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CD 35-Room169
"The Girlfriend Experience"

A hallucinated adventure feminization hypnosis CD

CD35-Room169 dressed as a girl by girlfriend

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Dressed as a girl by his girlfriend for a costume party

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The Girlfriend Experience

It’s so nice to find a woman who’ll dress you up as a girl and thoroughly enjoy it. Evil Mistresses are good for that, but wouldn’t you rather it be your girlfriend or wife who does it, eagerly and seductively, wooing you into becoming her sexy feminized girlfriend? You trust her, do you not? It might be a bit scary, but she’s there to hold your hand and reassure you about your becoming a beautiful woman for a night.

This is what you’ve always dreamed of. The woman you love wants you to be feminized, feminine and girly. It turns her on to change you into a girl – a sexy girl, for her own pleasure –  and though you try to object that you won’t be convincing, she’ll have none of it. She knows you’ll become the perfect girlfriend for her, her date for that costume party. Oh, other people seeing you? Don’t worry, she says, no one will recognize you. All they’ll see is a pretty woman at a party, a stranger they don’t recognize, who came without a costume with her girlfriend. She doesn’t care if they think your girlfriend is a lesbian, or bisexual. All she cares about is you becoming her sexy girlfriend for a night.

No domination, nothing forced, just a very insistent girlfriend who won’t take no for an answer. She’s found your panties, she knows you want this, and she wants you to be happy. Even if that means twisting her boyfriend’s arm a little to get him into silk stockings and high heels.

It’s a crazy idea of hers, it’ll never work. She’ll realize that once you’re dressed, so there’s no need to think about the party. You don’t really have to go, right? Just go along with her for now, let her dress you up, and then convince her to stay home and fool around. No need to go out to some stupid party where everyone will see you. It’s such a big step that she accepts you as a woman, why risk going in public? Unless she insists, of course. Unless she threatens to post pics of you as a girl… nah, she wouldn’t do that, would she? Not your sweet innocent girlfriend who’s busily turning you into a girl. Or would she? Don’t think about that party. Just enjoy letting her make your skin smooth and sweet smelling all over, slipping those breast forms into your new bra. Oh yes, this is sooo sweet! Nothing to worry about here at all. And it’s just her friends at the party, no one who knows you. What could possibly go wrong?


The Feminized Boyfriend Experience

Ladies, has your boyfriend asked for this fantasy, to have his girlfriend dress him up as a girl, and you just don’t know how to do it? No problem, that’s what your friendly neighborhood Mind Mistress is for. Just skip the trance induction track and listen to how I do it, what I say. If your boyfriend’s been training with the CDs, he’ll be nicely amenable to doing what I say, even if you’re the one saying it.

Don’t want him removing his body hair? No problem, skip that track. Not willing to try makeup on him yet? That’s fine, just lead him along the story up till the point you want to stop. Getting him in panties and stockings is just fine for a first time. Repeat my words, or use your own. If you get uncomfortable about anything, stop. Need more time to get the job done? Just pause the recording. You can listen to it on your iPod or smart phone, wearing one earbud like a special agent. You’re in control of this, and can do as much or as little of this fantasy as you like. It’s supposed to be fun for the both of you, remember? Think of this CD as a tutor, guiding your hand, suggesting what to say, kind of a training wheel while you get more familiar with how these fantasies work. You really can’t mess it up, all you need to do is be supportive, loving and show him you can accept this part of him.


Wielding the whip, easing the pain

Uncomfortable about being a little bossy with him? Let me explain why that part is important. Your beloved probably feels some shame at wanting to dress as a woman, that’s pretty typical in our society. Men aren’t allowed to like girly things. Just telling him it’s okay won’t fix it, though it’s a good start. He’s probably felt this guilt for a long time, and it’ll take more than that to get rid of it. What you can do, however, is take the blame.

If you’re the one making him dress as a girl, demanding that he do so to please you, then it’s not his fault anymore. He’s not doing it because of his shameful desires, he’s doing it because you’re telling him to, almost forcing him to. It’s not his fault anymore that he ends up in skirts, it’s yours, so he doesn’t have to feel guilty. It’s the simplest, fastest way to get him to share that part of himself with you, to have him let you into his most private secret garden. If you want more intimacy with your crossdressing husband or lover, that’s how you do it. I know it’s a sacrifice on your part, one that breaks some old rule in the back of your mind, but would you rather love the rules or love him? Do you want to make the rules happy, or make him happy? That’s for you to choose, but I can tell you that rules never kept me warm at night, and they certainly don’t take out the trash.

The other thing crossdressers usually feel is a fear of rejection, of being judged, insulted and scorned. It happens a lot, it’s not an unreasonable fear. A number of women can’t handle it, which is why your boyfriend probably tried to keep this part of him a secret for years. Being ridiculed, humiliated and abandoned is no fun at all. Most men won’t risk it, they’d rather keep their secret and act like the man their wife thinks they are. So if your boy has told you, realize it took incredible courage to do so. He believes in you so much, trusts in you so completely, that he’s exposed his most vulnerable secret for your approval. He’s given you the ability to destroy him completely. You can accept him, love him, and see him open up his feelings for you more, or you can shut him down and make him stuff all his feelings back into the closet. If you have to say no, please be gentle.


The Final Cake Metaphor

Saying yes to this doesn’t mean he’ll be in skirts all the time at home, just that there will be times when he can. You could decide to have girl time with him once a month, or once a week. In fact, a regular girl time is probably a good idea, and here’s why: Imagine I’ve offered you your favorite cake (or whatever you like best).

In the first scenario, I tell you that you can eat as much as you want, but you will never have any again for the rest of your life. This is the final cake, no more cake for you, ever. What would you do? You’d probably eat as much of it as you can, and then some. There won’t ever be another chance to indulge in what you want, so chances are you’ll eat enough to make yourself sick. You’ll be desperate, and if you ever get a chance to steal a cake, you’ll probably succumb to temptation. The cake of desperation is never a good cake.

In the second scenario, I tell you there is cake now, and that there will be cake again in a month. In fact, I’ll offer you cake every month. You’ll eat some now, enjoy it, and not worry about it because you know there will be cake again next month. No reason to go overboard on this one, and you’ll have a month to get excited about the next time I give you cake. You’ll savor it now, and enjoy anticipation for the next four weeks. Maybe I’ll even playfully tease you about how yummy it’ll be, but no, you can’t have any yet, just to get you worked up. Soon though. And why don’t you fetch me my slippers dear… I certainly can’t remember cake recipes with cold feet, now can I? That’s a dear, thank you. Oh yes, I feel I can almost remember the recipe now. No… maybe a little massage would jog my memory. Now isn’t that so much more fun and sexy?

Oh, and in case you want to dress the part for the CD’s story line, I have the girlfriend dressed up for the party as a French tart. All you’ll need is something sexy that goes with a beret!

For Best Results

This CD uses the CD3 Elegance Triggers. For best results, first train with CD3 or one of the other CDs that sets those triggers. See complete list here and look for CDs with an asterisk (*).


Sequel, The Continuation!

The actual party will happen in the follow-up CD, Room 269, which is conveniently one floor above in the same building. CD35 is exclusively about preparing for the party, becoming beautiful and confident enough to go.



CD Track Details

01-Induction (15:20): The standard trance induction that sets a trance trigger word, with better noise reduction for a louder clearer sound than ever before. This entire CD also uses a new low frequency hum to facilitate trance and relaxation.

02-Deepening (1:31): A trance deepening, using the trance trigger set in track 1. Those who are very experienced with the standard induction can use this track by itself to go into trance.

03-Going (5:24): Going to meet your girlfriend at her place for a date, you discover you’re both expected at a costume party. You don’t have a costume, so you think you can decline, but your girlfriend has everything planned. Every guest received a card telling them what to dress as for the party… guess what yours is?

04-Smooth (9:59): You’ll need to be completely smooth for your costume to work, and your girlfriend is ready to take care of all that nasty body hair. You want to be smooth and silky for her, don’t you? And don’t forget the moisturizing body lotion all over, which she lovingly rubs in after shaving you. It makes you smell so sweet and feminine, feeling soft and smooth.

05-Underwear (2:40): It’s time to put on your silky panties now, tucking your manhood between your legs. So much nicer being all flat and smooth at the front there, though you’d never admit it to her. Then you can slip on the nice bra she gives you.

06-Breasts (1:25): But your bra feels so empty like that. Good thing she has breast forms for you, silicone ones that warm up and move like the real thing!

07-Stockings (4:21): You’re looking more and more like a woman in her underwear. Some garter belts and fishnet stockings will make you look even better though! She shows you how to roll them up and put them on, just like she lovingly would for a little sister.

08-Dress (1:32): Now it’s time to slip on that sexy dress, and more and more you find you want to look like a woman. You don’t want to look silly at the party do you? So you need to do it right.

09-Heels (1:30): She leads your stocking covered feet into a sexy pair of high heels, and teaches you how to walk in them. She really wants you to look like a girl… and you really want to please your girlfriend, do you not?

10-Nails (1:30): You’re all dressed up, but what about your short manly nails? Those just won’t do, not with the rest of your costume looking so good. She’ll glue on some pretty nails and make everything better.

11-Makeup (3:42): Closing your eyes, you allow her to make you beautiful, applying makeup, a sexy wig, and some intoxicatingly feminine perfume.

12-Mirror (2:57): As you finally see yourself in the mirror, it all becomes real to you and feels so right as your girlfriend says: “I like you dressed this way. It turns me on.” You know you’re going to have fun at the party, just like she says, and that no one will see anything other than a beautiful woman.

13-Awaken (0:45): This part of the adventure ends, and it is time to wake up again feeling wonderful with your desire to dress as a woman.


Mind Mistress says:
Paper dolls and boyfriends are made pretty in much the same manner.


is available only as an mp3 download.
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It contains 13 tracks, for a total play time of 53 minutes.

This CD has no pre-requisites, but is improved by first training with CD3-Elegance, or one of the other CDs that install the Elegance triggers. See full list here and look for CDs with an asterisk (*).

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