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CD 3 - Elegance

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Darna Gemini, used with permission


The CD's arrived! i listened to them both last night. i fell asleep listening to the Elegance CD and woke up this morning with it still playing, i had left it in replay mode! i can't image how many times i must have heard it in my sleep. But i know this morning i had an overwhelming urge to put on perfume. And later i had to put on some blush. The urge is uncontrolable, nothing stops it, i must obey, i have to have it. Maybe i shouldn't have listen to the CD all night. Oh but the purfume smells so nice and makes me feel so sexy. :)

trisha - Saturday, December 21, 2002 at 14:55:55 (CST)


How dare you!! Put that trigger word. said sooo many times during the day.
when I hear it, I think no,I shouldn,t ohhh!!
Then pleasure,I should !!
I try to resist But at this point I can no longer

- Tuesday, February 11, 2003 at 07:37:43 (CST)

Tina? mmm, I've always liked that name, So slutty!
I'm being bombarded with trigger words so hard to fight.
much easier to give in. Feels so natural, so right.
don't want to fight it.
Pleasure mmmmmmmm Tina!!

- Thursday, February 13, 2003 at 05:32:36 (CST)

This review also refers to CD 4

I know MM is right. sharlene won't go away. That is so scarey and SO wonderful...

For the past year I've been trying to tell myself this is all just a game and that it's a nice fantansy. I've tried to resist my inner feelings/(woman) of wanting to take it further out of fear I guess. I submitted and ordered a few of her cd's and began listneing to them thinking that they might be "fun". I never thought I'd be caught up in this so powerfully. After awhile, I noticed that I began to think and feel more and more feminine. I also noticed that my male personality began to loose it's ability to put the female personality at bay. sharlene has been taking more and more control and making my male personlity weaker and weaker.

The other day MM told me sharlene was my REAL personality and that this it was far more than just mere fantasy for me. I didn't want to believe that. She even told me awhile back that it was silly for me to fight because I was past the event horizon and that there was no return. All along I've been thinking in the back of my head, "yah, right..." and just going along with it. One of MM's Mistress slaves, Mistress Kitten, even told me that I should just surrender and let sharlene take over and even let myself be transformend into a shemale that sharlene wants me to be.She said sharlene won't go away and will put my male personality to sleep anyway.

Now I'm even feeling physical changes like my nipples have been getting so sensitive and I haven't even been on hormones or had trance sessions or anything. I find it so hard to think of anything else but being a woman, a slut and having real boobs. I can't stop wearing panties or listening to MM's cd's. I've been craving contact ith her. The techno track on the technoslut cd get me so hot and I can't stop listening to it.

Am I really past the point of no return? I love it so much. I can't be really transforming or changing this much. I thought I was a male. This is so mind bending...

sharlene <sharlene_fem@yahoo.com>
- Wednesday, March 12, 2003 at 00:17:16 (CST)

I listen every day and everything you say becomes true more and more

I feel so submissive and I am a happy slave girl the tea bag in my mind seeps further transforminging me I am a happy slave girl

Please mistress just say those words GOOD GIRL hello hello hello PLEASURE, I SHOULD!!

tim <. please mistress>
- Tuesday, March 25, 2003 at 13:37:29 (CST)

This review also refers to CD 2 and CD 4

It has been a long time since i wrote and i wanted to thank you sooo much for your wonderful hypnotic recordings. to this day i still listen to recordings 2-4 on an almost daily basis.

It originally started out as curiosity and interest, but has grown to obsession. By making the trigger words so common, i hear them multiple times daily and it continues to enforce everything that you mention on your recordings. i cant help but want to wear feminine things, makeup, perfumes, lingerie... and thanks to recording 4; the constant craving for cock. my girlfriend started to get weirded out after she noticed i was wearing panties and pantyhose all the time, and of course her catching me with makeup on a number of times didnt help matters much either, but i honestly dont care, because although i want to keep her happy, i do nothing but crave after men and long for the taste of cock and cum. i cant even get an erection anymore without thinking about yummy hard cock.

i do have enough control that at work, i only wear panties, pantyhose, toenail polish, and perfume, but as soon as i am home, i immediately put on a skirt or a dress, anything fem and just cover my face with beautiful makeup.

i have not actually succumb to taking in actual cock yet, but my will power is slipping fast, i constatntly think about being filled with cock and yummy cum, i find myself driving by adult bookstores that arent on the way home from work, knowing that i can suck numerous cocks at a gloryhole there. even though i didnt originally think the changes would be this dramatic and the urges this strong, i am trully happy because this is what i want. i will soon be a total cock slut, and that will make my life complete. Thank you so much for introducing me to this wonderful world!

Your sissy cock slut, jessica

cock slut jessica <txsissycder@NOSPAMaol.com>
- Sunday, March 30, 2003 at 18:58:34 (CST)

I need so much to be a gorgeous and seductive slave girl. It's harder and harder to think of anything else, except for seducing more girls. I have been bit by the fempire's kiss...mmmm... tranforming me all throughout my body and at the core of my being. My needs are growing so much stronger every day. Having my own boobs gets me so intensely hot and horny. It is not so much a desire anymore as it is now a necessity...

When I try to resist, it doesn't work like it used to. When I do think that this still is not real, and try to think that I want to be IN a woman, not BE a woman, it intensifies my need to be a gorgeous horny bimbo slave. It feels so good to see a gorgeous woman and know that my body is becoming more and more like that. Now my male personality is lusting more and more after the woman that he's becoming and lusting after his own boobs....mmmm.... good girl!! :)

I'm transforming more and more everyday. I'm even starting to actually see myself and thnk of myself as a woman.

omygawd, how did this actually happen!?!?!

I love listening to my daily cd's and can't wait to start sessions with Mind Mistress. Concentrating on Elegance for now is helping me so much. Soon, I'll concentrate on all of the other cd's again, then I hope to begin sessions.

sharlene :)
( * )( * )

sharlene <sharlene_fem@NOSPAMyahoo.com>
- Thursday, April 10, 2003 at 12:32:33 (CDT)

Dear Mistress,

Today was my first session with you, although I had been "softened up" by repeated listenings to the Elegance cd since last Saturday. I feel so strange--so devoid of my maleness and, at the same time, experiencing the rise of my femininity. My mind would struggle with this, if it could, but I don't want to struggle. I just want to submit. I just want to obey. Because I have no pleasure but obedience to you. I have no happiness unless I can be your sexy little girl slave. You control my desire. You control my pleasure. You instruct me how to think and feel, what to believe and what I have to do to find pleasure. I am anxiously awaiting our second session next week and am looking forward to my continued transformation into my feminine ideal. Most importantly, I hope to have the chance to please you by proving what a good little slave girl I can be and I just long, more than anything else, to hear you utter those two most precious words, "Good Girl!".

Oh, and by the way, my mouth feels soooo empty and for the first time in my life, I'm thinking about how great it would feel to have a big, hard cock in my mouth. I just want to suck and lick and drink down some wonderful cum, feeling the weight of my boobs as my head bobs up and down on my lover's shaft.

Respectfully yours,


Georgia - Thursday, April 17, 2003 at 18:16:08 (CDT)

Dear Mind Mistress Linda,

I'm sorry I haven't written in such a long while. :^(

Since our last email, and since purchasing Elegance, I've been on a personals site and found a wonderful woman who has an interest in a "girl" like me.

Mistress, we went out on Wednesday and shopped and went back to her place and put on make-up together! (I finally shaved my beard and mustache! No more of that nasty bearded lady look. No, no, no!)

My special lady noticed I was more at ease made-up and that I easily expressed myself in a more feminine manner. Even though I felt more vulnerable, in her company, I was comfortable and was more open about my feelings and thoughts. The whole experience was more emotionally charged and sensual for me rather than sexual.

And she said I looked better made-up. Mmmm! :^)

Obedience is Pleasure and I have You to thank.

Sincerely yours,


Orange County, California USA - Friday, April 18, 2003 at 21:21:11 (CDT)

Elegance came today and I just listened to it for the first time. Mmm...dom-neutral? Then how come I am Mistress's happy slave girl? (not that I mind...[g])

I'm still having problems going deep and staying there, but I hope that will improve with repeated listenings. It certainly felt oh so good. Thank You, dear Mistress.



Selena Pride <selenaprideuk@NOSPAMyahoo.com>
- Wednesday, April 30, 2003 at 18:12:29 (CDT)

Loving elegance soooo much it has taken over. I am invistigating hormone shots to look more feminine. I love my feminine self soooo much just being a mindless obedient slave girl for mistress is like sooo cool.

I`m ordering male charm so like I can really learn more

Love ya mistress he he Tina

used to be tim, yuck, now Tina !!
- Thursday, May 08, 2003 at 08:02:56 (CDT)

OH! Most Powerful Mistress, I received cd#3 but could not listen to it until late that night about 1:30 AM. I should have known better. I, of course, fell into trance almost immediately. When I came out of trance, I was in trouble. I knew before playing the tape I had no perfume. What was I going to do? No stores in this area are open at 2:30 AM. I didn't care how or where but I was going to get perfume. the only place I found open was an allnight gas/convienance store. No perfume there but I bought Secret Deodorant With the fresh spring scent, Oil of Olay scented of course and a shampoo that had a perfume scent, that got me through the night. I thought it would also get me through the next day. WRONG! Heh heh

The elevator I was on the next morning got stuck. Everybody was calling their office, etc., to tell them, and of course you know reception in an elevator is not good. by the time the elevator started again people thought I was claustrophobic for shaking so much. If they had only known it was all the phone call that drove me up the wall. The sweet word 'Hello'.... :)

How's your makeup ? *grin*

I got off the elevator walked down 8 flights of stairs got in my car drove to the mall bought perfume by Vera Wang and was spraying it on even before I got out of the store. that happened a month ago, so why the delay? I wasn't sure if the effect would last or not. It has! I can't leave the house without perfume on. I am cleanly shaved, legs underarms, etc, I wear pantys & pantyhose I take care of my fingernails properly & lipstick is a must. The edge that seemed so far away, is almost on top of me and I no longer can resist. I don't want to resist. I only want to remain YOUR OBEDIENT SLAVE GIRL- Cynthia

- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 17:26:16 (CDT)


I received the Elegance CD yesterday and I have listened to it twice. You have a lovely voice. We will see what happens over time. Thank you.


charli <judocc@NOSPAMyahoo.com>
ione, ca usa - Tuesday, June 24, 2003 at 10:46:35 (CDT)


This review also refers to CD 2, CD 4, and CD 5

Dear Mind Mistress,

I promised that I would give you a review of some of the CDs I received after 2 weeks, but I thought it would also be good to provide others some background. I have been dressing for morethan the last five years but have not considered myself having a slutty attitude although sometimes I have thought about it, but I do consider tending to be more submissive. I have listened to other self hypnosis tapes in the past and actually went to a hypnotist for two visits a few years ago,. Yes, I found myself very receptive to hypnosis.

I found your website through a link and quickly found myself visiting at least daily and reading through the site and soon realized I knew I had to order some CDs. The four arrived included sub-sconscious, elegance, male charm, and Gemini. Following your instructions, I focused on the first two for the first 5 days and found myself easily responding to what you said and then to add the other two to the mix. I know initially you thought two weeks would be needed to listen for the first two CDs but after a report after 5 days, you realized that it was working quicker than on some others. I found myself going into trance listening to both sub-conscious and elegance rather quickly. After the first 4 or 5 days of daily listening, I found myself enjoying wearing a perfume that I previously found almost too strong and refrained from using but now loved using it while I was around my own place (yes, I have my own place). Many of the items listened in elegance I already used or wore but found myself wanting to expand. Between sub-conscious and elegance, I found myself taking on a feeling of being a slut, a submissive, wanting to be more feminine yet being a happy slave. I also have been dressing just hanging around inside.

After the five days, I added Male charm and Gemini. I have an excellent pair of headphones and found myself totally in a trance listening to Gemini with no desire to do anything but listen and not remember much after wakening but being very relaxed. I have never found myself in such a deep trance as with listening to Gemini. In contrast, I think adding male charm to the mix brought out my slutty desires and even thought about them in the middle of the night that first night and the next day. I found myself also rubbing my breasts and "clit" area more than once (lol).

A few days later, my dom friend (master) came over after leaving me alone for 10 days with the CDs and he noticed that I had bought a new, very sluutty outfit, had done my finger nails with nail polish - never had I before, my voice had changed to a more slutty, naughty drawl. I had listened to the trigger words that MM provided just after he arrived. We soon played a small track of the techno music and I turned into such a horny slut like never before and I "attacked" him. Once the music ended, I noticed a change in myself although slutty, not as crazy driven. I guess I am starting to become a cockslut. I also have found myself using a butt plug a few times the last few days since I have felt empty.

It has been about a week later I know this may sound a little crazy but you also have to remember that I am very receptive to hypnosis so may be I should try to stop but I really am drawn to your beautiful vioce and ...... Stay tuned.

Your submissive slut in training 7/8/2004 10:43 AM

This review also refers to CD 4

I was very attracted to Mind Mistress and her site, mainly because of the erotic excitement and my obsession with women. Little did I know what was in store for me after reading your pages. After reading the site in full, I did start noticing changes in my feelings.

I didn't think the cd's would really do anything besides maybe help me to relax a little, but now I'm beginning to really need to be a bimbo slut real bad, and I'm starting to obsess about balls and cock.

My sexual attraction and obsession to women is still there, but it is also turning into an admiration, desire to be like them and major jealousy for women and their beauty. And I can't help that anymore because it just is that way.

And now I'm also obsessed with cock in addition to women, even though I didn't want that or think it would happen. I've never even really fully experienced a full woman's orgasm, but I'm still obsessed.

After becoming addicted to Mistress and her site and listening to Elegance and Male Charm, I tried to think this was all entertainment and fantasy. I tried to resist wanting to be a gorgeous bimbo slut, big breasted woman, being attracted to cock or even wanting to be a shemale. I fell into a trap that the more I tried to resist, the more the need and addiction in me grew.

And now I'm starting to obsess so much about being a woman, that I've actually been considering taking hormones again and doing other stuff to get rid of my body's male characteristics.

I've been at this for awhile and that's what's been happening. I've decided finally that I need to book some sessions with Mistress. Hopefully she will help me to "straighten" things out. :)

sharlene (I think "shemale sharlene" is starting to sound better)

sharlene <sharlene_fem@NOSPAMyahoo.com>
- Monday, August 18, 2003 at 21:29:37 (CDT)

I have now listened to "Elegance" several times, and it is very compelling. I find myself doing most of the things, and am almost ready to take the final step. Any doubts about what I am doing are soon put to rest by an inner voice telling me I should; go ahead, and I do.I have the confidence to wear lipstick,and have glittering finger nails. It makes me feel so good.

I have also had several on line sessions with Mistress,and have had the joy of experiencing what it is like to be a schoolgirl, and a young woman. It has taught me a lot about myself and what I would like to have been. Thank you Mistress for turning me into a very happy girl. I am now busily saving up for more.

Barbara <Barbara@NOSPAMstrawberry355.fsnet.co.uk>
Lancashire UK - Thursday, September 18, 2003 at 05:17:12 (CDT)

Dear Mind Mistress,Reiko is so grateful and thankful for the Guidance that YOUR cd imparts on her.Reiko listens to the Elegance cd at least once a day if not twice on the days that are not committed to vanilla world obligations. Yet Reiko needs YOUR Direction in the process of ridding herself of the submale in which her nature is captive in.More and more ,YOUR words are true and are received with a thousand bows of obedience.Thank You Mistress.

Reiko <Drq21555>
Atlanta, Ga USA - Tuesday, December 16, 2003 at 02:14:39 (EST)

This recording also refers to CD 7

I listened to Elegance every day for several weeks, and the conditioning has taken over. Mistresses instructions have become a routine part of daily life. Now into the third week of Youth and even so soon it has had a noticeable effect. The tape measure does not lie. And now Vixen is available( I want it I want it), but what is a girl to do? would it be allright to use each of them without interfering with the effect of the other?


Barbara <Barbara@NOSPAMstrawberry355.fsnet.co.uk>
UK - Sunday, December 21, 2003 at 05:47:30 (EST)

This review also refers to CD 4

My Dearest Mistress,

I finally received my two CD's, Elegance and Male Charm, and they were everything I had hoped for. Your intoxicating voice had me in a swoon from the very beginning. As you led me down the path of sweet surrender I was surprised to find that I was so well prepared for what awaited me because I had listened to all your instructions found at your website. I was totally relaxed as I lay in bed with my stockings, garter and crotchless panties. I already had my blush and lots of bright pink lipstick applied so when you had suggested how nice and exciting it would be to have them I was enthralled. I felt like one of your "special" students and waited to here your words of encouragement. I reveled in delight as you took me to a bar where several men lusted after me and I in return received my reward for giving them the pleasure they needed.

I most assuredly will be listening over and over again to these CD's until I am the best cocksucking cum slut that you ever met.

What, dearest Mistress, would you reccomend as the next lesson to take?


Jonquil <joejo676@NOSPAMyahoo.com>
Lynbrook, New York United States of America - Tuesday, May 18, 2004 at 00:25:10 (EDT)

This review also refers to CD 4

Mistress has instructed me to post a synopsis of the last few emails I have sent to Her.

These I hope are self explanatory and and her replies, although not given can be easily filled in from my own comments.

Adored Mind Mistress,

Just to let You know that I have indeed ordered Male Charm. Experiencing what it is like to be a girl sounds attractive but to go that far strikes me as being rather drastic. And the write up about the CD is hardly encouraging! However the die is cast and no doubt I will find out in due course.

Adored Mind Mistress,

I received 'Male Charm', rather quicker than anticipated, so, as promised I, am writing to give You an update.

To take things in some sort of order.

I am afraid this is going to be rather long and rambling. I don't know why I need to go into such detail, unless it is a desire to please You, to reach You. Probably will just bore You to death but You don't need to read it and I suppose it may amuse You.

To start with 'Elegance'. I still listen to this on an average once a day. It now does evoke a very strong reaction in trance with my body wracked with desire for make up, panties, hose, perfume etc., etc.,. This continues afterwards for a short time and my thoughts are full of the need for more feminisation all the day. I still have not gone much further than when I last reported. Although I can admit to You that I now have a strong implanted desire for feminisation I can keep from translating this into any action that will be too obvious to the general public. It is not that "shouldn't" but that I "daren't".

I do spend much time though in guiltily looking at the rows of cosmetics in pharmacies, wondering which would suit me, what they would feel like to wear, and at pretty lingerie in shop windows, and reading women's magazines on make up hints and envying the girls there who are free to indulge their desires.

But now "Elegance" seems almost a safe haven to which I can seek refuge and still hear Your voice after the shock of 'Male Charm'! I had not expected anything quite so specific. Which is so naive of me!

So far I have listened to it twice, well three times if You count an interrupted session. (You may be interested to know that after the interruption that lasted about 2 minutes, I was able to resume on closing my eyes and sinking almost immediately back into trance. Which prompts the question "Are my trances too shallow, or am I just getting better at going into them?").

And I find it very scary!!! I know You said that I should experience the pleasures of being a girl by hallucinating, but I am not at all sure it stops there! Nor is the rereading of the description on Your website encouraging!

Fortunately my visualisation is imperfect. But I do enter into her body, and, I blush to admit it, crave to suck cock, and all the rest...........

But the girl doesn't stay in the bar when I leave. She has followed me out. She had identified with Carla. Perhaps given Carla an identity. I don't know, understand fully. But she fleetingly almost takes over for a minute or so from time to time during the day, when I feel that I am a woman, have a pussy, desire .... well You know what she desires!

She had even made a brief appearance when I listened to the 'Elegance' file afterwards.

So I cannot allow her anymore leeway. I have enough trouble keeping "Elegance" under control. I know I shall have to listen to the CD again. I would just be deceiving myself to think I could ignore Your instructions and just not listen again. But I cannot afford to listen daily or on a regular basis. The possible consequences are frightening.

And I have a suspicion amounting to a certainty that You knew they would be Mistress.

As to the CD itself. Well I find this new induction for 'Male Charm' fantastically effective. Again You do make going into trance with You such an addictive, wonderful experience!

One thing I would like to disobey You in though, please? I just can't wear a bra. It would show particularly in summer wear. Even under a thick shirt it would not need an eagle eye to spot give away contours of straps etc. Especially the eagle eyes of women. I am sure it can't make that much difference. Not until there is some growth anyway and if that should occur I shall run!

Sorry if all this has proved excessively long winded and boring. But You do seem to be dominating my thoughts exclusively of late.

Your devoted, puzzled, and somewhat worried,


Adored Mind Mistress,

Seeing the girl in the bar ever more clearly everytime that I go into trance is the thing that worries me! I haven't listened to the CD since my last email. But this is probably because I have just not had the time. Inwardly in spite of what I said then, I feel a need to listen to it again growing strongly and it looks like being a damage limitation exercise.

I will wear lipstick when listening to Your CDs. Adored Mind Mistress

I am really becoming fascinated by the idea of make-up. As I mentioned in my last email I do seem to be attracted strongly to the idea and would wear it if I could. Lipstick is easy for me though as my lips are thin and the right colour is not noticeable when worn, whilst making me feel quite girly. I am also wearing just a touch of eyeshadow today. Hoping people will think I just had a late/sleepless night.

Adored Mind Mistress,

I just have to tell You. I said earlier that I was scared by the 'Male Charm' CD. And that I was trying not to listen to it too much. Well I did listen this morning. Damn it but I couldn't help it!

Then I went to the local pub for a lunchtime pint.

And I am really worried. I, or Carla, or the girl from the bar, well it is difficult to differentiate now, I kept looking at men's crotches and wondering........... And I, we had a pussy rather than a ....... It sounds silly but i felt more female than male at times, just when I was looking.

Luckily they were all rather old and uninteresting! That's Carla speaking!

And I have only listened to it 4 or 5 times.

And I, she, is starting to hanker after a black dress. Which is silly as I don't even dress, apart from the occasional panties and hose after listening to 'Elegance'. And I couldn't anyway.

I don't know why I am emailing this to You. Probably the result of having a lunchtime drink. And a way of admitting that I got it badly wrong. Not that the knowledge is of much consolation to me although it may afford You a smile.

Your distraught,

Adored Mind Mistress,

No I can't resist it. I realise that more and more. I haven't listened today and already I feel the desire growing. If it were not for the fact that I owe You this reply I would be deep in trance already.

Mistress, Your remark about a cock being a cock is all very well, but they are not things that normally concern me. It is the girl from the bar who is edging into Carla's consciousness. I had thought that hallucinations would take place in deep trance. I did not know that they would follow me back to my world.

The reason I couldn't dress is because I am 6'2" and would look a caricature. And if I did buy her a black dress then she would want all the other related garments that would go with it. And I suspect that it would not end there! Anyway I don't dress!

When You say she might make me do other things I would like even less, alarm bells really do ring. Obeying You Mistress is a pleasure, but are you now suggesting that she also has authority?

I will be away from tomorrow afternoon for a long weekend so will not be able to listen for a few days. Perhaps she will get discouraged.

All devotion,

I hope, dear reader that you find it instructive :)


U.K. - Thursday, June 17, 2004 at 05:55:29 (EDT)

This review also refers to CD 2, CD 4, and CD 5

Dear Mind Mistress,

I promised that I would give you a review of some of the CDs I received after 2 weeks. I have been dressing for more than the last five years but have not considered myself having a slutty attitude although sometimes I have thought about it, but I do consider tending to be more submissive. I have listened to other self hypnosis tapes in the past and actually went to a hypnotist for two visits a few years ago,. Yes, I found myself very receptive to hypnosis.

I found your website through a link and quickly found myself visiting at least daily and reading through the site and soon realized I knew I had to order some CDs. The four arrived included subconscious, elegance, male charm, and Gemini. Following your instructions, I focused on the first two and found myself easily responding to what you said and then to add the other two to the mix. I know initially you thought two weeks would be needed to listen for the first two CDs but after a report after 5 days, you realized that it was working quicker than on some others. I found myself going into trance listening to both sub-conscious and elegance rather quickly. After the first 4 or 5 days of daily listening, I found myself enjoying wearing a perfume that I previously found almost too strong and refrained from using but now loved using it while I was around my own place (yes, I have my own place). Many of the items listened in elegance I already used or wore but found myself wanting to expand. Between sub-conscious and elegance, I found myself taking on a feeling of being a slut, a submissive, wanting to be more feminine yet being a happy slave. I also have been dressing just hanging around inside.

After the five days, I added Male charm and Gemini. I have an excellent pair of headphones and found myself totally in a trance listening to Gemini with no desire to do anything but listen and not remember much after wakening but being very relaxed. I have never found myself in such a deep trance as with listening to Gemini. In contrast, I think adding male charm to the mix brought out my slutty desires and even thought about them in the middle of the night that first night and the next day. I found myself also rubbing my breasts and "clit" area more than once (lol).

A few days later, my dom friend (master) came over after leaving me alone for 10 days with the CDs and he noticed that I had bought a new, very sluutty outfit, had done my finger nails with nail polish - never had I before, my voice had changed to a more slutty, naughty drawl. I had listened to the trigger words that MM provided just after he arrived. We soon played a small track of the techno music and I turned into such a horny slut like never before and I "attacked" him. Once the music ended, I noticed a change in myself although slutty, not as crazy driven. I guess I am starting to become a cockslut. I also have found myself using a butt plug a few times the last few days since I have felt empty.

It has been about a week later I know this may sound a little crazy but you also have to remember that I am very receptive to hypnosis so may be I should try to stop but I really am drawn to your beautiful vioce and ...... Stay tuned.

Your submissive slut in training

kelly <kellysltslv@NOSPAMaol.com>
USA - Monday, July 19, 2004 at 08:36:11 (EDT)

Sometime ago Mistress asked me to post the essence of an email I had sent her. I had been listening to the Elegance and Male Charm cd's for quite sometime and had experienced a few sessions of phone hypnosis in which Mistress was stripping me of my male attributes so as to allow me to emerge fully feminized. I then stopped the phone sessions and Mistress asked why. I, in essence, replied as follows:

I had been listening to the Elegance cd daily, often twice daily. I really responded to the suggestions and was daily wearing feminine garments under my male clothing to work. I was regularly getting manicures and growing my nails out, wearing clear nail polish or slightly pinkish polish daily. I had both ears pierced and wore discrete little studs when I was at work. I had my eyebrows professionally shaped into a very feminine arch and was wearing eyeshadow in neutral tones. Lipstick or lip gloss was also a daily part of my routine.

Although that might have been enough for some people, I felt compelled to go even further. I started buying women's blouses and women's suits (with pants) and wearing those to work. I stopped wearing socks and just had my stockings on and very femme shoes (albeit with low or no heels). And then I start wearing mascara. And, as Mistress has mandated, once you put on mascara, you pass the point of no return.

I am a professional with several advanced degrees. My dress and increasingly feminine behavior had begun to raise a few eyebrows (none as nicely shaped as mine, however) but my status as a senior member of the management team kept anyone from being directly questioning. The secretaries in the office were either amused by or disdainful of me. One of them was very sweet and made a point of complementing me on my nails or my hair which was long and styled in a very sexually-ambiguous manner. I kept going along at the "Does he look more like a she than a he?"-stage for sometime.

One day, I just couldn't take it anymore--the suggestions implanted by Mistress were too great. I knew what I had to do, what I had to be to please her. One Monday morning, I made sure I had freshly shaved legs and went to a great deal of time and trouble to get fully made up, but still in a very professional manner. And yes, with mascara. I got dressed in a sheer blouse, wearing my laciest bra underneath. I put on a new skirt suit that I had bought and a pair of 3" heels--high but not slutty. I put on my jewelry and large dangling earrings. I found the purse I wanted to carry and drove to the office.

One of the female employees saw me as I was walking towards the executive offices and commented, "You certainly look lovely today!" I was walking on air. I went into the office suite and the secretary (Ms. Dis Dain) saw me and just freaked. Her face froze in this mask of shock combined with hate and I mustered as feminine of a "Good morning" as I could. I went into my office and heard her heels clicking down the hall. I hung my suit jacket up and began sorting through my inbasket.

My phone rang and the Director of Human Resources asked if she could come down to see me. I, of course, said yes. She came down and walked in my office, saying, "So it's true! What are you thinking?" She gave me the opportunity to go home and change and I refused, saying that I was dressed as professionally as anyone in the entire organization and that I preferred to wear women's clothing from now on.

She used my phone to call the CEO, who was out-of-town at another office. In front of me, she described what I was wearing, her offer to let me go home and change and my statement that I would only dress en femme from now on. I could hear him laughing on the other end and then she passed the phone to me. He told me that I was fired and that I was not to return to the office. In light of the circumstances, he wanted to do it as quitely and as quickly as possible. I suggested a severance package of some comfort to me, to which he agreed. He also allowed me to write my own reference for his signature which they were to give to anyone who asked regarding my work history.

I gathered a few things, stood up and walked across the office, put on my suit jacket, making sure that the lace bra showed through the sheer blouse clearly to the HR director, grabbed my purse and briefcase and walked out the door, passed the secretaries who had seemingly notified every other secretary in the building what was going on, because as I walked out to my car, it seemed like every female in the building was there to watch. I kept my head held high, got in my car and drove off.

I now have my own business and dress totally as a woman except for those days when I have clients coming into the office, when I still wear conservative blouses and pant suits. I could not be happier and will be forever grateful to the incredible gift Mistress has bestowed upon me and can bestow upon any of you just so long as you are willing to give your mind and willpower over to Her totally.


Atlanta area, Georgia USA - Thursday, August 05, 2004 at 13:34:14 (EDT)

This review also refers to CD 4

Its been a long time since I wrote in this guestbook and I wanted to let mistress and everyone know how far I have come since first visiting the site over 2 years ago.

I have both elegance and male charm and I continue to listen to them once a day and have done to the best of my ability since i first bought them.

I have become a slave to mistress and this website I act and more importantly feel like a real girl now, I dress as a girl 100% of the time while at home - and have a wonderful collection of clothing skirts, tops, shoes .. countless items.. i have wigs in all colours and a couple of studded collars.. I love dressing as a young and horny girl and have all sorts of pvc and clubwear items. I dress and wear makeup everytime i listen to the cd's.

I have become a complete and utter uncontrollable cock slut and masturbate everyday at the thought of being with a man and serving a man.. I dream of kissing them, putting my tongue in his mouth.. licking his cock. As well as sex.. overtime I have genuinely become attracted to men... their bodies.. their cute faces and gorgeous hair... I always looking at boys in the street - women honestly do not interest me anymore.. not even for a moment.

My flat is littered in womens magazines and I now have 3 large framed images of men on my walls, 2 in the living room and one in the hallway - they're gorgeous and I worship them everyday - I also bought a couple of lovely girly t-shirts.. ones with boybands on the front and others with pictures of hot guys.. theres just nothing like wearing a tight top.. with a hot picture of a guy on your chest... at first the tee's were great for reinforcing the programming of my mind (everytime you walk past a mirror you see a hot guy on your body mmmmm..) but now I wear them because i love the way I look in them and I am proud of who I have become.

I love feeling fem and thinking of boys.. when im at home its all i do 24\7

The technoslut track on the male charm cd has caused a complete shift in my musical taste - before as a male i used to like rock music and disliked any electronic stuff.. i just thought it was too simple and for dumb people... now I absolutely love trance and techno music.. that music track has turned me into a complete techno-whore :) as a girl I can just totally appreciate this sort of music - I have seen the light.. I just love dolling myself up in a tight little outfit.. closing my eyes - putting my hands int he air and dancing away to the thumping beats. My techno music collection is growing by the day.. and I have already thrown away all my old cd's. Im a club going techno babe now :)

Over the past 2 years my life has completely changed.. for the better of course.. and Im am eternally grateful to you mistress - you really do change people - i love you so much.

your slave girl


Lucy <lucyraver@NOSPAMhotmail.com>
uk - Sunday, August 29, 2004 at 13:13:01 (EDT)

This review also refers to CD 14

Oh Mind Mistress, what have You done to me! Elegance II has taken me over and I now just can't resist it.

I have been listening to Elegance I for some time and foolishly thought it was just for fun. After all, I was already dressing as a girl and wearing make-up ,so what difference could it make. Now, everyday, I just have to put perfume on as soon as I get home. Then I put on sexy panties, stockings and take absolute ages doing my make up. I have lots of colours of mascara. J

My nails have to be long, shiny and shaped. I have all colours of polish too, even purple. People have commented on the length of my nails , but I ignore them. What do they know? I have Your Voice in my head saying "Shiny Nails" ,so they stay long and sexy.

Then came your Elegance II ! I don't know how, but Your Voice is even more powerful and affected me immediately. I have to try and cut the bits out about getting bigger boobs, as I do have to go to work, but I would love to have real breasts to fill my bra properly. My legs and body are now so soft and smooth, but I must confess I don't shave each day. It was wicked of You to tell me to shave every morning. I don't want to be fired for turning up at lunchtime every day. At least I can wear my panties under my male clothes and paint my toenails. Now the weather is getting a little cooler, I'll be able to wear pantyhose too.J

I now know why women have so many shoes. I can't resist looking at them. I love wearing them. High heels feel so great to wear and surprisingly easy to walk in. My wardrobe is just full of slingbacks, sandals and now I've just bought some knee length, leather boots with 3" heels, which I find very difficult to take off. They're so sexy!

The above wardrobe is also now full of skirts, dresses and tops. They have forced my male clothes out, as they outnumber them now. The wonderful feeling I get from slipping into a skirt in the evening is heavenly. Mmm. As You are the cause of all this, then "heavenly" may be the wrong word.

Finally, another confession. I have to cut out the smoking track. I know it's a favourite of Yours, but I really don't like the idea. Strangely though , I do find sexy women smoking to be very arousing now.

Yours, Sarah.

PS Have you ever read the science fiction novel "Dune" by Frank Herbert. It's not nerdy! It's about a secret organisation of witches, who plot to control the leaders of the Galactic Empire using hypnotic Voice control, then use them for a breeding program to produce the ultimate leader. I wonder why I found it interesting.!!

PPS If you do use this (or the other one about Trance Training) on the site, please use my name as Sarah and not my e-mail address. I am still a very shy girl. Many thanks.

Sarah 10/6/2004 4:16 PM

I just wanted to thank Mind Mistress and to share with others here something I've learned which will help reinforce the conditioning received from her CDs. I've been using Elegance off and on for awhile and daily for the past few weeks in hopes of being able to begin online sessions. I don't know what is on the other CDs but with Elegance three of the beliefs I've been given are; "I am a slave girl", "obedience is pleasure", and "slavery is happiness". I've discovered that it helps reinforce these things in my mind if I think them to myself during the day. Repetition is one of the best ways to learn something and affect change and I think that's the reason why it seems to work...well at least for me it does.

It's especially effective if when I become maybe a little upset at having extra work given to me. I think to myself, "obedience is pleasure...pleasure is obedience..." and believe it or not I actually become happy and smile while thinking this and I find myself desiring to do more work to please my boss just like a "good" slave girl who is happy with he.r place in life. :)

geri <geri_in_ri@NO_SPAMyahoo.com>
WW, RI - Saturday, October 16, 2004 at 21:38:07 (EDT)

This review also refers to CD 1 and CD 4

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about myself, my husband, and our experiences with Ms. Linda's hypnosis CD's. Jack and I have been married for a little over five years now and we dated for three years before that (meeting in college). One of the things that I really attracted me to him was that he was deliciously submissive. (I'm a switch, but I'm dominant more than 80% of the time.)

I enjoy most aspects of female domination though, alas, I have never been much into forced crossdressing or forced feminization ­ interests that have become increasingly important to Jack. I've tried to accommodate him since I want to keep him happy AND interested in the things I like ­ domestic discipline, strapon training and complete pampering of moi. But, I could never get into forcing someone to something they secretly (or not so secretly) wanted to do anyway. I was so very pleased when I found this site. Finally, a method of giving him what he wanted with a minimum of effort on my part.

I ordered Trance Training, Elegance, and Male Charm and received them the first of September. After consulting Ms. Linda, I copied Trance Training onto a nondescript CD and gave it to Hubby. (I did tell him it was a hypnosis CD and hinted that it could lead to more interesting experiences.) Jack listened to it everyday for more than three weeks. The first few times he didn't trance so nothing on it was a surprise once he did. Once Jack tranced he began to do so more and more quickly.

After three weeks (and in consultation with Ms. Linda again), I copied Elegance onto a nondescript CD and switched it with Trance Training since Jack had been well conditioned with the trance trigger. Jack must be a fairly good subject, because he hasn't realized that he's listening to a different (conditioning CD). It took about a week before there was any noticeable evidence of the training. I started using the trigger word in all our greetings and he began getting really funny looks on his face.

Then a couple of weeks ago he had had an issue at the perfume counter in a store where we were shopping. Last weekend I took him back and spritzed some perfume on his wrists (under the auspices that I was already wearing perfume and I needed to know how it smelled on someone before buying). I thought he was going to cream on the spot! I bought two bottles ­ one for me and one for him. He couldn't stop sniffing his wrists the rest of the evening. Since then he's already started using a little blush and some neutral lipstick...

BTW, Jack isn't interested in the aspects of Male Charm and I'm not sure I'll ever use it. I got it primarily as a tool to coerce him into doing things I like. The thought of my made-up, panty-clad husband on his knees begging for an (unwanted) session with the paddle or the strapon to avoid me using Male Charm on him is very exciting to me.

I'll keep you posted on our antics and, later, have him err her update you once s/he's a little further along.


Amanda <amandahufnagel@NOSPAMyahoo.com>
- Sunday, October 17, 2004 at 16:07:33 (EDT)

Hi Everyone and Especially Hi to Mistress!

I have oodles of stuff to tell those with interest about my husband's (Jack, soon-to-be, Jasmine) progress and my own too! I'll start with myself first. I've been listening to Trance Training for a couple of weeks now in anticipation of receiving Corset Diet. (Corset Diet arrived today along with Happiness and Elegance II ­ Hooray!)

Mistress and I had exchanged a number of emails and even a couple of Yahoo Messenger chats plotting Jack¿s demise and the emergence of Jasmine. Mistress suggested I might like to listen to Elegance myself pointing out that it would just make me a little more girly and reinforce things I was already doing anyway. I had yesterday off and Jasmine was out meeting clients, in the afternoon boredom set in, so I sat down with the recording.

I awakened to Mistress¿s command after 70 minutes of listening with the rested, euphoric, floaty feeling I always get when I trance. Unlike Jasmine, I remembered everything from the recording. Emotion/Feeling training from Tract 2. Implanted triggers from Tract 3. Other than that I just had a little nagging idea that it would be nice to pick up some new perfume tonight when Jasmine and I went shopping as we had panned. After only one listening, I didn¿t expect lightning strikes, but, I thought to myself, "Hmph. Is that it?"

Then Jasmine called a few minutes later to tell me that she¿d be late and would pick up something to eat while out. She triggered me with her first word and gave me a dose of what she must be going through. I almost feel sorry for her¿ I got this feeling, almost a craving, to go freshen up my perfume. I thought to myself, "Let's see what happens when I resist..." Then it hit, almost to quick to notice, an instantaneous anxiety attack along with an increasing need for the perfume followed by waves of pleasure as my resistance crumbled. Then I got a second, much lower, stress level until I had gone into my bath and actually applied some perfume with shaking hands.

After hanging up the phone with Jasmine, I finished applying the perfume ­ Jlo even shucking my pants down and spritzing behind my knees and the front of my panties. Only then did I feel much better ­ at complete ease, sexy, and confident. I can only imagine what goes through Jasmines¿ mind when she can¿t or doesn¿t comply right away.

In another location on this site, Mistress has pointed out that she can't "make" you do anything you don¿t want to; that you are always in control. However, with the combination of negative feedback and positive feedback, there is little that she can't make you want to do to yourself. I can't imagine anyone, including the most domineering man, who could stand up to it (or break it) once the training is firmly installed. Take this as an endorsement ¿ or a warning!

Against my better judgment (but I just couldn't resist) I listened to it again. The training feels so wonderful and pleasant. I had just finished up and, once again, enjoying that euphoric, floaty feeling when Mistress IMed. when I admitted listening to Elegance she either tranced me or triggered something else, because she repeatedly triggered me and caused me to have to go apply more perfume, and lipstick, and blush, and mascara and bracelets. The rapid-fire reactions seeming to combine and, at the same time, feelings of intense submission (a feeling I'm unaccustomed to) free-flowing through me, and when she praised me I had such a feeling of pride and accomplishment and sexiness...

Mistress left me with instructions to listen to Elegance every evening for a week and to be a better role model for Jasmine. I don't think I'll try and resist those...

This morning I winced as my coworkers triggered me and I had to keep a straight face through the pleasure until I could mentally convince myself that I was already doing what the triggers require. I hope that gets a little easier with experience.

Returning to last night, though, Jasmine called to tell me she¿d be home in a few minutes. I was already dolled up so I put on a sexy nightie to WOW Jasmine when she came in- and WOW her I did.

We stayed up late "talking" and I finally admitted to her that she was listening to Elegance ­ even showing her a printed description of the program and addressing her as Jasmine. The look on her face was priceless as the dawn of comprehension washed over her. I guess my dominant side began clawing its way back, because I also showed her the description of Male Charm and informed her that from now on she better be v-e-r-y convincing while begging for her strapon and spanking sessions (or else be cross-trained as a cock slut).

She didn1t have anything pressing today so I left her home with instructions to go ahead and shave arms, legs, chest, underarms, and pick out three or four pairs of my panties for her own, and run out and pick up some jewelry and pantyhose ­ couching it as making it easier for her in the future (since she was going to have to anyway).

I'm surprised at the length of this post so I'll close now!

Mandy & Jasmine

Mandy <amandahufnagel@NOSPAMyahoo.com>
- Thursday, October 21, 2004 at 13:14:52 (EDT)

Hi Everyone and, especially, Mistress!

I thought I'd give those with interest a little update on what's been going on with us. Jasmine (Jazz for short) has been away on business for a week and should be back sometime today (Hooray!) so I've been in bachelorette mode for a few days. Oh well, it¿s given me a chance to do some much needed shopping and to take care of a few chores, like throwing out all of her old male underwear and replacing them with panties and camisoles and hose...

Per Mistress's suggestion , today makes my 11th day of Elegance and in that time I will have listened to it 13 times, unless I listen to it twice today. I've been aware that the triggers and suggestions have been growing stronger with each listening, but something happened last Thursday that drives that point home ­ hard. Two of my coworkers and I decided to eat at a little restaurant near where we work. It's a casual little seat-yourself place with great food.

We had just been served when four guys met at a nearby table, and in the span of a couple of seconds, I received trigger ­ Trigger ­ TRIGGER! My fork seemed to spring from my hand and skitter across the table as the effects of the rapid-fire triggers hit me. I hastily excused myself, grabbed my makeup clutch, and all but ran to the powder room.

Once there I checked makeup ­ okay, checked jewelry ­ okay, glanced at nails ­ okay, whiffed perfume and decided it was a little light so I took my travel bottle and spritzed behind each ear, wrists, and lifted my skirt and spritzed the front of my panties. That gave me an opportunity to admire a couple of recent purchases ­ my very first garter belt and thigh highs... Now I felt sexy, confident, and completely at ease.

I was just smoothing my skirt back into place when one of my friends came to check on me. I told a little white lie about it being time for my period and believing I may have started. (Well, I am due in a few days.) On the way back to our table I grabbed some new silverware and finished my meal only a little apprehensive about being triggered again. It's those triggers I'd like to talk about.

I've tried to condition myself not to resist the triggers, but there must be some little rebellious part of my mind that does or at least wants to. I'm still getting that anxiety attack followed by a brief pleasure wave, followed by a growing need to comply. It's that growing need to comply with the suggestions. At least for me, that need continues to increase, uncomfortably, until it occupies all thought. I have to obey ­ I just don't have any choice. I wonder how much stronger these reactions will get. I'm hoping they top-out soon... I con only imagine what Jazz goes through. She's in her sixth week of Elegance.

Mistress was fiendishly clever in her choice of the trigger word for Elegance. I get triggered answering the phone about two-thirds of the time, triggered meeting friends, triggered by nearby strangers, triggered by the radio, triggered by the tv­ Shucks, I get triggered reading emails and receiving instant messages. There truly is no escape. I think if I were stranded on an island, I'd probably get a message in a bottle that triggered me.

Oh, I've ordered Vixen (for Jazz), Massage, and Three Icons (for me). Mistress has "suggested" I continue with Elegance until Massage arrives and then alternate those two. She's "suggested" a different scheme for Jazz. As most of you know, Mistress's "suggestions" carry a little more weight than those of others, so I think I'll be doing just as she says.

Mistress asked if Jazz was wearing full makeup, legs shaved, and nails done... So I'll give you a brief update on how she left:

When she left, she had clear nail polish on and had filed her nails into a smooth (but short) style. Her legs are shaved smooth and she has instructions to repeat every other day (chest & underarms too). Pantyhose are a go! Full makeup - Hmmm - I wouldn't call it full... Mascara - Yes, Blush ­ Yes (very neutral shade almost nude, but there), Lipstick - Yes (very neutral shade almost nude, but there). You have to look fairly close, but if you did, you could tell...

I make sure and trigger her a couple of times a day in addition to what she's getting while out... And, she reports that she's 'behaving', and that so far, she's having fun...

We'd also plucked her eyebrows a little before she left. I'm setting up a learning makeover session for both of us locally. (I need it too) to teach us about our best colors and accents, foundations, eyeshadow, lipstick, etc... I think I'll get her eyebrows waxed and both of us a pedicure there too.


Amanda <amandahufnagel@NOSPAMyahoo.com>
- Saturday, October 30, 2004 at 08:27:05 (EDT)

Hi Mistress!
Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to give you a brief update. Jazz got home just before 8:00 pm last night amid a flurry of trick-or-treaters. We hastily closed up shop (since we didn't really have any dress-up time before the end of Halloween) so I could inspect her.

I'm pleased to report that she reeked of her perfume, was clean-shaven, lightly made up, fingernails polished (clear), and had the appropriate undies on.

I'm so pleased that we both are opening a new chapter in our life together.


Amanda <amandahufnagel@NOSPAMyahoo.com>
- Sunday, October 31, 2004 at 11:23:08 (EST)

for the last two days i've put on lipstick and blush before leaving the house to do laundry and other errands. before putting them on my doubts about it being the right thing to do were removed by the pleasure i felt and i knew that i should do it. this is what Mind Mistress said that i should do and it seems that finally some of my fears are being removed thanks to Her and Elegance. geri

geri <geri_in_ri@NOSPAMyahoo.com>
ww, ri - Sunday, October 31, 2004 at 17:54:01 (EST)

This review also refers to CD 2

Dearest Mistress,

Since receiving subconsciousness and elegance I was floored by being called darling. I have primarily been listening to elegance. Tonight I listened twice, the second time just watching your face on the website. I think there is yet a way to go for me.

I have had the urge to wear perfume which has been obeyed. I simply love listening to your voice and listen almost every day to an cd.

Just a side benefit is that strangely enough my mind has been clearer than ever in my life. Whatever is happening, trancing is changing my life for the better.

The girl side is more noticeable but not at 33% yet.

There is plenty of time and I hope you receive a feeling of satisfaction for what has been accomplished so far.

This is being posted because it seems the right thing to do.


marney/richard <anonymous@hw.com>
- Monday, November 01, 2004 at 23:58:53 (EST)

This review also refers to CD 10, CD 12, and CD 15

Hi Everyone & Especially Mistress!

Just wanted to drop all of you with interest a brief note. Jazz and I have been mostly coasting since last weekend. Our professional lives have been busy...Busy...BUSY! In addition to that, both of us have been working on a couple of small tasks for Mistress which we hope to have completed today.

We have received Three Icons, Massage, and Vixen. Jazz gets Vixen and I get Massage. In fact, Jazz has already listened to Vixen today. I keep having to bite my tongue to keep from trying the Vixen trigger to see what it might do. Mistress says it takes several sessions with it for it to be really effective...

I'm thinking about an experiment with Massage for myself. Since I know what's coming, I'd like to see if the dream ending track would work with someone who knows what to expect.

I'm also happy to report that, at least for me, the training & triggers in Elegance seem to have topped out. They're still compelling, but not so devastating as before. I'm not sure whether that's due to getting used to it, or that I'm just complying better. BTW, everyone is different - your milage may vary...


Amanda <amandahufnagel@NOSPAMyahoo.com>
- Saturday, November 06, 2004 at 15:32:40 (EST)

Hi Mistress!
Hi Everyone!

Jasmine Renee Hufnagel ­ A Journal

Mistress Amanda has directed me to start keeping a journal in order for her to review my experiences with Mind Mistress's CD's. She has also told me to try to focus more on my feelings about, rather than on the mechanics of the changes. However, I will endeavor to address BOTH issues for the sake of your better understanding the changes in my life. Since this all started approximately two months ago, this log will consist of part commentary, part analysis, and part just plain faulty memory. I apologize for that last part.

I have been a submissive crossdresser since I was 12 years old, though it may have had beginnings even before that. I remember, as a young child, visiting my sister who was much older. She had two daughters only a year or so younger than I was. We often played dress-up, and on occasion, when I had to stay over for some unforeseen reason, my sister always dressed me in a pair of her daughters' underwear and a nightie after my bath.

When I was twelve I discovered my Mom's panty drawer and found myself fondling her things, trying them on and the incredibly good and naughty feelings they provided. At the time, I wasn't aware that this was actually the birth of my sexual urges. I found that I particularly loved the tight restrictive feeling of her girdles. I continued to experiment along these lines throughout adolescence.

I met Mistress Amanda, a natural dominant, during our junior year in college and we dated through our junior and senior years. Even though I planned to go off to take my masters degree and she was staying home for hers, we loved each other enough to get married in the summer before we started. I can tell you a long distance marriage for 9+ months can be tough to manage with graduate school workloads, but, manage we did. In fact, I think we became even closer during that time apart. Since then, we settled in a moderately sized town, close to a metropolitan area, where we have both pursued our respective careers.

Mistress Amanda and I get along wonderfully. Most of the time. The only squabbles we have had are when our preferences in dominance/submission clashed. After all, very few people are FULLY dominant, or FULLY submissive, but rather a portion of each. Unfortunately, Mistress Amanda never really enjoyed my fantasies of forced crossdressing. I don't mean to say she wasn't supportive, she just didn't like taking an active role, preferring spanking and other activities to force feminizing me. That all changed a couple of months ago.

Around the last week of August, Mistress Amanda and I had a squabble about my crossdressing. I got the business end of her paddle and strap for a few days, but that wasn't too different from usual. Things got pretty much back to normal until about the second week of September. She presented me with a CD, saying that it was a hypnosis CD. She also mentioned it was the first in a series and that I might like what was to come. I certainly didn't want to argue with her.

I remember the first couple times that I listened to it I didn't feel like anything had happened. Maybe I was too tense? Or perhaps I was being too apprehensive or excited about the possibilities. Mistress Amanda directed me to stick with it, informing me that I'd find the benefits well worth the effort. Then, if I remember correctly, on a Saturday afternoon while Mistress Amanda was out shopping, it happened. I sat down with the CD player and the CD and listened to Mistress Linda's soothing voice. I "awoke" when the audio ended about 45 minutes later and felt ... different ... than after previous sessions. Among other things, I felt very happy and pleased. I also felt like I'd had the better part of a good night's sleep.

When I told Mistress Amanda of my success, she was really pleased. We had a great evening and she directed me to continue with the CD everyday.

(Note: Anytime my workload gets so heavy that it cuts into my sleep. I use this CD as a sleep refresher and I'm good for several more hours, or just before bedtime after a 19-20 hour day, it makes the following sleep feel like it is twice as long.)

I continued to listen to the CD for the next several weeks. It was just before the first of October, I began to get these strange feelings, these strange ... urges, at odd times of the day and in unlikely places. It all started with perfume. I thought I was going crazy and that my fascination with crossdressing had pushed me over the edge into obsession, or further, into insanity. I was afraid to mention it to Mistress Amanda, since things had been going so well between us.

I kept hoping, in fact praying, that these urges would pass. Hoping against hope that this was a passing phase caused by the repression of my yearnings to crossdress. With no one to turn too, hoping was about all I had left

However, the Urges did not cease. Quite the opposite, they continued to grow, becoming stronger, seeming to take on a life of their own. I tried to put them into the back of my mind, tried to ignore them, but that only made them worse. I didn't know what to do. I felt that I was losing control and that someone else was pulling the strings, trying to make me do things that once would have been my most wonderful fantasies, but were now part of my greatest worries.

I think the hardest thing about the whole situation at this point was I had no real idea where these feelings and urges emanated. I hadn't made any connection between them and the CD. I was so worried and confused and lost feeling I needed, no feeling I was compelled to do something and not knowing where the compulsion was coming from or why.

A few days later, Mistress Amanda and I were in a local department store. She was shopping for a new perfume when she sprayed some on my wrists ­ explaining to me that she needed to test it on a perfumeless wrist to tell what it smelled like. I barely heard her as waves of relief and near orgasmic pleasure hit me. For the first time in days, weeks my mind felt clear and I was completely relaxed and at ease. I felt ... "right" ... But, my relief was short lived.

The perfume seemed to have done the trick, except that I still had the Urges. The very next day Mistress Amanda called me on the phone and with her first word I had that same powerful need as before. Same force, different focus ­ blush. I had no idea why blush, I just knew it was BLUSH! I needed it, I had to have it. I honestly thought that I WAS going crazy. A few days later Mistress Amanda, who had noticed these things, admitted she had changed my CD to the second in the series. A CD called Elegance and admitted that she had been watching (and enjoying) my discomfort. I guess the reason I hadn't recognized that she had switched CD's on me is that I have been a somnambulist since I was a child and that I still sleepwalk three or four times a year. In fact, Mistress Amanda ties a piece of yarn between one of my wrists and hers at bedtime so she'll know when I get up.

I didn't know whether to be upset and worried or relieved and happy. I think that I felt a great sense of relief that I wasn't going crazy. However, I still did not know exactly what was happening to me, or what Mistress Amanda's future plans for me were. She told me that, from then on, she was going to take a little more active part in my crossdressing.

She shared a printed form describing the effects of Elegance. She also told me that Elegance wasn't the only training CD in her possession. Sharing the printout for another CD, Male Charm, she told me that she would use it on me if I gave her anymore trouble or grief whenever she felt the desire to tan my backside or use her strapon on me. Since Male Charm basically takes a woman OR a man and turns them into a cock hungry slut, and, since the very idea of being with a man turns my stomach, this was a very real, serious threat. Especially since I could see in her eyes that she was completely serious.

The next day, she bought me some makeup. Lipsticks, blushes, mascara all in neutral or innocent shades that wouldn't make my professional life too difficult. She began teaching me what all good girls must know: how to properly apply them. When I balked a little, She asked me if I really thought I had a choice ... I think that¿s really the first time I considered the permanence of all this ... scary ... She also shared some of her panties from her lingerie drawer. Before Mistress Amanda had started taking a more active role in my crossdressing, I had always enjoyed the soft, slick, sensual feel of panties. In addition to those previous feelings, they now give me a feeling of confidence and euphoria. Wearing them I feel sexy and completely at ease.

Armed with knowledge of the trigger word and the suggestions and the tools to help comply, my life has become somewhat easier. And, since I've cycled through the list of suggestions from the CD, and gotten to the point of spending the entire day with perfume, makeup, lingerie, nail polish, mascara, thinned eyebrows, shaved legs, and hose at all times, the trigger doesn't seem to have such a profound effect. I guess it may be because I'm complying and because it's spread over a more broad range of suggestions, as opposed to just one or two.

Mistress Amanda gave me the third CD in the series on November the 5th, with instructions to listen to it every day, in addition to listening to Elegance at least three days a week. So far I can¿t tell any difference in myself, and I don't know what the third CD is supposed to do yet, which is a little scary. I have no idea what her current agenda is. Was I listening to Male Charm and didn't know or something perhaps even worse? Neither Mistress Amanda nor Mistress Linda will tell me what this one does as if guarding a precious secret. I'm also frightened at the prospect that I actually am feeling and acting differently and the CD is directing me NOT to notice.

Yesterday, November 13, we had our first outing at the mall. The way I was dressed, with a padded bra under my shirt and other accoutrements had me extremely nervous. After all, the bra is one of the garments most associated with femininity. For me to be wearing one in public was a symbol of what I was becoming, an uncomfortable symbol that I struggled with for most of our trip out. So much so that, at first, I didn't recognize that Mistress Amanda had led me to a jewelry kiosk and was telling the woman there I wanted my ears pierced.

I certainly did not want my ears pierced at that point, but, Mistress Amanda used some kind of hypnotic suggestion on me and all of the sudden, I couldn't resist. I had to have my ears pierced. I had to have the ear rings. So now, I have little gold orbs attached to my ears that feel very odd and a little sore.

Yesterday, November 15, I met Mistress Amanda out for a nice dinner. As instructed, I applied my makeup as best I could and was wearing my stuffed and padded bra beneath a light gray pullover sweater. The sweater was a little tight so I kept slouching to try and hide my "breasts" Mistress Amanda reached across the table, touched my hand, and whispered, "Sit up straight, Dear. When you slouch like that, it pulls the back of your sweater tighter and makes the outline of your bra much more prominent." So here was another catch-22, do I sit up and show my breasts or slouch and show everyone I actually was wearing a bra. The small triumphant smile on Mistress Amanda's face demonstrated how much she was enjoying my obvious dilemma as did her continued whisper, "Do you think it's going to get any easier when your B-Cup forms get here? They are much ... fuller ... larger¿and more realistic than what you have now."

I kept considering that all through the rest of our meal as Mistress Amanda brightly continued her usual "casual" conversation. This was so far out of my control and no way to stop it or even slow it down.

Now, here I sit at the computer typing this up from notes sketched out on paper, lightly made up, fingernails with clear nail polish, toenails polished a bright hot pink, shaved legs & chest & underarms, plucked eyebrows, clad in panties and pantyhose, a padded bra that has apparently become a more permanent accessory, androgynous clothes, ear rings, and a chocker chain.

I never intended for this to go this far. I had always wanted Mistress Amanda to force me to crossdress, yes, but this is ... permanent. And fulltime. I had always assumed that, if she took a more active role in feminizing me that I would be able to slip back into male mode periodically, if not frequently. The way Elegance works ... going back to being male, even for a little while, just isn't an option. And what¿s really frustrating is the knowledge that it is my own mind doing this to me. Even if I had the desire, I don't have the will to fight it.

Written by Jasmine
Posted by her owner Amanda

Jasmine (Jazz) <jasminehufnagel@NOSPAMyahoo.com>
- Wednesday, November 17, 2004 at 00:06:47 (EST)

This review also refers to CD 4, CD 5, and CD 6

Hello Mistress,

i just wanted to give you and all readers an update on my progress now that i have begun to train with Your CDs. i have 8 of them and have so far used Elegance, Gemini, Happiness and Male Charm.

On Tuesday i pulled an all nighter and was wired from diet pills. i think i listened to Gemini, Happiness and Male Charm at least 3 times each.

i actually felt stupid and horny all day and eager for cock. my mouth was oh so empty. i went to the mall and was disappointed that i did not see many cute guys. i just wanted to look at their crotches and drool. The good looking women there did nothing for me, and all my pictures of hot women on my hard drive now seem destined for use as a guide to looking hot myself. Or to just drive me insane with jealousy once i start hitting Envy.

Thank You, Mistress for setting me free via slavery to You. It is the best thing that has happened to me. Ever.

i will add more details later.

Your "Transexualizing" section in the "Forced Feminization Training Program", main story page, triggered an memory that i would like to share.

In the text, You talk about finding out what turns on a given straight man. Then through Hypnotic Amplification Procedures you increase his desire to the point of obsession. He has to have these traits within reach. To paraphrase, on his person. He must become his obsession in order to satisfy it.

When i was in 8th grade i one day found i had the house to myself. i decided to try and get drunk. i mixed straight vodka with a little vermouth. A combo i could not handle today, but as an ignorant "babe in the woods" i was able to drink like water. i got drunk very quickly.

i then decided to entertain myself with one of my Dad's Playboy magazines. i already had read through his entire stash and was totally obsessed with these beautiful women. i was always very observant and can remember being completely turned on by the props as well as the subject. I.E. jewelry, furniture, drapery, tassles, all the symbolic elements that complete the highly sexualized images that Playboy produces. i was especially turned on by the Playmate's gorgeous shoes, feet and hosiery. i would totally obsess over these items.

Well, i had what i can only describe as my own hypnotic trigger. As i stared at previously viewed images in a drunken state, i had an overwhelming desire to raid my mother's drawers and take out all kinds of goodies. i needed to be just like the Playmate. The photo was no longer real or immediate enough for me to get pleasure. i needed more. i took panties, pantyhose, bras, jewelry, shoes and i was compelled to dress in these items. i did just that. i had never thought of this idea before. This was the early 1970's so i did not even hear of crossdressing. This kind of stuff was not on TV, no pun intended, and your average child would not have a clue of this type of behavior. At least i had no clue.

So, i had good conditioning at an early age and i can clearly see that i was always suppossed to be this way. To me this is empirical proof that what You talk about in "Transexualizing" is completely true. i hadn't thought of this event in many years.

Either way, i thought You might find it interesting.

Oh well, i find that i am starting to use too many big words again. That means it is time for me to listen to a little "Happiness".

Thank You again for all You have done to me so far.

You are the best, Mind Mistress!!!


rowan <anonymous@hw.com>
- Thursday, November 18, 2004 at 15:08:46 (EST)

Ooooo...Ms Mandy it sounds like Jasmine is really moving along and enjoying every minute of it. I'm very happyfor both of you. :)

My progress with Elegance and Mistress is moving very nicely as well. It's nearly impossible now to leave the house without needing at least a light touch of perfume, blush, lipstick, and mascara on my face. I realize that it's what I should do as my body tells me that so I've pretty much been following it's lead . :) most days this past week I wore pantyhose under my jeans or slacks and women's loafers with 1" heels on my feet. Those things alongs with fuzzy ladies sweaters and a camisole underneath made me feel so happy, feminine, and normal. Being a good slave girl for Mistress gives me so much pleasure. Thank You Mistress!!

geri <geri_in_ri@yahoo.comNOSPAM>
ww, ri - Friday, November 19, 2004 at 05:36:00 (EST)

This review also refers to CD 2, CD 4, and CD 6

Dear Mistress,

I first went to your site to ask questions about improving my relationship with my wife. It seems she prefers me performing oral on her and wants me to take care of myself. We would have intercourse less and less. I would have trouble falling to sleep because I was constantly frustrated and angry with her. With your help I started to understand that she was feminizing me. You suggested I listen to cd 2,3,4 and 6 and I would be more happy. Cd 2 was great but I was a little nervous with elegance. After listening for a month now I'm happy to report that I wear lipstick, mascara, perfume and blush every day. I would not think of leaving the house without putting on makeup. I shave my legs every other day, tweeze my eyebrows, go for manicures and wear panties full time. My wife completely stopped having intercourse with me and I could not be happier.

CD 4 and 6 are bringing out my real feelings more and more each day. I know I'm an anal slut and cum from playing with my dildo. My nipples are always hard and perky and my wife stimulates them till I cum. I flirt with everyone I meet because I am such a bimbo slut. Your program has made me so happy and I just want everyone to know how great the cds are.

In two weeks I'm going to start Youth and Vixen. I can't wait till I have my own boobs.

Thanks for all your help. I love you so much!


Lisa Houston <mark_hstn@NOSPAMyahoo.com>
NYC, NY USA - Saturday, November 20, 2004 at 08:57:23 (EST)


This review also refers to CD 6

Dear MM,

How are you? Since our last online session many interesting developments: due to the cumulative effect of more frequent exposure to 'Elegance' and 'Happiness' I find myself now preparing for a first time in "femme" in public in the next couple of weeks (will be on the West Coast).

Just wanted to say thank you for your site and I look forward with great enthusiasm to our (hopefully soon) next session. Maybe next time we could do a phone session.

Like, your hot slave girl...

- Jessica -

Jessica <jezz30301@NOSPAMyahoo.com>
- Wednesday, January 19, 2005 at 17:07:36 (EST)

Dear MM,

I have been using your scripts now on my subs for about a year now with great success! I have totally transsexualized 3 of them both mentally and physically through the use of your scripts and estrogen hormones they purchased online. To give you an idea of my success 2 subbies have large a-cups (almost b now) and one is a full fledged b-cup. All prefer the company of men now and when they started all three were hetero and 2 out of 3 dress only in the female form now 24/7. I truly believe the scripts had a great deal to do with my success in eradicating any vestige of there manhood. I am now looking for 3 new sissies in the NY area to transsexualize so if you have anyone you can refer to me please have them send me an email at strict_mistress_simone@yahoo.com. They need to write me why they deserve training from me and send me a recent pic in panties to even be considered.

Simone <strict_mistress_simone@NOSPAMyahoo.com>
Long Island, NY USA - Saturday, January 22, 2005 at 14:24:11 (EST)

This review also refers to CD 4

Dear Mind Mistress,

My Girlfriend came across your site a little over a year ago. She showed it to me and I told her that I didn't think your techniques would work. She talked me into ordering your CD's on a goof. When I received them she immediately started me listening to them. Soon it was very easy for me to reach a deep trance. I continued to listen every day and soon found myself wanting very badly to be feminine. Now I dress as a girl every day and my attraction to men is very strong. I have also been taking feminizing hormones and am becoming more female every day. My breasts are starting to grow and my hips are becoming quite shapely. My desire to suck a man's cock is also growing every day. I feel really great about it and am very ggreatful to you for helping me to become the girl that I am...........Leslie

Leslie <LeslieMorgan49@NOSPAMhotmail.com>
Croydon, PA USA - Tuesday, February 08, 2005 at 20:15:06 (EST)

This review also refers to CD 16, and a private session.

Dearest Mind Mistress Linda,

A followup from my initial session with you. i had trouble writing the first letter because i couldn't remember what happend during my trance. i should say when i came out of trance i was happy, very relaxed, a little i'll say dizzy if you know what i mean. i also was excited and looking forward to my next session.

Since our session i've listened to elagence three times, skipping the induction, and still found myself going into a deeper trance than i had been able before the session. The impact of the deeper trance is manifest in "hello" getting its zip back.:) i love the word "hello" it does soooo much for me, submissive and girly. Oh i forgot i also listened to Acceptance once (with the induction) and went even deeper. Maybe why i am having so much trouble remembering what is being drummed into my head. i don't care i just need trance and more trance.

i am so excited about our second session! i hope you take me even deeper! i will continue lisening to elegance untill i loose my fingernails from climbing up the walls.

Thank You Mind Mistress

your obedient slve girl cynthia

cynthia <anonymous@hw.com>
- Wednesday, March 02, 2005 at 18:42:42 (EST)

This review also refers to CD 6, and CD 16


Today, i received my Acceptance cd from Mind Mistress. i cannot describe the sensations coursing through my body. i can describe the sensations in my mind. Utter bliss.

i have been doing the Elegance and Happiness cds for over 5 months. My favorite is the Happiness. It makes me such a sweet nothing. i just obey my makeup and sex are all i think about. i never knew that the Happiness cd could be soooo, wonderful. If you do the Acceptance first and then Happiness, your mind just melts. Nothing but .. well, i'm not sure what. The line blurs and i am so happy with just thinking Mistress' thoughts. i am here to please her.

After listening, i redid my makeup, dressed in my best red dress and chain smoked several Virginia Slim 120s. So relaxing. Before Mind Mistress, there was no joy. Now, there is only euphoria. Coursing through my body.

i enjoy the sensation of ....something. It is enjoyable.

i need to stop, my mind is becoming a blank slate the more i write.

Yes. More tomorrow.

hard to think.

just forget and obey


denise <deniseluvtoy73@yahoo.com>
US - Monday, April 04, 2005 at 22:56:08 (EDT)

This review also refers to CD 4, CD 9, and CD 10, as well as some private sessions.

Hi everyone :). I just want to give a little review of how my feminization is progressing. As someone down the page said you can't be hypnotized to do something you don't want to do. I don't really know if that is true because in my case it has helped me to do and feel things which I've always wanted to and fantasized about. After all I imagine that the reason most of us are here in the first place is that somewhere within each of us are the desires which the cds help us to aquire and develop.

I can't believe how well a few sessions with Mind Mistress and listening to cds has changed me. Elegance got me started and has worked well enough that I don't listen to it much anymore. I'm constantly drawn to wearing blush, lipstick, clear nail polish, perfume, mascara, and even eybrow gel on my semi plucked brows. As each of these things is applied I get more and more excited and love how much prettier I look. I feel so sexy and horny that it's like I'm becoming a transvestite again, except the desire to be made up doesn't leave me if I should climax. It just makes me feel happy to be more of a girl and happy that I'm the transexual I am. In fact I just came back up to this paragraph as after writing all of this I had to make up my face.

Next came Vixen, Male Charm, and Envy which have helped me to become more at ease with the feelings I've always had of wanting to be a woman. I say "helped me" rather than "made me" because I knew that's what I wanted to do, but it was just so hard to break the decades of living, conditioning, and natural instincts that controlled my thoughts and desires. Nowadays when I look at a woman it's not with lust, but to appraise and envy them for their breasts, figures, derrieres, etc... Nice tight ladies jeans help to give me the appearance of having a girlish rear end and the makeup helps my face. The biggest change though is that I now have such a desire to have a cock in me, just typing and thinking about it has me squirming in my chair. Also every once in awhile I'll drive or walk past a man somewhere and I'll start to become aroused.

This also not something that I did not want to have happen, it's something I've dreamed of for years. Sexually I've always been a sub who desired to be taken by my partner and that's pretty much how most of my sexual experience has been, albeit mostly with women. I have been picked up by men a few times in the past but was always drinking when it happened and never even thought of doing that when sober. Afterwards I would always feel guilty and lose the desire just like when I would dress. Now I don't drink much at all and I dream about cocks all through the day and find it hard to believe that once I was actually attracted to women's vaginas. The only way I'd want to have one of them again is after surgery. :) I still haven't gotten out to meet some men, but practice now and then with a thick 6" long dildo I bought. Sucking on it gets me so horny and starts my mouth to watering so much the dildo slides in and out of my mouth so slick and smooth as I move my head up and down. When I pull my head up off of it I pretend that the string of saliva connecting me to it is really cum it's shot into my mouth. :) I can't wait to taste someone's come for real again, other than my own which I lap up from my palm after bringing myself to climax. If any of you have never tasted cum, even your own, you don't know what you're missing. I know that it looks a little gross, but just suck it in fast the way you would a bitter cough medicine. Like most things, the second time is easier and much more pleasureable.

Well that's what I've been up to so far this year. Thank you all for being here and posting such interesting accounts and stories. And thank You to Mind Mistress for giving us all the opportunity. best wishes! geri

geri <geri_in_ri@NOSPAMyahoo.com>
w warwick, ri usa - Friday, April 22, 2005 at 22:00:54 (EDT)

This review also refers to CD 2, CD 9, and CD 10

Mistress, several onths ago I purchased som of your cd's, subconcious, elegance, vixen, envy. they are amazing and I truly thank you. I see things much more clearly now, I ussually train with elegance snd vixen and your beautifull voice is with me always now, I now know my true purpose in life is to be a slave girl and it feels so good. I drop into trance so easily now it is almost automatic and I crave it so much, to listen to your voice is truly an experience I can no longer go without.

I think I will purchase your acceptance cd next to help me focus on your words even more so that I always obey like a good slave girl, mmmmm, just writing this gives me such pleasure it is hard to describe, something I never thought possible, thank you so so much mistress, I am yours now.

cindy <anonymous@hw.com>
georgia usa - Tuesday, April 26, 2005 at 19:43:36 (EDT)

This review also refers to CD 6 and CD 16

Hello everyone!

For almost a year, i have been to this site and found it intriuging. I cum to it and leave, trying to stay away. But, i can't. Yesterday, i listened to MM's Acceptance 5 times, Happiness once and Elegance once. Each time going furhter in my transformation from a stressed out male to a happy, relaxed cockslut. MM's words are truth. At least they are true for me as soon as i see or hear them.

After the last listening, i IMed MM and asked her for instructions, she said to be a slut, soi finished my hair and makeup and went to a nice bar, with some very nice men. First, there was mike(i think). He knew how nervous i was, but bought me a drink and talked. We went to the restroom and i made him very happy. having him in my mouth made me so complete, so fulfilled. Returning to the bar, MMs words echoed to be a slut. So, i excused myself from mike's company and moved towards ? who had been eyeing me. think i made him happy as well.

Left the bar with dave. he was different. Very aggressive. At his apartment, he bent me over his bed and made me look into a mirror to see him take me from behind. i just melted. so relaxing, so complete

With a man in my mouth i have some control over them.
With a man in me, i am in their control.

As i follow MM's instructions, i will continue to work on more beauty so that i can get more cocks. Fulfilling myself one cock at a time.

If any of you want to leave, leave. If you stay, enjoy the ride.

i have become like jessica, a cockslut with no control over myself and a need to relax and enjoy the ride.

Everyone have a great day.

rena <anonymous@hw.com>
- Saturday, June 25, 2005 at 15:06:29 (EDT)

This review also refers to CD 4, CD 9, and CD 10

Dear Mistress, In your e-mail to me dated 04/13/05, you said that you enjoyed hearing personal stories about the effects of the CDs. So, I've decided to drop you a line to give you an update on how I am being affected. For you info and following your recommendation, I have just recieved my fourth CD–Vixen, which follows Elegance, Male Charm and Envy, in that order.

Before getting Envy two months ago, I wasn't even sure that I was actually going into trance. You felt that I was probably going into light to medium trance. Well, after a constant dose of ENVY, coupled with continuing to listen to Elegance, I have no doubt that I am now easily going into trance. This whole thing started several months ago because I became intrigued by your website and was very curious about what you said in your CDs and how you said it. I can now say that the CDs are having a profound effect on my personality and perception of myself. I am changing and now thinking and doing things that, four months ago, I would not have contemplated doing. I am noticeably more submissive and less decisive. More and more, I seem to be deferring to and wanting others to make decisions for me.

Elegance is very subversive and the suggestions just build and build inside of you with every exposure, until you mentally give into the pressure. Giving into one suggestion makes it easier to make a second change, then a third, and so on. I fine myself making changes to myself–feminizing changes–that are not even mentioned in the CD. I manage a small reail shop outside of Washington, DC–just some part-time employees and myself. After about 2 weeks of Elegance, I finally gave into the desire to start wearing a feminine fragrance. However, being afraid that I would immediately be noticed wearing a woman's perfume, I decided on Avon Naturals Body Spray. The scents are quite light, but up close are distinctively feminine. That satisfied me for about a week, but then I got antsy again. I got it in my mind that my lips were to thin and boring. So, I started using Body Inventions "Lip Explosion", which is a lip plumper and also a clear gloss. With it, I also used Avon "Beyond Color" Plumping Lip Conditioner in a neutral shade to somewhat mute the shine of the "Lip Explosion". I must admit, my lips are now fuller. Then, after a couple more weeks, I decided that my eyebrows looked to bushy and I started to gradually shape them. It seemed that I could never quite get them right. So, I went and got a Remington Precision Eyebrow Trimmer and trimmed them to 2 mm, then plucked and played with them until now they are defined and quite feminine in shape. Since I wear glasses most of the time, I was able to cover their feminine appearance by-and-large. Then, three weeks ago, I got it in my head that my glass frames were too masculine, so I ordered a new pair of presciption lenses, this time with woman's frames. Now, my brows are more visible because of the smaller, more delicate frames. Several women, including one of my part-time ladies, commented that they liked my new glasses. I'm guessing that most people just accept them as unisex in style. Next came panties (which I now wear at work every day along with a gaff, so I look totally flat in front), shaping my dark brunette pubic bush, shaving my underarms and the hair on my legs. I have now started to wear woman's jewelry–ladies watches that are not totally feminine, bracelets and necklaces that are more ornate and delicate than a man would wear, and elegant but not overly feminine rings. No, I haven't gotten my ears pierced yet. My fingernails are now longer and nicely shaped. So far, I still haven't convinced myself to wear blush or mascara out in public. But right now, I'm starting to think that some light blush wouldn't be too noticeable. It is tempting.

About a month after I purchased Elegance, I got Male Charm. At first, I couldn't get into the "swing of things" with the CD. Why I ordered it, I'm still not sure. Even now, I still don't believe that I'm gay. All of my sexual relationships in the past have been with females. Anyway, initially, the CD was fun, but I was not the participant, but rather, more like a floating observer–hovering above the activity and watching. I must admit, that even as an observer, I got really turned on. That all changed when I started listening to Envy about two months ago. Now, when I go back to Male Charm, I actually do become "Cassie", but I haven't been able to experience orgasm as a female, yet. Perhaps Vixen, the CD I just recieved, will help that along.

Your Envy CD has really had an affect on me. I listen to it almost nightly and sometimes with Elegance, sometimes with Male Charm. I don't know which CD is the cause, but over the past two months, I have purchased a lot of woman's clothing and started wearing them to work–especially women's jeans, tops and loafers. I have been careful to make sure that I don't look too noticeably feminine. I've developed almost a total unisex look. I know that I'm starting to walk a fine line–sort of balancing my strange, new urges against displaying them too obviously. However, just knowing that I'm wearing female clothing in public, for some reason, gives me immense pleasure. Envy has been very effective in changing how I look at women–especially attractive women. Yes, I have in fact, become extremely jealous of them. It seems that I have become especially jealous of women with great looking hair, and those with rounded, shapely feminine bottoms and a thin waist. Lately, I seem to be always fantasizing about having a thin waist; a firm sexy butt; wide feminine hips; rounded thighs and a totally flat crouch. But, believe it or not, I don't ever picture myself having big breasts, but rather firm, well shaped, perky ones. On a subscious level, I recently caught my reflection in a store window and noticed that I was swinging my hips more as I walk–and I didn't even know I was doing it. As I write this at my shop, I am wearing faded Calvin Klein Easy Fit woman's jeans, a berry-heather color L.L.Bean women's mock turtleneck shirt; and burgundy Bass Casell women's penny loafers. My waist is currently 30 inches and is just a tiny bit snug in my Size 10 jeans. I am only 5'6'' tall, with a small to medium build, and I currently weigh 140 lbs. Since I first started listening to Envy two months ago, I've lost 12 lbs, and I have it in my mind to lose another 10 lbs. and 2" off my waist, which would allow me to get into Size 8 jeans. Perhaps, my next CD after Vixen should be Corset Diet. I know it sounds goofy, but I just felt immense pleasure telling you what I am wearing at this moment.

On another issue, Envy, along with Male Charm, have really thrown me into confusion not only concerning my gender idenity, but also concerning my feeling about men. I can never remember being attracted to men in a sexual way before. But that definitely seems to be changing. I've had no sexual relations with a women since I started listening to Envy. Now, I am finding myself actually flirting with good-looking delivery drivers and even some handsome customers that come into the shop. I've noticed that when I see a good looking or well built man, I catch myself wondering what he looks like naked, how big his cock is and even how heavy he would feel laying on top of me between my widely spread thighs. I even bought a pheromone product called "Passion Copulin Concentrate for Women", a fragrance & pheromone mixture supposedly great for attracting men. When I look at prono now on the web, I look for sites offering conventional sex between a man and a woman, but I'm only interested in pictures or videos where the woman is a dark haired brunette, that I think would resemble a "female me". Then I masturbate while fantasizing that I am she–that I'm the one actually sucking his cock; that I'm the one being mounted; that it's my own real vagina that's being fucked. I'm always being fucked bareback–never with a condom–so I can feel his cum being pumped into me. I even fantasize about getting pregnant. But I only fantasize that I'm having sex with a man as a woman, never as a man.

That brings me to now. I've recently ordered and recieved 100mg Spironolactone anti-androgen tablets and 1mg Estrofem estradiol estrogen tablets (which come in a cute round pill dispenser , just like birth control pills–how appropriate). I can't believe I actually ordered them. My thinking was that I could just take enough female hormones to give me a little feminine development without going too far. Maybe take only 1/2 mg or 1 mg of Estrofem a day instead of the 2 mg recommended for pre-op transsexuals. Same with the anti-androgen. Anyway, it's not like I couldn't stop, if I wanted to. Still, I haven't taken any yet. In fact, about a week ago right after they were delivered, I actually threw the whole lot into the trash one night. I guess I got into a mood about how stupid I was acting–your CDs, the female clothing, the jewelry and perfume, etc., etc. Well, I fetched the pills out of the trash first thing the next morning–right before the trash truck came. I guess my funky mood had passed because that evening I listened to Elegance, Envy, Male Charm and then Envy again, one right after the other, in that order. It took up the entire evening. Anyway, the pills are still there...calling to me. Don't know what I'll do with them at this. Guess I need someone to force me to take them.

So that's my story for now. It is now evident to me that your CDs, your website, the animations, all of it are extremely effective–more so than I ever thought possible. At first, I thought I was playing a mind game with myself; now, I find that it is much more serious and, yes, much more pleasurable than I ever imagined. Your voice, tone and inflections are absolutely perfect. I thought about getting Elegance II, you know, to sort of build on Elegance I. But the idea of an "all of a sudden" change, i.e., breast implants, seems unnatural to me, plus breast implants don't do anything for developing a sexy feminine tush.

Well, I'm sorry for being so long winded. You must hear this story a hundred times a month. Thank you so much for listening.

Your devoted admirer, Cassie

Cassie 6/8/2005 9:35 PM classicw@NOSPAMbellatlantic.net

This review also refers to CD 1, CD 2, and CD 5

Hello Hello,

Other then knowing that I am addicted to this site, what mistress has done for me is she has brought me to a place of peace inside.

I have 4 cds Trance training, Subconscious, Elegance, Gemini I listen to them as the urge provides. There are times I may go a week, there are times I need to listen to one every day. They provide relaxation and yes escape to the other world.

I used to be fearful of the effects, but life has not zoomed out of control. They are just part of life now, much as frequenting this site is. Maybe someday I will get the nerve to do a session maybe it will never happen.

What was inside has been brought to my consciousness, the best part is that I can now accept my own self and not give a hoot what anyone else thinks.

That in and of itself, noone before mistress has been able to bring me to.

So Thank You Linda for what you have done for me.


Marney <anonymous@hw.com>
NY - Monday, September 19, 2005 at 20:43:36 (EDT)

This review also refers to CD 1, CD 2

Dearest Mind Mistress Linda,
and sisters,
I've finally gotten thru family obligations for Christmas and have been reflecting on the changes in my life. This could be a warning to some and a validation to others. You see, its true before i met Ms Linda, i did own two or three panties; two bras a skirt and knit top. No heels,no hose, no wig, no forms, no makeup, no perfume, no jewlery. i only "dressesed" in the privacy of my own bedroom. i didn't even wear panties under my male cloth in any other room. Leaving the sanctuary of my home in panties and such was totaly out of the question.
i came to Mistress' site about three years ago. After reading all the stories in the gallery at that time, i started ordering CD's. At first i just loved the feeings of going into trance and the happiness of being submissive to Mistress. (CDS 1 & 2) There was no harm in feeling happy and feeling submissive to Mistress.
CD #3 changed me forever. i didn't realize it at the time, but, the changes were by that time inevitable. It doesn't start with perfume. It starts with family, friends, coworkers and even people you will never speak to directly, and may not even see. The trigger is set so deeply that today it still makes me want to be more girly. The perfume ends up to be an aid to you sisification. It reminds you of how pleasurable it is to be a woman.
The change is not instantaneous,it starts out real slow then gains speed (like coasting down a hill) Its easiest if you just do as Mistress says. However if you want real pleasure, resist, fight it, don't let her do this to you! That way the trigger gets so deep in your mind That you find the pleasure of submitting so irrisistible.
After a couple weeks, i was still only wearing perfume. However, i was by then ordering cosmetics on line to afraid of being "discovered" shopping in person. Soon i had blush, lipstick, eye liner and shadow, even the mascarra. So after, say a month, i'm getting ready for work and i have my blush on and my lipstick, and i'm thinking, "Maybe i should do my eyes" Then i thought "No someone will see" OMG there was no way i could not at least put on some shadow. So i put the shadow on and it looked good. Then without thinking i took the eyeliner and atempted to apply that but i was shaking so much from the pleasure i was afraid of poking my eyes. i decided instead to apply the mascarra and see if that worked. I had seen women do this so i knew the idea was to draw the lashes up and thicken them. i didn't do a very good job the first time but good enough that i could see the difference and anybody who looked directly at my eye could see. It was as i was going out the door that i had gone beyond the point of no return. i was happy and proud that i could do this for Mistress.
Today, i look at my wardrobe, yes i said wardrobe! i have more dresses and skirts than i have male slacks and jeans i have two dozen or more panties of various stlyes, colors, materials. and almost two dozen bras,a doz or so pantyhose, seven pr of thigh highs, four garterbelts, silicone breast forms, a fully padded girdle two wigs, two pr heels(one four inch one five inch).
i now shop for clothes and cosmetics at local malls and shops. Most shop keepers and sales clerks are more concerned with the color of your money than the shape of your genitials
There have been more changes, but its late and i'm always tired. maybe i'll get into them at a latter date. Hoping to remain,
Your obedient slave girl cynthia
Cynthia <anonymous@NOSPAMhw.com>
- Sunday, December 25, 2005 at 23:58:24 (EST)



thank you MISTRESS for the timely shipment, took only 3 days, and well worth it. i've used a few Domme hypnotic sites and their sessions did not come close to the results MIND MISTRESS has affected me. this morning i woke up wanting to put perfume and lipstick on after looking at myself in the mirror. i resisted by making coffee. that didn't last long. as the coffee was being brewed without a thought i went back washed up, trimmed my moustage, put pink lipstick on and my wife's perfume. i shivered when the pink panties slid up legs. this led to bringing out my favourite heels and slipping them on. my morning was planned to have a couple of cups of coffee and head out. instead i'm having my coffee feeling good and writing to my MIND MISTRESS.

it took a lot of thought, and picked Oksana as my femme name. i believe being a slave girl for MIND MISTRESS will be pleasurable experience.

your happy slave girl,


This review refers to CD3-Elegance, CD4-Male Charm, CD10-Vixen

Hello Miss Linda,

Welcome back from vacation. The Prepaid Visa seemed to have worked perfectly. It only cost $2.95 plus whatever amount I wanted to put on it at the bank. That's definitely the way to go if you can't let your wife see! lol.

CD 10 looks good. I never considered ordering it because it looks like you have to have a participating dominant in your life. Doesn't someone else have to trigger that? That's why I hadn't given it much thought.

My goal is to experience female orgasms more and more. I believe I already have, through the AHW chat room, which I frequent. (And Miss_Nadine is my Mistress, and MissLaurali is filling in for her while she is away, so I suppose I do have a dominant for now.)

So I thought CD 4 was the best route for that, since it seemed to give that without requiring the trigger. Since I have only ordered CD 3 to this point, I can still change my plans.

Thank you very much, and I can't wait!


Teena Girl

---------- Alice Liddell wrote:

(Teena thought she was writing to Me, but she emailed Mistress Alice, who answered her)

Hi Hun,

First let me say, although you have a dominant in your life, All of MM CD's are designed to work Without a physical Dominant. The CD sets the triggger whenever you desire, and by default, When listening to the CD's... Mind Mistress becomes your surrogate Dominant. Now in your case... Nadine or Miss Syl, or anyone else who is privy to the *Triggers* Will be your dominant, but... they don't need to be present for you to trance.

As far as the CDs, I will say this... I agree with My Queen. And Although Vixen and Male Charm are both listed as Advanced CDS... Male Charm is a Hallucinatory Adventure CD. Which means... unless you can easily GO VERY DEEP... It will only be a Erotic Story, and not the Adventure it was designed to be. Not to say it won't be Fun, It Will... but the results may not be as dramatic, as if you could GO DEEP. I have trained with all of them, and although Vixen is an "Advanced CD" I believe its easier to Accept Plus... it helps you to *FEEL* Your Female Body* which is very important when training with Male Charm So Vixen really, is the logical next step ...

But in Wonderland, as you already know, Life is about Choices... So, I can only advise you, which I believe would best Serve Your Needs... Regardless... The choice is Yours...


Hypnotically, Mistress Alice

---------- teena girl wrote:

Dear Mistress Alice,

I was excited to hear that my CD has shipped. My goal has always been to get CD 4, so CD 3 is my preparation for that. I'm taking a trip on September 25, and hope to have my next CD by then. The quandery I've gotten into is that MM sent me an email that recommended CD-10. Would you mind reading the email that I sent to her, and telling me which you think would be the best for my goals?

Thanks so much,


P.s.- Since writing that email, Miss_Nadine has become Miss_Nadine{SYL}. So now I'm obeying MissSilvia as well. lol.

---------- teena girl wrote:

Dear Miss Alice,

I can scarcely believe it, but I just placed an order for CD-10 instead of CD-4. And I realize it was my choice. LOL. Your email was certainly the deciding factor, and now it seems I can't wait to get it and get started. I sincerely hope that I can get it here to Kentucky by September 25, so that I can take it on my trip out of town for the rest of the week. Of course, I am definitely going to get CD-4 as well. But I want that to be as good as it can be when I get it. So hopefully this will be excellent preparation for that. Thanks for your advice (And Miss Linda's as well) and I will let you know how I do.

Sincerely, teena{N}

P.S.- MissSylvia said it was the best choice too!

---------- Alice Liddell wrote:

Hi Hun,

I am *Happy* you were able to realize *THE CHOICE* which *WAS BEST FOR YOU*


Hypnotically, Mistress Alice

---------- teena girl wrote:

Dear Mistress Alice,

I was quite surprised to receive CD-3 in the mail yesterday. So that answers that question. It only took 5 days from the time you mailed it. I listened to it yesterday and today. I thought Mistress Linda's induction was really good, and quite unique. Despite not touching myself below the waist, I nearly had an orgasm at one point the first time I listened to it! Today I was more controlled in that aspect of it. But I must say that I've never tranced with a recording before that made me so horny! My pants were quite damp after listening again this morning. And that's pretty noteworthy, because I've tranced with several recordings that have suggested that I become aroused. This one actually makes me that way! So it looks like I should have no trouble receiving Vixen well in advance of my late September trip, possibly even before I am fully trained with Elegance. Who knows, maybe I'll even be able to get Male Charm by then. lol. So just a note to say thanks, and I won't write to you for awhile, until I have something to say about how Elegance has affected me.

Thanks so much for all your help,


---------- Alice Liddell wrote:

Hi Hun,

Happy you were able to appreciate the Quality of Elegance. MM takes great pride in her CDS. Try to train with it at least once, if not twice, daily So you will be ready for Vixen when it arrives... Glad to hear you enjoying. Feel free to let me know how... *YOU ENJOY Vixen*


Mistress Alice

---------- teena girl wrote:

Dear Mistress Alice,

Vixen arrived Monday, so we are all square. I'm not ready for it yet, so it's on the shelf for now. Last Monday I started on Elegance. I've never been too enthused about track 3, and it was always my intent to skip that and just train with tracks 1,2, and 4. However, the CD arrived, and I wasn't able to make a new CD with just the desired tracks until Saturday. So I listened to all 4 tracks 5 times.

I was really rather bored with track 3 by the end of the week, and was so relieved when I could finally do the desired tracks. I was delighted at the reduced time involved in listening on Saturday and Sunday.

But I also came to realize that, by omitting track 3, I was also omitting most of the pleasureable feelings on the CD. When listening to the whole CD, I awaken with very pleasurable sensations and sexy feelings that makes me squirm for awhile in enjoyment of them. That doesn't occur when skipping track 3. So I found myself wanting track 3 for the feelings it produces.

I tried to listen to the whole thing again yesterday, but I started getting phone calls about 2 minutes in to track 3. (I am always on call.) I was able to stop it and take the calls, and then restart at the beginning of track 3. The trance trigger worked well, taking me right back in to trance.

And again I got interrupted.

And yet again, I started at the beginning of track 3 and went right back into trance. When I got interrupted again, I switched to track 4 and finished the CD.

This morning I listened to the whole thing again, and went more deeply than ever on this CD. This time the pleasure trigger ROCKED me. That's interesting, because that's the same pleasure trigger as the chat room, and yet it hadn't done so much for me until today. But today I was getting some major sensations.

I know I can go deeper than I have gone so far on Elegance, and I suspect I am just beginning to experience the pleasure trigger, so I know I'm not where I need to be yet for Vixen.

I also know I'm probably going to be feminized more than I initially intended, but at this point I really don't care. I just feel like I am embracing it more and more. It feels so good! Why would I not want to feel this way?

Anyway, I'm going to stick with Elegance for at least another week, maybe two, before moving on to Vixen. If you're interested, I'll keep you posted.

teena{N} <teena.girl@NOSPAMyahoo.com>
8/30/2007 2:25 AM

---------- Alice Liddell wrote:

Hi Hun,

Glad to hear your training has been *ENJOYABLE*. I know its tempting... but try to resist Vixen for the full month... You won't be sorry. And Yes, please keep us informed of your progress.


You can read teena's review of CD10-Vixen here

Hello Mistress

I have ordered Elegance 1 & 2 and have been using 1 daily for a week now. The results are very pleasing, having been a sceptic before. I sit here typing in my thigh-highs, panties, make-up and jewellery so something's working!

Heh heh.... Trouble I find is no one says Hello anymore round here! Lots of Hi and Morning and so I'm aching to get the full effect! Of course I have downloaded your Hello and put it on computer but that's only for at home. The other problem I have is my AD - Self- Talk, yattering away and talking me out of things like shaving legs and body hair. Is there a way to lose this logical brain? The only ways I can think, and would like, is to get Happiness and be a mindless bimbo just doing what pleases me or maybe Acceptance?? Or do you think a Session with you might be more effective?

Mistress answers: Either would work, but Happiness would have to be triggered all the time to get that effect, and you'd be dumb all the time. Acceptance is a better choice I think. It will supercharge the effects of the other CDs without as much side effects :)

Start with Acceptance, then we can see. Sessions are more for fine tuning and doing things that the CDs don't already do, and all you're asking for is to boost the effects of CDs.

What I would loveto see acheived is the male self simply carryong out my female desires without question or comment aif they were the most natural thing in the world, without question. And my male self being pleasantly surprised and unquestioning.

I'd love to do more and more convincingly so where do I go from here? It's been delicious so far. yours cynsmooth x PS I also am on Yahoo Im in GMT

Mistress answers: That's what CD16 is for :) Also, you've been using the CD for only a week... the effect will keep increasing as you use it.

Glad you love it! May I use your email as a CD review on the site?

Mind Mistress




On 16/11/2009 1:43 PM, Barbara wrote:

I’ve never contacted you directly before but I figured it was about time. Up until I ran into your website I would describe myself as a happy, normal, married, heterosexual male.

A couple of years ago I ran into your web site. Of course I surfed around there some to see what it was about and watched a couple of flash animations. Funny thing was I found myself becoming intrigued by female domination and the new boobs animation. After a couple of months I decided to buy a few of your CD’s thinking they might provide a new twist to my more recent fantasizing and stimulating masturbation. I never had any intention of being feminized in reality. I didn’t believe it was possible to change someone permanently by hypnosis. I bought Trance & Elegance. What happened was that the more I listened to the CD’s, the more I had to. I also couldn’t believe that I slowly started trying some of the commands you had given me during trance. It started out as trying a little makeup perfume, lingerie, etc. just to “see” what it would be like. I now have my own. Image my surprise when I realized I liked it and found myself doing it more often. I felt content and very excited obeying the training. Just as with needing/enjoying being in trance more, I found that the more I followed the training the more pleasure and contentment I felt. I now wear makeup, bra, and panties every day. Of course this has led me down a path of doing more and more to become more feminine, and wish I was a girl. Although I believe your training has bent my gender I can no longer be sure. I just love the idea of doing what I believe makes you happy.

Devotedly yours,

You can also read Barbara's review of CD10-Vixen and CD19-Oral

Mind Mistress, I love you so much! :) Elegance was a "femtastic" cd. I went deep into trance although, not the first time, but the second time i was so deep! The first time i heard the cd, it was very uneasy to resist your powerful sexy voice. I could only go half a day without having a huge desire to hear you again. The 2nd time, something in my mind broke free. All i could hear was, "shiny nails, must have shiny nails". "Must wear make up". All of it was pure pleasure! :) I had no choice but to shave my legs go to victoria's secret and buy lingerie. I went to other stores to get make up and nail polish for my pretty nails. The panties, skirts, pantyhose, tops, dresses, everything just felt too good.MMMMMMMMMM... But the most of all that felt really nice that told me i was a girl was the sexy feel of how the silky pink panties with pink lace on the sides slid up soo silky.MMMMM.. I love you my Mistress you are making me go from a heterosexual guy to a bisexual girl and i LOVE it :).....I'm listening to Vixen later my mistress. I hear its also really good too :) Can't Resist

Your slave girl,
Emily Anne


This review also refers to CD3-Elegance, CD16-Acceptance and CD11-Corset Diet.

Dear Mistress Linda,

I have a couple of questions that I hope you can answer for me.  Your time and insight would be greatly appreciated.  A little background on my introduction to hypnosis probably would help provide context.  During the early autumn of 2008 I developed a respiratory illness that caused significant intercostal stress after weeks of coughing.  As an alternative to taking significant doses of ibuprofen to control the pain from the coughing, I sought alternative methods to relieve the pain.  While reading at the book store, I came across a book by Dr. Andrew Weil on medical self-hypnosis.  I decided to try this as.  I was very skeptical of this at first, but I was willing to try to something safe instead of ibuprofen.  While it was far from perfect and unsure of how successful I was in the arena of self-hypnosis, I would estimate that I was able to reduce the amount of analgesic intake by 30-40%.  One day while on vacation, I was lounging in a recliner my wife while listening to Dr. Weil's self-hypnosis, my wife walked in and inquired as to what I was listening to since I am not much of a music fan.  I explained to her about my idea to help with pain management.  She seemed curious, so she decided to listen to the CD.  This is where things got interesting.  The CD taught relaxation techniques, but also uses verbal and physical triggers such as tactile sensation to induce a rapid transition into a relaxed state.  Knowing what the verbal cue from the CD was, I tested it on her when she completed the CD.  She went under instantly.  I was absolutely stunned, because it was never that easy for me, and I figured the relaxation and stillness reduced physical discomfort, but did not do a lot to actually help tell the subconscious to stop pain sensation.  On a whim, while she was out, I suggested something goofy and completely benign, and when she came out, she acted on it instantly.  More stunning in fact.   I never took that any further because I did not think it ethical to manipulate my wife in such a way; however, this experience opened up an entirely new interest for me.

Based upon that experience, I started researching the topic of hypnosis more closely and learned of the hypnotic culture on the web.  Your website was one of those that I visited to learn more as I explored this subculture to learn more.  While I found many of the reviews to be entertaining, there was one review from a physician who actually used the Corset Diet CD to lose 80 lbs. or so.  As a member of the scientific community, this account had greater credibility to me.

Thinking this might be fun to explore further with my wife (with her consent), I purchased your Deep Trance Starter Kit last year. Unfortunately, we are no longer together so I never had the oppotunity to explore that with further. Last month my career took me across the United States, and I was I packing, I came across the CD's that I had ordered and set them aside. Later in June I copied the Acceptance CD to my iPod and started listening to it. I am not certain if or how well it is working, but I am certainly having fun with it, and am certainly more relaxed when I have had the chance to listen to it. I don't have a clue where I am going with these CD's, but for some reason they looked like fun, so I thought I would play with them for a while (which is probably dangerous... :-)).

Anyway, as I stated I don't know where I am going with these CD's, and don't have any interest in the more intense "male bondage" aspects of some of the descriptions of some of the CD's on your site, but wanted to try out what I did have from the starter kit. I know that curiousity killed the cat... I was wondering if you had any thoughts or recommendations based upon what little I described. My apologies for the lack of brevity of my email. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


I would examine this belief you have, if I were you, that gives greater credence to the words of men in white labcoats than to other people. This is not his area of expertise, and yet his words weigh more?

Personally, I give greater credence to medical doctors in the area of treating illnesses, not in whether a mental method is effective or not.

I'm not into male bondage, I'm into erotic hypnosis with women. However, women don't pay for sexual services, while men do. So I do feminization, which is nearly as much fun. :)

Where you want to go with this is up to you...

Mind Mistress


Dear Mind Mistress,

Thank you for your reply.  I thought about what you wrote, and I agree.  You are correct that a physician may have no more insight into the effectiveness of a mental method, as I have learned the hard way for which you likely derive a little amusement.

I think I learned a valuable lesson today, keep my mouth shut and do not get too curious.  I am sure you have heard these stories a million times, so add mine as the millionth and first.  On a whim I decided to switch to Elegance from Acceptance just to see what would happen.  I knew what the purpose was, but not the exact content... these were supposed to be for my wife... I listened approximately once a day for the last 5 or so days.  Not many people use formal greetings any more, so I did not think about it much until today.  I answered my cell phone a little while ago and instinctively repsonded with that evil word which I will not mention for fear of what happens...*TRIGGER*...what the heck did I just do, dummy.... I went silent after I answered as I was cringing and trying to regain composure, my colleague that just called said that evil word to see if anyone was on the other end... *TRIGGER* again... what the heck is happening...it hit like a ton of bricks, desire, resistance, pleasure, then a minor anxiety attack.  Blah, blah, blah, my collague was trying to converse with me about something, heck if I know what it was, I was just trying to regain composure... And now I keep thinking about stupid perfume... I never had any inclinations for things like this...this was just stupid on my part.  LOL, how ridiculous must I sound?  This would be funny if it were not the fact I am the victim of my own experiment. 

Even more stupid is that I do not seem to want to stop listening even though I am quite sure the triggers are implanting more firmly based upon my unexpected reaction. Stopping now would be the wiser thing, but it is too much fun to see my reaction to it.   It seems a little like being a passenger on a roller coaster ride that will not stop, having fun at first but not being able to find the exit for the ride...  Hypothesis confirmed...it works.  Worst part, I did it to myself... and now not sure when and where the roller coaster ride will stop next...
Yours truly,

Hello !

*giggle* You know you shouldn't keep listening to CD3... ;)

By the way, may I use this as a review for the CD ? It's awesome. :)

Mind Mistress

Dear Mind Mistress,

I would be honored if you use that as a review, I simply would ask that the email address be withheld. I think will continue to listen and see where this ride leads.  I will keep you apprised of what happens...  Thanks for the fun... appreciate it greatly.  You do great work!

Your truly,
20/07/2010 7:26 PM


On 10/09/2010 2:05 PM, Lizabeth wrote:

Dear Mistress,

I recently received the Deep Trance Starter kit. I would like to tell you about the wonderful last week I've had.

I've listened to all of the CD's in the set over the last three weeks with Elegance getting the most time on my iPhone. I started with Trance Training but was so excited that I couldn't resist going on to sub-Consciousness and Elegance. Today I used tracks from Acceptance, finishing with the last two tracks from Elegance.

Last Friday was a breakthrough day for me in many ways. I had been listening to sub-Consciousness and Elegance as often as I could, though not every day. I tried throughout the last week to stop and buy perfume but my inhibitions, my fears stopped me. Last Friday I listened to Elegance in the morning. It was an amazing experience more so because it wasn't the first time. I couldn't restrain myself after I woke and, well, pleasured myself cumming hard without ejaculating. It was an overwhelming experience.

I went out amidst my tasks that morning to Macy's where I had a wonderful experience with Ms. Anne Marie who helped me pick out perfume, I am so happy wearing Clinque's Happy perfume, lipstick, and blush. I am wearing them, with clear nail polish, as I type this note. I've worn perfume, blush, and lipstick to work this week. I began tweezing my eyebrows, so much to remove. My nerves are jangling trying to figure out what I need to do next -- buy panties, nylons, shave my legs, jewelry (I really want to get my ears pierced), and/or start smoking. Lizabeth wants to be a smoker; its so sexy. My wife does not approve of my feminine side so I must be somewhat cautious. Sigh!

I would like some advice Mistress. I need to know where to go next. I will continue with the CDs. But I want to go further. I am interested in Corset Diet since I want to lose some weight and get the right, sexy shape. I don't know what else to do. I don't have a master or mistress other than You to turn to. Should I go to Gemini next?

Part of me would love very much to step over the line where mascara would take me. To be a sophisticated, glamorous woman. Two psychologists have told me I'm more than a cross dresser but not a transsexual, and bi. Strictly brought up with a strong voice telling me "don't do that. Behave. Good boys don't do that kind of thing." I've come later than many to understanding this of myself. But it leaves me not knowing the direction to take.

I really need Mistress to tell me what I should do. Will Mistress please share her wisdom with me? Please.

Your devoted and humble slave girl,

I am very pleased with you dear. Corset Diet is an option, you can get that if you want. But based on what you say, I think Gemini is the best one to continue with for you. :)
Are you submitting this as a review for the site as well?

On 14/09/2010 3:36 PM, Lizabeth wrote:
Thank you, Mistress. I was eagerly awaiting your reply. Gemini it will be, though I need to continue working with what I have. I will place an ordering the next week or so. Yes, I would be most happy to have you use my email as a review.


Darna Gemini, used with permission

On 03/09/2010 6:00 AM, Stephany wrote:

Hello dear Mistress,

I realized I haven't done yet any review, so here am I. I am so sorry to not have done it before, I purchased Elegance a long time ago, and I must confess that I'm not a very good subject. I don't listen to recordings regularly, I don't know why I'm not able to, but why lie?
However, each time I listen to it, I go in trance without any doubt. I feel the rush of desire, the rush of pleasure at hearing "good girl", and I love it so much.

I am a man (at least, genetically), and I already wore mascara and khal before listening to Elegance. I always had trouble to delimit genre, and I always had felt that I was not only male. I found MM site a long time ago, and the very first time I was hooked. No matter if there were times without coming, saying to myself "this is insane, I won't come again", I always coming back, willing to go deeper for Her, to fall deeper into Her power. to let Her take me more into feminization

Since I've begun listen to Elegance, even if it was not enough regularly, I've progressively added item of feminity. I always perfume now, I always have nail polish and nails nice done (I wear color polish, red, black, purple, depends on the mood), my legs are always waxed, I wear panties almost all the time, and I do not purchase anymore male cut, I wear only fem trouser and top, and sometime I apply some clear lipstick and blush on the eyes and wear pantihose or stockings.

And you know what? I loooove that! I totally love that!

In the first times, I didn't think it was because of Elegance, but when I think about it, how could I deny it? I've worn mascara and khal for years without adding anything, and in some monthes, I add perfume, panties, lipstick, panties, wax my legs (and this adds are regular and part of my everyday life) and recently, I have to sit to pee, I don't know why, this seems natural... I often imagine myself  wearing skirts, high heels, having boobs, being sexy, and I know I need to be even more feminine. Until where will I go? Honestly, I still don't know. At least wearing skirts and heels in public, this is just a matter of time. Some days I wish more, some days not. I don't know, but I know I am going into feminzation.

Perhaps did I pass the point of no return without knowing it, before meeting Mind Mistress? Anyway, I know I need to feminize myself more, I need to be more feminine, and I somewhat know that it is thanks to Mistress.

THANK YOU MISTRESS!!! I love You for the help you've given to me, and thank you for who and what you are!

I've added some picture, so you can see if I'm enough feminine for you.




Darna Gemini, used with permission


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