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"You are not gay if someone is wearing a dress during sex, no matter how many penises are involved"

Listen to My voice

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Current Feminization
Alert Level

Terror Alert Level

Yes, the American Department of Homeland Security has now recognized the threat we represent with the Lesbian Conspiracy 2.0.
Spiking the water supply of cities with estrogen and putting subliminal messages in cartoons is just the beginning!
Soon we'll have them all in skirts and heels! Mouahahaha!


Mini- update to the entry below:

Then, when you want to WEAR a corset to get that girlish figure, in addition to the hypnotic training or just to browse, go check out what Mistress Alice has to say about corsets, and look! Girls-R-Us HAS LOTS OF NEW CORSETS! Remember girls, whether with a real corset or a hypnotic one, there's no better way to say no to that second serving! You'll be totally honest when you say to your hosts "No, really, I couldn't possibly have another bite."


Monday December 15, 2008

CD11-Corset Diet

Holiday Update

Yes, it's that time of year again, when you're wondering how on earth you're going to manage to lose all the weight you gained over Thanksgiving... especially when the holiday feasts are right around the corner! Christmas, Yule, Hanukah, New Year's... no matter where you go, unless you plan on hermitting, it's going to happen.

Certainly, you can make a New Year's resolution to really hit the gym this time. I mean, for real. Or use that exercise bike that's collecting dust. But really, you know it isn't going to happen. Frankly, I wonder that gyms are not littered with corpses, from people dying of boredom.

I once saw an exercise guru being asked what the best sport was. Biking, swimming, jogging? I loved his answer: "The best sport is the one that you DO!" The point is, no matter how wonderful the exercise is, it won't do you any good if you don't do it. So My advice is, find a sport that interests you, that you WANT to do. Anything less is a battle of wills between laziness and good intentions, and we all know which one usually wins. So pick something fun, and do it.

Of course, IN ADDITION to that new fun and exciting sport you'll be soon starting, you can also get CD11-Corset Diet to help you curb your eating habits enjoyably, and to boost your feelings of attractiveness and sexyness for all those holiday parties you're hoping to attend. And Oh Look! There's now an inspiring and motivational image for that CD!

So go check out CD11-Corset Diet's new artwork. You can pick up that new sport right after you order it... ;)

Then, when you want to WEAR a corset to get that girlish figure, in addition to the hypnotic training or just to browse, go check out what Mistress Alice has to say about corsets, and look! Girls-R-Us HAS LOTS OF NEW CORSETS! Remember girls, whether with a real corset or a hypnotic one, there's no better way to say no to that second serving! You'll be totally honest when you say to your hosts "No, really, I couldn't possibly have another bite."

Added: Final chapter of Colleen's Gothic Horror Log to the Not So Evil Section.

Added: Mindscaping Part2 to the Not So Evil Section

Added: New article links on the Transgender Origins page of the therapy site:

It's official, men really are the weaker sex
How pollution is feminizing animals and humans.

CBC video on Youtube: The Dissapearing male
How the male birthrate is declining.

The Therapy Site has also been revamped some more, and looks more snazzy than ever! I'm orienting it more towards the sporty types, which is lucky, since you're picking up a new sport, haven't you?


Friday December 5, 2008

Added: Part 10 of Colleen's Gothic Horror Log to the Not So Evil Section.

Added: Mindscaping Part1 to the Not So Evil Section.

Minscaping allows the layout of the mind to be changed, by making it into a landscape. First we help with remembering dreams... then changing the mind to work like a woman's... redecorate your brain!


Wednesday November 26, 2008


Come to the chatroom for 11pm EST, and get your endorphin high without resorting to turkeys. Turkeys may or may not be involved. Girlification almost certainly will... ;)

Remember... those turkeys are probably pumped full of estrogens, as most poultry are, to fatten them up... mouahahah!


Thursday November 20, 2008


It's that time of the year again, to remember and honor our sisters and brothers who have passed away. I will be visiting the chatroom at 11pm EST. I'm not promising a trance... just a chat. I'll do a trance next Wednesday for Thanksgiving.

I'll probably also be adding a few updates later on today. And you can check the new and improved therapy site. There's still work to do, but I've updated all the pictures to more recent and interesting ones.


Saturday November 8, 2008

Added: Part 9 of Colleen's Gothic Horror Log to the Not So Evil Section.

Added: Colleen's Little Mermaid Bachelorette Party to the Not So Evil Section. Complete!

In later chapters, Colleen will be getting married at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel's Star Trek: The Experience. Expect her girlfriends from the bachelorette party to show up again there, to defend her virtue until she consummates in the marital bed. A sweet emotional adventure.

To those wanting sessions: Read the Not So Evil logs. Notice there are multiple characters, that they have feelings and act like real people, even in strange circumstances. Notice that you have a general idea of the theme, but can't predict exactly what's going to happen. This is what makes a story interesting.

If your story can be summarized by "Mistress captures victim. Turns him into a girl. Forces her to have lots of sex", then you can expect Me to tell you no, try again. I'm fine with stories that involve lots of kinky forced sex. I'm not fine with boring predictable porn. Think of the TG fiction stories you enjoy reading. That's what we can do together.

Girls-R-Us Update! Smoking Freedom!

All White Elite Cigarette

We've been cleaning up Girls-R-Us a lot, collapsing related products into a single one to make browsing easier.

The Beauty Salon now includes many exciting TG products like breast forms and ass pads to help in your transformation, in the Girls-R-Us Transform Me section.

New pictures of Me were added to the Hypnosis Salon - Shrine this week.

There is now an phone order number for Girls R-Us ! You can call in to make your credit card payments on the phone, including those for sessions and CDs. It's 24/7, but if someone's not available, you can leave your name and number for a callback. No questions or inquires, this is just a payment service and they won't be able to answer you. 4pm-4am EST are the best hours to call. I suspect calls are dispatched to someone's home, and those are their common waking hours.

Credit Card Order # 1-877-680-3975

And Mistress Alice has found a wonderful new product for the Laboratory! Check out the Smoking Freedom's Electric Cigarette Device.

All Black Prestige Cigarette

What I find most exciting about this product is that you can use it to start smoking, or to stop. You heard Me right. It looks like a cigarette, the tip glows red when you puff, it delivers "smoke" in a choice of flavors, produces a visible mist when you exhale, and it can deliver low, medium, or high levels of nicotine... or none at all!

If you're trying to stop, you just start with the high nicotine level cartridges, and work your way down until the addiction is gone. BUT, you can still smoke whenever you want, for the feeling of it, using the "air" cartridge, still getting the flavor and exhaling the visible mist! No more odor in the house or your clothes, no one complains, you're not addicted, your health improves, and best of all, YOU CAN SMOKE ANYWHERE ! In a library, on a bus, at school, at work, even on a plane... there are no laws against using this electronic cigarette anywhere.

If you're wanting to start smoking... then start with the "air/none" cartridges, get used to smoking, and then when you're used to it, start using the low nicotine cartridges. Then the medium. Then the high. In no time at all, you'll be hooked, and able to use real cigarettes whenever you feel like it. Or stick to the cigarette device so you can smoke without any health risks.

If you want to keep smoking, but want to improve your health... then you can use the device part of the time. I know I want to increase My lung capacity for sports, but I like smoking, and I like the addiction. No problem! I can smoke as much as I want, and my lungs will keep getting cleaner and cleaner! Even replacing half the cigarettes I smoke with using this device will make a big difference in My sport performance and My health. And the other thing is, you tend to smoke less with these. Like if you want a few puffs before bed, you'd normally light up. But you don't want to waste it, so you smoke the whole thing, even if you didn't really need to. With this, since it's not really burning, you can take a few puffs, and put it down any time. You smoke only as much as you actually want to or need to.

Mistress Alice has been writing stories, inspired by this device. The first is a short stop story. The second is a VERY HOT mother-daughter start story. Go to the item page for the all white Elite (which Mistress Alice prefers), or to the all black Prestige (which I prefer) and have a read. I know it got Me very hot! They look like they're in cigarette holders... very elegant and sexy. The All White Elite is like a 120, and quite suitable for Bimbos. The All Black Prestige is obviously better suited to Mistresses and other forces of Darkness...

Check out the Smoking Freedom's Electric Cigarette Device.


Thursday October 30, 2008



CD28-S-Exhibition is out !

Available for order, and will ship Monday! The long awaited sequel to
CD27-S-Exchange. In the first installment, we ramped up your need to be a girl until you had to get a sex change. In the second one, you wake up in the hospital, with a perfect female body, complete amnesia, and an urge to show off your body. You start fresh as a woman, and find your first job as a woman.

OR, this CD can be used as a standalone by women to turn them completely into exhibitonists, with no shame about flirting, exposing their bodies and dressing slutty, and who'll go as far as it takes to get attention! Go check out CD28-S-Exhibition !

And, just to be EXTRA EVIL for Halloween, I've put up the flip side to Bimbo Sigil... the DREADED... VILE... SUBVERSIVE... PERVERTED...


To become an assertive, Evil, demanding and ruthless feminizing Mistress...
Check out the Mistress Sigil... if you dare...


Tuesday October 28, 2008

HALLOWEEN CHATROOM TRANCE : Thursday October 30, 11pm Eastern

More goodies to be announced soon !


Thursday October 10, 2008

News: I will be away in Iceland October 10 to 19,
exploring My Northern Tradition spirituality, and without internet access.

But I have good news and things to look at while I am away!

Over the last two months, I have made two trips to visit Mistress Alice, to work on the Girls-R-Us website with her, and to do a much needed photoshoot of your favorite hypnotic Mistress. We also worked on assembling the best products we could find for all your feminization needs!

WIGS! On the first trip, we added the Mind Mistress Personality Wigs, a wig for every girly personality you may have! And we did a first photoshoot, including the one in the blue lycra dress you see above. But most of the pics turned out more useful for the therapy site update which is in progress (don't look yet, it's still the old version).

PICTURES! On the second trip, we took far more exciting pictures of Me, in PVC, sequins, black leather... Personally, the Warrior Princess ones in black leather are My favorites! I will be putting up the very best of them for sale in the Girls-R-Us Shrine, and you can already see the ones in silver PVC. I will later be creating a new photo gallery for those two shoots. But that's not all the goodies, I've also...

Added: Parts 7 and 8 of the Gothic Horror adventure log to the Not So Evil Section. Since I will be away next week, I figured I would give you two chapters this week.

Added: FuckMyAss , a new flash by Sissy Jenny, the latest contest winner of 25$ for her fourth flash. (If you give Me something to post that is good enough, you get an amount in gift certificates for Girls R Us or HypnoticWishes) in the Feminized Section

There has been lots of demand for anal flashes, so Jenny kindly worked on one for Me. Enjoy!


Tuesday September 30,2008 OOPS! Part 6 is up for real now!
Monday September 22, 2008 Added: the sixth part of the Gothic Horror adventure log to the Not So Evil Section. Things are getting pretty scary for our heroine!
Tuesday September 16, 2008 Added: the fifth part of the Gothic Horror adventure log to the Not So Evil Section.
Monday September 15, 2008

Added: A free hypnosis sample from track 9 of CD18-Anal Princess ! Fans have been begging to hear more samples of My hypnotic voice, telling them to need and want to do naughty things... and this one makes you want... need... to be filled... soo much. Enjoy...


Sunday September 14, 2008

Added: the fourth part of the Gothic Horror adventure log to the Not So Evil Section.


Monday September 8, 2008

Added: CockHappy A new flash by Sissy Jenny, the latest contest winner of 25$ for her third flash. (If you give Me something to post that is good enough, you get an amount in gift certificates for Girls R Us or HypnoticWishes - See below for details) in the Feminized Section.


Monday September 1, 2008

Forced Feminisation CD art

Feminisation Kit CDs

News: I have been back from My trip for a week now, catching up on emails and working on the HypnoticWishes site. For the curious, I went camping on the two weekends (in My U-Haul camper) to Pagan events, taught a divination workshop, and spent the week between with Mistress Alice working on the Girls-R-Us website. We put some order in the Dressing Room and doing a much needed photo-shoot of how wonderful I look these days! We desperately needed better pics for the various types of sessions, online, phone and in person, and focussed on that. We got quite a few good ones I'll make available, and Mistress Alice started getting quite a knack for taking good pictures I think.

We started adding what *I* think are essential products for the sister site of Adult HypnoticWishes, namely the necessary items for crossdressing and feminization. First we added the Mind Mistress Personality Wigs collection. After all, if you're going to get your head changed, you should get your head CHANGED! With a new head of hair in a very feminine style and sexy color that brings out the girl in you, you can see that girl in the mirror is really you... and let her personality take over! Mouahaha! Will you be a daring and demanding redhead? A blonde bimbo slut? A mysterious raven haired seductress? Or the sweet brunette next door? Hair color DOES change your personality. You see yourself differently, people see you differently and expect different things of you based on that, and that changes how you feel about yourself. Wigs truly are a tool for changing the mind and personality.

Next, we'll be working on adding feminization kits, with breast forms, bras, panties, pantyhose...

Added: New CD art for CD3-Elegance and the Deep Trance Starter Kit on the CD page, payment page, and CD3 page.

Added: New gender tests to the Gender Tests page, and fixed all broken links

Updated: the Trance Request form, with story themes and premises, to make it easier for clients to describe the kinds of fantasies they want. Also changed it to use CSS Stylesheets, which I think looks better. Oh yes, and reconnected the form to the First Session Page. I get more requests for sessions than I have time to answer, and asking for an interesting and original storyline greatly increases the chances that I will agree to your request.

Updated: the picture on the yahoo group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hypnoticwishes/ and on the Updates page. Mistress uses an Alienware laptop, the coolest geek chic in laptops... and since someone, that's a Guru energy drink on the table. I left it there on purpose in the pic, because it's My favorite, made entirely of natural extracts, designed and produced in My own city of Montreal. And it doesn't taste like cough syrup! LOL!

Added: Mind Mistress' Personality Wigs to the Girls R Us catalog in the Beauty Salon, in preparation for Feminization kits. Jazz improved the menu system on the left as well, to make it far more readable, a godsend! And Mistress Alice has been hard at work correcting sizing issues on the pictures on GRU. Kudos to both of them for wonderful work!


Friday July 25, 2008


Mind Mistress will be out of town from Monday July 28 till Monday August 4rth, and then again from Wednesday August 14 till Tuesday August 26. The Trance Request Form form for new clients will be unavailable until she returns (the therapy one is still active, in case of therapy emergency).

CD orders and mailings will be handled by her assistant Jazz and continue as usual.

In other words, I already have too many unanswered session requests piled up as it is... and there's no point to sending more till I return from My vacation and business trips. I'll use the time I have to answer pending requests, work on the next CD, and add new material to the site.


Monday July 14, 2008

Added: the third part of the Gothic Horror adventure log to the Not So Evil Section.


Wednesday July 9, 2008
hypnosis slave training
Added: Image for the CD2 sub-Consciousness description page, and the payment page, art gracioulsy donated by K@t.
Sunday July 6 , 2008

Added: the first two parts of the Gothic Horror adventure log to the Not So Evil Section. Okay, that one *may* be evil... we'll see as it unfolds... mouahaha!


Friday July 4, 2008

Added: The new Not So EVIL Section, for logs of hypnosis adventure sessions, Ericksonian Hypnosis Tips and long user reviews. I've saved up a lot of content that just isn't that evil... but is still quite interesting. The next addition will be a gothic horror adventure. Of course, you can expect the heroes of these not so evil adventures to either be girls or be turned into girls... this *IS* My work after all...

One of the points of these new logs is to show how a storyline is negotiated in a session, and that there are many ways to make a feminization adventure with a good story that isn't just porn. Sex is fine, but a little story makes it soooo much more meaningful !

Updated: The FAQ, to make it match the new CSS StyleSheets and sidebar menu. The Not So Evil Section has been made in that style, already familiar from the CD section, and the whole site will slowly be upgraded to that more slick look.


Monday June 30, 2008
Trance Training CD

Added: Image for the CD1 Trance Training description page, and the payment page, art donated by K@t. I will be adding more images... this is just a teaser for the even more exciting images to come... while I work on adding hypnosis logs.
(oops, had named the wrong artist... a few of them have donated art for Me to use)


Saturday June 27, 2008

CD27-S-Exchange is now available for pre-order!

Finally, you can force your favorite feminized slave to get a sex change! A very Nasty little CD for those who can't be pushed into it just with cajoling and need to be made VERY uncomfortable with their male life. This one uses the carrot AND the stick to force them into it. See CD27-S-Exchange for details. There will be two more CDs in the S series:
S-Exbition and S-Tripper. Each CD can be used individually, or together as a complete story and conditioning program to get a sex change and plan what to do as a woman after that. The first CD is the conditioning and sex change into a woman. The second is discovering your new body, discovering you love getting attention from men, and getting a waitress job so you can get the male attention you crave. The third is getting a sexy job... I'm sure you can guess which job from the name of the third.

Release date: July 4th. Shipping of this CD will only start on that date.

Added: Finally added the CD26-Sensitive description page. Honestly, it took so long because I wasn't sure what to say about it... it makes your allergic to wearing male clothing. Pretty simple. But you can see exactly how it works now.

Updated: The Updates page itself. It should load faster now that the 2007 and 2006 entries have been moved to the archives. Links to the archives are at the bottom.

Roller Derby News: My team played tonight, and we won! 110 to 77. So we'll be going to finals! We seriously kick ass! And you can now see My picture and bio on the league website. Sorry, I can't post a link. You'll have to find it yourself. Our colors are kelly green and silver. It was Green versus Purple (a Babylon 5 reference...).

General News: Getting a new CD out was the first priority. The next priority is site updates, and I have permission from a client to post logs from their hypnosis sessions. A fantasy story with romance and adventure... and if she's lucky, a bit of sex too! Or maybe I'll start with her wedding and wedding night fantasy logs...


Monday June 2, 2008

Payment Server is back up!

Up down, up down, up down. In out, in out, in out. Remind you of anything?


Sunday June 1, 2008

Mistress' Birthday

It's My birthday on June 9! Feel free to send some LOVIN' ! You can check out My Amazon Wish List for ideas. The gifts page is rather empty of most other things... I have loving fans, derby teammates to play and party with, a fun job, a nice place to live... there's a few more things I want, but I have pretty much what I need... Hmmm... twins. I've never had twins... that could be fun! ;)

Payment Server is Down

As is the entire Girls-R-Us.tv site. But it's not what you think. This time, the thing actually caught fire and exploded!! Would you believe it?

This evening at 4:55pm CDT in our H1 data center, electrical gear shorted, creating an explosion and fire that knocked down three walls surrounding our electrical equipment room. Thankfully, no one was injured. In addition, no customer servers were damaged or lost.

We have just been allowed into the building to physically inspect the damage. Early indications are that the short was in a high-volume wire conduit. We were not allowed to activate our backup generator plan based on instructions from the fire department.

This is a significant outage, impacting approximately 9,000 servers and 7,500 customers. All members of our support team are in, and all vendors who supply us with data center equipment are on site. Our initial assessment, although early, points to being able to have some...

In other words, the Girls-R-Us site is sooo fucking hot, it's SMOKIN'! It's a BLAST! It's da BOMB! Okay, enough silly puns on this. For now. I may need to pun some more if the problem persists.

I'll end this note with My latest favorite youtube video to entertain you... not erotic, but very amusing.


Friday May 2, 2008

UPDATED: the payment page. The buttons should now work properly. Please let Me know if any of them don't link as they're supposed to.


Wednesday April 30, 2008

Payment system is working again!

My assistant Jazz has worked her magic and made the beastly server submit. You can now make purchases and session again as normal, and we are on the new server, so there should be no more of those annoying crashes. A number of the Girls R Us rooms will need to be fixed, but the Hypnosis Salon and all My products are working fine.

here is the link to the Hypnosis Salon for Mind Mistress CDs and Sessions

Now I can fix the payment page buttons...


Sunday April 27, 2008

Revenge of the Server Errors!
Payment system offline again

So to solve our problems with Girls R Us, the site was moved to a dedicated server... but now the shopping cart isn't working. Please wait for your orders, we'll do our best to fix it quickly and announce when it's fixed.


Sunday April 27, 2008

ADDED: Resource links to the Transgender Origins page on the therapy site, one of which is a story I really enjoyed. If you havn't read this article already, you should. The implications are staggering, and more sinister than it looks at first glance... quite in keeping with the feminization side of the site.

NEWS: I am currently busy working on taxes, so I don't have much time to answer people, or fix up the site. So to make orders and payments, please use this link for now: here is the link to the Hypnosis Salon for Mind Mistress CDs and Sessions

If you have problems ordering, try a different credit card, preferably Visa or Master Card. Discover cards sometimes don't work.


Wednesday April 22, 2008

Payment site is back online!

And the crowds rejoiced!


Tuesday April 22, 2008

Payment site is temporarily offline

Gee, two updates in one day? Well, during an upload of the changes to Girls-R-Us, the whole thing crashed, and we have to use the backup from Sunday to restore the site. Any orders that were made in the last 48 hours are still good, but anyone who signed up for a user account during that time will have to do it again. We expect the payment site to be back up within 24 hours. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Tuesday April 22, 2008

Payment Buttons Under Contruction & Updates

During the week I was away at the "secret meeting", Mistress Alice and I worked on reorganizing the tree structure of Girls-R-Us. Frankly, after adding all those thousands of products as best she could, it was a maze where even *I* couldn't find things. So I made a map and we decided on more explicit names for categories, and moved them to where they made more sense. This means the new structure will be somewhat less like a castle's rooms, but far far easier to navigate to find things. One of the first things I insisted on was to make a main category called the Hypnosis Salon, with sub-sections for CDs, Sessions, and the shrine for fan memorabilia. I believe that makes a lot more sense than having it as a sub-category of Mind Mistress' Bedroom. And the Bedroom with all the sex toys is now going to be the Sex Toy Emporium.

A side effect of moving categories is that all the payment buttons on HypnoticWishes are now dead links, and I have to redo them all. So until I get that done, here is the link to the Hypnosis Salon for Mind Mistress CDs and Sessions. My assistant Jazz will be working on moving and renaming categories all this week, but the Hypnosis Salon will remain as it is now.

Another category we will be adding later on is the Feminization Changing Room, which will include all the basics for getting started with crossdressing in one place, such as breast forms, panties, bras, pantyhose, wigs, makeup, perfume, and Starter Kits which include a little of everything you'll need at a reasonable price.

These will be specifically selected for the needs of crossdressers and transsexuals. For instance, panties need to have a wide strip at the bottom and be somewhat elastic, to hold everything in when you tuck between your legs. Bras need to be full cups, to hide the breast forms as much as possible. These are the kinds of things I know matter a great deal in effective feminization, and now that I'm more involved in the Girls-R-Us products, I will make sure they are there. I will also create kits associated with the conditionings of My CDs, and a series of kits for beginner to advanced feminization... so there is a clear path for you girls to follow as you sink deeper into your feminine desires... Mmmmmm...

After all... we want to make it as easy as possible for boys to become girls.... don't We darlings? Easy... natural... desirable... irrisistible...


Sunday March 30, 2008

Want a guided tour of the Magic Queendom?
Click here for a sample of the BEST
of HypnoticWishes and Girls-R-Us

Added: to the Hall Menu, a link to the new Guided Tour page! Mistress Alice and I have been hard at work over the last week preparing this page to showcase the two sites. You can find some of the new CD cover artwork I've been having made on that page...

Update: Fixed the payment buttons on the therapy site.

Update: First Session page. Added a note about using Skype for phone sessions. The sound is good, but connection is dropped about once per session, which is kind of annoying if you're in trance. Free, but not completely reliable.

Announcement: I will be gone Wednesday April 2 to Wednesday April 9, to hold a very secret meeting with Mistress Alice, to go over the layout of Girls-R-Us.tv so it is easier to find things, and plot Word Domination through hypnotic feminization. If you want to sleuth out our location... it will be in a place that is holding a roller derby bout that weekend... think of it as an Easter egg hunt. ;)

Coming Soon! CD27 S-Exchange : will be a fantasy adventure where a man ends up being accidentally treated as a transsexual, and given extensive therapy to accept his desire to be a girl... until there is no choice but to get a sex change! Repeated use of this CD can lead to an irrisistible need to get a sex reassignement surgery...Mouahaha! It is the first part of a story adventure trilogy, but each CD can also be used as a standalone.


Tuesday February 12, 2008

Keep Wednesday Feb 13 night open for the Valentine's Day Trance!

Valentine's Day Is Coming & Love Is In The Queendom

NEWS: Valentine's Day Room Trance LIVE! In Our mIRC AHW Chat room On... Wednesday, February 13th at 11:PM (EST)

I'll let the enthusiastic Mistress Alice describe it:

Mind Mistress Will be There... and Mistress Alice as well...
Now for those girls who have opined, they can't
*Afford a Session or CD NOW*or just for the curious...
This is a perfect opportunity to *Get Started*
Enjoy an evening of *CHAT*TRANCE* & FUN*
And a rare opportunity to *Meet The Queen & King* as well.


Added: I have completed recording 12 new oddcasts, where you can see and hear My new and improved animated self guiding you through My Transformation Castle. Enjoy them at http://www.girls-r-us.tv They explain the various sections of the castle, with of course My own touch and humor! I particularly like the ones where I use another accent, such as the Library. Though the Dungeon is pretty *shocking* as well. Can you find all 12 new ones? Take the guided tour! ;)

Because there may be people around, outside of the Tour, you have to click on My image to hear My voice.

Alice and the elves have added over 300 videos to the Library, and Goddess only knows how many toys and shoes! I can't keep track of it Myself! The store is HUGE! (and likewise, the larger sizes are available for our bigger girls)

Dr Natural is preparing a line of Natural Makeup and Bath Salts for Me, in addition to the Breast Enhancement Protocol, the Tooth Protocol for repairing enamel and lowering the gum line.

Oh, and do please add reviews of the products you like, with the new Review functions. Mistress Alice and the elves are having to hand copy reviews from the old review system, for your convenience. But as you know, there are quite a few reviews on http://adult.hypnoticwishes.com/cd


By Mind Mistress

female hypnotic eye

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