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Forced Feminization by hypnotic conditionning

Enforced feminization, this is real, not a story !

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Hypnotic Transsexualizing

Make your man feel like a girl and want to be a girl more than anything in the world. If he's gay, that can be difficult, but normal heterosexual are easy to turn into transsexuals. They quickly become desperate to have breasts and a pussy. I'll even share with you the secret recipe to turning a heterosexual man into a transsexual. You'll soon understand why he has to have strong hetero desires for this to work.

The procedure:

First, we must find out everything that turns him on, and have him describe his dream girl. Then, using hypnotic amplification procedures, you increase his desire for every part of this dream woman to the point of obsession:

Her sweet red lips, her long silky hair, her long eyelashes, her high cheek bones, her sexy makeup, her sweet perfume, her feminine face, her earrings, her slender neck, her smooth skin and narrow shoulders, her dainty hairless arms, sleek fingers and long painted fingernails, then...

Her wonderfully firm breasts and narrow waist, her side hips and rounded derriere, her lush, moist vagina and the incredible pleasure it brings, her long slender legs and petite feet.

Make that desire grow until it is so unbearable that he must have all these feminine parts within reach. Increase it again until it turns into a burning jealousy of women who have them. Get him to realize how unfair it is that women have them, while he doesn't, and how wonderful it must be to have a body like that. Once he agrees, he is lost. For then, he is made to hallucinate and experience the bliss of becoming his dream girl.

Agony turns to delight as he explores his perfect feminine body in the virtual reality of trance, and let him experience a mind shattering female orgasm. Then, while he is basking in the afterglow, take it all away and return him to awareness of his pathetic male body. Never again will he see his male body with anything other than contempt and disgust. He has tasted paradise, and will forever seek it.

From that moment, he is a transsexual, and will enthusiastically cooperate with anyone who tries to feminize him and helps him become more like his dream woman, whom once he desired, and now only mortally envies. Ironically, this change is easier to make that behavior conditioning for sissies, because it makes sense through every layer of his being.


Straight woman

She's into guys. Cocks, hairy legs and chests, muscles, just choose her new turn-ons! The more hetero they were, the easier it is, especially if they are religious. After all, the bible says women should be with men, so if she's a woman, her natural urges must be towards men. And if the idea of homosexuality disgusted them, those homophobic tendancies will make sure she only thinks of guys, since she now thinks like a woman


She is so into the feminine form that anything else is repulsive. She wants to be feminine, and be with women. Women are perfection and beauty personified. Everything else is inferior.


If you want to have your new girlfriend be the life of the party, this is the best of both worlds. She can enjoy both men and women equally, or you can choose to how attracted she is to each, on a scale of 0 to 10, 10 being irresistibly attracted and turned on by that gender and zero being completely neutral. You can get into negative ratings if you want to inspire hate and disgust for one gender, but then of course she's not a bisexual.


If the only good thing about your man is his cock, why not keep it? As a she-male, your lover will have everything you need to please you. All that's required to produce this is to stop short in the process, and not create pussy envy. So you'll have a woman with a cock, who can have any of the previous sexual preferences.


Remember that attraction rating? Well, if you put attraction at 10, she'll be a nymphomaniac whenever she's in the presence of that gender. But there's more to creating a good nympho. A good nympho thinks about sex all the time. Of course, this is almost true of normal men... but a nympho is a woman by definition. Visions of cocks and/or pussies, breasts and/or manly chests constantly flowing through her mind... and when she dreams, she dreams only of sex of course!


If you want your new girlfriend to have eyes for only you, this option simply brings down attraction to zero for everyone but you. No more straying, she's just not interested! There's only one woman for her, one goddess, and that's you!

Obedience conditioning

What good is brainwashing him into her if she won't do what you want? With this option, you can have:

  1. a) Permanent submission: a deep need to please you and obey you
  2. b) Instant command: You say a special word, and your next command must be obeyed!
  3. c) Submission mode: Like permanent submission, but there is one word to make her submissive, and another to make her normal again.

Altered memories

You can have her know she was brainwashed... or not! With this option, his whole life is relived in trance, but with a difference: he has always felt like a woman, always wanted to be a woman, more than anything in the world. He'll remember trying on his mother's high heels at age 5 and dressing as a princess at Halloween... crossdressing through adolescence, and eventually meeting you, his savior, who finally accepted him as her, and helped the change she needed.

Very little maintenance is needed for Hypnotic Transsexualizing. Consult your hypnotist only if you notice any problems.


Mind Mistress

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