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CD 32- How to turn a man gay

How To Make A Man Become Homosexual By Hypnosis
Straight to gay hypnosis

How to become gay by hypnosis

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Al, Brainwashed to be Gay
  • Are you a heterosexual man wishing to be gay ?
  • Are you a woman who wants to to make a man gay?
  • Are you a gay man who wishes to turn a sexy hetero man into your gay lover?

Now there is a solution for you through Hypnotic Conditioning!

Clearly, we can't change the basic sexual orientation of a person, that's pretty much been proven. Gay to straight therapy simply doesn't work. However, most people are bisexual to some degree. If a person is bisexual, then we can change them from a heterosexual to a homosexual lifestyle and preference through hypnosis, if they're willing to go along with it.

Why doesn't this work on gays? Well, if the 10% or so of the population that live as gays were bisexual... don't you think they'd try to live as heterosexuals and save themselves the grief? If they're living that way, that's probably because they're wired that way. Likewise, there is probably about 10% of the population that is so purely heterosexual that this training won't work on them. But the odds are, pick a random "hetero", and it WILL work!

This is Al's picture, after 5 months of using CD32 See his Review

For Future Cuckolding Wives

Ladies, have you realized how worthless your husband or boyfriend is recently? Does he really pleasure you like he used to? Did he EVER really pleasure you? Or did you just let him think he was good in bed because he otherwise did whatever you wanted? Perhaps it’s time to find yourself a REAL STUD who can actually give you what you need. Not like that wimpy half man of yours, who just takes up space in your bed, and probably snores to boot. No, what you need is a real man. But what are you to do with the one you have? It wouldn’t do to lose the nice house, dog, and two cars, just so you can get your jollies. No, you have to show yourself to be the superior sex, and take control of the situation.

Now, there are many options on My site to turn your man into a sissy, a crossdresser, even a transsexual. Those are all great ways to let him realize he’s not the man anymore, and make some room for a real stud. Some ladies swear by the virility of Black Men and Black Cocks, and firmly believe that once you’ve gone black, there’s no going back. Being a lesbian Myself, I couldn’t say, but who am I to question the preferences of these fine ladies? So, you can turn him into a girl, and make him a sissy slave for you, either lusting after you, or lusting after the hard men that you bring to bed, or both! My CDs offer many options in feminization and domination, and I am quite willing to give advice on the best training program. You may even want to use CD15-Three Icons to boost your own Dominance and ruthlessness, so that you can carry out your plans without any pesky guilt.

However, some women just don’t like sissies. I don’t know why, but some are like that. They don’t want to see their former man wearing skirts. Truth be told, some do look fairly ridiculous, especially on their first attempts. That can be FIXED… through various means, but the client is always right. Also, they may need to keep up appearances, and want him to continue looking like a man, for various reasons.

These women just want their doormat husband to be turned gay, so he will stop pestering them with their teeny weeny willies. Honestly, some of those you can’t even feel inside, that’s how small they are. They’d be better off using their hands or mouths, but no, they insist on sticking the little thingy inside you, just on principle. As if marrying you gave them the right? The nerve of some men! They probably grunt for about 62 seconds, before squirting a teaspoon’s worth, then rolling over and falling asleep. This will just NOT do! This is why I am now offering this program

How To Make Him Gay – How to Turn Men Gay

CD32 Sauna is designed to condition red-blooded heterosexual males by hypnosis to believe they are gay, queer as a three dollar bill, and ready to get some man on man action. Pretty soon, he’ll start feeling nauseous just thinking about putting his little willy inside you, or even kissing you in a sexual way. It’ll be just like having a gay hairdresser for a roomate. He may start to aquire a fashion sense (by some freak miracle of nature), and help you choose what to wear, or even go shopping with you!

Now, I tend to believe that if a thing is worth doing, it’s worth OVERDOING. You don’t want him changing his mind, or trying to go back to his old ways. Which is why I’ve assembled a Gay Pack of CDs, designed to take him by the hand, and lead him step by step on the road to being a man loving, cock sucking, bend over boyfriend who’ll eagerly take it up the ass from his gay boyfriends, while you cuckold him enthusiastically with your own stud-muffin. And if your Real Man is into that, your wimpy gay husband will eagerly get him hard and ready to take you to heaven!

The Gay Pack – How to Make My Man Love Gay Sex

CD32-Sauna: Plants the belief that he is gay, and has always secretly been gay.
CD16-Acceptance: Teaches deeper trance, amnesia, and acceptance of the training.
CD18-Princess: Teaches him to love getting fucked up the ass, and need it to cum!
CD19-Oral: Teaches him to love to suck cock, and need to suck cock. You’ll want to take out tracks 6 and 7, which are intended to make men into cocksucking shemales. Unless that’s what you want, of course.

Used together, these CDs will take the Hetero out of his Sexual, and leave you free to enjoy all the men you can handle, while he keeps paying the bills. Could life get any better?

You may also wish to get CD1-Trance Training, to make sure he learns to go deeply into trance before springing the gay training on him. In which case, you should follow it up with CD16-Acceptance of the Gay Pack, so that he’ll be malleable and accepting of everything else that follows. And if you don’t mind him thinking of himself as your slave girl, CD2-Sub-Consciousness is excellent as a third CD to make him more and more and more obedient to you, and eager to please you.

For the very best results, a combination of weekly live hypnosis sessions and daily use of these CDs will make your man love gay sex and become a male cock whore in the shortest amount of time.

I Want To Be A Gay Man – How Can I Become Gay Male

For the men reading this… if you’re not wanting to be a girl, but you realize you’re utterly hopeless as a hetero man… there’s hope for you. I want to help you. I want to help you become a happy gay man. You’ve realized you have no hope of satisfying women perhaps. It’s not your fault. Not everyone is blessed that way. You want to be able to make your partner happy. But that’s never going to happen with that little thing between your legs. So you might as well be gay. It’ll be better that way. You can put your bum in the air and make a man happy. You can suck him off and make him happy. The world will be a little bit brighter and happier for it.

But the problem is, you’re just not interested in guys. Maybe you’ve tried, but you just couldn’t get into it. That’s okay. I’m here to help. The Gay Pack will get you to suck cock and take it up the ass like a pro. If you add a few sessions to your CD training, I can almost guarantee you’ll lust after men and their dicks once we’re done.

If you’re really talented at trance, you may even one day be able to tell the difference between puce and chartreuse. But I don’t like to make extravagant claims I can’t back up.

CD Details

Track 1-Induction (15:20) : The trance induction, which also sets the trance trigger word.

Track 2-Feelings (5:40) : Teaches a training trigger for feeling revulsion and disgust (that will be later applied to sex with women), and intense sexual desire (to be applied when looking at men).

Track 3-Gay (4:30): Starts by imagining what it would be like if you were a gay man, how you would look, act, move, feel… and then stepping into it, to really feel it. It’s just a dream… totally safe… just to imagine.

Track 4-Hot (3:40): Continuing the fantasy, imagine what it feels like to be constantly checking out hot guys, kissing them, wanting to suck them off, to take it up the ass. To be totally obsessed and addicted to guys and their wonderful cocks, comparing them, trying them all out, practicing safe sex, and happy to be gay.

Track 5-Dress (5:29): You’re at the gay bar, checking out the guys, learning how you really want to dress, femmy and gay, in tight sexy clothes, looking like those other gay guys you find so hot! Maybe you want some nipple piercings like they have. Piercings are so hot! You’d like earrings, at least. Oh, a leather collar would look hot on you too, so you can look like a really submissive bottom, and find a strong gay guy to take you. And you so totally need a gay hairdresser to help you look gay with a really gay hairstyle!

Track 6-Manners (5:01): And you talk with your hands, you’re very expressive and emotional. Maybe you even lisp a little bit (it’s so cute!), and you sound like a valley girl because you are a femmy, swishy flaming gay dancing queen! You don’t walk, you sashay across a room, playing with your hair seductively, caressing yourself. You’re such a horny gay guy, and you loooove grinding it out on the dance floor, it just feels so natural to be gay.

Listen to a Free Gay Hypnosis mp3 clip from track 6!(1 min)

But you’re not just cute, you can be a real bitch when your guy isn’t treating you right. You can throw tantrums… until your guy puts you in your place and sticks it in you!  But for now, ABBA is playing, you love that musics! So let’s throw our hands up and dance!

Track 7-Sex (4:07) : Dancing Queen is playing, you LOVE that song! As you dance, you’re checking out all the hot guys, getting hornier and hornier. You want to kiss them so bad, to rub your body against then,  to get on your knees and suck them. Your ass feels soooo empty. The more you dance, the more you’re thinking about going to a men’s sauna, so you can get naked, and see all those hot naked guys. So you can see their cocks. And pretty soon, you’re at the sauna, and they’re checking you out like you’re checking them out. You know you’re going to get a room have sex with one of them, and you’re so excited. You WANT to be their little cockslut! But sometimes, there’s no time to go pick up a guy at a bar, and you need cock RIGHT NOW! So sometimes you go to glory holes… get on your knees and SUCK!

Track 8-Smoke (4:08) Optional Smoking Fetish Track : Learn to associate sucking on a cigarette and sucking on a cock… so that smoking makes you more and more horny for cock, and cocksucking makes you want to smoke. And every time you see a hot guy and can’t suck him, you need to smoke.

Track 9 – Hobbies (6:54): My favorite track! Learn to despise all the masculine hobbies, like watching sports on TV, violent action movies, slasher movies, the newspaper sports section. And then, learn to LOVE reading fashion magazines for beauty tips and relationship advice, interior decoration magazines, hairstyle magazines, and on TV, figure skating, chick flicks, romantic movies with hot guys… and realize that kissing a girl is YUCKY! What you want is to kiss hot guys!

Track 10-Forever (4:22): You realize now that you really ARE gay, you’ve always been gay and just denying it. You can forget any memories that suggest you’re not gay, and fully accept that you are gay. In fact, you’d like to be MORE gay, and you need to reinforce your conditioning every day to feel better and better about being more and more gay. Whenever you try to fight it, the need to be gay gets STRONGER, and you act even more femmy and swishy, more and more, and if you fight it too much, you’ll start to lisp. But that won’t happen, because you LOVE being gay.

Track 11-Awaken (0:53): Awaken as a total gay guy, remembering all those memories of being gay, feeling wonderful!

Mind Mistress says: Help solve overpopulation through non-procreative sex!


CD32- Sauna
is available on CD, and for mp3 download.
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It contains 11 tracks, for a total play time of 60 minutes

This CD has no pre-requisites.

Consider the Gay Pack to get the full set at a lower price! CDs 32, 16, 18 and 19.




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