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"You are not gay if someone is wearing a dress during sex, no matter how many penises are involved"

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This Moon Phase Display is for the girls who have gone through the Emotional Freedom process in session with Me. It seems that their emotions match up to the lunar cycle after they are initiated into the Sisterhood of the 28 Doors. Click here for a lunar calendar, so you can plan hot dates for when you're not having your period...


Thursday May 11, 2017


New Website & Payment Server!

You can purchase CDs and sessions again!

The new payment server is now fully tested so you can pay for sessions and download CDs once again. No need to go to another site anymore, and the new site is secure for purchases.

We're still tweaking various parts of the site, like the intro page slider images (and their buttons) as well as the ability to leave reviews and comments, but it's usable for purchases and you can check out the new look.

New Account on Each Site

You will need to create a new account there, because it's an entirely new system and Girls-R-Us is gone forever. If you buy therapy sessions on the therapy site you'll have to create account for that one too.

This means that if you buy CD5 on the Changework site (blue background), you'll have to go back to that site if you want to download it again later. And if you buy CD3 on the adult site (purple background), it will only be downloadable there. I suggest you use the adult one, it has the full descriptions.

Extended Advantage Sessions

The reason for two independant user accounts is that the Changework site is entirely independent. It has all the CDs (with therapeutic descriptions) and all the adult sessions, listed as "Extended Advantage" E.A., which actually stands for Erotic Adult.

So if the adult site gets blacklisted from your internet cafe or workplace as porn, you can still get all the products from the clean and pure Changework site. To avoid being labeled as porn or having links to porn, it has to be entirely isolated and have no links to erotic sites.

Click here for the updated version of the website.

If you find anything broken or mis-formatted, please let Me know.


Saturday April 29, 2017


Payment Server is up

I don't know by what voodoo this happened, since we did nothing, but the server is up again! The new system is also days away from ready. Like one or two days as far as I can tell. So if you wanted to use the old familiar one to buy something, do it now. :)


Thursday April 20, 2017


Payment Server News

Girls-R-Us.com has been down a few days, and it doesn't look like we'll be getting it back up. All payments are on hold for now while we battle the tentacle monsters at the payment portal. Sorry about that.

You see, only Dr. Natural knew how to appease the creatures that lurk in the depths of the Wonderland Castle. Slave Amazons have been doing their best to shore it up since his escape, but the foundations are starting to crumble. It's not looking good, and we're losing highly skilled Bimbos to those slimybeasts with each passing day.

The Good News

The good news is that the new payment system is almost online! With a beautified and upgraded version of the site that included a shopping cart! No more having to leave My clutches to get your goodies, be they recordings or sessions.

How long will that take? A few days? A week? Tomorrow? No matter how much I beat my webmistress, I can't seem to get a precise estimate. Probably best to let her do the work and stop distracting her with floggings.

We're also upgrading security with an SSL certificate, so you girls can feel safe on your shopping sprees with that pretty green Secure tag next to the URL. Speaking of which, you'll have to update your bookmarks to "https" once we go secure. I'll be providing links to the new site once it's running, but the old site will remain available for those who prefer it.

*chops off a tentacle*

What was I saying? Ah yes. Soon, My pretties, soon!


Sunday December 26, 2016


Merry Slavemas!

Happy holiday to all My girls! For your enslavement pleasure, I came up with a little song today, recorded it on My phone and here it is. Remember that there are twelve days of Slavemas, leading to the Epiphany that YOU ARE MINE. Mwahaha. Enjoy! Click here to play the mp3, or right click to download (4.3Mb).

The Twelve Days of Slavemas

Lyrics, voice and mandolin by Mind Mistress

On the first day of slavemas, my Mistress gave to me:
1-An all consuming craving to serve
2-Two knees to kneel,
3-Three ways to please,
4-Four French maid dresses,

5-Five shiny nails!

6- Six cooking classes,
7- Seven purple collars,
8- Eight mindless chores,
9- Nine needs for tribute,
10- Ten slaving trances,
11- Eleven cries of pleasure,
12- Twelve pretty dresses,

Monday November 21, 2016


Igor, Pull The Switch!

The change of web hosting has been initiated. This is the NEW hosting of the site you're seeing.

Some emails may be lost during the transition this week, so if you don't get a reply after a few days, please try again. Emails had been bouncing anyway, so this is a necessary change. Everything should be working fine within a week at most. The two sites are currently identical so whichever one you get while name servers update, you'll still be able to read the site.


Wednesday November 2, 2016


Changes to the Castle

Hello girls!

Have you had a nice summer and Halloween? I had a lovely time tending My gardens, then harvesting berries and roots for various potions. Elderberry, Elecampane and Ginger make a lovely syrup in honey to keep colds at bay and maintain My hypnotic voice in top condition. Or it helps at least, since I’ve had a cold that lingered for weeks and prevented voice sessions. But it’s getting better now, and I’m starting phone sessions again today.

Doctor Natural’s Escape

Concerning potions, a number of you have been asking about Girl Juice. I’m sad to say that it will not be available in any foreseeable future. Doctor Natural, under his alternate personality of Miss Alice Liddell, has run off to join the great circus in the sky. He and she will be missed.

Though our slave staff is covering for his absence, there is some disarray in the castle. Sex toys are no longer being sold on Girls-R-Us, only My CDs and sessions, as you’ll discover if you try to order any. The upkeep of that castle is quite high without Doctor Natural sharing the load, so I am applying to another payment processing fortress. You’ll see it when it comes online, so if there were parts of the GRU castle you wanted to visit, better do it now. No date is set yet for the switch, it’s all pending approval. You can read about the castle staff here: http://girls-r-us.tv/gru/about_us.php

Emails Bouncing

Speaking of switching, I’ve been loath to pull the plug on my current website hosting, but it’s becoming necessary. They’ve been unable to repair the trance request form after an “upgrade” broke it two years ago, forcing you all to send it in by email. But now, client emails are getting bounced back by their server’s aggressive spam filter and they can’t seem to fix it. Specifically, trance request forms are being treated as spam so I don’t see them, but you get a bounce notice. In spite of requesting a fix for weeks, that’s still an issue. So until I move over to the new host, here’s what you need to do:

For Trance Requests:

  1. Send Me a plain email directly (or through the contact form), one without links, telling me you want to send in a trance request form. While you’re at it, give me a short description of what you want.
  2. I’ll reply by giving you My Gmail address to send the request form to.
  3. Once you’ve sent the form to the Gmail, email Me again on My main hypnoticwishes address so I know to check it, since I don’t check it on a regular basis.

New Website Hosting

The hosting changeover will come in the next few weeks. In theory it should be seamless to you while the DNS server updates to the new page. But as you know... in theory, practice and theory are the same thing. In practice, they are not.

Kayla, New Minion

Along with the change will come a fancy shmancy new updated version of the website, designed by My new minion Kayla. Well, not exactly new, she’s been slaving away for over a year on that project on the new server.

Kayla: “Mistress, is the new website to your liking?” she would ask on her knees.

Me: “Not good enough for My girls. Make it BETTER. GIRLIER. More entrancing!”

Kayla: “Yes Mistress, I hear and obey... *grumble grumble how am I supposed to do that without specific directions on how She wants it to...*”

Mistress: “What was that? Do I hear you mumbling?”

Kayla: “Nothing Mistress! I’ll get on it right away!”

Mistress: “I hear groveling, but I don’t hear typing. Begone, and do My will!”

I would also like to congratulate Kayla on her recent full transition to the girly side. Yesss... now she is ripe to serve properly among our staff. We will phase in that new site slowly. First there will be a link for you to visit it and perhaps point out some bugs. Then we’ll change the first page to point to the new site. However, I’ll leave the old site up at the same URLs. This is so Google can still find those pages, as well as for those who prefer the older version. It’s less image heavy, better for slow internet connections and older machines.

Till we trance again,
Mind Mistress

Wednesday April 6, 2016


ERRATA on Previous Update

See Below in yellow.

Tuesday April 5, 2016

Baldur's Gate

Amazons, assemble!
The enemy is at the gates!

Calling all L.I.C. Agents for Immediate Deployment

The new D&D themed computer game "Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear" is currently being trash-talked and rated 0 out of 5, simply because there is ONE trans woman character in it. Apparently, having a minor character who mentions being trans in an optional conversation completely destroys the manhood of boy gamers, makes them impotent, infertile, and drives them seek sex with men while wearing pink frilly dresses. Of this, I am skeptical. But just in case, let's spread the word! :-D

Here's the article explaining it.

In case you didn't know, there's a war going on. Every woman who publicly criticizes the lack of a female avatar to play as woman, or wishes there was an option for something other than chainmail bikinis, gets harassed online. Not just a little bit. Imagine getting hundreds of emails every day saying "We're gonna rape you, kill you, then rape your corpse." Then, your personal address and information gets hacked posted on the internet, and people message you to say they're coming to kill and rape you. This is no joke. Hordes of hateful macho geek boys get their rocks off from doing this to "protect our games from Social Justice Warriors."

This makes me very angry. And now, there's something we can do about it: Support a game that includes a trans woman by buying it and leaving a positive review on Steam. If you're concerned about harassment, you post as a male saying something like "I'm a guy and this game doesn't threaten my manhood. It's a good game." Because these jerks don't attack other men. I mean... they're homophobes. They can't very well threaten to rape another guy to prove their manhood, now can they? Also, most of them are pimply 13 year olds, so they're not going to try beating up a grown man. Also, they're more likely to listen to men's opinions.

If my website goes down and is replaced by rape pictures, you'll know why. I'm taking a chance just by posting this, and I'm not even naming the group to minimize risks. That said, I AM THEIR WORST NIGHMARE. I am what they fear. You are what they fear. YOU ARE ALL TERRIFYING! Be proud of that.

I know quite a few trans women who have been in Special Forces, do martial arts, or any variety of ass-kicking hobbies. They are not to be messed with. I myself train twice a wekk. We are Amazons, and we don't just let the bad guys win because we were too busy doing our nails to bother. So if you've enjoyed my last few game recommendations, I suggest this one. Because it matters. Because trans or cis, women have always fought. Let's kick some ass.



You can buy the controversial DLC here on Steam:

It requires Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition also be purchased on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/228280/

Don't know if your computer can run it? Check it with System Requirements Lab.

April 6 Addition:

ERRATA: I previously said you could buy the base game at 60% off on GOG. Well, I tried. Steam won't allow the purchase of the expansion unless the base game is also bought on Steam. To be able to rate it on Steam, it has to be purchased there.

As of this writing, there are 202 reviews on Steam, 67% of which are negative. It won't take that many people to balance out the ratings. Rating on other game sites is fairly useless, as they don't require people to own the game. Anyone can rate without having played it, so it's innundated with trolls.

A final note: If you don't normally play RPGs, I suspect the intricate mechanics of D&D may not be your cup of tea. It's not a simple game, there's a bit of a learning curve. Then again, you might discover you like it.

If you do buy the game, let me know. I like to hear about courageous girls like you, and know that we're making a difference.


Tuesday March 29, 2016


Featured Fanmail

Hello My lovelies!

I often get some lovely testimonials of how My website has helped people and I felt like sharing this inspirational tale with all of you. It's a bit unusual, and that's why I found it interesting. Enjoy!


Mind Mistress,

I was looking back over the last decade or so of my life, and I felt compelled to email you and give you my thanks. Discovering you, and your website - Hypnotic Wishes - marked a pivotal point in my life. I came from an athletic family that strongly encouraged masculinity. I was an athlete, I was manly, I was muscular. I had also dated women my whole life. I don't believe that I was lying to myself in doing so, I had been attracted and naturally pulled to girls since I was very young. But, as I said, stumbling upon your site introduced me to a whole new world that I would never escape from. It did cause me many years of internal conflict and difficulty, that I tried to run away from, but I believe now that it was all worth it. I believe now that your site, it's features, messages, teachings, CD's, and you, brought out a better me, the person that I am today, and that I love being, and feel right being.

About two years ago, I finally gave in to the life that you had drawn me towards. What I was scared of, but felt so natural and right. First, I stopped seeing women. My interest in them had become nothing. I always had wanted a wife, but I found myself forcing desire that wasn't there.I began dating men and finding that I was having stronger feelings for them than I ever had had before. The hardest part was my femininity. Being a muscular strong man, I felt very self-conscious about myself trying to be the girl I felt inside. The mirror was my enemy. What I realized though, is I'm not a woman. Not truly. But I am feminine. I am androgynous, and happy being so. My fashion, demeanor, and makeup scream female, while my frame, interest in sports and whiskey suggest masculinity.

I am writing to thank you, because I truly believe that you inspired all of these changes in me...and today is my one year anniversary with my lovely boyfriend Jordan who accepts me as I am, and I am so in love with. I know I wouldn't have found him, or ended up here with my handsome man if it wasn't for you. It's truly a gift. So again, thank you so much for what you've done, what you do, and what you've created. It wasn't just about sex, or fantasy, or that for me - although it was quite the erotic transition from liking woman to being obsessed with men and cocks ;) - it was finding my true self.

Best Wishes to you,
Love Darcy


Greetings Darcy,

Thank you for your personal account. No one comes to my website without a deep need, and I'm glad it helped you sort it out. We could have done it more smoothly with some sessions, but it worked out in the end. People don't ask me for androgyny or gender fluidity, but those are fine if they're what you need. If you look at Hindu gods, they're a blend of feminine and masculine, a balance of these qualities is ideal.

Would you like me to share your lovely account on my Updates? Under whatever nickname you'd like. People love a good success story. :)

Mind Mistress

Corruption of Champions Logo

Sunday March 27, 2016


Happy Easter and Spring!

‘Tis the season to be impregnated by strange demonic creatures, swell with springtime pregnancy, and lay multicolored eggs, am I right!? AM I RIGHT!? Of course I’m right.

Welcome to Corruption of Champions.

Today’s featured game sets you as a young champion, sent by your village into the demon realm to put an end to their misdeeds, save your village, and prove yourself a hero. Every year, a champion is sent. No one has ever returned, but surely you’ll be the one to succeed, right? You can start as a regular man or woman. Not that you’ll stay that way very long.

The demons will try to corrupt you into joining their ranks, but you can fight them, gain experience, and be victorious. Unless of course they beat you down and force you to have a lot of sex with them, slowly increasing your corruption until you turn. There are humans who can help, though many have been altered. You might end up a fox-girl with breasts and a penis. All sorts of things can happen. Unlike TrapQuest, you actually have a chance of winning. You can get armor and weapons, choose a character class, learn to cast spells. But watch out for that succubus milk, it’s very addictive.

https://www.fenoxo.com/play/playcoc.html is the link to play in a browser window. You can also download the game to play offline. If you’d like less demon rape and more human interaction, you can try Fall of Eden instead. Trials in Tainted Space (TITS) is the sci-fi version in space with laser guns instead of swords. All three games can be found here:

https://www.fenoxo.com/play-games/ .There’s a wiki link on that page if you want to read up on what’s what in those worlds.

TrapQuest is all about sexual fetishes and domination, with a strong leaning to feminization and sluttification

Fenoxo’s games are all about transformations and corruption of morals. In addition to growing a vagina and breasts, or growing a penis (you can have both at once!), you can become a bee-woman, horse hybrid, canine, fox lady, snake, shark, cowgirl, mouse,… or have sex with them! These games also a lot more text heavy and have no graphics. There are no pictures, but you can see your stats such as strength and hit points, gain level and improve your stats like any traditional role playing game. It’s just really perverted and erotic. So if you want to something new, try Corruption of Champions. I’ve had a lot of fun with it!

New French CD

In other news, I’ve finally recorded a second French CD, Chemin du Rose, which features a slow transformation to female while shopping with an old friend.

Happy egg hunting, My sexy darlings!


Saturday January 9, 2016


Happy New Year!

Greetings my lovelies! Have you been good little girls? Did Father Yule reward you with pretty pink butt plugs, or was it Krampus that came to tie you up and beat you? Hee hee hee!

The holiday season has been very busy for Me, what with people having lots of free time to be hypnotized, enslaved and feminized. But you already know what I do, it’s all over this website. So I thought I’d talk about what I do to relax, after a hard day of enslaving and transforming mankind into sexy cocksucking shemales.

I like video games. Not all video games, I’m pretty picky, and can go a year or two without playing if nothing strikes My fancy. However, I’ve been playing the last while, so I thought I’d share some thoughts on playing as a woman. Of course I don’t speak for all women, but this may give you a clue to what to look for so you too can play like a girl.

A number of clients have asked about how to become more mentally female. Sucking more cocks will not make you mentally more female, though it’s a nice start. In fact, getting as much sex as you can is usually more of a male thing. Now, you could get a sex change and have that experience yourself, of living as a woman, but most of you girlies need to do it part-time in a virtual reality. That being the case, nothing says virtual reality like video games! Thus I will show you how to play like a girl over the next few updates.

But first, CANDY! Here is a free game to be helplessly turned into a slutty girly girl.

Feminization Video Game: Trap Quest

You agreed to play a virtual reality game made by Nintendolls where you could win a MILLION DOLLARS! But you didn’t read the fine print, this game will try to make you a Mindless Bimbo Slut! Play as a male getting feminized or a woman getting sluttified. Loot the chests for gear to help you (a lot of it is cursed), avoid or fight the inhabitants of the dungeon as they try to make you into their sex toy!

This is a highly replayable and very hard text adventure game that makes it fun to lose. Features a mini-map of the dungeon and a display of your current body (see image to the left). I’ve had a lot of fun with this one, make sure to select TG fetish. Hypno-traps are to be found in the Hotel area.

The main site of Trap Quest is here. This is the download page (the Drawn Version is the best).

IT IS FREE! However, iIn order to run the game file, you’ll need to first install the Glulxe interpreter. There’s tiny links on the game’s download page, but here is the link to the one I’m using: (Windows Glulxe is rather slow and sluggish, Wingit is faster but has smaller graphics)

  • So download both and make a TrapQuest folder for the game.
  • Move TrapQuest’s .gblorb file to that folder.
  • Unzip Wingit and place it in that folder.
  • Inside the Wingit folder, run Git.exe (or it may show as just Git if you’re not showing file extensions)
  • Git will ask you which game you want to run. Go to your TrapQuest folder and run the .glorb file
  • Enjoy!

It’s a bit of work to install, but hey, it’s free. Next will be the hard lessons, so make sure to wear your sexy schoolgirl outfits for that...

Monday November 30, 2015

Evil Hypnosis Sessions!

People keep asking me if I'm doing sessions. Indeed I am. In fact I still have a hard time keeping up with all the emails from fans and clients. If you don't hear back, don't despair! I'm trying to answer everyone. If you haven't heard back after two weeks, it's okay to send a reminder and ask if I've received your request.

Now, here's a new guideline for session requests. People sometimes ask for specific days, as in "My girlfriend will be out on this date, and I would really love to do a session then."

Chances are, I will NOT read to the end of a long email or form and see that critical time limit when I look it over, and I probably have thirty emails to answer before yours. So if you are a new client with a limited time frame of availability, or a current client asking for a session, please:

Put your availability in the SUBJECT line of the email. For example: "Session: Nov 15".

Then I'll see it right away and can answer you about that date, rather than miss your deadline, which is what usually happens. :)


Payment Site Security Warnings Fixed

There was an issue with the SSL certificate on the Girls-R-Us payment site, the place where you pay for sessions and CDs. This made web browsers give a warning when going to secured webpages (https://) for payment, saying that the certificate had expired or couldn't be verified.

I suspect a few people backed out of making purchases with this. I mean, when your browser says "This is a BADDD site, run away!" many of us run away.

That is now FIXED! You can do any holiday shopping for your girly needs with the blessing of the Internet Gods, safe in knowing your data is secure. :)


Site Was Down

The site went down for a weekend a few weeks ago, on October 22. I noticed on the 23rd and it didn't fully go back up until October 26. Sorry about that. Apparently someone attacked it and completely wiped the server. It had to be rebuilt, and I uploaded the whole site once again.

Or maybe the hosting site's computer had a fit, who knows? :P

So if you were wondering where the site went, that's what happened. I went on in the chatroom that weekend to let the girls know about it.


Until next time... stay sexy, girly, and horny!


Sunday April 15, 2015

Full Steam Ahead!

People have been asking if I was still doing sessions, due to the lack of updates. Indeed, I am doing sessions!

I'm fairly caught up on emails, and can answer requests within a week of receiving them at this point. There are still many more from 2014 I have not had time to answer, but I'm working through the backlog as time allows. Or when people send a new email to ask. :)

Trance Request Reminder: The request forms don't work, you must use the text version and send it by email. The contact page has my email. Do remember to cut out the questions and just leave the title for each section. That saves Me time in reading them.

Chatroom: Earlier this year, I updated the software of the Chatroom, since it was badly out of date and becoming difficult to use. I have in fact given you a choice of two different ones to use directly on that page. So if you gave up on the old one, you can give this new version a spin to chat with My girls and some amateur hypnotists there.

Special Projects: It's true I was doing fewer sessions, as I focused most of 2014 on developing a computer game. Call it a half-sabbatical, I needed a change of pace, and my degree is actually in Computer Science. I made a few demos, learned much and returned to the drawing board a few times. Right now the design is percolating while I work out a few more things on paper. It's a game to learn medicinal plants, sort of a cross between Zelda and Pokemon. With a female protagonist of course.

Book Project: The lack of erotic story updates is also due to my work on a book. I am basically writing new Norse mythology from the point of view of twelve goddesses. There's only one or two sentences written in the lore about each of them, as opposed to the many stories about male gods. Well, female supremacy (or at least equality) is based on having good stories of women with their own hero's journeys and voyages of transformation. Thus I am writing them, because I can.

Because I can help women, inspire them to be strong, and reach people with those stories that I cannot reach from my work here.

I'm using my talents to make the world a little better and a little more feminine, as I always have. This world isn't going to conquer itself, ya know... ;)


By Mind Mistress

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