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Types of entries



Feminized Male

This section is now closed. I just don't have time to keep updating a dating site. This means no new entries will be added. But the current girls can be contacted.

One of My constant regrets is that the prettiest crossdressers and transsexuals, the young ones for the most part, usually don't have any money to pay for the hypnotic feminization training they so desperately need to turn into happy, sexy, transsexualized shemale sluts. I've been thinking about making this section of the site for a while, and now it's here.

Note: Poor Genetic Females wanting training are also welcome here, to become slaves or Mistresses. It's just that most of the requests I get are from males wanting feminization, and occasionally Masters looking for shemales. Likewise, men or women who wish to sponsor girls may put an entry.

Mistresses and Masters

If you've got money, and you want to do your part in the Lesbian Conspiracy 2.0 to feminize the world, by picking a sorry excuse for a male to turn into a sexy girl, here's what you need to do:

- Choose the girl you want to help, decide what kind of girl you want to turn her into, and what training you want her to get. CDs are obviously cheaper, and necessary for regular reinforcements that make the changes permanent. You may also want sessions to give her particular conditionnings or fetishes not covered by CDs, or to make her your obedient and worshipful personal slave.
-Email Me with the name of your chosen girl, your plans for her, and what you'd like to initially spend on her (one CD, 3 CDs, a CD and 2 sessions...). If you post in the Guestbook about this, make sure to include your location.
-I'll answer you with My own suggestions, and let you know if anyone else had any plans for her training. We'll discuss what you want to do with her, and come up with a training plan. I'll email her your offer, and assuming she accepts, it's time for you to buy yourself a girl! She may or may not email you right away. She may wait to see that you're serious enough to pay for her training.
-After you've bought her a CD or session, I will give you her email address and instant messenger nickname so you can get in touch with her.

At this point, I'm a consultant, and you decide what training and CDs she gets. Whether she meets you, to be your maid, sex slave, or whatever else you have in mind, is up to the two of you. Of course, if you pay for sessions that will make her your love slave, and she agrees to take the sessions... well... she'll certainly be more and more agreeable to your demands.

I suggest buying her a webcam if she doesn't have one already, so you can monitor her progress by having her send you pics and by doing video-chats with her.

You may want to have her as your sex slave... and though this may happen, I can't guarantee it. We're all adults here, and they aren't really complete slaves that are *actually* being brainwashed and sold without any thought about their own wishes. That would be illegal, and we wouldn't dream of doing anything of the sort...

You can also put up your own listing here, saying what you want. A lot of T-Girls read this site...

Poor girls

If you want training, but can't afford it, send Me a picture of yourself dressed as a girl, as well as a text I can post here, adressed to Me, or even better, to your potential new Master or Mistress. If you don't want your pictures publically posted, don't waste My time. The picture must clearly show your face. If you don't want a guy to be your new Master, again, don't bother. There are very few women looking to feminize men, so while you can mention a preference for women, you're much more likely to find a willing man. And anyway, if a man chooses you, we can make sure your training makes you love men... or whatever your investor chooses. They pay for your training, so they get to decide what training you get. Of course, you are free to decline if you don't want it... but beggars can't be choosers. If you can't get a picture of yourself, or don't have any women's clothing you can buy, borrow or steal for a photo... then you know what your next steps are!

A WebCam is a BIG bonus! Your new owner will want to make sure you're following instructions, and see how you're progressing. Many of them double as digital cameras. Or, a digital camera that doubles as a webcam. The second best option is having access to a regular camera and having the pics scanned in at a photocopy shop. Or you may know someone with a camera willing to lend it, or take pictures of you. To verify that you are indeed the person on the pictures you send, I or your new owner may ask for a picture with you holding up something recognizable. Mention what you have in the webcam or camera department with your request. I will only post girls I think have a chance of being "sold".

Make sure the text you send includes your current Training, Needs, and Camera availability.


Megan M

Louisville, Kentucky
Age 33

I take email at soror_megan@yahoo.com, and I also have a profile there as well. I have been on estrogen since 2002, and I am turning out pretty cute. Attached is a pic of me. I would like to be a lot sexier, and I'd like to make money at it. I am extremely interested in getting into the adult entertainment business, but so far have not figured out how to go about it.

After I saw your new help page for poor slave girls, I thought you might be able to help network me into the adult entertainment business. I could make a fair amount of money through diligent work, and I'd be able to afford major cosmetic changes to my body. I could use new boobs at the very least. And perhaps there would be ways for my profit to be of service to you as well. I do not know if I am interested in becoming a slave per se...but I would not mind being someone's Domme, or the right someone's shemale girlfriend.

But I'm still too much of a goody goody...how boring! Bad girls have more fun, and I need to be bad! To that end, I am becoming a fetish model and I already have some pics on my website. Really naughty girls smoke, so I think I need to learn to smoke...although I really hadn't thought about it until I came to Mistress' website...hmmmm.

Anyway, I want to be a porn star, but I could use some work...a little hypnotic training...after all, to be a good porn star, I need to be able to be a naughty slut, and what better way to learn how to do that than some hypnotic training!

I am also a solitary Witch. :-)

I am very serious about working in the adult entertainment industry as a shemale, and I would be extremely grateful to whoever helped me get involved. I hope to hear from you soon!

Blessed Be, Megan

The CDs I need are listed below, and maybe you will also take a look at my website!

Yahoo profile: http://profiles.yahoo.com/soror_megan

Picture gallery (off site): http://megan.myiglou.com

Training: None

Needs: CDs 3, 4, 14, 15, breast implants, and an opportunity to work in the porn industry

Cameras: digital camera



Age 33

Dearest Mistress Linda, I am so addicted to your site! Great job! I am a poor TS woman with great aspirations, but I need lots of training. I have been in transition for over for years now, hormones included. I live full time as a woman, but I am still missing something. I do not find an attraction to men. The ones I do find cute, I would not know how to act around them. I would love to to use my feminism to control men and increase my financial status. If it woud mean selling myself into hypnotic slavery to achieve my goals, then so be it. As long as it did not interfere with my job or my son I am wiling to do what it takes to be a breautiful woman. I wish to be a lesbian and make men into large breasted women and shemales.

I am quite and teligent and can be devious as well. They are qualities I am proud of and wish to maintain. I have Yahoo Instant messager.My screen name is Larissa71.

Yahoo profile: http://profiles.yahoo.com/Larissa71.

Training: None.

Needs: For my training, if someone wishes to purchase me, I need CDs 3,4,7,9,10,11,12,14,15. I am not into scat, peeing, or any other nasty things like that. I would like to be trained to be a wonderful, completely bisexual being that enjoys and needs both sexes equally. I do have a breast fetish and of course hypno fetish as well.

Cameras: camera/webcam



Denver, Colorado

Age 26

To my future Dominant, I am not picky! I am just looking to be completly feminized. My mind is in your hands! I think my favorite trainng from reading would be sissy training, then transexualizing, or the inner woman! Al that i ask is that i am programed for super long nails, and ultra high heels the rest is up to you. I would one day like to take hormones and have a boob job. your choice of course.

Yahoo profile: http://profiles.yahoo.com/make_me_a_barbie.

Training: None

Needs: My wants and needs are none of my concern! I just want to be feminized...Everything will be up to my Master or Mistress! No name as of yet! One has not been given to me!
CDs 12,3,4,6,7,9,10,11,14,16

Cameras: Has WebCam


Cologne area

Age 35

I am 35 year old.I like to dress up me as a girl since 19 years old. I would like to do everything. I am 187cm,84 kg,blue eyes.

I like the feeling to be sexy, pwoerful and desirable. I love to be dominated. I also like to seduce men. The idea to suck cock is greta for me. Sometimes i go outside and i like the men view on me. I find it great to be trained by you....yes by you...my new mistress or master..! Try it with me,see my pics and you will understand why it is worth to take me. Sorry but a webcam it does not functiion on my pc because it is to old. I like to dress sexy or naughty. I will do everything you want. Try it with me!!! In my fantazie i am the hottest and sexiest girl of the world.

Is it not my new owners decision what to hypnotize me for? But I want to be a sexy, naughty, full breasted shemale. I dont know why i cannot do the last step. Some inside me must break and i dont no what. Iknow men like me, to look for me and i like it so much. If i see an errotic film, i sugest that i am the women, i like to suck cocks(since cock animation on mindmistress site) I want to get a femal orgasm. I also like the idea to have sex with a woman. This is a good idea. To be a woman and have sex with a woman is great.: i suck some cocks.

It was in a domina studio, the domina say i have to suck cock fom the client,so i do it. With mallena the shenale i have sex another time, i visit her and she was arouse, she beginn to kiss me, remove my clothings and fuck me in my ass,without my permission. Since them my ass is so empty. I also work sometime on mallenas webcam. The idea to show me as a girl makes me so horny

Yahoo Profile: http://profiles.yahoo.com/transe1969

Please make me a girl!

Training: None

Needs: CDs: 3,4, 6,10,14

Cameras: old webcam that does not work on new computer. Possible access to Malena's webcam.

Click here for her picture page


(willing to relocate)

Age: 22

Dear Mistresses and Masters,

I am a 22 year old TS woman from Australia. I've had a few problems with transitioning, and have tried before to sell myself as a slave online, without success. However, with my mind, body, and soul wrapped around your little finger, I don't believe that would be much of a problem.

I know its not a slave's thing to ask, and its more dreaming than asking, but I like to be admired, desired, controlled. To be sexy, sweet looking, but naughty underneath. I would like to be able to walk into a room filled with people, only my Owner knowing about my little secret, and to have everyone drooling, to be jealous that he has such a gorgeous woman, a full chested shemale, gorgeous in every sense, and the best of both worlds. I've been taking hormones for 18 months so far and have been developing nicely, though there is still a little work needed in some areas, mainly because I'm just a poor slave girl. I'm bi at the moment, and and find the idea of being attracted to men interesting and appealing, but haven't been able to do anything about it. Yet.

I need to be that girl, but I want to be your girl. To have a gorgous woman, a gorgous shemale at your beck and call.

Fantasy: Well, hard to describe. Too dynamic to be able to describe, but it would involve 'all' of my fetishes listed below, a few others, and the end result of myself being a perfect, TS slave. Trained to my owners perfection.

Fetishes: Bondage, cages, latex, leather, whips, chains, fur, mind games (duh), teasing, submission, forced submission, kidnapping, interrogations, hypnosis (oh like I had to tell you), shibari... Think thats about it.

Hard Limits: Anything illegal, scat, urine, anything life threatening or involving non-consentual peoples.

Wish: Now what do I want if I could have 'anything?' If I got asked that, what would my answer be? First, an operation that would have every creature drooling with lust after me. In public, I'd want to be pamered, admired, treated like a princess in every way. Admired by others, and knowing that they'll never be able to touch me. To be the perfect partner any person could dream. And then behind closed doors, submissive, obedient... A slave and a slut. Naughty but nice, sweet but dirty. And of course, with a little bit more. Of course, You don't have to be male, either...

Training: None

Needs: CDs 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 11, 13, 15

Cameras: Digital camera that works, and doubles as a webcam but won't work on this stupid computer.

Click here for her picture page

Removed Listings

BrendaB, TS from San Diego California USA, Age 48

Has fallen in love with a woman who wants to help feminize her, surgically and otherwise.
We wish her all the best. Listing removed February 25, 2005


Picture removed by request

Samantha G USA, TS from New England, Age 31. Has found someone to help with her transition into a woman. Listing removed July 25, 2005



Jill C. Removed by request.


Let's help these poor girls... If you're gonna do charity, do it for a cause you believe in...

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