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CD 23 - Effectiveness

Reviews: - 2011

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On 23/10/2011 12:17 AM, Michelle D wrote:

Dearest Mind Mistress,

You asked for input on the CD's you sell, so here is my input. I purchased CD's 2,3, and 23 Effectiveness.

I have always hoped to have the mindset of a natural woman, (the girl next door), and have strived to that for a long time. I have purchased hypnotic CD's from other sources, and they kind of worked, but not enough for my satisfaction.

When I purchased CD's 2 and 3 I played them, and they were OK, but just OK. I strove for more, then I purchased Effectiveness. That changed everything. I have ADD, and there are noisey animals in the neighborhood, and to top this off I live near an airport with jet noise at all hours. To make it simple (It is hard for me to "Go Deep"). I tried, and tried, and I always wake up before I get the awaken track.

To shorten this story up. I made a CD of your 1 track from CD 2, and 1 track from CD 3, and combined them with your intro from CD 23 as well as the rest of the tracks from CD 23. I am so happy now. I still can't go all the way to the awaken point but I listen all the way any way. "Sexy Panties make me productive", I love it. I am paying more attention to what I am doing, smiling all the way.

I use my perfume, and make-up every day. The part about the perfume making me feel so feminine and submissive is terrific. It sets my mood for the rest of the day.

I only know to say "Thank you so very much"

Yours forever,

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