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This fictional account contains adult language and graphic sexual themes. If such language and themes offend you please do not read further. The persons and events described in this work are purely fictional. Any similarity to actual persons or events is strictly coincidental. Copyright 2002 by SSTORYMAN. All rights reserved. Permission is hereby granted to reproduce this story in any form and for any purpose as long as this notice is reproduced and no financial remuneration is received, directly or indirectly, by the person reproducing or using it.

Chapter 1: Beware of the Psychic
Chapter 2: The Little Voices
Chapter 3: Help from Joanne
Chapter 4: New Passion for Becki
Chapter 5: New Passion for Eileen
Chapter 6: The Rest of the Story


Chapter 1: Beware of the Psychic


Eileen sat in her kitchen drinking coffee along with her friend Kathleen. As always, Eileen was wearing very conservative clothing. She had on a long, full skirt and a cardigan sweater. "I hate to say it, Kathleen, but I'm thinking about it. I really am. I don't care what Pastor Smith says. Rebecca's breathing is so bad these days. It has me worried. I don't know what else to do."

Kathleen shook her head. "It's dangerous, Eileen. Just this week in his sermon Pastor Smith warned all of us about psychics, you know."

"Yeah, I know," she grinned sheepishly. "Strangely enough, I never thought about visiting a psychic till I heard Pastor Smith's sermon. But I must find out if something like that might help Rebecca."

"Psychics are dangerous," Kathleen went on. "Their powers are real, but evil. That's exactly what Pastor Smith says. Remember Joanne Givens? She went to that psychic on Hoover Street a few weeks ago and she hasn't been to church since. I tell you, bad things happen to the people who visit psychics like that!"

Eileen laughed. "Kathleen, that's silly. So what if Joanne Givens hasn't been to church the last couple weeks? There's probably a perfectly good reason. But it doesn't matter. I'm at the end of my rope. Rebecca's _so_ sick. Even with her medicine her asthma makes it impossible for her to do anything at all."

Kathleen leaned forward. "Eileen, did you ever think that part of Rebecca's problem breathing might be your smoking?"

Eileen flinched. "Yeah, I know. It doubtless is. I smoke too much; I know it. But I can't quit, Kathleen. I've tried hundreds of times. I don't know; maybe I don't want to bad enough." She groaned. "I know my smoking makes Rebecca's asthma worse. But this might be the answer. Yesterday I saw Joanne Givens at the store. She did see the psychic named Madame Bufka over on Hoover Street. Madame Bufka completely cured Joanne's skin condition. Joanne looks great. I must try. Rebecca can't breathe, and it breaks my heart listening to her wheeze."

"But Eileen, if Pastor Smith's right, if evil spirits are the source of psychic powers -." She sighed deeply shaking her head. "Don't mess with that stuff, I tell you. Pastor Smith says unintended consequences inevitably happen to people who dabble in the occult."

"It's not the occult," Eileen shot back. "It's psychic healing. There's a difference. Joanne told me about it. And I don't care what Pastor Tony Smith says. I talked to him about Rebecca and he can't do a thing. He mumbled a few self-righteous prayers and then told me I should quit smoking. Well, I know that, but I can't. So I'm going to see someone who might be able to really help Rebecca's breathing."

Kathleen rolled her eyes. "I'd quit smoking first if I were you. It hurts Rebecca and it's not good for you either. Rebecca's asthma might go away completely if you quit that terrible habit of yours."

"Yeah, it just might," Eileen admitted. "But I can't quit. Look, this Madame Bufka person healed Joanne. Joanne looks great and she's happier than ever now that her terrible looking skin condition is gone. I don't believe all that stuff about the occult and unintended consequences. No, Pastor Smith is just plain wrong this time."

Kathleen shrugged. "Suit yourself, Eileen. But don't say I didn't warn you."

After Kathleen left, Eileen shivered apprehensively. She appreciated Kathleen's concern. But with her friend gone she impatiently retrieved the Marlboro Lights 100's from her purse. She hated being addicted to cigarettes, but it didn't matter. She _had_ to have one. It'd been two hours since her last smoke. She clicked her lighter and sucked on the white cylinder firmly positioned between her lips. She dragged a second time before taking it from her mouth. An endless stream of thick, rich smoke flowed from her cute, turned up nose during the second drag while she inhaled deep into her lungs. Ah, it felt so good! But then it always did. That was the predicament. She'd never be able to quit smoking. If she couldn't quit at least she'd do something to make it not hurt her daughter so much!


Madame Bufka, whose full name was Zita Bufkalova, sat in the drawing room of her home on Hoover Street. She was a petite woman. Her exotic turban and old world clothes made it hard to tell her age. She was perhaps in her early thirties. She was beautiful, with a mysterious, eastern European look. Zita told them she was originally from the Czech Republic and had been in the United States only a short time. A small sign in her front yard advertised "Psychic Healing," "Readings" and "Mystic Advisor." Her turban had a small jeweled amulet positioned front and center. It looked a little hokey but it did add mystery to her persona.

She smiled warmly at Eileen and Rebecca and spoke in a thick, eastern European accent.

"I knew you'd come," she laughed pleasantly. "I saw it in my crystal. I saw a tall, attractive brunette in her thirties accompanied by her daughter, a lovely teenager with long brown hair and a pretty smile, a girl who has trouble breathing." She looked up from her crystal and gazed at her visitors. "And now, look! Here you are!"

Eileen fidgeted anxiously. It seemed like pure shtick. She'd said nothing to Madame Bufka about Rebecca's breathing. But her daughter's wheeze was noticeable. So the mystic's conclusion didn't necessarily require supernatural knowledge.

"We came because of Joanne Givens," Eileen smiled. "She told me how you helped her. You completely healed her horrid skin condition. She looks great now. I'm a little nervous, but I wonder if you can help Rebecca. She has terrible -."

"Asthma," Madame Bufka confidently finished. "I know. Yes, my power can help your lovely daughter, Rebecca." She smiled at Rebecca. "Do you want to be healed, dear?"

The sixteen year old politely nodded. She was a timid girl. She too, was nervous. "Yes, ma'am," she answered diffidently. "I have to take my medicine all the time. I can't run or do anything out doors anymore. It worries my mom," she said, smiling at Eileen. "The doctors say it won't ever get much better. That's why Mom thought we should come here, I think."

"Your mother's a very wise woman," the Czech lady laughed. "My power is very great. It's the power of my ancestors, the power of the gypsy people. The power has been in my family for countless generations. Gypsies are constantly persecuted in my home country. People fear us because we have this great power. But whenever they need help with illness, like you, they come nevertheless. They know. I believe I may be able to help you, my dear. If you're willing to receive it, that is."

"Madame Bufka," Eileen interrupted. "My pastor says we shouldn't do this. He says your powers are demonic, that bad, unintended consequences come from seeking psychic healing." She laughed nervously. "What do you think of that?"

"People are afraid of what they don't understand," Zita laughed softly. "There are never unintended consequences, my dears," she added, shaking her head in amusement. "Our minds and bodies are so complex. You must understand. Psychic power is great indeed. But whenever you push on one place in the human psyche, often other things push back in other directions. I can never predict for certain how one reacts when psychic power is unleashed. But as for unintended consequences," she laughed. "That is what you call an old wives' tale!"

Eileen sighed. "That's what I think, too. Okay, Madame Bufka, we want you to do a session with Rebecca. I'd love for her to be able to breathe normally. Can you make it happen?"

"I do nothing," Zita replied. "I only put you in touch with the power of the spirit world. When it unleashes, my clients find their heart's desires satisfied." She narrowed her eyes. "My fee for psychic healing is one hundred U. S. dollars," she added matter of factly. "In advance."

Eileen dug into her purse. Joanne prepared her for this. She got out her checkbook.

"Ah, my dear, I only take cash," Zita interrupted with a smile. "No checks."

"Um, okay," Eileen muttered. She dug in her purse for her wallet, hoping she had enough cash.

"Ah, I see you have cigarettes in your purse," Zita observed dryly. "I see you also want my help freeing yourself from the grip of your cigarette habit. Is that right?"

Eileen blushed. "Yeah, well, let's see what happens with Rebecca's asthma," she said defensively while counting out five twenties. She handed them to Madame Bufka. "Maybe if you can cure Rebecca's asthma, I'll be back."

Zita rolled up the bills and stuffed them in her pocket. She smiled. "You'll be back. You will. I have a good feeling about young Rebecca. I believe the power will free her today and she will be a new woman."

The walked into the drawing room. Zita had Rebecca sit across from her opposite the crystal ball on the table. Eileen sat several feet away. "Now, my dear, look into the crystal," Madame Bufka instructed. "Stare deeply into the crystal and tell me what you see."

"It's pretty," Rebecca answered, shrugging. "But I don't see anything."

"Oh, you will," Zita smiled with assurance. "Keep staring." She began to speak in a foreign tongue, chanting rhythmically and swaying back and forth.

Eileen rolled her eyes. The shtick was _so_ over the top, she sighed silently. But Madame Bufka helped Joanne. It was worth $100 to give it a try, as hokey as it seemed.

Rebecca began to blink. She felt spacey, like she was falling in a trance. She visibly relaxed as Zita continued to chant. She seemed to fall asleep. All of a sudden, Zita spoke loudly in English. "Ah, yes, the power is present now! I invited it, and it has come. Ah, your chest is becoming clear, Rebecca. Your chest is freeing itself from the asthma. Can you feel it?"

The unconscious teenager nodded lazily. "I can feel it," she repeated dreamily.

"Yes, I know you can," Madame Bufka reiterated. "The power is coming upon you. You feel it so strong now. Your whole body is tingling. The mucus in your chest is breaking up. Your lungs want to expand, to breathe free and take in everything in the air around you. Do you feel it?"

"I feel it," Rebecca repeated in a daze.

Madame Bufka raised her voice. "I now command the power to fill your lungs! I give permission to the power to open them up all the way, to let them live, and let them experience life. Now, receive it, Rebecca! Open yourself, and let the power take control. Let it come!" She began chanting again and then returned to English. "Now, power, allow these lungs to take in everything in the air around them, without harm, without congestion, but instead with great pleasure," she added. "Let it be so; now!"

Rebecca slumped onto the table. Eileen gasped. "Oh my Gosh, is she okay?"

Madame Bufka smiled. "Rebecca is fine. She is okay. She is completely cured."

"But she's unconscious," Eileen went on anxiously. "I need to get her inhaler and give her some medicine. She can't breathe lying over like that!"

"Don't worry, my dear. She is breathing quite well," Zita smoothly smiled. "Rebecca. Can you hear me? Wake up, dear!"

Rebecca abruptly sat up. "What -? What happened?"

"You are healed, dear," Madame Bufka said soothingly. "The power has visited you. I felt it, and you did, too. You no longer have difficulty breathing. Your lungs can breathe in and out and enjoy full access to the air around you. It is done. The power has done wonderful things for you. You will be a new woman."

Rebecca took a deep breath. "Gosh, my lungs _are_ clear," she gasped with amazement. "I can breathe okay. Mom, I feel much better!"

Eileen was unsure if it was psychosomatic or real. But the wheezing sound from her daughter's lungs was clearly gone. She laughed involuntarily. "Oh thank you, Madame Bufka. Rebecca does sound better." She picked up her purse and stood. "We'll let you know how she does."

"No need," Zita smiled. "I know little Rebecca is better. You're very fortunate. The power has come strongly to you. From now on you will breathe deeply and enjoy it."

Eileen and Rebecca left the house and returned to their car. The teenager still felt slightly dazed, but she was breathing freely for the first time in years. "Mom, it's incredible. I can breathe! I can really breathe! That lady is amazing!"

"What happened? What was it like?"

The teenager slipped into the passenger seat. "Madame Bufka began to chant and I saw swirling lights inside her crystal. It made me feel sleepy. All I could see was the crystal. It was like I was asleep. I couldn't hear a thing, but I felt warm, hot, actually, like a strange warm liquid filled me up, but from the inside out. It felt really good. I don't know. Then suddenly I woke up and I could breathe!"

"Gosh, honey, that's great," Eileen smiled as she pulled away from the curb. She was delighted and relieved, but she still felt strangely nervous. "Gosh, I felt edgy in there. It kind of gave me the creeps, to be honest, all her chanting, the turban, the crystal ball and everything. But if you feel better, Rebecca, that's all I care about." She paused. "I hate to say it, but I'm still so tense. I wish I could have a cigarette. But I'll wait till we're home. I don't want my smoke to bother you."

Rebecca smiled. "I don't think it _will_ bother me, Mom," she confidently asserted. "Go ahead and smoke if you want. Let's test this out."

"I don't know," Eileen hedged. "Being near my smoke always makes you cough."

"Then it's a perfect test! My lungs feel clear now. If they don't react to your smoking then we'll know for sure I'm cured."

Eileen _did_ want a cigarette rather badly. "Okay," she agreed against her better judgment. "We'll see then. If it doesn't work we can always use your inhaler, I guess."

From her purse Eileen shook out a Marlboro Light 100. She eagerly clicked her lighter and lit up without cracking her driver's side window. Yes, this _was_ a perfect test. She reflexively dragged long and hard, filling her lungs with the smoke she so badly needed. Immediately she felt better. She released her exhale into the car's interior and hesitantly looked over at Rebecca through the air that was becoming increasingly hazy. "How do you feel?"

"Fine," Rebecca beamed. "Gosh, Mom, it's amazing. I smell the smoke, but it doesn't bother me the least little bit. I _am_ cured," she laughed elatedly.

"Gosh, it does look like Joanne was right and Kathleen's wrong," Eileen sighed happily after another drag on her cigarette. "If my smoke isn't bothering you, it makes our lives a whole lot easier, doesn't it? Wow, this may be the best hundred dollars we ever spent!"

"It sure is," Rebecca excitedly agreed. She took a deep breath of the thick, smoky air that filled the car's interior and breathed it back out without incident. "Look, Mom, no wheezing. None at all. Gosh, this is great," the teenager sighed contentedly. "Just great. I feel good!"


Rebecca turned off the TV. It was mid-afternoon. She felt so incredibly bored! She thought about all the kids playing soccer and other summer sports outdoors. Maybe she could finally join a soccer league now. For the first time she had options. No more asthma. She was able to breathe! It still felt unbelievably wonderful. She slept the entire night, no wheezing and no medicine. She still couldn't believe her good fortune. Madame Bufka was amazing!

Eileen worked during the day so the sixteen year old was home alone. In the past she always stayed at Aunt Marian's while her mom was at work. Someone had to be there if she had an asthma attack. But today she prevailed on Eileen to let her stay alone for the first time in ages. The first few hours were great; she felt liberated and grown up. But it was afternoon now and she couldn't stand another minute of TV. That was okay, she guessed. Her mom didn't approve of her watching so much TV anyway.

She wandered into the kitchen. On the counter she spied her mom's ashtray. In it Rebecca counted four cigarette butts left over from her mom's morning coffee and smoking routine. She hated her mom's smoking. Eileen was careful not to smoke near her, but it always made it hard for Rebecca to breathe. Long ago she stopped nagging her mom to quit; it only made them both feel bad. She knew her mom couldn't stop even though she said she wanted to.

Now for some reason Rebecca found herself irresistibly drawn to the cigarette butts in the glass ashtray. Without knowing exactly why, she hesitantly reached in and picked one up. She sniffed at it. It didn't smell bad. No, it actually smelled - kind of nice, almost pleasant. She laughed and held it in her fingers, pretending to smoke it, though without touching it to her lips. Doing this made her feel strangely excited, like she was getting away with something naughty. She laughed again. She always used to wonder why her mom smoked so much. After all, it stunk up the place, smelled awful and made it hard for her to breathe. But now it didn't smell awful, and of course she was breathing just fine now.

Out of the blue the curious teenager felt herself gripped by a sudden powerful uncontrollable urge. She _had_ to try smoking for herself. That was all there was to it. She had to know, _really_ know, exactly why her mom smoked. Never before in her life had Rebecca ever considered smoking. Her terrible asthma always ruled it out. But now she breathed freely. She took a deep breath and laughed out loud. "All clear down there," she giggled shamelessly. "So I have to find out about this thing!"

She put the butt back in the ashtray. She looked for one of her mom's open packs of cigarettes. Eileen always had one or more around the house. At last, on her mom's bedroom nightstand, the teenager hit pay dirt. There she found a half empty pack of Marlboro Lights 100's! She removed a cigarette and ran downstairs to find a lighter or some matches.

As she descended the staircase, conflicting thoughts filled Rebecca's head. "What do you think you're doing?" said one voice. "This is the dumbest thing you've ever considered doing! You won't be able to breathe. You hate Mom's smoking. You want her to quit. It's bad for her, and it'd be worse for you. For God's sake, why on earth are you even _thinking_ about trying to smoke a cigarette?"

But a second more confident voice inside her head stridently answered the first one. "Hey, cut me a friggin' break! Don't worry, Rebecca! You're cured; completely, forever. Madame Bufka promised. You're breathing fine and you'll keep on breathing fine. And since you can breathe, damn it, you ought to try smoking. You deserve to do something fun for a change. You've been held back for way too long. Lots of kids at school smoke, tons. They all seem to really like it. It must be great. And it looks _so_ cool. Hell, your mom loves to smoke. So you have to try it, you stupid little bitch. You _need_ to. It must be the best!"

The second voice won easily. Rebecca wanted to. No, that wasn't right. She _had_ to. Something inside almost forced her and wouldn't take "no" for an answer. She felt so excited when she finally found one of her mom's many disposable lighters. She put the unlit cigarette to her lips just as she'd seen her mother do thousands of times and clicked the lighter. Shaking with anticipation, she raised the flame and lit up a cigarette for the first time.

Smoke filled Rebecca's mouth. The taste was fantastic! She laughed involuntarily, the cigarette still resting in her lips. She _liked_ it! God, she mused, no wonder Mom loves this smoking thing so much. She giggled uncontrollably. Wow, it was great!

She puffed on the cigarette. Each new drag she took tasted wonderful, better than the last one. She tapped an ash into the ashtray on the counter and closely examined the burning cigarette between her fingers. "This tastes so incredibly good," she sighed happily. "Gosh, it's way better than I ever imagined! And it looks so cool, too. But I'm not done. No, I have to inhale the smoke. Mom always does that and so do all the kids at school who smoke. I have to try doing that to really understand smoking."

The little voice in her head urged her on. "Yeah, Rebecca, do it! You were fuckin' born to smoke! You love doing this, don't you? Yeah, you sure do. Smoking's the absolute best! You want to smoke. You need to smoke. But you _must_ learn to inhale. You've seen your mom do it. She pulls all that thick wonderful smoke deep into her chest and then lets it sit there like forever before finally breathing it out. Inhaling will be the _real_ test to see if you're cured. If you can inhale the smoke, damn it, it'll prove once and for all that you're finally, forever, completely cured. Plus, you'll love it! Your mom does. You know you will, too!"

So Rebecca tried it. She hit on the cigarette and then opened her mouth, just like her mom did, and breathed in. The smoke hit her lungs with a thud. Her chest tightened. But she didn't cough. Coughing was no longer in her repertoire of options after the healing. She simply pursed her smiling lips and watched a long, luxurious stream of milky white smoke effortlessly flow out of her open mouth. "Damn," she exclaimed excitedly. "God, I did it! I inhaled! And I do fuckin' love it!"

Rebecca hardly noticed the new words she was using now. Coming from a church home and having been mostly protected from profanity, she'd never been tempted to use such bad language before. But suddenly it was like she had to swear, and she wanted to, too. "Fuck," she exclaimed jubilantly. "I'm finally free from my asthma and now I can smoke!"

The nicotine from the cigarette made her head spin, but it didn't matter. She wanted to, she had to, keep on going. She needed to smoke, though she didn't know why. She only knew she loved it, and her delight was heightened by knowing that her lungs didn't react against the smoke; not at all. Her body and her lungs in particular welcomed it like some long lost best friend. "Wow, I like this," she said aloud. "God, I _really_ like to smoke! I can't imagine why Mom would ever want to quit!"

And that's how it began. Rebecca's initial urge to try one cigarette soon blossomed into a virtual preoccupation with smoking. The formerly asthmatic teenager was instantly transformed. In less than a week Rebecca was smoking nine or ten cigarettes every day. Stealing her mom's Marlboro Lights proved easy; Eileen bought them by the carton, and she always left open packs in the house when she left for work each morning. Little Rebecca quickly built up her tolerance and developed a deep love for smoking. The odd thing was, it was a practice she previously detested.

Rebecca never stopped to wonder why this amazing change took place. It just seemed natural and she enjoyed it. She continued breathing free and easy. It seemed her lungs were freed from the mucus and congestion just so they could accept and enjoy the nicotine being delivered by her mom's wonderful cigarettes. More than anything else the shy sixteen year old youngster wanted to smoke. But as Rebecca learned, there were other changes coming as well!

Chapter 2: The Little Voices


As Rebecca entered into the experience of secretly smoking with reckless abandon, Eileen began to worry. Her cigarette supply was dwindling. She never imagined Rebecca was the culprit. She simply assumed she was smoking too much. Initially relieved that her smoking no longer bothered her daughter, Eileen now felt she had to do something to curb her supposedly increased habit. She remembered Madame Bufka's words: "You'll be back!" She decided to seek her help to quit smoking. After all, if her mystic power could cure asthma the gypsy could surely cure her of her desire to smoke!

She mentioned it to Rebecca Thursday night. The teenager threw cold water on the idea.

"Mom, don't you see? You don't need to quit. I'm fine. It's always been so hard for you to quit. I don't think it's a good idea."

"Honey, it won't be hard if Madame Bufka helps me. For a hundred dollars I can give up the filthy habit. Gosh, think how great it'll be to save all the money I spend on cigarettes! Plus, it's the right thing. Even if my smoking doesn't bother you anymore, I want to be healthy. It's a filthy habit."

"It's not so bad, Mom, " Rebecca countered, frantically trying to dissuade her mother. "I've gotten used to it this last week. I really don't think it's so bad for you to smoke. You don't smoke that much, and it seems to relax you. You enjoy it. I'd hate to see you give up smoking just for me. It's not at all necessary."

"No, I have to," Eileen shot back. "See, I never could before. But now, if Madame Bufka puts me under the power, like she did you, there's no reason it won't work quick and easy. I already called her," she went on. "I'm going in Saturday morning."

Rebecca continued to argue. Eileen hushed her. "Zip it! It's final. You're being nice, Rebecca. I appreciate it. But I want to quit. I've wanted to for a long time. Now, finally, with Madame Bufka's help, I think I can."

"Shit," muttered the brunette teenager under her breath.

"What did you say, young lady?"

"Oh, nothing, Mom," Rebecca lamely replied. "Nothing."

"Rebecca, you're begun using words I don't approve of. You never hear me use obscene language, do you? No sir. I mean, what on earth would Pastor Smith say if he heard you using that foul language?"

"He wouldn't like it," she grumbled back. "Sorry, Mom."

"So be careful, young lady. I won't put up with swearing and foul language."

Rebecca had always been timid and soft spoken. But ever since she met Madame Bufka she found herself continually tempted to swear and talk dirty. The funny thing was, she hardly noticed most of the time. It just came out, like it was part of her or something. But she didn't want to upset her mother, so she determined to be as careful as possible.

There was only one more day till Saturday. Rebecca stockpiled all the cigarettes she could. By Saturday morning she'd squirreled away the equivalent of two packs of Marlboro Lights 100's. She despaired imagining the house free from her mom's smoke. From now on she had to be careful smoking herself. She also had no idea how to get cigarettes now. But she wouldn't quit. No way. It wasn't an option. She loved smoking too much. Besides, the voices in her head told her she had to keep smoking, and she wanted to, too.

Saturday morning Rebecca went with Eileen to see Madame Bufka. She was curious and concerned. She didn't know what difference it might make, but she had to be there when the gypsy worked her magic on her mom.

Zita welcomed them by playfully pinching Rebecca's cheek. "Ah, you are so healthy now, my dear," she said in her thick accent. "There's now nothing you cannot do, is that not true? There's nothing that bothers your lungs, correct? Even your mother's cigarettes?"

"Yeah, that's right, Madame Bufka," Rebecca grinned sheepishly. God, it was like she knew! She had psychic powers. Did Madame Bufka know she was smoking? "My lungs are very strong now," Rebecca went on placidly. "Thanks to you I can do anything!"

"Yes, thanks to the power," the Czech lady nodded with approval. She looked deep into the teenager's eyes. Rebecca was struck by how dark and lovely the gypsy's face seemed. "The power has come to you strong," she went on with a mysterious smile. "I think you are becoming a different girl, no?"

"I guess," Rebecca shyly agreed. The gypsy was teasing her. But from how she talked she was sure Madame Bufka knew everything. If she disapproved, though, it sure didn't show.

Eileen briefly repeated her desire to quit smoking. Madame Bufka nodded while listening to the plea. "I can do what you ask," she acknowledged. "The power is here again today. You ladies are favored. If you wish the power will work with you to change you, Eileen, so that you, too, will be a new woman. But are you certain that you wish me to release the power to end your desire for smoking cigarettes?"

"Oh Gosh, yes," Eileen sighed. "I tried to quit so many times, Madame Bufka. You can't imagine. Or maybe you can," she said with a self-conscious giggle.

"In the crystal I could see your pain, dear, the pain when in the past you tried to stop smoking," Zita nodded. "But after today there will be no more pain. Only pleasure. Yes, that I can tell you for certain. All right, if you're sure. Now then, Eileen, look deep into the crystal."

She repeated the process which Rebecca went through a week earlier. Zita began to chant in the foreign tongue and Eileen slowly fell into a trance. It was then Rebecca spoke up.

"Madame Bufka, wait, please."

The gypsy looked up unflustered and with a sly smile. "It's dangerous to speak when the power is present. What is it, Rebecca?"

"I don't want you to let Mom quit smoking," she blurted out. "It'll ruin everything."

Zita's careful smile transformed into a full-blown grin. "Ah, that's because you are smoking now, too, babushka. Is that right?"

Rebecca lowered her head and nodded shamefully.

"Ah yes, I knew. Inside the crystal I saw you smoking many, many cigarettes." she went on. "And smoking has given you much pleasure. But your mother wants to quit smoking, and the power only works for sincere seekers. I do not control the power. I channel it. Today your mother must receive what she desires. I can do nothing else."

"But shit! Can't you do something?" Rebecca pleaded hopelessly. "Anything?"

"Ah, well, perhaps," Zita coyly smiled. "It's possible I may be able to help you, Rebecca. But you and Eileen must both take your destined journeys, dear. I do hear your request. I can only tell you that, in the end, it will all work out for the best. In the meantime, your mother must discover for herself if she really wants to quit smoking cigarettes or not. I sense that you don't wish to quit smoking? You like it? You like tobacco?"

"Yeah, I don't want to quit at all, damn it," Rebecca blurted out. "And I don't just like it. I love to smoke. Shit, I don't want to quit, ever, Madame Bufka."

Zita smiled serenely. She was apparently undisturbed by the teenager's constant forceful use of profanity. "Ah, yes, I see. But Rebecca you must let Eileen embark on her own voyage. She asks to be free from her desire for cigarettes. The power will grant that request for now. If you're unhappy with the result, come see me again. Perhaps I can do something for you then."

"I already know I won't be happy," Rebecca whined. "Shit, the whole thing pisses me off, damn it! It means I can't smoke in our house anymore, and I won't have a supply of cigarettes either. God, Madame Bufka, are you retarded or something? Don't you get it?"

Zita gave the teenager an alluring grin. "Child, I am definitely _not_ retarded. Quite the opposite in fact. I feel your concern more than you know. But your mother truly believes that she wants to be free from her desire for cigarettes. I can do nothing except grant that request; at least for now," she added mysteriously, smiling warmly at Rebecca. "In the meantime you'll need cigarettes to continue your journey, Rebecca. There is someone who can help you. Here," she said, taking a pen and writing something on a scrap of paper. "Contact this woman. She will help you if you ask. She will supply you with cigarettes for the time being."

Stunned, Rebecca took the piece of paper. "Joanne Givens? Shit, Madame Bufka. She's a friend of my mom's. She'd never -."

"Hush! I must take care of Eileen now before the power leaves her. Don't worry, girl. Joanne Givens will take good care of you. Trust me. You'll see."

Zita turned back to Eileen and began chanting again. "Yes, the power is with you right now," she smiled. "Do you feel it, Eileen?"

The dazed and unconscious woman nodded. "I feel it."

"Yes, of course you do. You feel it and it's so strong, isn't it? The power is here to change you Eileen. Everything will be different from now on. You say you want to be free from the desire to smoke cigarettes? Is that right?"

Eileen hesitated, then nodded. "Yes."

"Then the power will permit you to be freed from the need to smoke cigarettes for the time being," Zita went on. She chanted in her foreign tongue again. "There! Let it be so!"

Eileen startled awake. "What -." She blinked and looked around.

"It is finished," Zita smiled. "Do you wish to have a cigarette, Eileen?"

The brunette opened and closed her mouth and laughed. "No, I guess I don't," she slowly admitted. "It's amazing. The desire's completely gone. Wow! It's the weirdest thing. Thanks, Madame Bufka!"

"You're most welcome, dear," smiled the gypsy. "The power has been gracious to you, Eileen, just as it was to your lovely daughter, Rebecca. And like your daughter you will be changed now forever. I promise you this."

Eileen stood and grabbed her purse. "Madame Bufka, you're amazing. I'll tell all my friends about this. If this really works I'll refer others to you for help, too."

"That will be very kind of you, Eileen. Rebecca, do not forget the paper I gave you."

"What's that?" Eileen wanted to know.

Zita smiled again. "Eileen your daughter is becoming an adult. Many things she needs as a young woman you can't give her right now. Don't worry. She's taking her own journey, just as you are."

"Whatever," Eileen laughed. "Okay, Rebecca, let's go."

So they did. The rest of the day Eileen never once wanted a cigarette. She felt deliriously happy. Having been a smoker since age sixteen, she reveled in the freedom from indulging for the first time in years. Her nicotine addiction seemed to be utterly broken.

Rebecca on the other hand felt depressed. She was glad her mom was happy, but she worried what she'd do. She rode her bike to the park that afternoon, taking her cigarettes along, and smoked several of them. Smoking furiously, she looked at the paper Madame Bufka gave her. Joanne Givens? How in hell could she approach her mom's old friend to ask for cigarettes? Mrs. Givens didn't smoke. It made absolutely no sense.


For Eileen, the changes began Sunday morning. At first they seemed minor.

Rebecca woke up at eight. "Shit," she muttered under her breath. "God, we'll be late for church today, damn it!"

Eileen was always up by eight. That morning Rebecca found her still in bed.

"Mom, get up. We'll be late for church! It's already eight o'clock!"

"Yeah, I know," Eileen lazily replied from her prone position in her bed. She smiled slothfully. "I feel tired and completely unmotivated. What do you say you and I skip church?"

Rebecca couldn't believe her ears. Her mother never skipped church!

"Mom, are you all right?"

"I'm fine, honey. But yesterday was exhausting, meeting with Madame Bufka and everything. I feel like a day off, taking time for myself for a change. How about you?"

Rebecca didn't feel much like church either. The idea of staying home and not listening to that idiot Pastor Smith drone on and on about sin sounded delicious. She laughed. "Yeah Mom, it works for me if it works for you. Me? I'd love to stay home."

"Yeah, me too," smiled Eileen. "Let's sleep late, enjoy ourselves. No church today!"

But Rebecca was desperate to smoke. Missing church meant a chance to smoke which she wouldn't otherwise have. She dressed, got her bike and told Eileen she was going to ride in the park. She settled into a now familiar hidden grove of trees and eagerly lit up. She smoked two cigarettes back to back, reveling in the lift from the nicotine. The only troubling moment came when she counted her supply. Only a handful of cigarettes left. She got out the paper from Madame Bufka and looked at it again. "Joanne Givens." She shook her head. She couldn't imagine asking Mrs. Givens for cigarettes. But Madame Bufka had the power. She had to give it a try.

Returning home Rebecca was shocked. Her mother was watching TV in the living room wearing a short sleeve blouse and shorts. Eileen never watched TV and never wore shorts. The church elders taught that TV was an occasion for sin and that women wearing shorts was simply indecent. But there sat Eileen in a pair of shorts! Rebecca didn't even know her mom owned any. More surprising, the top two buttons of Eileen's blouse seemed to have been purposely left unbuttoned!

"Hi, honey," Eileen greeted her amazed daughter. "For some reason I felt like turning on the tube this morning. I never realized it but there's really a lot of good stuff on TV."

"Mom, you don't approve of television!"

Eileen laughed. "I said that? Well if I did I don't know what I was thinking. There's nothing wrong with watching TV. Come on and watch this with me. It's great, honey!"

Rebecca sat down. Her mom was watching "From Russia With Love" on TV, an old James Bond movie with Sean Connery, the kind of thing she never watched and never let Rebecca watch either. On the screen several women pranced about working to arouse and seduce Bond. Scantily clad, they were sexy, gorgeous in fact. Eileen was right. It _was_ great. Rebecca couldn't take her eyes off the screen.

"God, isn't this cool?" Eileen giggled. Like Rebecca's her eyes were glued to the set. "Damn, Rebecca, all those women look so incredibly hot!"

"Mom! What's up with you today? You never swear. The other day you yelled at me for using bad words. Now listen to you. What's gotten into you talking like that this morning?"

"Oh God, I don't know," Eileen mumbled. "Oops there I go again. I said `God' again," she said sheepishly. "Shoot. I don't know what's wrong with me. And I don't know why I suddenly want to watch TV so badly. I always thought it was pure trash. But now -." She paused. "God, I like watching this stuff. Don't you?"

Rebecca nodded. "Yeah, actually, I do," she chuckled. "But I never thought you'd encourage me to watch stuff like this on TV. It does seem cool, though. Those actresses all look so - so sensual or something."

Eileen shrugged. "Yeah I know. Watching it is so stimulating, so nice, so - sexy actually. And sexy doesn't seem so bad to me all of a sudden. If truth be told, that's why I did this!" She proudly pointed at her unbuttoned blouse and began giggling breathlessly. "Rebecca, I'm tired of looking like some nun who lives in a damn cloister." She winced. "Oh no! There's another swear word. My God, I can't seem to control myself anymore." She paused. "I feel strange, completely different, since we met with Madame Bufka yesterday. Does this make any sense to you? Do you have any idea what I'm talking about?"

Rebecca nodded. "Yeah, actually I do, Mom. I feel the same way. I like watching these beautiful sexy women on TV. It seems exciting and wonderfully decadent. I like it. And like you, anymore I find myself wanting to swear all the time. I do it almost without thinking. It sort of just comes out. I try to be on my guard because I know it makes you mad. But it's so hard. All of a sudden it seems natural to express myself that way."

"I know," Eileen nodded resolutely. "I used to despise people who use bad words. But now for some reason I really, really want to talk that way myself. I almost _need_ to. It's like it's inside me and it needs to come out." She stopped to screw up her courage. "Fuck," she exclaimed dramatically and began to giggle. "God, Rebecca, that felt so damn good!"

Rebecca laughed as well. "Yeah, fuck is good," she cautiously agreed. Nothing but a big smile covered Eileen's face so she continued. "Fuck, fuck, fuck! There Mom, I said it too."

"God, I don't know what's happening," Eileen gasped. "Hearing you say the `f' word didn't bother me at all. I want to too. Shit! Madame Bufka said people react differently to the power. It's almost like since I'm not smoking there's extra energy inside me that needs expression. And now I also -. Well, I also like seeing this kind of shit," she added, nodding at the TV. "It seems wonderfully exciting or something."

Rebecca nodded. It _was_ exhilarating. She noticed the little voice inside her was speaking again. "Yeah, you love watching sexy stuff," it whispered. "It makes you so damn hot! It makes you crave doing nasty things. You're a sexual girl, Rebecca. You love it. But this shit _is_ tame, way too tame. What you really want to see is stuff that's even sexier and more sensual. You want to see people fuck!"

"Rebecca? Rebecca?" Her mom was staring at her. "What are you doing?"

"Oh, just thinking," she smiled calmly. "Thinking how much I like watching this kind of stuff on TV. Thanks for letting me, Mom."

"I've been too restrictive," Eileen smiled coyly. "I can't believe I didn't want you watching TV. We should watch more movies like this, where sexy men and women show off their bodies. We should start watching R rated stuff," she added resolutely. "From now on, kid, things will change. You and I are going to have some fun. What do you think?"

Rebecca wasn't paying attention. She was listening to the voice. "You also want another cigarette, Rebecca. You can't wait. You _need_ to smoke again."

"Uh, Mom, I think I'll go outside," she said lamely. "This stuff is happening so fast. I like it but I need to clear my head. I'm going to ride my bike again."

"Suit yourself, honey. But let's agree on this. If either of us feels like saying something bad,, something nasty, from now on we can both just say it. Okay? Starting immediately I'll quit criticizing you for using bad language and you cut me the same slack. Sound fair?"

Rebecca beamed. "Shit, yeah," she giggled. "It sounds fuckin' great to me, Mom!"

Eileen laughed, too. "All right then. Now, get out of here, you wicked little bitch!"

Rebecca left happy and Eileen turned her attention back to the Bond movie. A female actress was lighting up a cigarette. Eileen didn't know why but she moved her right hand to her crotch to begin rubbing herself through her shorts. She hadn't masturbated in years but a voice inside her head urged her to do it -.

Chapter 3: Help from Joanne

Rebecca rode to the park and lit up a cigarette behind the trees. She couldn't believe what was happening! Watching movies was totally out of character for her mom, to say nothing of swearing. She'd never heard Eileen swear, ever! Now she was laughing about it. But whatever it was, it was great. She took a long, hard drag on the Marlboro Light 100 and sucked the smoke deep into her chest. It felt good. God, she loved to smoke!

Meanwhile, back home Eileen heard a knock on the door. She stopped masturbating and pulled herself together. She went to answer it. It was her friend Kathleen. She invited her in. After she reluctantly turned off the television they sat in the living room and talked.

"We missed you at church Eileen," Kathleen began. "Do you feel okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. I saw Madame Bufka myself yesterday. Remember how she cured Rebecca? I asked her to help me quit smoking. Believe it or not I haven't had a cigarette in 24 hours. It isn't even hard. I don't miss it. Like Rebecca I'm completely cured, Kathleen. It's great!"

"Gosh, that's wonderful. I guess. I mean, it's great you finally quit smoking. But I still worry about you dealing with that psychic. This morning in his sermon Pastor Smith talked again about how evil psychics are. He says they lead to nothing but trouble."

"Well what about me? Is it trouble that I quit smoking, Kathleen?"

"Well, no," admitted Kathleen. "It's great. It's just that -."

"You wish I was still puffing away on cigarettes? No, I didn't think so. How can you criticize Madame Bufka? How can Pastor Smith criticize her? It's not right. She's wonderful, Kathleen. I bet she could help you with your little problem, too."

Her friend looked at her quizzically.

"You know," Eileen teased. "Your problem?" With a wicked grin she made a circle with her thumb and index finger and poked her other index finger in and out. "You know? The sex thing? A month ago you said Frank never wants to have sex anymore. I bet Madame Bufka could fix that for you in a jiffy."

"Eileen," exclaimed Kathleen. "That's personal!"

"Yeah but it makes you mad, Kathleen. You told me. I bet Madame Bufka could turn that situation around. I bet she could work her magic to make Frank want it all the time."

"My Gosh, I can't believe you're talking like that," Kathleen sputtered. She paused. "Do you really think so?"

"Sure, why not? She healed Rebecca and helped me quit smoking. I bet she can give Frank the hots for you all over again, better than ever."

Stunned by this candid description, Kathleen hesitated. "What's got into you, Eileen? Why are you wearing shorts? And why isn't your blouse buttoned all the way?"

"Oh, this? Uh, well, I was just kind of hot, I guess," she fibbed. She _was_ hot but it had nothing to do with the temperature. "Anyway, Kathleen, just think about it."

At that moment Rebecca returned. Eileen smiled. "Honey, come here and give Kathleen a hug."

Rebecca froze. She just smoked two cigarettes and reeked of smoke. She couldn't risk her mom's friend smelling it. "I, uh, I have to go to the bathroom," she lied. "I can't wait, Mom. I'll be back downstairs in a few minutes." She bolted up the steps.

"Do you see that, Kathleen? That poor kid never ran up the stairs without coughing and wheezing, that is, till Madame Bufka cured her. Rebecca was out riding her bike. Think about it. She never rode her bike before. She couldn't breathe. I tell you, if you have a problem it's the best hundred bucks you'll ever spend."

"I don't know," Kathleen equivocated. "Pastor Smith says -."

"Pastor Smith's a moron," Eileen shot back. "I don't know why he's got it in for psychics like Madame Bufka. If Pastor Smith had his way I'd still be smoking and Rebecca would still be gasping for breath. Think about it, Kathleen. Think about it hard."

"I suppose you're right," she hesitated. She looked at her watch. "Eileen, I have to go. Tell Rebecca I'll see her next time. I just wanted to make sure you were okay. After all, you never miss church!"

Eileen nodded. She couldn't admit it, but suddenly she had no interest in church anymore or in Pastor Smith either. At that moment she hoped never to see the inside of the church building again! But she smiled amiably at her. "Thanks, Kathleen. You're sweet. I'm fine, really, just a little worn out from quitting smoking, I guess. That's all."

Kathleen got up to go, relieved her friend was okay. If she only knew, Eileen smirked. Everything _was_ fine, but not in the way Kathleen imagined!

As soon as the front door closed, Rebecca bounded down the stairs. "Oh, I'm sorry, Mom. Did I miss Mrs. Johnson?"

"Yeah, the stupid bitch just left."

Rebecca smiled. "And why is she a stupid bitch, Mom?"

"God! She thinks we're assholes because Madame Bufka helped us. Damn, do you believe that stupid bitch? Fuck her!"

Rebecca shook her head. It was great hearing her mom use the same language that was welling up inside her head. "God damn it, Mom. I'm surprised you'd only call Mrs. Johnson a stupid bitch. I think she's a fuckin' idiot with her head up her ass! That's more like it!"

Eileen let out a saucy laugh. "Fuck, yeah! Well said, honey. Perfect. But tell me. Why do you keep going outside to ride your bike? Don't you like being here with me? I think we're getting along fuckin' great today. Don't you?"

"Oh, yeah, Mom. Great. It's just that -. Well, I've never been able to ride before. Now that I can breathe, my lungs just seem to ache for the stimulation of being outside." It was a fib but a necessary one.

"I understand, Rebecca. I tell you what. Let's see if that James Bond movie's still on."

Rebecca brightened. "Okay! You know, I really like the new you, Mom. I'm glad you don't hate TV anymore, especially movies that are sexy. I think we'll get along much better now that you're more progressive and open-minded.."

"Yeah, I think so, too," Eileen agreed. She only wished she hadn't had to interrupt playing with herself. She couldn't do _that_ with Rebecca around, could she? Well she'd attend to that later with the images from the movie dancing in her head as she did.


Monday morning Rebecca got on her bike as soon as Eileen left for work. Today she'd ride to the Givens house. She was out of cigarettes. She felt nervous as hell about it, but Madame Bufka hadn't steered her wrong yet. It was worth a try. If her mom's old friend reacted badly she'd just pass it off as a joke.

Joanne Givens was a tall blond in her mid thirties with gorgeous, high cheek bones. When Rebecca last saw her, Mrs. Givens' face was all covered with unsightly scars, mementos left over from terrible teenage acne years ago. She hardly recognized Mrs. Givens when she answered the door. Her face was clear as crystal and she smiled broadly at the teenager.

Joanne had on short shorts and a skimpy halter top with no bra underneath. It wasn't the sort of outfit Rebecca expected to see on her mom's church friend. Joanne's nipples visibly dimpled through the fabric. Rebecca tried in vain not to stare at the sexy outfit. It looked so damn good on her!

"Well, well. Hi Rebecca. How are you? I heard Eileen took you to Madame Bufka. Now look at you! You're riding your bike and breathing with no problem. God, it's great to see you healthy for a change!"

The always shy teenager blushed. "Thanks, Mrs. Givens. God, you look great, too."

"I do, don't I?" The blond woman laughed lustfully. "Here to see Angela? She's not here, honey. Angela drove over to the mall this morning."

Rebecca shook her head. Angela was her age. They used to play together till her asthma fucked it up and made that impossible. "No, Mrs. Givens, I came to see you. Can I come in?"

"Sure," Joanne smiled, slightly surprised. "Yeah, come in awhile."

Inside the house Rebecca smelled a lovely, familiar aroma: Fresh cigarette smoke! That's weird, she thought. Like Mrs. Johnson and most others in the church, Angela's mom had always been dead set against smoking. She used to lecture Eileen about it constantly. But now someone was definitely smoking in her house.

Rebecca took a deep breath. "Mom and I went to see Madame Bufka again on Saturday, this time because Mom wanted her help to quit smoking."

"Oh shit, no," Joanne muttered. "Why in hell did your mom do that? Is she nuts?"

Rebecca stared in disbelief. Neither the language nor the sentiments fit her mom's old friend. Then suddenly Rebecca understood. She knew why Madame Bufka sent her here. She cleared her throat. "Excuse me, Mrs. Givens, but do you smoke now?"

Joanne blushed. "Damn! The smell's obvious isn't it? Yeah, well, no sense hiding it. Once Madame Bufka cleared up my scars I became curious about smoking. It's funny. I used to harangue your mom about her smoking all the time. And now, here I am, smoking myself."

Rebecca nodded. "And why do you think Mom's crazy because she wanted to quit?"

Joanne laughed. "Well, you see, I never understood till now. I couldn't imagine why anyone wanted to smoke. But these days I do. Once I tried it I completely changed my mind. Now I can't imagine _not_ smoking! And that's why I can't believe Eileen wanted to quit."

"How did Angela feel about you starting to smoke? And your husband?"

"At first they were upset. It was a big change, me smoking in the house. I smoke way too much," she admitted with a giggle. "But I finally got Bob to visit Zita, Madame Bufka, about his back problem. Zita cured him and then he came around real fast. It didn't take long. Bob smokes all the time with me now," she said triumphantly, without a hint of apology.

Rebecca was surprised. Robert Givens had been an elder in their church as long as she remembered. She couldn't imagine him with a cigarette! But it was beginning to make sense.

Joanne went on. "Angela was tougher to bring around. She bitched and moaned incessantly about Bob and me smoking and everything else, too. I tried to get her to visit Zita. I knew it'd help if Zita talked to her. But Angela refused. She said Zita brainwashed us. She kept telling us about Pastor Smith's warnings and about how much we changed since we visited Zita. We did change, of course, but for the better. Finally I was desperate. I talked to Zita about it. We've gotten to be good friends. Zita agreed to help me by putting a little spell on Angela, to loosen her up a bit and change her mind about smoking. I shouldn't tell you this, honey, but it worked. Real magic. In less than twenty-four hours Angela turned the corner. She tried it and loved it. She started smoking along with Bob and me. She begged me to take her to see Zita so she could receive all the power we did and change just like us. One brief session with Zita and Angela became a completely new girl!"

"Angela, my friend Angela, she's smoking?"

"Yeah she sure is," Joanne sighed proudly. "It's why we stopped going to church. Once we had Zita's power we had no time for Pastor Smith's shitty, impotent teaching on Sundays. We just smoke at home instead. And Rebecca I bet you know exactly what I mean. Don't you?"

She nodded. She did. It all fit. "Yeah I understand perfectly. That's why I'm here, Mrs. Givens. Madame Bufka, Zita, said to see you when I ran out of cigarettes. You see, after I saw her and got healed I got real interested in smoking myself."

"Of course you did," smiled the older woman with no hint of criticism. "That's what I guessed. Listen, Rebecca, from now on, call me Joanne. No more of that Mrs. Givens shit. I consider you a peer now. Zita's right. I'll be happy to give you a few packs of cigarettes. In fact, do you want to join me for a cigarette right now? I'm ready if you are, honey!"

"Oh God, yes. I'd love to have a cigarette!" Rebecca gasped with relief before she could stop herself. Inside her head the voice whispered. "You _should_ smoke with Joanne. You want to smoke with her. You fuckin' need to, bitch. You want to smoke more than ever, Rebecca! Never miss any opportunity to smoke!"

Joanne casually handed the teenager her pack of Benson & Hedges. "I smoke these. They're stronger than your mom's Marlboro Lights. I bet you'll like `em better like I do."

Joanne lit one up, then lit up Rebecca's. The youngster dragged on the B&H and inhaled the smoke. God, Joanne was right! These cigarettes were stronger, undeniably better!

"Damn, Rebecca! You smoke like a pro," Joanne sighed enviously. "When you have a cigarette in your hand you turn into a stunningly beautiful, sexy and mature woman. God, I think smoking's _so_ damned attractive. It's sexy as hell. Don't you agree?"

Rebecca eagerly nodded. She _did_ agree. Joanne was pretty anyway, but she looked absolutely ravishing with smoke coming out of her mouth. Her sexy little outfit did nothing to hurt that appeal either. "Yeah, I think smoking's cool, Joanne. It's really sexy."

"God, it sure is," her friend's mother agreed. Joanne's eyes were fixed on Rebecca hitting on the long B&H. "You know, honey, sex is such a good thing! It pisses me off how Pastor Smith preaches against sex. Like smoking, sex makes us feel good. And that's not bad, is it?"

"No, I guess not."

Joanne smiled lustfully. "Tell me. Do you masturbate, Rebecca?"

The teenager gasped. "What?"

"You know, masturbate. Touch yourself. It's really nice, something every girl should definitely know how to enjoy."

"I've ever done it," Rebecca hesitantly admitted. She couldn't believe she was having this discussion with Angela's mother!

"Well, you should, you know. I can show you how, right now, if you'd like."

Rebecca gulped. Her heart was racing. The voice in her head was whispering again. "Joanne's right, you know. Listen to this beautiful woman and do everything she tells you!"

Rebecca dragged on the cigarette. She pulled a large deposit of full flavored smoke deep into her chest. She smiled wistfully while holding it inside. "Well, I guess I _would_ like to learn how," she admitted as smoke began escaping from her young mouth.

"Excellent," Joanne sighed happily. She loved the sight of smoke coming out of little Rebecca's lips. "Start with your tits, honey. Touch them like this." She put her cigarette in her mouth and reached both her hands inside her halter top. She began to slowly massage her voluptuous breasts and twirl her nipples. "Oh, God, yeah," she groaned while simultaneously dragging on her dangling cigarette. "Fuck, yeah, it feels _so_ good! Now you try it, Rebecca, honey. Go right ahead!"

Rebecca gingerly put her cigarette in her mouth. She touched her breasts. The feeling was electric! She'd never done it before but she felt herself getting increasingly aroused as her hands gently stroked them through her shirt.

"Nice, huh?" Joanne grinned affectionately. "And now baby doll, unbutton your blouse. Unhook your bra and take it off. It's better if you can feel your nipples directly, honey, instead of through all that fabric."

Rebecca began to unbutton her shirt. She thought it'd be awkward undressing in front of Joanne but it wasn't. Instead she felt all the more excited once her shirt was open.

"Now the bra," Joanne instructed. "Take it off!"

With cigarette dangling Rebecca unhooked her bra. It fell to her lap exposing her white breasts. She looked up at Joanne and with an evil grin began massaging them in plain sight.

"Oh shit, honey! You do have such _nice_ big beautiful tits," Joanne groaned with approval. "God, they look so gorgeous. And doesn't that feel fuckin' good?"

Rebecca groaned and nodded. It _did_ feel good, damn good! As she nodded an ash from her dangling cigarette fell to her lap on top of her bra. "Oh shit," she muttered. "Shit!"

"Don't stop, honey," Joanne admonished. "A few ashes won't hurt. I'll sweep `em up later. For now just keep rubbing yourself. Yeah, that's it. I want you to feel so good!"

Joanne kept time with Rebecca. She played with her own breasts and every so often pinched her nipples and moaned with pleasure. "Oh God this is so fuckin' good! And it's so hot to get to show you how to masturbate, Rebecca. It makes me hot to know that you're feeling the same nasty things I am right now." The older woman shivered with delight.

Rebecca was breathing deeper now. The waves of pleasure intensified. She kept her cigarette in her mouth just like Joanne did. More ashes fell to her lap but she paid no attention. She pulled smoke in and out of her lungs while groaning in time with the mounting pleasure.

"Okay, baby, it's time now," Joanne whispered frantically. "Unzip your pants. You need to find that sweet spot between your legs and touch it to finish this off right." She demonstrated, pulling down her shorts and thrusting a hand inside her panties. She was wearing a thong. "Yeah, right there, sweetie. Yeah, find your clit and start rubbing it. Oh God, that's good!"

Rebecca did. Her fingers soon found her sweet spot. It was already wet inside her panties. An amazing sensation of pleasure erupted as she began manipulating her labia. The feeling literally took her breath away. "Oh my God," she gasped in ecstasy, inadvertently pulling even more smoke into her lungs. "Shit! What's happening? I feel like I'm gonna explode or something!"

Joanne laughed wickedly. "Oh, you will, honey! You will explode," she agreed eagerly, gasping for breath herself. "You're gonna come, sweetie. Yeah, you're gonna come! Just let it happen, baby. Let go and let your body feel all the pleasure! It'll be fuckin' great! I promise!"

The Benson & Hedges in her lips had burned almost to the filter. Ashes were everywhere. But Rebecca didn't care. She was focused only on the glorious sensation between her legs. It felt like something was about to break out, and suddenly it did. She screamed. Her spent cigarette fell from her lips to the floor. She didn't even notice. She just kept rubbing her clit and gyrating wildly. Wave after succeeding wave of pleasure overwhelmed her trembling enraptured young body. Soon Joanne joined her, screaming like a banshee with delight for a full minute or more as she came, too.

Still gyrating herself, Joanne smiled proudly at Rebecca like a mother who just gave birth. With her hand in her own panties she gazed longingly at the half-naked teenager sitting next to her, who for the first time was enjoying the amazing pleasure of masturbation. "God, I told you it'd be fuckin' great," she gasped with devilish delight. "Didn't I, honey?"

"Yeah, no shit," Rebecca acknowledged with a heartfelt groan. The intensity of her ecstasy was slowly subsiding though she still trembled violently. "Oh my God, Joanne," she moaned. "Thank you. That was fuckin' unbelievable!"

Joanne leaned over to pick up Rebecca's cigarette from the floor. She crushed it in the ashtray. "Congratulations Rebecca. Today, honey, you became a woman. Now you know what to do so I expect you'll be visiting this special place again and again. Won't you?"

"No doubt," the teen grinned back. She was still shaking. "Pastor Smith really says we're not supposed to do this?"

"Nope, not allowed. It's evil," Joanne laughed scornfully. "Pastor Smith doesn't want you to feel any sensual pleasure at all. Sex and masturbation might distract you from his God talk. But I say, bullshit! Since Bob and I visited Zita I get fucked every night, but I still play with myself at least once a day, sometimes more. Like I said, welcome to the grown up world of being a real woman!" She paused. "Hey, Rebecca. Do you want another cigarette? I do, and I'm gonna have one."

"Yeah, sure," the teenager grinned. Sweat dripped from her forehead. "I'd love one!" And it was true. Another of Joanne's stronger cigarettes sounded simply great at that moment.

Joanne handed her a B&H and lit them both up. After her first hit Rebecca began to put her bra back on.

"Oh no, honey. Wait a second," interrupted Joanne, expelling smoke from her nostrils. "We simply must do something about your awful wardrobe! Look at your dreary clothes. You're a pretty girl; they don't do you justice. You need outfits that show some skin, that call more attention to your lovely titties and that firm little ass! You don't want to keep looking all churchy, do you? From now on don't you want to show off that sweet body of yours?"

"Yeah but Mom never lets me wear that kind of stuff. Though I do love your outfit, Joanne. It looks so sexy. To be honest I can't take my eyes off it, or you."

"No of course you can't," Joanne grinned wantonly. "Thanks, honey. But don't worry. Eileen will feel different about how you dress now that she's received the power from Zita. She may not be smoking but I bet she's ditched her other old-fashioned ideas. I did. For example did you go to church yesterday?"

Rebecca shook her head.

"I thought not. After Bob, Angela and I got the power we didn't want to go either. It seemed restrictive, irrelevant. Your mom won't want to go next week or ever again. For you, my little bird, that means freedom from Pastor Smith's misogynist teachings."


"Misogynist. It means hatred of women," she laughed dragging on her B&H. "Sexual freedom is something his church doesn't believe in or approve of. As you just learned, sexual expression is something I value very, very highly now. I'm so glad I initiated you. Now let's look in Angela's closet. I want you to wear home one of her new outfits."

"Oh, Joanne, I couldn't."

Picking up the ashtray Joanne moved toward the stairs. "Oh, bullshit, Rebecca. Angela's your friend. She won't mind. In fact she'll be delighted if you wear one of her skimpy new outfits. Bring along your cigarette and we'll find something sexy for you to wear!"

Rebecca tromped upstairs behind her hostess. Her blouse was still unbuttoned and her breasts unencumbered. It made her feel daring, sassy to have Angela's mother see her that way.

Ten minutes and another cigarette later Rebecca modeled an outfit Joanne insisted she borrow. It was a burgundy, skin tight halter top that showed plenty of cleavage along with navy short shorts. She also gave her one of Angela's choker necklaces. Rebecca looked at herself in the mirror. She couldn't believe the difference!

"Damn," she whistled approvingly. "I look pretty good in this outfit."

"Pretty good? God, girl, you looking fuckin' hot," laughed Joanne. "You're not as skinny as Angela so it's tighter on you. It looks terrific. Your long skirt and baggy blouse go in the trash. Have Eileen take you to the store for some real clothes, kid. I tell you what; if wearing this outfit and holding a cigarette doesn't get you laid, nothing will!"

The teenager raised her cigarette to her lips for a long, mighty drag while she admired herself in the mirror. God, she _did_ look sexy smoking! Smoking made every woman look sexier, especially Joanne. She never noticed before but there was no missing it now. The little voice inside her head confirmed her judgment.

"Yeah, you look bitching, kid. No mousy church-girl anymore! Finally you look like a bad girl who's headed for serious trouble, a girl who simply has to raise hell and have fun. Thank God you hooked up with Joanne and Angela. Not only will they supply you with cigarettes from now on; no telling what other good things will happen if you're with them!"

"One last thing," Joanne interrupted, tipping her head to let loose a thick stream of smoke. "Get yourself a new name to fit your new image. Rebecca's so stodgy, so old fashioned. And you're anything but old-fashioned now, honey. You're a fuckin' fox!"

Rebecca thought a moment. "Good idea. How about Becki? I think that's it," she announced. "I'll call myself Becki now, with an `i' not a `y.' I don't want to be Rebecca anymore. She's gone. I want to be Becki. I'm a new woman, thanks to you, Joanne."

Joanne hugged the teen, drawing her body fully against her own. The feel of Joanne's skin touching her and the smoky smell permeating Joanne's blond hair made the new Becki feel wet all over again. For a moment she wanted to kiss Joanne, or something. But Joanne released her and she just smiled.

Walking downstairs Rebecca, or Becki, asked a question. "You said Madame Bufka, or Zita, did something to Angela before Angela saw her face to face?"

"Yeah," Joanne nodded casually. "She put a spell on her. It made Angela desperate to try smoking. I got so sick and tired of her bitching about it. It sounds terrible but I thought if she just tried it for God's sake Angela would see why her dad and I both like it so much. It worked."

"It doesn't sound terrible," Becki smiled. "It sounds great. Hmm. I may have to see Madame Bufka again. Maybe I can get her do something about Mom's decision to quit."

Joanne's eyes sparkled. "Zita will help you, honey. Especially if you wear that sexy little getup. She won't be able to turn you down. Zita likes the girls, you know."

Becki cocked her head. "What?"

Joanne laughed. "She likes girls. You know? She's bisexual, honey. Zita's a sucker for pretty young girls like you. Trust me. If you ask real nice she'll do whatever you want."

Chapter 4: New Passion for Becki



Becki left her old clothes at the Givens and rode her bike to see Zita Bufkalova. She didn't want to wait. It was a long trip on her bike but her renewed lungs seemed invulnerable. In thirty minutes she pulled up in front of Zita's home and locked her bike.

She noticed her reflection in the window as she approached the door. She smiled. She _did_ look damn good! If Joanne was right it'd be hard for Zita or anyone to refuse her now. She rang the bell.

The door opened. The gypsy woman stood before her. She wasn't wearing her turban or old world clothes. Instead she had on a bathrobe. For the first time Becki realized Zita clearly wasn't old. In fact, she was quite young, no more than thirty, tops. She looked flustered.

"Oh, Rebecca," she stammered. "I'm closed on Mondays till afternoon. I don't do readings or mystic healing on Mondays till after two." She paused. "Why are you here?"

"Mrs. Givens sent me," Becki explained waiting for the door to open. "Like you said, she gave me cigarettes. Joanne also told me you put a spell on her daughter Angela, to make her interested in smoking. I need you to do that for me Madame Bufka. I can't stand Mom not smoking. It drives me crazy. You have to help me!"

"Um, that will be difficult," hedged the Czech woman, looking behind and over her shoulder. "I don't think I can help you right this minute, Rebecca."

"I'm Becki now," smirked the teenager. "I call myself Becki. Rebecca was the old stodgy me. The new me is Becki. And Becki will do anything, Zita, anything at all to get what she wants. I have no scruples, no morals. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

Recognition registered on Zita's face. She smiled. "Yes, I do understand. Well perhaps we can make some arrangement. Give me a few minutes to get rid of my visitor."

While waiting Becki sat on Zita's porch swing and got her new pack of cigarettes from her backpack. She put a Benson & Hedges in her mouth and lit up. The full flavored smoke felt good inside her chest. She did love to smoke and she had no intention of letting her mom's insane decision to quit get in her way. She smoked her first B&H and chained into a second one while waiting for the gypsy woman.

Finally she heard the back door of Zita's house slam shut followed by the sound of a car door opening and closing. Whoever was visiting Zita clearly didn't want to be seen. That was okay. Becki didn't care. She just wanted Zita's help and she intended to get it, regardless.

Before her second cigarette was finished Zita came to the door dressed in a simple tee-shirt and slacks, looking almost normal, unlike the gypsy persona she showed off in the past.

Zita carefully eyed the cylinder in Becki's hand. "This is still difficult," she said in her thick Czech accent. "I don't know if I can help, Rebecca; I mean, Becki." She corrected herself with a sly smile. For the first time she looked at her visitor carefully and laughed. "Ah, I see you've changed, Becki. You look very sexy this morning, very nice."

"Thanks, Zita," she grinned. She hit on her B&H and inhaled. Without stopping she continued to talk, exhaling as she went along. "Zita I'll cut to the chase. Mom won't smoke now as you know. It drives me fuckin' nuts. From what Joanne told me you can help. You did it for her. You put a spell on Angela to bring her around. So do the same for me. Okay?"

Zita finally opened the door. Becki walked in, still exhaling, swaying her hips as seductively as she knew how. She turned and grinned at the older woman with her hands on her hips. "So what'll it take, Zita? How can I convince you to help me?"

Awaiting an answer Becki noticed fresh cigarette smoke in the house. It was interesting. Hmm, Zita was a smoker? Or was it her visitor? Either way Zita wasn't anti. "So, tell me, will you help me or not?"

"Becki, your mother sought to be free from the desire for cigarettes," she began hesitantly. "It's dangerous to interfere with the power that's at work within her now -."

"Oh cut the bullshit, Zita," she insolently interrupted. "Look, I know what's going on. Anyone who comes to you for healing changes. I just spent the morning with Mrs. Givens. I've known her for years, but she's a different person now. So's her husband and Angela. Hell, Zita, _I'm_ different, for Christ's sake. I'm doing things I never dreamed of and loving every fuckin' minute of it. Like, for example, I can't stop swearing or smoking, and I don't even give a shit." She paused and gave an impudent smile. "Do you need another example? How about this? Joanne taught me to masturbate this morning," she added with a seductive whisper. "We did it together, side by side, in the same room. It was so fuckin' hot I almost couldn't stand it. God, I came so hard," she leered with her eye on the gypsy. "Like I said, Zita, I'm different now and I'll do anything, and I mean anything, to convince you to fix my mom for me. Do you read me?"

Zita's hands were trembling. "God, I do need a cigarette," she muttered, looking around for hers.

"Have one of mine." Becki politely held up her pack of Benson & Hedges. "Or perhaps I should say have one of Joanne's?" She passed the gold pack. "So you smoke, too, Zita? I guess I'm not surprised. But then why in hell did you help my mom quit?"

The beautiful Czech woman lit up a cigarette. She took a long, fierce first drag and forcefully sucked smoke deep into her lungs. "There! That's better," she sighed appreciatively. "Yeah, Becki, I do smoke. But I cannot undo your mother's request. I'm not that powerful."

"But you must be able to do something to help me!" She admired the accomplished elegance with which Zita handled the cigarette. "Isn't there anything you can do?"

Zita exhaled a long stream of milky white smoke. A sly smile enveloped her pretty face. "Actually, yes, Becki, there _is_ one thing I can do. I already thought about it to be honest. See, most people who come one time come back later for something else. Your mom brought you in and later had a second request for herself. Joanne Givens has been in several times now. That's usually what happens. So I expected to see your mother again sooner or later. I knew she'd want to quit smoking."


Zita smiled. "I had a plan. You didn't notice but when Eileen came in last Saturday I slightly altered her request. She asked to be relieved of her desire to smoke. But if you were paying attention you saw that in my incantation I narrowed that quite a bit. I only sought for Eileen to be relieved her of her desire to smoke cigarettes."

Becki frowned. "I don't understand."

Zita laughed. "Eileen asked to be free of her addiction. I suppose she thought smoking's bad for her, the stupid bitch. But I can still cast another spell. I can give her a new desire, one she can't resist. For instance, what would you think if I gave your mother a new uncontrollable desire to smoke cigars?"

Becki's eyes widened.

The evil nature of her own plan began exciting Zita. "Eileen's new desire won't interfere with the power already at work. It won't cancel the old one. She won't want cigarettes but she'll be compelled to smoke anyway. She'll have an unquenchable desire for cigar smoke, and lots of it." Anticipating the question forming in Becki's mind she eagerly went on. "If I do it Eileen will begin smoking cigars the same way she used to smoke cigarettes. She'll smoke them constantly without stopping. Then, Becki, you come in. You can politely point out to Eileen that since she can't seem to live without nicotine in some form she'd be better off going back to her old Marlboro Lights. They have far less tar and nicotine than her new cigars. So you bring her back to me, I release her from her original request, and then she'll be smoking cigarettes all the time again. Just like you. How does that sound?"

Becki smiled as she raised her cigarette to her lips. "God, you're bad, Zita. Really, really fuckin' bad!" She took a long drag, inhaled and then pursed her lips to exhale. "Wow, that sounds great! How do we do it? And how much, or what, do I owe you?"

"Don't worry about that right now. You'll pay me in full later. Trust me," Zita smiled wickedly. She motioned for Becki to follow her. They went into a different room inside the house. "This is what I did to Angela Givens," she explained maliciously, opening a drawer and removing a small female doll made of a substance like clay. "This doll will represent your mom. I'll say my incantations over it and then from that moment on poor Eileen will be forced to do everything the doll is doing."

"Like voodoo?"

Zita smiled and nodded. "Yeah, sort of." From the drawer she took a small brown stick. She thrust it in the clay where the doll's mouth was. "There," she proudly proclaimed. "This now represents a cigar in your mother's mouth. From now on Eileen won't be happy unless she has a cigar between her lips. She'll need it, she'll have to have it there. She won't be able to survive without it," she cackled wickedly. "The rest's up to you, Becki dear. You need to convince Eileen to come back and see me to allow me to reverse my prior charm, to turn her new unstoppable craving for cigars back into her old yearning for cigarettes again."

Becki impetuously leaned over and kissed Zita affectionately on the cheek. "God, Zita," she sighed happily. Filled with excitement she let out a wicked laugh of her own. "Shit, yeah, I'll definitely pay you back. Whatever you want," she promised earnestly.

"Oh don't worry, my dear. I'll make sure you will pay me back. But in the meantime enjoy your journey!" She smiled almost wantonly. "One more thing. Go back to the Givens' house. Your old friend Angela is prepared to show you another part of the journey that awaits you."


Becki got off her bicycle in front of the Givens' home. Even with all the bicycling and smoking her lungs never seemed to tire. Zita's last promise excited her. She wanted to see Angela. She wasn't sure what the next stop on her journey was, but she had an idea. And she wanted it!

Sure enough Angela was home. She was having a late lunch with her mom, Joanne. Becki had known Angela Givens for years. Angela was a shy retiring girl who rarely spoke in public and who dressed so that she faded unnoticed into the background. The last time she saw Angela her friend had long straight brown hair.

Now, however, Angela seemed totally different. Her hair was cut short ; it was curly golden blond. She had four earrings in each ear, a big change for a girl never allowed to get her ears pierced. Gone from her face was the old introverted shyness. Now Angela looked sassy and arrogant. Like her mom she wore a tight halter top with no bra underneath and short shorts. Angela and Joanne both had cigarettes burning in the ashtray on the table while they finished their sandwiches.

"Oh my God," Angela gasped seeing her, standing and rushing over to give her a hug. "When I got home Mom said you got the power, too, Rebecca. God, I am _so_ glad. It'll be so cool to have you as a friend now that you're one of us!"

The feeling of Angela's warm body against hers made her tremble. "Yeah, it's cool, Angela," she agreed. "Except now I go by Becki. Rebecca's my old name. She was a total wus. Becki is the new liberated me, a girl who smokes and swears is looking for trouble."

Angela laughed wantonly. "Mom told me," she gladly acknowledged. "Fuck, Becki, it's so great!" Reaching for her cigarette in the ashtray she hit on it. She opened her mouth and snap-inhaled smoke into her chest. "Isn't smoking the best?"

"God, it sure is," Becki eagerly agreed, sitting down at the table. "I love to smoke now!"

Joanne held out her pack of Benson & Hedges. "Then here you go, sweetheart. Join us and have one with us. Angela hasn't seen you smoke yet, you know." She looked at her daughter. "Little Becki here smokes like a chimney now, honey. Just wait till you see!"

Becki accepted the cigarette and then a light from Angela's mom. She dragged hard on the B&H, enjoying the sensation of thick smoke filling her mouth and then her chest as she inhaled it. "God, thanks so much, Joanne," she sighed happily. "I think it's so cool that you actually encourage teenagers like Angela and me to smoke!"

"I want to see you girls get pleasure," Joanne acknowledged as she lit up another one for herself. "For way too long you've been stuck in our stupid dead-end church. It's time you kids had a good time and live a little, for Christ's sake!" She narrowed her eyes suggestively. "Angela, why don't you take Becki upstairs to your room to play for awhile?"

Angela looked quizzically at Joanne and then smiled. "Oh yeah. Sure, Mom! God, that'd be nice, wouldn't it?" She turned to Becki and sensually batted her eyes at her friend. "Mom said she showed you how to masturbate," she whispered. "Just listening to Mom tell me all about it made me want to touch myself. God I wish I'd been here, Becki. It sounded super hot. Now maybe you and I can go upstairs and have some fun ourselves. What do you think?"

Becki jutted out her lower jaw to release a long, thick smoky exhale. "I don't know exactly what you have in mind, Angela. But if it's half as nice as what your mom showed me this morning then I'm sure as shit ready for it!"

"Excellent," Joanne nodded approvingly. "You girls go upstairs then. This is an important part of your journey, Becki."

"That's exactly what Zita said," Becki smiled. "She told me Angela would show me some things this afternoon that I needed to experience on my journey."

Angela grinned lasciviously. "Zita's right, Becki. I'll share some wicked things that'll make your head absolutely spin! If you liked playing with yourself while Mom watched you, then you'll fuckin' love this!"

Becki stood up and grinned. "Well then, what the hell? Let's do it!"

The two teenagers went upstairs to the second floor. Becki walked behind Angela. She couldn't take her eyes off Angela's firm little ass inside the cute short shorts she had on. She never before noticed how beautiful her friend was or how sexy she looked. Of course never before did Angela dress or act like this, either, she smiled hungrily.

They went into Angela's room and closed the door. Both girls were still carrying their cigarettes. Becki noticed several ashtrays strategically placed around the bedroom. She tapped an ash into one of them. "It's so cool that Joanne lets you smoke, Angela," she sighed wistfully. "Zita's going to help me change my mom so that she'll be like yours."

"Zita's a fuckin' genius," Angela nodded. "Now come over here and sit beside me on the bed." She patted the mattress beside her to indicate where Becki should sit.

Becki did and Angela scrunched up right next to her. "Becki, you're so fuckin' pretty. God! You look incredibly delicious in that outfit of mine. I'm so glad Mom made you wear it." She giggled. "You look good enough to eat!"

Becki felt nervous but the voice in her head told her not to worry. "Just drag on your cigarette, kid. It'll calm you down. Yeah, that's right! Inhale that smoke nice and deep inside your chest. Ah, perfect! Now just hold it in there awhile. Doesn't it feel good? Yeah, of course it does. Now exhale the smoke right into Angela's face!"

Turning her head Becki released an endless smoky exhale directly at Angela. Her friend didn't budge. She just grinned. "Ah, I liked that," she sighed contentedly. "I like you giving me your smoke, Rebecca, I mean Becki. I bet you'd like some of mine, too, wouldn't you?"

Becki nodded longingly. "God, yeah, I would. That's sounds really nice."

Angela complied. She took a double drag on her cigarette and turned her head toward Becki. Over several successive breaths she exhaled smoke onto her friend's face. Angela's smoke bathed Becki's mouth and nose. "Pretty nice, huh?"

Becki grinned and sighed. As the voices in her head prompted her she smiled impishly. "But that's not the only thing you're going to show me, is it, Angela?"

Snuggling up closer, Angela let out a wanton laugh. "No, honey, it sure as hell isn't!" She again hit on her cigarette and inhaled. "I love the way you look, Becki. It turns me on, to be honest. You're so fuckin' beautiful, so goddamn sexy! Having you close to me like this makes me want to touch myself. I bet you feel the same way about being next to me. Am I right?"

Becki found herself nodding. "Uh-huh," she agreed. "I love feeling you right next to me, Angela. It makes me quiver and tremble, like something wonderful is about to happen."

"Oh it is, baby. It is," Angela whispered. With that she pressed her lips against Becki's.

Becki thought something like this might happen. It didn't trouble her at all. She felt a sudden desire to possess her friend. She kissed Angela back, softly at first and then more intensely. "I want you, Angela," she whispered between kisses. "I don't even know what that means," she admitted. "All I know is I want you!"

An ashtray was on bed beside them. Angela put her cigarette in it. Without a word of explanation or apology she put both her hands up inside her friend's halter top. "Becki honey, I know you thought this morning was nice. But just wait till you see what we're gonna do now." She squeezed Becki's tits, and the teenager groaned with pleasure. "Nice, huh?" Angela asked rhetorically. "Masturbation's real nice. But it's even more exciting when someone else does it to you. Isn't it?"

Becki breathlessly nodded in agreement. She gracefully laid down on the bed and Angela swooped on top of her. Unlike Angela the excited brunette still had her cigarette in her hand. But her focus was on the gentle manipulation her blond-haired friend was doing to her breasts. After Angela pulled Becki's halter top up over her tits she methodically kissed and caressed them. Never in her life had Becki felt anything like it! "Oh my God," she gasped excitedly. "Oh fuck! Yeah!"

Angela looked up to see the look of ecstasy on Becki's face. She gave her old playmate a decadent grin. "I knew you'd like it, babe. But God, this is just the appetizer, honey. Wait till you taste the main course!" She laughed wickedly. "Don't quit smoking. It's better if you smoke. Mom had you smoke this morning when you masturbated, didn't she?"

Becki nodded and instinctively raised her cigarette to her lips. After she hit on it she exhaled smoke down toward Angela's face. A smoky residue swirled over her exposed breasts.

"Shit, everything goes better with smoke, Becki. Especially sex," Angela happily went on. She playfully licked her friend's breasts and laughed. "You want to feel good, baby doll, and you will. Trust me, you definitely will!"

Becki kept smoking while Angela expertly touched her breasts. All the kissing and licking made her incredibly wet between the legs. She wanted to touch herself down there, like she did in front of Joanne earlier, but Angela was in the way. Sensing Becki's frustration, Angela responded by gyrating her hips over top of Becki's. The sudden pressure felt heavenly! Becki moaned deeply and took a last drag from her cigarette before dropping it in the ashtray.

Angela laughed and sat up. She reached into the ashtray for her discarded cigarette and took a last powerful puff before crushing it out. "I have to keep smoking," she explained without apology. "Anymore it seems I can't get enough of it, even while I'm having sex."

"Yeah, I know," Becki gasped, realizing her friend was taking a break. "Me, too. Ever since Zita healed my asthma all I want to do anymore is smoke!"

Angela got her gold pack of Benson & Hedges, shook one out and lit up. "That happens to just about everybody who sees Madame Bufka," she remarked contentedly. "But I don't mind. Do you?"

"Not at all," Becki agreed. Still sitting next to Angela, she too lit up another cigarette. "Smoking all the time makes me feel so fuckin' good." She exhaled a long stream of smoke into the already smoky bedroom air. "I love it almost as much as I liked what you did to me a minute ago," she added, making a phantom kissing motion towards Angela.

"God, Becki, I'm so glad we're together," Angela sighed. "Our church is so incredibly fucked up. They don't want us to do any of this shit." She reached out to touch Becki's still exposed breasts. "They don't want us to feel good. Do you believe it? Well I say, fuck them!"

"I agree," Becki smiled. "Fuck them!" She loved the electric feeling of her friend's soft hands tenderly massaging her tits. It felt incredible. "God, I love it when you do that, Angela," she groaned. "Where'd you learn to do this?"

"It doesn't matter," her friend grinned, taking another hit on her cigarette. "The only important thing is that we do it. And I bet you'd like to do it to me, too, wouldn't you?"

Becki giggled. "Yeah, I would. God, you're so beautiful, Angela. You're incredibly hot and so sexy. I want to touch you," she sighed. "Like this." She put a hand on Angela's shoulder and leaned in to kiss her on the lips. "Mm, it's so nice! I love the smoky taste of kissing you!"

Angela groaned. "Feeling's mutual, Becki." She took Becki's free hand, the one that wasn't holding her cigarette, and carefully placed it on her own breasts. "Now feel my tits, Becki," she urged. Becki complied. "Oh God that feels good! I bet it's nice for you, too, huh?"

Becki moaned and nodded. Quickly she hit on her cigarette and deeply inhaled. She pressed her mouth against Angela's. The two teenagers kissed passionately. Becki reluctantly released smoke from her lips and nostrils and Angela eagerly drank it in. The entire time Becki's free hand played with Angela's tits.

"Oh fuck," Angela finally groaned, consumed with pleasure. "Shit, I can't stand it any longer. God, I have to have you, baby. I can't wait. I need you now!" Putting her cigarette in her mouth she pulled down her shorts revealing her panties. Like Joanne, Angela wore skimpy tight panties under her shorts, unlike anything Becki ever saw. "Get yours off, too, baby! Shit, don't make me wait. I want to bury my face in your sweet bush!"

Becki followed suit. She quickly and eagerly removed her shorts. Her panties weren't sexy and suggestive like Angela's, but her friend didn't seem to notice or care. Dragging frantically on her dangling cigarette Angela reached down to pull off Becki's obviously wet underwear. The neophyte's soft white skin was quivering with eager anticipation.

Angela took a hard drag on her cigarette and removed it after inhaling. She eagerly licked her lips as she began to speak. "Becki, baby, I'm going to give you the ride of your life!" This simple promise was delivered with wanton smoky enthusiasm. "You're already so hot and bothered, I know you'll cum all over my fuckin' face. But I want to hear you scream with joy. I want you to beg for more and more of the pleasure I'm gonna give." She turned her head to release a slow, luxurious exhale. "Are you ready for some of this good shit?"

Becki nodded eagerly. "Fuck, yeah! I can't wait!" It was true. She did want it! Waiting wasn't an option any longer. "Just give it to me, beautiful," she whispered suggestively. "Do it to me. Then I want to do it to you!"

Instantly Angela went down on her. She felt the incomparable electricity of Angela's face in her exposed crotch. "Oh my God," Becki gasped involuntarily, feeling her friend's tongue begin moving in and out. "Holy shit! Fuck! Yeah!" Energy coursed through her body in response to the magical feeling between her legs. "Oh my God that's so good! Damn!"

"Smoke," Angela ordered from her vantage point below. "Keep smoking, baby while I eat you! Don't stop smoking!"

With shaking fingers Becki raised her cigarette to her lips to drag long and hard. The combination of smoke in her lungs and her friend's tongue inside her hole was so wonderful it almost made her lose consciousness. "Fuck," she screamed, as smoke began to escape through her elated lips. "Yeah, keep doing that, Angela! God damn, I fuckin' love this!"

"Of course you do, you little bitch," Angela gasped down below. "Keep smoking and keep begging me for more, honey. I love to hear you beg for it!"

Without thinking Becki pressed Angela's face harder up against her crotch. "Don't quit now, damn it," she gasped ecstatically. "I want to cum! I need to cum! Fuck!"

Angela cackled. "And I _want_ you to cum, bitch. All over my face. Then I want you to eat me, honey. I want to do the same to you. I want to cum all over your pretty little face, just like you will all over mine in a second!" Gleefully she returned to her job.

"Oh God," Becki cried helplessly. She hit again on her cigarette as Angela's mouth and tongue caressed her labia. She thought she'd pass out from feeling the pure pleasure, more intense than anything she'd ever experienced. "Shit!" She spewed more exhaled smoke through her open mouth. "Ohhh!!"

Angela laughed wickedly. Her old friend and new lover began dissolving into random ecstatic, involuntary bodily movements. Sure enough, Becki's cum was all over her face. Angela eagerly licked it up. "Gotcha, you little bitch" she laughed wildly. She continued to work her magic with her mouth as Becki frantically quivered with delight. "And next it's my fuckin' turn!"

Unknown to the teenagers Joanne Givens was riveted to the other side of the door with her ear pressed hard up against it. A wicked smile crept over her lips as she heard little Becki screaming uncontrollably in pure ecstasy. She slowly raised her cigarette her mouth for another hard, long, powerful double pump. "Yeah, that's it, my darling little girls," she groaned happily. She touched herself harder and expelled twin streams through her nostrils. "Yeah, don't you vixens dare quit now! You're getting me off, making me almost as hot as you. Just keep it up!"

And they did.

Chapter 5: New Passion for Eileen


Eileen thought about it at work all day on Monday. She had to buy new clothes! Her old ones were too dowdy, conservative, old fashioned. They no longer fit the image she wanted to for herself, the image of a woman hungering after the sensual. After leaving work early she walked around the mall and visited several stores. She bought several new outfits. She was pleased to buy more revealing clothes. She felt especially excited about showing off her new wardrobe to her daughter Rebecca. She knew she'd approve!

All afternoon Eileen had felt a trifle edgy. She felt sort of the same way if she really needed a cigarette. This felt a little different, and it couldn't be that anyway. She no longer had a desire for cigarettes. Madame Bufka cured her. But she wanted something, though she didn't know what. Until that is she passed a tobacconist shop called "Smoke Havens."

"God! Maybe I should go in and look around in there a little," she impulsively decided without knowing precisely why. "I guess it won't hurt anything."

Eileen had never smoked a cigar. She felt it was unfeminine and disgusting. Her nicotine addiction involved cigarettes, nothing more. She began smoking during a rebellious phase in high school, before she got married and joined Pastor Smith's church. At long last she'd shed her hateful attachment to cigarettes. Never had she been tempted to use tobacco in any other form.

Nonetheless, the aroma of the tobacconist shop seemed peculiarly intoxicating! As she entered she looked around. She savored the smell closer up. Fine cigars were displayed in numerous glass counters as well as expensive boxes and humidors. She felt inextricably drawn to them.

"Can I help you?" She looked up. She was being waited on by a very pretty young female clerk behind the counter.

"Oh no, I'm just browsing," Eileen replied, embarrassed.

My God, that girl's _so_ hot, Eileen sighed. Her libido was working overtime, as it had been doing all day. She imagined herself close to the beautiful woman behind the counter and shivered with excitement. She already stopped at the video store to rent some sexually explicit videotapes, which was another first for her. It seemed that every good-looking woman she saw today made her wet between the legs!

"This girl must smoke cigars herself," Eileen mused with a wry smile. "Otherwise why in the hell would she work here?" It only made sense that this beautiful female clerk used the products she sold. Otherwise how could she recommend anything to customers?

Eileen thought about the stunning brunette smoking a big, fat cigar lodged in her pretty mouth. It made her feel incredibly hot. Into her mind came a picture of herself doing the same thing. She was puffing on a large premium cigar. As the image popped into her head she heard that voice again. "God, Eileen, you ought to try it. After all, smoking cigars is totally different from smoking cigarettes. You don't need to inhale to enjoy cigars. And they smell _so_ fuckin' good, don't they? Just ask that girl for a recommendation! One of these is right for you!"

"Excuse me," Eileen smiled at the clerk. "I've never had a cigar before. Can you recommend one for a beginner?"

The brunette behind the counter flashed a toothy, attractive smile. "Sure, of course! I myself personally love these." She laid a large cigar on the counter. "Avo XO Maestosos, a premium cigar. Not cheap, but a mild smoke, very aromatic and very, very nice indeed!"

Just hearing the description made Eileen's mouth water. "So you smoke cigars?" she had to ask.

"Oh yes, absolutely," the lovely brunette acknowledged, nodding enthusiastically. "Nothing's nicer than a good cigar. Unlike cigarettes one of these gives you a long, thoughtful, highly enjoyable smoking experience. Don't get me wrong. I smoke cigarettes, too. That's what I smoke most of the time," she giggled shamelessly. "But cigars are a completely different experience. Have you never had one?"

"No," Eileen admitted. "I never have."

"Oh my God, then you definitely should. It's the new millenium. Woman today can smoke cigars without feeling or looking at all unfeminine!"

Fifteen minutes later Eileen left the tobacconist shop with her purchase, four Maestosos and related cigar smoking accessories. It was funny; never before was she interested in cigars. Now she couldn't wait to get home and try one of the lovely Maestosos!

"Rebecca," she called out as she entered the house. Not a noise. She frowned and walked into the kitchen. There was a note on the counter.

"Mom. Angela Givens asked if I could spend the afternoon at her house. Be home around six thirty. Love, Becki (formerly Rebecca)."

"What does she mean, calling herself Becki now?" Eileen wondered. "Whatever." But she was relieved. It gave her a chance to try a cigar without her daughter around. She worried Rebecca might be upset. Of course it was only an experiment, she told herself, just for fun.

With her new cigar clipper she prepared the Maestoso just like the girl in the tobacconist shop showed her. She found one of her old disposable lighters. Thank God she didn't throw them out! She started the cigar by carefully drawing the flame into it while repeatedly puffing on the freshly clipped end.

"Oh my God, this tastes fuckin' wonderful," Eileen sighed happily after she got it going. "It's much better than I expected." She puffed again and again. Cigar smoke was thicker, richer and stronger than the cigarettes she was accustomed to. But it wasn't hard. It tasted pleasant and unexpectedly mild. She puffed again and released another thick cloud of smoke.

She rested the cigar in an ashtray. Thank God she didn't get rid of them either! She opened her clothes purchases and shamelessly undressed right in the living room. She put on one of her new outfits. She didn't care if anyone looked in the windows. That possibility somehow made the exercise even more enjoyable. Every few seconds she paused long enough to puff on her Maestoso. God, it was nice! What a pleasant alternative to smoking cigarettes!

She took her cigar and went to admire herself in the full-length mirror. She had on a new short sleeve burgundy v-neck blouse. It was quite low cut and showed lots of cleavage. She'd never worn anything like it but she loved how it emphasized her breasts. She had some new black tight capri pants that called attention to her hips and thighs. The ensemble looked great, she sighed. She raised the cigar to her lips and puffed repeatedly. For some reason seeing smoke escape around the cigar in her mouth seemed sexy as hell! Almost involuntarily she reached down to rub her crotch as she watched herself smoke. "God, I'm evil," she sighed approvingly. "Only a really wicked woman smokes a big, fat cigar like this," she laughed.

She returned to the living room, picked up an ashtray, and settled in by the TV. She opened another bag, from the video store, and selected a tape called "Naughty Little Sister." From the box at the video store it looked incredibly hot. She pushed it in the VCR. She'd been looking forward to this. Broadcast TV was too tame. She wanted something really stimulating for a change, something she could really masturbate along with.

As she puffed contentedly on her cigar the tape began to play. A collage of preview scenes from the video filled the screen. Behind the opening credits a young, good looking and well built girl with long blond hair enthusiastically fucked a series of handsome men. The girl was clearly enjoying it. "God, if all these scenes are on this tape I'll really _love_ this," Eileen sighed. She rested the cigar in her mouth to free her hands. She laid them on her breasts and began rubbing slowly, lovingly. "Oh God, baby, go to it," she groaned as she talked to the video image. The collage of opening scenes continued showing the naughty girl sometimes partly undressed and other times totally disrobed with male companions. Eileen was in the midst of a long drag as the final opening montage appeared. In this clip the naughty girl was passionately kissing two other naked women while the three of them touched and licked each other.

"Oh my God," Eileen gasped in delight at the sight of the first lesbian sex scene. She involuntarily breathed in due to excitement. She inhaled some cigar smoke deep into her lungs for the first time. She felt a warm sticky feeling in her chest. "Oh shit," she exclaimed. "I inhaled the smoke!"

She pursed her lips to exhale. The cigar smoke escaped just like cigarette smoke always did. "Ooh, that was nice," she groaned. "This smoke's so rich, so strong. It's really a rush inhaling a cigar!" Spurred on by the first real scene in the movie, showing the naughty little sister seducing her mom's boyfriend, Eileen began to experiment with inhaling cigar smoke. "God, I like it," she quickly decided. "Maybe you don't _have_ to inhale to enjoy smoking a cigar. But it sure as hell isn't bad. It's really nice!"

That was that. Eileen inhaled every puff while she finished it, pulling thick, rich cigar smoke deep down into her lungs. Years of practicing with cigarettes made it easy, and the sexual excitement provided by the video made her eager for as much other stimulation as she could find. She masturbated incessantly while finishing the cigar, finally coming and putting it in the ashtray. The girl in the store told you never, never crushed out a cigar like a cigarette.

She pulled her pants back up and wiped the sweat from her brow. "God," she exclaimed. "That was totally intense." She laughed. The cigar was wonderful, better than she ever thought possible. Immediately she began thinking about smoking the next one.

It was six thirty; no Rebecca. She called the Givens; no answer. She fixed herself supper. "They took Rebecca out to eat," she surmised. As soon as she was finished her eyes returned to the bag from Smoke Haven. She sighed. She wanted another cigar. It was no use denying it. And a still, small voice in her head firmed up the conviction. "You _need_ it, Eileen. God, you deserve it, too. So don't wait. You love having a cigar in your mouth just like you used to love cigarettes. The smoke smells good and it tastes better. Don't wait. Just do it. Allow your growing desire to smoke another Maestoso guide you."

The desire was irresistible. She simply _had_ to feel a cigar pressing against her lips. "But this time I won't inhale," she told herself. "It's not good for me."

The voice in her head took issue. "Not inhale? Stupid bitch! Why not? You _love_ smoke in your lungs. You always have. God, it feels so fuckin' good! So why deny yourself that pleasure? Sure, you can `get by' without inhaling. But why just `get by?' Don't you want it? Okay, then, damn it, take it! If you feel like inhaling, then inhale. Let all that thick, rich cigar smoke make you feel good. It delivers lots of precious nicotine into your body!"

The voice won. Eileen lit up a second Maestoso and smoked it luxuriously, inhaling each and every drag down into her lungs. She was enjoying the experience when she heard the front door open. "Oh my God," she gasped. "Rebecca's home."

Till then she never thought what she'd tell Rebecca about this unexpected interest to smoke cigars. She intended to have just one before Rebecca came home. But now she was having her second one and was about to be face to face with her daughter.

Eileen smiled weakly as she walked in. "Hi, honey," she said with a lame smile.

Becki looked at the long cigar in her mother's hand and feigned complete surprise. "Mom! What in the hell are you doing? God, I thought you weren't smoking anymore?"

Eileen shrugged. "I thought so, too. But I went by the tobacco store in the mall. I felt so curious I just had to go in. I talked to this cute girl who was a clerk behind the counter. Before I knew it I bought several of these premium cigars."

Becki fought back the urge to smile. It was fuckin' perfect! Zita's magic worked! "But shit, Mom, I don't get it," she went on. "It's incredibly smoky in here! It looks to me like you haven't quit smoking at all. If anything, with these smelly cigars it's worse than ever in here."

"I know, honey, believe me, I know," Eileen helplessly agreed. She puffed again on her cigar and without thinking inhaled the smoke into her chest. "It's the strangest thing. I can't stop and I don't want to either."

"Oh my God, Mom," Becki muttered. She shook her head in mock disgust. "You're inhaling. From what I hear, if you inhale smoking cigars is worse than smoking cigarettes." She paused. "But what do you mean you don't _want_ to stop?"

"Just what I said. It's like I need one in my mouth all the time. I had one before supper, and I thought that'd be it. It wasn't. After I ate I just had to light up another. Don't get me wrong. It's very pleasant smoking these. I don't mind it. It's just that I can't control myself."

"I see," Becki nodded. She was of course delighted. She glanced at the bag from the video store. "And what the hell's this?" she asked, grabbing the receipt. "Hmm. 'Naughty Little Sister' and `Housewives on Call.'" She grinned. "Mom, what's got into you? You rented two porno movies! And look at your clothes! You went shopping for new outfits!"

"I know," Eileen acknowledged helplessly as she puffed again on her Maestoso. "Shit, you're probably upset about that, too."

"No, I'm not. I'm not upset at all. Actually Mom you look fabulous and these movies sound great. I'm glad you're loosening up. I suspected that movie yesterday was just the tip of the iceberg, a new trend. I feel the same way. Like you I used to be scared shitless about sex. Now I think about sex constantly, all the fuckin' time in fact. By the way did you notice _my_ new outfit?"

For the first time Eileen stopped thinking about herself long enough to see Becki had on a tight tank top with no bra underneath. "Oh my God," she laughed with delighted surprise. "Rebecca you look absolutely darling! Very nice! But where in the hell did you get that?"

"Angela," Becki smugly smiled. "She and her mom loaned it to me. They've loosened up a lot, too. I think it's sort of the fallout from getting the power from Zita."


"Madame Bufka. Mrs. Givens, I mean Joanne, always calls her by her first name which is Zita. Today Joanne, Angela and I compared notes. Like us, Mom, after they saw Zita they were fascinated with sex." She didn't mention Joanne teaching her to masturbate. She decided to save that tidbit till later. "It's cool. You'll get along with Joanne much better now that Zita's got hold of you both. But to answer your question, yeah, I'm cool with the videos. In fact I hope you'll let me watch them. They look so damn hot! Anymore I just love the idea of watching people fuck!"

"Wait. All this crazy shit that's happening to me and to you? Do you mean the same changes are also happening to Joanne and her daughter Angela?"

"And to Angela's dad, too," Becki confirmed. "Yep, that's right. Their whole family's completely different. You should see Joanne. Like you she's got a whole new look. She's so sensual. She dresses like a very classy whore to be honest. It's great."

Eileen shook her head and reflexively dragged on her large cigar. "But what the hell? None of that explains my new hankering for these cigars!"

"No, but you know what? If it was me I'd go back to Zita and have her reverse the last spell. I mean, you're going to smoke. You can't stop and obviously love it. So it might as well be cigarettes instead of only cigars. Don't you think?"

Eileen thoughtfully drew on it. "I see what you mean," she reluctantly admitted, releasing another thick stream of inhaled cigar smoke. "God, I have no desire for cigarettes now, but I still _have_ to smoke. I can't help it. If I'm going to smoke, I guess you're right. There's no point in getting rid of cigarettes if I have to smoke these instead."

"And my guess is that all the other changes stay," Becki went on. "After all you don't want to go back to being repressed and afraid of sex. I doubt that'll happen. If you see Zita the only difference will be that you can smoke cigarettes again." She grinned. "It'd be a hell of a mess to try and smoke a cigar on a break. You can't finish one of those in fifteen minutes, can you?"

Eileen smiled. "No, not hardly. I've barely dented this one, and I lit it up before you got home. They're way too expensive to waste." She put the cigar in her mouth and puffed several times, finally inhaling the smoke. "Maybe I'll call Madame Bufka, I mean, Zita."

"Do it now," Becki suggested helpfully. "Don't wait, Mom. Maybe she can get you in soon. It'd be a shame to be stressed out at work tomorrow because you can't smoke a cigar. Right?"

The mere thought of going several hours without a cigar sent chills up and down her spine. "Yeah, no shit. Good idea. I'll call her right now." She grinned wickedly. "Then do you want to watch this video with me? I just started it. It's really hot!"

Becki hesitated. The aroma of Eileen's cigar smoke was more than she could endure. She _had_ to smoke herself, and pronto. She decided to wait till Zita worked her magic on her mom again before admitting her own insatiable desire for nicotine. "I think I'll go outside," she waffled. "I love this outfit. I want to ride around and show off. When Angela and I went out I noticed guys staring at me, at both of us, constantly." She laughed. "God, maybe I'm becoming an exhibitionist, Mom. The idea of turning other people on is very appealing to me."

"Oh, I understand," Eileen grinned. "I feel the same." She puffed again. "I'll call Madame Bufka and see when she can take me. If possible I'd like it to be tonight or first thing tomorrow so I can smoke something other than these cigars. Then if you don't mind I'm going to finish watching this video by myself."

"No problem. Enjoy, Mom."

Eileen made the call with cigar still in hand. She was pleased to learn Zita could see her first thing the next day. She made arrangements to stop by at eight and called the office to leave a message for her boss that she'd be late. Having done that she returned to the TV and pushed the VCR's `play' button. In the video the `naughty little sister' was shamelessly seducing a man who was mowing the grass next door. She sat in her favorite chair, nestled her delicious cigar firmly between her lips and filled her mouth and lungs with luscious smoke. Her hand found its way into her panties and she brazenly pleasured herself as she smoked and watched.

Unknown to Eileen Becki stood in the doorway watching her. The youngster grinned lasciviously. She was so fuckin' glad her mom was masturbating and smoking like that. Yeah, it was all happening just the way Zita promised. Meanwhile Becki wanted to masturbate herself, but with difficulty she resisted the temptation for the moment. She wanted to wait till she smoked a couple cigarettes first! Then she'd attend to business herself.

Chapter 6: The Rest of the Story


The next morning Eileen and Becki visited Zita. They arrived before eight. The gypsy was ready. Zita grinned slyly at Becki as they sat in her drawing room. She addressed Eileen.

"Eileen, you desire to be released from the last charm?" The gypsy spoke in her usual Czech accent. "You are smoking cigars now, yes? Do you not like them?"

"Oh no, Madame Bufka, that's the problem. I love `em. I can't seem to live without `em. God, I smoked two last night, and I already smoked another cigar this morning. I lit it up first thing when I got out of bed. I feel naked unless I have a cigar going." She smiled. "Damn, that's a bad analogy. Being naked no longer seems bad to me."

"Ah, sometimes the power releases inhibitions," Zita smiled pleasantly. "I suspect you've always had a strong interest in cigars. You just never knew. People often discover who they really are when the power comes to them. I think both of you have discovered this. Yes?"

"Absolutely," Eileen agreed. "I'm a new woman since last Saturday. Becki is, too," she added, smiling warmly at her offspring. "She goes by Becki now, by the way. It better represents her new identity. Neither of us understand, but we love who we're becoming, Zita. It's just that - well, I can't smoke cigars all the time. So, if I have to smoke something, and I guess I do, then I think I should return to my cigarettes. But I can't do that without your help."

"I can grant that request," Zita nodded. "Ah, I feel the power," she added mystically. "It's so strong this morning. Eileen, all you must do is look at the crystal. Do you remember?"

"I remember," she laughed. "Okay. Let's do it."

Zita began to chant in a foreign tongue. Eileen started feeling drowsy. Her eyes fluttered and soon closed all the way. Zita looked over at Becki and grinned triumphantly.

"So it worked well?"

"It was fuckin' perfect, Zita," Becki laughed. "Actually, I have a few questions to ask you about all this shit. First, -."

"Hush. We can't have an extended conversation. The power hovers in the room. Just tell me what you want me to do. What limits do you want to place on your mother now?"

"None at all," Becki confirmed. "I want her to smoke her cigarettes again, no regrets. And if possible I'd like her to be cool with me smoking. Can you fix that?"

Zita smiled. "Becki, dear, I should have told you. Eileen wouldn't have cared if you told her you were smoking yesterday, or even Sunday. By the time the power was in her 24 hours those concerns disappeared. They were gone forever. You could've told her you were smoking and she wouldn't have blinked. By the way, did you tell her Joanne taught you to masturbate yesterday morning, or what you and Angela did together yesterday afternoon in her bedroom?"

"Shit! How do you know about that?"

"Ah, perhaps it was the power," Zita smugly laughed. "No, actually Joanne called and said you and Angela spent several hours having sex together yesterday afternoon. Now you not only have a new interest in anything sexual. You've especially developed a fondness for female lovers like that beautiful young girl Angela. Is that not right?"

"Yeah," Becki sighed happily. "It is. But so has Mom. That's what's so great. Last night I watched her play with herself. She was watching naked women in those movies she rented. Her cigar never left her mouth and she puffed furiously while she pleasured herself over and over till she came. She screamed and moaned. The naked women definitely turned her on. She didn't know I was watching but I was, from the doorway. It made me so hot and excited to see that happening to her!"

"Of course it did," Zita sighed. "Everything about sex makes you wet now. Sexy men get you wet, beautiful women make you feel wet, and especially smoking makes you very, very wet. You can't help yourself. Is that right?"

"Yeah, and that's what I want to ask," Becki repeated. "I thought -"

"Hush," the gypsy said again. "There will be time for that later. Right now I must release Eileen. I will re-energize and greatly increase her strong desire, her unrequited yearning, for cigarettes. She'll feel about them the same way you do, Becki. Will that please you?"

"God, yes! And she really won't care if I smoke, too?"

"No. As a matter of fact, Eileen will now _want_ you to smoke, Becki. Just like Joanne desired for Angela to smoke, and like Kathleen now badly wants her teenage children to smoke."

"Kathleen? Mom's friend?"

"Yes, Kathleen came in yesterday afternoon. Eileen suggested she come. We had a lovely session. Kathleen asked me to make her more attractive to her husband. Now she is, but she's also experiencing some major attitude changes. You can imagine what those include. Smoking's one of them. It always is."

"Fuck, yeah," Becki grinned, imagining Kathleen's teenage son and daughter beginning to smoke. God, it _did_ make her wet. "Cool. Okay then. Go to it, Zita."

The gypsy started chanting once more. "Eileen you're falling deeper and deeper under the control of the power. You feel it so strong. Is that right?"

"I feel the power," Eileen mumbled. "I feel it so strong."

"Good," Zita smiled. "As soon as you awake the passion you had before for smoking cigarettes will come back, this time stronger than ever. You love smoking cigarettes, Eileen. You always have and always will. Nothing gives you more pleasure than smoking. You want to smoke and you want Becki to smoke. Nothing's wrong with cigarettes or cigars. You love to smoke them. You need to smoke them. You must smoke them. Do you understand?"

"I understand," she sleepily agreed. "I will smoke."

"Very good, Eileen." She chanted for a moment and then returned to English. "And now, spirit power, descend on Eileen once more. Take hold of her stronger than ever. Do not let her go. Yes, that's it. More power. Deepen her desire, her yearning, for tobacco in all its forms, especially cigarettes. Make Eileen want to smoke them more ever. She's so addicted. She needs nicotine so badly she cannot live without it. She enjoys it so much. Let it be so, now!"

Eileen slumped onto the table. Zita smiled at Becki.

"She'll come to soon," she smirked. "When she does the first thing she'll want is a cigarette. I guarantee it. Watch and see!"

In a moment Eileen blinked and sat up. "Oh my God," she giggled. "That was fuckin' intense! You did it, didn't you?"

"I did nothing," Zita protested most spiritually. "It is all the work of the power. How do you feel Eileen?"

"God, I feel good. Really good. But damn it, I want a cigarette! Shit, I feel like I really, really need one" She laughed deliriously. "Damn, I guess it worked, didn't it?"

"Oh yes, it most surely did work. You can now smoke cigarettes again, Eileen, and you want to, you need to. By the way, meantime, do you care if Becki wants to smoke, too?"

Eileen looked at her and blinked. "God, no," she slowly answered. "No, I guess I don't care. Not at all. In fact I think she should! It'd make me very happy if Becki smoked."

Zita reached under the table and took out a pack of Marlboro 100's. "Here, Eileen. Please have one of mine. You, too, Becki."

Eileen reached greedily for a cigarette and quickly put it in her mouth. Becki reached for one of her own. It didn't seem to trouble Eileen which pleased the teenager immensely. Zita got her lighter ready and lit up both women.

Eileen dragged long and hard, voraciously sucking smoke deep into her hungry lungs. "Oh my God," she groaned passionately, her body wracked with great pleasure. "Oh shit, yeah! Wow, this is fuckin' great, Zita! God, I love smoke. I never want to be without it now." She exhaled an initial burst, and dragged once more while smoke flowed from her nostrils. She grinned wickedly at her daughter. "Becki, it looks like you've done this before. And it also looks like you really like smoking!"

"God, I fuckin' love to smoke, Mom," Becki sighed happily. "Ever since Zita healed my asthma I've wanted to smoke. I sneaked cigarettes from you all last week. But I was afraid you'd be mad. I'm so glad you're okay with it."

Eileen nodded, still exhaling. "Honey, I'm fine with it. I totally understand why you want to smoke. I'm glad you like it, just like I do. But wait a minute, Zita. You smoke, too?"

The gypsy woman nodded. But then she did something that shocked them. She removed her turban as she put a Marlboro 100 in her mouth. That in itself wasn't surprising. But when she spoke her Czech accent disappeared. "Yeah, sure as shit, of course I smoke," she laughed wickedly. "I smoke all the time. After all that's a big part of this exercise, girls!"

Becki frowned. "What do you mean?"

"God, you're so dense," she laughed. Suddenly her accent sounded like she was from New Jersey instead of Eastern Europe. "Yeah, this is where we intended for you to wind up all along: Smoking like fiends, swearing like sailors, totally obsessed with sex, and loving every fuckin' minute of it all!"

Eileen cocked her head while releasing successive bursts of milky white smoke through her lips. "Then you're not a gypsy, Zita?"

"Oh God, no. I grew up in New Jersey, actually," she laughed wickedly. "And the name isn't really Zita Bufka. No, it's actually Shannon Schwartz from Newark, New Jersey. I used to act in off Broadway shows in New York. I got pretty good at doing mysterious foreign women. So when I first began channeling the spirits it seemed like a perfect way to market myself. It's total shtick of course." She hit hard on her cigarette. "So when I started this gig here in town I stayed with it and used the phony name Madame Bufka, or Zita for a first name."

"But it's not fake, is it, Shannon? I mean, the power's real. Isn't it?"

"Oh shit, yeah, it's real, all right," Shannon smiled. Smoke carelessly escaped from her luscious lips. The sight made both Eileen and Becki wet between the legs. "Pastor Smith was right, though. It's technically not the power, ladies. It's demons, the spirits that I channel and direct."


"Yeah, sure, demons, spirits. See, while I was acting in New York I got involved with the occult. The demons soon got hold of me. I turned incredibly self destructive. So I made a little deal with them. I work for them and get them other victims. They let me off pretty much scot-free." Shannon dragged again. "You're our newest recruits along with the Givens family and your poor friend Kathleen who came to see me yesterday so her husband would want to fuck her more often."

Eileen shivered. "Demons?" she repeated. "Damn! That sounds terrible. God, I definitely should've listened to Pastor Smith!"

"It's ironic you'd say that," the pretend gypsy cackled. "Tony, come on out here. They're ready."

The door opened, and from the next room stepped Pastor Anthony Smith, senior pastor of their church! Eileen gasped in disbelief.

"Oh shit! Pastor Smith! What the hell's going on?"

Pastor Smith walked over to the pretend gypsy. Eileen and Becki gaped as he kissed her long and hard on the mouth. He then reached for her pack of Marlboro 100's and lit one up for himself. "Ladies, I'm glad you're finally totally on board. Good work, Shannon!"

He turned toward Eileen who looked totally stunned. "My dear Eileen, of all the women in my congregation you've always been my special favorite. It's because you smoke. God, I love watching you light up a cigarette the second you leave the sanctuary on Sunday mornings. You look so hot guiltily puffing away on a Marlboro Light 100 there in the church parking lot. God damn, I loved it! You were so undeniably addicted to nicotine. I used to dream that you'd be a bad example for the other women in our church and we'd attract more female smokers as a result. Unfortunately that didn't happen. But then I hooked up with Shannon here, or Zita to use her stage name, and I got what I'd always fantasized about in a different way. Now you and Becki are in the fold. God, we're really making progress!"

Eileen was totally mystified. She self-consciously dragged on her cigarette. "Pastor Smith, I don't understand. You're against psychics and their powers. You've warned the church about the subject for weeks in your Sunday sermons!"

"Yeah, sure. But there's no better way to tempt and entice people into visiting a psychic than to tell `em they aren't allowed to." He let out an evil laugh. "Oh God, it`s worked out so fuckin' perfectly. Human nature being what it is, nothing makes people want to see a psychic more than constantly preaching against it from the pulpit." He dragged on his cigarette and deeply inhaled. "And now Shannon and I've got you, both of you, Eileen and Rebecca; I mean, Becki. By the way, I love your new name, young lady. It's an appropriately sexy name change for a very, very sexy young woman!"

Becki blushed despite herself. It was her turn to be confused. "But Pastor Smith, I don't understand?"

"Let me explain, girls," Shannon gleefully cut in. "Pastor Tony and I are sort of partners. He first came to see me right after I opened up shop here in town under my fake Czech name Madame Bufka. It was a few months ago. He was so fuckin' desperate it was almost funny. You see, Tony needed help and he had no one to turn to but someone like me. His lovely wife Brittany was threatening to leave him. She was also threatening to expose him to the church elders. You see, Brittany finally found out about Tony's little pornography habit. She was totally pissed about it!"


"Yeah, that's right," Tony smirked. "For years I've loved visiting porno sites on the web. Female smoking and sex are my weaknesses," he sighed. "When Brittany found out, I was scared shitless. If she told the elders my ass was grass. I couldn't let that happen. I had to do something to stop her. So I finally decided to visit the great Madame Bufka. Shannon here fixed everything for me," he sneered wickedly.

Shannon laughed. "I simply put a spell on his pretty little wife," she explained with a snicker. "The spell was much like the one I put on you Eileen. And like you, poor little Brittany never knew what hit her. I unleashed my demons on the poor girl; pornography, blasphemy, lust and of course smoking. Soon Brittany Smith, that innocent little church mouse of a pastor's wife, began to change and transform. First it was the swearing. She began repeatedly using swear words she never whispered in the past. The poor thing couldn't help it. She developed a hard edge to her personality. Next was her relationship with their computer. Brittany couldn't stop herself. She began sneaking peeks at the porno sites Tony visited. Despite her better judgment she had to see them. They proved tempting beyond belief to the poor girl. They turned her on, made her feel incredibly excited. She was irresistibly drawn to the same pornographic shit Tony loved so much. I remember when Tony told me about that first time he walked in on poor little Brittany frantically masturbating in front of the computer," she cackled. "It was a special moment; quite touching, really. After that there was no turning back. She was busted and she knew it. She couldn't help herself. Slowly Brittany lost any sense of shame about it. She simply had to keep on indulging her sexual hunger. And then last there was her new and uncontrollable urge to smoke. She grew obsessed with it. Soon Brittany was sneaking cigarettes. Tony finally told the poor girl what he and I'd done to her. Interestingly, Brittany didn't give a shit. She was relieved. She didn't want to go back. The brand new, sensually attuned Brittany had arrived in full bloom. She then came to see me in person and I finished the job by increasing the power in her. Tony was fuckin' delighted. He couldn't thank me enough, and Brittany felt the same way, of course!"

"Eileen, you've known my wife Brittany for years," Tony interrupted. "You know how conservative and stodgy she used to be. Well, she definitely _is_ a new woman since Shannon got hold of her. It's fuckin' great! These days the kinkier it is the better Brittany likes it. It's hard for her to keep up the pretense of being a pastor's wife. All Brittany wants to do is smoke and swear and have kinky sex. Of course all that's okay by me. I've never been happier."

Shannon cut in. "While corrupting Brittany I also got Tony more infested. He already had demons of smoking and pornography. But I increased his arsenal. Now he has the complete package. There's nothing Tony won't do these days. He's more adventurous indulging his dark desires. He's become quite a pervert, I'm proud to say. Oh, and by the way, he's also a great fuck!" She leaned over and kissed him on the mouth. "All the things I did to you two and to the Givens family I did first to Pastor Tony and Brittany. The same thing will soon be true of your old friend Kathleen. She's next. You all come to me for healing of some kind and you get it. But you walk out with some other things you never dreamed you wanted; my lovely little spirits that feed on sex and smoking and shit like that!"

"But Zita, I mean Shannon, you said we wouldn't experience any unintended consequences."

"Right. The consequences were all intended; but by me, not you!" she laughed ruthlessly. "You can't complain. You got what you wanted. You always do. If you want healing you get it. Joanne Givens did and so did you, Becki. If you want to be sexier and more attractive, like Kathleen, you get that. Eileen, I even got rid of your desire for cigarettes till you changed your mind because I replaced it with a yearning for cigars. See, getting what you ask for isn't ever the end of the story. I make sure you get other cravings along with what you asked for, and they're strong, irresistible ones, desires you can't deny and don't want to. You start to hear little voices talking inside your head. Both of you've heard them, haven't you?"

Becki looked at Eileen and nodded. "Yeah, I guess we both heard the voices. It was kind of weird. I thought they were just my imagination."

Shannon laughed. "No, it's my precious little demons. They do a great job, don't they? The spirits begin by telling you that you want to swear, and so you do. Then they sell you on sex. They tell you how much you want it. You feel horny as hell; everything turns you on. Pretty soon you're totally preoccupied with sex. Eventually the voices become indistinguishable from your own thoughts. As far as sex is concerned you change and take on the attitude of a complete slut. You can't help it. Finally, best of all, the voices make you want to smoke in the worst way. When you do the demons reward you by making you feel great. My little demons want total control of you. They get it because you give it to them. You love indulging your new, dark desires. Yes, congratulations, ladies. Like Brittany, you're new women now. You're infested by demons of pornography, blasphemy, lust and nicotine, and you fuckin' love it! In fact you wouldn't have it any other way."

Eileen shook her head. "But why? Why did you do this to us?"

Tony answered. "Let me answer that. You see, Eileen, a few weeks ago Shannon and I started a subscription porn site on the web. It features smoking and sex, with plenty of both. But we needed female models. You girls will be our models. Starting today I'll photograph you girls and put pictures on the web of you doing things you never thought possible. You won't mind. You'll love it. You both _want_ to be sluts. You love showing it off. Exhibitionism is another demon Shannon unleashes. Now nothing makes you happier than knowing people are gawking at pictures of you on the internet and jerking off while they look at you."

Becki turned to Eileen. "Know what, Mom? I hate to say it, but he's right. It sounds great!" She grinned at Pastor Smith. "Damn, I want to do that! Can Angela and I do it together? Can we play with each other while we smoke on camera for the web site? Please?"

"Sure," Tony grinned. "That's exactly what I had in mind. Your friend Angela Givens and her mother Joanne already had their first shoots this weekend. They didn't tell you. It wasn't time for you to know. You weren't ready. But Angela and Joanne had a great time in front of the camera. You will, too, Becki. You'll fuckin' love it!"

Eileen caught Shannon's attention and wiggled her fingers. The pretend gypsy understood and gave Eileen another Marlboro 100 which she promptly lit up. Eileen hit hard on the cigarette. "God, I agree, Becki, it sounds bitchin," she giggled exhaling smoke. "But I don't understand your end game, Pastor Smith, I mean, Tony. Eventually people will find out. You can't do this and lead the church. If you smoke and hang out here with Zita or Shannon or whatever the hell her name is, sooner or later people at church will find out."

"Very perceptive, Eileen. You're right. At some point I probably need to resign as pastor of the church. I've been discrete so far. Brittany and I can't smoke at home of course, and we can't very well fuck other people in the parsonage either. But Shannon's been quite accommodating. We come to her house for our, shall we say, more outrageous activities? That leads me to the last thing." He hit on his Marlboro 100. "For years I've lusted after you, Eileen. I used to watch you smoke at church functions and then go home and jerk off, the whole time thinking how sexy you look with a cigarette in your pretty little mouth as I fantasized about fucking you. So sitting here and seeing you smoke up close like this is like a fuckin' dream come true for me. But I want more. I want to fuck you!"

Eileen looked at her pastor in disbelief. "Oh my God! You're serious, aren't you?"

"Absolutely," Tony grinned. "I've waited for this moment for years. And you want me to fuck you, too, don't you? I bet it's been years since you got laid. I know you want it. Shannon made sure of that. You want it bad; real bad. I heard you watched those porno tapes last night. I bet what you really wanted was to feel a nice, big cock inside your sweet pussy. Come on, admit it, Eileen. You want me to fuck you, right here, right now. True?"

Slowly Eileen nodded. Little by little a lascivious grin covered her face. "Yeah, I do. I do want to fuck. And you know what? It's delicious knowing that it's you who wants to fuck me, Tony. Oh my God! It's saintly Pastor Smith, the man of the cloth, the great man of God, and he's going to stick his big, juicy cock deep inside of me." She laughed and then shivered with a combination of anticipation and delight. "Shit, let's do it, Tony. You're right, it sounds great. I can't stand to wait any longer. And from what you said I assume Brittany won't mind?"

Tony grinned. "Mind? Hell, no! The truth is Brittany wants to watch. She loves to watch while I fuck other women. It totally turns her on. As a matter of fact I promised to call her this morning as soon as Shannon finished with you. Brittany's excited about seeing me fuck you, Eileen. We've been talking about it all week, ever since you first went to see Shannon. So I called Brittany. She's on her way over now. Doesn't that turn you on, too? Don't you love the idea of someone else, someone like my wife Brittany, watching us while we fuck each other?"

Eileen began rubbing herself through her slacks. "God, yeah, it does! It's unbelievable! My pastor's wife's a slut, too; just like me? God, it's so cool! Yeah, I want Brittany to watch us fuck. And you know what else? I think I'd like Becki to watch, too."

Shannon smiled condescendingly. "I'm afraid not, Eileen," she announced in her New Jersey accent. "You see, Becki will be busy with me." She gazed longingly at the pretty teenager. "Remember, Becki? I promised that eventually you'd pay me for the favor I did, making your mom crazy for cigars. Well honey, it's now time. Joanne Givens told you I like girls. She's right. I do. The younger the better. I know Angela showed you the ropes yesterday, honey, but today you and I will take it to the next level. I'll make you feel so good you won't be able to stand it! I promise."

Out of the blue Becki felt incredibly horny. She felt attracted to the older woman. The saucy teenager sauntered seductively across the room. She walked up to Shannon and tenderly kissed her right on the mouth. She glanced sideways at her mom. Eileen was all smiles.

"Go ahead, Becki, you little tramp," Eileen laughed wickedly. "I don't fuckin' mind. God, girl, you've turned into a real little slut, haven't you? Yeah, well, so have I. Look at me. I'm going to get fucked by Pastor Tony Smith while his lovely wife Brittany watches us." She dragged on her cigarette and inhaled extra deep. "Tony, I have to say that I'm flattered you've lusted after me all these years. And I can't wait to fulfill your fantasy. I want to smoke and get fucked." Suddenly she stopped. "But oh my God! My job! I told `em I'd be a little late this morning. I'll be in deep shit if I don't call or something."

Slowly and deliberately Pastor Tony Smith began unbuttoning Eileen's blouse while residual exhales floated from her lips. "Don't worry, baby. I already made that call for you. I told `em I'm your pastor and that you had an emergency come up, something that had to be attended to." He smiled as her breasts emerged into plain view. "No one argues with a pastor. You won't need to show up at work at all today. We can fuck to our hearts' content!"

Eileen laughed with obvious glee. He'd thought of everything. She gave Tony a smoky kiss. Meanwhile he began fondling her breasts in earnest. God it felt good! She wanted him. As she reached for his zipper she glanced over at Shannon and Becki. Shannon was doing the exact same thing to her daughter that Tony was doing to her. Shannon was fondling Becki's taut young tits. Eileen sighed happily.

Abruptly the door opened. In walked Brittany Smith. The pastor's wife was an attractive woman. She was dressed in an uncharacteristically revealing sexy, short dress. She leered unashamedly at the sexual escapades beginning to occur in front of her unblinking eyes.

"Oh my God," Brittany exclaimed, followed by an evil laugh. "Shit, Tony! God, it _is_ true! Damn! We finally got Eileen, and her daughter Rebecca, too. God, that's great! And it means that finally you get to fulfill your fantasy. You get to fuck Eileen, the smoking goddess of your dreams these last few years!"

"I told you, babe," Tony breathlessly smirked. "I told you Eileen would soon be one of us. And I'm so glad you're here to see me fuck her!" By now his slacks had fallen to the floor. His cock stood noticeably erect inside his boxers. Eileen stroked it affectionately with one hand while holding her Marlboro 100 in the other. Her blouse was open and her tits were in full view.

With a big smile Brittany sat down in a nearby chair and nonchalantly opened her purse. She removed a pack of Virginia Slims 120's. With one deft maneuver she put one of her long cigarettes in her mouth and lit it up with an expensive looking lighter. With her cigarette dangling and twin streams of smoke escaping through her nostrils, Brittany put one hand directly on her crotch and began to play with herself. "Eileen, honey, I hope you don't mind if I watch while my husband fucks you right there on the floor?" she said with a sneer at the woman whose breasts Tony was fondling.

"God no, I don't mind at all, Brittany," Eileen shamelessly snickered. At that point she was furiously working Tony's huge cock inside his shorts. "Actually, I'm so glad to see you here with us this morning, Brittany baby. Believe me, having you watch us fuck will definitely make this experience a hell of a lot more fun for me!"

Religious, prim, proper little Brittany Smith, the pastor's wife, sat right in front of the two couples, both Tony and Eileen and Shannon and Becki, and smoked furiously while continuing to fondle herself as the others kissed and touched each other. Brittany's presence intensified the almost overwhelming feelings of passion and desire for everyone, especially for Eileen.

Eileen groaned with delight as Tony pleasured her and played with her tits. Yeah, not only had she and her teenage daughter both become smokers. They'd turned themselves into shameless whores! God, it all seemed so fuckin' delicious! She moaned with pleasure a second time as Tony brazenly thrust his hand up underneath her skirt and into her panties. Damn, it felt so fuckin' good having his hand in there! And it'd only get better, she sighed contentedly taking another long drag on her Marlboro 100 and drawing the smoke deep inside her chest. Because in a few moments she'd have Tony's rock hard cock inside of her!

Regardless of who originally intended for her and her daughter to experience all this, there was now one thing Eileen that was sure of. Both she and Becki frantically wanted to be subjected to even more of these specific consequences. Yes, they'd definitely turned into very pleasant and _intended_ consequences indeed!



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