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Welcome to the HypnoticWishes chatroom!

Please be sure to choose an appropriate nickname, rather than the default one. Hypnotist nicknames generally start with an upper case letter, while those of subjects are in lower-case. Don't put anything in "password" unless you've registered your nickname.

You have the choice of a pretty widget with ads (Wibbit), or a plainer one without ads (SorceryNet). You can also open a full page SorceryNet chatroom in a new tab by clicking here. Learn IRC commands here.

Wibbit Chat Widget:


Hi Girls,

This is Jacqueline from the chat room.

If there's an issue with the widgets, h ere are two ways you can enter our channel:

From sorcery.net
1) Go to www.sorcery.net, click on Chat Now
2) Enter your nick, and enter #AdultHypnoticWishes in the channel box.
3) Leave the NickServ Password blank if you don't have a registered nick
4) Click Connect

From mibbit.com
1) Go to www.mibbit.com
2) Click on the Chat Now button on the bottom of the page
3) In the Connect box, choose Sorcery [webirc]
4) In the Nick box, enter your nick
5) In the Channel box, enter #AdultHypnoticWishes
6) Click Connect

If you have any problems with these instructions or any questions about the chat room, don't hesitate to email me directly.


Thank you Jacqueline for finding some better widgets!

Everyone, please remember to play nice.

If this page doesn't work, or you want a full IRC software, Click Here

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