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December 26


And gone today... (gift link removed)

Can't be Christmas every day... still, I have more goodies in preparation...



December 25

A special Yule gift for My slave girls, right click here to download 'my mind is happy.mp3'(971Kb), and save it to disk. It will be here today, and gone tomorrow... (best heard with headphones, it's stereo)

Merry Christmas!
Mind Mistress


December 23

Updated: the payment page with buttons for email coaching, for those who wish to correspond intensively with Me, and work out what they really want to do about their desires, or simply make a small offering.

Updated: Hypnotic Recordings with some new reviews of the CDs. I will keep adding them as they come in.

And you will find a lovely seasonal addition to the Guestbook by LDK, "The Trance Before Christmas".

Happy holidays, Yule, Christmas, and New Year (or whatever you might celebrate at this time) to all My girls and visitors !

May your deepest darkest dreams cum true...


December 12

Added: Becoming baby Leona: a happy, incontinent, bedwetting diaper girl forever in the Story gallery for the Adult baby training program.

Updated: : Women's fantasies: hypnotic fantasies for women in the Story gallery


December 5

Updated: the payment page, for real this time. In My haste to leave for My weekly Wednesday beauty appointment, I hadn't actually uploaded the new version of the payment page with the new hypnosis CDs. Ooops! That has been corrected.


December 4

What do you give
the girl who has
everything for Christmas?

A nice brainwash
and set...

Added: Hypnotic recordings: slave girl and forced feminization CDs To make your favorite girl, boy or sissy more relaxed, submissive, and sexy...

All three recordings are suitable for men, women and transgenders, and make a nice gift for yourself or loved ones.

Updated: the payment page with buttons for the two new hypnotic CDs. The payment page is now a cool, sexy black, just the way we like it...


November 29

Updated: the First Session page, to link to the sample fantasies


November 19

Added: 3 new captioned pics to the slave gallery. One of The Countess, one of hypnotic Amnesia, and one of a slave girl recruiting another.

Moved: the halloween picture of Mind Mistress to the Picture Gallery


November 4

Added: Women's fantasies: hypnotic fantasies for women to the Story gallery


October 12

Hypnoticwishes was down Friday night till Saturday morning. Sorry for the inconvenience.

On the other hand, you have two new captioned pics to entertain and subvert you: one from Bobbi girl, one of My favorite slaves who lives to please Me, has become a hair slut and makeup addict, loves MAC makeup products, sells cosmetics and does makeovers. She's saving up for surgery (facial, boobs and pussy) to go all the way, and I'm very proud of her mindless determination to be a stunningly gorgeous bimbo hairdresser and cosmetician, rather than a computer expert.

The other one is a captioned fantasy pic from Me: Jessica Yes, in the Slave Gallery.


October 10

Made first sessions expections clearer in the First Session Page, after having had someone expect to wake up a woman after the first session (this occasionally happens, but only with exceptionally good hypnotic subjects)


September 16

Added: The smokey seduction of Sarah to the fantasy stories in the gallery


September 13

I have added two links to the request form for people to find sexy pics of your new feminine self:

Site 1: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/smokeandglamour/

Site 2: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/smokeandglamour2/


September 12

For chatroom people: I got called back by the police. The one who was suicidal has received a visit from the police and an ambulance. It seems she will live to dress another day :)

Keep taking care of each other, dear girls :)


September 10

The Trance Request Form was not working over the past few days. That is now fixed

My friends and I have been trying out various flu viruses for the past month. We've come to the conclusion we don't like any of them!

So I've been sick off and on during the past month, which has slowed down My responding to emails. I also have a sore throat at this point, so phone sessions won't likely be happening until next week...


August 22

Added: Lesbian love spell, a spell to make straight women into lesbians, as well as a panty & stockings pic made by sissy chrissy to the capioned pics of the slave gallery

Mind Mistress' day off is now Wednesday


August 8

Added: Becoming Maxine, the sexy smoking receptionist to the slave gallery

Added: Dear Abby Mistress 2 to the Story Gallery (yes, this person inspired Me for the captioned pic)

Also, a recent entry in the guestbook made Me realize that the form to add an entry didn't have the hypnotic shemale conditionning eye... I mean, the pretty and totally harmless hypnotic eye everyone likes to stare at while their mind goes blank soaking up the subliminals... I mean, the pretty eye graphic... so I added one there, and changed the text on the Submit button... much better I think.


August 1

Email is back to normal. So is FTP, which was down since July 19th before I left for My trip. Thus, I couldn't post the dates for My trip just before leaving...


July 31

I'm back from My trip, and boy was it great!

Hypnoticwishes is now up to over 1 million hits per month, and over 33 000 hits per day! That's a lot of visitors! Thank you !

@hypnoticwishes Email has been down during My absence from July 22 to July 31. So if you emailed Me, left an offline message or filled out a form during that time, I never got it.


July 19

Added: Teri, the newly smoking slave wife, to the slave gallery, a little gift before I leave for My vacation...

Note: Mind Mistress will be out of town July 20 to 29


July 13

Added: Mind Mistress' availability schedule to the First Session page


July 12

Added: Thumb sucking to quit smoking, an adult baby girl hypnosis captioned pic to the slave gallery

Added: A separate page for the updates of previous years, to speed up download of this page for visitors. The link to it is at the bottom of this page, or you can click here to see the old 2000-2001 updates


June 30

Added: some flash animations to Femme your hubby #1

Added: Femme your hubby #2, the second installment, to the Story Gallery

Mind Mistress has returned, and is now trained and certified as a Master Practionner of

- NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
- HNLP (Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology)
- Time Based Techniques
- HNLP Coaching

As a Certified Coach, She will be offering:

Dominance Coaching,
for Masters and Mistresses.

The idea of coaching is to assist a person in defining their goals and reaching them. It is a relationship of equals, unlike consulting (giving advice) or therapy (fixing problems). It starts with a 2 hour initial coaching session, and is usually followed by weekly or bi-weekly half hour sessions.

A coach doesn't tell you what to do. They listen, ask questions, and offer ways to define what you want, and how you want to get it. The client is always the one who decides how to use the coaching time. Sometimes, all that's needed is someone uninvolved in the situation who can listen while you work out your own thoughts.

Click here to enquire about Dominance Coaching


June 14 NLP trip

Added: something new to the gallery. Go find it !

I'm leaving for My Master NLP Practitionner training in less than an hour. If all goes well, I'll have email access during the training, and I'll try to work on updates...

I'll be back on the 28... and I can book session for then.

Thank you to all My lovely slaves for allowing Me such a wonderful lifestyle :)


May 27 TRIPS

Added: a quote to the gender test in the Story Gallery

Announcement: Mind Mistress will be out of town from Tuesday May 28 till Monday June 3. Email access tends to be limited on camping grounds, so please be patient... and do try not to fill Her mailbox...

Sessions are available from Wednesday June 5 till Thursday June 13. (Except Tuesdays, Her weekly day off for beauty appointments and friends)

She will then be busy for nearly two weeks improving her "Evil Mind-Control" repertoire of techniques by taking advanced NLP training, and be available for sessions from Friday June 28 onwards.

Armed with even more advanced Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques, there will be no limit to what She can do!


May 22

Updated: Sample hypnotic fantasy stories by adding some suggested scenarios from the Guestbook


May 17

Added: Sample hypnotic fantasy stories you can ask for in your sessions in the Story Gallery. I've done more and more pure conditionning recently, and I miss doing the really fantastic stories...

I've been extremely busy with sessions, hence the lack of updates. I'm booked at least a week in advance these days...

I have new pics of Me, like the new one in the Main Hall menu page, and just no time to process them properly. Still, there should always be time for updates...


April 19

TECH ALERT: The server's hard disks crashed yesterday, making the site unavailable. I re-uploaded the site in the evening, and then the backup was restored from the server during the night. I added the latest modifications this morning. Everything *should* be there and working properly. If it isn't, please let Me know.


April 18

Added: Mistress Log 4 - Ashley, milking-cow girl by hypnosis to the story galley. Say Moooo!

TECH ALERT: The server experienced difficulties, and the site is being reloaded. Please be patient.


April 15

Updated: The guestbook. Due to wonderful people complaining about those who mistake the guestbook for a debating club, the guestbook has been cleaned up even more, and is now MODERATED. Posts will be reviewed by the WebMistress before being added to the guestbook.

For those who find that "Femme your hubby" has some confusing math, an entertaining flash animation graph is in the works to make the process easier to understand.


April 12

Added: Femme your hubby #1: A guide for wives who decide "I want to feminize my husband!" to the Story Gallery

Updated: the guestbook and removed the latest batch of disrespectful posts. Politeness promotes longevity, in people as well as postings.


April 5

Added: A link in the entrance page to Toys in Babeland, the best women's online store I have found for sex toys, books and videos. They do sexy with style!

I found them while searching for the famous "Bend Over Boyfriend" instructional video (Verrry educational....). They have a *lot* of nice stuff, and they actually explain how to choose and how to use the toys.

I'm now an affiliate, so * if * you want Me to benefit from your purchases, please use one of the links on this site to go there when you make a purchase. And if you want multiple browsing windows, please open them from here by clicking mutilple times on the link.

Of course, you don't have to make that extra effort... unless making Mistress happy is important to you...

is Important to me...


Must obey...

Be nice and think, "Yes Mistress" now...

Now didn't that feel nice?


April 3

Updated: Mind Mistress's personal page

There has been quite a bit of speculation about why Mind Mistress likes turning guys into gals.

Is it that she was raped by a dozen men, and swore to take her revenge on malehood by transforming as many men as she could into cocksucking shemale whores? Were these 12 men abducted one by one and brainwashed in her basement until they were illiterate big breasted bimbos who remembered nothing of their former selves?

Find out the truth in the "On a personal note" section.


March 22

Added: Gina's Roomate to the story gallery and the smoking gallery.

Updated: Thank you to the person who noticed My picture in the main hall didn't link to My bio page. The link has been restored, and My personal page has also been updated.

Note: The "Leave a message" icon sends an email to Me (Mind Mistress). Make sure you remember to type in your email address if you want an answer.

Likewise, if the icon shows "Click here for a live person", that means I am available to chat, and if you click on it, you will be chatting with Me (Mind Mistress).

I am glad you like My new picture in the main hall :)

This site is definitely in the smoking section now...


March 21

Updated: the Live Person "click here for a live person" tags. A number of you had noticed the disspearance of the live chat and offline message icons. Live Person has upgraded their software, and this required all the tags on the site be changed on every page. This has now been done.

Updated: "Induced submissive behavior and gender dysphoria". It turns out that author was a female nurse, and that one of My subjects was the recipient of the methods. My girl begged to remove the fake credits, and this was done. I hope to be posting her version of what happened soon.

Added: a new picture of Myself to the main hall menu and moved the other hypnotists to the Review page.


March 5

Added: Induced Submissive Behavior and Gender Dysphoria in Biologically Normal Males: a how to guide in the main gallery


March 1

There have been repeated postings in the guestbook by someone nicknamed "curious" asking wether I was going to sell this site.

#1: The guestbook is a place for visitors and clients to make comments and report on their experiences, not to aks questions. Questions can be answered by emailing the webmistress (and owner of the site, aka Mind Mistress)

#2: I cannot sell the site because there is nothing to sell. This site exists to advertize the services of Mind Mistress (the other hypnotist's involvement in producing content is proportional to the clientele they derive from it -- in other words, negligible). The fact that there is interesting content for non-clients is a side-effect which costs Me nothing and makes them happy. I'm all for making people happy!

#3: I very much enjoy My work and have every intention of continuing for many years to come, becoming more and more cunningly effective at granting wishes as the years of experience hone My skills...

#4: I wish to thank those who appreciate My work... and give a New York city salute to those who don't. *grin*

Seeker, your questioning has been answered...
Go now with the blessings of Mind Mistress...
and may your life be interesting...


Friday February 22

Added: Becoming Jessica to the Mistress Logs in the gallery


Thursday February 7

Added: a smoking fetish gallery, which links to all elements of previous galleries, but only those that deal with this fetish

Added: links to hotels in Montreal near Mind Mistress's dungeon in Her payment page


Saturday February 2

Added: Mistress Megan's smoking hypnosis captioned picture
(with hypnotic animation) to the hypnotized slave girl pics gallery


Tuesday January 29

Added: a link to pics that test the effect of Log 1 on a reader in the Story Gallery

Added: a link to Classy Legs to Mind Mistress's Trance Request Form for possible pics of your feminine self.


Sunday January 27

Added: Oriental magic: Asian slut by hypnosis to the Story Gallery


Saturday January 19

Added: Mistress log 1: Smoking fetish conversion to the Story Gallery

Added: Mistress log 2: Quelling the fear of hypnosis to the Story Gallery

Updated: Dear Abby with some minor changes.

Links: Spaceports no longer has their picture archive up, so the link has been removed from Mind Mistress's Trance Request Form.



By Mind Mistress

female hypnotic eye

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