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Do Druids Dance At Midnight?

A Hypnotic Adventure Session Log
Session 11

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TG Fiction hypnosis log: A Saxon merchant runs into sex changing Druid magic, some time after the Roman conquest of Britain.

Part 1: Setup
Part 2: The Trance
Part 3: The Adventure
Part 4: Debriefing

Part 1-Setup


colleen: hello
mind_mistress: Hello :)
mind_mistress: So let's see... where are we at for today :)
colleen: umm dinner tonight we were discussing steel and smuggling etc
colleen: laying ground work last time trying to build trust with Brigit
mind_mistress: yes :)
colleen: so what should be next?
mind_mistress: Well, do you want to go to your storeroom today, or go directly to your date?
colleen: I think that Brigit believes me about the steel and that she doesn't need to see for herself yet
colleen: She can't do anything till her sisters return next week
mind_mistress: right
mind_mistress: So? :)
colleen: and she doesn't want to draw any undue attention
mind_mistress: Date then?
colleen: I think so...anything I'm forgeting here?
colleen: anything I'm missing?
mind_mistress: Nope, I think that's it...
colleen: ok
mind_mistress: I'm trying to figure out dates...
colleen: in what way?
mind_mistress: this is your third day as a woman I think?
colleen: I think the second
colleen: though it seems longer
mind_mistress: yeah, it does :P
colleen: unless you cont the night I was changed then it is the third
colleen: 2 and 1/2? :)
mind_mistress: Your first day was very full!
colleen: very!
mind_mistress: getting a boyfriend, facing the inquisition, almost getting raped!
mind_mistress: plotting a war...
mind_mistress: yer a busy girl ;)
colleen: imagine the future
colleen: :)
mind_mistress: All right, then let's go onto the date...
colleen: alright
mind_mistress: Hmmmm... what kind of place would Lucius take you to...
colleen: I've no idea...what kind of places are there in Londonium
mind_mistress: That's what I'm trying to imagine...
colleen: me too
colleen: in any case I would want to look right for the date
mind_mistress: TRue :)
mind_mistress: you want to spend time getting ready?
colleen: not knowing what to expect
colleen: maybe some
colleen: I place myself in your hands
mind_mistress: I'm not sure Cinnea really knows how to get ready...
colleen: the date makes me nervous
mind_mistress: :D
colleen: can't slip up and reveal my background
colleen: not sure how to behave
colleen: strange feelings
mind_mistress: Mmmmm
mind_mistress: All right, I think I'm ready. How about you?
colleen: yes
mind_mistress: you want prep time, or just get taken directly from work?
colleen: what ever you think is most appropriate
mind_mistress: Okay :)


Part 2 - The Trance


mind_mistress: So as you're sitting there...
mind_mistress: staring at the bright screen...
mind_mistress: you can feel the weight of your body...
mind_mistress: and you can feel your breathing...
mind_mistress: noticing how fast or slow...
mind_mistress: how shallow or deep...
mind_mistress: your breathing is...
mind_mistress: and you can feel the reddish liquid...
mind_mistress: everywhere inside...
mind_mistress: as if you were hollow and filled with it...
mind_mistress: feeling it cool...and heavy...
mind_mistress: that's right...
mind_mistress: more and more with every breath...
mind_mistress: and feeling in your feet...
mind_mistress: the reddish liquid...
mind_mistress: getting nicely tingly...
mind_mistress: tingly heavy...
mind_mistress: more with every breath...
mind_mistress: so nicely returning to trance...
mind_mistress: spreading...
mind_mistress: from the feet...
mind_mistress: to the ankles...
mind_mistress: and soon the calves I imagine...
mind_mistress: breathing and going...
mind_mistress: deeper and deeper...
mind_mistress: into trance...
mind_mistress: with every breath more...
mind_mistress: and while it spreads in your lower body...
mind_mistress: feeling inside your hands...
mind_mistress: the reddish liquid...
mind_mistress: heavy... tingly...
mind_mistress: so nice...
mind_mistress: more and more...
mind_mistress: tingling...
mind_mistress: and spreading...
mind_mistress: in the fingers... palms...
mind_mistress: soon the wrists...
mind_mistress: and lower arms...
mind_mistress: that's right...
mind_mistress: and how far up from the feet has the tingling spread?
colleen: moving towards breasts
mind_mistress: yessss
mind_mistress: and opening the feet now...
mind_mistress: the toes...
mind_mistress: to drain the feet...
mind_mistress: blank and empty...
mind_mistress: hollow and numb...
mind_mistress: and soon the ankles...
mind_mistress: and calves...
mind_mistress: draining all away...
mind_mistress: feels so nice...
mind_mistress: so right...
mind_mistress: returning to trance...
mind_mistress: and while the lower body drains...
mind_mistress: more with every breath...
mind_mistress: you can open the palms...
mind_mistress: to let the hands drain...
mind_mistress: blank and empty...
mind_mistress: hollow and numb...
mind_mistress: that's right...
mind_mistress: draining so good...
mind_mistress: the hands...
mind_mistress: wrists...
mind_mistress: lower arms...
mind_mistress: Mmmmmm
mind_mistress: very good...
mind_mistress: letting yourself drain away...
mind_mistress: deeper into trance...
mind_mistress: *Trance Trigger*
colleen: I obey
mind_mistress: yesss
mind_mistress: and how far up are you empty numb now?
colleen: above the neck
mind_mistress: Yesss
mind_mistress: and opening the nape...
mind_mistress: you can let the neck and head...
mind_mistress: drain away...
mind_mistress: blank and empty...
mind_mistress: hollow and numb...
mind_mistress: yesss
mind_mistress: draining...
mind_mistress: and fading...
mind_mistress: more and more...
mind_mistress: *Trance Trigger*
colleen: I obey
mind_mistress: Very good...
mind_mistress: and what is there left of you now?
colleen: nothing
mind_mistress: Good girl...


Part 3 - The Adventure


mind_mistress: and drifting now...
mind_mistress: to the Inn...
mind_mistress: where you see yourself as Cinnea...
mind_mistress: waiting at the counter for customers to serve...
mind_mistress: it's pretty quiet at this time of the afternoon...
mind_mistress: and do you see yourself there?
colleen: yes
colleen: wearing the apron dress
mind_mistress: and drifting closer...
mind_mistress: and closer...
mind_mistress: seeing more and more clearly...
mind_mistress: until you get sooo close...
mind_mistress: you drift into your body there...
mind_mistress: all the way in...
mind_mistress: seeing out of your own female eyes...
mind_mistress: and hearing the sounds of the few customers...
mind_mistress: and feeling your female body...
mind_mistress: more and more with every breath...
mind_mistress: Brigit walks over to you...
mind_mistress: "So how do you feel about your big date?" she smiles
colleen: "hi"
colleen: "i don't know"
colleen: "this is a mistake"
mind_mistress: "why do you say that?"
colleen: "i'm not sure about this"
mind_mistress: "Well, it's your first date... that's pretty normal"
colleen: "i mean I'm a man or was"
colleen: "i don't know what to expect"
mind_mistress: "Well, yes, but you're a normal woman now. "
colleen: "but still..."
mind_mistress: "I mean... do you think I'm pretty?"
colleen: "yes very pretty"
mind_mistress: "When you were Wode, would you have taken me to bed?"
colleen: "Of course"
mind_mistress: "And now? Look at me. Do you feel anything like that?"
mind_mistress: She takes a sexy pose
colleen: "Well yes ..
mind_mistress: "Really? You still feel the same?"
colleen: "and... I don't know"
mind_mistress: you feel very aware of your having a hole between your legs
colleen: I just... it's confusing, i've been getting strange thoughts
mind_mistress: "so you still feel the same kind of interest in me now?"
colleen: Not quite the same I just... I'm not sure
colleen: Ive never been a girl before
mind_mistress: "Okay, if you imagine me naked... what comes to mind first?"
colleen: envy
mind_mistress: She smiles
colleen: you are very beautiful
mind_mistress: "So you find yourself comparing yourself to me... rather than wanting to bed me?"
colleen: well yes, I mean no, I mean...
mind_mistress: she chuckles
colleen: I would have wanted to bed you before
mind_mistress: she leans in to talk quieter...
mind_mistress: "The amulet was made that way..."
colleen: what way?
mind_mistress: "it was created for when there are too many men in a tribe... and not enough women to bear children..."
colleen: OH?
mind_mistress: "Do you understand what I mean?"
colleen: not really?
mind_mistress: "it means the amulet would be pointless if the new women weren't... interested... in what can make children"
colleen: but I can't go to bed with him
mind_mistress: "So the new women are only as interested in other women as they were interested in men while they were men..."
colleen: yes but ... he's a man
mind_mistress: "So if you are still interested in women... it means that you were equally interested in men before"
mind_mistress: she winks
colleen: and I am... was...
mind_mistress: "So he is. And you're a woman now."
colleen: yes
colleen: but what if I say something wrong
mind_mistress: Someone walks in... it's Lucius, out of uniform, in nice breeches and tunic.
colleen: :)
mind_mistress: "Don't worry about it... just have a good time. You don't have to do anything you don't want..."
mind_mistress: He smiles at you brightly and walks up.
colleen: but what if he... you know
mind_mistress: Lucius: "Cinnea... so good to see you again" :)
colleen: :) hi, good to see you
mind_mistress: You're suddenly wondering if you should have prepared...
mind_mistress: as you look down at yourself
colleen: I must look the mess
mind_mistress: Lucius: "Are you ready to go, dear lady?"
colleen: "ummm..i should change first I think"
mind_mistress: Lucius: "as you wish..."
mind_mistress: Brigit: "You look fine"
mind_mistress: what do you do?
colleen: "but I 'm all messy from working"
mind_mistress: Brigit: "Well then go change... but be quick, the supper rush is in two hours"
colleen: "i mean Lucius wouldn't want me looking like this?"
mind_mistress: Brigit leans in :"He'll take you any way he can get you... but make up your mind and do it"
colleen: Only two hours?
mind_mistress: Brigit: "I need you for the dinner rush"
colleen: "fine I won't change, what's the point"
mind_mistress: Brigit: "Unless something interesting happens to delay you... in which case I'd understand" she winks
mind_mistress: and looks lecherously at you ;)
colleen: "thanks":">
mind_mistress: "Off you go!"
colleen: "UMM"
mind_mistress: Lucius to Brigit: "Thank you for letting me borrow her"
colleen: "Borrow?"
mind_mistress: and then offers you his arm...
colleen: I look at Brigit
mind_mistress: Brigit: "I didn't have to let you go during the work day"
colleen: and tentatively take Lucius arm
colleen: "ok"
mind_mistress: Lucius: "Have you ever been to the Boar's Brow?"
mind_mistress: he leads you to the door
colleen: "no"
mind_mistress: a few patrons look up with interest
mind_mistress: "I think you'll like it..."
colleen: "will I like it?
mind_mistress: and then from there, you step onto the street
mind_mistress: you have a moment of remembering the panic of last night...
colleen: "what's the Boar's Brow?"
mind_mistress: but there's no one in the shadowy corner
mind_mistress: and you have Lucius' arm making you feel safe
colleen: I clutch Lucius' arm tighter
mind_mistress: "It's a restaurant, not the top, but better than a tavern"
colleen: :)
mind_mistress: he smiles when you clutch
mind_mistress: He turns to the right on the street...
mind_mistress: making your way among the people...
colleen: "I'm sure it will be fine"
mind_mistress: He looks very nice in that tunic...
colleen: yes
colleen: very
mind_mistress: you find yourself taking a big breath... and relaxing
colleen: :)
mind_mistress: some of the tension you had leaking out
mind_mistress: as you make your way down the street...
colleen: relaxing
mind_mistress: very aware of Lucius...
mind_mistress: and the rest of the people kinda fading a bit from your awareness
colleen: his arms
mind_mistress: yes...
mind_mistress: and then taking a left turn...
colleen: his strength
mind_mistress: yes...
mind_mistress: walking on...
mind_mistress: a few streets...
mind_mistress: a few street vendors...
colleen: feeling safe
mind_mistress: safe...
mind_mistress: his arm strong...
mind_mistress: and then turning right...
mind_mistress: and seeing a hanging sign with a boar's head
colleen: I'm trembling a bit
mind_mistress: and a big oak door
mind_mistress: he walks up to the door...
mind_mistress: opens it for you...
mind_mistress: and lets you in...
mind_mistress: it's darker in there...
colleen: I enter "thank you"
mind_mistress: though there are windows...
mind_mistress: your eyes adjust...
mind_mistress: you notice boars' heads hung on the walls
mind_mistress: and tables and chairs...
mind_mistress: it's a nicer place than the inn...
mind_mistress: but basically arranged similarly
colleen: "lots of pigs here" I giggle
mind_mistress: the tables don't look as worn and notched
mind_mistress: and the chairs are more comfortable looking
colleen: it's nice
mind_mistress: Lucius laughs
mind_mistress: "Yes, but most of them are on the walls here, and they don't talk much"
colleen: :)
mind_mistress: A serving wench walks up to you two... her apron dress looks newer and fancier than yours...
mind_mistress: you feel a bit... inadequate
colleen: "it's been a long time since I had a date"
mind_mistress: She looks you over and doesn't look impressed
colleen: "i should have changed"
mind_mistress: and then looks to Lucius
mind_mistress: Wench: "Please take a table"
colleen: I look at her and stare her in the eyes
mind_mistress: Lucius: "We will... and if you don't approve of my lady, we will take our business elsewhere"
mind_mistress: apparently, he noticed the looks she gave you
colleen: :)
mind_mistress: she looks panicked...
mind_mistress: Wench: "I'm sorry sir!"
mind_mistress: "I didn't mean anything by it"
mind_mistress: Lucius looks dubious
colleen: "Lucius, be nice she didn't mean anything by it, Did you, honey?"
colleen: :)
mind_mistress: Wench: "No, of course not..."
mind_mistress: Lucius: "Very well... but realize that only my lady's forgiveness is excusing your bad manners"
colleen: "Just serve us and forget about it...dear"
mind_mistress: Wench: "It won't happen again, I promise"
colleen: "of course not."
colleen: "thank-you Lucius"
mind_mistress: A man that looks in charge walks over: "Is there a problem?"
mind_mistress: probably the owner
mind_mistress: the wench turns to him looking stricken
colleen: I look at Lucius
colleen: shake my head
mind_mistress: Lucius: "No, no problem here"
colleen: "thank-you"
mind_mistress: The man looks you over briefly
mind_mistress: "Ah, are you from the Crow's Rest by chance?"
colleen: I press my dress down
colleen: "yes"
colleen: "On a break"
mind_mistress: "A fine establishment, providing good food at very good prices"
mind_mistress: "I hope you enjoy our service and food here"
colleen: "Brigit will be pleased to hear that"
mind_mistress: he smiles charmingly
colleen: "I'm sure we will"
colleen: "thank-You"
mind_mistress: "Do tell her hello from Sextus"
mind_mistress: he smiles
colleen: I will
mind_mistress: he turns to the wench
mind_mistress: "Allia, I'll take care of them."
colleen: I look over to Lucius " Thank-you for that"
mind_mistress: She sighs and goes to the bar
mind_mistress: he squeezes your arm and smiles
colleen: I glare at her a bit
colleen: mmm
mind_mistress: Sextus shows the way, "Please, have a seat"
mind_mistress: Lucius pulls out your seat
colleen: I sit
colleen: thank you :)
colleen: as I sit I brush my hand down his arm
mind_mistress: that gives you a shiver... nice
mind_mistress: Sextus: "Today's special is boar roast with turnips and rye bread"
colleen: "sounds good"
colleen: looking at Lucius
colleen: mmm
mind_mistress: Lucius: "Sounds good"
mind_mistress: "I'll also have an ale... and you?"
colleen: "that's fine... umm rather... wine?"
mind_mistress: Sextus: "We have some Roman wines..."
colleen: I think girls shouldn't drink ale
mind_mistress: "the red is better than the white though."
colleen: "red is fine"
mind_mistress: "There are three categories of prices... basic, aged, and fine"
colleen: "oh the basic is ok for a girl like me"
mind_mistress: Lucius: "The aged please"
colleen: :)
mind_mistress: Sextus: "Very well. I will return with your drinks"
colleen: "ok the aged"
mind_mistress: Lucius looks pleased
mind_mistress: settles in his seat
colleen: "you look nice this afternoon"
mind_mistress: "Thank you. so do you"
colleen: "no, I don't"
mind_mistress: you wonder if he's lying... you didn't get much sleep
colleen: "i should have fixed myself up better"
mind_mistress: He looks you over... "You don't?"
mind_mistress: he looks you over again
mind_mistress: "You look very good to me" :)
colleen: "I'm a mess from working, didn't sleep well..."
colleen: "thank-you":">
mind_mistress: He gets a mischievous twinkle in his eyes...
mind_mistress: and covers his smirking mouth
colleen: "what are you thinking"?
mind_mistress: "oh, nothing... "
colleen: "nothing?"
mind_mistress: "oh, all right... but promise to not be offended by a passing thought?"
colleen: "i won't"
mind_mistress: "Well, if you need sleep... I thought we could arrange for you to use these two hours to go to bed instead of eating..."
colleen: "LUCIUS! on our first date!"
colleen: :">
mind_mistress: he raises his hands in peace : "I'm sorry, I was out of line."
mind_mistress: "I told you it was just a passing thought"
colleen: "no it's ok"
colleen: :)
colleen: "I'm flattered"
mind_mistress: he smiles
mind_mistress: "After all, you need your strength..."
colleen: I take his hand and squeeze it
mind_mistress: "We'll just have to eat quickly..."
mind_mistress: he bites his lips not to laugh
colleen: "but we don't have enough time"
colleen: "May be later"
mind_mistress: he blinks
colleen: i'm getting nervous
mind_mistress: "maybe later... what?"
mind_mistress: he looks surprised
mind_mistress: "Forget I asked..."
mind_mistress: "It was outright rude of me"
colleen: "after we know each other, not right to rush..."
mind_mistress: "oh yes, I agree..."
mind_mistress: "So tell me a bit about yourself..."
colleen: ye
colleen: "not much to tell"
colleen: "Just a poor working wench", I giggle nervously
mind_mistress: "You're not from around here... what brought you here?"
colleen: I needed work
mind_mistress: "Where are you from?"
colleen: I'm from ummm ... Land's end
mind_mistress: "where is that?"
colleen: Far western Britain
colleen: past Stonehenge
colleen: far away
mind_mistress: He looks a bit dubious... but lets it slide
mind_mistress: "All right..."
colleen: "and You?"
mind_mistress: he squeezes your hand
colleen: mmm
colleen: I tremble a bit
colleen: I look around nervous
mind_mistress: "Oh, I got recruited here a few years ago... I'm from the neighboring area of Londinium... parents are farmers"
colleen: "Oh so you're a Britton too?"
mind_mistress: "but you know how it is... to be a citizen, you have to serve in the military"
mind_mistress: "yes"
colleen: "yes for the men"
mind_mistress: "My parents named me with a Latin name, to help me blend in better with the Romans"
colleen: "women can't be citizens"
mind_mistress: "Well, no"
mind_mistress: "We can't have women go out fighting"
colleen: "no, not at all"
mind_mistress: He smiles
colleen: "you enjoy being a citizen of rome?"
mind_mistress: "Ah, good question..."
mind_mistress: and that answer will have to wait...
colleen: "why a good question?"
mind_mistress: because it's time to return...
mind_mistress: and awaken at 1
mind_mistress: remembering your experiences vividly...
mind_mistress: feeling wonderful...
mind_mistress: 9
mind_mistress: 8
mind_mistress: 7
mind_mistress: 6
mind_mistress: 5
mind_mistress: 4
mind_mistress: 3
mind_mistress: 2
mind_mistress: 1


Part 4 - Debriefing


mind_mistress: Hello :)
colleen: hi :)
colleen: interesting beginning of date
mind_mistress: ;;)
colleen: I was starting to feel sexy
mind_mistress: Good!
mind_mistress: he's a gentleman...
colleen: yes he is
colleen: I like being with him
mind_mistress: ;;)
colleen: but not sure how far to go strange feelings to overcome
mind_mistress: yes indeed :D
mind_mistress: I went a bit over, but I have to go eat soon
colleen: but I'm sure Lucius will eventually suceed
mind_mistress: oh, I'm sure he will ;)
colleen: thats alright
colleen: got me a bit hot
mind_mistress: The next two weeks are booked and paid for...
colleen: yes
mind_mistress: We're all good for next week?
colleen: yes
colleen: :)
mind_mistress: cool !
mind_mistress: I enjoy this, I just wish we could get more story done in an hour
colleen: me too
colleen: I wish I could type faster
mind_mistress: yeah
mind_mistress: online is much slower...
mind_mistress: maybe use a typing tutor ;)
mind_mistress: All right, then have a great week, and I'll see you then :)
colleen: if I have time
colleen: see you then :)
colleen: bye


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