realized I needed to record an extra 30 seconds or so for it to be complete. Once I get that done, I'll add some background sounds, and it will be all ready to go!

And on this day of love, remember... I love ALL My girls. Those I have trained, those who've trained with My voice, and those who've let Me into their hearts to work "that old black magic" that I do so well... ;)


February 4, Saturday

Emotional Freedom: The Feminization Alert level was getting a bit old, and I decided to replace it with something more useful. The girls who have gone through the Emotional Freedom process seem to get a few days of moodiness that match up to the lunar cycle. It's too soon to tell if everyone gets that effect, but for those who do, checking updates here will also allow them to check where they are in their "period".

It's become quite a phenomenon, and I've been amused to hear one girls asking Me if another one had beem to "the Hall" yet. The Hall of Emotions is an inner place, which I create during a session, for the girl to manage the release of her emotions. The girls who have been so initiated become so much more focussed on emotions, and expressing them, that they crave to speak to each other, because others wouldn't understand the changes in emotions and preferences they're going through. So it's becoming something of a sisterhood, and I've started referring to it as the Sisterhood of the 28 Doors.

The change gradually releases more and more repressed emotions over the following weeks, after the big changes that happen the first day. I'm pleased to say that in at least a few cases, that includes changes in sexual preference, in that by feeling more feminine, and feeling arousal like women do, males start becoming more appealing. Also, any attraction to males that might have been there but repressed because "guys aren't supposed to feel that way" start to come out, because you don't feel like a guy anymore -- you feel like a woman, and so the old limits just don't apply anymore.

I am very pleased that as My experience in feminization grows, I am finding new methods to feminize males more and more deeply and permanently. Brute force conditioning is fun, but it requires regular and intensive reinforcement with CDs to really become permanent. The subtler the change, the more lasting and pervasive it is, and the more the changes keep happening on their own in the days and weeks that follow... ie. How few sessions are required to make Joe Macho into Girly Dainty?!

This process also has the advantage for the part time girls of not needing to be dressed up to feel like a woman... and feeling even more feminine when dressed. Though if they've trained with Elegance, I suspect it will make them need to feel pretty even more, and be totally devoted to their discrete use of makeup. I am equally eager to try this on genetic females who have repressed their emotions, and see how girly it makes them too. And I have just the guinea p... candidate in mind for this testing too... Mouahaha!

Mind Mistress


January 31 Tuesday

Chatroom: I mistakenly deleted the IRC chatroom's folder last night, thinking it was the old version. Thank you to those who noticed and warned Me. It has now been restored.

Gifts: Thank you to the one who has sent Me the Sky High DVD. I love that movie! I've been trying to find the note that came with it to thank them personally, but it seems to be missing. So remind Me who you are, and I will thank you :)

Mind Mistress


January 30, Monday

Added: a FIFTH whole page with 20 pics of Myself to the picture gallery. I'm affraid the next update will be a bit skinnier, as after this, there are only 6 more pics left. But I have more projects in the works...

News: Well, I'm back from First Event, and I have replied to almost all the emails since My departure. Still trying to work on the backlog from before that.

First Event was exhausting but fun! I've finally recovered from it, and I'm back in action. I've had the chance to test the Emotional Freedom process on a few more girls, and I'm quite thrilled with the results of giving them a very female perception of the world... like suddenly, liking stories more than visual porn, which a totally female position. And this, without suggesting it at all in the session. This of course is just a small example of the changes, by adding the short version to basic training. The comment from today's "full version" convert, when I asked how she felt with these emotions was: "I feel real". I expect these female emotions to be even MORE addictive than the female orgasms, because they then feel more girly all the time, as opposed to only during sex. We'll see... heh heh...

Mind Mistress


January 17, Tuesday


Added: a FOURTH whole page with 20 pics of Myself to the picture gallery.

After doing this update, I will get a bit of sleep before heading off to the airport. I will be at the First Event convention until Monday the 23rd. The next sessions will be on Wednesday the 25th.

I will be there with Alice, the Mad Scientist, promoting HypnoticWishes and Girls-R-Us, and for the first time, our line of Mind Perfumes will be available for sale. Each perfume is meant to create one of many personality changes... or completely replace the personality with a new one! Mouahaha! Effects are of course temporary. We expect Estro-Mist to be popular...

I will not have any net or email access until Monday the 23rd, as I am not bringing the laptop. I've never have much time to use it anyway... I'm there to shmooze and party with a bunch of happy t-girls! I'm looking forward to pajama parties...

My workshop on Overcoming Social Fears Through Hypnosis will be presented on Friday and Saturday. But hey, you can check that out here.

Have a great week girls! I know I will!

So many minds to twist... Mmmmm...

Mind Mistress



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