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First sessions are ALWAYS an hour. Please plan two hours for every one hour session, to allow time for chatting before trance.
All prices are in US dollars

Please only send session payments AFTER receiving your appointment date and time from Mind Mistress.

You will receive your appointment offer after filling out the Trance Request Form.
See the first session page for details.

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(use of CDs with Sessions,
as well as effects of reading the site)


For a lower price, consider Adventure Hypnosis on the therapy site. You can get hallucinated adventures at about half the price, but without erotic content.

Online Sessions

Pay for Session $100 US/ hour - 5 pack: $400 (save $100)

Phone/Skype Sessions

Pay for Session : $160 US/ hour - 5 pack: $650 (save $150)

In Person Session

Pay for Session

200$ US/ hour - 3 pack: $500 (save $100).See note below.


Pay for Session

$10 US: To make a small offering to Mistress . If you wish to donate 20$, simply change the Quantity to 2.


Pay for Session

$20 US: If you've received significant help over email or chat, you may want to donate for coaching.

In person Hypnosis & feminization sessions with Mind Mistress are done in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. There is no physical domination or sexual touching. Everything is hallucinated in trance, though you may crossdress if you wish. You must take at least one phone or online session before doing an in-person session, and you should ask at least TWO WEEKS in advance for in person sessions.



Trance Recordings (self-hypnosis CDs)

Each CDs is 50$ US
See CD descriptions

Standard Shipping costs: Included in the price, to any destination on Earth.
Discrete Plain Envelopes: See envelope images below.
Delivery Time: generally 2 to 3 weeks, but can take up to 6 weeks.
We mail out CDs at least once a week. Faster Delivery Options below

Your credit card will show a charge to: Natural 1 Enterprises, Inc.

By default, CDs are purchased as mp3 downloads, choose Mailed CD in the drop down to have it mailed.


taxes and regular shipping included (to everywhere in the world)

Mind Mistress Mania - All hypnosis CDs

Mind Mistress Mania - A Total Transformation Trance Adventure
Get ALL 35 CDs for the price of 25,

That's Right, It's Like Getting 10 Mind Mistress CDs


Wouldn't you like to HAVE IT ALL, and SAVE a few hundred DOLLARS? Pay only $1249 instead of $1750 (save $500)


*Order Now* Click here for Reviews on the use of All CDs

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CDs 1,2,3,16 introduction to trance

Deep Trance 4CD Starter Kit - CDs 1, 2, 3 and 16. Get four CDs for 175$ (save 25$). For the full basic feminization training and to learn very deep trance.
CD1 Description. CD2 Description . CD3 Description. CD16 Description


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Limp dicked and unable to wear make clothing hypnosis

Soft & Sensitive Combo : CDs 25, 26 - Ultimate Sissification by impotence and allergy to wearing male clothing. Two CDs for $90 (save $10).

Buy CD25 and CD26 together and get 10% off!

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Mind controlled into getting a sex change

S-Trilogy Combo: CDs 27,28,29 - Good Boy to Bad Girl, sexchanged into a slutty stripper.
CDs 27,28,29 for 125$, a 25$ saving! And think of how much you'll make as stripper!

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Adult Baby Hypnosis Combo


SpyBaby Combo: CDs 17,30 - Adult Baby Girl Conversion, Daywetting, Nightwetting, Diaper Dependence. Two CDs for $90 (save $10).
CD17 Description and CD30 Description

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Mind controlled into becoming a gay man

Gay Pack - The Straight to Gay Hypnosis Combo. Includes CDs 32,16,18,19 for 175$, a 25$ saving, and a full set of training tools to make a man gay.

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purged and trashed all my feminization CDs...

Mind Mistress Replacement CDs 20$ So you've left your CDs in the car, and had the car stolen. Or decided you didn't want them anymore, and threw them in the trash, or turned them into abstract art. Maybe the dog ate them. We will send you replacements of any previously ordered CD for 20$ each. Just specify the original 4 digit order number (or name on your credit card and approximate date of order) and which CDs you want replaced.

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Note: We'll replace for free any faulty CDs or those damaged during shipping.




Some CDs are now available for immediate purchase and download,
and you can even hear a preview of the CD !
Payment can be made by Paypal or credit card on that site.
You can download the CD again at any time by logging into your Lulu account.

Trance Training CD

CD#1: Trance Training - Five layered inductions to learn to go deeply into trance, with a trigger word to easily return. 1 track, 45 minutes.

CD1 Description

Buy Audio CD.

Get the CD on Girls-R-Us.TV, visit the product page on Lulu, or add to your Lulu shopping cart for immediate purchase of the dowloadable mp3.

Trance Training CD

CD F1: EnTranse - Entrainement de transe / French trance training. 20 tracks, 50 minutes.

Description CD Entranse

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Utilise la méthode d'induction standard (mais plus lentement) en ajoutant la méthode spéciale pour les personnes très analytiques et verbales qui me donne un taux de succès de 98% en sessions. (If you can't understand this, you can't use it anyway).


slave training hypnosis

CD#2: sub-Consciousness - Slave girl and obedience conditionning, to the Mistress of your choice. 3 tracks, 40 minutes.

First part of a long phone session. CD3 contains part 2.

CD2 Description

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Forced Feminisation CD

CD#3: Elegance - Forced feminization conditioning to wear makeup, bras and panties. 4 tracks, 70 minutes.
Track 2 of this CD sets up the trigger words used in many later CDs.

It is the keystone for training with CDs. Track 3 can be skipped if
only the trigger word training is desired.

CD3 Description

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Male Charm - CockSlut hypnosis

CD#4: Male Charm - Sexual attraction to males conditioning, experiencing sex as a gorgeous woman. 14 tracks, 77 minutes. Requires prior training with one CD among Elegance(3), Princess(18), Schoolgirl(24) or S-Exhibition(28) to set the sexual triggers.

CD4 Description

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Gemini - Become a bad girl hypnosis

CD#5: Gemini - Freeing the inner bad girl (triggered), originally designed for sexually inhibited wifes. 1 track, 64 minutes.

CD5 Description

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Brainwashed into a slutty bimbo hypnosis CD

CD#6: Happiness - Becoming a sexy bimbo slut on command (triggered). 18 tracks, 75 minutes. Prior training with CD3 suggested.

CD6 Description

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Youth - Hypnosis breast growth for males

CD#7: Youth - Breast growth by past life regression to your last 3 female lives during puberty. 4 tracks, 60 minutes.

CD7 Description

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Smoking Freedom to smoke - smoking guilt relief

CD#8: Freedom - Smoking Freedom, for eliminating guilt about smoking and enforcing a sexy smoking addiction. 1 tracks, 35 minutes.

CD8 Description

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turning bad boys into good girls by hypnois CD

CD#9: Envy - To turn heterosexual men into heterosexual women, eliminating attraction to women. 8 tracks, 53 minutes. Requires prior training with one CD among Elegance(3), Princess(18), Schoolgirl(24) or S-Exhibition(28) to set the sexual triggers.

CD9 Description

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Vixen - Hallucinated transformation into a woman by hypnosis

CD#10: Vixen - To hallucinate becoming fully female (triggered), and experience orgasmic sex as a woman. 9 tracks, 68 minutes. Requires prior training with one CD among Elegance(3), Princess(18), Schoolgirl(24) or S-Exhibition(28) to set the sexual triggers.

CD10 Description

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Corset Diet: Lose weight by hypnosis and feel sexy

CD#11: The Corset Diet - To easily lose weight and feel more sexy. 4 tracks, 33 minutes.

CD11 Description

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woman mind controlled into becoming a lesbian CD

CD#12: Massage - A full body massage and lesbian seduction, creating lesbian desires in women. 10 tracks, 70 minutes. Requires prior training with one CD among Elegance(3), Princess(18), Schoolgirl(24) or S-Exhibition(28) to set the sexual triggers.

CD12 Description

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vampire sucks your masculinity out of you and turns you into a girl

CD#13: Fempire - A sexy smoking fetish fantasy seduction by a female sexual vampire that turns you into a girl. 4 tracks, 63 minutes. Requires prior training with one CD among Elegance(3), Princess(18), Schoolgirl(24) or S-Exhibition(28) to set the sexual triggers.

CD13 Description

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Forced feminization hypnosis to live full time as a woman CD

CD#14: Elegance II - Conditioning to need to dress as a woman all the time, and get breast implants. 8 tracks, 46 minutes. Requires prior training with CD3-Elegance.

CD14 Description

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Three Icons - Become a Mistress by hypnosis

CD#15: Three Icons - Mistress training, empowered by the archetypes of the Slut, Femme Fatale and Dominatrix. 9 tracks, 65 minutes. Requires prior training with one CD among Elegance(3), Princess(18), Schoolgirl(24) or S-Exhibition(28) to set the sexual triggers.

CD15 Description

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Brainwashing mindwipe obey  Hypnotic Programming CD

CD#16: Acceptance - Brainwashing Booster, training for Amnesia on command, and acceptance of hypnotic suggestions following this CD. 9 tracks, 60 minutes. Training with Elegance first is suggested.

CD16 Description

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Spy Baby Hypnosis: create incontinence in adults

CD#17: Spy Baby I - Adult baby incontinence conditioning and adventure, focus on Daywetting and diaper dependence.10 tracks, 63 minutes.

CD17 Description

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hypnotized to love getting fucked up the ass and need anal sex

CD#18: Princess - Need and love of Anal sex conditioning (addiction to receiving it). 11 tracks, 58 minutes. Can be used instead of CD3-Elegance for basic training.

CD18 Description

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Hypnosis to love sucking cock giving oral sex on men CD

CD#19: Oral - Need and love of Oral sex conditioning (cocksucking addiction). 10 tracks, 58 minutes.

CD19 Description

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Transgender Faerie tale hypnosis CD

CD#20: UnCursed - You are a girl, cursed to look like a boy. Let the curse be undone!. 9 tracks, 56 minutes.

CD20 Description

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Hypnotic Body sculpting: re-shape your body to the perfect female form by hypnosis

CD#21: Beach Body - Reshaping your physical body into the perfect female shape. 8 tracks, 68 minutes.

CD21 Description

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Get the memories of growing up as a girl hypnosis CD

CD#22: Memories - Converts memories up to age 12 to their equivalent girl memories. 8 tracks, 47 minutes.

CD22 Description

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French Maid Brainwashing hypnosis CD

CD#23: Effectiveness - French Maid training, curing procrastination and making housework arousing. 13 tracks, 58 minutes.

CD23 Description

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Hypnotized  into a slutty Schoolgirl CD

CD#24: Schoolgirl - Slutty rebellious schoolgirl personality transformation (triggered), with new turn ons such as getting spanked, tickled... 12 tracks, 71 minutes.

CD24 Description

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Impotent and allergic to men's clothes hypnosis CD

CD#25: Soft - Become totally impotent. No matter how turned on you are, your penis stays soft, and arousal focusses on the anus . 9 tracks, 56 minutes (uses the long 22 minute induction).

CD25 Description

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Sensitive - Allergic to male clothing by hypnosis

CD#26: Sensitive - Makes you totally allergic to wearing male clothing. If you wear anything that isn't from the women's department, you break out into a rash. 6 tracks, 42 minutes (uses the long 22 minute induction).

CD26 Description

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S-Exchange - hypnosis to get a sexchange

CD#27: S-Exchange - Hallucinated Adventure & Conditioning to find living as a man more and more intolerable, so that you must get a sex change and become a woman. 8 tracks, 63 minutes (uses the long 22 minute induction).

CD27 Description

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S-Exhibition: become an exhibitionist by hypnosis

CD#28: S-Exhibition - Hallucinated Adventure & Conditioning to become a total exhibitionist. A standalone for women, or sequel to CD27 for transwomen. 10 tracks, 67 minutes.

CD28 Description

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S-Tripper: become a Stripper by hypnosis

CD#29: S-Tripper - Hallucinated Adventure & Conditioning to become a lust crazed stripper. A sequel, requires training with CD28-S-Exhibition first. 7 tracks, 62 minutes.

CD29 Description

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SpyBaby II Complete Incontinence by Hypnosis as an Adult Baby Girl

CD#30: SpyBaby II - Hallucinated Adventure & Conditioning to become an Adult Baby Girl, for Daywetting and Bedwetting. Sequel to CD17-SpyBaby1, .Requires training with CD17 first. 7 tracks, 58 minutes.

CD30 Description

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female hypnotist female subject video

CD#31: Mind Mistress, The Video - Hypnosis demonstration video of Mind Mistress performing a sexy hypnotic transformation on a lady. Video CD format. Includes a bonus audio track of the radio show where it was filmed. 35 minutes movie.

Buy Audio CD CD31 Description



hypnosis turns a man gay

CD#32: Sauna - Straight male to gay male personality transformation conditioning, part of the Gay Pack (4 CDs, see above). 11 tracks, 60 minutes.

CD32 Description

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CD33-Sexy Choices Hypnosis

CD#33: Choices - No matter what it is you craved to do, but didn't dare to do, Choices will make you do it, because if you don't, you'll lose control and act like a complete slut. 16 tracks, 80 minutes.

CD33 Description

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CD33-Sexy Choices Hypnosis

CD#34: Host - These alien parasites cannot be stopped! They will turn all our men into women! Horror sci-fi adventure. 10 tracks, 53 minutes.

CD34 Description

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CD33-Sexy Choices Hypnosis

CD#35: Room169- Your girlfriend is bringing to a costume party, but she's got a special costume in mind for you. Sweet adventure. 13 tracks, 53 minutes.

CD35 Description

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How discrete are the envelopes?

Have a look! These are examples of a Priority and an Express envelope.
Regular Air Mail (which is free) is equally discrete

Discrete Envelopes

Mailings are currently being sent from the US. The sender is simply
Natural 1 Enterprises, just like what shows up on your credit card statement.

Regular envelopes can hold a maximum of 4 CDs. If your order is bigger, either a larger envelope will be used, or it will be split into two or more regular envelopes. Really large orders are sent in a box.

Fast delivery options

Order any CDs you want, and then add faster delivery fees if desired.
If your destination is not listed, use the Autralia price, or enquire with Me about costs.

A Maximum of 4 CDs fit in an Express or Priority envelope. Please specify which CDs you want accelerated if you order more than 4, or pay for express/priority more than once.

I give NO GUARANTEES that the shipment will arrive in the selected delay. Regular mailing (at no extra charge)
is supposed to take 7 to 10 days within the US, but 10 to 14 days is a more realistic expectation.
We ship CDs at least once a week, often twice. We try to ship the next day for orders with Fash Shipping.

United States Priority

USA Priority Shipping

2-3 business days delivery


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& Asia

AU USPS 3-5 business days delivery
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Usefulness of hypnosis CDs and tapes

Trance recordings are extremely useful for reinforcing changes, but much less effective in producing them. No matter how good they are, they just can't adapt to a person's response to hypnosis. An interactive hypnotist is much more effective. A number of people have come to believe they can't be hypnotized, having only tried tapes and CDs.

Custom-made tapes and CDs

It takes Me about 3 hours to record 15 minutes of quality material. The type of work is equivalent to what is required for a phone session. Thus, at 160$/h, it costs about $2000 US to have a one hour custom made trance recording (12 hours of work for Me)... which is less effective than 3 hours of online trance. In 3 hours with someone, I can make them do just about anything...Consider carefully whether you can afford such a custom recording...

The better alternative is to take phone sessions with Me, so I can record them and make them into CDs. That only costs you the price of the sessions, provided you're willing to let Me sell the CDs afterwards.

Note for Canadian buyers:

Tax is included in the sales price. This means the untaxed sales price is LOWER for Canadian buyers, so that the total paid price is the same as for international clients (United States and the rest of the world). How does that work?

By law, I must charge sales tax to Canadian residents, which I pay to Revenu Canada and Revenu Quebec annually. However, I calculate it retroactively, instead of adding it on top of the sales price. This gives Canadians a price cut.

Let's say you purchase two CDs. Sales price is $100 US.

If you're outside Canada, it's simple. I put 100$ in my pocket, and there's no sales tax.

If you're in Canada outside of Quebec, I must charge you a 5% sales tax. You should be paying pay $105 US (with me putting $100 in my pocket, and giving $5 US to the government).

Instead, I make your sales price $95.24 US. Adding the 5% sales tax to that, the total is $100 US. I pay $4.76 to Revenu Canada and $95.24 US goes into my pocket.

If you're living in Quebec, I must charge you a 5% Federal Sales Tax, and then an additional 7.5% Quebec Sales Tax on the taxed amount. Effectively, there's a 12.875% sales tax. So for your $100 US purchase, I should be charging you $112.88 US (putting $100 in my pocket, and giving $12.88 US to the government)

Instead, I make your sales price $88.59 US. Adding the 5% and 7.5% sales taxes to that, the total is $100 US. I pay $11.41 US to Revenu Canada and $88.59 US goes into my pocket.

This means I make less money when selling to Canadians. Quebecers save 11.41%, and other Canadians save 4.76% on the base sales price.

Why do I do this? For one thing, it simplifies the sales process. For another, it gives my fellow Canadians a bit of a break. I PAY THE TAX FOR YOU. Isn't that nice ? :)

Where's my stuff?

What Happens when you order: When you click on the Add to Cart button, you get sent to the payment site Girls-R-Us.tv, which allows you to pay by credit card or money order during the order process. You can add more products from the Add to Cart buttons here, or directly on Girls-R-Us.tv.

Did it work? Once your order is made, you should receive two emails.

Receipt from NATURAL 1 ENTERPRISES: This email just has the total charged to your credit card. The long reference number is meaningless, and the email is pretty useless.

GRU Order XXXX: This is the important email. It has your name, mailing address, list of what you ordered, total paid, and the very important 4 digit order number. Whenever you enquire about your order, you need to specify that 4 digit order number so we can find it.

If you DIDN'T get these two emails, it means your order DID NOT go through. You can either try again (which is the quickest solution), possibly with a different card, or ask what went wrong, giving us the time and date of purchase, and the name on your credit card. We can check why the transaction was declined, but the error codes are generally pretty vague about the problem. At least we can tell you who it is that declined, and what to do about it.

I got the two emails

If you got those two emails, then the order went through and your card was charged, showing a charge to NATURAL 1 ENTERPRISES. We currently send out orders from the United States once or twice a week, so you may have a bit of time if you want to modify your order. You can Email Me if you have a question, but I'm not the one doing the mailings, and I get the order notifications about a day later. You're probably better off emailing Mistress Alice directly, as she's the one who takes care of all orders. If you email me, I'll just ask Alice.

Your Order Has Been Shipped: Within a week, you should get an email confirming your order has been shipped, with some useful information, and a link to the triggers page. This page tells you what the public triggers are for all the CDs that have them, and even some mp3s so you can trigger yourself.

If you haven't received this email within two weeks of your order, something has gone wrong, probably due to human error. You should ask Alice whether your order has been shipped. Be sure to specify your 4 digit order number, legal name and date of order. Or you can ask me, but then I'll just ask her. She'll make sure your order gets found and goes out ASAP.

How long do I wait?

If you got the GRU Order XXXX email and then the Your Order Has Been Shipped email, then it should be on its way to you. Normally, regular shipping takes 2-3 weeks. Sometimes it takes as little as one week within North America. But sometimes the Postal Service burps, and can take up to 6 weeks to send you your stuff. No one knows why.

If it's been more than 6 weeks since you've received the Your Order Has Been Shipped email, PLEASE COMPLAIN! That means your package has been lost by the postal service. It's occasionally taken that long, but never more. After that time, we can be sure the postal service has lost it. Please tell Alice your package has not arrived and that it's been over 6 weeks. Be sure to specify your 4 digit order number, legal name and date of order so she can track it, and we'll send it again ASAP.




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