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CD 16 - Acceptance Reviews

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CD16 Description

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I'd not listened to an amnesia CD before and believe me this one does just what it says on the label.Even from the first time, it was difficult to remember anything about the content. The induction was familiar, to anyone who has any of Mistress's other recordings, but the tone afterwards is more powerful than any I have heard before.

After that I couldn't remember what happened until I awoke feeling.... well slightly stunned is the nearest I can think of now.I felt very happy, but so empty I couldn't think of anything at all. I knew there was something, but I could't quite get it and the more I tried I just felt more light headed and happier.It was a strange and wonderful feeling that I couldn't make my own mind work properly.For a little time afterwards I was very happy just to sit and enjoy the feeling until gradually it faded. I still couldn't remember what happened though.

Since then I have listened every day and time permitting, to another of Mistress's recordings afterwards.I have been listening to Elegance II for a a few weeks now and know the contents well, but last night only got part way through before I blanked out. When I awakened I didn't recall any of the CD, but even more I couldn't remember what was on it at all. Scary but nice! I just felt very relaxed and pleased with myself . I'd changed earlier to my feminine clothes,as I do each day now, and just wearing them was making me feel so pleased and happy.I loved my skirt. I loved my new boots. I tried harder to remember, but just couldn't.

I tried to watch TV, but couldn't follow what was happening.I think I was just so happy to be a girl. It really is stunning!

Hope You like it Mistress

Yours, Sarah

Sarah 11/29/2004 5:57 PM

This review also refers to CD 4

Dear Mistress,

i absolutely LOVE Your Acceptance CD - forgetting IS so wonderful! i have been listening to Male Charm afterwards, and the effect is amazing. i also have been listening to the techno track (track 14) and watching the Cockslut flash animation at the same time. What a great combination! All i can think about is cock and cum! Thank You so much!

Your sissy slut,


Lisa <kccumaddict@excite.com>
Kansas City, Missouri USA - Wednesday, December 01, 2004 at 23:18:38 (EST)


This review also refers to CD 2 and CD 3

Dear Mind Mistress, Acceptance is brilliant. Before i started i had a complete different idea of what it was going to be like. After you listen, you just don't accept mindless what is offered on a next cd. No, after you listen to Acceptance you choose to accept what is offered on the next CD. That's a big difference. Although i know every word of Elegance and Subconcious by heart, it is like hearing them for the first time now. Hearing them deep inside of me, not with my ears, but with my body. The barrier of my (ir)rational thougts that always came in the way of what i really want is broken down. Acceptance broke down that barrier and i am no longer afraid to live my life the way i want to. If that isn't acceptance, then i don't know what is. Thank You, petra

petra petra 1/9/2005 3:11 PM amsterdam@NOSPAMtiscali.nl

This review also refers to CD 3 as well as private sessions.

Dearest Mind Mistress Linda,

A followup from my initial session with you. i had trouble writing the first letter because i couldn't remember what happend during my trance. i should say when i came out of trance i was happy, very relaxed, a little i'll say dizzy if you know what i mean. i also was excited and looking forward to my next session.

Since our session i've listened to elagence three times, skipping the induction, and still found myself going into a deeper trance than i had been able before the session. The impact of the deeper trance is manifest in "hello" getting its zip back.:) i love the word "hello" it does soooo much for me, submissive and girly. Oh i forgot i also listened to Acceptance once (with the induction) and went even deeper. Maybe why i am having so much trouble remembering what is being drummed into my head. i don't care i just need trance and more trance.

i am so excited about our second session! i hope you take me even deeper! i will continue lisening to elegance untill i loose my fingernails from climbing up the walls.

Thank You Mind Mistress

your obedient slve girl cynthia

cynthia <anonymous@hw.com>
- Wednesday, March 02, 2005 at 18:42:42 (EST)

This review also refers to CD 6


The power of the Acceptance cd amplifies the other cds so much that it is indescribable. (Hope that that is spelled right).

i am happier now than i ahve ever been. Happiness and euphoria stays with me for over 6 hours now. i have never experience such a deep feeling of happiness and obedience before.

The combination of Acceptance with any other cd will fulfill your most vivid expectations.

The combo of Acceptance with Happiness brings me to the edge of "The Happy Place."

Just relaxation and allowing myself to appreciate the inner 'me.'

i am happier now, than any time in my life.

Hope that all of You can enjoy this feeling as well.


denise <deniseluvtoy73@yahoo.com>
- Monday, April 04, 2005 at 23:24:43 (EDT)

This review also refers to CD 3 and CD 6

Re: Acceptance

Don't know if others may have the same reaction as me, but have to assume I'm not unique.

Had ordered one of MM's CD packages and found them to be an interesting diversion, but never really felt any effects after waking from trance. Visited her site and read about the release of "Acceptance". Figured, what the hell, already spent x number of dollars, what's a few more. Can't make any guarantees, but in my case, the effects were nothing short of phenomenal. Case in point, "Happiness" was always one of my favorites, but I'd awake feeling "that was kinda neat". After training with "Acceptance" I awake to a stream of voices running through my head, and the silly, giggly girl is almost impossible to repress.

One down side, being a CD with no interest in men, have to skip over some tracks and avoid certain CD's. "Gemini" and "Elegance" have now become my favorites, as they just help to free me from my closeted existence without the cock slut influence.

So in closing, if you find you're not getting any real impact from the CD's, before giving up, you may want to give "Acceptance" a try.

Good luck to all.

Have fun. Be safe.


brianne <jgjr@NOSPAMprodigy.net>
- Sunday, May 22, 2005 at 17:17:11 (EDT)

This review also refers to CD 4

If you are still inhibited about what you are feeling toward men, here's some advice from (fantastic!) experience, girls.

i had bought Male Charm some time ago but i held back using the CD right away because Mistress told me to train with Gemini and Elegance first. Finally, last weekend she told me i would enjoy Male Charm now. i just tried Male Charm (CD4) preceded by Acceptance (CD 16) for an experiment Saturday night. i just thought it would be interesting to see what would happen if i had any inhibitions reduced by Acceptance before i tried Male Charm. After all we were talking about sucking and being fucked by men, and it is intimidating. Using Acceptance first before Male Charm was like learning to ride a motorcycle before getting on a bike! It latches the addiction into you immediately and at full speed.

i may wind up getting total SRS because i listened to the Vaginal track along with all the rest, including Permanence. It made me want to be a complete woman and i cant stop. i will obediently listen to this over and over now. Its a totally obsessing turn on!! i love pleasing men and cocks! i need this sooooo bad! How much is a 10 year subscription to Playgirl?

Thank you, Mistress!



Gwen <guenedthomas@NOSPAMearthlink.net>
USA - Wednesday, June 08, 2005 at 10:11:16 (EDT)

This review also refers to CD 3 and CD 4

Beloved One, the two CD's,#4,Male Charm, and #16, Acceptance, are marvelous! In combination, they are habit-forming, and so addictive that it is hard to make myself attend to Trance, Subconscious, and even Elegance, which are scheduled for review once a week. The Acceptance disc is a wonderful set-up for any of the others, and it stands by itself when time is wanting. At age 22, an epiphany of Grace came into me. It is that experience of utter and compete Joy, Knowing, and Understanding that is remembered and recalled as the foundation and guage for Euphoria in Acceptance. To date, that experience has not been completely relived, though, sometimes, something very akin to it comes over me during a listening. The trance seems deeper than what was achieved with the other discs individually, yet that may be due, somewhat, to a developing mental conditioning. It seems that the more each disc is listened to, trance is cyclicly deepened. But the first listening to Acceptance was deeper, by far, than what was usual for #'s1, 2, and 3. Male Charm is beyond Elegance for me, and Elegance is fantastic! It took me to the edge so many times during the course of a listening, that my panties were soaked with pre-cum by the time it was over. Male Charm put me over the top just imagining being fucked in my imaginary pussy! It was so sweet a sensation, so deep and overwhelming that it was in my mind to completely forego physical sex altogether. In fact, the idea still persists...But that was only once... so far... Opportunities for actual sexual encounters haven't presented themselves either. Anyway, as listening continues, my need grows, my love grows,obedience is established more and more in joy, My devotion to You mounts as I become the slut You want me to be... the slut i want to be. Lovingly, Your slave-girl, Breeanne

Breeanne <phoenixprocess421@yahoo.com>
Alamosa, CO USA - Thursday, June 23, 2005 at 13:19:26 (EDT)

This review also refers to CD 3 and CD 6

Hello everyone!

For almost a year, i have been to this site and found it intriuging. I cum to it and leave, trying to stay away. But, i can't. Yesterday, i listened to MM's Acceptance 5 times, Happiness once and Elegance once. Each time going furhter in my transformation from a stressed out male to a happy, relaxed cockslut. MM's words are truth. At least they are true for me as soon as i see or hear them.

After the last listening, i IMed MM and asked her for instructions, she said to be a slut, soi finished my hair and makeup and went to a nice bar, with some very nice men. First, there was mike(i think). He knew how nervous i was, but bought me a drink and talked. We went to the restroom and i made him very happy. having him in my mouth made me so complete, so fulfilled. Returning to the bar, MMs words echoed to be a slut. So, i excused myself from mike's company and moved towards ? who had been eyeing me. think i made him happy as well.

Left the bar with dave. he was different. Very aggressive. At his apartment, he bent me over his bed and made me look into a mirror to see him take me from behind. i just melted. so relaxing, so complete

With a man in my mouth i have some control over them.

With a man in me, i am in their control.

As i follow MM's instructions, i will continue to work on more beauty so that i can get more cocks. Fulfilling myself one cock at a time.

If any of you want to leave, leave. If you stay, enjoy the ride.

i have become like jessica, a cockslut with no control over myself and a need to relax and enjoy the ride.

Everyone have a great day.


rena <anonymous@hw.com>
- Saturday, June 25, 2005 at 15:06:29 (EDT)


This review also refers to CD 11-Corset Diet and CD 7-Youth

I just finished listening to CD16 Acceptance for the second time and I do not remember anything past track4. I have Corset diet and Youth on my MP3 player behind Acceptance. I don't know if I listen to both of them after listening to Acceptance or not. I do have the urges about drinking water, and eating correctly and I,m tingling ing my breast, stomack, and hips areas as I type. I just wanted to say thank you, these CD's really do work.

Thank You,
Vixen Dee

I just listen to CD16 Acceptance for the second time and all I can say is WOW. It really is very powerful. I have Acceptance followed by Corset Diet and Youth on my Mp3 player. I don't remember listening to them but I must have because I'm definitely feeling the effects of these two cd's now. My breast, stomach, and hips are tingling a lot and I keep asking Julie, Sarah, and Elizabeth for their help, since they are with me now. I'm also very conscious of eating correctly and going to the pantry looking in and walking away because I'm not really hungry. I did not buy cokes at the store but water, I do not want any more soft drinks, they are not good for me and fried foods(Yuck). Anyway I just wanted to say Thank You So Very Very Much. :)

You Devoted Girl,
VixenDee :)

- Sunday September 16, 2007

(She sent the first review by Yahoo IM and the second by email, so I kept both!)


On 02/11/2010 5:34 PM, john wrote:

Dear Mind Mistress Linda,

Hello there Lovely Lady !!!!
I just wanted to give you an update on my use of your "acceptance" CD. You may recall that in my last letter to you, I told you of my "problem" with learning Amnesia. It has now been over 2 wks since I received it. I have listened everyday (2-3times/day). While i still haven't achieved hypnotic amnesia, i am pleased with my receptiveness to the program. I skip track #1 (started today), and was delighted to find that I responded and went deep with the "trance trigger" and the other suggestions. I want to obey you and your suggestions. I do have trouble with the "Happy" memory you use with the "euphoric" -- Unfortunately, there aren't any "REAL" happy memories. Long story --- that you aren't interested in. --

You mentioned that a LIVE session would achieve the hypnotic Amnesia that i desire. Unfortunately, this isn't possibel. You see i am on a small income ($875/mo.), and cannot afford them. Believe me, I would gladly speak with you -- if I had the money. Even the $50 for the CD was a hardship for me.
Which Cd would you recommend that i buy next. It will not be soon -- I have to save up for it.

You may find this amusing (?) -- I find that i am very relaxed for an hour or so after each listening. In fact, I don't want to get up from my bed. Because I am so relaxed. Also, I find that as i sit watching tv, I think about you and I hear your voice saying the "trance Trigger" and i feel myself going "down" and getting relaxed, tingly, loose + limp. I "LOVE" it !!!!!
Apparently, "something" is working . Right ???

Thank you for the kind words " you are an excellent subject" --- Coming from you, those words mean a lot to me. Thank you !!
Well, I have taken enough of your valuable time. I hope you don't mind my writing you. I live alone, no family + no close friends. It means a lot to be able to have you as a "friend" ( be it, a LONG distance one.) Unless you are in North Carolina. We will probably never meet.
Thanks for listening !!

Keep smiling,
Hugs + Smooches,

On 08/11/2010 11:31 PM, john wrote:

Dear Mind Mistress Linda,
Hello again. --- Yes it is me again. I thought I should let you know my progress with CD #16.

I have listened about 30 times to it (including 4 times today). I am pleased with it (except for the "amnesia" --hasn't worked yet.). It has now been 3 weeks. I find that the more i listen to it --- the more I WANT to listen to it.

Even though I have been conditioned from birth to be a submissive person. I am not as submissive as i would like to be. I am afraid that there is still "resistance" there to female superiority. That fact has been engrained in me by my Mom + my late wife ( of 40 yrs). Both dominant women. I am afraid that I will not be truly happy until I rid myself of my "male ego". At least that is what I believe it to be. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I reject "female rule".and fight against it. I know this is silly. Is there any CD that will destroy this "ego" ( or whatever you call it.). I believe that i will never find another Mistress until I rid this imperfection from my mental makeup.

Can you help me ???? I regret that i cannot afford a "phone session" with you. I suspect that would solve my problem. However, finances won't allow that. Just so you know, I start with track 2 now. I go under when you say the " Trance trigger". When i awake, I feel wonderful and very relaxed. Fact is, I don't really want to wake up.

Well -- hope you are well ---
Keep smiling,

Hello :)
sorry for the long wait... I postpone answering when I can't think of a good answer immediately.

Authority for you is female. You want to please authority, so you will get her approval, acceptance and praise. This is natural. Yet you don't want to lose all sense of distinct identity, so you rebel against it. This is also natural. Destroying your ego is not a possibility.

I would like you to consider something. Perfect compliance is boring for a dominant. A little petulance is fun. It gives the dominant something to do, to correct, to improve. I'd like you to imagine the following:

Your male ego is a 5 year old boy dressed in a pink ruffled dress holding a doll. Occasionally, he throws a tantrum, mommy laughs, and makes him do what she wanted in the first place. He sulks a bit, but goes along anyway, and then they hug because they love each other.

On 03/04/2011 11:34 AM, john wrote:

Dear Mistress,
Hello --- Thanks for answering my letter.

I am sure that you are correct. about the Ego thing. However, it is frustrating for me. When I see people who have never been hypnotized before --- they are able to accept all the suggestions of the hypnotist. That is what i want.
I have listened to your Cd " Acceptance" so many times ( about 80), that I have worn it out. It no longer plays without skipping. I know I am talking in circles, but -- I want to Accept the suggestions. I go under easily ( with any hypnotist), follow the deepeners, visualize. But, when it comes to arm getting light, and the PHS or Amnesia. Nothing happens. Good news is I spend several hrs a day deeply relaxed and wake up feeling good. I did meet a hypnotist ( via internet) -- she was able to make me "Freeze" . Which was a wild sensation for me. I didn't really think that was possible.

Anyway, thanks again for writing.
Keep smiling,


Hello Mind Mistress!

I just had an incredible urge to write review for Acceptance to you through messenger after listening to it. I hope that is acceptable?

I have been doing the Basic training as suggested in the CD description for about 1.5 weeks. If I could speak a bit freely about my experience with this cd. For anyone wanting a truly instantaneous transformation, it's not happenign with this CD, but that's ok.

Acceptance is part of being willing to work with the suggestion of the CD to be as forgetful and happy as Mind Mistress wants you. Sure, if I REALLY wanted to, I could remember what happens during each trance, but I do my part to achieve this state that I want to achieve.

I wanted to be this way. That is why I bought this CD. Meaningwhile, the basic training wants you to partially forget your experiences. DO your part and when you think of the CD, stop thinking about and get horny. You'll find you'll eventually stop thinkingabout the CD and go on with what you are doing.

All Iknow is, I love helpin this CD make me into a forgetful blank and empty slave girl.

It is a really good CD, and i feel like i am really trying to embrace its teachings. Quite exhlirating to me, i think. I've actually been trying to spread the word on how the disc makes me feel on fetlife, too. A BDSM social network site, if you've never heard of it.

i think i've been in a trance all morning... I've been feeling like my mind is in cotton candyi also hope that i amused you with my trance request form. i'd love the opportunity to be put under by you.

"Blissful" Dominique
Tuesday May 24, 2011



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