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Can I be hypnotized? How easily can I be hypnotized?

Test your hypnotizeability!

Hypnotizeability quiz, designed by professional hypnotherapists

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1.Close your eyes and imagine yourself at a movie. How clearly can you picture your favorite actor?

A. Extremely
B. Vaguely
C. Can't "get it"

2. You're on a diet and you're bored. Ice cream's in the freezer. Will you:

A. Leave it there
B. Take one bite
C. Finish it

3. You're most comfortable in a:

A. Plane
B. Train
C. Your own car

4. Imagine a place where you were happy. How well can you re-experience it?

A. Well
B. So-So
C. Barely

5. Your boss chews you out in front of co-workers. How well can you control your emotions?

A. I'm in control and won't "lose it"
B. I can hold it in for awhile
C. I blow up

6. How long does it take you to fall asleep?

A. Ten minutes
B. Closer to a half-hour
C. At least an hour

7. Imagine you're in love. How vivid is your image or feeling?

A. Very vivid
B. Somewhat vivid
C. Not clear at all

8. You're last off a bus and you find a wallet filled with money. Assuming your intentions are honest, you:

A. Take it to the driver
B. Take it to the police
C. Take it and call the owner

9. You daydream:

A. A lot
B. From time to time
C. Rarely, if ever

10. Think about a proud moment when people cheered you. Close your eyes and try to re-experience it. It was:

A. Easy to re-experience
B. You finally got it
C. Difficult or impossible

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And now you know!