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"You are not gay if someone is wearing a dress during sex, no matter how many penises are involved"

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Yes, the American Department of Homeland Security has now recognized the threat we represent with the Lesbian Conspiracy 2.0.
Spiking the water supply of cities with estrogen and putting subliminal messages in cartoons is just the beginning!
Soon we'll have them all in skirts and heels! Mouahahaha!

Monday December 28, 2009

Hypnotizing Toxin on the Real Radio Show TODAY!

Have you ever wondered what a phone session with Mind Mistress is like? Tonight at 7pm EST, I'll be hypnotizing a member of the band Toxin live on the air! It won't be the same as a one on one session, but it's free hypnosis and you can trance along to get some of the effects. The induction will have to be a shortened , but I still expect a nice transformation.

Look at the picture on Toxin's Rock page, it should be Joe, the second one from the left, with the center one also in studio (we have a backup subject, just in case they can't make it). Mind Mistress leaves nothing to chance.

I'll come on around 7:15, but you'll want that 15 minutes to make sure you have everything set up to listen with some nice headphones. Go to the Real Radio Myspace Page, and look down the right side. You'll find a Listen Live Now link for Long Island's WGBB , then a "Live Webcam, Click Here" to watch Joe go into trance (I'll be calling in).

Below that is the new Philadelphia WNJC Listen Live Now link. That's right, I'll be on air in Philadelphia, South Jersey and Long Island from now on! But it's the recorded Monday show, aired on Fridays. If you miss the Monday or want to hear it again, it will be rebroadcast in January (probably Jan 15, I'll let you know).

Added: the first Review of CD18-Anal Princess. Thank you Emma!


Saturday December 19, 2009

Happy Holidays Girls!

Added: 2009 Reviews of CD3, CD7, CD21 (use the link at the top for 2009 or scroll to the bottom of the page. Thank you for the reviews!

CD32-Sauna : The Gay CD !

That's right! No need to wear skirts, you can become a homosexual male with this CD! Many of you have wanted the courage to go pick up a male lover, without having to become a girl. Now you can!

AND, for cuckolding wives and mistresses who want to turn their wimpy husband into a gay man, this CD becomes the cornerstone of the 4 CD Gay Pack. With this training, your lesser half will be HAPPY to see you bring in a real man into bed, one who can really satisfy you. He'll stop trying to put his little thing inside you, and whether you have a thing for black cocks or just getting fucked while your husband watches, you'll finally get your needs satisfied.

Click here to see CD32-Sauna: Straight to Gay Hypnosis!

I've included a one minute free hypnosis clip from track 6! Check it out!

The payment buttons should be up by Sunday night. I've also decided to extend the FREE HYPNOSIS VIDEO offer till the end of the year, as a little holiday gift from your favorite Hypnotist. Check out CD31-Mind Mistress, The Video to find out how to qualify for your free video CD!

Next Real Radio Show: Monday December 28, 7pm.

This time, I'll have the entire show to Myself, with a subject in studio for Me to hypnotize!


Monday November 23, 2009

Lesbianizing Hypnotic Conditioning Animation

ADDED: You can find this great new Lesbian Conditioning Animation on the Captions and Animations page. This could be the solution to those who don't want to be obsessed with cocks anymore, as it trains you to not be attracted to boys... but of course, you'll still need to be a girl to be a lesbian, needing your lesbian lover to play with your boobs and pussy. And then you'll need your girlfriend conditioned to like girls... How convenient!

A great contribution to the cause of the LIC, with thanks to Mistress Fiona.

NEWS: I'm on the Real Radio Show tonight. See instructions from July 7th for listening on the web.


Friday November 20, 2009

Transgender Icon

November 20 : Transgender Day of Rememberance

Remember those who have gone before, those killed by prejudice, and those who have lived to pave the way for the next generation. In Memoriam. In Love.



Wednesday November 11, 2009

Next Radio Show: I'll be on the Real Radio Show Monday November 23. As usual, I'll answer questions from the fans, either live calls or sent by email.

I'm also preparing some very cool additions to the site... :)


Saturday October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween Girls!!

Hope you're having as much fun as I am! I'm almost ready to release the next CD... one that makes you flaming gay... ;)

NEWS: Annual Staff Brainwashing -
Please Order CDs Now!

Yes, it's once again time for My staff at the Castle to get their programming refreshed though a mix of intensive sensory deprivation, pleasurable overstimulation and destabilizing in unfamiliar settings. This ensures their undying loyalty and obedience to Yours Truly, as well as utter devotion to the cause of the Lesbian Inclusion Conspiracy and world domination. I'm told it also makes their nipples tingle.

The problem is, that means all My staff will be either busy being programmed, or doing the brainwashing on their fellows. There won't be anyone available to mail out CDs.

No CD Mailings November 7-16, please order now!

They're being abducted on Saturday November 7. So to make sure you get the CDs you NEED, please make your order at the latest on Thursday November 5. Otherwise you'll need to wait till Monday the 16th for more orders to be processed. I apologize for this necessary inconvenience.


Monday September 19, 2009

News: On Today's Real Radio Show

Well, that was fun! Today's first guests were the members of the rock band Toxin, who are opening for Twisted Sister's tour. So when I called in for the second part of the show, I had a bit of a chat with them on air. At first they sounded a bit scared of Me. Me? I wouldn't hurt a fly! Unless it annoyed Me, and then I would of course squish it mercilessly...

Check out Toxin's Myspace page. Would you look at those pretty boys? Especially the one in the middle! Now THAT's the kind of boys I like! Mmmm... perhaps they'd like to go from boy band to girl band? I could help! Heh heh!

I also suspect that their mostly female fan base... might not be as straight as they think they are. Way to go boys! Let the ladies explore their bisexual tendencies by providing them with suitably male sex symbols... that look just like girls. Long live the LIC! I love it!

At any rate, Frankie prompted Me to give them advice, so I asked if they had a question. My answer was so dead on, they were struck speechless. The next band member brought to the mike asked me where he would be in 20 years. Seems they thought I could read minds and see the future! I said I couldn't (well, not just like that!), gave a few more tidbits of advice, some inspirational suggestions, and they really warmed up, to the point of one being willing to volunteer the next time I do a trance in studio. Nice! I'm not sure which one it is, but I hope it's the cute blonde. :)

Seems they have a new female host on the show. Lisa's an MD, a radiologist I believe. At first, she was also quite wary of Me, especially when Frankie suggested she volunteer for a live trance when I next came in studio. What, am I so scary? I explained how Denise got exactly what she asked for during the live trance I did (I'm sure you've checked out that sexy hypnosis video by now, right?). But she too was much more friendly by the end of the show, and said I had a very soothing voice. It was My radio voice, not even My trance voice. I think she'd Liiiiiiike My trance voice...

Speaking of Denise, Frankie mentioned talking to her since I turned her into a Sexy Witch for the show. She's changed. She's much more confident and outgoing, and the day after the show, she did things at a bar that she'd never have dared to do before. She's not scared about flirting at all, and very much enjoys doing so. How innnnteresting, don't you think? I'm glad to hear she accepted My post hypnotic suggestions and is enjoying their effects. All in a day's work for the tireless Do Gooder that I am. :)

Update: of the FAQ on this site and on the Therapy Site.

I wrote a long answer to someone asking for a CD or sessions using her specific affirmations, and decided to include it in the FAQ. In short, affirmations don't work. I explain why. I've also tweaked and expanded some of the other answers, and added most of the adult FAQ on the therapy site, since I now do non-erotic hallucinated adventures and transformations on the therapy site at a lower cost. Speaking of which...

Added: the Adventure Hypnosis page to the Therapy site.

This is the non erotic version of hallucinated adventures I've been talking about, at about half the adult price. The page needed to be made, now it's done.


Friday September 18, 2009

sexy female hypnosis video

How about FREE sexy Hypnosis CD ?

CD31-Mind Mistress, The Video!

For the months of October and November only, get a FREE copy of CD31 with any purchase of 100$ or more. How's that for a sexy Halloween treat? Or you can purchase it individually for the low price of 30$.

To get it free you have to ASK for it! Put "I NEED MORE MIND MISTRESS" in the comments section of your order form.

  • Have you wanted to SEE Mind Mistress demonstrate Her hypnotic powers?
  • Witness an ordinary woman transformed into a sexy creature by hypnosis?
  • See the glint of mischief in the eyes of your favorite hypnotist, while She works Her magic?

Finally, you get a chance to see Mind Mistress in action, caught live on video, hypnotizing a lady volunteer in studio during the live broadcast of the Real Radio Show! CHECK OUT THIS SEXY HYPNOSIS VIDEO PAGE!

Coming Soon...
Mind Mistress, The Video Game!
Mind Mistress, The Action Figure!
Mind Mistress, The Lunchbox!
Mind Mistress, The Musical!

Uhhh... You know what, I think I'll just stick with hypnosis products. ;)

Monthly Radio Interview - October

Is Monday October 19 at 7:30 pm EST. Please call in with your questions for Mind Mistress, on relationship advice, or other topics. Or, email Mind Mistress with your questions and She will answer them during the show.

See instructions from July 7th for listening on the web to the Real Radio Show.


Friday September 18, 2009

Monthly Radio Interview - September

Is Monday the 21st at 7:00 pm EST. I'll be coming on around 7:30. See instructions from July 7th for listening on the web to the Real Radio Show.

Relationship Advice from Mind Mistress!

We'll be taking callers, answering questions and giving advice. If you don't want to call, that's okay, send your questions for Dear Abby Mistress by email, and I'll answer your questions live on radio! Send in questions, it's more fun that way. :) Click here to send Me email questions.


Wednesday 9 September, 2009

Adult Baby Hypnosis CDs

S-Tripper and SpyBaby II pages now up!

Check out S-Tripper and SpyBabyII ! Not only that, I've included a free hypnosis mp3 clip at the top of each of their pages, so you can get a taste of them. The first taste is free... mouahahaha...

The payment buttons are up, and you'll find a deal for the complete S Trilogy, as well as one for the two SpyBaby CDs.

SpyBaby II features a special track *especially* for bedwetting, using special Ericksonian Hypnosis methods. S-Tripper completes the trilogy, with everything needed for converting a good boy into a very bad girl...


Friday 4 September, 2009

Two New CDs Out! CD29-S-Tripper and CD30-SpyBabyII !

Yes, more CDs are finally done and ready, and I'm releasing two at once! CD29-S-Stripper continues the trilogy, taking the exhibitionist of CD28-S-Exhibition, and leading her to become a shameless stripper...

CD30-SpyBabyII continues the adventures in incontinence, with brand new ways to make sure you can't go anywhere without wearing diapers, because you'll be messing uncontrollably. Many Adult Babies have been clamoring for the sequel, so here it is!

My minions have started assembling the CDs. The description pages and payment buttons should be up within a week.

And here's a fun video: The Adventures of Captain Crossdresser! (offsite)


Monday August 24, 2009

Monthly Radio Interview

Is tonight 7pm EST. I'll be coming on around 7:30. Frankie Dee wants to learn about roller derby, so I'll be speaking about my experiences as a Derby Girl tonight. See instructions below on July 7th.


Thursday July 30, 2009

Toll Free Number for Orders!

If you wish to place your credit card orders by phone instead of online, you can now do so! The toll free number is on the payment page.


Monday July 28, 2009

News of the Interview -Taking over the Radio

No, really, I am about to take over an entire media empire! Mouahah! All right,... so it's a small one. Still, world domination has to start *somewhere*. Frankie Dee was so impressed by My hypnotic demonstration on his July 13th show that he offered Me a monthly spot as featured guest. How many Mistresses do you know that have their own radio show? Hmm? I thought not.

Weekly would be too much, I do have a Queendom to run you know. Monthly is perfect. Come to think of it, his eyes were a bit glassy when he made the offer... heh heh.

My next appearance on the show will be on Monday August 24.
I'll try to make sure any technical difficulties with the audio are resolved before then.

Hypnotizing The Lady on Live Radio

It was quite a bit of fun to hypnotize that lovely lady they so kindly provided Me to prey on... I mean, to demonstrate My skill on. I asked her to tell Me about a Halloween costume she had worn. As you know, people's costumes can often reveal secret desires. She said "a witch". So I quickly dropped her into trance, and turned her into a SEXY Witch, who enslaved men by putting love potion drops in their drinks. Mmmmm... and when asked what she put in her potions, she had many interesting ingredients, Viagra being the first one!

Cousin V tried to get a date with her... but I'm affraid with so many men, she couldn't be bothered. LOL! Her girl friends in the room first thought "wow, she's a great actress". But then they went, "hey... she looks... different! I don't think she's acting!!" Such is the power of hypnosis. I ended the trance with suggestions of confidence in herself and her sex appeal. Always good to help women become more sexually assertive, I think.

Living Large with Mistress Alice

After such a fun start to My trip, I spent the week relaxing and cruising around town with Mistress Alice in her sexy new car. We had fun at an amusement park, discovered a new type of ice cream, and lounged in the shade at a Blues festival that was going on. Though I think I have rather overdosed on Blues, which is not a favorite style to begin with, and will have to take out My ire by transforming the next Bluesman I meet into a candy-pop loving bimbo.

Listen to the interview NOW!

Oh, and the show WAS recorded, if you missed it. Just go to http://www.myspace.com/realradioshow and look for Podcasting on the right side. You can listen to the whole thing right now! The induction is near the middle of the show, if you want to use the slider to skip the first guest and go right to it.

And I'm not saying we had an expert cameraman on the spot recording the whole thing in for a high quality video that you'll be able to enjoy, seeing that lady succumbing to My powers... as I put My hands on her... loosening her more and more... but then again, maybe we did...

Tuesday July 7, 2009

Interview Addendum

You have the link to see the webcam view of My interview. But it doesn't seem to broadcast sound. For that, you have to Click here to Listen to WGGB Radio. (yes, it's in Chineese between 6am and 6pm EST).

Clicking will bring up a popup, asking you what program to use. I just use Windows Media Player. You might want to try this earlier to make sure it works.

And here's the video link again: http://www.myspace.com/realradioshow
Look on the right side below "Live WebCam"


Tuesday June 30, 2009

See Mind Mistress interviewed LIVE on the web!
*Monday July 13th, 7:00-8:00 PM EST*

  • Is Mind Mistress real, you ask? You'll see for yourself!
  • Is she a great hypnotist? See Her hypnotize a volunteer during the live broadcast!
  • Got a burning question to ask Her? She'll be taking live calls during the show!
  • Always wanted to give Her hypnosis a try, but short on cash? Listen... to take advantage of a special radio discount!
  • Want to hear more about the adventures of the Red Queen as She rules the Magic Queendom?
  • Wondering whether Dr.Natural has been allowed out of his cage yet? And how Evil Mistress Alice has become since her conversion to "Red King", second in command and overseer of the Queendom's business?

Frankie Dee will ask the questions, and you will hear it all directly from the Mistress.

Do you want to miss that? Can you resist? Will you forgive yourself if you skip this chance to see and hear Her speak to *you*? And will you fall even deeper under Her spell, as thousands of listeners also hear Her honeyed voice...

Mind Mistress will be the featured guest of the Real Radio Show: WGBB 1240 AM in Long Island, New York, the Official Radio Station of the Magic Queendom.
Be there for the release of Her Latest CD!

See it LIVE on http://www.myspace.com/realradioshow
But make sure you have the Adobe Flash Player first!
You can get the Flash plugin for your browser here: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

Mind Mistress personally invites you to attend,
and gives you these words of wisdom:

"Beware the lollipop of mediocrity, lick once and you suck forever..."


Thursday June 6 2009

Added: new sections and a review to the spirituality sessions page of the therapy site.

Added (previously): Sports hypnosis page to the therapy site.


Wednesday May 20, 2009

New Non-Erotic Hypnosis Adventure Sessions!

Now with 100% less sex! That's right! You can have any kind of adventure you want. You can be transformed into a girl by a mad scientist supervillain. But no sex. You can be married and go to bed with your spouse. Except after a bit of kissing and cuddling, the scene cuts to the next morning. Exactly like you'd see in any mainstream movie. You can have romantic tension, flirting, go to high school and be a cheerleader, or live the life of an international spy. But no kinky stuff beyond what the Evil Enemy She-Wolf Spy would do to a hero on the big screen. Basically, anything that would show on daytime TV is fine.

What, you expected to get all the options at half the price? Sorry, no can do. I can't undercut My own services. But, I also want to give poorer girls the chance to have the female body they dream of. So if you want to experience a transformation and adventure as a girl, then this is the deal for you. And if you *really* want the steamy sex scenes, you can get some adult sessions to handle those.

Otherkin Hypnotic Transformations

This type of session is also ideal for those who don't want to be feminized. Since I'm a lesbian, I'm not interested in doing hetero sexual fantasies for men. But if you take out the sex, then it's just an entertaining story, and I like good stories. If you're a Furry or Otherkin, and want to experience having the body of an anthropomorphic wolf, cat, etc. or be an elf, a dragon, or whatever else, then this gives you a chance to live it at a reasonable price.

Transformation by Hypnosis For Only 60$

You also save money because one session is devoted to teaching deep trance, and one to sexual triggers in adult sessions. In this case, we don't need the sexual triggers, so you save a session. And if you didn't want to blow too much money to find out if you can be hypnotized and transformed... then this is the cheapest way to do it. Because I assure you I can do it. 60$ online, 80$ by phone.

There isn't a page for that type of session yet, but the request form is up. Look for Adventure Hypnosis on the Therapy site's First Session Page.


Wednesday May 13, 2009

Something Blue and Something New

My goodness, has it really been that long since the last update? I've been spending so much time on emails and on the therapeutic side (and @#%#%$ taxes), I've been remiss on this side. Tax madness is finally over, and I realize many are not feeling as wealthy as they used to. So I've devised a new type of session, which many of you will find appealing I think.

The best part of this new session type is the price: 60$/h online, 80$/h by phone, same as therapy. And yes, you can hallucinate being a girl and having adventures as a girl.

What's the catch, you ask? Heh heh... there's always a catch. TANSTAAFL (look it up). But I think I'll end this update here... and keep you guessing for a little while longer. I *LIKE* making you squirm a bit... and I do have to get some work done on the next CD...


Wednesday February 18, 2009

And a Belated Happy Valentine's Day!

Added: Artwork for CD17-SpyBaby and CD24-Schoolgirl to the Payment page, CD Page, and a bigger version on their description page.

Added: Two pages to the Not So Evil Section

Customer Service - Evil With A Smile
Ever wondered how We respond to dominants who want help in feminizing their pet? Here's what it looks like, when Mistress Sherry contacts us...

Customer Service - Forced Feminization Made Easy
Now we see how well the CDs work to turn our pet into a girl.


Monday January 5, 2009

Well, a belated happy new year to all!

I did some very nice tweakings of the therapy site, and more to the point, converted more of the adult site to CSS so they have side menus, AND changed those really old pics that needed changing. Namely, the entrance page, the hall menu page, and one more page that is an important one, but not part of the menu. You shouldn't have a hard time finding it. I think you'll like what you see...

There's still more work to be done... but I'm also working with a lovely lady on designing a sports performance hypnosis process, and eventually a CD. Of course, I can't do anything the way everyone else does. This CD is designed to make timid girls into, well... SEXY ATHLETIC CATGIRLS! With speed, fearlessness and a streak of mean! And a nice hallucination of soft fur, claws and a tail. So far, the process seems to be working delightfully well with her, and while My main target is derby, I'll try to make it useable to increase performance for other sports as well. MEOW!!

I love My job...



By Mind Mistress

female hypnotic eye

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