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Hypnosis on Acid

Is it possible that my friend was hypnotized while on LSD?

Feminized on Acid
Facebook picture of the male friend after he was hypnotized.


My friend tried lsd for the first time a couple of weeks ago. For some ridiculous reason he and his girlfriend thought it would be a funny idea to see if he could be hypnotized while on acid.

So they hired someone claiming to be a professional hypnotist – I have no idea of his actual credentials. They both agreed that only the girlfriend would know what he was going to be hypnotized to do, that way they would know if it really worked.

I was there for some of the time, and what they were doing seemed pretty intense. I don’t really believe in hypnosis, but it really looked like he was in a deep trance and tripping REALLY hard on lsd. (I think he had about 5 hits).

What I don’t get it why his girlfriend decided on hypnotizing him to dress up like a girl. From what I heard when I was there, the hypnotist tried to implant the idea that he would feel like he was on fire if he wasn’t wearing women’s clothes and makeup along with the need to show it off to other people.

I didn’t take any of this crap seriously, which is why I laughed it off and left after a while.

But what really disturbs me is that he posted this picture on his facebook yesterday:


This guy is one of the straightest most masculine guys I know. I honestly don’t think he would ever do anything like this. But that is definitely him in the picture, without a doubt.

I went to go visit him today, but he wouldn’t come to the door. I don’t believe in hypnosis, but is it possible that the LSD had some kind of effect and now his mind believes everything the hypnotist told him? I’m really worried for him. Is there any way we can get him out of this mess?

This message was reposted anonymously in a number of forums. Don't know if it's a hoax, but I do know it's pretty hot. :-D

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