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December 30, Thursday


Updated: The Guestbook now has a black on light purple background field, to make it more readable, but the text box is still surrounded by night. I've had a few comments that the color scheme needs improving, but I'm loathe to change the look of the site entirely. Let Me know how you like that new look. If it's popular, I'll start spreading it to the rest of the site.

News: Still working on the two CDs, and anal is done. I'm still trying to find a name for the Anal CD that doesn't sound like it's about sex, but still conveys the message. I try to make the CD names look innocuous, in case they're found by the wrong person. So far, all I have is "Backdoor". I think it will simply get called Anal, unless I get some better idea.

I'm really enjoying the Whateley Academy stories these days, on Saphire's TG Stories site, by a collection of authors, including Maggie Finson, who wrote Heaven & Hell, reposted on this site

And, I've been working on a new glamour smoking animation. I appreciate all the suggestions, but this is something that works when I have the pics to do it, as well as the inspiration. So far, it's not as trancy as CockSuck, so I'm still reworking it.

Happy New Year, and much girly pleasures to all My girls!


December 22, Wednesday

News: I plan to have two new CDs ready before the end of the year... Things are fairly quiet, so I just might make it! One for adult babies, and one for loving anal sex...

Let's see what kind of goodies I can give you girls for the holidays...

Stuff: Entertaining Off Site Links

Offsite quote: "Anyway, the mere mention of the phrase 'Transgender Agenda' brought to mind visions of scheming transsexuals in overstuffed chairs, stroking their fluffy cats and discussing international hormone prices, affecting the corporate world through their hordes of closeted crossdressing minions and enforcing their decrees with the ruthless (and highly glamorous) efficiency through an elite clan of Drag Ninjas! Sadly, the Drag Ninjas (!!!) are lacking from the wallpaper, but will likely appear in the next auction" This is from the trans online comics Venus Envy 's Rant du Jour. An amusing strip, which shows all the little things transsexuals go through... I've read it all and really enjoyed it.

Dang! She's onto Me and the Lesbian Conspiracy...

Where are the drag ninjas when you need them ?!!

Read here (off site)



December 10, Friday

Stuff: Entertaining Off Site Links

An amusing video clip on a lipstick for bimbos... Vanity LipSealer, by Indifference

Two other amusing clips there, including one from Amber Tamblynn, the star of Joan of Arcadia becoming a dog, and Phat Ride.
From a website encouraging Americans to register and vote. A very good thing! .

A transgender online comic called MisFile, about a boy who wakes up as a girl, because an angel put his file in the wrong filing cabinet... I'm enjoying it!


December 9, Thursday

News: I will be attending First Event near Boston, Wednesday January 19, to Sunday January 23, 2005
Organized by the Tiffany Club of New England.

If you're there, come see Me in the Vendor area, as I lure unsuspecting crossdressers into hypnotic bliss...

If you want to come, Early Registration ends on December 14 (to save 10%).

I will be both a vendor and presenter. This is My workshop.

Transforming Through Hypnosis: Hypnosis can create a waking dream, where you hallucinate your body exactly as you desire it to be, and can even have a different personality for a time. We will explore how hypnosis can be used for short term transformations, for permanent changes, guilt/purge issues, etc. and do a group demonstration of the body-switching process.

Added: one more girl to the... ahem... "sponsor a T-Girl" page... and starting to see some interest from those who want to see those girls totally brainwas... ahem... trained properly, to their own perverse specifications... :)



December 6, Monday

Added: The Slave girls for sale pages. Poor girls with good looks can sell themselves into sexual slavery to get the training they need, and Dominants can invest in these girls' training, for personal pleasure, or out of a generous and caring nature...

Some amusing cartoons sent to Me: Implants , Proud (will open new windows off the site)


November 28, Sunday

Lots of goodies for you girls this weekend!

Added: the Trance and CD troubleshooting page. I've tried to collect all the typical problems and questions people ask when the CDs don't work the way they expect. These questions and answers are also helpful for some hypnosis session problems. It's linked to in the main gallery and recordings page.

Added: The How to start smoking page to the main gallery. Of course, I'm not saying that
you want to start smoking.
But if you do, want to start smoking, you should learn to do it right, so it's enjoyable.
I've had a number of people start smoking after reading some smoking fetish fantasies

Added: Comparing the male and female orgasms to the main gallery. A very clear demonstration.

Updated: the main gallery format. Also restored the link to the Sample Fantasies page, which had apparently been lost in a previous update!


November 27, Saturday

Yule / Christmas / Hannukah are fast approaching!

(as well as Yak Shaving Day... but you probably don't have yaks anyway...)

Updated: The Gifts for Mistress page.

If you want to get yourself CDs for the holidays, remember that regular mail takes 1 to 6 weeks to deliver, though 2-3 weeks is most common. I've sent a mailing this Friday (yesterday), and the next one will probably be next Friday, 3 weeks before Christmas. Unless you want to pay for Express, this week's the time to do it...

The next CDs I'm working on releasing will be the first one for Adult Babies, followed by an Anal Princess conditionning one...


Novemebr 19, Friday

Added: The original Flash smoke animation. I'd requested a slower version from DarkSelf, but some people said they wished it was faster, so here it is in the slave gallery, FastSmoke. The first reviewer says: "too fasttt to coomprehend jjust imagesflashinng into mymind. sleepey wantto smokewant holder in my moutth drugggged smooke in my mind"


November 17, Wednesday

Updated: the Payment page. I figured out why Stormpay wasn't sending the shipping address with orders, and fixed the code for that

An amusing article on Sun Times about a woman reporter spending a day as a man.


November 7, Sunday

Added: My interview on Frank Talks' radio show, all five parts.

His site is http://www.franktalks.com

If you remember the whole story about Frank's site crashing from too many interview downloads... well it wasn't just our fault. My friend Ronnie Naughtylady, also interviewed there, had *her* fans coming in from the Montreal escort board... and the two of us combined brought Frank's site to its knees!

Ronnie is one of My regular girlfriends to hang out with... :)
She's talked about us doing clients together at some point... Me with the mind, and her with... well... everything else ;-)

To get the interview files below: right click on the link and "Save Target As" to download, then change the extension to .mp3

Frank Talks Interview, part 1 (13 megs) Interview

Frank Talks Interview, part 2 (7.6 megs) Music, and sex tips

Frank Talks Interview, part 3 (8.31 megs) Interview

Frank Talks Interview, part 4 (7.63 megs) Music, and sex tips

Frank Talks Interview, part 5 (19.96 megs) Interview and end segment

(The point of this is that people download the interview and listen off their hard disk, rather than wasting bandwidth playing them repeatedly off the site)

November 6, Saturday

Added: a He's a Lady page with pics of the prettiest "girls", Albertina and Scarlet. They are just sooooo darling! Makes Me wish I could send them a few CDs to help them along in becoming more and more girly...

Will add links to the last parts of My radio interview later on...




November 5, Friday

News: Since people have been so eager to get CD16, I have spent the past week focussing on getting it ready and out. This means that I have unfortunately put off answering emails until that was done, and have a backlog of 75 emails, which I hope to catch up on this weekend (yes, I do go out on weekends, but I also use them as a quiet time where I can catch up on work without being distracted by sessions).

I will eventually get to emailing all those who have made orders this week and the past week, but rest assured that all orders for which you received a payment confirmation email last week were mailed last Friday, and all those who made orders this week before this morning will have their CDs shipped this afternoon, including the new CD16-Acceptance.

When time is short, I give priority to sessions, then CD orders, then answering emails. I figure you'd rather get the CD mailed sooner, and have a confirmation letter later, rather than the reverse :)

I am very much looking forward to getting reviews of CD15-Three Icons, and CD16-Acceptance. I had a first brief response about CD15 which was very enthusiastic!

I'm going to meet Mr D tonight, My main soundwork artist, to bring him some fresh "meat" to work on, talk biz over supper, and then we're going to see The Grudge (Sarah Michelle Gellar... yummm). Have a wonderful weekend!


November 2, Tuesday

CD16 - Acceptance is now available!

If you are American, please go vote today. It's important that your voice be counted. And if nothing else, you will be pleasing Mistress :)

As a Canadian, I can tell you the world is carefully watching, and worrying, about what the United States will become. I wish you the best possible future.

Updated: the Gifts page with My Amazon gift list.

Added: CD16-Acceptance payment buttons are now up. First mailing is Friday November 5! The essential addition to any brainwashing kit...


October 31, Sunday

Happy Halloween!

Added: a medium sized version of The Fist pic, for smoother insertion...

News: Just did a photoshoot this Saturday, with Jade as the victim of My new makeover formulaes... Brainwash Shampoo, Bimbo Conditionner, and ReProgramming Hair-Dryer Helmet. I think My new hair salon will be a big hit... inspired by the New-U-Salon.

More to come...

CD16- Acceptance is almost done! It should be available for Friday's mailing. Here are the track descriptions, for you to enjoy before I run off for the evening to join other creatures of the night....

Description of CD16 tracks moved to recordings page.


I love all you girls! I accept you as you are, and as you will be. Have fun, be pretty, and remember...

Dreams are the stuff reality is made of

Kisses and hugs,
Mind Mistress


October 25, Monday

Added: a smoking flash animation contributed by Darkself. Thanks to all contributors!

Halloween soon... I trust you'll all find beautiful girly costumes to wear and let Me see pics of them!


October 20, Wednesday

Added: Some more Flash Animations made by Sharlene, which she kindly contributed. They are the ones that inspired Me to create CockSuck, since that aspect was lacking from her list of animations. Her animations are NewBimbo and NewBoobs. I'm sure you can guess what they will program you for.

NewBimboS is her original version that includes wanting to serve her. She kindly made a general version that just makes you want to serve Mistress, whoever your Mistress may be. Similarly, My animations don't specify the Mistress. This is on purpose. I'm more interested in others using these to make more sexy shemales than I am in getting slaves Myself. Long live the Lesbian Inclusion Conspiracy!


October 18, Monday

News: CD Mailing Change

I am now in charge of CD mailings once again. Miss Kathleen was spending all her time doing burning and mailings, and now relieved of that, will focus on doing much needed updates to the site. She is working on an improved recordings section, with one page per CD, and a page for the reviews of that CD, as well as a discussion message board, since the Guestbook is really not suited to discussions, and I want to promote the feminization community.

How am I going to handle doing her workload, in addition to Mine? Simple, I'll have the CDs professionally produced. The demand for them has reached the point where it's affordable to get them batch produced. I've designed a new higher resolution image for the CD labels, and will gradually start transitionning to them. Elegance will be the first to be produced in that way, being the biggest seller, and the other ones will slowly follow. Those CDs that don't sell much will remain as they have been for a while.

Added: New Hypnotic Flash Animation

You can find CockSuck.swf in the feminized slave gallery.
CockSuck will turn those who watch it long enough into cocksluts, always horny for cock, constantly craving to suck cocks, eventually becoming devoted cocksuckers, and loving it!

The "addicted to cocks" page pales in comparison to the power of this brainwashing tool. It's like comparing lightning, and a lightning bug. It does not contain any Mistress specific instructions, so any dominant can use it on her sissies.

It's pretty big, 1.58 Megs, so I've added a loading sequence to let people know it's actually loading. Those with a slow connection may prefer to save it to disk.

I spent all of last night working on it, feverishly inspired by some of Sharlene's excellent bimbo and boob flash animations I've seen.

Spending most of the night testing it, changing it, retesting it, checking its hypnotic appeal... this kind of work takes its toll on an honest lesbian like Me. The problem of making something that's really effective is that it works! Dang, I'm licking My lips thinking about cock... flicking My tougue on my lips... a nice hard cock sounds really good right now... to suck on... mmmm...

Not to worry though. The effects should fade with a few days of not watching it.

But maybe I'll just go and look at it a bit more... just to make sure I don't want to make any more changes to it... make sure it looks just right... ;-)


October 11, Monday

News: Transgender Reality Show: He's a Lady.


He's a Lady - premieres October 19. They thought they were competing for the title of "All-American Man." They couldn't have been more wrong. This fall, eleven manly men will compete to become...the ultimate lady. And the winner will take home a quarter of a million dollars!

Weekly challenges for the competitors include learning how to walk, talk and dress like a lady, followed by going out in public to find out how convincing they are; learning to flaunt their new attitude with training from supermodel Frederique; planning a real wedding and then being asked to serve as the bridesmaids; and finally, completing a "lady of the house" challenge back in their hometowns, where the guys must remain in character in front of family and friends in the absence of their wives and girlfriends. During their hilarious and heartwarming quest, the competitors will live in "The Doll House," a beautifully decorated dwelling designed to help them get in touch with their feminine sides.

The series climaxes with a beauty pageant, where the competition boils down to the quarter-million-dollar question: "What, as a lady, have you learned about being a man?" The judges will then select the best man in the group, based on a variety of criteria.

Plus, see the show preview on the Oprah Winfrey show,
Wednesday October 13, 2004: A Special Experiment: Men Turn Into Women

This should be fun! Now if only they'd asked Me to provide some hypnosis CDs to help the poor boys *really* get into it... Mmmm...

I wonder how many of them I could get to declare they wanted to be girls forever by the end of the show...


October 9, Saturday

News: Back from Southern Comfort. Esprit was good, but Southern Comfort was a blast. I highly recommend it if you can make it, I'll be there next year, and registration closes many months before the actual convention, so do it early. Met a lot of great girls, and many who were interested in hypnotic feminization. I'm very pleased with the trip. I'm backlogged on emails, as it to be expected, and I didn't get very much sleep at the convention, but that's generally considered a good thing ;-)

Miss Kathleen had yet again some email problems last week, but that's fixed now.


September 27, Monday

News: Miss Kathleen's email is now working again properly, fixed since about the middle of last week. If you tried emailing her earlier than that and got no reply, please try again. We're both sorry for the inconvenience.

We've had an amazing surge of CD orders last week, thank you all ! But Miss K realized we were all out of CD3 labels on Monday. Egads! Apologies to those whose Express and PuroPak orders were delayed till Friday, as I resupplied her on Thursday.

Southern Comfort Conference http://www.sccatl.org/

I will be at this transgender convention from Thursday September 30 till Sunday October 3, displaying My CDs, talking to people in the vendor area... and partying with the girls at night. ;-)

Please keep emails down to a minimum during that time. I may have net access, but not much time to answer emails, and it's no fun to return to a pile of emails. Express and puropak orders may be delayed while I am away, and only go out Monday or Tuesday. Emails about session appointments for the following week are fine though.

It looks like it's going to be wilder than Esprit, and more vendor oriented (Esprit was a bust on that count, though certainly fun). It's a much bigger convention. And this time, I'll have some of My girls right there in Atlanta to pamper Me, get tranced, and act as very cute cheerleaders for the merits of My hypnotic charms. I'm actually packing pom-poms for them... :-)


Interview segment 4 link is not yet valid, the file has not actually been uploaded to the site. Ooops! Not sure if I will have time before leaving for the trip.

Added: Frank Talks Interview, part 4 (7.63 megs)

It's a music segment, followed by My reading of the merits of masturbation. Only one more part to go...


September 20, Monday

Added: Frank Talks Interview, part 3 (8.31 megs) (right click on the link and Save Target As to download, then change the extension to .mp3). This is the second interview segment. There will be one more intermission, and then a final interview segment.

You can also get the full interview on FrankTalks.com this week only.

News: A reminder I'll be in Atlanta GA for the transgender Southern Comfort Conference Thursday Sept 30 to Oct 3.


September 13, Monday

News: Miss Kathleen is once again having problems with email. Her incoming mail is handled by HypnoticWishes servers, which are fine. But her outgoing mail goes through her internet service provider, and are getting swallowed up. This is the problem she had before, and was fixed... for a while. So she can get your mail, just not answer it.

We are hoping she can get this resolved shortly with her ISP.

Just a reminder for the Guestbook: Asking Me questions there is pointless if you do not provide an email address for Me to answer you.


September 12, Sunday

Added: Frank Talks Interview, part 2 (7.6 megs) (right click on the link and Save Target As to download, then change the extension to .mp3)

This part starts with music, and follows with a pre-recorded "better sex tips" segment I did for Frank on sexual positions. The text is not Mine, but you may enjoy it anyway :)

Part 3 is Me again, part 4 is again music and sex tips, and part 5 is My third and final segment.

A Guestbook visitor commented that a 64bit rate would have been sufficient quality for this, and made shorter files. The truth is, I considered reducing the bit rate, but was busy doing 4 different urgent things, while converting the interview to mp3 to upload it quickly. So I just left it at the standard I normally use, instead of doing some testing as to which bitrate would be sufficient. Maybe I'll redo it later...


September 8, Wednesday

Added CD15 - Three Icons: Mistress Training CD

Thank you to all voters! Your Guestbook posts were very good. There was a huge demand for Acceptance, however, taking into account that there are many more subs than potential dommes, the demand for Mistress training was proportionally larger. As compared to the vote between Sweetie and Fempire for instance, where Sweetie got almost nothing. Not to fear, Acceptance will be the next one to come out.

I've also come to notice a loose correlation between the CDs and the tarot trumps, though 5 and 7 would be better switched. In that light, Three Icons was better as 15, and Acceptance as 16. Plus, you'll all need a Mistress ready to program you, before you can get brainwashed... ;-)

Note: guestbook pics were removed. I hadn't realized they were actual images, rather than just links. Thank you to the concerned citizens.


September 7, Tuesday

News: Mail Loss
Between My virus checker blocking everything, and the mail program crashing, I lost the emails sent to Me this afternoon when I downloaded them. Please resend your messages if you emailed Me this afternoon between 2pm and 7h30pm EST.


September 6, Monday

Added: I got My Frank Talks radio interview recording from Frank on Sunday, and I am slowly (dialup, ugh) uploading it to the site. Right click on the link below to save it to disk. You will then need to rename the file extension to .mp3 so you can play it. I've changed the file extension simply so people don't waste bandwidth by playing it directly off the site repeatedly.

Frank Talks Interview, part 1 (13 megs)

If you can't see file extensions in the file explorer, click on the Tools menu, Folder Options, View, and then uncheck "hide extensions for known file types".

It appears we were not the only reason for Frank's site crashing from too many downloads. A friend of Mine had her interview posted a week before Mine. Being a call-girl, she has her own fans, and so both of us together brought his site to its knees!



September 1, Wednesday News: Site was down from about 9h30pm EST last night till 11h30am today. This includes mail servers, so mail sent during that time will bounce back to you. Some emails and notifications may have been lost, if sent while the site was going down last night. If you sent it while the site was up today, all is good.
August 28, Saturday

Update: Added a lot of new very hot fantasies to the Sample Fantasies page, from Joanne.


August 27, Friday

News: Payment Error Messages

I've found out why direct credit card payments gaves an error message, and did not send email receipts. The server people have finally started installing the shopping cart functions. Not fully. Just enough for the receipt functions to stop working. Geeze.... This means payments worked over the last few days, but you didn't get an acknowledgement receipt, and it showed an error on successful payments. I've sent payments receipts manually to those I think didn't get receipts. Apologies for any confusion.

I've just reset the receipt function to its old form. It should work as before now. Of course, while I actually implement and test the shoping cart, the same errors will occur. I'll put warnings on the payment page about that when I do work on it though.


August 26, Thursday

Added: The new Sex Toy Review Gallery.

You know you need to learn how to take it like a woman. Let Miss Kathleen teach you all about the most versatile of toys, read about Mind Mistress' detailed experience testing her new favorite toy, and how it can be used to amplify your enjoyment of hypnosis CDs and mp3s.

News: Miss Kathleen is having problems with her Internet Service Provider. She can receive mail, but not send any out. We're hoping to have this fixed by next week.


August 25, Wednesday

Added: CD8-Freedom now available for mp3 download

I have received many requests for CDs to be available for download in mp3 format, and have decided to experiment with making one hypnosis CD available for download, to see how it affects its sales. This is not a free download, you still have to actually buy it. the link above is to buy. Click here to view its description.

Updated: The payment page. There was a glitch on the direct payment 8 cd grab bag button, and the StormPay CD9-Envy button. Those have been fixed.


August 23

News: The radio interview on Frank Talks is currently unavailable... his site crashed over the weekend because of too many downloads, and Frank is ecstatic about it! Heh heh... I'm almost sure it was downloads of My interview that did it... which is a nice compliment for Me, and hey, it makes Frank happy too!

So he got the site back up, but deleted some files, as he can't afford more bandwidth. My interview will be back up sometime in September on his site, but I'll just make it available on the site right here once I get it from him, probably next week.

Added: a text only version of the Trance Request Form, linked to at the top of the form, for those people who have trouble making forms work (usually due to having funky home network setups or misconfigured internet security programs).


August 21

Update: More searchable story sites have been added to the Erotic Mind Control Story search engine page.

I was doing some of My favorite searches, and realized it would be far easier to have this google portal with all My favorite sites right here. Then I thought, why not share it with everyone? Instead of spending a minute doing the search, I spent a half hour designing a general solution. My computer programming teachers would be proud! ;-)

If you have any other good story sites worth searching (ie. they have more than a dozen stories), let Me know and I may add them.


August 19

News: My radio interview on Frank Talks is now available for download! It will be available on his site till September 15. Right click on the link and choose Save Target As (with Internet Explorer - If you're not using IE, you probably know what to do anyway). The file is about 14 Megs.
(There seems to be a problem with this download, I've asked Frank to fix it)

(thank you to the Guestbook poster who noticed it was already available for Download)

A Sex Toys for Sissies review section will open very shortly on the site....


August 15

An interesting site on Psychology of Cyberspace, with a page on Gender Swapping on the net.

It looks like the Acceptance CD is racking in the votes in the Guestbook... Mmmm... all the blank eyed, empty minded slaves going... "Who am i? Tell me who i am... I'm your French Maid? oh... ok... I better start cleaning then..."

News: I did a radio interview yesterday on Frank Talks. It was fun! And it will be available for download there in September.


August 11

Added: CD14-Elegance II is now available!

The next logical step after Elegance. For getting big breasts, and dressing sexy ! Turning women into pinups and feminized males into Shemale, living 24/7 as women.

See also the new contest in the Guestbook, to decide which CD will come out next between the Mistress Training CD, and the Amnesia CD.


August 5

What was I watching tonight on TV ? REPLIGATOR !

This story is about two mad scientists with competing government projects. The good mad scientist has invented a teleportation machine, while his rival works on a brainwashing device. The teleporter works, but it also turns men into nymphomaniac bimbos. When the bimbos have orgasms, they transform into bloothirsty alligator people.

So much fun! Too bad I only caught the second hour of it...

Vocabulary for today:
Conversion: from Latin, convertere, to turn about.
Subversion: from the Latin, sub, under, vertere, to turn.
Perversion: from the Latin, per, thoroughly, vertere, to turn.

August 2

Update: of the French and English adult session and payment pages. I believe you'll find them easier to use in this format. It's taken a lot of fiddling to make them shorter and more manageable.

Update: In an effort to reduce spam I am receiving in triplicate, I am closing the Linda and Webmistress accounts. From now on, only the Mind_Mistress email account will work. If you find a webmistress@ or linda@ address anywhere on the site, please let Me know so I can remove them, as they will shortly be inactive.

Update: All contact info has been put together on a page called Contact on both adult sites, with the email link using the NOSPAM in the address, to be removed manually. I could probably remove the address entirely, as the LivePerson offline messaging sends to the Mind_Mistress email account without actually having that address in its code.

Unfortunately, I have not found a way to entirely eliminate it, as it's still needed for the Guestbook entries (which have it in their .cgi) and the trance request forms that get emailed to Me (which have it in the html code). I could hope that spiders don't search .cgi, but I have no such optimism about them not searching forms.


July 29

News: I came back this past Monday from the camping trip, which was quite enjoyable, and I am working through the backlog of emails. Unfortunately, the flu I had that was slowly winding down before the trip came back, and so phone sessions were canceled earlier this week. I'm feeling better now, and should be back in full swing by next week.

In other news, the Lesbian Conspiracy is progressing nicely. Those of you who remember the 80's pop star and sex symbol Samantha Fox will find it interesting to learn that she's come out as a lesbian! She will be doing a show here this coming Sunday for Montreal's Gay Pride. She used to be one of the #1 women men wished they could sleep with. So now, you'll need to have tits to even have a running chance...

I'll let you imagine whether or not I had anything to do with that... ;-)


July 12

News: I will be out of town Tuesday July 20 till Sunday July 25.

I'm getting so much spam these days, with My addresses being posted publically, that My mailbox may overflow before I return, so if your email bounces during that time, sit tight. In any case, there's little point to emailing Me during that time, since I'll have no web access. I will be enjoying Myself however :)

I will be booking appointments for Tuesday the 27 onwards this week, along with the few remaining spots for this week.

I believe Miss Kathleen will be doing the mailings as usual that week, but I will confirm that.


June 29

News: Hypnoticwishes Email restored 2pm EST Tuesday June 29

The good news is, email is working again. The bad news is, everything sent to Me since Saturday June 26 has dissapeared into a black hole. If you havn't received a reply to a recent email, that means I didn't get it, and you will need to resend. That includes trance request forms.

The problem appears to have been with My internet service provider discarding forwarded hypnoticwishes mail, rather than the hypnoticwishes server.

As far as I know, Miss Kathleen's email was unaffected.


June 28

News: Hypnoticwishes Email is Down

Since Saturday, email has been down. I am not yet sure whether they are simply delayed or have been lost. Please wait to email Me until this is resolved, the server people are working on it.

For anything urgent, use ICQ or Yahoo Messenger to contact Me.

Added: The Bimbo Sigil and Fat Begone, two hypnosis flash animations to the Slave Gallery.

Bimbo Sigil is particularly powerful and addictive. You have been warned.
The Lesbian Inclusion Conspiracy is well on its way... once you are hooked, make sure you show it to others to enslave them too.

Updated: the Main hall menu. Did some redesign and created some icons to beautify the menu and compact it.


June 25

To the Gay Dawg from Guestbook:

You asked about butch gay conditionning. The answer is, as long as it's moving away from straight male, I'm probably game. I don't get demand for it, since I don't have gay male content to attract visitors, but it would be fun to do sessions and record a straight male to gay male hypnosis conditionning CD. :)

I'm sure there's a good market for that ;-)

I started hypnotizing women into being bi and lesbian for fun. Then I learned that it was a turnon as long as I *thought* the person was a woman. Hence I started transforming guys into women and shemales. Because I have subversion fetish, making straight males into lesbians was less fun than making them cocksluts. So I've learned to like that too. So getting guys to love sucking cock and getting fucked up the ass is now part of My repertoire...

Surely you can see the Addicted to Cock page and the ones close to it have multiple applications...

Birthday news: I just received Britney Spears' "Baby One More Time" CD today in the mail. Ummm... I don't remember who sent it, and it's not written on the envelope... but Thank you! :)
The CD is so... Pink! From before she turned to the Dark Side...heh heh...

Transylvanian voice: "Two, Two Britney CDs !" *Thunder sounds*
(Ask a North American if you don't get this one...)


June 22

Added: CD13- Fempire is now available!

You can find it in Recordings, and on the payment page, the payment buttons are active. First mailing on Friday June 25.

June 19

News: The AOL email problem has been fixed. It wasn't the problem I thought, but annoying and hard to track nonetheless. The email I sent just bounced, saying there was no user with that name, instead of telling Me the real problem.

AOL changed its policy to require reverse DNS. DNS normally means, if you ask for hypnoticwishes.com, Domain Name Servers will tell you the exact IP address where you can find it. Reverse DNS means, if you have the IP address, Domain Name Servers will tell you the domain name that matches it. My email service didn't have that, so we had it installed.

Now it all works fine, and I can reply to AOL addresses. It was one of their anti-spam measures, because a number of spammers don't have reverse DNS, since they don't want to be tracked.


June 15

Added: The description of CD13-Fempire, a hallucinated adventure of hypnotic seduction to the Recordings page. For all you sexy vampiress fans!

First mailing date of it is planned for Friday June 25. Payment button not yet active.


June 12

Added: The Lesbian Conspiracy 2.0 to the Gallery.

Everyone's doing it... you too can join it! Be part of something great that will change our world for the better, and make a bustier new world!

June 9

Updates: Updated the Gender Test link in the gallery.

My birthday was at 4:25 this morning, if anyone wants to do any astrology for Me. :)


June 7

Birthday: Presents bought so far: Britney's "Baby one more time", Pink's latest album.


June 6

News: Wednesday June 9 is My birthday. Yay! :-)

If you're looking to send a gift, I'd like some more Britney Spears (I have "In the zone"), Lords of Acid (I have "Voodoo U"), Christina Aguilera, the latest Pink (I have "Missundastood" & "Can't take me home"), the soundtrack to the first Charlie's Angels movie (I have the second)

Aqua is of course the best mood music for slut and bimbo sessions, but I already have both albums of theirs. If you know any other "candy pop", or slut music, I'll be interested. Though surprises are nice, it's probably best to let Me know which one you're getting so I don't get doubles and triples...

Of course, if there's anything else you think I'd like, sexy or not, that's fine too :-)



June 3

We're Baaaaack!

Esprit was a blast! :)

I've met a lot of interesting people, and I'm setting up the groundwork for effective vending at future conventions. I will be at Southern Comfort this September, and I expect to get more foot traffic there, as I registered early enough to be on their site's merchant list and be listed in the program guide. Too late to offer a workshop, but that will be for next year. It will take some time and work to get people outside of hypnosis fandom to know about hypnotic transformations, but I have plans...

News: CD13-Fempire, is finally ready! I'll be working on the description for the Recordings page today, as well as on the final cut of CD14. Expect CD13 to be available next week on the payment page.

Miss Kathleen is very busy with family matters, and will probably be slow in responding to emails for a bit, but is still doing the weekly CD mailings.


May 16

News: Miss Kathleen and I will be at the Esprit transgender convention all week. We will be leaving tomorrow night, Monday the 17 and returning Monday night May 24. I may or may not have email access during that time, but in any case, I will have very little time to answer email. Mostly I'll focus on appointments for May 25 and on, but that's already filling fast, so I suggest when you ask for appointments you also give availability for the week that follows.

This will be the first time I have an actual table in a convention's vendor area, a tittilating new experience :)

Miss Kathleen is excited about meeting lots of transgenders and learning more about them. She's really enjoyed chatting by email with T-girls, and is eager to actually meet some. This should be fun!


May 11, 2004

You had mail

News: To all AOL users. If you want to get an answer to your emails, you must provide an email address that is not @aol.com. Get a free yahoo email address, for instance. AOL has apparently added hypnoticwishes to its list of blocked emails about two weeks ago. Feel free to complain to them about it. I can't, since they won't accept My emails...

Whitelisting My address at the user level will not help, since AOL is blocking it at the network level. When I send mail to an AOL address, it bounces back with : "Host aol.com is not responding."

This is a BIG problem for a lot of folks. Here are two pages that explain the problem, or you can google: aol emails bouncing. You'll find about 9000 pages talking about that problem.

FreedomList , GentleMinistries ,

"I'm *not* talking about simple mail blocks, where a mail is discarded if it originates from a "forbidden" address. No: AOL is parsing the content of its members' emails and blocking them even if they merely *mention* a site that AOL disapproves of."

AOL is trying to solve the spam problem it created when it started selling its user lists... and it's STILL selling its user lists. You might want to consider getting another Internet Service Provider.



May 10

Update: The Male Charm CD has been revised to include an induction.

News: Just because life works that way, as I prepare for the convention next week, I have more mail and requests for sessions than usual, which are difficult to answer in a timely fashion. Please be patient. This week is almost completely booked, so I'm scheduling sessions for two weeks from now, starting Tuesday the 25 of May.

May 6

WOW! what a week! There's so much going on and changing here at Hypnotic Wishes. Here's a brief overview of all that's ready to post, and new projects are just waiting in the wings for polishing before we can announce them. Stay tuned, it's going to be a fun ride.

News: In addition to attending Esprit in a few weeks, Mistress and I are considering attending Southern Comfort, this fall. It happens from September 29th to October 2nd, 2004. If you would like to see us there, please email Mistress. As I said, we are considering it, and your enthusiasm will be a deciding factor. Our deadline for applying is coming soon, so let us know NOW!

More News: CD 13: Fempire is in it's final edit, and should be available to order in the next month. A sexy fantasy CD, where our Mistress appears as a Fempire, much like a vampire, but She feeds on maleness, and leaves her victims drained of it, and transformed into beautiful women that serve Her. I had an amazing time working on this one, and I'm very happy to share it with all of you!

Some More News: We have finished re-tooling CD4: Male Charm, and are ready to release a new version, including an induction so it can be used without another CD. Expect Mind Mistress to update the listing for this CD detailing the difference between old and new versions. The older version is still available upon special request, simply mention which version you would prefer in the memo line when ordering. Keep an eye on this space for more refreshings of your old favorites.

Updates: There is a new story posted by Mistress's slave Rhonda in the gallery, detailing the Evil visited upon her by Mistress, and how happy she is with the result. Definitely worth a look.

Even More News: In addition to attending Esprit with Mistress in a few weeks, I will be travelling to Chicago next weekend. While there, I'm going to be attending one of my favourite fetish clubs with a few friends on Sunday May 9th. Anyone wishing to come out and say hi, and maybe get an inside look at the new projects I'm working on, is more than welcome. Given the venue, you can even come En Femme, if you so desire. Email me for directions to the club, and so that I'll know to watch for you!

And now... some more News: I will be helping nurse a sick family member for the next few weeks, when I am not off travelling, and so I will have spotty access to the internet, and never access to a high speed line. If you wish to email me, please do not send me large files, and give me some extra time to reply. I promise I will get to each email, but I cannot promise promptness.

A Request: When ordering CDs, please put a valid email address. I promise, no-one see our email lists apart from Mistress and myself. We NEVER sell our lists, or spam you. The only two cases where you will receive email from us are confirmation emails, where I confirm we received your payment, and then I confirm your order has been sent as soon as I walk in the door from the Post Office, and we email you if there are any problems with your order. Other than that, we will never initiate an email conversation with you. But please, we have recently had several problems with orders, only to find ourselves on the client's spam list and unable to communicate! Don't let this situation happen to you!

Another Request: I have also received word that a virus has gotten ahold of ways to use Mistress's email address, and my own. If you receive an email from us that contains an attachment DO NOT OPEN IT! This is a virus! We will NEVER send you a missive with an attachment.

I think that's all for now, but as I said, stay tuned. Fempire should be going up for sale, Mistress will be making her decision about Southern Comfort, and I'll be writing more about toys, in addition to all the new things I can't tell you about yet!

Until next time,

Miss Kathleen


April 27

News: Miss Kathleen and I will be going to Esprit, a transgender convention May 18 to 23, in Port Angeles, Washington, USA, where we will be promoting hypnotic feminization.

If you'd like to come and meet us, let us know ahead of time to expect you, by email or such.


April 25

Well, I see Mistress, in her infinite wisdom, decided to let you all in on my dirty little secret. *blush* Oh well. I suppose it's for the best. Especially since I can now talk about our new affiliation!

No girl should be without wonderful, beautiful toys of her own. So while Toys in Babeland has some wonderful toys, they aren't the most economical. After some begging (which Mistress says I do well ;-) ) I convinced our beautiful and kind Mistress to affiliate with another company that has great selection and fantastic prices!


This is Vibe Review A great company with a good selection, which will become better soon. I've been in contact with the managers, and they will be looking to put some of my personal favorite lines into their inventory.

I should be posting a page soon with my long-time favorites, as well as new ones that look appealing, brands that are known for quality and tips on use and care of a girl's best friends! If you have any questions, tips or favorites of your own when it comes to toys, please drop me an email. I love chatting with fellow enthusiasts!

Especially spicy looking is the Audi Oh, which times it's pulsating vibrations to an audio input. Can you imagine the pleasures of both listening to our Mistress' rapturous voice, and feeling her words deep inside you? Mistress has promised that if I am a good girl, she'll let me try one. I can't wait! I personally love bullets, as they are the most versatile of all toys. I'll be posting an essay about their uses in the gallery later.

The best thing about this affiliation is that every time one of Mistress' girls goes to their site through our link to buy a toy, Mistress gets bonuses, which she can use to feed my favorite habit! *evil grin* So please, use our links to Vibe Review, and our Mistress' only complaint will be not knowing how to keep me in batteries! ;)


Miss Kathleen

April 21

News: The site is back up! Yay!
The hosting upgrades were actually irrelevant. The site has been down for the past 4 days because our domain registrar was having technical problems. In simple terms, this is the computer that gets asked "Hey, where do I find hypnoticwishes.com?" and answers with an IP address. So anyone trying to find hypnoticwishes on the web got no answer, and the same thing happened with email addresses that contain hypnoticwishes.com. The last mail I got before today was early Saturday Morning, but now all is well, and your emails to Me will go through. instead of bouncing.

I'm sure you'll enjoy the new quizzes, and look forward to your comments on them.

Movie Review:
In other news, I saw Ella Enchanted this past weekend. It was fun! :)
If you liked The Princess Bride, you'll probably like this one too. It's a light hearted romantic fantasy comedy, with some enjoyable mind control themes. Nothing kinky, but fun all the same, with a pretty bimbo faery godmother. Mind control for the kiddies... gotta teach them early. I love the little stars around Anne Hathaway's head when she gets an order, and I'm imagining more than a few couples may have a new bedroom game... "Okay, you pretend you're Ella, and you have to do everything I say..." Mmmm....

New payment buttons have been added on the direct Payment page, to order all at once the 4 most popular CDs, and for the 4 next most popular CDs. An extra button was added for reviewer rates.


April 17

SERVER UPGRADES are being done this weekend, so access to the site may be erratic

Added: A quiz page to the site, with two exciting new tests, one to see how easily you can be hypnotized, and one to see how feminized you are.

Find out your FQ (Feminization Quotient) !

Update: I've done some serious redesign and updating of the therapy site, added the newer payment options, the hypnotizeability quiz, and vanilla descriptions of all the CDs (you should get a kick out of reading those!) on the credit card payment page there.

News: I'm probably going to see Ella Enchanted tomorrow... :)

Miss Kathleen and I are planning a new section for the site... and as a hint, it has a lot to do with her... ahem... habit. ;-)


April 11

For those who celebrate it, or just find it cool, Happy Easter!

I'm thinking of offering Miss Kathleen an Energizer Bunny for Easter...
It keeps going and going and going and going... ;-)

Update: Updated the FAQ.


April 9

News: Tonight, after having a business meeting with Miss Kathleen at her computer, I took her to supper to continue discussing our plans. Conveniently, the restaurant I chose was located near a very special toy store... which she didn't know about, having moved to Montreal only earlier this year.

She went ahead to start browsing while I paid for supper, and when I joined her there, she was pacing and chanting to herself "i won't buy anything, i won't buy anything....". I laughed, took her by the shoulders, and said : "It's ok, it's ok...". It seems in those few minutes, she had already found over 400$ of toys she HAD to have... "You are soooo Evil for taking me here," she said. "Why, yes, thank you," I answered, as I do whenever someone offers such a compliment. I then walked with her to some other shelves, where she found MORE toys she wanted... and kept complimenting Me... "You're Evil! Evil!". "I'm going to have to work 60 hours a week for You to be able to buy all this!". I just grinned. How I love it when a plan comes together!

I believe this would be called the "motivational style" of management. LOL! She was begging Me to take her out of there before she broke down and bought something, when I finally led the way, chuckling.

You see, Miss Kathleen has a very serious toy habit... and she will need to work very very hard for Me, in order to sustain her toy habit.... I expect her to complete the soundwork on many new CDs to in the coming months... as long as I make sure she gets toys that leave her hands free for work... and buzzing with enthusiasm... ;-)

I didn't choose her to be My wage slave just for her good looks... heh heh... I wanted someone who would answer emails with a smile...

It's good to be the Mistress. *Evil grin*


April 9

News: Due to there being some confusion, I've edited the payment pages a bit. Now the first payment page you come to is the Direct Payment page, as opposed to Stormpay. This change was due to a few glitches with Stormpay payments in the last few days. Also, Direct Payment costs you less, so you can afford to buy more CDs! *wink*

As always, should you have any questions, or concerns about your purchases, don't hesitate to contact me. Answering questions is what I'm here for.

And stay tuned. In the next two or three weeks, we'll have a number of exciting projects to announce here!


Miss Kathleen

April 6

Added: Third chapter of Heaven and Hell in the Story Gallery. It's more fun with Angelique, in what unfortunatly seems to be the last chapter of the Heaven and Hell series.

To which ever girl sent me the jewelry, Mind Mistress has kept your secret, but I still wanted to thank you! It's lovely, and I'll wear it next time I do a belly dance performance! It matches my blue silks perfectly! Thank you!


Miss Kathleen

April 4

Updated: the Recordings page to include a guide to the CDs, classifying them as Beginner, Medium, or Advanced.

Many people start with Advanced CDs without any trance experience whatsoever, and then wonder why they they aren't hallucinating vividly. Hopefully, this will help people choose CDs that are appropriate for their experience level in trance. First learn to walk, then learn to fly...

News: I'm busy answering all the backlog of emails today, from spending a week working on taxes. Those of you who've been waiting for an answer should be receiving one shortly.


March 26

Added: Third chapter of Heaven and Hell in the Story Gallery

News: New CD is almost done, new versions of old CDs, taxes and mailings make for a very busy week here at Hypnotic wishes. We're working hard to make your experience with us as easy and fun as possible, so please let us know what you think. Please also understand if our Mistress and I cannot get back to you as quickly as we would like.

We may be revamping the entire CD shipping process soon, so now is a good time to let us know of any problems you have had with us, changes you would like to see made, and (rare though they may be) things you like about how we handle orders now.

I'll keep you posted as these changes begin to come through. And as our current batch of exciting projects get finished and publishable!


Miss Kathleen

March 25

News: Income tax is due March 31 in Canada, so please be patient, I will be answering emails more slowly until then, while I finish everything up.


March 24

News: The movie Ella Enchanted coming out April 9

'Ella (Anne Hathaway of "The Princess Diaries") lives in a fanciful and magical world where all children are given a "gift" from a fairy Godmother at the moment of their birth. Little Ella's birthright is the gift -- and curse -- of obedience.

As a result of this unfortunate circumstance, Ella cannot refuse any command, and is often left at the mercy of unscrupulous personalities. In a bid to regain control of her life, Ella goes on a quest to free herself from this mysterious curse. Ella must outwit a kingdom filled with ogres, giants, wicked stepsisters, talking books and evil plots. And, if she's lucky, she may find love along the way."

Sounds like a good Mind Control Story to Me!



March 19

Added: a new site to the Links page, for the significant others of crossdressers(wives, girlfriends,...), filled with articles to help them understand what's going on, and find support with each other.



March 9

I've now added a new chapter of Heaven and Hell to the Story Gallery, and chapters three and four should be following close behind. I personally love this story, and I can't wait to see what other adventures lie ahead. I'm also trying to iron out some snags in the mailing system with Mind Mistress while She's gone, so please be patient with me. Everything should be running smoothly again soon.


Miss Kathleen

March 8

Due to our Mistress being away on training, we will not be able to do next day shipping this week. I also may be delayed in entering orders into our files, and getting back to people. All orders received will go out on our next scheduled mailing date, Monday March 15th. I apologize for any inconvenience.

In other news, my family member who was ill is doing much better now. Thank you to all those who sent good wishes her, and my, way.


Miss Kathleen

March 3

Happy Doll's Day / Girl's Day!
See guestbook for details... and if you can't celebrate today, just assume the whole week will do... take out those dollies, and get some new ones! Doll yourself up and work on that blank and empty happy look in the mirror!

Tell others about how you're celebrating in the Guestbook, and I'll give you a little something (include your email so I can reach you). :-)

Some historical details here


March 1

Announcement: I will be taking additional hypnosis training. I am leaving Saturday March 5 and returning Sunday March 14. I will have My laptop with Me, so unless something unexpected happens, I will have internet access. However, I will not be doing sessions during that time.

I am a trained and certified as a Master NLP practitionner, which includes Ericksonian hypnosis and other forms of therapy. However, I don't have actual hypnotherapy credentials. So I'll go and study with the classical hypnotists, get a pretty piece of paper, and most likely learn a few new tricks...

Update: Added a form page and icons for Money Order payments, and put the StormPay instructions in a separate page, linked to by the First Session Page. To pay by money order, a form will need to be filled out. The little pieces of paper that people send by mail with their money orders are just too darn easy to misplace...


February 25

Updated: The Guestbook, putting the 2003 archive into its own file to speed up loading time. Reading through those old messages conjures up such sweet memories of enslavement and brainwashing by Myself, and just the act of visiting the site... Mmm.... If you havn't read back through the archive yet, I'm sure you'll find some juicy ones to enjoy...

Added: a link and banner to CFADA's captioned pics archive in the Links page, My personal favorite source of visual erotica and turnons... I personally prefer femsub & smoking fetish, but there's a whole range of hypnotic domination topics to choose from.


February 19

Updated: the Massage CD description. I've made some last minute changes to the track cut before first shipping, after listening to it over one last time (track 2 was split into tracks 2 and 3)


February 16

Added: The Massage CD description in the Recordings page, and the payment buttons for StormPay and direct payment


February 16

Delays, Delays:

I would like to apologize to all those waiting for a response from me about their CDs, or eagerly hoping CD: Slutty Schoolgirl would be released soon. I have had a very serious illness come up in a beloved family member, and I am spending a great deal of time at the hospital with her, not working. Please forgive delays of two to three days in my emails.

With that said, I would like to let everyone know that I will be replying manually to each CD order with a confirmation email, to ensure that your order was properly entered into our files. If you haven't been contacted by me within 4 days of you placing your order, please get in touch. Our payment system seems to have had a few hiccups lately, and I would hate for one to delay your shipment.


Miss Kathleen


February 14

Happy Valentine's Day !

CD12: Massage, AKA Lesbian Massage, is now ready and will ship next week!

It is intended for women as a relaxing experience at a health spa, where the masseuse gently seduces her into realizing she's attracted to women (it does not alter the listener's attraction to men, if any), then suggests she only only remembers it as a totally relaxing experience that she'll want to repeat, and that she fall asleep, consciously forgetting the rest. The attraction to women increases with every listening, and can also be triggered with a word.

If you forgot to get a gift for a special lady in your life, you can give her a voucher "Good for one Massage CD", and tell her you're getting her something so she can feel pampered, special and relaxed every time she desires... that you've just found that as a perfect gift for her, and that it will arrive shortly.

I will be adding the payment buttons and full description by Monday.

All of you who have been conditionned, respond to your programming. Go have sex as you have been instructed. Safe sex. Slutty sex. Dress for success.


February 9

Added: Heroine Transformations to the Story Gallery, for alll you fans of superheroines in distress.


February 4 Announcements:

MissKathleen is now in charge of CD mailings, notifications and tracking, and can be contacted regarding those by clicking on her name here. She is My new assistant, and is also doing soundwork on the upcoming Naughty Schoolgirl triggered CD. So if you want to know when it's going to be ready, bug her, not Me... ;-)

The Corset Diet CD ships this coming Friday. But MissKathleen sends Me the mailing list for them on Thursday...


January 28

What have you got to lose? A few inches?
Any New Years' Resolutions to uphold?

Added: CD11: The Corset Diet

Thanks to Miss Kathleen for doing the sound processing on this recording, The Corset Diet CD is now available, and will ship next week.

Time to get that girlish figure you've craved, and get yourself (and your eating habits) fully under control. This CD is vanilla enough to give to your spouse, with just hints of control in the discipline track (enough to please hypnofetishists, but subtle enough not to tip off less kinky listeners). It does not require previous use of CDs, but of course, the more experience one has with trance, the better any other trance works.


January 27

New CD almost ready: The Corset Diet CD!

More to be posted soon... The easy way to lose weight, and feel more sexy. (does not require an actual corset to use)


January 20

Helpers: LadyJane is not going to be a regular contributor to the site, as it turns out, but I have a new helper, who has already put in a lot of hours doing the grind work that I don't want to do. She hasn't started working on the website yet, but she's doing a lot of other work I needed done, including doing soundwork on a weight loss recording. More on her later, and on My kinky version of a weight loss program... :-)

Snowed-in Mailings: There are delays in CD mailings. Since last week, every time I try to go mail CDs between session, either the highway's closed, or the gusting snow makes it dangerous to drive (no visibility), or the access to the road is blocked by snow banks. When I look out My window, there's a 6 foot snow bank in front! (2 meters). I thought I'd be mailing them today, but It will have to wait till tomorrow, or perhaps later if conditions don't improve. Apologies to everyone for the delays.



By Mind Mistress

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