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Do Druids Dance At Midnight?

A Hypnotic Adventure Session Log
Session 21

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TG Fiction hypnosis log: A Saxon merchant runs into sex changing Druid magic, some time after the Roman conquest of Britain.

Part 1: Setup
Part 2: The Trance
Part 3: The Adventure
Part 4: Debriefing

Part 1-Setup

7 Sept 2008 : Session postponed due to illness, but we chatted about what was upcoming. Below that is the following week's session log.

mind_mistress: So what are your thoughts for the next part of the story?
colleen: well we have come to york to meet with the norsemen...
colleen: to hopefully arrange a trade for steel with the celts.
colleen: but they are expecting Wode, not Cinnea.
mind_mistress: True...
mind_mistress: Any ideas how you'll handle that?
colleen: How will they react to trading with a girl? Will they?
colleen: Will it put me in a more dangerous position?
mind_mistress: :)
colleen: Norse at the time did consider woman chattle, slaves etc.
colleen: Not sure how best to handle this, could be tricky
mind_mistress: Foreign women perhaps, but not their own
colleen: true but we are foreign.
colleen: but ...
colleen: they like gall and nerve
mind_mistress: :)
colleen: pass ourselves off as Valkyries
colleen: :)
colleen: you have any thoughts?
mind_mistress: lol. fun idea!
colleen: we do have some magic...
mind_mistress: yes :)
colleen: and two men with us.
colleen: we have a chance...i think
mind_mistress: I'm sure you do
colleen: bad form to kill the heroine at the middle of the story
mind_mistress: lol, yes
colleen: and we don't want anything to happen to you either, I mean Brigit,
mind_mistress: :D
mind_mistress: lol
colleen: :D
mind_mistress: heh heh
mind_mistress: I guess Brigit is more me than any other character...
colleen: not all men are stupid, just most of us
mind_mistress: :P
colleen: I think so
colleen: anyway I digress
colleen: good norse name - Skjold
mind_mistress: a variation on the name of one of the fates
colleen: the o should have an umlat I think
colleen: and the king of the danes in 196
mind_mistress: I'm not paying attention to accents, I haven't seen it written with a j
colleen: thats how I saw it (also supposable a very distant ancestor of mine, at least according to familysearch.com)
mind_mistress: Okay. I'm sure there are various spellings. I've seen it as Skold.
colleen: any works for me :)
mind_mistress: That's the actual Norn
colleen: ok
mind_mistress: the one of the future... her name means "Should"
colleen: really?
mind_mistress: yes
mind_mistress: What Should be
mind_mistress: the youngest one
colleen: 3 fates nine muses
colleen: but thats greek
mind_mistress: Urth is what was, Verthandi is "becoming"
mind_mistress: Urth is later known as Wyrd
mind_mistress: to Anglo Saxons
colleen: so I supose Verthandi is my fate?
mind_mistress: no, it's the present
colleen: I'm joking
mind_mistress: oh ok :)
colleen: anyway...
colleen: one question..
colleen: how do you prononce Cinnea?...
colleen: Sin-e-ah or sin-knee-a?
mind_mistress: Sin-ee-ah
mind_mistress: Tonic accent on Sin
colleen: got it just curious :)
mind_mistress: No idea if that's correct :)
colleen: as long as were both on the same page :)
colleen: see you friday, rest!
mind_mistress: bye!
colleen: bye

11 July 2008: Part 20 of the story continues...

mind_mistress: so let's see...
mind_mistress: What can I throw at you now... ;)
colleen: a meteor from the sky?
mind_mistress: don't tempt Me...
mind_mistress: lol
colleen: :) he he
colleen: perhaps a global flood, we could collect animals...put them on a boat...
colleen: or would that be too biblical?
mind_mistress: Noah and Evan already did that
colleen: :)
colleen: I got it!...The BIG BANG!
mind_mistress: No guns. Wrong period ;)
mind_mistress: Americans...
mind_mistress: lol
colleen: I'm being alot of help, aren't I
mind_mistress: Teasing :P
mind_mistress: Well, I have some ideas, and things come to Me as we go anyways
colleen: :)
colleen: maybe a tea party with Alice a rabbit and an insane miller
mind_mistress: You've just come out of the rabbit hole
colleen: just a thought...don't know if it advances the story...
colleen: :D
mind_mistress: ;;)
colleen: I know... there is this school called Hogwarts and they... never mind, would never sell
mind_mistress: lol
colleen: meanwhile...back at the ranch
mind_mistress: Okay, I'll wing it. It usually works good :D
colleen: you don't like my ideas...:(
mind_mistress: Oh, I'll put in a boar with warts on if it'll make you happy ;)
colleen: he he he:)
colleen: you try to be helpful...
colleen: grief...all I ever get is grief
colleen: but we'll do it your way
mind_mistress: heh heh
mind_mistress: Okay, ready to go?
colleen: yep
colleen: time to focus


Part 2 - The Trance


mind_mistress: So as you're sitting there...
mind_mistress: staring at the bright screen...
mind_mistress: you can feel the weight of your body...
mind_mistress: and you can feel your breathing...
mind_mistress: noticing how fast or slow it is...
mind_mistress: and feeling.,..
mind_mistress: how shallow or deep it is...
mind_mistress: that's right...
mind_mistress: breathing and feeling...
mind_mistress: and you can feel the reddish liquid inside...
mind_mistress: everywhere inside...
mind_mistress: as if you were hollow and filled with it...
mind_mistress: cool...
mind_mistress: and kinda heavy...
mind_mistress: breathing and feeling...
mind_mistress: and as you feel inside your feet...
mind_mistress: you can feel the heavy liquid...
mind_mistress: starting to get tingly...
mind_mistress: more and more...
mind_mistress: with every breath...
mind_mistress: that's right...
mind_mistress: so nicely...
mind_mistress: tingling in the feet...
mind_mistress: more and more...
mind_mistress: and spreading....
mind_mistress: in the ankles...
mind_mistress: and soon the calves...
mind_mistress: that's right...
mind_mistress: and as it spreads in the lower body...
mind_mistress: you can pay attention inside the hands...
mind_mistress: feeling the reddish liquid there...
mind_mistress: Mmmm
mind_mistress: heavy...
mind_mistress: cool...
colleen: mmmmm
mind_mistress: and starting to tingle...
mind_mistress: in the hands...
mind_mistress: the fingers...
mind_mistress: the palms...
mind_mistress: more and more with every breath...
mind_mistress: spreading...
mind_mistress: to the wrists...
mind_mistress: and soon the lower arms...
mind_mistress: that's right...
mind_mistress: and how far up from the feet has the tingling spread?
colleen: into the shoulders and neck
mind_mistress: yesss
mind_mistress: and opening the feet...
mind_mistress: in the toes...
mind_mistress: letting the feet open...
mind_mistress: and drain...
mind_mistress: becoming blank and empty..
mind_mistress: hollow and numb....
mind_mistress: that's right...
mind_mistress: letting it all flow out of the feet...
mind_mistress: the ankles...
mind_mistress: soon the calves....
mind_mistress: yesssss
mind_mistress: and while the lower body drains...
mind_mistress: you can open the palms...
mind_mistress: and let the hands drain...
mind_mistress: blank and empty...
mind_mistress: hollow and numb...
mind_mistress: that's right...
mind_mistress: hands...
mind_mistress: wrists...
mind_mistress: arms...
mind_mistress: can drain more and more...
mind_mistress: letting yourself go...
mind_mistress: *Trance Trigger*
colleen: I obey
mind_mistress: very good...
mind_mistress: so nice...
mind_mistress: so right...
mind_mistress: draining and fading...
mind_mistress: more and more....
mind_mistress: and how far up from the feet are you empty numb now?
colleen: torso
mind_mistress: yesss
mind_mistress: very good...
mind_mistress: draining the torso...
mind_mistress: and then the shoulders...
mind_mistress: and opening the nape...
mind_mistress: so the head can drain...
mind_mistress: blank and empty...
mind_mistress: hollow and numb...
mind_mistress: draining and fading...
mind_mistress: *Trance Trigger*
colleen: I obey
mind_mistress: Mmmmmm
mind_mistress: sooo good...
mind_mistress: and what is left of you at this point?
colleen: back of head
mind_mistress: yesss
mind_mistress: feeling it....
mind_mistress: accepting it...
mind_mistress: and then letting it go...
mind_mistress: to drift in the blank empty place of trance...
mind_mistress: all the way feels good...
mind_mistress: *Trance Trigger*
colleen: I obey
mind_mistress: Drifting deeper with every breath...
mind_mistress: so nicely...


Part 3 - The Adventure


mind_mistress: drifting back...
mind_mistress: to the grove...
mind_mistress: with the second mound...
mind_mistress: where your friends are with you Cinnea...
mind_mistress: seeing yourself there?
colleen: yes
mind_mistress: and drifting closer...
mind_mistress: seeing more clearly...
mind_mistress: until you drift sooo close to your female body there...
mind_mistress: that you drift into your body...
mind_mistress: all the way in...
mind_mistress: seeing out of your own eyes...
mind_mistress: and hearing the sounds of the forest...
mind_mistress: birds...
mind_mistress: wind in the leaves...
mind_mistress: feeling your female body...
mind_mistress: more and more...
mind_mistress: with every breath...
mind_mistress: smelling the earthiness of the forest...
mind_mistress: yesss
colleen: yess
mind_mistress: Lucius: "Well, I don't think Druidsbane will be able to catch up with us now!"
colleen: "not for a while at least"
mind_mistress: He leans over to kiss you on the cheek, smiling
mind_mistress: Ohh
mind_mistress: *blush*
colleen: mmmm
mind_mistress: Clara: "How much of a lead do we have on them?"
colleen: "unless they take our path I'd say several days"
mind_mistress: Melric: "It's been a day since we left. I think. We went through at least one night, but with fay time, it could easily be the same time next year and we wouldn't know until we ask someone"
colleen: "think Druidsbane would like the fairies?"
mind_mistress: Brigit sighs
mind_mistress: Clara laughs: "I'm sure they would like *him*!"
colleen: he he
mind_mistress: Brigit: "Let's hope we just spent a day there"
colleen: "what day is it?"
mind_mistress: Melric looks up: "I can tell from the sky that we're in the same time of the year, within a week. But it could be a different year. That I can't say"
colleen: "we should go into town"
mind_mistress: Lucius: "Either our vikings are there, or they aren't. Only one way to find out. Let's go"
mind_mistress: you turn towards Lucius...
mind_mistress: and time seems to slow...
mind_mistress: and you notice how handsome he is...
mind_mistress: his smile...
colleen: :)
mind_mistress: makes you feel warm inside...
mind_mistress: wanting to touch him...
mind_mistress: all over...
colleen: yes
mind_mistress: and slowly your steps...
mind_mistress: gliding towards him...
mind_mistress: your heart pounding...
mind_mistress: needing...
mind_mistress: wanting him...
mind_mistress: inside you...
mind_mistress: all over you...
colleen: mmmmm
mind_mistress: shuddering in Desire
mind_mistress: reaching for him...
mind_mistress: he turns in slow motion...
mind_mistress: facing you...
mind_mistress: opening his arms...
mind_mistress: sun in his hair...
colleen: I go into them
mind_mistress: hair blowing in the wind...
mind_mistress: creating a halo of light and hair...
mind_mistress: so sexy...
mind_mistress: love need want...
mind_mistress: approaching him...
mind_mistress: and OOOOMPH!!!!! You're on the ground and Brigit is on top of you!
mind_mistress: Brigit: "Oh no you don't!"
mind_mistress: "Not again!!!"
colleen: "What was that for!?"
mind_mistress: Brigit: "You were falling under the spell again, and we don't have time for you to fuck him again! "Especially when we all have to watch..."
colleen: "i just wanted to walk with him"
mind_mistress: "Or something"
mind_mistress: "ahem"
colleen: "i blush
mind_mistress: Melric chuckles "I'm affraid the lady Brigit is right... we should move away from the mound"
mind_mistress: Lucius shakes himself...
mind_mistress: grabs a horse and starts moving out of the grove
colleen: "I kind of like it here and you never know when we will need to pay another toll"
mind_mistress: Lucius calls without looking back: "Not that I'd mind another go... but I'd prefer without an audience next time"
colleen: "I thought it was fun"
mind_mistress: Clara gives you a hand up as Brigit rolls up and off you.
colleen: "Didn't you like it?"
mind_mistress: Clara smiles: "We can pay the toll when we need to pass..."
mind_mistress: who are you asking?
colleen: Lucius
mind_mistress: Lucius: "It was beyond wonderful dear Cinnea..."
colleen: :)
mind_mistress: "But it would be selfish to force all our friends to watch and wait for us now..."
colleen: "oh well"
mind_mistress: Melric: "And for all we know, a weeks has gone by, and the vikings are on the verge of leaving"
colleen: "right, the Vikings"
mind_mistress: Clara leads you to the horses
mind_mistress: grabs hers...
mind_mistress: and everyone moves out...
mind_mistress: Melric points to the right: "That way"
colleen: "But they're expecting Wode?"
mind_mistress: Lucius: "Okay... so what do we tell them then?"
colleen: "That we were sent in his place?"
colleen: "that business tied him up in londonium"
mind_mistress: Lucius: "Think they will buy that?"
mind_mistress: you see a road ahead
colleen: "I've no idea"
mind_mistress: Brigit: "How faithful are these 'friends' of yours?"
colleen: "They hate the Romans and have thier own agenda. But they will help if there is a way to further their ends"
colleen: "The enemey of my enemy is my friend"
colleen: "We can trust them as long as we are useful"
mind_mistress: "So if someone else offered them gold, would they take it?"
colleen: "Not from the Romans I don't think"
mind_mistress: Clara: "How do they feel about Druids?"
colleen: "They are trying to get a foothold here and they need the Romans out. after that...?
mind_mistress: you reach the road, and the others get onto their horses
colleen: "I don't think they care one way or the other about the Druids"
colleen: I get on my horse
colleen: "never came up in conversation"
mind_mistress: Lucius: "Well, we'll see..."
mind_mistress: he pats his hip
mind_mistress: he pats his other hip
mind_mistress: Then starts cursing in Latin
mind_mistress: you do catch that he's missing his sword
mind_mistress: Clara giggles
colleen: "Missing something?"
mind_mistress: Melric: "I'm sure we'll find you another one... This way, by the way".
mind_mistress: and he turns his horse and starts at a trot
colleen: "Let's go"
mind_mistress: Lucius: "That sword was like a... sword to me..."
mind_mistress: he keeps mumbling to himself
mind_mistress: Brigit smirks
mind_mistress: "Men and their toys..."
colleen: I whisper: "You've got something better"
mind_mistress: his lips twitch into a smile in spite of him
mind_mistress: and you all start riding in earnest...
colleen: and ride off to join Melric
mind_mistress: the road is surprisingly well maintained...
colleen: a growing city


mind_mistress: And pretty soon you reach the outskirts...
mind_mistress: a nice day...
mind_mistress: temperature's just right...
mind_mistress: Wooden pallisades and guards at the gate...
mind_mistress: They wave you in into the hamlet...
mind_mistress: the garrison must be on the other side...
mind_mistress: there's only about a dozen legionaires here...
mind_mistress: and you can see the harbor further down and to the right...
colleen: the city is fairly open good for trade
mind_mistress: yes...
mind_mistress: wooden buildings and stone...
mind_mistress: wide main street...
mind_mistress: vendors...
colleen: "I...I mean Wode was to meet them at a tavern"
mind_mistress: three street kids run up and announce: "Food! Silver! Kind ladies and lords!"
mind_mistress: one of them is very close to you...
mind_mistress: and start touching the pouches on your horse
colleen: I kick the horse a bit to move away
mind_mistress: they yell...
mind_mistress: You see further down a giant horseshoe hanging from a building...
mind_mistress: that should be the tavern...
colleen: yes
colleen: "I think that's it"
mind_mistress: Lucius gets closer "So what's our story?"
colleen: "that we are here representing Wode"
mind_mistress: you get in front of the tavern
colleen: "shall we go in?"
mind_mistress: Lucius: "It occurs to me I need a sword"
colleen: "It might not be a bad idea"
mind_mistress: Lucius: "It's better to talk with some steel on our side"
colleen: "they would expect it"
mind_mistress: "Yes"
mind_mistress: He looks around
colleen: "there" I point
mind_mistress: what are you pointing to?
colleen: a small shop across the street, a smithy
mind_mistress: Lucius dismounts and goes in that direction
colleen: I follow
mind_mistress: others dismount and follow
mind_mistress: The smith is busy, but a boy is at the front
mind_mistress: "Kind sir, let me tell you all about our fine wares"
mind_mistress: Lucius looks at him, eyebrow arched
colleen: "just buy the sword and we'll leave"
mind_mistress: boy: "Ah yes, swords, we have the finest swords here"
mind_mistress: he takes one out of a barrel, where other swords are stored, point down
colleen: "well. Lucius?"
mind_mistress: Boy: "How about this one kind sir?"
mind_mistress: Lucius: "The lady said we needed a sword, not a pig sticker"
colleen: "is it steel or iron?"
mind_mistress: the boy stutters
colleen: "well?"
mind_mistress: "It's the finest bronze..."
colleen: "we need steel, only your finest"
mind_mistress: "I'm... I'm... sorry... only Roman citizens can buy steel weapons"
colleen: "He is Roman...look at him"
mind_mistress: the boy looks at Lucius... "Ummmm"
colleen: "and of course we are willing to pay"
mind_mistress: boy: "He looks a lot like my Britonic cousin..."
mind_mistress: Lucius grins
colleen: "Are you saying he is a Brit?!"
mind_mistress: and pulls out a little metal plate...
colleen: "we should go elsewhere"
mind_mistress: The boy inspects it...
colleen: "such insults!"
mind_mistress: "My apologies Master Lucius... you are indeed a Roman"
mind_mistress: And he pulls out another sword... much better this time...
mind_mistress: "This is steel... not our best, but very good"
colleen: "try it Lucius"
mind_mistress: Lucius leans over to you as he puts the metal plate back in his pouch..."
colleen: "let us see your best"
mind_mistress: "Roman Master Card... never leave home without it..."
colleen: :)
mind_mistress: He picks up the sword...
mind_mistress: tries it for balance...
mind_mistress: you realize you should get out of the way
mind_mistress: Lucius: "Hold my reins please"
colleen: I back off
colleen: I take the reins
mind_mistress: He starts swinging the sword...
mind_mistress: pausing every few swings to weigh its balance
colleen: a regular Conan
mind_mistress: "Not bad... not like mine... but useable"
mind_mistress: "Do you have a heavier glaive?"
colleen: "do you want to try another?"
mind_mistress: The boy pulls one out... a bit shorter but wider
mind_mistress: Lucius tries it too...
mind_mistress: and smiles
mind_mistress: "That's better"
mind_mistress: "How much?"
colleen: "that's the one?"
mind_mistress: the boy whispers the answer
mind_mistress: "Ah... surely you can do better than that"
mind_mistress: The boy pauses
colleen: "well?"
mind_mistress: whispers again
mind_mistress: Lucius: "Almost... try again"
mind_mistress: The boy goes to talk to the smith
mind_mistress: you realize it's all an act... the smith isn't listening
mind_mistress: the boy comes back, whispers a price
colleen: "we could go elsewhere Lucius?"
mind_mistress: Lucius: "This will do. We're on a schedule"
colleen: "very well"
mind_mistress: He gets some gold from the horse pouch
mind_mistress: and pays the lad
mind_mistress: and puts the glaive into the sheath he's wearing
mind_mistress: it fits perfectly
colleen: "happy?"
mind_mistress: You realize... It's the same damn sword every legionaire has!
colleen: oh well
mind_mistress: Lucius smiles: "Happy" :)
colleen: then back into the dragons lair
mind_mistress: Lucius: "Now... let's drink to our successful voyage!"
mind_mistress: boy: "Thank you and come again!"
mind_mistress: and you get back towards the tavern
colleen: "I hope so" :)
colleen: I smile at Lucius
mind_mistress: Melric: "I'll guard the horses and our ownings with Clara."
mind_mistress: He helps tether the horses
colleen: we go into the tavern
mind_mistress: And you walk in with Lucius and Brigit
mind_mistress: It's dark...
mind_mistress: your eyes are adjusting...
mind_mistress: not too many people, early in the day...


mind_mistress: Uh oh
colleen: I look to the voice
mind_mistress: You see a drunken viking up close in the face of another patron
mind_mistress: the patron's hand is on his sword
mind_mistress: and the viking is holding a battle axe
mind_mistress: this could get bad...
colleen: I whisper "Vikings are sensitive"
mind_mistress: three more locals are starting to stand up with hands on their hilts
colleen: I walk towards the viking
mind_mistress: A second viking is snoring, head on the table
colleen: "excuse me sir could you help us?"
mind_mistress: Bar wench: "boys, boys!!! Please!!!"
mind_mistress: the viking turns towards you...
mind_mistress: Yikes, ale breath!!!
colleen: I shake my head
mind_mistress: Viking: "Hwatt are you.... oh..."
mind_mistress: he smiles
mind_mistress: "Pretty lady"
mind_mistress: man does he stink!
colleen: "We are looking for a man named Skjold"

mind_mistress: He fills his chest to look manly
mind_mistress: striking his chest with his open hand...
mind_mistress: "I am SKJOLD! Terror of the seas... "
colleen: "of course you are. we were sent by Wode"
mind_mistress: "... Savior of the Tables of the South..."
colleen: "yes we know"
mind_mistress: "... Sailor of Talent and Scariness..."
mind_mistress: "hey... you're pretty"
colleen: "naturally"
mind_mistress: he wobbles a bit
mind_mistress: "You want a good time? SKOLD is your man!"
colleen: "we want to talk"
mind_mistress: "Bah, women! Always wanting to talk!"
colleen: "you remember Wode?"
mind_mistress: He stops a moment "Wode?"
mind_mistress: "Ah yes... Wode... a good friend!! Sending me a pretty lady like this..."
colleen: "coming up from londonium?"
mind_mistress: "Where is he so I can thank him?"
mind_mistress: he grabs your arm
mind_mistress: "Well, I can thank him later!"
mind_mistress: "Come here, pretty!"
colleen: "In Londonium. he sent us. I'm his sister"
mind_mistress: he was about to kiss you...
mind_mistress: and he stops
mind_mistress: "Sister?"
colleen: "yes"
colleen: I back off a step
mind_mistress: "Well, I can't touch a fellow Northerner's sister without talking to him first..."
mind_mistress: he looks very dissapointed
mind_mistress: "So where is the old man?"
colleen: "I'm sorry but we must speak"
mind_mistress: "Ah well... come... sit... drink..."
mind_mistress: he leads you to the table with his comatose buddy
colleen: "he is tied up on business in londonium."
mind_mistress: "This is Bjold"
mind_mistress: "and I am... SKJOLD!"
mind_mistress: he beats his chest once more
mind_mistress: this is getting old real fast
colleen: "Doesn't look too Bjold at the moment"
mind_mistress: and you're trying not to laugh at this drunken fool
mind_mistress: Skjold leans over his buddy...
mind_mistress: raises his head up by the hair
mind_mistress: "Bjold! Look up man!"
mind_mistress: he's out cold
mind_mistress: he drops the hair and the head goes THUMP on the table
colleen: "we need to speak of our business together..."
mind_mistress: Skjold: "Man can't hold his ale..."
mind_mistress: "I, on the other hand..."
colleen: "but we must have our wits about us"
mind_mistress: and he drains a tankard in one swallow
mind_mistress: Doh!
mind_mistress: "Ah, was thirsty... now... you were saying?"
mind_mistress: he looks at you
mind_mistress: but seems to have trouble focussing
mind_mistress: in fact...
colleen: "we will return in the morning"
mind_mistress: his eyes seem to be crossing...
mind_mistress: he staggers
mind_mistress: and falls...
mind_mistress: on you
mind_mistress: Double Doh!
colleen: ewwwww
mind_mistress: Lucius and Brigit try to get him off you...
colleen: I push him off
mind_mistress: Brigit: "I Loooooove your business partners Cinnea..."
mind_mistress: she laughs
mind_mistress: as she helps you out from under him
colleen: "He'll be fine when he awakens"
colleen: "Wish he would bathe though"
mind_mistress: Lucius: "yes, but we need him still alive when he wakes... "
mind_mistress: he glances to the other angry patrons
mind_mistress: "We'll have to do something with him until then...
colleen: "aaaahm ..he's with us?"
colleen: I grin
mind_mistress: The patrons look disgusted
mind_mistress: but sit back down
mind_mistress: and now it's time to leave this realm...
mind_mistress: to awaken at 1
colleen: "lets get them out of here"
mind_mistress: remembering your experiences vividly...
mind_mistress: 9
mind_mistress: 8
mind_mistress: taking your experiences back with you...
mind_mistress: 7
mind_mistress: 6
mind_mistress: As Cinnea...
mind_mistress: 5
mind_mistress: 4
mind_mistress: 3
mind_mistress: 2
mind_mistress: 1


Part 4 - Debriefing


mind_mistress: Hello :)
colleen: hi:)
colleen: a little more comedy that time
colleen: I liked it
mind_mistress: :D
mind_mistress: I was trying to figure out how he'd prove citizenship...
colleen: hope I wasn't to much of a smart ass
mind_mistress: I couldn't resist the Master Card...
mind_mistress: Oh no, you were perfect!
colleen: it was cute :)
mind_mistress: This is fun!
colleen: it is!
mind_mistress: Every Roman Master... Master to the occupied populace..
mind_mistress: needs a Master Card :D
colleen: hope you liked the sister part...
colleen: seemed like a good way out
mind_mistress: yes, that was a great call
colleen: drunken bum
mind_mistress: Since Wode is part of his ethnic group...
mind_mistress: he wouldn't mess with a man's sister
colleen: puts us on the inside
mind_mistress: yes
colleen: must protect Brigit though
mind_mistress: Well, if you remember...
mind_mistress: you two look like sisters
colleen: true
colleen: see where it all goes next
colleen: anyway I'm a bit pressed for time...
colleen: tuesday?
mind_mistress: Sure :)
colleen: see you then stay well
mind_mistress: Next two tuesdays?
colleen: next one for sure need to check schedul for after, jury duty coming up
mind_mistress: ok
mind_mistress: Thanks, this was fun. Have a great week ;;)
colleen: see you tuesday ")
colleen: you too
mind_mistress: Till Tuesday, bye!
colleen: bye


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