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Looking for a feminizing female hypnotist?

erotic hypnosis: hypnotic services for men, women and couples, by phone, in person (Montreal, QC) or online

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Hypnosis FAQ : Frequently asked questions. Get your answers here!  
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Main Story Gallery: Hypnosis stories, forced feminization, & training programs
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First session instructions : If you want to be hypnotized, read this first  
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Payment page : Check the prices   Not So Evil Not So EVIL Section : Session adventure logs, Ericksonian Hypnosis tips, and long user reviews. NEW!
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Updates: What's new on the site?
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Mind Mistress' Bio page : Learn all about your Mistress  
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Guestbook : Read accounts of other people's hypnosis sessions, and know what can be done
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Therapy & spirituality site : Mind Mistress is also here (I'm not always a bad girl... )  
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Links : Other good sites. Wanna link? Putting a link to My site is a really nice way to help my ratings on search engines! If you have a site, please do and let Me know you did!
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CHAT ROOM (SorceryNet on IRC) : Meet amateur hypnotists and subjects, and make some friends.  
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Free erotic hypnosis pictures and audio clips : Mind Mistress's seminar on hypnosis & conditioning techniques for slave training
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Mind Control Search Engine
Story search engine : Of the erotic mind control story archive
Slave girls for sale
Slave girls for sale: Are you willing to sell yourself for girl training, or are you an investor who'll pay for a poor girl? (ARCHIVE - No Longer Active)
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Gifts for Mind Mistress
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Mind Mistress wants to play with your mind... and with Her, boys will be girls

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The more I stare, the more I obey

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