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CD 33-Choices

Transforming your choices by hypnosis, from conservative to sexy to slutty

CD33-Choices, hypnosis to make sexier choices

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hypnotic eyes

Listen to a Free Hypnosis mp3 from CD33-Choices, The Entire Track 10!(2:08 min, 1.5 Megs)

This CD trains the listener to make sexier choices, more and more.
If you haven’t found your specific desire in one of my other CDs, this one will do it for you.

Hypnotic Choices and Erotic Mind Control

What is the essence of erotic mind control? It’s being forced to make choices you don’t want to make. Bad choices. Nasty choices. Sexy choices. Slutty choices. Erotic, depraved and perverted choices. Now, each of My CDs trains the listener to make specific choices, by making them think in certain ways, feel desire for certain things, and feel pleasure when they comply. Elegance has a special conditioning that makes you crave to do anything you tell yourself you “shouldn’t do”, which is more general. But we can make it even MORE general. To FORCE those sexy and slutty choices.

General Versus Specific Conditioning

However, when hypnotic suggestions are very general, i.e. “you will feel and act like a slut’, they’re generally less effective than specific ones, i.e. “You can’t stop thinking about sucking cock”. Try it. Try repeating the first suggestion ten times. Notice how you feel and where your mind goes. Then try repeating the second suggestion ten times. Notice the difference.

Now, I can’t cover all specific wishes and fetishes… maybe what you want is…
To be forced to eat your own cum after you ejaculate
To be forced to put your profile up on a bdsm dating website
To go to the laudromat while wearing panties and nail polish

There’s just too many specifics to be able to cover every single thing going through that twisted mind of yours…

Three Choices to Rule Them All...

What this CD trains the listener to do is think of three specific choices in every situation. A boring, conservative practical choice is imagined, floating somewhere to the left. You imagine yourself doing that in the image or movie clip. Then in the middle, you imagine a sexier choice, a scene of you doing something that would make you feel sexy. Then to the right is an image or clip of you doing something OUTRAGEOUSLY SLUTTY!

Look at the picture on top. It'll give you an idea of what I mean by seeing 3 choices for yourself.

And in the Darkness Bind Them

You can imagine that, right? Right now, what’s the next thing you could do after reading this? Think about it. The images don’t have to be clear, though it’s better if they are. The choices might be :

Get a glass of water          Buff your nails so they’re nicely shaped            Put on some “fuck me now” red lipstick


Now, normally, you’d just do the one on the left. But after training with the CD, you’ll start imagining all three options, and be more and more inclined to do the sexy one. Because during the trance experience, every time you try to make the conservative choice, you blank out and find you’re doing the slutty choice, without any memories of the last few minutes! It trains you to make the sexy choice out of self-defense, because if you don’t, not only do you lose control, you can’t even remember enjoying all the sinning you’ve been doing!

Twisted, isn’t it ?

Just the way I like it…

Will This Really Work?

If you expect to listen to this CD once and get an instant brainwash, then no. If you want quick results, you'll need sessions combined with CDs. But given some time to practice trance (with CD1, and maybe CD2 or CD3), and amnesia training with CD16-Acceptance, then yes, over a number of weeks of regular training, your thinking will start to change.

You should probably get the Deep Trance Starter Kit first, if you have no experience with hypnosis (CDs 1,2,3,16). This is the training you'll need if you want to actually experience the blanking out and loss of memory this CD suggests.

If you don't get this kind of amnesia training and only use this CD, well, you probably won't get the blanking out as such. However, you WILL start to think more and more in terms of these three kinds of choices. And naturally, you will start to pick the sexy choice for yourself, to avoid the slutty choice. Of course, what's slutty for you will tend to become more extreme over time, as will what's sexy. It's a slippery slope. As you get more experience, things will freak you out less and less, so they'll be easier to do. I'm training you in HOW to think so you'll be sexier.

In fact, you'll end up not so much being forced, but rather having more choices you feel free to make.

You'll feel free to be a slut.
When it's to your advantage.
To be able to be the way you want to be and feel good about it.


Then again, maybe you'll completely lose control and become a whore. Your mileage may vary. :)


For Shorter Trances

You can start using this CD with tracks 1,2,3,4, then 13,14,16. The last one, 16, is not really necessary, but it messes nicely with the mind.
You can at some later point start adding tracks 5,6, etc., but if it gets too long, you can do tracks 1,3,6, to get in trance, get up from bed, and find yourself driving. This forms the basis of the story. At that point, you can continue at any point in the later tracks. You could skip right to track 11, and on to the end.


CD Track Details

If you want the story to surprise you, don't read this. Otherwise, enjoy!


Track1-Induction (22:17): The long 22 minute induction is used here.

Track 2-Deepening (3:09): An optional trance deepening track, to be used after the induction.

Track 3- Morning (3:32): When you get up, you have choices, conservative, or sexy. You could shower, or play with yourself. But you’re reasonable, so you choose to shower. As soon as you do, you blink, blank out…

Track 4- Shower (5:57): And the next thing you know, you’re caressing yourself! You try to stop and go shower… but you blink, blank out, and find you’re flat on your back, masturbating. Somehow, there’s missing time, you can’t remember what just happened. You try to think:
Shower, or shower and shave your legs, or start caressing yourself? Resist, and you end up masturbating, it feels so good!
Shower, or continue caressing yourself, or continue caressing yourself like a slut? Resist, and you end up with a finger up your ass, and you like it!
Shower, or go shave your legs, or continue ass-fucking yourself? You give in, and go shower and shave your legs. But as you shower, you decide not to shave them… Blink, blank out… your legs are already shaved AND you’re playing with yourself in the shower!
Do you go dress, put on makeup, or dress like a slut? You resist, blink, blank out, and realize you’re dressed like a slut and wearing makeup!
Do you try to remove the slut-wear, stay that way, or start playing with yourself again? You try to take off the clothes but you… Blink, blank out…

Track 5-Vibrations (1:35): And now you’re fucking yourself with a vibrator. Do you stop and undress, go out shopping dressed as you are, or go out looking for sex?

Track 6-Driving (1:59): You’re outside, the key in your hand ready to lock up, dressed like a total slut. Do you go back in, go out shopping, or go looking for sexual satisfaction? You try to go back in, but you… Blink, blank out.
You find yourself driving downtown. Do you go back home, go shopping, or go to a peep show?

Track 7-Shopping (4:33): You’re parked in front of a peep show. Do you try to go home, go shopping, or go in to watch erotic dancing? Finally, you’re starting to figure this out, so you decide to take the sexy middle choice and go shopping. If you try to go home, you know you’ll just end up in the peep show.  So you go, driving by the sports store… you could get some sweatpants, that would be conservative. The sexy choice would be to get sexy lingerie. The slutty choice would be to get slut-wear. What do you do?
You choose the middle choice, the sexy choice. Good call! That works! Do you get plain bras, lacy bras, or a corset? You reach out for  the plain bra and… Blink, blank out…
It’s hard to breathe, the saleslady asks you if you want her to pull the corset tighter! Oh my! Do you ask her to loosen it, leave it, or tighten it? You try to ask her to loosen it, but end up saying “Tighter please!” You’re completely losing control of yourself! But you feel so sexy and you look so good in the mirror. Enough of this though, you try to take it off… You blink, blank out.

Track 8-Bar (6:00): You’re back in the changing room… wearing the tight corset, playing with yourself and fantasizing.  Do you rip it off, buy it, or go find someone to fuck? You wisely choose to buy it, and go back to the car. Do you go home, go to a bar to flirt, or go grab someone and ask them to come to the bathroom to fuck you? Well… you’d like to at least be able to choose who you flirt with… so you take the middle choice. So you go to the bar to flirt. Do you go home, keep flirting, or drag them home ? This is too much, you wanna go home! You blink, blank out…

Track 9-Bed (4:21): You find yourself kneeling at the foot of your bed, giving a stranger oral sex, so horny and unable to stop! Do you kick them out, keep doing it, or let’em fuck you? You try to tell them to get out, but you… Blink, blank out.
You’re on all fours, getting fucked up the ass, it feels wonderful!!! You’re becoming such a total slut! Do you tell them to stop, continue, or beg for more? You try to stop, blink, blank out…

Track 10-Phone (2:08): You’re on the phone, saying “Don’t take too long, I’m really horny,” and then hang up.  Who did you just talk to??? Do you try to get out of the house, stay, or make yourself look more slutty by redoing your hair and makeup? You grab your keys so you can go somewhere else, anywhere! But you blink, blank out.

Listen to track 10! Free Hypnosis mp3 from CD33-Choices (2:08 min, 1.5 Megs)

Track 11-Visitors (7:05): You’re finishing redoing your lipstick, very slutty looking lipstick. You look like a whore. And you hear someone at the door! You go answer, it’s a couple. Do you slam the door, invite them in, or go tell them how horny you are? You try to close the door, blink, blank out…
You find you’re telling them how horny you are, and how much you need to have sex with them. They come in. The man tells you to crawl on your knees like a bitch in heat to the bedroom. How humiliating! But if you don’t do what he says, you’ll do something even more slutty, like masturbating right there with the door wide open! You’d better do what he says. Then he tells you to start by licking his girlfriend. Do you get angry, do what he says, or beg him to use you any way he wants? You have no choice… but then he wants to take you from behind while you make her come. Oh my! It’s too much, you have to resist you… Blink. Blank out.

Track 12-Hooker (2:41): Next thing you know, you have money in your hand, and they’re leaving. You realize… you’ve become a prostitute!!! They thank you and say they’ll be calling you again. You’ve totally lost control and become a hooker. What’s worse, it makes you horny, and you know you can’t resist it anymore. You want to do it again. You want to be a whore. And that makes you so horny. 

Track 13-Addicted (2:41): You can feel yourself wanting more, wanting to do this again, fantasizing about it, but choosing the sexy choice more and more, so you can remember what you’ve done. You’re a slut, you realize this now, and you can accept it more and more. And as you listen to me over and over again, becoming more and more brainwashed and condition, you can’t help becoming a slut all the time. You could try to stop it, but… Blink. Blank out…

Track 14-Wake (0:30): Counting to 1, you awaken.

Track 15-Debrief (0:55): Though you may not remember much, you’ll want to listen to this recording again, to feel even better and more relaxed in your life, as you learn to make the right choices.

Track 16-Blink (0:56): You could stop… but then you blink. Blink again. Blink.

Mind Mistress says: If you were given only one choice: To choose or not to choose, which would you choose?


CD33- Choices
is available on CD, and for mp3 download.
Click here to go to the payment page (to buy)

It contains 11 tracks, for a total play time of 60 minutes

This CD requires training with the Elegance triggers first. These can be found on CD3, 18,24, 28 and 32. CD3-Elegance is of course best.




Track name

T03- Morning
T04- Shower


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