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CD 22 - Memories

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CD22 Description

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I've enjoyed a number of the CDs, but let's face it...I'm a tough subject. I don't react uncontrollably to the trigger in Elegance, I can't manage the visual hallucination in Vixen, and I've never been able to let go enough to get an effect from Acceptance.

I thought Memories would be about the same. And when I'd finished it, my first thought was, "well, so what? It only went up through age 12 and then summed up the rest of my femme life in a few generalities." But then I discovered something amazing. I was able to call up vivid memories of a LOT of past events in my life, but as if they had happened to me as a woman. I could see myself, see what I was wearing, remember what I was thinking and feeling. These memories did not replace my actual memories...it took a small effort of will to get this visualization. (So I had no problems seeing myself in a mirror and going, "OMG! I'm a MAN!")

This is an incredible gift. As an older TG (in my 50's) I've come to regret more and more not screwing up my courage and transitioning a long time ago. Now I don't have to regret those lost years...I can RECALL them! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I'd also like to thank you for your generous CD replacement policy. I'd tossed out a number of CDs several years ago in a purge. It was wonderful to be able to replace them at a fraction of the retail cost.

Bethany (Not my usual femme name, but it's what came to me in Memories.)

11 June 2010

Mind Mistress Replies:

Hello Bethany,

I'm glad it worked for you so well. Yes, the mind is very good at filling in the blanks. This is why CD22 only hits on key memories, and lets the mind fill in the blanks, which it does very well.

There is a limit to what CDs can do. For one thing, they have to be sufficiently common experiences that everyone can relate to them. In sessions, I get more personal history from the person, and incorporate feminized versions of those key memories into the process, incorporating family members, friends and schoolmates. It makes the memories that much more meaningful. And clearly, I can't review and convert every single memory, that would take forever.

I specifically stopped at age 12 for this CD, because after that we get into sexual development, and I'd need a straight version as well as a lesbian version. As soon as someone takes phone sessions for either of those, I'll record them so we'll have Memories II ! I know pretty much every T-girl wishes to have memories of what life would have been as a girl, and this is My contribution to their inner peace.

Learning to trance with a CD is also significantly inferior to live sessions. A single session makes a big difference in the effectiveness of CDs afterwards. It's not that I say anything much different from the CD's induction. It's that I say it at the right time, and usually take it a lot more slowly. I also use a variation of the induction to get very analytical people to stop talking to themselves in their head.

Likewise for the Elegance triggers: I typically spend about 10  to 15 minutes of pre-chat getting the person to select the right memories to use, and they relive them much more vividly in session, creating stronger triggers. With a CD, the listener is responsible for making the trance work for them. In session, I'm responsible for adapting the trance to their needs.

As to replacement CDs... well, purges are really unfortunate. I wish more people would take a session or two on the therapy side to help get over their guilt and shame. The next best thing is to be considerate of people's quirks, and help them get replacements. I mean, you already bought it... I just need to cover My costs in replacing it... and the rest is a "you have been silly, and there is a price for that". ;)

Thank you for the review, I really appreciate that, and I'm glad My work is of help to you. :)

Mind Mistress

Thanks for the reply, and for posting my review!  Yes, I'm very familiar with the limitations of recordings vs. live trances.  I'm a hypnotist in Second Life as well as a subject, and I've written scripts for general use as well as done many live one-on-one sessions, so I know exactly what you're talking about.  I was not meaning to sound critical...your CDs are amazing.  It's just me...I get to a point and my conscious mind says, "oh, no, I'm sticking around.  I don't entirely trust what might happen if I went away and let Unconscious drive unsupervised."  And yes, I'm an analytical type.  I'm always poking at myself and wondering, "am I in trance now?  How deep?  Oh...this feels interesting...oops, lost it.  You're tensing your leg again.  Stop that."  And so on.  On the other hand, if I DO shut up in my head and let it go blank, I tend to fall asleep.

One of these days, I'll get in touch with you for a live session.  I love your voice and your standard CD induction works better for me than just about any other audio induction I've come across.

Bethany  (I am not sure I'm going to forgive my parents for naming me that.  LOL!)
Saturday, June 12, 2010 2:08 AM


On 29/06/2010 11:20 AM, Luca wrote:

Divine Goddess I'm extremely interested in the CD 26 - Sensitive...I love female clothing and I really makes my woman inside emerge; still I guess if I can also find a way to feel repulsion to male clothing, that would be perfect. In my dreams the best way could be to have my girlfriend use it on me - as if I were unaware...
Anyway, since I live in Italy I would like to know whether You also ship to my country and how long it could require to receive the CD, say if I buy it today!

best regards
P.S. I already listened to Elegance 1 and 2 and even had an online session with You, so I do know Your immense power!

On 25/01/2011 5:50 AM, Luca wrote:

Divine Mind Mistress, here am I again asking You for a special favour. Could it be possible to have my 'Female Memories' CD - order reference 571E7140-4D3EA7A1-280-21C6E - converted into an MP3? It would be really important for me...
I think I'm quite ready to move from my crossdressing to something deeper...The problem is that my male past seems to haunt me...I tend to remember all my male memories and take them as justification of my present male persona who is not so willing to let my female persona take over, as I know it should be.
I guess this CD can really help me forget about my male past especially in that part of life when one starts to be aware of his/her sexuality.

thank You in advance
Luca -> Lucia

On 26/01/2011 4:36 AM, Luca wrote:

Powerful Mistress Linda, apart from the favour I asked You about converting my CD into an MP3, I also would like You to satisfy a curiosity I have:
You said You like changing people, their habits, sexual orientation, etc. and especially contrasts. But, since to be really effective one has to want to be hypnotised - isn't it? - how can You induce contrasts? I mean: a smart executive would probably contact You because he probably wants to be turned into a dumb big breasted hooker, doesn't he?
So, personality changes can happen if people wants to change personality, am I right? Or have You got a way to induce those changes without the other person being aware of that. But that wouldn't be really grant the wish for which the person contacted You in the first place...
For instance, I crave hypnosis in order to be convinced to follow a feminization path; We had once a session about removing my sense of guilt and shame and it worked. But now I have so many doubts about the possibility of radical and physical changes and there's a voice inside me that reminds me that I'm a man, I was born a boy and that's the right way...
That's why I ordered Female Memories, to help me out with the creation of particular memories in that particular period, where a boy/girl starts to be aware of his/her own sexuality...In this way, I hope I can realise my male persona is really the intruder in my life and not the other way round...
If I could really find a way to be changed in my personality, in my mind, in my fears about the 'judging' world around...I guess that would be perfect, but could You that without my male warden being aware of that?

I hope I wasn't too confused

thank You for listenig
Luca -> Lucia

On 31/01/2011 11:11 AM, Luca wrote:

Divine Mistress, I've just listened to Memories and i'm pretty sure it can really help me out a lot...While You voice was showing me the different ages of my timeline, i couldnt' help imagining myself as a little girl - somehow having the same images of my childhood only from a different perspective, like if i were my sister, so there were lots of things I don't need to just imagine, but only remember as embodied in my sister. That's what came up immediately; don't know whether it's Ok this way. I shared lots of memories with my sis: in this way I can just have those memories 'translated'...
Anyhow, there's something I would like to share with You. Without meaning to be arrogant but I believe it could be really more effective if the memories You propose were puncuated by external commentaries...For instance, before the birth the ostetrician telling my parents it's gonna be a girl or at the moment of the birth voices of nurses, parents and friends commenting on the newborn. And so on, during the 5th birthday all fellow kids and girls or adults commenting on the little dress received, thus reinforcing the "she". What I mean is, maybe if it was a bit more interactive even with overlapping voices - myabe always Yours but in different tones - it could really add up to the female memories...as if the whole surrounding couldn't help acknowledging the character sex...
That's only my view...Having said that i can't wait to fall in trance again tomorrow...

Luca -> Lucia

On 31/01/2011 11:11 AM, Luca wrote:


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