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"You are not gay if someone is wearing a dress during sex, no matter how many penises are involved"

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Current Feminization
Alert Level

Terror Alert Level

Yes, the American Department of Homeland Security has now recognized the threat we represent with the Lesbian Conspiracy 2.0.
Spiking the water supply of cities with estrogen and putting subliminal messages in cartoons is just the beginning!
Soon we'll have them all in skirts and heels! Mouahahaha!

Saturday December 29


Updated: The payment page buttons now work! They still take you to Girls-R-Us.TV to do the payment, but you can select your items on My site directly. However, I'm still waiting on Jazz to add the Fast Shipping buttons on Girls-R-Us. That should be done within a day or two.

Added: Newly Made Bisexual Bimbo Wife: Actual Hypnosis Chat Log to the women's section of the Story Gallery. She was fun to hypnotize... and sooo much better once I was done with her! You've all been good girls... you deserve a little something from Mistress for the holidays :)

Roller Derby News: In case you were wondering, I DID make it onto a Roller Derby team on November 6. I'm now in La Racaille, team colors are Kelly Green and Silver, and I'm number 69. Not My top choice in colors, but green does go very nicely with My red hair...

I've been practicing hard at skating practices and knocking a few girls down... ;)

So to make up for the the bruises I've caused, I had Dr Natural make available to the world one of his amazing concoctions... the one I've been using for months to heal *My* own aches and pains, and I can tell you for sore muscles and joints, it's almost magical!

The League girls all got a free sample for Christmas of
Derby Girl Crash & Burn Repair Gel
, curtesy of The Mad Scientist and Myself.

Is sports pain kicking your ass? Maybe you need a boost of GRRRL Power in a jar!

NOBODY gets aches and pains like a Derby Girl! (If you doubt this, contact your nearest Roller Derby League, and they'll kick the crap out you... until you agree with us)

Our Derby Girl gels will ease your aches and pains, no matter what sport you play, supporting the healing of muscle and joint inflammation, bruises, pulled ligaments, and even does a fair job on arthritis pains! Most gels just give you heat, no better than a hot water bottle. Ours actually speed up the healing process, so you can get back on the track and knock those other biatches down!

Derby Girl Crash & Burn Relief Gel: This one is HOT! Does everything Relief does, but with Cayenne to bring more blood flow to the area, it clears up bruises by flushing out the stagnant blood, and really warms up and relaxes those aching muscles. Ideal for sprains, strains and ACUTE PAINS! But... can you take the HEAT??

Derby Girl Gels are lovingly made by hand with a proprietary blend of herbal extracts and essences, and designed by our own in-house Naturopath. They are currently only available through www.Girls-R-Us.TV

The girls LOVE it, and one of My teammates had this to say about it:

"OMG derby crash and burn red-brown gelly stuff sooo good last night. Went to bed with sweet, spicy dreams." - K-Dawg


Tuesday November 20, 2007

Transgender Day of Rememberance in the Chatroom

Unlike our last trance which was *EROTIC* in nature,
This one will be more of a serious, *Spiritual* one.

I will read a poem to invoke and mourn the transgender dead, and
then lead a trance so each person can meet in spirit with one of them.
You can talk to them, or simply feel their presence. You can mourn
them, honor them, and if you want, you can ask them to be your
"guardian angel" in transgendered matters.

Please let Me know if there are some transgender dead you wish to honor in particular, and I can add your memorial to them here in Updates. See the 2006 update for more details, or go to Remembering our dead.

11pm Eastern as usual, in the chatroom.

Sunday October 29, 2007

The NEW Girls-R-Us Transformation Castle opening sneak preview !

After the Halloween room trance in the chatroom, you'll be given the link for a secret sneak preview to the brand new Transformation Castle!

It will blow you away... A whole new snazzy top grade interface with :

*Better Navigation*
*New Features*
*New Articles*
*New Categories*
*New Pictures and Voice Messages from Me*
*Reduced or Free Shipping on Many Items*

And best of all... Not only is it Georgeous...


The Old Castle hav over 5,000 Products.

The New Castle will have over 5,000 Pairs of Shoes!
in the sizes YOU want, at half the prices you'd expect in a store

There will be sections for BDSM, Goth wear, Stripper wear, Lingerie, Panties, Purses, Clothing, Novelties, Movies, 10 000 Sex Toys, and of course, Mistress Alices & Dr Natural's Original Creations (Girl Juice and other exclusive and tested breast growth formulas) & other Suprises

Oh ...

And did I mention over 5,000 Pairs of Shoes?

Stripper, Dress, Goth, Punk Shoes, from Flats to 8" Stilletos, Many in Large sizes up to Size 16.

We hope to unveil it on Halloween, but in the event its delayed...
We are considering giving out the link on Trance Night, to give all our girls a secret sneak preview so they can share Our excitement.

You *NEED* to be there this Tuesday Night at 11PM

See Ya there ...

Mind Mistress


Saturday October 27, 2007


Chatroom Halloween Trance on Tuesday October 30!
Meet the Genie in a Bottle!

11pm Eastern as usual, in the chatroom. The biggest holiday of the year!

Mistress News: Tryouts for the Montreal Roller Derby League are on Tuesday November 6! Woohoo! I'll either be filling in one of the openings in the existing teams, or be one of those creating the fourth team (coming up with a team name, theme, uniforms...)

Thursday October 10 2007

Added: One of My biggest fans, Whitney Sparkles has created a website My honor, as I the inspired her to become the girl she was always meant to be! You can find her hypnotic captioned pics and stories of subliminal brainwashing, smoking fetish and seduction. You can find her section in My feminized slaves gallery.

Unfortunately, Whitney is no longer among us, and what became of her is below on that first page. I suggest you enjoy her fantasy art and erotic transformation stories first, as it was meant to be seen.

Added: a cockslut transformation captioned pic of Becoming Kim, by vampirewillowred, at the bottom of the feminized slaves gallery.


Friday September 21, 2007

Added: A new Testimonial in the Gallery: Using the site animation, a hetero man has been turned into the simple minded cock loving girl Tanya! Like, wow!

Something both sexy and geeky, MoanMyIP.com : A sexy girl moaning out your computer's IP address on the internet! Added to the Links page.

Friday September 7, 2007

Chatroom Trance on Sunday September 9!
Back to school schoolgirl trance

I've been back from vacation for a few weeks now, and it's time to get all you girls back in your cute plaid skirts :)
11pm Eastern as usual, in the chatroom.


Monday July 30, 2007


I am on vacation starting Thursday August 2, returning Tuesday August 14. There will be no sessions or CD mailings done during that time. Any orders made after August 1 will be shipped when I return. Enjoy the site and chatroom in the meantime!

I'll be camping with friends... :)


Thusday July 19, 2007

Mistress Alice's Birthday Party

Stop by in the chatroom and give our birthday girl a big hug and flowers! :)

It's at 11pm Eastern...


Thursday June 28, 2007

Chatroom Trance on Tuesday July 3rd!
Amazon Independence Day

Yes, the 4rth of July is the American Independence day, but July 3rd is all for Amazons! ;)
11pm Eastern as usual, in the chatroom.

CDs 25 and 26, Soft and Sensitive, have sold very well. Let's hear some feedback from them, girls. How do you like them ? :)

And yes... the CD description pages will be coming soon! But this weekend is Canada day, July 1. And, the Montreal Roller Derby All Star is facing a Pennsylvania team. Our Canadian girls will win through superior politeness... yeah, right... ;)

Added: New Links to some cool Transgender comics I like.

Do you feel lucky? http://www.break.com/index/tough-to-argue.html



Sunday June 3, 2007

Chatroom Trance Today, it's also MY birthday on June 9!

So we can celebrate My birthday as well as Genie's! I'll be very busy next weekend celebrating with friends ;)

GothMissy, steffi and CockSlut lisa have been very good to Me, but there's still a few things on My wish list if you want to get Me a gift. :)

Added: Payment Buttons for CD25. CD26, and the 25 & 26 Combo on the Payment page. The CDs are ready to ship, and the full description pages will be up soon.


Thusday May 31, 2007

Chatroom Trance & birthday party for Mistress Genie on Sunday

Her Birthday is Saturday, but we'll be having our party and trance in the chatroom on Sunday June 3rd, 11pm Eastern as usual.

NEW CDs! CD25-Soft & CD26-Sensitive are done!

CD25-Soft is to become totally impotent, so that no matter how turned on you are, your penis stays soft, and arousal focusses more on the anus than the genitals.

CD26-Sensitive makes you totally allergic to male clothing, so that you can't bear to wear anything unless it comes from the women's department without breaking out into a rash.

As a special launch offer, I will be giving 10% off for those who buy both, under the Soft & Sensitive Special, for 90$.

Both CDs will be available to order next week!

Added: Mind Mistress Mania package deal, to get ALL 24 CDs at 40$ each instead of 50$ each, a 20% saving! It will be all 26 CDs next week after we add the two new ones. For those who want it ALL! See the payment page.

New captioned pics forthcoming, as well as some texts...


Thursday April 26, 2007

Added: Two new Flash animations by Sissy Jenny, our latest winner in the ever ongoing Subversive Art Contest! See her animation in the Feminized Slave Girls Gallery. One is for wearing panties, and the other is called Addickted... I'm sure you can figure it out, and if you can't, try them out! Mouahaha!

On TV this week: Born with the Wrong Body: Transgender 10-Year-Old Girl and Her Family Talk to Barbara Walters. Watch "My Secret Self: A Story of Transgender Children" this Friday on "20/20" at 10 p.m. EDT (For those in Canada and the US)

Thank you to GothMissy for the great skates from My gifts page!

Thank you to Cockslut Lisa for the Krypto Route 70 Outdoor Skate Wheels and the China Bones Bearings!

Now what I need most badly are the elephant wrench, the toe stops, and the toe guards. They're $4, $13 and $7:)

Kisses girls!


Monday April 9, 2007

Easter Chatroom Trance-script Posted!

Added: Did you miss the group trance in the chatroom? No problem, you can get the script of Inanna's Descent Trance here. It is also now available in the Story Gallery, as a plain text log, completely unedited. Some people get decent trance results from scrolling down the log, one line at a time, as if it was happening live. Or maybe you just want to see what happens in the chatroom...

You can thank Ozma for this trance. She donated her hypnosis session payment to share the trance for everyone's benefit.


Tuesday April 3, 2007

Easter Chatroom Trance

This upcoming Sunday, 11pm EDT, I will be leading a holiday trance on a similar theme from Sumerian mythology Inanna's descent into the underworld. Death and rebirth... girly style!

IRC Chatroom


Sunday April 1, 2007

My New Hobby is Roller Derby!

Check out the Gifts for Mistress page to read all about it !

Added: Entering Wonderland, a captioned pic of our feminized slave jennifer, at the bottom of the Feminized Gallery page.

Wednesday March 7, 2007

In The News!

The soap opera All My Children now has an MtF transgender character, and on Friday March 9, Zarf / Zoe will be going to a transgender support group... where the members of the group are transgenders playing themselves, and telling their own story. Oh, and Zarf is falling in love with the show's out of of the closet lesbian... Check it out here!

Why is this important? Exposure, outside of Jerry Springer, makes transgenders more acceptable, and acceptance makes life easier...


Wednesday 14 February, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day !

Time to doll up and go look up some sexy piece of ass girls! ;-)


(Finally. Geeze, She took her sweet time to get back to us poor girls...)
What's that? Complaints??
(grumble grumble)
I think someone needs to stretch out some more with their anal toys...
(ummm,... no Mistress... it's all fine... really... we're glad you're back...)
No, no, I've been remiss. Go practice your anal insertion skills. NOW.
(Yes Mistress, right away Mistress)
Good girl....


I will be working on the backlog of emails this week, and scheduling sessions for next week. If you've already asked, there's probably no point in asking again, at least not this week. I have enough backlogged requests to fill up a few weeks I think. And quite a few couples! I looove doing couples!

I've made the Trance Request Form active again. New people need to fill it out to get a session, from the First Session Page.

IRC CHATROOM Valentine's Party

There will be a Valentine's get together in the IRC Chatroom on Saturday night. What's that I hear? Someone's getting cyber-married in the Chatroom on Saturday? Really? And people are going there to meet up and pair up? Oh dear! That could lead to... Trancing!

Boobies, boobies and more boobies

Those Chatroom gals have been busy trying out girl juice, and sending pictures of their results. Oh My. Gran-Hot-Mama, what big titties you have! (The better to be fondled dear). Check them out at Girls-R-Us.tv Testimonials. But A picture is worth a thousand words. Check out the breast growth picture gallery.



By Mind Mistress

female hypnotic eye

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