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CD 7 - Youth

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CD7 Description

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Dear Mistress;

I had lost intrest in reading the adam series and began driftiing back to my normal self. today I recieved the youth cd in the mail, and when my wife left this afternoon to shop and play pal around with one of her girl friends I was left alone. Even though I had no desire for breasts I felt drawn inexplicably to listen to the youth cd. In fact I couldnt wait. I was amazed at how my breasts felt warm and tingly. And after it was over i couldnt wait to put on a bra. which i have on now. i have been walking around the house swaying my hips and feeling so passive, holding my hands on my hips like a girl. it better wear off before wife comes home tonight.. she wont understand. I do hope she wants to suck my tits tonight. I can't suggest sex with her she gets mad if i do but i do want to try out my nipples now. She has been a lot less irritated with me since ive been keeping the house neat. Maybe she will suck them more often. heres hoping. Just got up to walk to kitchen still can't walk without swaying my hips. breasts feel so warm and tingly. cant resist using my new name. feel so passive.


camille <simmonsevie@NOSPAMaol.com>
- Saturday, December 06, 2003 at 17:34:18 (EST)

Dear Mistress;

I have listened to the youth cd 3 days now.eveytime i put on a bra my nipples immediatly begin to get warm and tingly. My breasts feel sore, is this normal? Also, I've found that i can't stop swaying my hips when I walk and I feel so passive. Also, I look at guys crotches when im driving down the road. I'm getting a little scared.Yesterday I was driving and looking at guys crotches and I noticed i was rubbing the tip of the turn indicator like it was a penis. I'm gettin really scared about this. My wife is happy with the change, I use to rebel when she ordered me around but now I'm so passive I just accept what she says. Strange things are happening to me.

Camille <simmonsevie@NOSPAMaol.com>
- Monday, December 08, 2003 at 17:46:51 (EST)

This review also refers to CD 3

I listened to Elegance every day for several weeks, and the conditioning has taken over. Mistresses instructions have become a routine part of daily life. Now into the third week of Youth and even so soon it has had a noticeable effect. The tape measure does not lie. And now Vixen is available( I want it I want it), but what is a girl to do? would it be allright to use each of them without interfering with the effect of the other?


Barbara <Barbara@NOSPAMstrawberry355.fsnet.co.uk>
UK - Sunday, December 21, 2003 at 05:47:30 (EST)

Today after my first session of Youth programme, it has made my resolve to become a woman even stronger.

affectionately yours,


Rhonda <MrtnAskey@NOSPAMaol.com>
Holsworthy, Devon UK - Monday, March 29, 2004 at 18:08:10 (EST)

Mind Mistress' note: This is a fantasy written entirely by Rhonda, posted at My request, because I found it amusing when she emailed it to Me. Her actual size increase was very small.

Mind Mistress did warn me about what I wished for, but ignored her guidance and went ahead with the Youth programme.

We were both expecting some moderate changes to my breasts, but I forgot about my fetish for big butts. The past life female bodies that my soul occupied did not become real until half way through the programme and before I could stop events it was too late. To think that my former male figure was something like this.

The dialogue went something like this:

MM: "If you are a good girl and do as I say, be as I say and think as I say your breasts will grow even bigger than mine, I insist upon it! Don't forget to wear a bra every day plus panties of course and wish for all your heart that your dream came true. Mind Mistress wants you to be a sexy girl, a big-breasted girl and plump arsed girl! You know it is going to happen anyway so why not totally submit to me now!"

Rhonda: "Since starting the Youth programme it has been difficult to follow, but with your encouragement I think it is beginning to work.

Most notably my nipples have enlarged with heightened sensitivity and I was initially frightened to touch them because of some discomfort. However your suggestion to apply a cream to reduce soreness and gradually hand stimulate gently it began to become pleasurable. Once a daily routine of breast palpating and nipple stimulus got underway a noticeable change to size occurred.

Hence the repeat listening to the CD plus the autoeroticism, my bosom simply grew and grew. The bonus came a little later when the subconscious mind suddenly kicked in with surges of estrogens to feed other female glands. In a matter of 2 months afterwards my bottom swelled with extra fatty tissues and the hips spread wider and wider. An initial embarrassment came when several trips to the lingerie shop called for increasingly larger panties to be purchased. The assistants were very understanding about it all and tried to assure me it was quite normal for a girl to suddenly change shape. I tried to explain about being male, but they simply laughed.

Now I am getting slightly worried at the frequency of upgrading my panties because it seems like a monthly occurrence now. Please would you suggest some way of halting the development of my bottom and hips and concentrate on the bosom growth rate. The amount at which my wardrobe needs changing is getting far too expensive.

MM: "You've got to be kidding! I laughed so much I wet my panties!

Trying to stop that kind of growth is like asking me to cut off my own breasts! My dear girl I simply would not dream of halting such gorgeous development in one of my slaves. If anything I would like to see just how big you get without any interruptions from me or anyone else! In the interests of science let me know what kind of emotions you experience during these expansion episodes of your bum! On the matter of your breasts I can assure you if your arse is getting that big in such a short space of time, then your tits are definitely going to follow suit ... heh.... heh!"

Rhonda: Please for pity's sake stop this expansion of my bum, its got bigger still in the short time since you wrote to me! As to the emotions you referred to, well up and till recently it was anger and now turning to fear and terror! I am desperate! Please, please stop this going any further. My breasts are growing at the same rate now, which means enlargement is at an alarming pace.

MM: My poor, poor girl, you really do need to get a grip! You just have not got a clue as to why this is happening to your body!

The clue is in your emotional state and that is all that Im prepared to say at this point.

As for me it's simply made my day to hear you whimpering and pleading about your burgeoning bum and breasts bursting your brassieres.... Ha...ha ... ha ... ha ... he ... he!

If you only knew what it is doing to my self-esteem! As for the power exchange, its absolutely fantastic! Again the hint is already within your mind and soul.

Do keep in touch and describe any more changes to your body. I cannot wait to hear what size panties you need next week. It's a real tonic to know one of my girls is in such a state about growing too big for her panties and bra ... ha ... ha...he ... he!

MM: I have a very vivid imagination of what you could look like in a few months!

Rhonda: I am glad you find it so amusing MM and how much it is boosting your ego, but unfortunately for me the embarrassment is too much to bear. The awful thing is your predictions about the final shape are not that far from reality. The girls in the lingerie shop somehow heard that I really was a man to begin with and now want to know all about you and the Youth programme. These wicked women plan to make a few changes to their men folk and spread the word to the whole towns female community.

MM: Well done Rhonda, not only are you doing me a power of good but the whole female population of your home town. If you manage to collect a bulk order of 50 CDs or more I will seriously consider giving you a commission.

By the way you forgot to tell me your latest panty size!

Rhonda: In the name of heaven MM, this is going too far, I've had the local newspaper asking questions now and the betting shop place odds of 5:1 on my panty size approaching 3X from my current 2X size

Rhonda <MrtnAskey@NOSPAMaol.com>
Holsworthy, Devon UK - Saturday, April 17, 2004 at 08:26:11 (EDT)

Dearest Mind Mistress Linda

Its been a while since i've given you an update. Things seem to be going a little too fast for me. Several months ago i started listening to youth. Its great! i can not give you a report on the growth of my breast because i also started taking hormones. That's ok, they amplify each other. You can report on how well it does with hormones.

i listened to it the afternoon of the day i recieved it. OOOOOHHHHH! my breast were sooooo sensitive all night i had orgasm after orgasm (not ejaculation) just mind blowing orgasms. All i had to do was touch my breast and then i had to caress them. i slept that night in my baby doll which top is like a bra slip. in the morning my panties were soaked. i had so many dreams of being a big breasted bimbo that i knew i had to wear a bra to work. that was fun and nobody noticed.

During the work day i found myself thinking of the three past girl lives. every time i did my breast would start to hummmm! i walked up and down the stairs instead of using the elevator just so i could feel my breast bounce and jiggle. the first week my breast were stimulated pretty much all the time.

By the end of the first month my breast felt stimulated for about an hour after listening and for twenty to thirty minutes after puting on a bra. whenever i said the names of my three past girl lives the stimulation would last about the same. When i heard someone else say the name of one of my past lives it would trigger a similar reaction. Too bad more women i work around don't have the same names.

i should metion the first month and a half i listened once a day and the short tract once a day / seven days a week.

About the third month we had a small revolt which You quickley put down and suggested i listen to Vixen. What a JOY! i had already decided i wanted to look like Cynthia Myers (playmate december 1968) and found every picture of her i could and studied every pose every inch of her bodacious body.

i am now cynthia vixen.

i have listened to male charm and vixen so much that it is impossible to see myself as anybody other than cynthia vixen. with 46 g's just bouncing all over the place.

So why the subject line "Far enough"? When i first visited your site i took the gender test. it stated with 86% certainty i was a woman. i chuckled and laughed "right". my score on this test has never changed. later there was another test on your page (for a short time) it said i didn't have a strong male nor female mind. then i took the short test currently on your page which said i was firmly within the male side and not within the female next i took the long test results catagory #2 male score was clearly within male female score was clearly outside female. then in late march or early april i retook the tests the short test result showed on the male side i was still within the male parameters but now i was within the female parameters also. the long test came out catagory #3 i was possibly a transgenderest then last night i took them again short test i am now a feminine male on the male side and clearly within the famale on the feminin side. The long test score 130 catagory #4 i am a transsexual! and suggested i seek professional therapy to deal with it.

So i ask you Far enough?

Of course not. Keep going... :)

Your frightened but obedient slave girl

- Wednesday, May 12, 2004 at 17:08:02 (EDT)

Dearest Mind Mistress Linda,

There was a request in the guestbook inquiring about results of the Youth CD. Because i was on hormones before receiving the Youth Cd i did not start measuring until after your encouragement. i offer the following.

Prior to hormone treatment

waist 40"

chest under breast 42"

measuring across nipples 43"

weight 205lb.

Just before Youth CD

waist 42"

chest under breast 42.75"

measuring across nipples 44.5

weight 218lb.


waist 43.5"

chest under breast 43.75"

measuring across nipples 45.875"

weight 220lb.

i should note that 3 months ago my waist was 44" and weight was 230, which was too much so i cut out soda pop. i've lost 12lbs. & half inch from waist but did not seem to lose breast size.

i started out listening to every day for about a month. followed by listening twice to three times a week. (sometimes the full CD Sometimes the short tract). Now i listen to the full CD once every 7 to 10 days

Now my continuing report. i am concentrating on Elegance II listening to it every night. i seem to move in fits and spurts. the desire to be femme 24/7 is increasing but the fear of discovery and banishment has also increased. One thing that seems to have helped is i put bright slutty red polish on my toe nails. Then every morning when i wash i see the toe nails i seem to know resistance is futile. i can't remember the last time i wore jockeys, bvds or fruit of the loom. i also have gotten more daring applying makeup. No one has said anything, yet, but have noticed some are standoffish and giving me a curious look.

i am also listening to the other CD's in no particular order (when time permits). right now its Vixen & Happiness.

Which brings me to a humble request? If you will recall in my last e-mail I talked about the possibility of going to work as a woman on the Friday before Halloween (Oct 29th). The reasons for not going are disappearing one by one. i have the dress a slutty black dress. i have the 5 inch heels. i just bought the long blonde wig. i have the makeup even though i still can't apply eyeliner. Oh that's right i bought false eyelashes. It would be a shame with all this to chicken out. Starting tonight i will again start listening to Gemini every night. if you could /would, please please send me an email the night of Oct 28th which i would read first thing in the morning with the trigger word.

i hope i have not asked too much

Your obedient slave girl

- Friday, October 15, 2004 at 18:41:25 (EDT)

Dear Mistress;

I bought your youth cd last year about this time and have listened to it off and on ever since. My wife has used it with other things to train me to be her household servant and sexual gratifier. She no longer allows me to masturbate only please her however I get such wonderfull feelings from gratifing her, so much so that they more than make up for the loss. I haven't orgasmed through my penis in several months and feel just fine. I think I may be having female orgaasms. But I've never heard of such a thing so I am not sure if this is possible. there has been quite a change sine I bought your youth cd a year ago. I no longer resist my wifes desires or wishes and she has turned me totally submissive to her desires, and I have learned to like it. I guess I just want to thank you for the cd. My wife makes me listen to it a couple times a week sometimes more.

bye and thanks again


Gene <jerritootoo@cs.com>
- Friday, November 26, 2004 at 00:08:55 (EST)

Dear Mistress:

Well here I am obeying your wish for me to post more information on how the youth cd helped me. Let me begin by saying that it did increase my bust size by one cup from an a to a b. Which my wife finds tremendoulsy exciting. She just loves the larger nipples too.

But bringing out the girlyness also helped me be more obidiant to her wishes. Like for example she gets mad if when i clean the kitchen I leave wet spots on the table or counter, It use to make me mad when she got mad at me, now I just can't help but want to rectify anything I do that displeases her. I enjoy drying the counter after I wet wash it clean just because that's the way she likes it. And this is the way I feel about anything she wants. The youth cd has created a lot of harmony in our marriage, as I no longer am aggressively wanting my way. I love doing things her way and keeping the house the way she likes it and making her meals like she likes them. I even clean one of her coworkers' apartment once a week as I do not work but stay at home to take care of my wife, thus having time to do so. I feel so relaxed now not all tense like before. well back to my housework before she wakes up I have to have breakfast ready for her when she wakes up and thanks a million for the youth cd.


Gene <jerritootoo@NOSPAMcs.com>
- Sunday, November 28, 2004 at 14:09:29 (EST)

Beverly's Breast Development

Several years ago a very good female friend discovered within me a latent, but very powerful femine essence. Though somewhat sceptical at the time, she was able to demonstrate its strength to me through manipulation of my nipples. Surprised and more than a little bit intriqued I decided to investigate and strengthen whatever female essence I did have on the theory that I could build a "better me" by better balancing the male and female sides of myself. I also admit that I wanted to explore, increase, and prolong the new sexual experience(s) she had produced.

The method of exploration I chose was based on the Hindu tradition of manipulating the life energy force they refer to as Kundalini. There are a great number of books on the subject, so I will not go into it here. My general reasons for choosing this approach was based on my background, education and training. However, the main reason for choosing this method, as opposed to hormones, was my belief that a woman is built from the inside out. In other words, a entity must first have the soul and mind of a woman and the rest will naturally follow.

Thus my method was to try and raise the Kundalini force up through my Chakras (energy centers) to my breast area and there manipulate the energy to produce breasts. I generally do this in the early morning hours while in bed as I have felt the best results when I have the most energy. However, in the process of raising and manipulating this force I have felt my mind (and my soul) begin to shift towrd the female perspective, a development I should have anticipated if my suppositions were indeed correct.

About a year ago I came across Mind Mistresse's (MM) site. I was intrigued with it, especially her CD's. In partcular I was interested in her CD entitled "Youth". I agreed with its premise and after 3 or 4 online sessions with MM, to make I could be hypnotized, I obtained it and several other CD's to augment my ongoing efforts. I must admit that due to time constraints I have not yet effectively integrated the "Youth" process with my current processes. I have used the "Youth" CD about twice a month over the last 6 months. I hope to have more time in the near future to use the CD, as I feel the Youth process will be very valuable.

So what have been the results so far? Below is a table of my torso measurements over the last 6 months. My breasts are currently a B cup working on a C cup (by actual measurement). They are quite noticable to the eye and I have been accused by several of my transgendered friends of taking hormones. I went to try on a black sheath dress the other day and both the clerk and owner of the boutique both women, commented that I wouldn't need much, if any, false breasts to fill out the dress. Another woman at another botique commented, when I was trying on a bra, that "I already had quite a bit of breast as it was." Of course I am assuming that these women know a breast when they see one. I am also losing weight rapidly and am wondering what my phsician will say when I get my annual physical in a few weeks.

On my female mind development, I now get my brows professionally plucked on a monthly basis. I am getting laser treatmenst to remove my body hair. I keep my body completely shaved and smooth where there is still hair left (except on my head of course). I slather on face cream every morning after shaving to get my faced nice and soft and smooth. I just love my breasts and play with them all the time. I just can't leave them alone. I think my legs and ass are beautiful.

Once my breasts have stablized, i want to work on my hips next as they are quite narrow, although my butt sticks out nicely. I am not in a rush to do any of this as I feel it takes time to become a woman.But I feel that things are accellerating as I get more skilled in raising the Kundalini energy. At least the energy feels more intense lately asmy breasts and nipples have really begun to blossom. My interest in men is also increasing, but again I am in no rush.

So, all in all, it has been a very interesting experiment. I am delighted with the results so far and looking forward to where it may all lead. I think my mind and spirit are accepting the changes and actually looking forward to new ones.

Breast Development Measurements for BEVERLY
(measured in inches)

where k-control = raising/distributing kundalini energy
Youth = listening & working with Youth CD



1.      05-31-2004 44 42 41 45.5 Initial readings using mostly k-control & some Youth.
2.      10-06-2004 44 41 41 47.0 Mostly k-control.  Need more Youth.
3.      11-28-2004  44.5 40 41 47.5 Same as above.

Beverly 11/29/2004 5:57 PM bothsides7z@NOSPAMyahoo.com

Dear Mistress:

You instructed me to tell about the youth cd in more detail. WEll, It took about 4 months or so before I noticed a slight increase in size and it slowly increased after that til now it is grewon to a b cup size. My nipple is fuller too, and that has been such a wonderfull thing fro my wife as she throughly enjoys sucking my tits and playing with them.. I would say that I alos have become more submissive and girly like too as a result of the youth cd. My wife simply adores that. I had one bad experience though. While listening to the cd on the exercise trail I was swiahing my hips a little too much and feeling extremely girly. Two guys picked me up and you know they did it to me. So be careful. Don't go out listening to it in public.Well also I listened to them about 2 times a week but have kinda droped off from so much. My wife suggested I take hormones to keep them that size but I said no but she said she would encrease my allowance if I dide. So I get 400 a month allowance now. But I only take small dosages to keep them that way.

Camille <jerritootoo@NOSPAMcs.com>
- Tuesday, November 30, 2004 at 15:56:48 (EST)

This review also refers to CD 3-Elegance and CD 7-Youth

Deares Mind Mistress Linda, i promised you a review of the Corset Diet CD, saying i would send it to you March 21, being three months from recieving it. i must send it to you now as i will be out of town the entire week of March 21. i recieved the CD December 21, 2004, and listened to it every night for three weeks. After that i listened to it every other day for the next month. Now i listen to it every seven to ten days. my reaction to it started the first night when i thought it would be sexy to wear a corest. i have two one is a full lace up back with front hooks. The second is a simple waist chincher. Boy did i feel sexy when i put the full one on. i felt i must put on my stockings with the attached garters.

Of course, i then had to wear my heels. i paraded around like that for a while. Then your other devious conditioning kicked in and i had to do my hair and make up and put on a dress. The next day for lunch, i had a very pleasant supprise. You must understand i've always been a meat potato and gravy (over all) kind of guy. instead of the usual meal like hot roast beef etc. i ordered a salad and immediatly felt a tightening in my stomach area and a real sexy feeling. It now seems like all i want are healthy foods any more. my shopping habits have changed i now buy fresh fruits and vegatable and every time i make a correct choice i get that tight sexy feeling. So how is my diet going? The following stat go back over three years. and were originally taken to check progress with your youth program. N.B. i have taken hormones.

Prior to hormones waist 40" under breast 42" across nipples 43" weight 205LB Before Youth CD waist 42" under breast 42.75" across nipples 44.5" weight 218LB. (N.B. i started a diet in sept weight was then 230+LB) 10/15/04 waist 43.5" under breast 43.75 across nipples 45.875" weight 220Lb 12/09/04 waist 42 under breast 42.25" across nipples 45.25" weight 212 12/21/04 waist 42" under breast 42" across nipples 45.5" weight 215LB (Received Corset Diet CD on this date) 03/16/05 waist 41.5" under 41.75" across nipples 45" weight 205LB Your obedient slave girl cynthia

cynthia 3/16/2005 5:47 PM Cynthia463840@NOSPAMcs.com

This review also refers to CD 9-Envy

Hi, girls!

i just wanted to share with all of you another fabulous training idea that Mistress has been employing on me. After a really wonderful session two weeks ago, She told me to listen to both CD7 Youth and CD9 Envy in the same day every day until she commanded otherwise. Well, my dears! For someone who wants to be a female this is the most confirming experience ever. For those little doubts, hesitations and rebellions left, this is the ultimate spell. She already had me lusting for men all the time after Male Charm and several very powerful sessions, but Envy really seals your desire for them permanently. Then on top of that, She has created a spell to help you grow your own breasts by reviving old memories from the subconscious with Youth. This one may work a little slower, but it is having to fight your natural body. Still, i can say it is winning. i feel my breast buds growing, they are more sensitive and i am picking out and wearing bras now. Thanks to Mistress, i feel so feminine now, i can only look at men with desire and want to seek more ways to be feminine. i will listen to these two CDs every day until She says otherwise.

Oh, and if you haven't done so yet, please also visit and join the HypnoticWishes Yahoo group (groups.yahoo.com/group/hypnoticwishes/). Mistress' Mad Scientist assistant Alice is very nice and interesting, and she has worked hard to get a dynamic group going. It's well worth your time if you really want to serve Mistress!

gwen_thomas <guenedthomas@NOSPAMearthlink.net>
Alabama USA - Friday, October 14, 2005 at 14:24:06 (EDT)

This review also refers to CD 11-Corset Diet and CD 16-Acceptance

I just finished listening to CD16 Acceptance for the second time and I do not remember anything past track4. I have Corset diet and Youth on my MP3 player behind Acceptance. I don't know if I listen to both of them after listening to Acceptance or not. I do have the urges about drinking water, and eating correctly and I,m tingling ing my breast, stomack, and hips areas as I type. I just wanted to say thank you, these CD's really do work.

Thank You,
Vixen Dee

I just listen to CD16 Acceptance for the second time and all I can say is WOW. It really is very powerful. I have Acceptance followed by Corset Diet and Youth on my Mp3 player. I don't remember listening to them but I must have because I'm definitely feeling the effects of these two cd's now. My breast, stomach, and hips are tingling a lot and I keep asking Julie, Sarah, and Elizabeth for their help, since they are with me now. I'm also very conscious of eating correctly and going to the pantry looking in and walking away because I'm not really hungry. I did not buy cokes at the store but water, I do not want any more soft drinks, they are not good for me and fried foods(Yuck). Anyway I just wanted to say Thank You So Very Very Much. :)

You Devoted Girl,
VixenDee :)

- Sunday September 16, 2007

(She sent the first review by Yahoo IM and the second by email, so I kept both!)

This review also refers to CD 21-Beach Body and is continued on that page

Date: Monday, August 31, 2009, 7:40 AM

Hi Mind Mistress,

 Thank you for your e-mail. Is CD1 aneccessary precursor to CD7 or any of the the following CD's: 3, 10, 11, 14, 16, 21, 22, 26 ?

Thank you,

Date: Sat, 12 Sep 2009 19:12:44 –0700

Hi Hun,
Trance is a skill, Not magic. CD 1 teaches how to go into deep trance.

The easier it is for you to achieve deep trance, the more "Real"
the future adventures will seem to you. So, although it is not a pre-requisite...
It is highly suggested, if you have never tranced before or have difficulty going into trance.

Mistress Alice

Date: Thursday, September 10, 2009, 12:36 AM

Hi Alice,
 I just got CD7 today, and ran it after a relaxation meditation. And, like OMG!, I think you may be on to something!

 Having had an NDE, and a past-life experience, I can tell you that reincarnation is quite real, and the rule, not the exception; that is why I decided to take a chance with your CD.(I could tell you a bit about it if you are interested.) 

 One thing that would have been a quite nice addition would have been dealing with hair. I did feel Them, I know Their names, and could feel Them in me, I know Their personalities.  I am sooooo looking forward to working with this..


Date: Sat, 12 Sep 2009 19:12:44 –0700

Hi Hun,

As I said in the last email... If You Can Trance... You can Enter Wonderland and Experience the Adventure. If you cannot, it will just be a pleasant story. So Happy You Could *Enjoy it*

Mistress Alice

Date: Sunday, September 13, 2009, 2:48 AM
Hi Mistress Alice,
 Thank you for your reply.

 Yes, I can trance. I have been doing Chakra, and deep meditation for many years. I have a good understanding of Hypnosis and it's potential. I do believe you are really onto something with CD7, and I LUV IT! There are a few things I would luv to see added, if you might possibly do a remake:
1) slow down the first track a bit, integrate Chakra focus, Prana/Chi flow, fill the body with pink liquid. 2) extend past-life searches to 5, integrate Feminine Spirit of past-lives into existing Light-Body, integrate Light-Body with subconscious. 3) spend a bit more time focusing on other body attributes, body sculpting other important features, as well as breasts, as well as general regeneration, and suppleness. 4) deal with hair issues, what we want, and getting rid of what we don't. 5) lengthen the CD a bit, and overlay the session with Bineural Beats. I would even buy it if you could make one for me.

 I have been living in GD Hell all my life, and your CD is a Goddess-send. I have had some deep Spiritual experiences, and I understand the potentials of consciousness, quantum, and parrallel realities, and time. I know astonishing things can be accomplished with Hypnosis, and adding these other dimensions really could take this to the next level. I'm less interested in Hypno-Fantasy than real change, and I believe you can do it.


Date: Tue, 15 Sep 2009 14:59:56 -0400
From: Mind_Mistress
Those are excellent suggestions.

Body shaping is handled by CD21-Beach Body, which dissolves your body in a sea of pink liquid, then reshapes the astral body out of it as you come out. Afterwards, when laying on the sandy beach, you reform your etheric body structures out of that sand in the way that you desire. The etheric body is the template for shaping your physical body, so when you form the etheric skin, you can focus on the hair follicles being extremely fine, short and colorless. That's the way they are for women, especially blondes, whose fine body hairs are nearly transparent in color.

Making a long induction is always a difficult choice, because a CD only holds 70 minutes. If I make a longer induction, I have to shorten the rest of the content. CD-7 is already 60 minutes.

There is an alternate centering induction that I use for spiritual purposes. Instead of draining away conscious control, you draw all your body awareness into your center, which is the one chakra where your consciousness is most strongly anchored to. It produces much the same result of loss of body awareness, but instead of being an empty vessel, it leans more towards being a point of pure potential. I am considering recording that for some more spiritual oriented CDs.

Inductions that focus on multiple chakras are great for awakening your spirit senses, but they don't help with what I'm typically aiming for, which is creating a dream body while losing awareness of the physical body. It would just lengthen the induction, and be kind of useless for most people.

Do let Me know if  you would like your review of CD7 posted on the site. :)

Mind Mistress

Hi Mind Mistress,
 Thank you for your answer. I will get CD-21 as son as I can. Bummer about the CD limitations, it would still be cool to have one with Bineural Beats (like Memi-Sync). If you do make a CD as you describe, I'll br more than happy to work with it. What are your thoughts on trying to harnessing The Elements to do this?
 I would be most honored if you posted my review. Please don't give my e-mail out.
 I thought of something else while looking at your page (impressive and nicely done) on why we are the way we are, your GLBT explainations.  On 60 minutes (last year?), was a segment on what they called "The Youngest Brother Syndrome", or some thing like that. Researchers have found that as a mother has more males, she increasingly doses the next male with female hormones, thearetically increasing the chance of the child becoming Gay, or TG. I also just read that a portion of the brain is altered by the mother's hormones, causing TGMTFs to have a female size/structured (I'm not sure which) portion of the brain; and TGFTMs have a male-sized similar portion. A one-time friend (who at least politey disowned me), told me he thought it was just Nature's of keeping the herd culled. 

Anyway, XXX.

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Dear Mistress,
I write this in regard to CD 7 Youth. Firstly this was the first of several CDs where I actually went into a trance and could recall my past lives. It would appear that at one time in the 1860's I was a baby born to a slum girl who was either raped, or sold her body for money. I only lived for 4 days in this life but I was able to recall it.
 Anyway you're probably more interested in the girls I was in past lives. The first one was in the 18th centuary where my name was Jane, and I was about 14 at the time of recollection, my mother was teaching me how to crotchet but I had other things on my mind at the time ;). In my second second incarnation around about 1876 I was called Rebecca, I can't seem to remember much about been her though.
 The Third life as a teenage girl was the one immediately before the life I live now, in this life my name was Samantha, and I was an advert feminist. On that note: I understand now why I've always had such an innate aversion to speeding. As I said, when I lived as Samantha I was a feminist, but rather than protesting I would show off showing how girls could be just like guys. At age 16 I made the mistake of speeding around in a car showing how girls could race around just like guys. That all ended in a terrible crash in which my life as Samantha ended, only to be born later in my current life.
 Oh yes about breast growth, well been 3 buxom lasses in previous incarnations makes way for.....
     Thanks again Mistress, I wonder which CD to use next.
                     regards, Anna.

18 June 2010

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