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Forced Feminization by hypnotic conditionning

Enforced feminization, this is real, not a story !

Part time girl

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I'm just a girl....

Just make sure she doesn't hog the phone!


Part Time Girl

Upon hearing a hypnotic command word from you, your man will change to his feminine self, and with another command you can turn him back into a man. The basic package for that includes:

Full visual and tactile hallucination

He can see his breasts and his pussy. He can feel them, and masturbate as a woman, and must of course sit to pee, because he can't see his penis! All he sees is a slit between his legs. He can feel the weight of his breasts on his chest (let's see how he feels with the weight of 46FF breasts!), and the rounded shape of his hips.

Female orgasms

He can now have full body female orgasms that go from the tips of his toes to the roots of his hair, making him scream with pleasure and bite his pillow. In fact, he can now have multiple orgasms, and instead of wanting to roll over and sleep, he'll be even more horny after each of them, and wanting to cuddle! He'll need to have you by his side after these orgasms... if only to hold him as he basks in the afterglow. Since he doesn't actually ejaculate, he's ready to go again as soon as you want him to, because the orgasms are only in his mind. And since they're only in his mind, you can get a special command word to make him cum whenever YOU want him to cum. Don't overuse that word though, unless you want to fry his brain. This word is also very useful as a reinforcement for good behavior. He put on his makeup well? Reward him with an instant orgasm! Very embarrassing in public places though...

Female personality

When he changes, he really becomes a woman. He thinks like a woman, acts like a woman, and remembers being a woman since childhood! Finally, you have a girlfriend who'll want to go shopping, be interested in your magazines, actually enjoy the opera, romance novels, and movies where things don't blow up every ten seconds. Pick a nice feminine name for your new wife.

This personality will have her own sexual preference. You can make her straight, but then you won't see much action. I suggest either lesbian or bisexual. Unless you want to have multiple female personalities for him, each with her own name and body. A hot lesbian redhead, a shy bisexual blonde, a straight no nonsense brunette girlfriend for shopping and chatting about boys... as many as you like.

You can choose to make her aware of her male self, or not. The same goes for him. He can be made to forget completely his time as a girl, or remember it fully. Your choice.

The Part Time Girl changes are pretty enduring, as long as you make sure you use your transformation command words often. At least once a day is recommended in the first few months.

Mind Mistress

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