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December 31


What are you doing reading this??? You should be off partying!

Well, if you don't have a party to go to, then I have a naughty story for you... long enough to keep you entertained all evening, and part of the night!

Added: Heaven and Hell, book 1, The Recruiter to the Story Gallery

Happy New Year everyone!


December 18

On Prancer, on Dancer, on Comet and Cupid, on Donner and VIXEN!

Added: CD10:Vixen

Vixen is finally ready! The payment pages have been updated, as well as the description in the Recordings page.

We had a blizzard here yesterday, followed by freezing rain. The highway is iced over and closed, so I'm hoping it will open by tomorrow (Friday), so I can do the mailing in the afternoon.

There have been frequent short power failures all day. This means that while I can do updates with the laptop (which has a battery), I cannot actually burn the CDs on the desktop today. Hopefully, power will be more stable tomorrow, so I can do the burning.

With all these caveats, I'm still confident we can get the mailing underway by tomorrow for all orders made before noon EST on Friday.

Updated: The Story Gallery has been reorganized with tables. As the content keeps growing, it gets a bit unwieldly otherwise.


December 13

I rented a movie last night, which I find excellent, and greatly enjoyed. No specific feminization or hypnosis, but certainly domination, submission humiliation and spanking. It's called Secretary. Shows interestingly how submissiveness can be a source of inner strength, as well a fresh look on guilt. Worth looking into.


December 12

Emails Lost:
My inbox collapsed on Wednesday December 11... If you emailed be before then, and I havn't answered you yet, it's because I've lost your email, so unfortunately you'll have to email Me again.

CD10:Vixen is nearly done and will likely be available next week! Did I mention it includes a full version of the hallucinated transformation process, so you can see and feel your female body during the trance, as well as a two orgasms as a woman? One during sex, and one while finger your pussy... Silly Me... I forgot... ;-)


November 25

In answer to the Guestbook:
I cannot change the content of the CDs, they are recordings of sessions. Massage is for making a woman into a lesbian. It doesn't condition not being attracted to males, it just makes a woman identify as a lesbian and be attracted to women. What I can do however, is add at the end suggestions to forget the content of the CD, fall asleep, and need to listen every day.

Would that be something others would like? Sleep and amnesia suggestions at the end of Lesbian Massage?

The original intent was to promote women finding their male partner more attractive when feminized... or ONLY attractive when feminized... as a first step to becoming a feminizing Mistress...
(I have more steps towards this in mind, but few requests for phone sessions I can use for that... so I have to go the long way and script the CDs)

Obviously, I can't guarantee the person will go deep enough in trance to have amnesia, but with sufficient pracice through Trance Training, chances of it working can be greatly ehanced.

I've been debating whether to call it Mental Massage, or just Massage. I'll read the Guestbook for your votes on that :)

1 vote for Massage (& good fantasy scenario too!)


November 24

Updated: The Recordings page with the description of the Envy CD

The Envy CD is now available for purchase!

Make sure your favorite sissy is totally into men and only men for Christmas!

I'm working hard on new recordings to make them available early enough, so you can get them for Christmas. But I have a choice...

I can work on Vixen, which trains you to hallucinate your female body in trance, making your female self more and more real, at the expense of draining the lifeforce out of your male self, to make your male side weaker, while your female self gets stronger, more real and in control

Or, I can work on Massage, which is meant to turn a straight girl into a lesbian, by going to a very special beauty center, and having the masseuse hypnotize her into being her lesbian lover and pussy slave.

Please tell Me which one you'd like to see first, and why, in the Guestbook. Tell Me exactly how you'd want them used... either by you, or by someone else. It's okay to fantasize about what other buyers would do with each of them.


November 23

Added: The Glory Hole FAQ and How to Suck Cock Guide to the Story Gallery


November 22

Updated: the women's fantasies page with more text and pics in the Story Gallery

Unfortunately, LadyJane is busy dealing with personal issues, and will only be occasionally doing work on the site.


November 16

Added: the full description of CD8: Freedom is now up on the Recordings page, and also the protocol for recording your breast growth results with Youth, so I can gather statistics on its effectiveness.


November 13

It's Thursday...Thursday the 13th!!!

CD7:Youth is finally ready for shipment! CD8: Freedom is yet another subversive amnesia inducing CD , for those who have a problem with smoking, done in the therapeutic style typical of stop-smoking CDs. It sounds like it's helping you to quit, with advanced NLP language patterns... but you can imagine what it actually does. Whether you start as a smoker guilted into trying to quit, or a non-smoker who needs to relax, smoking addiction won't be a problem anymore...

Added: Payment buttons to buy Youth, the breast growth CD, and Smoking Freedom. Stormpay page, and Direct credit card payment page.


November 10

LadyJane Added: 2 captioned pics to the Slave Gallery, and to the bottom of the Story Gallery, added the 99 rules of mind control, as well as an automatic flatterer.


November 6

Update: The Guestbook and Trance Request Form have been fixed


November 4

Errors in Guestbook and Trance Request Form:
I've realized these produce errors on the new server. As soon as I get the proper variable values from the new host, these will be fixed.


November 2

Email Error I made a small configuration error on the Mind_Mistress email address, so the mail sent to that address bounced. The mistake has been fixed, and you can email Me as usual through the new host server. Apologies for the inconvenience.


October 30

Update: The New Direct Credit Card Payment Page now has a button to order all 6 CDs at once, and save 25$. The First Session page now has instructions and a link to this page.

Added: New pics to the Hypnosis Pictures (LadyJane is on the job!)


October 28

Announcement: The move to a new host for the site has started. If you're reading this, you're on the NEW version of the site. It will take till about Thursday October 30 for all the Domain Name Servers to pass the word and point to the new site IP address

This shouldn't alter your experience of the site, except for the fact that LadyJane, My new WebMistress, has started making some updates on the new version. Glitches are always a possibility, such as emails being lost, but it's unlikely.

With her working on the site, expect much more frequent content updates :-)


October 24

Added: Two more very interesting gender tests at the bottom of the Story Gallery, from the excellent Transsexual.org site. Still no news from the Sex Role Test owner.
Transsexual.org banner


October 22

Update: CD6: Happiness is finally available! It was a lot of work, but I think you'll agree it was worth it. You can find it in the Recordings page, with an updated description.

You can order it through the Stormpay payment page
or you can use the new direct payment server, and save on fees, but if you use the new server, you MUST send Me an email with your mailing address (and which CDs you ordered). The link to email Me is on that payment page.

Announcement: NEW HOSTING
I will be switching to a new hosting provider for hypnoticwishes in the next few days. This means for about a week, some people will be seeing the old site, while others see the new site, while the new IP is propagated across Domain Name Servers.

Domain Name Servers are the "phone books" that tell your computer the actual IP address of the site (which is a number) when you type in a domain name (such as hypnoticwishes.com). The Guestbook will be deactivated on the old site, and you'll be able to tell from looking at the updates page whether what you're seeing is the old site or the new one.

I've tested the new host, but glitches are always possible. The Mailing List will be inactive on the new server. I hardly use it anyway... though I'll probably use it to announce the latest CD.


October 14


If it seems like I'm not answering your emails these past few days... it's because I can't! I can receive mail just fine, but the outgoing mail doesn't connect. My ISP has virus problems that are overloading the smtp server with virus generated emails. So I get intermittent access to sending mail. All the replies are sitting in My unsent messages folder. It's been intermittent over the last few days, but it's been completely jammed since noon today. If this isn't resolved by Monday, I'll get a second ISP. In the meantime, I can answer more easily by ICQ for appointment requests.
(Later update... got all the emails sent at midnight... so I should be able to send email once a day at least!)

I'm not doing any site updates, as I'm focussing all My free time on finishing the Happiness CD. It's really a labor of love, getting the soundwork done just right. My sound technician is working slowly through other simpler recordings, which should require minimal work on My part. Happiness is the bottleneck here, as it's far more complex integrating the two voices. I wasn't satisfied with the way he did it, and started over from scratch to do it the way I wanted. We now have a better understanding of how I want things done. Once CD6 is done, CD7: Youth should come out soon therafter. I've only sampled a small part of his cleaned up version, but it sounds good, and should require minimal work from Me.

The webmaster announcement a few months ago was a false alarm. It didn't actually happen, hence the updates I have are still sitting in a folder, ready to be done. But it seems like I'm going to have a webmaster after all! Her "indoctrination" session is scheduled for this weekend, so you should start seeing actual content updates in the near future :)

New Server
Hypnoticwishes is moving to a new server very soon. The old hosting is quirky, and will soon not be able to handle either the bandwidth of this site (50GB per month), nor the adult nature of the site. I've tested the new host today, and everything works, except the mailing list. Since I hardly use it, I'm unsure whether I'll make the effort to make it work on the new server. There's enough spam as it is without Me contributing to it. If you were in the Chatroom tonight, you may have noticed a silent visitor called Incognito. That was Me, testing the Java Chat applet. :)


September 28

Announcement: It seems My new anti-spam program has been too zealous. I've just recovered a number of emails and payments from it. My apologies for delays in answering, I'll handle them now, and check it more closely from now on.

I was going to finish the CDs today... but now I find Myself with all this unanswered mail backlog. Arg. I'll attempt to do both.

I will be on a little trip with My new camper Thursday to Sunday this coming week, so I need to have your CD orders by Monday night if you want them shipped this week. I'm leaving Wednesday after My 3pm appointment, and returning sometime Monday.

Update: There was a glitch in the payment page. It has been corrected.


September 25

Update: StormPay has upped its service fee for credit card payments to 15% (*sigh*). The new prices are shown on the payment page.

I am still waiting on the upgrade to the new payment system to fully feature it as a payment option. Soon, they say...


September 24

Update: I've added an addendum to Gemini in the Recordings page, as well as a review from a woman who went into full Mistress mode when triggered! How interesting!


September 17

Update: Thanks to a client giving Me the actual costs associated with StormPay, I've set up tables that show the actual cost of each purchase through StormPay in the pay page.

Update: The new payment page for direct credit card acceptance is up, but I'm loathe to post it until it gets upgraded by the server people. It sends both you and Me an email with:
Your name, items purchased, amount paid.

It does NOT send Me your email address, or mailing address(for CDs), so you MUST send those to Me in a separate email if you choose to use it. Otherwise, I have no way to contact you. The link to this new page is here.


September 8

NOTE: StormPay is having problems with their name server
This means that to find the site, you have to use the IP address.
I have changed this page to use the IP address, so all should work normally.

To access your StormPay account, or get a new account,
click on this link:

Announcement: The new payment server is now online for accepting credit cards directly. It works and sends you an email receipt, but produces an error page. That will be fixed tomorrow, but I still have to set up the payment page properly. For the testing period, I will only refer people who ask for it to the direct payment page (for those who can't use StormPay, for instance) so I can closely monitor it.

September 8

You can wait until it comes back up to send payments, or pay by Postal money order. More information will be made available once I have it

I'm working on getting another payment system online... a permanent solution this time.


August 17

Want to see Bush turned into a girl? :)



August 13

Update: Minor adjustements have been made to the payment and first session page, and I've fixed the quick menu toolbars.

StormPay seems to be working ok, though their tech support is very slow. Try to get the credit card information right the first time, because otherwise you have to email them to change it... and they can take a while to answer. Since August 9, they also charge a 10% fee for credit card funding of your account. Not much I can do about it though...

I've found another payment processor... but they take 15% of whatever you send. Not ideal. No Canadian bank is willing to handle payments for adult sites. The search continues...

I've added bold yellow reminders to include your mailing address in the Note section when ordering CDs. About half the people this week sent payment without it, so I concluded the instructions weren't obvious enough about this.

(this is an important principle: If you're not getting the result you want, do something different)


August 2

Update:The new Payment page is up and active, now with shopping cart buttons, so you don't have to pay for each thing separately.The First Session page instructions have likewise been updated, so you know exactly how to use StormPay. It's not quite as transparent to use as the previous processor, but it beats the alternative. Just remember to always put that extra 2$ when you transfer money to your StormPay account, to cover the transfer fee.

Now that the major work on the site is done, I'll go back to answering emails (I've answered some, but I'm back up to 120). I'll be answering CD order request first, telling them the link to go to the payment page.

Please stop asking when the next CDs will be ready. The answer's always the same:I don't know. There's regularly some tech delay or other, so I only know for sure once the first copy pops out of My burner. When a new CD is ready, I'll post about it.

In an effort to go through everyone's emails more quickly, I will forego My usual policy of answering every email, and ignore all the one that ask when the next CDs will be out.

Update: I've started putting a new quick menu system on the site, which you can see at the top and bottom of this page. I've been wanting to make one for a while like this. I dislike frames, which take up valuable window space, and this method doesn't. I think you'll find it very convenient.


August 1

Announcement: I have a new payment processor... we're back in business folks! Now I'm off to do some payment page coding...

Please hold on your session and CD requests for now. The new system should be online this weekend, and then I'll be working My way into answering all the emails.


July 31

Announcement: I'm back from a very soggy but fun camping since Tuesday, and I'm down from about 500 mesages in My inbox to about 100.

One payment processor didn't work out, and I'm looking at others. For those who have emailed Me, hang on tight. I'll be slowly answering, but the search for payment processing is the top priority at this point. I have many requests for sessions and CDs, but until I figure out how I'll receive payment, it seems reasonable to get the processor first, and then answer. I will be accepting postal money orders in the meantime.

Though of the day: Why does E bay think it's moral to sell guns, but not dildos?


July 17

Announcement: I'm leaving for the trip on Friday. I will be back on July 28, so be patient until then for receiving answers. A bit of chaos is no reason not to enjoy a vacation :)



July 9


See the first session page for details


July 8

Added: The joy of submission, the joy of subversion, and the joy of sorcery real life accounts from Jaquelyn to the Story Gallery. This summarizes the training I gave her to become a slave, rewriting her personality with Master PC, and then making her a subversive sorceress and mind controller, turning her friends and colleagues into bisexual, uninhibited, sexy seductive smokers.

Added: A captioned pic to the Slaves Gallery by Jaquelyn

Thank you Lisa for the correction of the order form for CD#5.


July 7

Announcement: I will be off to revelry at a Pagan festival from July 20 to 27. There will be no sessions during that week, but you can enjoy imagining Me dancing around a bonfire :)

You'll also need to order by Thursday July 17 any CDs you want shipped before I return from the trip.

In the meantime, I'll be working on getting the Happiness CD ready...


June 29

Added: The new Gemini CD is finally ready! NEW CD!

Finally, a CD that is "safe" in that it works only when the trigger phrase is spoken. The first 69 copies will be numbered and signed.

Read new reviews of the other recordings, detailed descriptions of the next two CDs, free sound clips, easier navigation with a menu and links to each part of the page.

Thank you to all My fans and slave girls. It is through you that I can afford to live a wonderful life as the Mistress you desire Me to be.


June 28

Added: a pic to the Slave Gallery by Selena Pride


June 25

Announcement: I'm back from Vegas! That was fun!

Email didn't download properly, so I've spent the day catching up with email. I'll be available for sessions Thursday and Friday this week.

For those Star Trek fans willing to suspend disbelief, and who have no back or neck injuries (yeah, the shuttle ride is THAT rough!), Star Trek the Experience is a great ride. Penn & Teller were wonderful, and I also caught a few good hypnosis shows, 3 by the seminar organizers, and one by Dr. Scott.

Lots of pretty people on the vegas strip, smoking allowed almost EVERYWHERE, I like this city!

I didn't have much time to add to the sin or evil level of the city (the course shedule almost seems designed for sleep deprivation...), but hey, I basked in it.

I did a bit of shopping, bought a brainwash... relaxation device at the seminar (silvery glasses that shine patterns with LEDs in your eyes, with brainwave frequency sound patterns in the headphones), called the Nova Pro-100. It has 100 built-in "sessions", it's programmable, and has two audio/visual outputs, allowing Me to liquify the minds of two slaves at once. Plus an audio in, so I can overlay My voice onto the brain synchronizing sounds. Neat toy. I'll have to look into using its full capabilities. Mmmmm... Now who shall I test it on first....?


June 10

Announcement: I will be going to Las Vegas next week, leaving Wednesday June 18 and returning Tuesday June 24, to get stage hypnosis training with Ormond McGill, Jerry Valley, Tommy Vee and Serena Lumiere. Best of all, this vacation is totally tax deductible... I love My job!

I'm also catching a show of Penn and Teller, and Star Trek the Experience.

Over the next two weeks, I will be doing sessions:
Monday June 16 and Tuesday June 17.
Wednesday June 25 and Thursday June 26.

I will have email access during the trip, but I'll be very busy, so expect a slower response time. If you want a session during those times, it's best to reserve early.

The city of sin is going to get a fresh infusion...


June 9

June 9 is My birthday ! Yay!


If you'd like to send Me a gift, I've put up a wishlist at LadyBWear, which you can see by clicking on the link above.

The skirt and jacket are in red faux-leather, the top PVC catsuit is in black, the bottom one is in silver.Of course, I'm open to other suggestion... :)

Click here to email Me about your offering... I think only one person can buy an item, and then it goes off the wishlist, but I'm not completely sure...


June 8

Updated: the First Session Page


June 1

Added: Two captioned pics to the slave gallery


May 30

Added: a captioned picture of Myself to My Picture gallery


May 20

Update: Four new questions have been added to the bottom of the FAQ


May 18

Update: The Guestbook add an entry page now has advice on how to avoid getting spam when you post your email address there.


May 12

Announcement: I've focussed on getting the CDs done, rather than site updates, and I've finally found a sound technician to process the recorded sessions into CDs. A number of them should be coming out fairly soon. I still need to do the final cut, but I'm saving on most of the gruntwork. The next CDs to come out will be Gemini and Happiness, not necessarily in that order... you can have fun guessing what each of them does...

I'm also working on accepting credit cards directly...


May 6

Announcement: You can find some nice pics of Me at Agnar's Photo Den here, as Domme of the month of April.



May 5

Announcement: I will not be going to Be-All to do a demonstration of hypnosis for overcoming guilt of crossdressing, and hypnotic transformation.

"I regretfully must inform you that we have decided not extend a vendor space or a workshop time to you. We felt that in order to present this type of therapy we would require the presenter/vendor to be fully licensed as a professional therapist, and to have certification in hypnosis from an institution such as ASCH (American Society of Clinical Hypnosis). Unfortunately, after reviewing your web site, we found no mention of such a degree or certification."

I will exercise great restraint and not comment on their decision here.


April 23

Added: New link in the Gallery page to a Sex Role Test


April 22

Added: New link in the Links page to IMAGURL.com. Very cool TG site to know what you'd look like as a gir

Announcement: I'm enquiring about setting up shop at the Be-All TG festival this June in Chicago. Their comittee is currently reviewing the proposal, but has concerns:

"in case anything unfortunate happens to anyone directly or indirectly as a result of you CD's or presentation"

I'm informing you folks in case you want to make plans to go, though I can't guarantee I'll be going until I get their answer.

If My presence there would make you want to attend, you might want to let them know...



April 7

Announcement: You'll find a new picture of Me, from a recent photoshoot, on


It's a contest, and you will win a free CD from Me if I decide your entry is the best.


April 3

Update: Something weird happened with the recent Guestbook entries. I don't think any messages have been lost though, and I believe I've fixed it now.


April 2

Update: The Erotic Mind Control Search page has been updated. I found some better code using Google, which makes it simpler to use. The link to Alta Vista is still available at the bottom of the page, if anyone still wants it.

Announcement: I will not be going to Snow-Bound after all. The SARS outbreak happens to be greatest in Toronto, and I'd rather skip that experience if at all possible...

It's ocurred to Me that transgender conventions might be even better places to go and advertize than bdsm conventions. If you know of any, preferably in North Eastern North America, feel free to let Me know.


March 27

Announcement: I will be at the Snow Bound BDSM convention April 12 to 14, near Toronto, in Ontario Canada. I realize it's a bit short notice for people to go, but it just didn't occur to Me that people might make plans to see Me there. After all, I'm available here in Montreal.

I will be selling CDs there, possibly doing private sessions, and preparing as many new CDs as I can from already recorded phone sessions in the meantime. I may be reserving certain days for CD work till then.

This trip aims at promoting the Mind Control Fetish among bdsm enthusiasts... must start world domination somewhere!


March 20

Update: Tweaking of fast shipping in the Payment page. Puropak does not deliver to PO Boxes. Will enquire tomorrow whether Express has the same limitation, and update if so.


March 17

Update: to the Hall menu page. Links to the other hypnotists have been removed. Cleanup is still underway.

Update: to the payment page. Faster mailing options have been added.


March 14

What a visitor reads in the picture of the main menu page:

"She knows your carefully-hidden desires. She relishes the abilty to peel free the veneer of dignity laid over the luscious desires that you dare not expose. She knows how you will feel when those places feel the air of night - as She turns your mind the direction you fear most - the direction you yourself cannot muster the power to turn away from. And having shown you your latent addiction, Her growing smile turns you all the more. And to your greatest fear, you love it so...


March 13

Update: to the first session page. Winie has suggested a possible fix for those running Windows XP who have problems with ICQ Chat (WinXP has a firewall by default).

Since I've noticed a definite increase in people having problems with ICQ over the last few months, it seems reasonable that the problem might be all the new people who have Win XP.


March 12

Update: to the first session page. I'm now asking everyone to get Yahoo and ICQ. I'm wasting a lot of first session time doing tech support to get ICQ chat to work (do you have a firewall ? Are you on a network?), and when it doesn't work, waiting for the person to download Yahoo and get an account. It will save much time to have both installed before the first session.

The problem happens with both complete newbies, and computer wizards. Newbies because they're confused, and wizards because their system has firewalls, routers, and networking to make ICQ cough and choke. Both cases are annoying, though wizards do eventually manage to reconfigure their system for it to work... usually (by writing new kernel patches... ;)


March 4

Update: I've approved the last two weeks of guestbook entries. Sorry for the unusual delay, enjoy!

The last entries of 2002 have been moved to the 2002 archive

News: I've been busy recording phone sessions in preparation for new CDs, doing some soundwork to get them ready, and generally running out of time for site updates. So I've decided to use the services of a webmaster to get the backlogged updates onto the site for your all to enjoy. I'm sure you've been good girls, and you deserve it.

(Those of you who HAVN'T been good, wear nice pantyhose for a week, and your conscience can be cleansed enough to enjoy the new content...)

HypnoticWishes has grown a lot in the last few years, and that's due to the interest and participation of all of you (like discovering an interest in helping adult babies... as long as they're baby girls) Thank you! This also means it's grown out of its current design, so you can expect a redesign in the works. Part of the redesign will involve focussing more on what I do, which is all things feminine and feminizing.

All of My content will of course remain, but the mission of this site has changed. It started with multiple hypnotists, but in fact, I was the only one actively producing content, so they have faded away in the background. The Mission page, the Hypnotist review, as well as the bios and contents of the other hypnodommes will be removed. If you wanted to see those, now's the chance, because they will soon be gone. They're great ladies, and I wish them well. We have very different specialties anyway, so we can all be Queens of our respective domains... everyone wins. And that's just the way I like it.


February 11

Update: Made a new Hypnotic Wishes banner in the Links page. If you have your own site, why not place a link or banner there to one of your favorite sites?

Guestbook comment:
Hello Tim! Or should I say Tina now... I'm glad to hear you're enjoying My CD...


February 10

Update: corrected the makeup link in the links page


February 8

Update: Added a wonderful place I've found for sexy shopping online to the links page. Great for chronic listeners of Elegance who need to look more feminine...


February 1st, Happy Imbolc!

Update: CD#4 -- Male Charm, is finally ready, and now available in the Recordings page

If you, or someone you love, needs a healthy obsession with cock, this is the CD for you! It is the first CD to include a female transformation into a gorgeous babe (no matter whether you're male or female to begin with).

And you might even have time to get it for Valentine's Day if you order quickly...


January 29

Schedule: For various reasons, I'm currently taking Friday as My day off. That may change, but it will be this way for the next few weeks at least. Wednesdays are now available. Weekend time is variable. Depends if I'm partying, or recovering from the previous weekend's party... *grin*

Update: to the Addicted to cocks page. After receiving a check for $4.27 for the last three months of linking to Babeland, I determined I wasn't doing My job properly as an affiliate, and added a link at the bottom of this page. If you're going to need a rubber cock up your ass, and another one to practice sucking, they might as well be Babeland cocks :)

Update: to the recordings page, with a new review, and changed the final note to:

They make great birthday and sexy Valentine's day gifts... For yourself or unsuspecting friends and loved ones...
The kind of gift that says: "I obey... I just obey..."


January 20

Removed: the dead link to #hypnofantasia and added a link to TV Trainer's guide for Masters in the Links page

Updated: the Recordings page with a new account


January 18

TV Quote of the week: "If you can't act like a gentleman, I'll make you a lady," the blonde lesbian says, pointing a gun at his crotch.
-Fastlane, "Strap On" episode.

Why wearing pantyhose is good for you:


January 15

Added: a new fantasy to the sample Fantasies page. Melissa actually dreamed this! What a wonderful dream...


January 7

Dear Ashley from the Guestbook, I have two things to say to you:

1) You can't say I didn't warn you

2) It's too late now...

For everyone's convenience, I've made the address of the lovely cock-sucking technique page into a link... So when you suck cock, you do it well, and make men happy...

Did I mean "if you suck cock" ? No, I don't think so... :)


January 4

Updated: the Guestbook with the many new entries, and created a 2002 archive of the Guestbook

Some of the last 2002 entries hadn't been moved from the temporary to the public guestbook yet, so I will leave them in the 2003 guestbook for a week or two...



By Mind Mistress

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