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Do Druids Dance At Midnight?

A Hypnotic Adventure Session Log
Session 6

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TG Fiction hypnosis log: A Saxon merchant runs into sex changing Druid magic, some time after the Roman conquest of Britain.

After some discussion of what new adventures to create...

Part 1: Setup
Part 2: The Trance
Part 3: The Adventure
Part 4: Debriefing

Part 1-Setup


mind_mistress: Okay, so we're having the romans harass you...
mind_mistress: while you serve...
colleen: yep
mind_mistress: :D
mind_mistress: heh heh
colleen: thanks
mind_mistress: Was there something you wanted to plan into the plot?
colleen: a few ideas down the road, smuggling etc.
mind_mistress: Okay...
colleen: how that's going to work yet I'm not sure
mind_mistress: :)
mind_mistress: If it sounds even remotely feasible, I'll let it happen
colleen: cool
mind_mistress: Which doesn't mean it'll be easy ;)
colleen: alliances bargains treatchery
mind_mistress: Smugglers don't put ads in the classifieds...
mind_mistress: :P
colleen: some might:)
mind_mistress: SMugglers-R-Us, open noon to midnight except holidays
mind_mistress: ;)
colleen: :)
mind_mistress: All right... anything to add before we start?
colleen: don't think so
mind_mistress: All right, let's begin then :)
colleen: ok :)

Part 2 - The Trance


mind_mistress: so as you're sitting there....
mind_mistress: staring at the bright screen...
mind_mistress: you can feel the weight of your body...
mind_mistress: and you can feel your breathing...
mind_mistress: noticing how fast or slow...
mind_mistress: how shallow or deep it is...
mind_mistress: and you can start feeling the reddish liquid inside...
mind_mistress: cool and heavy...
mind_mistress: more and more...
mind_mistress: with every breath...
mind_mistress: everywhere inside...
mind_mistress: as if you were hollow and filled with it...
mind_mistress: that's right...
mind_mistress: and paying attention to the feet...
mind_mistress: you can start feeling the tingling...
mind_mistress: getting nicely heavy...
mind_mistress: and tingly...
mind_mistress: more and more...
mind_mistress: with every breath...
mind_mistress: breathing and feeling...
mind_mistress: the heavy tingling...
mind_mistress: and letting it spread...
mind_mistress: in the feet...
mind_mistress: the ankles....
mind_mistress: calves...
mind_mistress: more and more...
mind_mistress: and while it spreads there...
mind_mistress: you can pay attention to the hands..
mind_mistress: feeling the reddish liquid inside...
mind_mistress: getting heavy...
mind_mistress: and tingly...
mind_mistress: more and more...
mind_mistress: as you pay attention to it...
mind_mistress: so nicely...
mind_mistress: spreading....
mind_mistress: in the fingers....
mind_mistress: the palms...
mind_mistress: to the wrists...
mind_mistress: that's right...
mind_mistress: breathing and feeling...
mind_mistress: yourself going back to trance...
mind_mistress: and how far up from the feet has the tingling spread?
colleen: the tummy
mind_mistress: very good...
mind_mistress: sooo nicely...
mind_mistress: spreading...
mind_mistress: in the tummy...
mind_mistress: lower back...
mind_mistress: and soon the chest...
mind_mistress: and while it spreads...
mind_mistress: you can feel the feet...
mind_mistress: the red liquid...
mind_mistress: allowing the toes to open...
mind_mistress: open and drain...
mind_mistress: so the feet can become blank and empty...
mind_mistress: hollow and numb....
mind_mistress: so nicely draining...
mind_mistress: the feet....
mind_mistress: the ankles...
mind_mistress: soon the calves...
mind_mistress: that's right...
mind_mistress: so nice...
mind_mistress: so right...
mind_mistress: and while the lower body drains...
mind_mistress: you can feel the openings in the palms...
mind_mistress: opening them....
mind_mistress: and letting the hands drain...
mind_mistress: blank and empty...
mind_mistress: pleasantly hollow and numb....
mind_mistress: Mmmmm
mind_mistress: and then the wrists....
mind_mistress: lower arms...
mind_mistress: and while the arms drain...
mind_mistress: how far up from the feet are you empty numb now?
colleen: the neck
mind_mistress: very good...
mind_mistress: opening the nape too....
mind_mistress: to drain the head....
mind_mistress: letting the red liquid all flow out...
mind_mistress: draining and fading...
mind_mistress: *Trance Trigger*
colleen: I obey
mind_mistress: very good...
mind_mistress: and what's left of you now?
colleen: nothing
mind_mistress: so nice....
mind_mistress: so right...
mind_mistress: drifting deeper...
mind_mistress: with every breath...

Part 3 - The Adventure


mind_mistress: drifting back to the Crow's Rest Inn...
mind_mistress: Where you are Cinnia...
mind_mistress: in a serving wench's apron skirt...
mind_mistress: you've served the nice short Lucius... and the brutish Octavius...
mind_mistress: you were about to eat...
mind_mistress: but three more walked in...
colleen: yes
mind_mistress: and you can drift to your female body there...
mind_mistress: seeing more clearly the closer you drift...
mind_mistress: until you drift sooo close...
mind_mistress: you drift all the way in...
mind_mistress: seeing out of your eyes...
mind_mistress: hearing the sounds of the room...
mind_mistress: and feeling your female body more and more...
mind_mistress: with every breath...
mind_mistress: your breasts...
mind_mistress: long hair...
mind_mistress: hollow between the legs...
mind_mistress: as you eye the three new romans...
mind_mistress: you start walking to their table?
colleen: I sigh and walk to thier table
mind_mistress: your stomach rumbles in hunger complaints...
colleen: yes
mind_mistress: One of them intelligently says "Hey, you're new here... I haven't seen you before"
mind_mistress: how observant
colleen: yes I'm new
mind_mistress: he looks you up and down...
colleen: what will you have?
mind_mistress: "Well, it's not like there's a lot of choice here... we'll have whatever they've got today"
colleen: good choice
mind_mistress: "Yeah, I know, my mates say I'm the brains of this outfit..."
colleen: I'm sure you are
mind_mistress: he grins
colleen: anything to drink?
mind_mistress: "Sure, ale all around"
colleen: I look up
colleen: and go to the kitchen
colleen: 3 meals
mind_mistress: "You got it"
colleen: I go to the bar "Brigit I need 3 ales"
mind_mistress: "Coming up"
colleen: I pause and take a quick bite of my food
mind_mistress: it's pretty yummy
mind_mistress: Clara makes good stew
colleen: as hungry as I am anything would taste good
colleen: but it is good
mind_mistress: The cheese is good... bread's a bit stale... but ok
mind_mistress: Brigit plunks the ales down on the counter
colleen: I grab the tankards and take them to the table
mind_mistress: The guys are grumbling about something...
colleen: "here you are"
mind_mistress: some commander busting their chops
mind_mistress: "Yeah, yeah..."
mind_mistress: "And where's the food?"
colleen: "rough day boys?"
mind_mistress: "It's not rough yet, just starting... but it's gonna be"
colleen: the food is coming I only got 2 hands
colleen: I go back to the kitchen
mind_mistress: the bowls and cheese and bread are waiting
colleen: I take the food a take it back to the romans
colleen: I put it on the table
mind_mistress: "He'll get us all killed, he will!"
mind_mistress: "Ah, finally!"
colleen: There! Enjoy
mind_mistress: "Thanks"
mind_mistress: One of the quieter ones says: "But we didna say anything bad about the centurion... right?"
mind_mistress: they all nod...
mind_mistress: and grab the food
colleen: I cross back to the bar trying to listen in on their conversation
colleen: I eat a few more bites
mind_mistress: "...damned Picts..."
mind_mistress: "...river pass..."
colleen: Brigit they say their comander is trying to get them killed
mind_mistress: "...no way to treat a man..."
mind_mistress: Brigit sighs "Nah, they're just complaining"
mind_mistress: "Men need something to complain about"
colleen: Hmmm river pass?
colleen: Picts...
mind_mistress: men: "... boats aren't..."
colleen: I cross back to the roman table
mind_mistress: "... good cheese..."
mind_mistress: They look up
colleen: more ale boys?
mind_mistress: "Bah, not before duty..."
mind_mistress: "'Maybe tonight... after supper"
colleen: off to the frontier again?
mind_mistress: another one says: "Ya gotta admit, they got nice looking help here"
colleen: I smile
mind_mistress: "Not yet... but soon..."
mind_mistress: "We got another few days to a week before we go..."
colleen: well be careful, wouldn't want you boys getting hurt
mind_mistress: He slaps your ass gently "Ah, that's sweet of ya dear"
colleen: thank you
mind_mistress: "Too damn many of them, not enough of us..."
colleen: too many of who? :)
mind_mistress: "Ah, the damn Picts past Hadrian's wall"
colleen: are they that bad?
mind_mistress: "They're a bloody nuisance is what they are!"
mind_mistress: "Except when we're sent past the wall to pacify them... they gang up on ya"
colleen: I should think that the Romans could handle a few barbaric Picts
mind_mistress: "Wall's not all complete..."
mind_mistress: They all cheer "Yeah, we can handle them!"
colleen: that's a long march to the wall isn't it
mind_mistress: the quiet one says : "if the march doesn't kill us, the Picts will finish us off"
mind_mistress: loud one: "Don't talk that way ! We're Romans, we can take it"
colleen: you'll be fine don't worry
mind_mistress: raises tankard "To Rome!"
mind_mistress: they all clink tankards "To Rome!"
colleen: if you need anything just hollar
mind_mistress: 10 more Romans walk in...
mind_mistress: yikes
colleen: I go back to the bar
mind_mistress: it's getting busy...
colleen: yes I go to the new Romans "what will it be?"
mind_mistress: "Ale and food!!$#@% Make it fast!!!"
mind_mistress: the language!
colleen: watch your mouth or eat elsewhere!
mind_mistress: They all laugh!
colleen: sit down
colleen: I go to the kitchen
colleen: assholes I say under my breath
mind_mistress: Clara: "How many?"
colleen: 10
mind_mistress: "10 assholes... sure thing..."
colleen: and they want it fast
mind_mistress: "Assholes are like opinions... everybody's got one..."
mind_mistress: she laughs
colleen: Brigit 10 tankards
mind_mistress: Brigit: "Sure"
mind_mistress: This is gonna be a long day...
colleen: I steal a couple more bites
mind_mistress: you have time for a few more bites...
mind_mistress: yeah...
colleen: getting cold
mind_mistress: This wenching is hard work...
mind_mistress: It's going to be more of the same... do you want to skip ahead in time?
colleen: so Brigit are the Picts giving our boys a rough time up north?
mind_mistress: Brigit: "Ah... you heard...."
mind_mistress: Brigit: "well... "
colleen: how could I not?
mind_mistress: She steps up closer...
mind_mistress: "Listen Cinnea... the Picts ARE our boys. Not these Romans"
mind_mistress: she looks dangerously at you
colleen: but the Romans are here
mind_mistress: she rolls her eyes "So are the bedbugs, but I don't root for them"
colleen: so the Picts just wait for them at the wall
mind_mistress: "The Romans are not welcome guests by all"
colleen: of course not
mind_mistress: "Are you daft?? The Picts are the ones who are resisting the Roman occupation!"
mind_mistress: she whispers it
mind_mistress: The guys are yelling for their food
colleen: I'm not daft. why don't they attack then?
mind_mistress: "Why don't who attack?"
colleen: the Picts, why don't they breach the wall?
colleen: It's coming, I yell to the table
mind_mistress: "The wall's not done... they harass the builders... but there's so many damn Romans"
colleen: hold on I go to the kitchen
mind_mistress: the food's there
mind_mistress: you can't carry all that...
colleen: I'll make 3 trips
colleen: Brigit could you help me a bit?
mind_mistress: "Sure..."
mind_mistress: she grabs 4 bowls...
mind_mistress: you don't dare take more than 3
colleen: I take some of the food to the Romans
mind_mistress: but she's practiced
colleen: here
mind_mistress: They cheer at the food...
mind_mistress: "About time!"
mind_mistress: "Yeah... so slow here"
colleen: up yours
mind_mistress: "We're starving"
mind_mistress: "Ohhhhh.... the maiden has spirit! I like that!"
colleen: if you don't shut up you'll also die of thirst
colleen: I return to get the rest of the food
mind_mistress: They laugh at him : "Little lady'll teach ya!"
mind_mistress: last three bowls there...
colleen: I grab the rest and take it to the table
colleen: here
mind_mistress: They grab at the food
colleen: I'll get your ale
mind_mistress: "We're dying out here!"
mind_mistress: "Ale! Ale!"
colleen: Picts vs pricks
mind_mistress: Brigit helps you with the ale
mind_mistress: just 4 mugs left
colleen: I grab some tankards and we take it to the Romans
mind_mistress: Brigit: If you think this is bad, you should see the evenings...
colleen: are all the Romans as pleasant as this bunch?
mind_mistress: Brigit: "No... usually they're much drunker and ruder...."
colleen: lovely
mind_mistress: Brigit: "but this is morning and they're mostly sober"
mind_mistress: she sighs
colleen: great
mind_mistress: "Our boys know how to respect a woman"
colleen: so what type of goods would be needed up north?
mind_mistress: "Well, the land's not as good for crops..."
mind_mistress: "but it's good for grazing herds"
colleen: food then...
colleen: cattle? sheep?
mind_mistress: "Yes, sheep, goats"
mind_mistress: "Pigs"
colleen: plenty of those here, they're your customers :)
mind_mistress: "Hah hah... yes..."
colleen: we could herd them there
mind_mistress: "Now you see why our clan mothers don't like to deal with Southern men"
colleen: :) yes
mind_mistress: she puts her hands on her hips
colleen: anything else they may need?
mind_mistress: "Well, our boys have mostly bronze weapons..."
colleen: steel is better
mind_mistress: "yes"
mind_mistress: "But our smiths aren't very good with it yet"
colleen: I see
colleen: steel would be a valuble commodity up north
colleen: hmmm
mind_mistress: "Yes... but actual spear points and swords are better"
colleen: yes
mind_mistress: "But they won't let those past the wall"
colleen: there are ways if the price is right
mind_mistress: she eyes you...
mind_mistress: "Are you trying to become a rebel supporter?"
colleen: negotiation is the key
colleen: no just a profitable businessman..er woman
mind_mistress: she raises her hands in the air : "They won't take gold as bribes, they'd get killed for it"
mind_mistress: "Anyone who lets steel weapons through is executed for treason"
colleen: other bribery?
mind_mistress: "Hun, no piece of ass is worth their life..."
colleen: if the price is right most men will do anything
mind_mistress: "Maybe"
mind_mistress: she looks dubious
colleen: we smuggle in the spices
mind_mistress: "Bah, the Romans don't care about spices... they let those through"
colleen: make jewelry out of the steel and reforge up north
mind_mistress: "Hmmmmm"
colleen: there are ways
mind_mistress: Lucius walks up to the bar
mind_mistress: drops a few coins
mind_mistress: "Good stew, thanks Brigit, and...?"
colleen: what's that for? Paying already?
mind_mistress: "Duty calls ladies..."
colleen: Cinnia
mind_mistress: "Cinnia..."
mind_mistress: he looks at you appreciatively...
colleen: yes
colleen: :)
mind_mistress: you get a little flutter in your stomach...
mind_mistress: he's nice looking...
mind_mistress: Desire1
colleen: yes
colleen: mmm
mind_mistress: breathing a bit faster...
mind_mistress: "I'll see you tonight... Cinnia..."
mind_mistress: he smiles
colleen: see you then :)
mind_mistress: his gaze lingers...
colleen: I blush
mind_mistress: Brutus calls out : "Come on Lucius... we'll be late"
mind_mistress: Lucius... "Coming...."
mind_mistress: he turns and leaves
colleen: see you latter Lucius
mind_mistress: Brigit smiles impishly: "Did I just see what I think I saw?"
mind_mistress: your cheeks feel hot
mind_mistress: legs a bit rubbery
colleen: just weighing options, he may be good for information
mind_mistress: Brigit: "Information... right... sure..."
mind_mistress: she giggles
mind_mistress: "I believe you... sure I do"
colleen: I'm really a man remember
mind_mistress: "coulda fooled me"
mind_mistress: she grins
colleen: I smile
mind_mistress: "Well, for a Roman, Lucius isn't half bad... he's got manners"
colleen: I mean I could never
mind_mistress: "oh, of course... never..."
mind_mistress: she has a shit eating grin
colleen: even if he's the only nice one here
mind_mistress: "even if..."
colleen: even if what?
mind_mistress: "Say... why are you playing with your hair?"
mind_mistress: ;)
colleen: I'm not playing with it there was a tangle
mind_mistress: you have a shiver go through you...
colleen: mmmm
mind_mistress: "Oh, right... a tangle. I see"
mind_mistress: she looks very very amused...
colleen: oh stop it
mind_mistress: "So if he were to hold you in his strong arms... feeling the warmth of his body..."
mind_mistress: "enfolding you..."
colleen: no!
mind_mistress: you imagine this as she says it....
colleen: mmm
mind_mistress: "you wouldn't feel all girly and mushy..."
mind_mistress: "Would you now?"
mind_mistress: your hand is shaking a bit
colleen: what am I thinking? no, I couldn't...
mind_mistress: she pats you on the shoulder...
mind_mistress: "No of course not... forget I even mentioned it..."
colleen: I shiver
mind_mistress: she starts wiping the bar...
mind_mistress: still grinning
colleen: what are you tring to say
mind_mistress: "nothing... nothing at all..."
mind_mistress: but for now...
mind_mistress: it's time to drift back...
mind_mistress: to awaken at 1
mind_mistress: feeling wonderful...
mind_mistress: and remembering your experiences vividly...
mind_mistress: 9
mind_mistress: 8
mind_mistress: 7
mind_mistress: 6
mind_mistress: 5
mind_mistress: 4
mind_mistress: 3
mind_mistress: 2
mind_mistress: 1

Part 4 - Debriefing


mind_mistress: Hello :D
colleen: hi :)
colleen: getting interesting
colleen: Lucius? Hmmm
mind_mistress: ;;)
mind_mistress: That was fun ;;)
colleen: very much
colleen: and I did get a shiver
mind_mistress: :x
colleen: maybe he could help, I'm not sure
mind_mistress: I'm sure he could help...
mind_mistress: if you can get him to trust you...
mind_mistress: and care about you...
colleen: hmmm
mind_mistress: ;;)
colleen: sneaky
mind_mistress: Thank you :D
colleen: :)
mind_mistress: I like being able to be more subtle about sex ;)
colleen: yes me too
colleen: it more erotic
mind_mistress: agreed
mind_mistress: It's more what female erotica is like...
colleen: I like it
mind_mistress: ;;)
colleen: more of the way I fantasize
colleen: and sometimes dream
mind_mistress: It's how women tend to fantasize
colleen: really? :)
mind_mistress: yes
colleen: nice
mind_mistress: Think about it... men like porn... women read Harlequin romances...
colleen: true
mind_mistress: though I prefer supernatural romances myself :)
colleen: like what?
mind_mistress: without the emotional content, it doesn't generally do much for women
mind_mistress: Well, Laurel K Hamilton is the most popular one...
mind_mistress: with Anita Blake, vampire executioner...
colleen: :)
colleen: might have to get a copy
mind_mistress: Guilty Pleasures is the first one
mind_mistress: it's murder mystery romance urban fantasy action hero erotica
colleen: sounds fun
mind_mistress: it is :)
mind_mistress: Me and my friends really like it
colleen: I'll look for it
mind_mistress: only sad part is that the novels are very much for straight women...
mind_mistress: no lesbian stuff...
mind_mistress: but she does get multiple guys getting it on... ;)
colleen: lol
mind_mistress: I guess it's the same as straight guys loving lesbian action ;)
colleen: probably no shemales either
mind_mistress: nope
mind_mistress: For that, I read online story archives
colleen: :)
colleen: where at?
mind_mistress: Sapphire's, Crysta's Storysite, BigCloset
colleen: are they good?
mind_mistress: Sapphire's has the highest quality overall
colleen: cool
mind_mistress: but she's just restarted updating after more than a year of nothing...
mind_mistress: was too busy with work... but lost her job recently :P
mind_mistress: If you havn't read her site though, you'll have a lot to go through anyways
colleen: I'll check it out
mind_mistress: Crystal's Storysite and BigCloset are more hit or miss as far as quality
colleen: ok
mind_mistress: so you have to look more
colleen: you think I would enjoy them?
mind_mistress: some of them :)
colleen: :)
mind_mistress: I don't know exactly what you like
mind_mistress: I like high school romances, with magic or super powers
colleen: but you're finding out
mind_mistress: Okay, try "I'm with the band" on Sapphire's place
mind_mistress: I liked that one...
colleen: and you know I like the idea of being a woman or shemale
colleen: I'll look at it
mind_mistress: same time next week?
colleen: yes if that works for you
mind_mistress: Done :)
colleen: see you then :)
mind_mistress: Good night! See ya next week...
colleen: have a good week mistress
mind_mistress: and don't dream too hard of Lucious's arms around you... ;)
mind_mistress: Lucius
colleen: :)
colleen: I hope I do :)
colleen: bye


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