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If you are into Mind Control Erotica (hypnosis and other means), you'll find mcstories.com , The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive, to be the best one around. And totally free. Also listed here are some of My other favorite story sites.


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Or search:

WWW (the whole web)
Erotic Mind Control Story Archive(mcstories.com)
SuperStories (superstories.net) Superhero Fetish Stories
ASFS (stories.smokesigs.com) Smoking Fetish stories
Saphire's Place (sapphireplace.com) Transgender stories
Crystals's Storysite (storysite.org) Transgender stories
Nifty story Archive (library.gaycafe.com/nifty) Queer stories
BigCloset (http://www.bigclosetr.us/topshelf/) Transgender stories

(if you'd like other sites added to the seach list here, contact Mind Mistress)

(To see the stories of this site, click here for the Story Gallery, and here for the captioned mind-control story pics)


How to search

Say you want to find all the stories that have blondes in them. You'd type in "blonde" and click on the button above (the button and text fields down here don't actually do anything).

Put an AND between all the things you want to have in that page. If you want only stories that have blondes and smoking, you'd type:

Click on the Search button, and voila! All the stories containing the word "blonde" and "smoking" are there at your fingertips!

Here's an example of a more complex search. One that is looking for "fur coat" and "blonde". Because "fur coat" is in two words, and you want to make sure that it only takes pages that has those two words together, you put them in quotes.

Have fun!

MC Stories allows you to look for stories by :

Titles · Authors · Categories · Readers' Picks · What's New · or to Make a Donation

(a good idea... providing everyone with stories for free costs them a lot... they really need contributions)

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