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Not So Evil Mistress

Not So Evil Hypnosis Section

Sometimes, I am Not So Evil. This section contains hypnosis logs, conversation logs and reviews that aren't really Erotic Mind Control. They clearly aren't therapy either. But they're about hypnosis, or hypnotic adventures, light hearted, fun or educational. Hence, all My work that doesn't register high enough on the Evil-O-Meter will go here, in the Not So Evil Hypnosis Section.

This section was started July 2008 for new material that fit this mood.

Real Girl Challenges!

February: Valentine Embroidery!

Learn some real girl skills and win a free session!

Ericksonian Hypnosis Tips

Free Online Ericksonian Hypnosis Training Seminar Log 1 -
I am planning on writing a book to teach my hypnotic techniques, and doing free online seminars is a good way to get it written. I've done two so far. I'll be continuing in the Fall.

Lip Licking Good Hypnosis!
A demonstration of how rapport creates amusing hypnotic effects.

Hypnosis Feminized on Acid?
Well, there's a new way to make girls!


Hypnotic Adventure Logs & Stories

The Thing That's Behind You. A chilling short story by Mind Mistress (with a Flash) (14Jul12) NEW!

Do Druids Dance At Midnight?
Part2 (Apr19 2010) Part3 (May4 2010) Part4 (May7 2010) Part5 (May30 2010) Part6 (July3 2010) Part7 (15Jul10) Part8 (2sept10) Part9 (30sept10) Part10 (21dec10) Part11 (22dec10) Part12 (23dec10) Part13 (27dec10) Part14(29dec10) Part15 (13jan11) Part16 (18jan11) Part17 (23jan11) Part18 (17mar11) Part19 - Part20 (8jul11) - Part21(9sep11) - Part22(25dec11) - Part23 (27mar12) Part23-Final Chapter(1oct12) NEW!
A Saxon merchant runs into sex changing Druid magic, some time after the Roman conquest of Britain. Another story with Colleen.

Feminized Cheerleader Part1 (Apr12 2010)
Feminized Cheerleader Part2 (Apr18 2010)
StephM's saucy adventures as a boy recruited to the cheerleading squad.

Colleen's Gothic Horror Adventure Complete!
Part 1 Part 2 (added July 14 2008) Part 3 (added July 14) Part 4 (Sept 14) Part 5 (Sept 22) Part 6 (Sept 25) Part 7 Part 8 (Oct10) Part 9 (Nov11) Part 10 (Dec4) Part 11 (Dec16). Will our hero leave this haunted mansion with his maleness and sanity intact?

Colleen's Little Mermaid Bachelorette Party (Nov 11 2008, Complete!)
Ever wondered what it's like to be the bachelorette? Here's your chance to find out! No transformation, she's just a woman about to get married. Live the experience as you read.

Mindscaping Part1(7dec08), Part2 (16dec08) Complete!
Minscaping allows the layout of the mind to be changed, by making it into a landscape. First we help with remembering dreams... then changing the mind to work like a woman's... redecorate your brain!

Colleen's Star Trek Wedding: Coming soon!
Colleen gets married at the Las Vegas Hilton's Star Trek: The Experience. A little sweetness before the next weird and disturbing story...


Mistress Does Therapy - Sex Life Advice

They don't call us shrinks for nothing...

Emasculated Husband Counseling Part 1 of 2 (Feb14 2010)
Emasculated Husband Counseling Part 2 of 2 (Mar15 2010) Complete!
Some men feel totally emasculated by their corporate wives, and find that now, He's the Wife! This can be very upsetting. See how I do therapy to help a man cope with realizing he's become the wife... and enjoy it! No hypnosis... just a harmless pleasant chat with lots of NLP and therapeutic mind twisting.

How to Pick a Strapon Harness (Oct21 2010)
Strapon sex is therapeutic, right? It lets you get DEEPLY into the issues at hand... So here's a review of a few harnesses from your favorite Mistress.


User Reviews & Comments

Customer Service - Evil With A Smile
Ever wondered how We respond to dominants who want help in feminizing their pet? Here's what it looks like, when Mistress Sherry contacts us...

Customer Service - Forced Feminization Made Easy
Now we see how well the CDs work to turn our pet into a girl.

CD07-Youth: Breast Growth by hypnosis
a user's diary of usage with actual measurements.


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