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General Reviews - Starter Kit


On 19/05/2009 4:29 AM, Melissa wrote:

Dear Mind Mistress,

This is likely to sound like one of the 'testimonials' on your site. Frankly, while i am rarely totally sceptical aboutclaims that might seem a little unusual, i felt your site was verging on un-credible. the claims simply seemed too big. Not so far over the top tht i didn't order some CDs (the 4 cd intro training set).

Background to this is that I've had long time interests in a range of things around submission, forced feminisation with strog sluttish overtones, but nver come across or thought of hypnosis till a month ago. Tried a couple of phone and recorded sessions, but not convinced that they were the goods, even though in both cases they produced some interesting effects

Anyway, your set of CDs arrived yesterday. Against your recommendations, I did a sampling of all 4, before setting up the beginnings of a systematic and disciplined regimen. I found the idea of Elegance and Acceptance a tad scary because if they work as they say (or, perhaps, if i use them to that they work to their possible fll effectiveness i can see myself in a tricky or at least embarrassing position at work (Even though i'm head of department, - how masculine is tht -- my image there is 'soft and gentle man', but fairly masculine all the same)

I was in fact impressed /for what that's worth!) They seemed convincing in the way they worked on me, (the downside of the phone and other recordings was that they eded up seeing likemasturbatopry sessions - good in their own way, but out of keeping with my u/s of how hypnosis should work, especially to start with) So i've probably run Trance training 4 times so far, and subconscious (with track 2 looped to repeat once). Felt fairly deep in trance, especiallly in terms of body consciousness, although occasional distractions - my cats, the neighbour's chansaw, allowing flickerings of very disjonted thoughts about work to skip through. OK. yaddah yaddah... the mind blowing point: i checed into the chat room this arv briefly. At one point the Bot set of a string oftriggers and i couldn't believe mey reaction -- i got the shakes, heartrate escalated, beame aware i was pannting heavily, and thrown right off balance. Quite unnerving! i suddenlyfelt the credibility of the claims on your site skyrocketed.

thank you


Alicia's CD Reviews
see her session reviews here


I did a long-term combination of phone sessions with Mind Mistress, and also extensive cd trances.  I did this over several years!

I started with phone trances, and did several before buying my first cd.  This made the cd experience incredibly effective and much more powerful.  One effect of doing both was that the mere sound of Her voice started causing me to go into trance, even when we casually conversed before starting a trance on the phone!

I used Oral, Soft (induced impotence - the name may be different now), Envy, Male Charm, and Gemini.  It takes regular listening to produce the effects you are looking for, but over time you will notice that Her suggestions have become your beliefs and desires.  Whatever you thought about things before you started, after repeated listenings, your thoughts will definitely change to what Mind Mistress tells you they will become.

The cd's are especially good for reinforcing your responsiveness to the triggers Mind Mistress uses to induce trance and to condition you to accept Her powerful thoughts.  This in turn makes a phone session with Her much more effective in altering your beliefs and desires since She can spend Her time training you without having to reinforce Her triggers. 

The end result of my many phone trances and countless cd trances is that I am now what I was always meant to be..... I am a fulltime transsexual woman.  I have lived and worked as my true self for several years thanks to Mind Mistress, and I am finally happy and at peace with myself.  I live with my boyfriend, I take hormones, and my body and mind have no trace of maleness left, except for the last things that need to be done surgically.


ps - I wrote this voluntarily.  I offer it to Mind Mistress in the hope that it will help her other clients decide what is best for them!  And what is best is, Obey Her.

5 June 2010


General Review - Wendy-Ann's Questions


January 5, 2011

With respect Mistress,

I just had to drop you a line to say how good the new site looks. Thank you for your efforts in setting it up for us.

I find your site makes wonderful reading and I can empathise with so much of it. Unfortunately my wife is very vanilla and has no interest in feminising me, although she accepts me wearing panties and nighties all the time, and that I have other ladies shoes and clothing. I just wish she could be more positive and encouraging as I feel such a need to develop my feminine side. Ah well,  I will just have to continue on my own and make such small steps forward that I can, such as occasionally wearing hose, camisoles and the occasional make up.

I have tried to suggest that hypnosis could be good for us to help losing weight as this would provide an opportunity to add other suggestions such as liberating her views. Unfortunately she is not at all willing at as she fears “giving anyone control of her mind”. So at the moment I don’t see much opportunity to develop myself quickly or too much further at the moment.

But your site is very encouraging and I so much empathy with it that at least I now know that there are many others just like me.

I guess the new site just provided me with an excuse to contact you. However it really does look better.


Wendy-Ann (aka Mike)

Hello Wendy-Ann :)

Thank you, glad you like it! At least your wife is okay with you wearing panties and such. That's an openness many wish they had.

The fear of giving up control is a common one. In fact, it's a dominant trait. When I want to know if someone is a dominant, I ask them "What do you fear more, losing control, or making mistakes?" If they fear losing control more, they're dominant. If they fear mistakes more, they're submissive. So realize your wife is in fact dominant. A good dominant provides for the needs of their sub, when they're aware of them.

I can't do much in email form, but here's what I'd suggest: Talk to her about your needs, and ask her what she thinks you should do about them. That's putting her in control, and we already know she cares about you and your needs. You can then mention some of the possibilities you know, such as hypnosis CDs for yourself, but that you don't want to do things she's uncomfortable with, and if she decides to allow it, you'd like her to be in charge of how and when you get such training. Put the situation in her hands, and let her think about it. It's what a submissive would do, and it's how a dominant likes things presented to them. Wait a week or two, ask her if she's put any thought into it. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

That's my advice. :)

(by the way, I'd like your permission to post your question and my answer... though we can wait until you've seen results from this suggestion if you like)

Mind Mistress

January 5, 2011

General Review - Wren


On 16/08/2011 11:49 PM, Wren wrote:

You have a terrific web site with a lot to explore and read. Some of the most erotic hypnotic mischief I have seen. I love the bimbo and smoking fetish stories and themes in a lot of your hypnosis. I'm not really sure why the smoking appeals to me except maybe as a taboo that is really sexy to see used on someone until they accept as something completely pleasurable and desirable. Though i don't believe in 'evil hypnosis' because the mesmerized person needs to agree with and want those changes, the stories themselves are so erotic and delicious as fantasies.

It is not my intent to take up your time as I don't have the money to be a customer and don't really need to be feminized since I'm already headed down that path. I think you can never go wrong with well meaning praise. So, thank you for having such a fun place to come and live out the stories with those poor souls who don't even realize they have started down a path that has no turning back point.

~ Wren

Thank you, glad you like My work :)
Would you like this contributed to reviews on the site?

On 18/08/2011 9:43 PM, Wren wrote:
Oh, if you wish to take part or all and add it, please do. There's so much more I could say about my fascination with the stories you have posted on your web pages. After e-mailing you I went back to read more stories and some stories again. I am not sure my short words of praise are really worth repeating. Whether i am reading a ficticious story or a real account, it is so enjoyable to feel as though i am the one who is seduced by hypnotic words, changing into something that deep down i desire and fear to be. There is power in your stories. A suggestion of what it might be like to try it out and see what can happen. I do wish I had money to allow my curiosity off the leash. And I am rambling, sorry. You know all of this already. I am a fan and would be happy for my words to encourage others to see what you have to offer.

~ Wren

General Review - Emily's Total Conversion


On 08/11/2011 3:55 AM, Emily Ann wrote:

Dearest Mind Mistress Linda,

I'm writing to you because I have fully given into being a girl. Three Years ago I was 20 years old and I was a basketball player for my college. I was very heterosexual and never thought about being a girl or feminization for that matter. One day I surfing the web looking for erotic hypnosis however because I had a fetish about girls hypnotically seducing me. So I typed erotic hypnotic wishes on google and your website popped up. I didn't find what I was looking for although when i saw the forced feminization by hypnosis I didn't believe it. I was so curious to find out if it was true and people can actually be made into girls against their will. I found out that guys cannot be made into girls against their will but I found out you can change their thinking about it.

I checked out adam's story and kept re-reading it as instructed, I checked out Whitney Sparkles, the Dear Abby Mistress articles. I checked out the captions, the quizes, the orgasms compared, the lesbian hypnosis, the couples hypnosis stories and logs, the Not So Evil Section, and finally the flashes. I stared at each flash for 15 mins. It was the panties flash, the adDICKted flash, the cocksucker, the boobs flash, and the fuck my ass flash. When doing this to each part of your site I began to get more curious and and more hooked. Until I could hear your voice talking to me, I could hear my own "girl" voice talking to me as well with you. I did my best to resist and even tried staying away. But that didn't help because all I kept hearing was"GOOD GIRL", "LET EMILY OUT, STOP BEING MEAN", and "DESIRE PLEASURE".

The urges became stronger and made me join the chatroom. The chatroom kept me on the site a lot and kept pulling me back when I didn't want to go. I resisted as much as I could until I finally wanted to try on girl clothes. It made me buy pink satin lace panties from Victoria's Secret. They were soo girly when I first saw them. When i put them on at home while on the chat, I melted as the girl inside me got stronger. The panties felt soo right, so soft, comfy, and smooth. I loved them and went to walmart to get a skirt, blouse, a dress, 7 more pairs of panties, 5 bras, and a cute pink top. With being dressed up I was in heaven. As I continued to return to the chat, I became more girly.

One day I went out in my guy clothes to buy an aneros sexy toy and a 7" dildo because I didn't have the balls per say to wear girl's clothes all the time just yet. I went so deep in trance on the chatroom given by one of the Ops there, that I had to get lube and the aneros and have a female orgasm. I was fully dressed when I did this. I found my g spot thanks to nice girls in the chatroom for helping me locate it. Then all of a sudden I was in suucchh pleasure.MMMMMMMM I still remember my first orgasm!!! It was beyond AMAZING. I wanted more so I achieved multiple orgasms. I lost my masculine sensitivity and mind after this. I saw I was leaking as well so I drank up all the cum. It tasted sooo yummy mmmmmmmmmmm...

After I was done I felt sooo girly and feminine. I bought make up such as lipstick, mascara, blush, eyeliner, etc., nail polish, and even a wig until my hair grew long to my shoulders. I went on youtube to learn how to apply make up and afterwards painted my nails red. It took me one year to realize I was a girl and might not return.

In my second year I became a girl 24/7 and needed hormones because I needed boobs soo bad. As my desire to be a girl grew, so did my cravings for men. I've had soo much sex with shemales and males its sooo wonderful to see who I am today :). I'm in my third year now almost and I must say Mind Mistress, I COULN'T BE ANY HAPPIER!!!!! :) My newest craving is for a vagina of my own because I can't stand having a 4 inch shecock anymore when it used to be 8"!!! I have such powerful pussy envy against women *giggles*. I won't stop until after my SRS :) I love you so much Mind Mistress, thank you for your wonderful site. It alone has made me become a girl and I must say being a bisexual girl is sooo much better than being a boring a college basketball guy *giggles*.I truly believe now that any male can be feminized. My name used to be Ean, but now Emily is out....FOREVER!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

All my love with nothing but pure hugs and kisses,

Your slave girl,
Emily Anne :)

p.s. If you wish Mistress, please post this to your website, I'd be honored. If so don't mention my email. Ty my Mistress :) <3


General Review : Animations


On 19/11/2011 12:29 PM, Michelle wrote:
Dear Mind Mistress,

I just wanted to write and say thank you so much for the flash animations you have on your website, especially the BBCProgrammer and CockHappy ones. They have worked wonders on my husband-- he was always a little wimpish, but they have helped me start to turn him into a cock-hungry little girl slut. In fact, he finally asked to suck my boyfriend's cock directly, instead of just licking me clean after my boyfriend and I have sex. He'll have the honor this weekend. Thanks again-- you are providing a great service to women everywhere.


My pleasure! May I repost this on the site's user reviews?
You should consider the CDs for more fine tuning, they're really quite effective. :)
See http://adult.hypnoticwishes.com/cd

On 20/11/2011 3:11 AM, Michelle wrote:

Sure, go ahead, and thanks! I'm happy to get the word out about the proper use of submissive men :)


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