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How to start smoking

A beginner's guide (not really a start smoking story)

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A Guide to Start Smoking

  1. Preparing to learn to smoke
    • Buying your first pack of cigarettes
    • Unwrapping
    • Posing
  2. Pretending to smoke
    • Puffing
    • Inhaling
  3. Smoking for real
    • Smoking your first cigarette
    • Inhaling cigarette smoke for the first time
  4. Cigarette Addiction
    • Getting addicted to smoking cigarettes
    • Not getting addicted to cigarettes
  5. Smoke Tricks
  6. Conclusion


Why do people start smoking? Not relevant here. This guide is for girls who already want to start smoking.

Even thought I've taught many girls to start smoking cigarettes, in logs and by chat, it seems many don't know how to smoke their first cigarette properly. When a girl starts smoking, she should know the basics to make it an enjoyable experience. That many girls want to start smoking, on their own or from reading My site is a fact, and whether or not you choose to do it, if you do, you should do it right. I will describe the steps in the third person, so you can imagine seeing someone doing it while I describe, and then you can do it yourself. This article is also useful if you want to help a woman to start smoking.

Preparing to learn to smoke

Buying your first pack of cigarettes

First, she should go to a store and buy her first pack of cigarettes, or she can ask for a cigarette from a smoker. She will also need a lighter, and an ashtray if learning to smoke indoors. She can choose a girly brand of cigarettes, generally long and slim, such as Virginia Slims 120's in the US, or something similar, as these are often viewed as sexier. And of course, part of her reasons for becoming a smoker, or at least her trying out smoking, is to give herself a sexy countenance with her cigarette. Lights or Ultra Lights are probably best for a first try. In the US, there's a choice between soft pack and box packaging. I prefer cardboard box packaging, as it reduces the chances of the cigarettes being accidentally crushed. You can choose regular, or menthol. If you like mint, you may find menthol cigarettes have a more pleasant taste for beginners.


As she unwraps her first pack, and extracts her first cigarette, aware that the cellophane is meant to keep the tobacco fresh, she should take the time to smell the unlit tobacco. It smells different than when it burns, and most people find the smell of raw tobacco rather pleasant. As she gets familiar with the smell, she also gets comfortable with the feeling of holding a cigarette between her index and forefinger.


I suggest she use a mirror if alone to pretend to smoke, as she gestures with her cigarette, and tries out various poses she has seen other women use when holding their cigarette. Men hold the cigarette further down close to the hand, while women hold the cigarette closer to the finger tips. Examine how one position looks more rough, and the other more delicate and dainty. We're aiming for a feminine smoking posture here.

Pretending to smoke

Next, if learning to smoke alone, she practices the moves of smoking, so that she will know what to do once it's burning. Here's how it works: she holds the cigarette between her index and forefinger so that the filter tip sticks out enough for her to wrap her lips around the shaft of the cigarette. She brings the filter tip of the cigarette to her lips and sucks on it gently, as if on a straw. Now, when you drink from a straw, you don't suck the liquid right into your stomach do you? You sip. Hold it in your mouth a bit. Taste it. And then swallow. Smoking is the same. Many first time smokers try to inhale from the cigarette directly into their lungs, with catastrophic results. So remember, when smoking, you sip the smoke.

If you don't have any cigarettes yet, but want to practice this for when you do have a cigarette, you can use a pen as a substitute. However, when using a pen, don't wrap your lips completely around the tip, as you won't be able to suck in any air, unless the pen has holes. Just leave a small gap when you close your lips around the tip, so you can get a bit of air in for the next steps.


So now she tries smoking with the cigarette, but without the "swallowing" part. She brings the filter end of her cigarette to her lips, wraps her lips around the cigarette tip, sucks on it, but keeps the tobacco flavored air in her mouth. She takes the cigarette away from her lips, then purses her lips to exhale the smoke, and blows out the air from air mouth. Very good.

Again, she brings the cigarette to her lips, wrapping her lips around the shaft. Sucking on it, feeling her cheeks caving, she takes away the cigarette, allowing her lips to naturally close together as the cigarette is removed. Then, with her lips still pursed, she blows that air out of her mouth. And this is the first part of your learning to smoke. Not too hard, is it? If you do this with a lit cigarette, it's known as "puffing", or "smoking without inhaling." It's the correct way to smoke your first cigarette, and you cannot possibly cough or choke, because you're not actually breathing in any smoke. This way, you can get used to the taste and the motions without any worries. Keep practicing "puffing" for a bit with the unlit cigarette until you feel comfortable doing so.


Still with the unlit cigarette, we will now practice inhaling, the way real smokers do it. Again, she brings the cigarette to her lips, and sips a *small* amount of tobacco flavored air through it into her mouth. She takes away the cigarette, allowing her lips to close. Then, she inhales through her mouth, filling her lungs. If her cigarette had been burning, she would now be taking a *small* amount of smoke into her lungs, along with a large amount of air. Then, she purses her lips and blows out that air from her lungs. If the cigarette had been burning, it would produce a cone of smoke coming out of the mouth. This is what real smokers do, though how much smoke they take with each sip varies with each smoker, and with how light a brand they are smoking. When learning to smoke, it is essential to start with very small sips, to get very small amounts of smoke, mixed with air. That way you get used to the smoke slowly and enjoyably.


Smoking for real

Smoking your first cigarette

You should already know what to do by now... other than how to light your first cigarette.

Go over the pretend instructions. Put the cigarette between your lips, holding it with one hand. I suggest you get used to holding your cigarette with your left hand if you're right handed... it leaves your right hand available to caress yourself with. Then with the other hand, take the lighter, and flick it on. Bring the flame to the tobacco end of the cigarette, barely touching, and suck gently so it catches. You'll get some smoke in your mouth, and think "it doesn't taste bad, just different". Take away the cigarette, and blow out the smoke from your mouth. Do not try to inhale.

Pose and puff without inhaling for your first cigarette, in front of a mirror, as you get used to it. See how sexy you look smoking! Think : "I'm a sexy smoker". "I love smoking". Smile for the mirror as you smoke. Get used to the smell and taste of the smoke. And remember, it doesn't taste bad, just different. Get used to that difference. Feel how you are becoming a different person. Sexier. Bolder. A real bad girl, who enjoys getting her pleasures, a smoking bad girl. Feel how naughty you are, and how good that feels.

You can enjoy smoking your first few cigarettes like that, without inhaling. Take 10-15 minute breaks between cigarettes, doing something that keeps you in the sexy mood. You may want to try having a bit of chocolate in your mouth while you puff, to make the flavor more enjoyable at first. Make sure the cigarette tip is well extinguished when you crush it into the ashtray, because otherwise it may keep burning, and smell like burning plastic when it reaches the filter tip.

You can practice taking small puffs, medium puffs, and large puffs into your mouth. Just remember that when you get to inhaling, you'll be going back to tiny puffs at the beginning. So practice taking the tiniest possible puffs.

Inhaling cigarette smoke for the first time

Once you're comfortable with smoking, lighting your cigarette, puffing, posing, and putting them out, it's time to start learning to inhale, and smoke for real! Light your cigarette the usual way, without inhaling. Then, bring the filter tip again to your lips, and take a tiny puff. And I mean TINY. The smallest puff you can take. There will be plenty of time for bigger puffs later. We want your first inhale to go smoothly and be enjoyable

So with that tiny amount of smoke in your mouth, take away the cigarette, and inhale through your mouth.

You'll feel something going inside you... a sensation... not bad... just different. Special.

Purse your lips and blow out the smoke through your mouth. Very good! You're doing great! That was your first inhale. Wait a minute, then take another puff in the same way. Stick with very small puffs for the whole cigarette. You'll start to get a pleasant buzz. That's the nicotine working its magic. Now the trick is going to be to get used to it.

If at any point you feel anything unpleasant, put down the cigarette in the ashtray and take a break for a few minutes, until it passes. A little dizziness is okay if you enjoy it. If you take too much smoke too fast, there may be some nausea, which is a sign that you've had too much smoke. That's no fun, so we don't want that. Take it slowly, so you only stay within the range of the pleasant buzz. With tiny puffs, there shouldn't be any problems with coughing either. Coughing is a sign that your puff was too big. Take a drink of water, wait a bit, and try again after a minute or two. There are two things you're learning here: one is tolerance to nicotine (which produces the buzz, or dizziness if you go too fast), the other is tolerance to inhaling smoke (which produces coughing if you take too much smoke before you're used to it).

The coughing reflex is triggered by the smoke, which is a mild irritant. If you build up your tolerance slowly, you'll be able to avoid that. It's the same problem as for someone learning the advanced oral sex technique of deep-throating, where the penis triggers the gag reflex, and one learns to overcome that gag reflex. It's just a reflex meant to protect you, but we know what we're doing here, so it's ok to ignore it. We're teaching our bodies new tricks.

As you smoke, learn to stay in the zone, progressively taking larger inhales on successive cigarettes. You should wait at least a half hour after your first cigarette where you inhale the smoke, before trying it again. This will give your body time to metabolize the nicotine, and reset itself so it's ready to receive more.

Keep practicing in private, until you feel ready to do it in public. And remember, the point of this is to have fun and feel sexy!


Cigarette Addiction

Getting addicted to smoking cigarettes

You don't have to get addicted to cigarettes. But if you want to be a smoker, you have to get addicted to cigarettes. That's just the way it is. Otherwise, you're just a social smoker. Again, I won't debate here why you want to get addicted to cigarettes. I'll just assume that you do. The trick to getting addicted is to get your body used to a regular level of nicotine in your blood. To get a regular level, you must smoke at regular intervals. A good starting routine is to have a cigarette after every meal. That evens them out nicely. Do that for a week. Then for the second week, add a cigarette between every meal, and one later in the evening, for a total of 6 cigarettes.

If you're in a big hurry to get hooked on smoking cigarettes though, you can do it this way: Smoke one the first day, two the second day, three the third day, and so on, adding one more cigarette every day. Make sure you space them out as evenly as your schedule allows. Remember, it's regularity that matters in this. If you happen to be in a place where you can't smoke for parts of the day (which is the case for most people), you can use nicotine gum to help. Say you can smoke at 8am, and then at 10am. Then at 9am, you can have a piece of nicotine gum. That way, it's like you're smoking a cigarette every hour. The gum's expensive though, so I'd suggest you only chew half a piece of gum at a time. Make sure you read the instructions in the gum package carefully. If you don't, chances are you'll make yourself sick. So stick to the instructions, and you'll get a pleasant buzz from the gum.

You may even want to start your addiction strictly with the gum, chewing half a piece every two hours for a week, and then move onto actual smoking. When you do, you'll find the smoke incredibly satisfying, as your body will be used to nicotine by then, and will be craving it if you havn't had gum for a while before the cigarette.

The Two Week Total Nicotine Addiction Program

If you want to experience what it's like to be totally addicted to cigarettes, to develop a strong nicotine addiction quickly, there is a method I've found particularly effective. It's particularly useful for those who smoke a few cigarettes a week or a day, but don't seem to be getting any real urges to smoke, the seductive sensation of cravings, and the satisfaction of fulfilling those cravings. Use half a gum per dose. Bold indicates to use a full gum for that dose.

Because nicotine gum is rather more expensive than cigarettes, I suggest that you only chew half a gum per dose. Remember that keeping a regular amount of nicotine in the blood with frequent chewing is more effective than a few stronger doses. A half gum is about equal to a light cigarette, and a full gum is gives you about as much nicotine as a regular cigarette, also known as "full flavored". For the last day, use a full gum for each chewing, and for the day before that, chew a full gum every second time. By the end of two weeks, you'll have the equivalent of a pack and a half a day habit of regular cigarettes, and will definitely NEED to smoke regularly. You will be thoroughly addicted to nicotine. But because we're not maintaining that level for very long, you'll probably settle on about a pack a day of regular cigarettes, or a 1 to 2 pack a day habit with light cigarettes. You'll need 150 gums to do this program

If you prefer a pack a day habit of lights, you should stay at the same level as day 10 for the last 4 days. You'll need 100 gums for this version of the program.

Make sure you have a carton of cigarettes ready to satisfy your constant cravings at the end of the program. You may substitute a cigarette for any of the doses at will. Alternating between gum and a cigarette is a good way to cut down on the cost of this program. Of course, if you can only smoke during breaks, use those times for cigarettes, and chew gum between breaks.

between doses
Total doses
per day
Sample schedule
(assuming wakup 7am, bed at 11pm)

# of half pieces of gum

Day 1 6 hours 3 9am, 3pm, 9pm 3
Day 2 4 hours 4 9am, 1pm, 5pm, 9pm 7
Day 3 3 5 9am, Noon, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm 12
Day 4 2 7 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, 7pm, 9pm 19
Day 5 2 8 8am,10am, Noon, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, 8pm, 10pm 27
Day 6 1.5 10 8am, 9h30am, 11am, 12h30pm, 2pm, 3h30pm, 5pm, 6h30pm, 8pm, 9h30pm 37
Day 7 1 14 8am, 9am, 10am, 11am, Noon, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm, 8pm, 9pm 51
Day 8 1 16 7am, 8am, 9am, 10am, 11am, Noon,
1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm, 8pm, 9pm, 10pm
Day 9 45 mins 20

7h45am, 8h30am, 9h15am, 10am, 10h45am, 11h30am, 12h15pm, 1pm, 1h45pm, 2h15pm, 3pm, 3h45pm, 4h30pm, 5h15pm, 6pm, 6h45pm, 7h30pm, 8h15pm, 9pm, 9h45pm

Day 10 45mins 22 7am, 7h45am, 8h30am, 9h15am, 10am, 10h45am, 11h30am, 12h15pm, 1pm, 1h45pm, 2h15pm, 3pm, 3h45pm, 4h30pm, 5h15pm, 6pm, 6h45pm, 7h30pm, 8h15pm, 9pm, 9h45pm, 10h30pm 109
Day 11 30 mins 32 7h30am, 8am, 8h30am, 9am, 9h30am, 10am, 10h30am, 11am, 11h30am, Noon, 12h30pm, 1pm, 1h30pm, 2pm, 2h30pm, 3pm, 3h30pm, 4pm, 4h30pm, 5pm, 5h30pm, 6pm, 6h30pm, 7pm, 7h30pm, 8pm, 8h30pm, 9pm, 9h30pm, 10pm, 10h30pm 141
Day 12 30 mins 34 7am, 7h30am, 8am, 8h30am, 9am, 9h30am, 10am, 10h30am, 11am, 11h30am, Noon, 12h30pm, 1pm, 1h30pm, 2pm, 2h30pm, 3pm, 3h30pm, 4pm, 4h30pm, 5pm, 5h30pm, 6pm, 6h30pm, 7pm, 7h30pm, 8pm, 8h30pm, 9pm, 9h30pm, 10pm, 10h30pm,11pm 175
Day 13 30 mins 50 (25) 7am, 7h30am, 8am, 8h30am, 9am, 9h30am, 10am, 10h30am, 11am, 11h30am, Noon, 12h30pm, 1pm, 1h30pm, 2pm, 2h30pm, 3pm, 3h30pm, 4pm, 4h30pm, 5pm, 5h30pm, 6pm, 6h30pm, 7pm, 7h30pm, 8pm, 8h30pm, 9pm, 9h30pm, 10pm, 10h30pm,11pm


Day 14 30 mins 68 (34) 7am, 7h30am, 8am, 8h30am, 9am, 9h30am, 10am, 10h30am, 11am, 11h30am, Noon, 12h30pm, 1pm, 1h30pm, 2pm, 2h30pm, 3pm, 3h30pm, 4pm, 4h30pm, 5pm, 5h30pm, 6pm, 6h30pm, 7pm, 7h30pm, 8pm, 8h30pm, 9pm, 9h30pm, 10pm, 10h30pm,11pm



Not getting addicted to cigarettes

On the other hand, if you just want to be a social smoker and not get addicted, use the reverse strategy. If you smoke 5 or 6 cigarettes on Friday nights when you go out, and again on Saturday nights, but none during the day, or during the week, you'll most likely remain unaddicted as a social smoker. That's because even though you'll build up a tolerance to be able to smoke a few cigarettes in an evening, you won't have any kind of regular level of nicotine most of the time. So you're fairly safe. Of course, if you start smoking during lunch... and during weekday evenings... or smoke when you're stressed... or smoke cause you're bored... or smoke cause some friends are having a cigarette and you start bumming some... then you're well on your way to becoming an addicted smoker. Knowing that, you can choose to restrict your smoking to weekends to be a weekend smoker.

Smoke tricks

Once smoking has become easy and natural to you, you may want to introduce some variety in your smoking. Here are a few smoke tricks.

Nose Exhale: You suck the smoke into your mouth, remove the cigarette, and inhale with your mouth open as usual. But then instead of exhaling through your mouth, you close your mouth, and exhale through your nose. Don't take too much smoke the first times you try this, as it can be irritating to the nasal cavity. It gives a different feeling, in your nose.

Nose Inhale: You suck the smoke into your mouth, and remove the cigarette, as usual, but instead of opening your mouth to inhale smoke, you do two things at once. One is that you inhale through your nose. The second is that you close your mouth completely, filling all available space with your toungue. This makes the smoke go back down the windpipe with the inhale, since it has nowhere else to go. Then you exhale as usual. It doesn't really feel much different, but it provides variety in your smoking style.

French Inhale: You suck the smoke into your mouth, and remove the cigarette, as usual, but instead of opening your mouth to inhale smoke, you open your mouth a bit, leave it open, block the back of your mouth with your toungue, and inhale through your nose. The smoke drifts out of the mouth, and you inhale it through your nose. Then you exhale, that's it! Well, if you want to make it look real smooth, you actually slowly fill your mouth with your toungue, in effect pushing out all the smoke at a controlled rate. You get an interesting nose buzz.

Snap inhale: It's like doing a French inhale, but changing your mind and inhaling through your mouth instead. You suck the smoke into your mouth, and remove the cigarette, as usual, but instead of opening your mouth to inhale smoke, you open your mouth a bit, leave it open, allowing the smoke to start forming a cloud in front of your lips, then suddenly you inhale through your mouth, sucking it all in, down into your lungs. Then exhale the smoke.

Smoke rings: They're not very feminine, as they involve doing something that looks like unhinging your jaw. They're also the hardest trick of all, and probably require more coaching than can be given in text form.

Combinations: Once you master all these, you can combine them. For instance, you can do a regular inhale, then exhale through both the mouth and nose. Or do one of the special inhales, and end it with a nose exhale. Or, do a French inhale, but instead of using your toungue to prevent smoke from going back into the mouth, leave the back of the mouth open. Then when you inhale, smoke comes back into the mouth, in addition to going in by the nose.



Now you know how to smoke, and you're practicing, you can think about how you want your smoking to be part of your life. Perhaps you want to be a regular smoker. Perhaps you just want to smoke to turn on your partner when you get dressed up all sexy. Perhaps you just want to enjoy smoking, and see what happens. You'll discover the times that are the most enjoyable for smoking: The first of the day, with coffee, while driving, after meals, after sex...

An important landmark in becoming a smoker is buying your first carton of cigarettes. It's a lot cheaper that way. And it also means you're committed to smoking all those packs of cigarettes, at whichever rate you smoke.

You may want to get a fancy cigarette lighter, get a cigarette case for going out, maybe even try a cigarette holder (make sure the one you pick is the right size for slim cigarettes, as many are made for regular sized ones), and of course get some nice ashtrays for your house.

Maybe you've started smoking because your friends smoke. If they don't, you might want to get them to try smoking too. It's so much more fun to smoke together. Find the other smokers during your breaks at work, or between classes. Get to know them, and make new friends suited to your new lifestyle as a sexy smoker. Enjoy your new life!

Actually, if you did follow these steps, maybe this is a start smoking story after all...


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