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CD 26 - Sensitive

Reviews: - 2010

CD26 Description

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Hello Mistress Linda,

 I’ve listened to this CD a few times, and I must say you paint a very vivid picture of what a clothing allergy is like. Come to think of it I do have a clothing allergy, namely to woollen clothes, and what you described on the CD is pretty accurate, wool irritates my skin so badly that I can’t stand to wear it and I often break out in a rash from it.

 But this CD goes beyond mere wool, seeing as all male clothing has some irritant chemical in it. I noticed long ago that women’s clothes are so much nicer to wear than men’s; especially undergarments. The only problem is a bra is of little use to most men as a lack of breasts means a bra isn’t really serving its purpose, so for the time being I put silicon inserts or “chicken fillets” as they’re often called, in the cups.

 I’ve also noticed how things like jeans can be somewhat restrictive in movement, skirts and dresses allow for much more movement ;) and I find wearing a miniskirt quite comfortable.

 Recently I bought a whole lot of girly garb, but I think I may need some lessons in applying makeup; do you have any CDs for this? or perhaps an online session could be arranged.

   Anyways just wanted to let you know about this CD,

30/07/2010 4:33 AM





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