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CD 14 - Elegance II

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Dearest Mind Mistress Linda

i recieved Elegance II on Wednessday, unfortunatley i was unable to listen to it then

Thursday afte work i listened to Elegance I then Elegance II in that order. i would suggest listening to them in that order. The reinforcement of the conditioning triggers was worth every minute. Infact i thought i was goig to have a female orgasm at least twice during Elegance II. There was a wet spot on my panties but i know i didn't evrn have an erection. Its impossible for me to have an erection the wy i place myself in my panties,

All night long i was playing with and massaging my breasts and nipples. thinking how great it would be to have at least D cups instead of B almost C's i currently have. i also totally femmed my self for the remainder of the evening and spent the rest of the night doing the following searches "male breast augmentation" "transgender support". then did some online window shopping for high heels, hose, dress, etc

Friday! Friday!! Friday norning!!! i woke up cupped my breast and said out loud "we've got to get breast implants to have the brest i need"! Unlike other mornings instead of getting off to woru in twent five or thirty minutes, i had totake my time to totally shave, do my brows, do my makeup etc. it took over an hour.

Sadley i can't go to work in a dress or even chance having a bra line show, at least for now.

What puzzels me is why hasn't anyone said "are you wearing makeup?" One GG once aske me if i felt alright i looked pale. This only told me to use a darker foundation or more blush.

The best thing about Mistress' CD's is they are all connected i didn't even own female shoes befor listening to Happiness, now after listening to Elegance II i would much rather wear high heels to work than tennis shoes!

Your obedient slave girl cynthia

cynthia <anonymous@hw.com>
- Saturday, September 11, 2004 at 21:40:27 (EDT)

Dearest Mind Mistress Linda

Forgive me for the premature and inadequate review of Elegance II. Everything in that review is true, however, it was written after only listening three times. Now i can report my reaction to having listened to it every night for two weeks.

Getting breast implants is not only the first thing i think of in the morning, its become an obsession. When i see a woman with big breast i think "my breasts will be bigger than hers when i get my implants". i am constantly masaging and playing with my breasts thinking "i need implants." One of these times i'm going to get caught.

The other night i was wearing my beige mini skirt and tight knit top with panty hose and high heels. (thats normal any more) i took the trash out to the curb, without realizing what i was doing. A honking horn brought me to the realality of where i was and what i was wearing! PANIC! but OH the PLEASURE! it turned into as i turned and walked in the door swinging my ass as much as possible. which has led to short walks in the neiborhood late at night while dressed also trips in the car.

i am getting better at putting on makeup except for my eyes. i don't know i must be like the gurl in part two of femme your husband. any attempt to apply mascara resuts in it being on my nose, eyelids, cheeks almost everywhere but the lashes. Eyeliner forget it i get the pencil to a sixteenth of an inch to my eyes its like i have the palsey!

Now the argument between the four and a half of us. Peggy the most recent of my former girl lives wants to go to work dressed as a slut. Rachel the middle former girl life wants to go to work totally femmed but not so slutty. Lora the most ancient girl life having not experinced nylon lace and elastics just wants to wear the frilliest most femme things possible. cynthia wants to do it too, but. and he's totaly against it. If it is going to happen. It maybe Friday October 29 Halloween Friday. When almost everyone comes to work in a costume of some sort. It would be difficult for the boss to fire him (one day and it was done in the spirit having fun)

What am i saying? This is getting too much for me.

Your obedient slave girl cynthia 9/21/2004 6:28 PM

This review also refers to CD 3

Oh Mind Mistress, what have You done to me! Elegance II has taken me over and I now just can't resist it.

I have been listening to Elegance I for some time and foolishly thought it was just for fun. After all, I was already dressing as a girl and wearing make-up ,so what difference could it make. Now, everyday, I just have to put perfume on as soon as I get home. Then I put on sexy panties, stockings and take absolute ages doing my make up. I have lots of colours of mascara. J

My nails have to be long, shiny and shaped. I have all colours of polish too, even purple. People have commented on the length of my nails , but I ignore them. What do they know? I have Your Voice in my head saying "Shiny Nails" ,so they stay long and sexy.

Then came your Elegance II ! I don¿t know how, but Your Voice is even more powerful and affected me immediately. I have to try and cut the bits out about getting bigger boobs, as I do have to go to work, but I would love to have real breasts to fill my bra properly. My legs and body are now so soft and smooth, but I must confess I don't shave each day. It was wicked of You to tell me to shave every morning. I don't want to be fired for turning up at lunchtime every day. At least I can wear my panties under my male clothes and paint my toenails. Now the weather is getting a little cooler, I'll be able to wear pantyhose too.J

I now know why women have so many shoes. I can't resist looking at them. I love wearing them. High heels feel so great to wear and surprisingly easy to walk in. My wardrobe is just full of slingbacks, sandals and now I've just bought some knee length, leather boots with 3" heels, which I find very difficult to take off. They're so sexy!

The above wardrobe is also now full of skirts, dresses and tops. They have forced my male clothes out, as they outnumber them now. The wonderful feeling I get from slipping into a skirt in the evening is heavenly. Mmm. As You are the cause of all this, then "heavenly" may be the wrong word.

Finally, another confession. I have to cut out the smoking track. I know it's a favourite of Yours, but I really don't like the idea. Strangely though , I do find sexy women smoking to be very arousing now.

Yours, Sarah.

PS Have you ever read the science fiction novel ¿Dune¿ by Frank Herbert. It¿s not nerdy! It¿s about a secret organisation of witches, who plot to control the leaders of the Galactic Empire using hypnotic Voice control, then use them for a breeding program to produce the ultimate leader. I wonder why I found it interesting.!!

PPS If you do use this (or the other one about Trance Training) on the site, please use my name as Sarah and not my e-mail address. I am still a very shy girl. Many thanks.

Sarah 10/6/2004 4:16 PM


On 24/02/2009 7:28 PM, bobbie jewel wrote:

Dear MISTRESS i would lide to thank YOU for this very special tape. It helps me too want too be my very feminine best, It helps to reenforce my other training. i need now more than ever too please YOU. if you listen to this tape with the other elegance tape it will be more and more clear too you what you really need.
Is so very easy too be happy and have pleasur and its what we all every want really want to please to be pleasing this you will have more and more you will be the way you are taught to be. This tape will work so you better not try it not unless you really want too be happy, you do want to be happy you do want too be happy, oh i'm sorry i diden't think. Oh well you do want too obey you would'ent be here if you did'ent want to please and obey and have everythig you need and want whitch is on this tape, thik of it as a big pice of canddy mmm mmm lick lick lick cum into the parlor said the fly its soo nice all wrapped up and tangled up in MISTRESS'S web,its a little sticky strand of silk soo pretty soo nice cum cum i highly recomend a little touch

On 07/07/2009 3:41 PM, Joann wrote:

Dear Mistress Linda, Over the last 3 years i have been training and conditioning with Your cd's.  i have been working with another Mistress, Erica, who has been encouraging me to become the gurl i was ment to be.  After listening to Elegance II daily for almost 2 months, i finally took the my biggest step so far.  i have begun a hormone regimine in order to grow big boobs and get a nice round butt.( two things i have always wanted)  She has also told me that they will soften my skin and slow the regrowth of my hair and more importantly enhance my brains ability to behave like a Womans.  She also said i may not need to wear a gaff after a while, i was quite uncomfortable with that any ways.  I can't wait to begin to see the results.  I will also be listening to Your Youth Cd as i begin growing my boobs.  i am also looking forward to hearing You on the radio 7/13. 

Respectfully, joann







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