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The more I stare, the more I obey

Hypnotic Sound Files

(right click on the link and Save Target As)

My Mind Is Happy : A brainwashing mantra for emptying the mind. Very popular!

I must increase my bust : A fun song clip...

I will tell you : A short sample of My hypnotic voice...

Gemini Hypno Pulse: 5 seconds of the pulse... which can be looped...

Epileptic Warning: Hey, these flash animations flash bright lights at you. If you're epileptic or have any sensitivity to flashing lights, DON'T USE THEM! For everyone else, they should be safe, aside from getting conditioned to want what the animations tell you. You're adults, you're responsible for your choices. For most people, the effects are mild, unless used for unusually long amounts of time. But don't come complaining to Me if they work too well...

Feminization Slut Machine Slot Machine

The Amazing Feminization Slut Machine Slot Machine Flash Game!

Put in your quarter and play the Feminization Slut Machine, you'll never be the same again! Are you trying to resist being turned into a girl? Or secretly wishing you'll get totally transformed? (includes sound effects)

Programmed by Mind Mistress Herself in Flash 5.

Girls Forever AnimationGirls Forever hypnotic lesbian animation
9.78 Mb

By Mistress Fiona

Binaureal Beats:
Use Headphones


Make her a Lesbian

Many ask: How can I make my wife a lesbian ? How can I make my girlfriend a lesbian? While not as powerful as CD12-Massage, the Girls Forever animation is as good as you can get for free, and probably the best flash animation on the site since CockSuck.

If you're becoming a girl, you're wondering "How do I make my girlfriend attracted to other women?" so you can still get some. Clearly, this only works if she's willing, unless you strap her down and force her to watch while providing vaginal stimulation with a vibrator . By the way, if you do that, variable stimulation is best. Constant stimulation eventually numbs out the parts, so you'll want it to ramp up and down in speed for best results. She won't be able to avoid getting aroused, and will eventually associate thinking of sex with women with getting turned on.

Not that you'd do that, of course... (Mouahaha!)

This animation switches to a second part after about 3 minutes... wait for it!


Mistress Sigil

Mistress Maker Animation

Like Bimbo Sigil... but
to make the viewer
into an Evil Mistress

LIC Support : Training
the next generation
of Evil Mistresses

Fans have been asking Me constantly, "Mistress, how do I join the Lesbian Inclusion Conspiracy ? How can I make a difference ?" Mistress wants you to know She has heard your pleas for help, and has pondered how to help a group of submissives who want to help lesbianize the world. The answer, of course, is to make some of them more dominant, or to get them to lure some unsuspecting women into becoming Evil Feminizing Lesbians. And the right tool for the job is a new Mind Control animation... something easy to watch, that lures the innocent woman into wanting to keep watching... until her desires become... Her desires. At that point, further training with CD12 can be used to make her a lesbian, and then CD15 can make her a full fledged Mistress, craving the enslavement of her new pretty pets. But the first step is instilling that hunger for Evil...

So let your lady friend watch this animation... and if you feel that would be wrong... then maybe you should watch it yourself... until your morals go away... Mouahahahaha!!!



Whitney Sparkles

Whitney Sparkles smoking fetish & feminization gallery for Mind Mistress

Whitney Sparkles has created a website My honor, as I inspired her to become the girl she was always meant to be! See her gallery of hypnotic captioned pics and stories of subliminal brainwashing, smoking fetish and seduction



Flash Animations Instructions

You can right click on the link to save the animation to disk. Sharlene's require Flash 7. Mine are Flash 5. So you may have to open them with Internet Explorer/Firefox once they're saved. Bimbo Sigil and GlamourSmoke use the stereo low frequency pulse of the Gemini CD. Use good headphones for maximum effect

Instructions for using animations

Flash Animation
The more I stare, the more I obey

Powerful magic at work. If you stare too long... you will be her.
Stare for at least15 mins .
(use headphones)

The Bimbo Sigil
Original version, simpler and less addictive.

Non-smoking version

Flash Animation

The more I stare, the more I obey

It's perhaps *too* effective... you will need to suck cocks

Try playing it with SuckCock.mp3



Flash Animation

The more I stare, the more I obey

It took a lot of work to design something that would work like CockSuck but work on women too.(use headphones)


/ GS Fast version

The more I stare, the more I obey

What is ZapText?

What does it do?

It might melt your brain. Or it might not. No guarantees. For serious fans of brainwashing

MzSharlene's Flash Animations

(1.65 Megs)

(all purpose, 279K)

(version for Mz Sharlene's subs)

MzSharlene Flash

The more I stare, the more I obey



Flash Animation

The more I stare, the more I obey

FastSmoke (1.79Megs)

Sissy Jenny's Panties Flash Animation
The more I stare, the more I obey


Sissy Jenny's Addickted Flash Animation
The more I stare, the more I obey


Sissy Jenny's

The more I stare, the more I obey


Sissy Jenny's Addickted Flash Animation
The more I stare, the more I obey


Sissy Jenny's

The more I stare, the more I obey


jessica's Big Black Cock Programmer Flash AnimationThe more I stare, the more I obey



Fat Begone
The more I stare, the more I obey
Stare, believe, and lose that fat male figure!

(Old animation
I did for fun)

Ultimate Panties
The more I stare, the more I obey

LOVE to wear panties!

by LisaAnn

Booty Shorts Hypnosis
The more I stare, the more I obey

Booty Shorts Hypnosis

By Brittany Banks NEW!


Recordings: Hypnosis CDS

If you want more powerful hypnotic effects, right click on this disk icon and "save link as" to download the mp3, This is the 5 seconds of the CD5 - Gemini Pulse. Play it looped WITH HEADPHONES. It's a very low tone, and laptop speakers will just play a squeak.

But the best results are from Hypnosis CDs.

Note on the Animations: Mine are in Flash version 5, Sharlene's are version 7. So if you have an older version of the Flash Player, you'll have to open them in your web browser to play them from your hard disk, rather than just double clicking on the file

Click on the pictures below to see them full sized

Slave girls, do you want everyone to see what you've become? Show them how you love your enslavement and hypnotic conditioning? Send Me a picture of your new feminized self, and what you want to say to people, and I shall display you here, adding your text to the pics


Captioned fantasy pics of hypnotic brainwashing and feminization

thumb sucker

Thumb sucking
to quit smoking

smoking wife

Teri learns to love smoking
with her husband's help

perfect receptionist

Becoming Maxine,
the sexy smoking receptionist

lesbian magic

Laura's lesbian spell of erotic conversion

Jessica Yes, the fuckdoll

Jessica always says Yes!
A good little fuck-doll, programmed to agree!

Need to smoke More 120's

Listen to the CD, and smoke More 120's for Me...

Magical cigarettes for Melissa

Mike takes the cigarette, and becomes Melissa

subliminal music
A little subliminal music at an all girl party...drink, smoke, fuck My pretties...

made into a brainless bimbo

slave Julie
Forgets more and more...

another smoking slut is born

slave Tanya
the smoking slut


He's a Lady
TBS reality show

Pictures of Alberta & Scarlet as their femme selves




Captioned pics made by visitors and slave girls themselves

garter belt slave
Sissy Chrissy needs her panties and garters

Hair slut

Bobbi the hair slut and makeup addict, slave girl of Mind Mistress

Rita 1

Hypnotic amnesia and smoke,
by slave rita

Rita 2

Using one slave girl to catch another,
by slave rita

Hypnotic holder

Selena's hypnotic holder, by Selena Pride


Her wish was to become My twin in every way... by Jaquelyn

for Mind Mistress

Want to be with, or Become Gillian Anderson ?

for Mind Mistress

Looking in the mirror, the new you becomes more real

for Mind Mistress

Breathe in the smoke, forget your maleness

Entering Wonderland

Entering Wonderland
by Lisa Vixen

Becoming cockslut kim

Becoming cockslut kim by vampirewillowred




Other who wish to showcase their captioned hypnosis pictures and photomanipulations here are most welcome to do so. Just make sure you add the site URL to your pic: http://adult.hypnoticwishes.com.
If I have to add the URL Myself, the picture quality will go down, as that is the nature of retouching JPGs

Go ahead an post these pics elsewhere if you like...

Caveat: The pictures at the top represent what My girls hallucinate when looking in the mirror, as well as their new personality. I'm a hypnotist, not a plastic surgeon...

If you find your pic used anywhere on the site without permission, you have My apologies, and I will either add credits to it, or remove it as you prefer. Hunting down the author of a pic is not a trivial task...

Mind Mistress

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