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Kayla's Sessions


On 03/09/2010 10:53 AM, Kayla Lee wrote:

I was honored when Mind Mistress asked me to write a review about the sessions I have been having with her lately. I had come to her hoping to experience what it was like to be a dumb airheaded bimbo and it turned out that she could help me to experience much more than that.

Our first session had all the basics, setting a trance trigger, and making sure that I could go in and out of trance fairly easy. I loved it, at the end she gave me a little peak at what it could be like to forget an entire number, and for that short time I knew what it felt like to be that dumb little girl, too bad I had to go to work, id of loved to stay like that the whole day. Something about me just calls out for that need to be helpless, and mindless. The idea of not know what’s going on till it’s too late, feeling and seeing changes that are real. I have always had a hard time with trance and now that I am finally able to it’s been amazing.

Our second session was only a half hour and I was so excited to see how much further we could go down the path to being a mindless bimbo. I never really thought of how I wanted to get there exactly or what I would do when I got there, but I know deep down this is something I want to experience to the extreme. We started the sessions like any other, she asking me some questions about what all I wanted in being a bimbo, and whether or not I was full time. I was then guided into trance and asked to envision various parts of myself and describe them as if there were all individual people. Intelligence was there, and we shared a dialogue about why I wanted to get rid of her. We decided that with a little help from Creativity, that we could find another job for Intelligence to do so she could no longer hinder me from over thinking. After some convincing we managed to find her the job of helping to keep her more in my heart, to help guide me in situations. So now I can let go and just be one of the girls without having to think too much about anything, just laugh and have fun. I seriously can’t wait to see where the rest of this path is going to lead, and part of me is just really enjoying the path to being the bimbo, even more than what I dream the end result will be.


Alecia's Sessions
see her CD reviews here.


After over 30 phone sessions with my powerful and caring Mind Mistress, I am happy to say that I have become exactly what I always knew I should be: a TS woman! 

I always had a hypno fetish, as far back as I can remember.  Eventually, in searching the internet, I found Mind Mistress's website.  Her descriptions of ways to feminize men really hit home with me!  She described what I knew I wanted done to me.

I filled out all of the pre-session forms on Her site, and finally set up a phone session.  I was nervous and a little scared, but I was compelled to find out if She was real and if Her methods would actually work.  The first couple of sessions were ones in which She guided me through some fantasy scenarios, and although that was utterly amazing, it wasn't going to be enough for me and I finally told Her that.  I confessed that what I really needed was something more extreme, something that would really permanently change me in real life.

And so She began to make change after change in me, forever altering the way I think of myself and my place in the world.  Not once did She do anything in a session that I didn't ask Her to do, but once I asked for another change in me, She followed through and skillfully granted my request, gradually changing me from the scared fetishist with a fascination for being controlled and feminized into a full-time transsexual woman. 

She gave me the courage to become what I knew I needed to become.  Each trance took away more of the old me and really removed any option of remaining male.  This meant that I would lose my ability to have sex as a man.  It meant that I would have to present myself in public as female 24/7.  It meant that I would have to start the medical process of changing my body to match who I was becoming.

If you need to explore real and lasting change in your life, Mind Mistress can help you.  Don't do this unless you're really serious and ready for the consequences!  If you're not ready for Her trances to actually change your reality, stick with Her wonderful fantasy sessions; fantasy was not enough for me.  I am who I always wanted to be, thanks to Her.

I have been a woman now for a couple of years, and I live with my boyfriend.  We're saving up for the rest of the surgeries I still need.  I love him so much!  He's a real man, and I am his devoted girlfriend!  I haven't felt the need for more trance sessions now in quite a while, but I still check Mind Mistress's site to see what's going on and also to remind myself of Her power and how She made my new life my reality.

Thank You, Mind Mistress!

ps- this is real, not something She wrote up!  I contacted Her for the first time in a long time and offered to do this after reading that She wanted reviews of Her cd's.


5 June 2010

Cindy's Sessions

On 08/06/2010 3:48 PM, Cindi wrote:

I found your site surfing the web, I'm a 48 yr old male, married 23
yrs, 2 kids.
I'm interested in sessions to see what it would be like to be a woman.
I am curious what it would be like to give a blowjob, get fucked in
the ass, and get fucked as a woman. I'm looking at this as an escape
more than something permanent, I would love to discuss this with you,
thanks for your time

On 25/08/2010 10:37 PM, Cindi wrote:

i am sorry for messing up the session today, still trying to get the hang of it all, if there can be a wrong way to do something i'll find it, but on to some news, i think you may have been far more successful than i had first thought, i felt as i was being fucked 2 hours later, and i could not get the idea of being a slutty girl out of my mind,, i could feel the dick inside me, and i am starting to think about what it would be like to be a woman

Oh, I didn't think it was a failure. Merely a delay.
I thought we were fairly successful, though you didn't seem to think so. I'm glad to hear you've revised your opinion :)

On 26/08/2010 11:31 AM, Cindi wrote:
thanks for getting back with me, reading this just got my heart pounding, my hands and legs are

On 01/09/2010 10:41 PM, Cindi wrote: (After the Second Session)

Mistress Linda: your newest slutty whore here, (oh that sounds so yummy), i wore my panties today while i worked they were pink and felt wonderful, light and airy, been a long day just was able to look at nude men, BTW that session we had was Wonderful!!!, you turned me into a beautiful woman had orgasms, almost couldn't take it, it was very extreme an awesome, did you plan to turn me into a slutty fucktoy all a long or was that just a spur of the moment decision? i will keep wearing the panties like a good girl, and i will keep looking at nude men, oh i need to be fucked in the asss so baaad, so horny, feel the need to give a blow job, does the Mistress give permission for her newest slutty fucktoy to be with a man? i feel soo horny and slutty

Oh, may I use this on the session review page?

On 02/09/2010 12:07 PM, Cindi wrote:
feel free to use it, oh just curious if turning me into slutty fucktoy was planned or the opertunity was there?

I haven't done any conditioning to make you a fucktoy. That was just having fun with basic training, and your first transformation. I can't help it if you really enjoyed it. :)

On 02/09/2010 2:36 PM, Cindi wrote:
Mistress Linda, you are GOOD

Actually, I haven't started any specific training to change you. That was just basic training, to install the triggers. We just had time to indulge in some sex after I'd done that. I just gave you an experience of great sex as a woman, that's all. :)

You have permission to flirt with men. You may purchase sex toys to relieve yourself. Remember to start with no bigger than 1 inch if you're doing anal, you ass isn't ready for anything big. A variety of sizes, some smaller than that, is probably good.

On 02/09/2010 12:03 PM, Cindi wrote:
That was Basic Training??!!!, OMG the Sex was out of this world, i was so out of breath and shaking, Mistress an i plz have another orgasm in our next session?, i promise to be good, and thank you Mistress for the permission, will you install a desire for cum and anal?, til next time

your willing fucktoy

On 10/09/2010 8:26 AM, Cindi wrote:

Hey thanks for the session on Wed, great imagination, would have never thoght of using a Viking theme, (loved it!!!), you have a great imagination, and can boy are you good, i was there, thought i would let you know about a side effect to all of this, my nipples are now more sensitive, and i find myself playing with them from time to time and can feel a jolt (best way to describe it) like the i was feeling it in my pussy, very interesting effect, and i really like it, can't wait for the next session, feel free on the next session to do what you want, i'm yours, if you want to plant some subconscience comands feel free, or if you would like to contue with the theme, i have no problem with that either, I'll leave it up to you to decide, surprise me.

it's been a blast


Dayla's Sessions


On 14/04/2011 4:18 PM, Dayla wrote:
Good afternoon Mistress.

Thank you very much for the entertainment and reassurance you have given me over the last four days. I feel so much alive now.

For my review I would like to say...............

I've had 5 sessions over 4 days. Each session was approximately 2 hours long thats 10 hours for effectively the price of 8 hours. If that is not a bargain I don't know is.

At first I was nervous and tense and not sure exactly what I wanted from these sessions. But after must discussion via Yahoo I was completely relaxed and reassured.

In these sessions I had entertainment, adventure and then beginnings of reassurance and removal of my fears and doubts about telling everyone I was wanting to be female..

To be fair,being analyitcally minded I was unsure if they would work but after the first session the doubts totally disappeared.

The adventure session felt exactily like I was there and the memories of the sessions can not be disguinshed from real events.

After the final session I finally feel proud to tell the world I am truely female and I feel more feminine than I have ever have before in my life. I feel a weight has been lifted from me and for the first time feel like my true self.

I would most definitly look into live sessions, especially if you have a decent microphone and webcam.

I say go for it - it will be the best money you have ever spent.



Heart Companion Session - for Jeff and Sabrina


The Heart Companion Session is what I recommend for those who can only afford ONE session. There is no formal hypnotic induction, as there simply isn't time to teach trance properly. But there is enough trance to start communicating with your inner woman. Once I teach you to listen, pay attention and hear her, you can listen to the advice of your own feminine side, and start to make space for her in your life. This session can be done in therapy or adult style.


On Tue, 20 Sep 2011 23:44:25 Jeff wrote:

Hi Linda,

We actually has a session on September 5th, 1:00PM EST.
Sabrina and I want to thank you sooooo much. I have been thinking about you. Your email is a reminder we owe you a review and a status report.

We will send it to you by the weekend:)

Jeff and Sabrina.
PS. attached a couple of photos of Sabrina.
It is so strange what she looks like, because before our session, I thought she was a brunette, but my image in the session was definitely blonde with green eyes.

On 25/09/2011 3:55 PM, Jeff wrote:


Here is a little status report on how Sabrina and Jeff are doing.


The rest of the day after our session was so fun. That evening, Sabrina and I went for a walk. It is a lot more private at night. She insisted that we play music during our walk, which I had never done on walks before. She was dancing inside, getting crazy. I let her do a few steps at private stretches of the walk. The walk was so freeing.
On Tuesday, I had to find a picture of Sabrina. I knew what her hair and deep green eyes looked like, but not the rest. We looked through some modeling websites, and we came upon her pictures. From then on, we felt even closer. We look through online clothing catalogs shopping for Sabrina. It is great walking through the mall with Sabrina wearing a hot outfit, and people around be being oblivious to us.

Sabrina is saving me on days I have always had problems getting focused. She has her agenda that's not tangled with my past. She is helping me examine my life without judgment or shame.



Linda, thanks for freeing me!. Jeff and I have wanted to talk for a long time. When you rightly opened up Jeff's eyes to see me as a friend and not a threat, it made so much difference. I feel like I have my whole life ahead of me.

Though Jeff's account of the rest of the day is correct, he did not tell you about the next two Mondays.

The next Monday was not good. He has always had a problem getting going and focusing on Mondays. That Monday he was in a funk. He tried to listen to me, but he could not hear me. I wanted to help, but felt helpless. I was sooooo mad. The next day, we decided to try the Vixen CD to enable me to take control in situations like that. My frustration the day before made it easy for me to take what I needed from Jeff's essence to gain control and become focused. The rest of the day was soooooo much better. No doubts or fears. Action. Now we were getting things done.


We did the Vixen CD a couple more times, which helped us get closer. By the next Monday, I woke in control without listening to your voice with the trigger. It was as if Jeff knew he needed me in control.

We keep the trigger track in our phone. Whenever Jeff is in a funk, he listens to the trigger word, and I take over. We just applied for a job for the first time in a couple of years.

I love it so far. I can wear anything I want whenever and where ever we are. We shop online and download pictures of what I like. I try them out in the mirror. Sometimes we go shopping at the mall and I try my outfits from the web in the Fitting Rooms.
Today I went to church with Jeff. I am helping him look at it without judgment. It also gave me a chance to wear a dress I have been dying to wear:). I matched it with a pair of cork wedges.
Well, we had better get going.

All the best,
Sabrina and Jeff



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